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Chapter 4390

Li Suqiu is located at the end of the nine elders, and has a graceful personality. Therefore, Tong Shan has never put her in his eyes.

After all, Li Suqiu’s strength is only eighth-rank, and Tong Shan’s master, the great elder, has broken through the ninth-rank realm two months ago, and his strength is second only to the sect master.


Hearing something in Tong Shan’s words, Li Suqiu’s face flushed instantly, and she was very unhappy: “Tong Shan, don’t talk nonsense, my master and apprentice are innocent and cannot allow you to slander.”

When the words fell, Lin Ping also shouted: “I think you are a dog who can’t spit out ivory. If you continue to talk nonsense, believe it or not, my master will teach you? Get out now.”

At this time, Lin Ping was furious.

It’s okay to bully yourself on weekdays, but now you’re disrespectful to your master.

Ha ha!

In the face of the anger, Tong Shan did not panic at all, but smiled contemptuously and said to Lin Ping, “Stinky girl dares to talk to me like this, it will fall into my hands one day, you will be beautiful.”

Feeling Tong Shan’s evil spirit, Lin Ping suddenly felt a little timid. After all, he had suffered a lot from him for so many years, but thinking that Master was on the side, he still pretended to be calm and retorted, “I’m afraid of you.”

Tong Shan was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, looked at Li Suqiu and said, “The day after tomorrow is the annual sunflower competition. My master asked me to inform me. I hope Elder Li will not forget it.”

“Of course, my master is already determined to win.”

When the last sentence fell, Tong Shan’s eyes were full of arrogance, and he turned and walked away.

“Awe what?”

Looking at the back of Tong Shan leaving, Lin Ping pouted and said angrily, “Isn’t it because of the Great Elder?”

Sunflower Competition…

Where was Li Suqiu standing, silently reciting these four words in her heart, her beautiful face was indescribably complicated.

Tianxin Continent has a long history and a long history. Many powerful sects have been born in the past ten thousand years. However, as the years have changed, many sects have ceased to exist, leaving only some secret realms. These secret realms are just like the Kyushu Continent. The ancient tombs are generally descended, and will only be opened at specific times.

The place where the main altar of Mingyuemen is located used to be the site of an ancient sect. The secret realm left behind will only be opened every three years. Because the entrance to the secret realm is full of sunflowers, it is called the sunflower secret realm.

Three years ago, the owner of Mingyuemen explored the secret realm of sunflowers alone, but he never returned. No one came out until the secret realm was closed. At that time, the whole Mingyuemen was in panic.

Some say that the door owner died in a secret realm.

Some said that the door owner was not dead, but was trapped in the secret realm.

Because there are different opinions and the life and death of the sect master is uncertain, Mingyue Sect has not elected a new sect master, and the big and small affairs are temporarily in charge of the elders.

It’s just that the first elder is very ambitious and wants to be the sect master. As early as two months ago, he proposed that when the secret realm was opened, a competition would be held, and the winner would become the new sect master.

At that time, Li Suqiu was resolutely opposed, because the sect master was not mean to her. Although there was no news of entering the secret realm for three years, but he was not sure whether he was dead or alive, Li Suqiu naturally would not agree to the arrangement of the elder.

However, the other elders had been secretly bought by the first elder, and all of them voted in favor. At that time, Li Suqiu was weak and could not change at all.

Two months have passed now, and the day after tomorrow is the day when the secret realm opens.


Thinking of this, Li Suqiu couldn’t help sighing softly.

The first elder is strong and powerful, and he is the first in the sunflower competition. At that time, he will be the new alliance leader of Mingyuemen.


At this time, Lin Ping closed the gate of the yard, walked back quickly and said, “What kind of sunflower competition, the first elder deliberately made a form in order to sit in the door, we don’t mind if we don’t participate.”

The master and the first elder have always been at odds. If the first elder took advantage of the sunflower competition this time and secretly plotted against the master, it would be troublesome.

So, the safest way is not to participate.

“Do not!”

As soon as the words fell, Li Suqiu shook her head, her delicate face showed a bit of determination, her red lips parted lightly, and she said slowly: “This competition, the teacher must participate.”

“King Kong Is Not Bad Dazhai Master”


Lin Ping’s body trembled, and she said in a puzzled manner, “This competition was organized by the Great Elder, and he must have arranged it.”

Chapter 4391

“Also, Tong Shan said just now that they are determined to win…”

At this time, Lin Ping was very anxious.

What’s wrong with the master? Knowing that there are tigers in the mountains tend to walk in the mountains, isn’t this asking for trouble?

But before she could finish speaking, Li Suqiu interrupted lightly, “It is precisely because this competition was organized by the Great Elder that I should participate.”

“In case the sect master is not dead and is just trapped in the secret realm, the first elder is really going to be detrimental to him. How can the sect master deal with it alone? So, I must go.”

Having said this, Li Suqiu looked outside: “No matter whether I win or lose this competition, I must find the whereabouts of the sect master. I want to see people when I live, and I want to see corpses when I die.”


Seeing her firm tone, Lin Ping knew she couldn’t be persuaded, so she just nodded helplessly and said, “Master, be careful, then you must be careful and guard against the Great Elder.”

Li Suqiu nodded and smiled lightly: “Don’t worry, Master has a good idea.”


At this moment, Darryl, who had been beside him, couldn’t help but ask, “What are you talking about, what sunflower competition, secret realm…”

Darryl didn’t want to talk too much, but he was too bored, so he asked curiously.

“To shut up!”

Just as soon as he spoke, Lin Ping scolded angrily: “You still have the face to talk? Do you know that if it weren’t for you, Master and I would not be slandered by Tong Shan.”

“Also, as a commoner, you don’t know anything, so what are you asking?”

Faced with Tong Shan’s anger just now, Lin Ping was unhappy at first, but when she saw Darryl asking, she couldn’t help it.


In the face of Lin Ping’s accusations, Darryl was speechless.

The girl is young and has a good temper. I just ask casually, is there something wrong?

“OK OK!”

Seeing this scene, Li Suqiu said softly, “Fengtao doesn’t understand anything, just ask, and you shouldn’t say that to him.”

Seeing Master speak, Lin Ping snorted coldly. She didn’t bother to say anything at the time. She turned around and went to the yard to play with the flowers and plants.


Seeing her like this, Li Suqiu shook her head and smiled bitterly, and then apologized to Darryl: “Fengtao, don’t mind, this child Ping’er has an unruly personality.”

“It’s okay.” Darryl smiled.

Li Suqiu nodded, then calmed down and said slowly: “In our Mingyuemen, there is a sunflower secret realm, and the competition for the day after tomorrow will be held in this secret realm…”

In the next few minutes, Li Suqiu explained the situation roughly.

Of course, Li Suqiu didn’t go into great detail, especially when it comes to the core issues of Mingyuemen.

“One Sword”

However, Darryl is an old river and lake. From this simple description, he already understood the general situation, and he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

It seems that the secret realm they are talking about is similar to the arrival of the ancient tombs in the Kyushu continent.


Muttering, Darryl suddenly thought of something, and his heart suddenly cheered up.

Thinking that in these secret realms, the spiritual energy is relatively abundant, and the primordial spirit has been destroyed, and it is urgent to find a suitable place to cultivate and recover, and this sunflower secret realm is a good choice.

Of course, this matter must be carried out quietly, and Li Suqiu’s master and apprentice must not know about it, otherwise his identity will be exposed.

“All right!”

After chatting for a while, Li Suqiu gave Darryl two more pills: “You are seriously injured, hurry up and rest, these two pills should be taken once a day.”


Darryl nodded, smiled and thanked: “Thank you.” After saying that, he returned to his room to rest.

In order not to be suspected by the master and the apprentice, Darryl returned to the room and lay down and pretended to sleep.

Before you know it, night falls.

Lin Ping was busy in the small courtyard for a long time. She was sweating profusely in order to trim the flowers and plants, and she was very tired.

Speaking of which, these flowers and plants were arranged by Li Suqiu. Lin Ping had a flamboyant personality and didn’t like them at all, but the name of the master had to be followed. Every once in a while, these flowers and plants had to be trimmed.

Li Suqiu did this just to cultivate her mood.

“worn out!”

At this time, Li Suqiu was resting, and Lin Ping didn’t dare to speak loudly, and muttered: “Hurry up and take a bath, it will be more comfortable.”

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