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Chapter 4384

At this time, King Shaoyang also reacted and glared at Haotian: “Who are you? People who dare to go straight into the palace and kill this king?”

When speaking, King Shaoyang was very angry.


Haotian didn’t seem to hear King Shaoyang’s angry shout, he didn’t even look at him, his eyes just stared at Darryl.

In Haotian’s heart, even if the other party is a prince and dominates one side, he is just an ant…


Seeing that the other party was so arrogant, King Shaoyang’s face instantly became ugly, and the anger in his heart rose.

“So bold!”

In the next second, Hou Biao, the captain of the palace guards, strode out and glared at Haotian: “Dare to be disrespectful to the prince and seek death.”


The voice fell, Hou Biao’s strength exploded, he rose into the air, holding a long knife tightly, and slashed towards Haotian fiercely. Hou Biao was a seventh-rank powerhouse. Distorted, the power is amazing.

However, Haotian’s expression remained unchanged, and there was even more disdain in his eyes.

“Shameless ants.”

The cold four words came out of Haotian’s mouth, and then slowly raised his right hand.

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s face changed, and he hurriedly shouted at Hou Biao: “Captain Hou, don’t be impulsive, come down quickly…” At the same time, Darryl wanted to rush over to stop it.

But it was too late.


Before Darryl could finish a sentence, he saw a terrifying force condensing in the night sky, and then, a dazzling golden light burst out from Haotian’s hands.

Jin Mang was as fast as lightning, Hou Biao couldn’t react at all and was directly hit.


The next second, accompanied by a roar, Hou Biao let out a scream, and the whole person was shocked and flew out. The blood sprayed like a rain of blood, flew more than 100 meters away, and finally landed at the entrance of the hall.

When he landed, Hou Biao was bloody and out of breath.


Seeing this scene, whether it was King Shaoyang or the other generals around, they were all shocked, and they couldn’t help gasping for air.

Is this man so terrifying?

With just one move, he killed Hou Biao of the seventh-rank realm?

Especially the King of Shaoyang, while shocked, the anger in his heart also reached the extreme.

This person is really arrogant. He went straight into the palace and killed people in front of him. He was simply lawless.

Finally, King Shaoyang reacted, raised his right hand, and was about to summon the guards, but he was stopped by Darryl before he could speak.

“My lord!”

At this moment, Darryl looked solemn and said slowly: “The strength of the other party is far beyond your imagination. Don’t let your subordinates die. This is a personal grievance between me and him. Let me solve it myself.”


Hearing this, King Shaoyang took a deep breath, and even though he was very angry, he finally nodded.

Darryl no longer hesitated, and leaped deep into the air, staring at Haotian: “I didn’t expect that you were also transported to this Tianxin Continent. It seems that this is God’s will, and I want to kill you with my own hands and avenge Ao Lin. “


Hearing this, the corner of Haotian’s mouth twitched into a sinister smile: “It’s too early to say this now. It’s not certain who will live and who will die recently.”

The last word fell, and Haotian’s figure flashed, coming straight towards Darryl, as fast as lightning.

This speed….

Feeling Haotian’s speed, the King of Shaoyang below and the surrounding generals were all shocked.

Darryl didn’t change his face, he didn’t panic at all.


In the next second, Darryl raised his hand and collided with Haotian’s palm. He heard a roar, and the entire night sky was instantly distorted, and a terrifying power fluctuation swept across the entire palace.

In the roar, Darryl and Haotian were both shaken by their figures, and then they were shaken back by the volley at the same time.

Obviously, no one took advantage of this palm-to-hand encounter.

Seeing this situation, everyone in King Shaoyang looked horrified and retreated subconsciously. At the same time, they were also very curious.

“Your Excellency Darryl’s strength is so powerful?”

“Yeah, and this person is also very terrifying…”

“I am afraid that their strength has passed the realm of hearing Taoism, but before in the rivers and lakes, why have I never heard of their rumors?”

Chapter 4385

Especially the King of Shaoyang, looking at Darryl’s eyes at this time, is even hotter.

This Darryl is not only good at arranging troops, but his own strength is also so powerful. He is really a rare talent. If he can be completely loyal to His Majesty, the Kuangfu Royal Family will be just around the corner.

At this time in midair.

Haotian stabilized his figure and looked closely at Darryl: “Very good, I didn’t expect your strength to recover very quickly in such a short time.” He clearly remembered that when Darryl was involved in the chaotic vortex, Darryl The power of the primordial spirit has been exhausted.

At this time, he clearly felt that Darryl’s strength had recovered at least 70%.

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Darryl sneered: “The same is true for you. Speaking of which, I thought you died in the chaotic vortex. A scum like you can be safely transported to this world. It’s really heaven. don’t have eyes.”

The words were full of ridicule and resentment.

Haotian’s face became gloomy, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense at the time: “No need to talk nonsense, let’s settle the account today.”


At the moment when the last word fell, Haotian’s divine power exploded, and in an instant, the air above the entire palace was completely twisted.

It’s like… the end of the world.


Seeing this situation, whether it was the King of Shaoyang, or the soldiers and guards of the palace, all of them were shocked, and they all gasped.

What kind of existence is this, in order to burst out such terrifying power.

Just when everyone was shocked, Haotian raised his hand and waved, and a golden beam pierced the night sky, carrying the power of thunder, and burst out towards Darryl.

Seeing this, everyone below couldn’t help but sweat for Darryl.

Feeling Haotian’s eruption, Darryl did not panic at all. At that time, he raised his hand and waved, activating the power of his primordial spirit and deploying a protective film in front of him.

I saw that on the protective film, there were faintly flickering flaming lotuses coming out.

Yes, this protective film, Darryl combines the power of the red lotus of the law, and the defense power is more than ten times higher than that of simply using the power of the primordial spirit.


In the next second, Jin Mang erupted and slammed into the protective film, making an earth-shattering roar. Under the terrifying force, the entire palace was filled with dust and smoke.

Under the impact of the powerful breath, King Shaoyang and everyone present were shaken out, and all of them turned pale.

After a few minutes, the dust and smoke completely dissipated.

He saw that the protective film in front of Darryl had completely shattered in mid-air, but Darryl’s expression remained the same. Obviously, Haotian’s attack just now did not cause him any damage at all.


At this time, Haotian, with blood-red eyes and a ferocious face, roared wildly, “I will kill you today.”

“Come on!” Darryl showed no signs of weakness.

The moment the voice fell, the two broke out together, and their figures were like two lightning strikes colliding together, starting a fierce battle.

boom boom boom…

I saw that the silhouettes of the two sides kept colliding back and forth in the air, and there was a loud noise like thunder. For a time, the people of King Shaoyang below were all dumbfounded.

Such a terrifying battle scene, I am afraid it is rare to encounter in a thousand years.


In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought fiercely for more than a dozen confluences. After Haotian avoided Darryl’s blow, the figure took advantage of the situation to detour behind Darryl, his hands suddenly raised, and he called towards Darryl’s back.

This move is extremely fast, and if it were someone else, he would definitely die under Haotian’s palms.

However, Darryl was destined not to be a mortal. He reacted quickly at that time, and as soon as his figure turned, he was greeted with both palms. The moment the two palms collided, they did not separate, but pressed against each other.

Yes, Darryl decided to compete with Haotian for divine power.

Speaking of which, Haotian has practiced for nearly 10,000 years, and Darryl has only had Primordial Spirit for only a year. The background is simply different, but Darryl has the power of the red lotus of the law to protect his body, and he will fight with all his strength to win. Negative unpredictable.


At this moment, the following people of King Shaoyang were shocked when they saw this scene. You must know that this kind of competition of strength is a very dangerous behavior in any place.

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