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Chapter 4388


Lin Ping sighed softly and said disapprovingly, “Master, you are just too kind. This person was injured so badly, even if he was rescued, he might not live long.”

“You are so attentive, I’m afraid that in the end, the medicine pill will be wasted in vain.”

Hearing this, Li Suqiu frowned slightly, and said a little displeased: “Ping’er, it’s not like that, whether he can survive is his own creation, but if we want to save, we must do our best. “

“Okay, I see.” Seeing that she was about to talk again, Lin Ping quickly stuck out her tongue.

Afterwards, Lin Ping glanced at Darryl and said in surprise, “Oh, are you really awake?”


While speaking, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and slowly opened his eyes.

Mad, it’s really unfortunate, he was hit by a thunderbolt and finally fell into the moat…

Muttering in his heart, Darryl was stunned when he saw the master and apprentice in front of him, and then he was stunned by their looks.

Two beautiful women.

Judging by their age, they should be masters and apprentices.


Darryl’s eyes made Lin Ping very unhappy, and immediately said angrily: “What’s your name? Why are you floating in the water? I tell you, it’s fortunate that you met my master, otherwise, it’s not To be eaten by fish is to wash up on the shore and be carried away by wild dogs…”

Lin Ping has a flamboyant personality and speaks a bit meanly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Suqiu said angrily, “Ping’er, don’t be rude.”

Afterwards, Li Suqiu looked at Darryl: “Where are you from and what happened to you?”


Darryl scratched his head, thought for a moment, and said, “My name is Feng Tao, and I escaped from the imperial capital.” In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Darryl decided to temporarily conceal his identity.

Did the imperial capital escape?

Hearing the answer, Li Suqiu nodded silently. Ji Beiye broke the imperial capital a few days ago, and the world knows it. At that time, many refugees fled.

Later, Li Suqiu asked, “What’s the matter with your injury?”

Darryl took a deep breath and looked very sad: “The rebels burned down my house. When I fled, I was hit by a burning wooden beam.”

Having said that, Darryl bowed his hands: “Thank you two heroines for saving you.”

“It’s pathetic.”

Li Suqiu didn’t have the slightest doubt, and said angrily: “That Ji Beiye is so abhorrent, and if he commits the following crimes, it’s okay to try to usurp the throne, and he actually poisons innocent people. Such scum, everyone can get them and kill them.”


Hearing this, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and nodded secretly.

This beauty is not only kind-hearted, but also quite righteous.

Just thinking about it, Li Suqiu asked him, “Do you have any relatives or friends, we two masters and apprentices can escort you for a ride.” When he said this, Li Suqiu’s delicate face was full of sincerity.

The family in front of him is gone. With such a serious injury, it is also appropriate to help him escort his relatives.


Darryl scratched his head and smiled bitterly: “I have no relatives or friends in this world.” He was right. All relatives and friends are in the Kyushu Continent, and the Tianxin Continent in front of him can be said to have no relatives.

“Is that so…”

Hearing this, Li Suqiu bit her lip lightly, and finally said, “Otherwise, you can come with us first, and then decide where to go after your injury is healed.”

To be honest, Mingyuemen rarely accepts outsiders, but the man in front of him is seriously injured. Li Suqiu is kind-hearted and can’t bear to leave him alone.

“The Ronin from Douluo”


As soon as the words fell, Lin Ping became anxious and couldn’t help saying, “How can we bring him back to the mountain gate? When others see it, they will definitely make irresponsible remarks.”

Both myself and my master are women, so what’s the matter with bringing a man back?

Moreover, this man looked at me like that just now, so annoying.


At the same time, Darryl was also embarrassed, and said a little embarrassedly: “This seems a little inconvenient, I still don’t bother the two of you.”

Li Suqiu looked serious: “Your injury is very serious. If you don’t treat it in time, it may endanger your life. As long as you follow my arrangements, there is no inconvenience.”

She is kind-hearted, and she doesn’t want to see others suffer, so she decides to take Darryl back to Mingyuemen. After all, he was hurt too badly.

Chapter 4389

Moreover, Li Suqiu noticed that Darryl, who was in front of him, did not have the slightest fluctuation of strength around him. He was obviously an ordinary person, and he did not threaten him at all.

She didn’t know that Darryl’s strength was tyrannical, but the previous battle had exhausted his strength.


Seeing Li Suqiu’s sincere expression, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “Okay then, trouble the two of you.”

He competed with Haotian in Qizhou City before, and his divine power was exhausted. He urgently needed to find a place to meditate. Naturally, he could not go back to Qizhou City. Therefore, in the face of Li Suqiu’s invitation, he could not ask for it.


Lin Ping next to him was very reluctant and couldn’t help but say, “You…”

Just before she could finish speaking, Li Suqiu interrupted: “Okay, Master has already decided, so don’t say more.” The tone was gentle, but unquestionable.

Seeing her insistence, Lin Ping nodded even if she was reluctant.

Afterwards, the three rested for a while by the creek and continued on their way.

Along the way, Li Suqiu asked Darryl some questions. Darryl was well prepared and answered without leaking, which made Li Suqiu more and more convinced that Darryl was just a refugee.

What surprised her was that Darryl was injured so badly, but he seemed to be fine.

But thinking that he had taken the medicine pill before, there was no doubt about it.

Finally, after several hours of traveling, the three finally arrived at the main altar of Mingyuemen.

The main altar of Mingyuemen is located by the lake. It is dusk at this time, and the afterglow of the setting sun is sprinkled on the lake. The reflections dye the whole main altar with a golden color, which makes people feel indescribably relaxed and happy.

Nice place.

Seeing the environment in front of him, Darryl nodded secretly, very satisfied.

At this moment, Lin Ping said: “Hey, I warn you, don’t rush in when you enter the mountain gate, otherwise, if something happens, you will bear the consequences yourself.”

When she spoke, Lin Ping couldn’t hide the displeasure on her face.

Darryl didn’t care about Lin Ping’s attitude at all, and nodded with a smile. Then he looked around the building of the mountain gate and pretended to be shocked: “This is your mountain gate? It’s so majestic…”


Lin Ping looked proud: “You ordinary people, you have never seen it before.”

Like Li Suqiu, Lin Ping also believes that Darryl is an ordinary person.

Seeing Liping’s high-spirited attitude, Li Suqiu was a little displeased and frowned, “Ping’er, how did Master teach you before? Be careful!”

Having said that, Li Suqiu greeted Darryl and walked towards the resting place in the back.

Along the way, many disciples of Mingyuemen looked at Darryl curiously, but due to the identity of Elder Li Suqiu, they did not dare to come over and ask.

The small courtyard where Li Suqiu and Lin Ping live is located in northeast of the mountain gate.

Soon Li Suqiu arranged a room for Darryl, and smiled: “During this time, you will live here temporarily.”

“Thank you!” Darryl nodded.


Just as he was talking, several disciples approached the small courtyard, and the leader was a man in his twenties with a high-spirited attitude: “Is Elder Li back?”

The man’s name is Tong Shan, a direct disciple of the Great Elder. Relying on the status of the Great Elder, he is arrogant and domineering in the entire Mingyuemen, and no one cares.

Hearing the question, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping walked out of the room.

Darryl followed.

When they got outside, Lin Ping was very displeased when she saw Tong Shan’s attitude and couldn’t help but say, “Tong Shan, do you have any rules? Who told you to break in?”

Lin Ping was often oppressed by Tong Shan, so she didn’t look good when she saw him barging in at this time.

Facing the accusation, Tong Shan chuckled lightly: “I’m here to find Elder Li, what are you talking about?”

Speaking, Tong Shan saw Darryl and was stunned: “Huh? Why is there a man?”


At this time, Li Suqiu breathed a sigh of relief, took a step forward, and said lightly: “This is the way I came back. I rescued the refugees and let him recuperate here. Tong Shan, what do you have to do with me?”

“Tsk tsk…”

Hearing the question, Tong Shan did not answer immediately, but smiled meaningfully: “Two master and apprentice rescue a man back, interesting…”

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