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Chapter 4400


Hearing this, Gong Gong nodded: “The Holy Sect is indeed the most suitable, but Chunyang Lu Dongbin, whose whereabouts are uncertain and disappearing, is not easy to find him.”

When he said this, Gonggong’s delicate face showed a bit of unbearableness.

The so-called mother-child connection, such a small child is really reluctant to send it to the blessed land, but there is no way.

“Don’t worry about that.”

Feeling the anxiety of Gonggong, Zhu Bajie smiled slightly: “The so-called sincerity is spiritual, let’s go to Shengzong to try our luck, maybe we can meet him.”

“it is good!”

After deliberation, Zhu Bajie and Gonggong simply cleaned up, then took the children and hurried towards the Holy Sect.


On the other side, Tianxin Continent, Mingyuemen.

Early in the morning, Darryl was sleeping soundly when he was woken up by a hurried knock on the door. He heard Lin Ping shouting from outside the door: “Wake up, sleep like a dead pig.”

The words were full of impatience.

Darryl rubbed his eyes, got up to open the door, and saw Lin Ping standing outside, her delicate face a little irritated.

“What’s wrong?” Darryl asked.

“Are you a pig? You don’t wake up after knocking for a long time.” Lin Ping said angrily, “Master and I are going to participate in the sunflower competition, so you just stay in this yard, you know?”

At this time, Lin Ping was very depressed.

I and my master were ostracized at Mingyuemen, and it was impossible for me to protect myself, but I still had to carry this burden. Really annoying.

Oh, today is the sunflower contest.

Hearing this, Darryl suddenly woke up, nodded at Lin Ping and said, “Okay.” He said so, but Darryl was secretly paying attention to something else.

Last night, Darryl quietly went to investigate the location of the entrance to the secret realm, but the secret realm was not opened at that time, and he returned without success.

Darryl thought about it, and after the sunflower competition started, he would find an opportunity to sneak in.

Seeing his obedient agreement, Lin Ping nodded, and then continued to exhort: “Master and I are not here, you better be careful. Yesterday you offended Tong Shan and Liu Yulei. With their personalities, you will definitely get revenge.”

“So, as long as you stay here obediently and don’t walk around, there shouldn’t be any trouble.”

After saying this, Lin Ping turned around and left.

Darryl turned to her back and said, “Thank you Miss Lin for reminding me…” Although this Lin Ping has an unruly personality, she is still kind in her heart. Otherwise, she would not have warned her like this.

After a while, Lin Ping and Li Suqiu left the yard and went to participate in the sunflower competition.


After the two left, Darryl took a deep breath and went back to the room to meditate silently.

Darryl thought about it, recharged his energy first, and waited until the sunflower competition started, and then figured out a way to get in.


At this moment, the front hall square of Mingyuemen.

The sunflower competition is about to start, the nine elders are ready, and all the disciples are gathered here.

Among the crowd, Liu Yulei, who was wearing a long white dress, was particularly eye-catching. Many disciples around her took the initiative to flatter and please. Liu Yulei forced a smile, but there was a lingering melancholy between her brows.

Liu Yulei was embarrassed at the thought of being seen by a pariah yesterday. This incident has become a thorn in her heart.


At this moment, the crowd parted ways, and then Tong Shan strode over and greeted Liu Yulei with a smile: “Junior sister is so pretty today.”

Speaking, Tong Shan couldn’t help admiring it, and yesterday’s scene also appeared in his mind.

Feeling Tong Shan’s gaze, Liu Yulei’s delicate face turned red all of a sudden. Yesterday, she was not only seen by that pariah, but also by Senior Brother Tong Shan. Seeing it again at this time, I felt a little embarrassed.

Although she felt awkward, Liu Yulei responded, “Hello, senior. Thank you for your praise.”


Tong Shan smiled and admired it for a while, then calmed down and said with a sigh of relief, “Why does my junior sister look so sullen?” After what happened yesterday, Tong Shan knew that the opportunity to approach Liu Yulei had come.


Liu Yulei smiled bitterly, not knowing how to answer for a while.

Tong Shan is a smart person. Knowing that Liu Yulei was worried about what happened last night, he leaned closer and said in a low voice, “Is it because of that wind and wave that Junior Sister is unhappy?”

Chapter 4401


Liu Yulei couldn’t help but sighed when her heart was being told, “So what? Elder Li has always protected him. Even if I am bullied, I can only swallow my anger.”

Liu Yulei was ashamed to talk about what happened yesterday, so she couldn’t speak to her master, so she could only complain in front of Tong Shan at this time.

However, Liu Yulei is not stupid. She has long known that Tong Shan has always liked her, and now she wants to use Tong Shan to shame herself.

“What’s so difficult about this?”

Seeing Liu Yulei’s pitiful appearance, Tong Shan suddenly felt pity and promised: “As long as the junior sister says a word, I will vent my anger on you.”

Tong Shan was very excited at this time.

As long as you help Liu Yulei solve her worries, the relationship will be closer, and maybe she will be able to hold the beauty back at night.

Haha… Really looking forward to it.


This is what Liu Yulei was waiting for. At that time, her eyes flashed, and she said with joy, “Senior brother is really willing to help me out?” With Tong Shan’s help, this was done.

Tong Shan patted his heart: “Of course, we are brothers and sisters from the same sect, as close as a family, how can we be bullied by an outsider?”


Hearing this, Liu Yulei nodded, then thought of something, and hesitated: “It’s just that Elder Li is very protective of him, and it’s useless to be afraid that senior brother will come out.”

When she said this, Liu Yulei’s mind came to the scene of yesterday, and she hated Li Suqiu so much.

Ha ha!

Tong Shan smiled and reassured: “Junior sister has been worrying too much, the sunflower competition is about to start, the dead girl Li Suqiu and Lin Ping probably have already gone to the back mountain.”

“There’s only that kid in that small courtyard. We can do whatever we want with him. As long as we don’t leave any clues, no one will know that we did it.”

When he said this, Tong Shan couldn’t hide the savageness in his eyes.

Yesterday, I was going to teach Darryl a lesson, but Li Suqiu stopped him, which made Tong Shan very embarrassed in front of Liu Yulei.

But today, Li Suqiu was not here, so he had to find the place back no matter what.


Seeing him say this, Liu Yulei was completely relieved, and smiled lightly at that time: “Then thank you brother.”

“Why are you being polite to me?” Tong Shan said, and together with Liu Yulei, left the crowd and walked towards the small courtyard where Li Suqiu lived.


the other side.

Darryl meditated for a moment, feeling that the time was almost up, he let out a sigh of relief and stood up slowly.

Although he has only come to Mingyuemen for less than two days, in this short period of time, Darryl’s injury has basically recovered. If he can successfully enter the Sunflower Secret Realm, Darryl firmly believes that in less than half a month, the power of his own primordial spirit, back to its peak.


However, at this moment, the gate of the small courtyard was suddenly kicked open.

Darryl frowned, walked out of the room quickly, and saw two figures striding towards the yard, a man and a woman, their faces were cold.

It was Tong Shan and Liu Yulei.

It’s them…

Seeing these two people, Darryl was stunned for a moment, and then he understood something.

They embarrassed them yesterday, and today is their revenge.

Thinking to himself, Darryl didn’t panic at all, but said with a smile: “The two suddenly visited, are they going to see Elder Li? It’s a coincidence that she and Miss Lin are not there.”

When he said this, Darryl couldn’t help looking at Liu Yulei. Today, she is wearing a long white dress, which is indescribably fresh and refined, but unfortunately, under that graceful appearance, she has a heart that “sees life like a mustard”.


Hearing Darryl’s words, both Tong Shan and Liu Yulei’s expressions sank and their anger rose.

Especially Liu Yulei, who noticed Darryl’s gaze at this time, and kept moving on her body. At the time, she was angry and disgusting. This pariah was really courting death. At this time, she dared to be rude to herself.

Ha ha…

At this time, Tong Shan reacted and glared at Darryl fiercely: “I don’t know what is dead or alive, today we are not looking for Li Suqiu, but for you.”

“Really?” Darryl deliberately made a look of astonishment: “I’m not familiar with the two of you, what are you doing to me?”

Seeing him like this, Tong Shan couldn’t help scolding: “Go to Nima, are you really stupid, or are you pretending to be confused on purpose? Lao Tzu asked you to settle the account because of what happened yesterday.”

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