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Chapter 4386

Under the shock, the King of Shaoyang wanted to send someone up to help Darryl.

It’s just that the strength of Darryl and Haotian is far beyond their imagination, especially the breath that permeates their bodies, it’s terrifying, and the distance is so suffocating, let alone getting close to help.


Darryl and Haotian pressed their palms against each other, seemingly motionless, but as the strength of the two sides continued to erupt, the surrounding air also distorted violently, and finally formed terrifying storms.


Immediately afterwards, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth above the entire Qizhou City was also affected, and dark clouds quickly condensed and rolled endlessly, and thunder continued to resound in the clouds.

Yes, Darryl and Haotian competed with all their strength, and finally brought about changes in the world.


Accompanied by the thunder in the dark clouds, finally a purple thunderbolt pierced the sky and slashed straight down. Thunderbolt’s targets were Darryl and Haotian.


Seeing this scene, King Shaoyang was completely stunned, looking at Darryl and Haotian, his mind was almost blank.

The others around couldn’t help but exclaimed.


“God, what kind of strength is this, that actually attracted Tianlei.”


Just like King Shaoyang, the other people around them also had blank minds, and they were extremely imaginative, and it was difficult to describe their emotions about the scene in front of them.

According to the rumors in the rivers and lakes, only breaking through the last three realms can trigger the thunder.

And Darryl and Haotian in front of them, just competing for strength, attracted Tianlei… It’s just too terrifying.

In the exclamation, several palace guards reacted, quickly protecting King Shaoyang, and retreating to the entrance of the hall to avoid being injured by the thunder. Immediately afterwards, the others also retreated towards the surroundings.


Just as everyone panicked and retreated, this thunderbolt crashed down and exploded between Darryl and Haotian. In an instant, the entire Qizhou city was enveloped in dazzling light.


In the sound of the explosion, Darryl and Haotian spit out a mouthful of blood at the same time, and then they were shaken by this terrifying force and flew out a few hundred meters away. Haotian fell heavily on the wilderness outside Qizhou City.

Darryl, on the other hand, fell into the moat outside the city.


At the moment of falling into the water, Darryl’s eyes turned black for a while, and finally fainted, his body sank rapidly, and went away with the undercurrent.


Seeing this scene, whether it was King Shaoyang or everyone present, they were all stunned, never expecting such a result.

Immediately, King Shaoyang took the lead in reacting and shouted eagerly: “Quick, everyone out of the city must find Your Excellency Darryl and ensure his safety.”

Such a talent, if something goes wrong, it will be a big loss for the Dayan Dynasty.

“Yes, my lord!”

Hearing the order, the soldiers present responded in unison, and then quickly rushed out of Qizhou City to look for Darryl’s figure.

At this moment.

In the wilderness outside Qizhou City, Ji Beiye rushed over with several hundred guards.

Before Haotian and Darryl fought fiercely in the high sky in Qizhou City, Ji Beiye could see it clearly on the hillside outside the city, and was stunned by the terrifying strength of both sides.

Later, when he saw that the two of them were hit by lightning, Ji Beiye didn’t have time to think about it, so he could lead someone to search the place where Haotian fell.

“found it!”

Soon, a guard found Haotian and couldn’t help shouting.

Ji Beiye hurried over, quickly helped Haotian up, and asked, “Lord Haotian, how are you?” Ji Beiye was extremely shocked when he spoke.

Just saw Haotian’s skin was charred black under the bombardment of the sky, and there was a bowl-sized wound on his shoulder, which was shocking.

What shocked Ji Beiye was that Haotian was still breathing under such an injury.

He didn’t die even after being hit by lightning.

This…is this still human?

At this time, Ji Beiye didn’t know that the Haotian in front of him was not a human at all, but the leader of the gods in the realm of the gods, known as a generation of gods.


Hearing the question, Haotian opened his eyes, and another mouthful of blood spurted out, and said slowly: “Don’t worry about me, quickly search around, find that Darryl, live to see people, die to see corpses…”

Chapter 4387

When speaking, Haotian’s eyes flickered with perseverance.

In any case, Darryl cannot be allowed to live, this time he must die.

“Don’t worry, Your Excellency.”

Ji Beiye nodded and said seriously: “I will help you find him.”

With that said, Ji Beiye shouted at the surrounding guards: “What are you doing, hurry up and search the surrounding area, you have to find that Darryl, hurry up…”

“Yes, General!”

Hearing the order, hundreds of personal guards responded in unison, then quickly dispersed and searched around.

For a while, King Shaoyang and Ji Beiye searched outside Qizhou City at the same time. They searched from night to day and then to night, but they never found Darryl’s whereabouts…


Eighty miles northwest of Qizhou City, there is a mountain range with beautiful scenery.

At this time, two slim figures on the mountain road were slowly moving forward.

I saw these two women, the older one was around 30, dignified and beautiful, wearing a long white dress, giving people a graceful beauty.

The younger one is seventeen or eighteen years old, wearing a green short skirt, bright eyes and white teeth, indescribably youthful and beautiful.

The older woman is Li Suqiu, the elder of Mingyuemen.

Mingyuemen is an ancient sect on the rivers and lakes of Tianxin Continent. It has been passed down for thousands of years. As early as a thousand years ago, it was one of the best sects, and it has a strong influence on the rivers and lakes.

However, the prosperity must decline. In the past thousand years, the Mingyuemen has gradually declined, and it has no right to speak in the arena, and is even about to be forgotten.

The youngest is Lin Ping, Li Suqiu’s direct disciple and the only one.

Li Suqiu has a gentle and graceful personality, while Lin Ping has a stronger personality, but she respects her master very much and obeys every word. Half a month ago, Li Suqiu took her to the arena for training, and she has returned to Mingyuemen today.


At this moment, Lin Ping wiped the sweat from her forehead and muttered, “It’s too hot today, let’s take a break and then go on our way.”

Li Suqiu smiled lightly, nodded and said, “Okay, there is a small stream ahead, let’s rest there.”

Lin Ping cheered and quickened her pace.

Soon, at the creek at the foot of the mountain, Lin Ping cheered and squatted by the creek to wash her face, while Li Suqiu sat under the tree to meditate and rest.


At this moment, Lin Ping discovered something and exclaimed: “Master, there is a dead person floating in the water.” As she shouted, she quickly left the shore, her beautiful face full of surprise.


Hearing the call, Li Suqiu quickly stood up and looked towards the creek. Sure enough, he saw a figure floating up and down on the water. Although he was far away, Li Suqiu was keenly aware that the person was not dead.

The next second, Li Suqiu said, “The man is not dead yet, hurry up and salvage him.”

Saying that, Li Suqiu stepped closer to the stream first.

Lin Ping was stunned for a moment and walked in. A few seconds later, the master and apprentice brought the person in the stream ashore, and Lin Ping was startled when they saw the other person’s appearance: “My God, what happened to this person?”

I saw that this person was charred all over, and there was a huge wound in front of him. If it was someone else, he would have already died, and this person was still breathing.

Yes, this person is Darryl who was hit by the thunder.

A day ago, Darryl and Haotian were struck by a thunderbolt, and finally fell into the moat outside Qizhou City. The moat was connected to this small stream, and Darryl drifted with the current and was rushed here.


At this moment, Li Suqiu also frowned. It is the first time I have seen someone so seriously injured after walking the rivers and lakes for so many years.

“Ping’er, support him.” Soon, Li Suqiu calmed down and instructed softly, then took out the healing elixir of Mingyuemen from his body.

Lin Ping was a little disgusted, but she still carefully helped Darryl up and asked, “Master, what are you going to do?”

Li Suqiu said softly, “Saving people, the purpose of our Jianghu people is to hoe the strong and help the weak. This person has suffered such a serious injury, and he can’t wait to die.”

Saying that, Li Suqiu squeezed Darryl’s mouth and stuffed the medicine pill into it.


At this time, Darryl was completely in a coma, but he still instinctively swallowed the medicinal pill.

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