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Chapter 441

Jingwen and Bai Xiaotian hugged each other tightly, you love me.

It’s already winter, and a gust of wind blows, and everyone who blows has goose bumps.

Jingwen was inexplicably apprehensive: “Xiaotian, let’s go. It’s empty here, there is no one person, I’m a little scared. Let’s not come here for our next date, it’s chilly here.”

Bai Xiaotian laughed and said, “Don’t be afraid, this is the place where Emperor Apocalypse worships heaven and earth. Usually no one comes, of course it is empty.”

When saying this. Bai Xiaotian’s gaze fell on the altar not far away.

The altar is made of pure white jade, with pure gold trim on it, full of atmosphere!

In the middle of the altar, there is a jade bead the size of an egg. The whole body of this bead is green and exudes a charming light, brightening the surrounding area.

“What kind of bead is this?”

Bai Xiaotian couldn’t help being curious and walked over.

When he arrived, Bai Xiaotian picked up the bead and studied it carefully, and was surprised to find that the bead was very beautiful, with a dragon carved on it and inside the bead. It also contains an aura.

Bai Xiaotian clearly felt that this aura is of great benefit to cultivation!

If you wear this bead with you, your cultivation speed will double!


It is worthy of being the place where the emperor has worshipped, there is such a good thing!

For a moment, Bai Xiaotian didn’t think much about it, and put the beads into his pocket directly. Then walked over and took Agnes’s hand: “Jingwen, we are so lucky, we can find the baby when we come to such a ghost place! This bead is for you.”

“Yeah!” Jing Wen nodded, not happy.

At this moment, only one shout was heard, which came from not far away!

“Bold! Who are you who dare to trespass into heaven and earth! The trespasser is dead!”

Following the sound, I saw a group of guards rushing over!

Bai Xiaotian was shocked, it was too late to run! At that time, he summoned a long sword, held Jingwen with one hand, and directly killed the imperial guards, smashing a bloody path and fleeing the altar of heaven and earth.


On the other side, at the bottom of the crater.

Darryl and Bai Lian were cold and stalemate for five days and five nights!

During these five days and five nights, Darryl did not dare to neglect the slightest, and kept his pure Yang internal strength in the strongest state.

Krista and Elsa were also guarding by their side.

Finally, in the morning of the sixth day, Darryl suddenly roared, his pure Yang internal power finally suppressed the cold fire of Bai Lian!


Darryl looked up to the sky and screamed. During these five days, his whole body was burned and bruised, and he was extremely painful!

But in the end, this white lotus was cold-fired and defeated! Completely subdued by Darryl!

At this moment, Darryl opened his eyes, and two brilliant lights burst out! I saw that there seemed to be two flames in his eyes. Burning in general.


At the same time, an extremely terrifying breath erupted from Darryl’s body and swept the entire bottom of the volcano!

Wu Duan Wusheng!

After getting Bailian Cold Fire, Darryl reached the fifth stage of martial arts in a blink of an eye!


Unexpectedly, after the fusion of Bailian’s cold fire, it can bring such a big benefit!

My five days and five nights of hard work were not in vain. At this moment, Darryl was unspeakably excited!

“Wow… the son succeeded…”

At this moment, Krista couldn’t conceal her inner excitement. She rushed over and hugged Darryl. She was delighted and admired: “My son, you are awesome!”

Elsa was also trembling with excitement, looking at Darryl’s gaze, full of surprises!

He did it, he did it, he really suppressed the fire! Got Bailian cold fire!

Sure enough, he didn’t read the wrong person, this man is really omnipotent.

Thinking about it, Elsa walked over and smiled softly at Darryl: “Darryl, you…you are really amazing…”

Darryl laughed and hugged the two daughters tightly into his arms. After a while, he sighed: “Even if I get Bailian’s cold fire, what’s the use? We will be trapped here after all.”

Indeed, with Darryl’s current strength, it is impossible to use the Heavenly Gang Sword Art to rush out of the crater. At least until you reach the realm of Emperor Wu, it is possible to rush out!

If you carry the Immortal Pill with you, it will be fine. As long as there is a Shenxian Pill, it is bound to reach a section of Wuhuang!

I thought. Darryl sighed, slowly sat down cross-legged, and started practicing. I only hope to be promoted to Emperor Wu as soon as possible.

Without the God Pill, it would be really difficult to break through from Wu Duan Wu Sheng to Wu Huang! As little as a few years, as many as decades, or even a lifetime!

In order to leave here quickly, I can only go through it slowly, hoping that my strength will improve quickly.

In the next few days, Darryl practiced desperately. There is nothing to do under this volcano anyway.

This afternoon, Darryl was tired of practicing, so he asked Krista to rub her shoulders and let Elsa squeeze her legs.

Krista was naturally willing to put her jade hand on Darryl’s shoulder and knead it.

Elsa smiled and said: “Darryl, although we are trapped under this volcano, Krista and I are waiting for you. If other men are treated like this, I would like to be trapped here.”

“Tap and tap.” Darryl shrugged and sighed.

If you have nothing to worry about, you are also willing to be trapped here. But my worries are too much. I don’t know what happened to Yuruo and Madam..

Thinking of these, Darryl felt a headache. He sighed, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the massage given by the second woman.

Elsa and Krista. He also noticed that Darryl was upset, so he stopped talking.

I don’t know how long it took, but Krista cleared her throat, and while kneading her shoulders for Darryl, she hummed softly.

“This dream is so real, there are tears in the corners of my eyes, but they still survive when I wake up~”

“Do you know it. Because your heart is broken, you escaped into the empty door~”

“In this life, you are the sweetheart~”

With a beautiful voice, Darryl’s mood suddenly improved. Krista had sung this song before, and Darryl couldn’t get tired of listening to it.

Elsa’s heart touched when she heard it, and she couldn’t help but admire: “The rhythm is so beautiful, and the lyrics are so beautiful. I didn’t expect Krista to sing so well.”

Krista was a little embarrassed and humbly said: “Sister Elsa, don’t praise me. By the way, sister Elsa, don’t you know, the son can also sing, not only can sing, but also write songs. Yeah!”

Even Olga, the top brand of the rich, begged the son to write a song for her. The son taught her a sweet song, she sang it at the new song conference, and it was really amazing!

Krista held Darryl’s arm and shook it gently: “Young Master, you can sing a song too.”

When she said this, Krista’s eyes were full of expectation.

Can Darryl sing?

Elsa was stunned, her eyes like autumn water also looked at Darryl closely.

Darryl smiled, looked at her lovingly, and nodded: “Okay, then I’ll sing one.”

With that, Darryl thought for a while, then cleared his throat. Sing out gently.

“Just because in the crowd, I looked at you more.”

“I can never forget your face again.”

“I dream of seeing each other one day by chance.”

“From then on I began to miss it alone.”

“When you think of you, you are in the sky, when you think of you, you are in front of you, when you think of you, you are in your mind, and when you think of you, you are in your heart.”

Darryl hummed in his heart, and couldn’t help thinking of Lily in his mind.

Lily also likes to sing. I remember that when she watched Lily’s live broadcast before, she sang this song.

I don’t know, where is Lily now, how good is it? Is it already…married to someone else…

Unconsciously, Darryl sang red eyes.

On the other side, Elsa and Krista were also intoxicated.

Especially Elsa, listening to Darryl’s song, her heart melted, and she admired him even more. This man can make alchemy, write poems, watch Darryl Shui, sing, and what else he can’t…

“My son, this song is so good.”

Little stars flashed in Krista’s eyes, and she begged Darryl: “I have time later, can you teach me to sing this song?”

“Good…” Darryl smiled and nodded.

At this moment, Elsa came back to his senses, hugged Darryl’s shoulders, and whispered softly: “By the way, Darryl, since you have merged the cold fire of Bailian. Release the cold fire and show us.”

When the voice fell, Krista also looked forward to it, unable to conceal her inner excitement.

You know, the fusion of the son, but the world’s largest fire!

“Haha, good. Good.” Darryl smiled slightly. The internal force turned and raised his hand with a wave.


The surrounding air vibrates violently! Only a white light was seen, condensed quickly! Immediately afterwards, I saw a group of white flames, tumbling in Darryl’s hands!

It is Bailian cold fire!

After the thorough fusion, Darryl could easily summon Bai Lian with cold fire as long as he moved his mind.


so beautiful.

I saw the white lotus with cold fire. Constantly jumping, a white lotus appeared above the flame.

“Let’s go play.” At this moment, Darryl raised his hand and waved, smiling at Bai Lian Lenghuo, and said softly.


When the voice fell, Bai Lian coldly seemed to understand. Like a little elf, running to the nearby magma, floating up and down and jumping up and down, like a child, frolicking and playing.

This group of white lotus cold and fire had already possessed spirituality and could understand Darryl’s words.

Seeing this scene, Elsa and Krista were inexplicably excited.

At this moment, Darryl smiled and looked at Bai Lian coldly. I wanted to let it play for a while and then recall it to the body. However, gradually, Darryl saw Bai Lian’s cold fire and jumped up and down. Suddenly, his inspiration moved, and his heart was enlightened!

The more Darryl watched, the more fascinated he became! A heart trembling faintly!

This form of white lotus jumping up and down in cold fire, sometimes like a tiger descending a mountain, sometimes like a flying dragon soaring into the sky!

Darryl’s head buzzed, as if stupidly, he slowly stood up, his hands and feet swayed uncontrollably.

“My son, what are you doing?” Krista couldn’t help but ask.

But at this moment Darryl couldn’t hear Krista talking at all! He just stood there, constantly doing all kinds of strange movements. Sometimes a horse step, sometimes a fist with both hands!

“Young Master, Young Master?” Krista asked several words, but Darryl didn’t respond to her at all.

At this moment, Krista suddenly became anxious and took Elsa’s hand: “Sister Elsa, what’s the matter with the son? Why can’t he hear me talking!”

“He…he…” Elsa’s body trembled! Looking at Darryl tightly, his delicate body trembled: “Darryl, he… just watched Bai Lian jumping cold and fire, he seemed to have some understanding, if I guess right, he is… creating a technique!”

“What? The son is creating a technique?!” Krista bit her lip, her legs soft!

There are thousands of exercises in this world! Those who can create exercises are absolutely strong!

During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhao Yun, the god of war, created the “Wuji Fortune Palm”, which is a life!

The founder of Wudang School created Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword! Make Wudang stand tall and become a Wulin Beidou!

These seniors are all talents! Both are peerless powerhouses!

But.. Darryl, he is only five martial arts, he can create exercises.. This.. If this is not seen with his own eyes, who can believe it!

Elsa’s lips were about to bite and bleed. Looking at Darryl tightly.

He…what kind of exercise can he create…

Chapter 442

Darryl closed his eyes tightly, his hands and feet kept making strange movements.

He created the exercises and has entered a state of obsession!

Krista and Elsa next to them didn’t dare to disturb Darryl, they just waited quietly beside them.

But the second daughter never dreamed that this would be hundreds of days and nights!

Time flies.

one year later.



Castro Palace!

In the back garden of the palace. The flowers still bloom.

In the pavilion, Kendra was wearing a long silk dress, sitting there with a smile on his face.

In front of her, a little boy who had just turned one year old was babbling toddler, followed by several maids, carefully waiting for him.

This child. It is the son of the wife of the teacher and Darryl.

Kendra named him: Gary Yue.

There is no bounds, no bounds, no bounds to miss.

I also hope that when he grows up, he will be as upright as his father!

Ya’er is small. But when you look carefully, you have a clear and beautiful face, and the long and Darryl really looks like.

After giving birth, Kendra’s figure is perfectly maintained, and his face is beautiful and ruddy, and looks even more charming.

A year ago, when Kendra learned of Darryl’s death, she was heartbroken and had soft thoughts several times.

It wasn’t until after the baby was born that Kendra’s mood gradually adjusted. Seeing Ya’er grow up day by day, Kendra no longer asks for anything, only hopes that he grows up healthily.

Although Kendra gave birth to a child, she still loved the king of Castro.

King Castro said to Kendra that after the child was born, he would treat the child as his own son. He did it. Over the past year, Castro has taken care of their mother and son in every possible way.

So this year, Kendra also decided. I spent the rest of my life in Castro Palace.

Apart from here, where can Kendra go? Darryl has passed away, the sky is big and the earth is big, and he has no relatives.

“Ya’er, come to my mother.” Kendra beckoned to the child with a doting expression on his face.

Ya’er was extremely clever, and ran over at a swift pace. Pounced into Kendra’s arms.

“Hahaha, ma’am, I’m back!”

At this moment, only a loud laugh was heard. At the door, King Castro walked in with a bunch of candied haws.

When he arrived in front of Ya’er, King Castro was full of affection: “Good son, look, what did the father bring you, sweet and sour candied haws.”

While talking, Castro held Ya’er in his arms.

Although this child belongs to Darryl, it has always been. The king of Castro called Ya’er his son.

Kendra stood up slowly, and groaned at Guangping Wang Jiao: “My lord, the child is still young now, and his teeth are not straight, how can you eat candied haws…”


Upon hearing this, Castro smiled and said: “You can’t eat it, let him play with it…”

Kendra smiled lightly, feeling very moved. The prince really likes Ya’er..

At this moment, Castro looked at the child with a smile, and teased: “My dear son, my father bought you candied haws, what should you say?”

When he said this, the eyes of Castro showed expectation.

Ya’er squeezed the candied haws excitedly, and opened her mouth: “Thank you… Father… King!”

“Hahaha…” King Castro was overjoyed and couldn’t help but kissed him on the cheek: “My son is so good..”

Although not his own. But such a well-behaved child is really likable!

Seeing this scene, Kendra showed a trace of miss between his eyebrows.

Although Darryl’s death. One year has passed and it is impossible to reappear. But I don’t know why, Kendra still feels a little uncomfortable every time he hears Ya’er calling for the father of Guangping.

Thinking about it, Kendra looked up at the blue sky and white clouds above his head.

Darryl, I really want to spend my life with you.

Who knows, we always have no destiny.

If you are alive in the sky. Just bless our children to be healthy and healthy, and to become heroes like you when they grow up.


the other side.

Apocalyptic Imperial City.

The palace hall!

On the dragon chair, Emperor Tianqi was sitting there with no expression on his face!

Below, the civil and military officials stood on both sides.

Today is an important day, the Emperor Apocalypse decided. Attack the Earth Round Continent again!

The failure of sending troops last time caused great damage to the vitality of the Apocalypse Continent. After this year of cultivation, the Apocalypse Continent is strong again! And Darryl is already dead, this time, he must take the Earth Circle Continent!

“Your Majesty, the minister suggested, send troops tomorrow to conquer the land!”

“Your Majesty, the minister thinks that we should consider the long-term plan, discuss the tactics, and send troops in a month.”

The ministers of civil and military presence, all expressed their opinions and talked a lot!

Some supported sending troops immediately, and some suggested that they should be delayed.

For a time, inside the hall. There has never been a unified opinion.

Emperor Tianqi frowned, raised his hand, signaled everyone to be quiet, and then looked at Xing Yao: “Xing Yao God of War. What advice do you have?”

Xing Yao said lightly: “You can send troops whenever you want. This time, Earth Round Continent will be defeated.”

When he said this, Xing Yao’s eyes were full of confidence.

at this time. The national division walked out slowly and respectfully said: “Your Majesty, the ministers also think that you can send troops anytime. But the minister suggested. Before you send troops. Your Majesty should go to the altar of heaven and worship the sky! After praying to the sky, you can send troops Not later.”

“Okay!” Emperor Tianqi nodded: “I didn’t go to pray for blessings when I attacked the Earth Circle Continent last time. This time, I must first go to the Heaven and Earth Altar, worship our ancestors, and worship God! God will bless my soldiers, hundred Fight against Yum and win the earth round continent!”

“Long live my emperor, long live long live!”

Hearing this, the civil and military officials knelt down.

The Emperor Tianqi laughed, stood up from the dragon chair, and waved his big hand: “Everyone, follow me to the altar of heaven and earth! I am going to worship heaven and earth now!”

“The ministers wait for the decree!” hundreds of civil and military officials said one after another.

When the voice fell, Emperor Tianqi led hundreds of civil and military officials, and tens of thousands of imperial guards, heading to the Temple of Heaven and Earth!

The Temple of Heaven and Earth is a sacred place, no one except the emperor can enter! Therefore, hundreds of civil and military officials and tens of thousands of soldiers were waiting outside the altar of heaven and earth.

At three quarters in the noon, Emperor Tianqi took three sticks of incense and boarded the altar.

As a result, the moment when he stepped on the roof of the sacrificial platform, the face of Emperor Tianqi was as gray as death!

There should be a praying dzi bead on this temple. But now praying for the dzi, why is it missing? !

Praying for dzi is a particularly important thing in the altar of heaven and earth! It is the top bead of the old emperor of the previous generation, the imperial hat!

The apocalyptic continent, imperial power is supreme! The only thing that can stay on the emperor’s head is the emperor’s hat. There is a top bead on the top of the crown.

The Apocalypse Continent is very superstitious, thinking that after the death of the emperors of the past, the soul will remain in this top pearl. This old emperor’s prayer beads were placed in the altar of heaven and earth. In addition to offering sacrifices, they also cherished the memory of the old emperor, which is of commemorative significance.

The old emperor’s celestial bead is lost, that’s a big deal! Who is so courageous to secretly pray for Dzi Beads? !

Chapter 443

“Come, come!”

Emperor Apocalypse was furious, roaring frantically!

That’s the top bead on his father’s emperor’s hat! It was stolen!

The place of heaven and earth is sacred, and no one dares to come in at ordinary times. But at this time, hearing the emperor’s cry, the soldiers rushed in, thinking that something was wrong. As a result, tens of thousands of soldiers were all stupid!

No one is blind, everyone sees it, pray for the dzi bead lost!

“Who. Who is responsible for guarding the heaven and earth altar, get out!” the Emperor Tianqi shouted frantically. Since he became the throne, he has never been so angry!

When the voice fell, I saw a commander of the Imperial Guard coming out from the crowd. This person is called Liu Jun, and he has always been responsible for guarding the Tiandi Temple.

“Pump!” Liu Jun was also frightened, kneeling on the ground and shaking all over!

“I ask you, pray where the dzi bead is, say!” The Emperor Tianqi was angry. Murderous!

“Your Majesty…” Liu Jun was sweating coldly, and his whole body was soaked! He tried to remember, and was silent for a few minutes before he said: “Your Majesty, the minister remembered… a year ago. There was a man and a woman sneaking into the temple of heaven and earth. It should be this couple who stole the prayer. Dzi Bead…”

“A year ago?!” The Emperor Tianqi’s face was as earthy: “The Temple of Heaven and Earth is sacred. Someone broke into the Temple of Heaven and Earth a year ago. Why didn’t you report it to me?!

Liu Jun was completely stupid. A year ago, the man and woman sneaked into the altar of heaven and earth. He thought that the man and woman had come for this date secretly, so he didn’t report it to the emperor… Who would have thought that this man and woman stole the prayer beads!

“Your Majesty, the minister deserves to die, the minister deserves to die…” Liu Jun kept kowtow, but he couldn’t calm the emperor’s anger at all!

“Picture master, draw the man and woman for me!” the Emperor Tianqi roared loudly.

The audience was silent, no one dared to gasp loudly!

After a while, a few painters rushed over. Under Liu Jun’s dictation, these painters began to paint portraits.

Nearly an hour, a painter held two portraits, knelt tremblingly, and whispered: “Your Majesty, it’s done…”


In an instant, the eyes of the civil and military officials all focused on the portrait!

Portrait. They are a pair of young men and women, handsome men and graceful and beautiful women.

Seeing this portrait, the civil and military officials looked at each other for a while, all confused. No one knows the person in the portrait!

When the audience was silent, an excited voice sounded!

“Your Majesty! The minister knows this pair of men and women!”

Only a short distance away, Clint passed through the civil and military officials, and suddenly knelt on the ground: “Your Majesty, the men and women in the portrait are all people from the earth! One is called Bai Xiaotian. The other is called Agnes!”

“Do you know them?!” Emperor Tianqi clenched his fists, his voice was cold and cold!

“The minister knows!” Clint nodded and said: “Your Majesty, that Agnes and Bai Xiaotian, both have a face and a face on the Earth Round Continent…especially that Agnes, whose father is Oliver. Their Ouyang family, It has a special status on the earth circle continent…”


Emperor Apocalypse breathed fire in his eyes, his face was extremely ugly!

“The Great Prince!” The Emperor Tianqi roared out: “I order you, lead the Imperial Forest Army, and retrieve the Praying Dzi Beads. As for this Ouyang family, none of them will stay, all of them will be killed, no piece of armor, no piece of armor!”

“I obey your orders!” The eldest prince knelt down and promised loudly!

The prince. Is one of the emperor’s favorite sons. At a young age, he is already the Second Duan Wuhuang! The prince who will inherit the throne in the future will always be him!

The Emperor Tianqi took a deep breath and looked at Liu Jun, with a very cold tone: “Liu Jun, negligence in his duties resulted in the loss of the Dzi Bead, and the Nine Clans were killed, and all the nine clans were put to death!”


Several soldiers yelled and took Liu Jun away.

“Your Majesty, be merciful, be merciful—” Liu Jun fainted in shock before he could say anything.


the other side!

Earth round continent!

In the branch hall of the Hall of Longevity in Donghai City, Peter and Lorenzo were sitting there, drinking wine, their faces were gloomy and the atmosphere was very depressing.

A year ago, the two brothers went to the Apocalypse Continent and met Lu Jiechen and Qin Shousheng, their masters and apprentices, and they were humiliated. The two brothers took their disciples and returned to Earthland.

In this year, Peter practiced almost like crazy! Practice every day when you wake up!

At the beginning, Peter was just a mixed society. It was because of the inheritance of the inner strength of the last longevity palace master that he arrived at Martial Saint. When it was passed down. Dianzhu Lu told him that within the next year, his cultivation speed will be much faster than normal people!

Time pays off. For one year, day and night of cultivation, now Peter is already a martial emperor!

And Lorenzo, as the head of the Palace of Longevity, his cultivation speed is not slow! Because the Hall of Longevity has a secret book. It’s called “Transferring Flowers and Trees”, and only the Lord of the Palace can practice. This cheat is very strong! Coupled with the fact that the old palace master left a lot of treasures, and now Lorenzo’s strength has reached a period of Wu Huang!

It can be said that these two brothers, in the earth circle continent, almost dominate the group!

It’s just two brothers. In this year, they didn’t live happily!

Whenever they think of Darryl’s tragic death on the Apocalypse Continent, the two of them are heartbroken!

At this time the two brothers picked up their wine glasses. Touched, no one said anything.

Next to the wine table, there was a familiar figure, it was Evelyn. I saw that Evelyn’s lower abdomen was already slightly raised.

Yes, she is pregnant. Lorenzo’s child.

Last time in the hospital, Evelyn took care of Lorenzo for a week, and then the two of them got together somehow. It seems to be love at first sight.

Three months ago, Evelyn was pregnant with Lorenzo’s child, which can be said to be happy.

At this time, Peter raised his head and took a sip of wine, and said angrily: “Brother Wen, let’s go to Emei today to avenge Darryl, I can’t wait for a moment!”

During this year, Peter wanted to avenge Darryl every night! He knew that Darryl died in the hands of the Emei faction! He wanted to destroy Emei in his dreams!

at this time. As soon as revenge was mentioned, Peter’s eyes flashed with a strong will to fight.


Lorenzo took a deep breath and drank a sullen wine: “Great Sage, we can’t take revenge yet. Wait a minute.”


Peter was in a hurry. With red eyes, watching Lorenzo closely: “Brother Wen, don’t you want to avenge Darryl!”

Lorenzo sighed and said seriously: “Of course I do! I think about it all the time! But you also know, Apocalypse Continent. It is possible to send troops again at any time to attack our land circle!”

With that, there was a trace of worry on Lorenzo’s face: “If we attack the Emei faction now, if the Qi army comes over, we will round the mainland. We will lose a bit of strength!”

When saying this, Lorenzo was also extremely entangled in his heart.

As the big brother, he wants to avenge Darryl every day!

But for the sake of justice, this hatred can only be held in the bottom of my heart temporarily!

The last time I picked up the Star Tower was because of the infighting of the Earth Round Continent, so the Apocalypse Continent took the opportunity to attack, causing heavy casualties on the Earth Round Continent, and almost fell into the East China Sea!


Hearing this, Peter was very annoyed and patted the chair, and said bitterly: “Brother Wen, this apocalyptic army will never fight for a lifetime, so what should I do! Is it possible that Darryl’s hatred will not be reported for a lifetime! I Revenge for Darryl now, I can’t wait!”

I know that the enemy is Emei, but I can’t do it!

Lorenzo sighed and said: “Great Sage, don’t be too impatient, the hatred must be retributed! I believe that the spirit of the wind will support us in doing this. He vowed to defend Donghai City back then, you forget Already! Darryl is a heroic hero, in order to protect his family and the people, he is desperate! Have you forgotten! Now the Apocalypse Continent is looking forward to it, at this juncture, if we go to Emei for revenge, Darryl is alive in the sky, you think he Will you be happy!”

Lorenzo is the opposite of Peter. The great sage is always arrogant, but Lorenzo has always been steady.


With red eyes, Peter hammered the table heavily.

Chapter 444

the other side.

Apocalyptic continent, at the bottom of the crater.

At this time, Darryl sat cross-legged on the Bai Yutai.

Elsa and Krista quietly stood by, and the two girls couldn’t hide their excitement and excitement!

One year, a whole year.

They can feel it. A peerless technique is about to be created by Darryl!


At this moment, Darryl’s eyes suddenly opened! A breath of horror, raging wildly!

At this time, he has already stepped into a period of Wuhuang!

In the next second, Darryl got up and stood. Slowly raising his hand, I saw the surrounding air, instantly distorted! It seems to have formed a circle of black holes!


Centered at the foot of Darryl. With a radius of hundreds of miles, the earth shook inexplicably! The whole volcano is shaking! Countless rubble fell like raindrops!

The magnitude of that violent vibration makes people feel unsteady while standing!


I don’t know how long it took. Darryl took a long breath and slowly opened his eyes! Only then did the earth stop shaking!

“The son is amazing!”

Krista was so excited that she hugged Darryl.

Elsa was also trembling with her delicate body, watching Darryl closely, her eyes revealing endless joy!

“Darryl, you…” Elsa couldn’t help but ask: “Darryl, what is your name?”

Darryl smiled slightly, was silent for a long time, and said: “Just call it, all thoughts will be lost.”

“All thoughts are ashamed?!”

When the voice fell, Krista couldn’t help clapping her hands: “This name is good!”

Elsa also couldn’t help nodding. I can’t wait to say: “Darryl, let go and show us.”

“Okay!” Darryl laughed, his anger sinking into his dantian, and he was about to release “all thoughts are ashamed.”

As a result, Darryl never dreamed that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to release this skill!

“What’s going on?!” Darryl’s head buzzed, and he devoted himself to studying for so long! After finally creating this skill, why can’t it be released? !

“I…” Darryl tried many times, and finally sweated profusely: “What’s the matter, I can’t release this skill…”

“Darryl, don’t worry.” At this moment, Elsa stepped forward and slowly said: “I once read an ancient book. It is recorded that there are some skills that can not be released casually. Yes. Only when people are stimulated can they release their skills.”

“Huh?” Darryl was speechless for a while.

Dmn, she has been in retreat for so long, and the “all thoughts” she created can only be released when she is stimulated? ! Dmn!

Darryl sighed and slowly said, “How long have we been here?”

I was immersed in the creative exercises, and I had forgotten the time.

Elsa thought for a while: “It should be a year.” She has a careful and meticulous mind, and she alternates between the sun and the moon every day. She remembered it all in her heart.


one Year.

Hearing this, Darryl was startled.

D*mn, I thought that at most one month had passed. Unexpectedly, it took so long unknowingly.

Thinking about it, Darryl took a deep breath and smiled at Elsa: “Well, the honeymoon for the three of us is over. It’s time to go up. You two hug me tightly.”

Now Darryl has stepped into Emperor Wu, Emperor Wu and Sheng Wu, that is a farewell! Now he can leave with his second daughter.

Krista responded and hugged Darryl tightly.

Elsa was also shy. His hands also encircled Darryl’s waist.


At this moment, Darryl’s internal force urged him to rise into the air and flew upwards!

Within a few minutes, the three of them flew to the crater!


The moment his feet landed, Darryl was so excited that he couldn’t tell, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

one Year. It’s been a whole year.

The air outside is really clear.

Darryl smiled and looked around, refreshed!

“My son, we are finally here!”

At this time, Krista was also indescribably excited.

Darryl smiled and looked at the Imperial City of Apocalypse not far away. He opened his mouth and said: “Let’s go, let’s go to the imperial city.”

one Year.

Yuruo, madam. Are you guys OK?

I have come to you.

Thinking about it, Darryl speeded up subconsciously.

One year later, the Imperial City of Apocalypse is still so prosperous.

Just a year ago. The powerhouses of the nine continents all came to the vicinity of the imperial city to find out about the artifacts. In the end they found nothing. Now those people have returned to their respective continents.

In the afternoon, Darryl and the three walked to the imperial city.

Previously under the volcanic crater, he was full of aura, and he could survive without eating or drinking. But now leaving the crater, Darryl only felt thirsty and hungry, so he simply found a restaurant and ordered a table of good meals and dishes.

This restaurant is very hot. At this time, the scorching sun is blazing. It is noon, and the restaurant is full of guests.

Darryl just sat down, only to hear a wine table next to him, and several men and women were talking and laughing.

“Have you heard? The earth circle continent, the young lady of the Ouyang family, stole the heaven and earth altar prayer beads, the emperor was furious and wanted to destroy the Ouyang family…”

“Deserve it! How important is it to pray for Dzi Beads? Then the Ouyang family deserves to be destroyed!”

“Yes. I heard that the eldest prince has already led his soldiers to the Diyuan Continent. I believe it will not be long before the Ouyang family on the Diyuan Continent will be destroyed.”

The sound of discussion kept coming, and Darryl’s body was shocked when he heard it!

“Little Er, wine money!”

Darryl took out a coin, put it on the table, took Elsa and Krista, and left quickly!

The Ouyang family is going to be destroyed? !

No, I must go back! Go back for the foster father!

What’s more, his parents are still in the Ouyang family!


On the other side, the earth is round the continent. Zhongzhou City, Ouyang Family.

In the entire Zhongzhou city, the traffic was paralyzed, and traffic jams everywhere! In the past few days, many luxury cars from other places have come to the streets of Zhongzhou City. Because the eldest lady of the Ouyang family will get married soon! These foreign cars are all here to attend the wedding.

In the other courtyard of the Ouyang family, there is a lot of joy, with lights and festoons everywhere!

Tomorrow is Agnes, and Bai Xiaotian’s wedding day!

Chapter 445

Yes, tomorrow, Agnes and Bai Xiaotian will get married.

The Ouyang family has already sent out a wedding invitation. Tomorrow, the world’s best players and business tycoons will come to celebrate!

a year ago. The various sects of the Earth Round Continent went to the Apocalypse Continent to inquire about the artifacts, and finally returned without success.

After returning to Earth Round Continent, at Bai Xiaotian’s request, Ren Feifei, president of the Jiangnan Alchemy Association, came to the Ouyang family in person several times. Propose a marriage for the apprentice.

Just a month ago, the Ouyang family finally agreed to this happy event.

At this time, in the front hall.

Oliver sat there. His face was cold, without the slightest joy, and it was in sharp contrast with the beaming atmosphere outside!

Janis stood on the side, her delicate face showing complexity and helplessness.

“Oliver, tomorrow is the day for your daughter’s wedding. Don’t you please?” Janis said softly and comforted Oliver: “How do you say, she is also your daughter, let’s stop worrying about it anymore. It’s up to you, okay? Even if I beg you.”

When she said this, Janis’s eyes were filled with helplessness.

one Year.

A whole year! After returning from the Apocalypse Continent, the husband was so indifferent to the eldest daughter that he didn’t say a word!

Even this wedding, he, the father, doesn’t care about anything!

Janis knows that her husband has been grieving with her eldest daughter because of Darryl’s affairs.

However, it has been a year since this matter. No matter how big the grievance is, it should be gone…


Hearing his wife’s persuasion, Oliver exhaled deeply: “I don’t have a daughter like her. I didn’t let her pay for Xiaofeng’s life. This is my biggest bottom line!”

“You…” Janis stomped angrily. How could her husband’s temper be so stubborn? ! After all, Darryl was an outsider, and he was already dead, so why didn’t he forgive his daughter?

“Patriarch, it’s not good!”

At this moment, a maid rushed in in a panic, and said to Oliver: “Patriarch, Madam, it’s not good, it’s not good…”

The maid was panting and sweating all over.

“What’s so flustered?” Janis’s eyebrows furrowed, and she couldn’t help but blamed: “What’s the matter, speak slowly, what are you doing in such a hurry?”

Tomorrow is the eldest daughter’s wedding, and I have to fight for everything. What is it like to be so flustered.

The maid was crying anxiously, sweating profusely, and squatted: “The patriarch, madam, the prince of the Apocalypse mainland, leading the Ten Thousand Imperial Forest Army, is coming to our family!”

What? !

Oliver’s expression changed drastically, and he stood up abruptly: “What are you talking about? Tens of thousands of apocalypse troops are coming to our Ouyang family?”

When he said this, Oliver frowned, and his heart was full of doubt and shock.

Recently, it has been circulating that the Apocalypse army will make a comeback and attack the land.

But if they were to come, their primary goal would be to attack Donghai City. How can I cross Donghae City. Go straight to your Ouyang family?

The maid, sweating profusely, said: “This time the Apocalypse army, they came from the Apocalypse Continent disguised as fishermen. So no one found them! At this time they are less than ten minutes away from the Ouyang family. I’m afraid it’s less than ten minutes away! I got it. The news, it seems that the eldest lady and the uncle, took away something as important as the Emperor Apocalypse before, which caused the Emperor Apocalypse to be angry, so…”


Before he could finish speaking, Oliver slapped on the table fiercely, trembling with anger: “It’s the good thing that these two beasts did again.”

With that, Oliver said to the disciple: “Go. Call me the lady!”

Feeling Oliver’s anger, the disciple hurried out.

At this time, Oliver was not angry, and looked at Janis angrily: “See, these two beasts are getting into trouble everywhere, first they killed Darryl’er, and now, they provoke the royal family of Apocalypse again. I really do. I don’t understand, what is good about Bai Xiaotian, you are so satisfied with him, and you promised to recruit him as son-in-law!”


Janis’s pretty face flushed, it was difficult to argue for a while, she smiled bitterly and comforted: “Okay, okay, don’t be angry, wait for us to ask the situation, if Jingwen really took the things from the Apocalypse Continent, we will give them back. .”

Just as they were talking, Jingwen and Cynthia walked in. The two sisters talked and laughed.

Especially Jingwen, who will be able to marry Bai Xiaotian tomorrow, she is indescribably happy.

But when she entered the hall, Jingwen put away her smile, and said timidly to Oliver: “Father, you are looking for me…”

She felt it. Father is angry now.


Oliver didn’t talk nonsense, walked over quickly, without warning, slapped her face severely!

Jingwen was too late to react. She was slapped to the ground all of a sudden, her delicate face showed bright red five-fingerprints.

“You beast, tell me the truth. What did you take from the Apocalypse Royal Family?” Oliver asked the eldest daughter angrily and asked in a hoarse tone.

Thinking of Xiaofeng being killed by her, Oliver couldn’t restrain his anger! Now she has provoked the Apocalypse Royal Family again, and she is even more angry!

“How are you hitting the child?” Janis stomped angrily.

Agnes covered her face. Very aggrieved: “Father, what are you talking about, how could I take things from the Apocalypse Royal Family…” As he said, tears flowed down his eyes.

“Not yet?” Oliver was completely angry: “Now the Apocalypse army will be at the door of the house soon!”


Upon hearing this, Agnes’s body trembled and was stunned.

Could it be…

Could it be that bead from the Temple of Heaven and Earth? !

Thinking about it, Jingwen was a little flustered in her heart, and whispered: “Before we left, Xiaotian and I went to the Temple of Heaven and Earth… took a bead…”

Hearing this, Oliver almost vomited blood in anger: “My family is unfortunate, I am really unfortunate, how did I give birth to a daughter like you!”

“Father!” At this moment, Jingwen was also anxious and burst into tears: “Father, what are you yelling at me! It’s been a year, you haven’t said a word to me! Just because of Darryl! Darryl and him I’m an outsider, I’m your daughter!”

Speaking of this, Agnes burst into tears: “Yes, I took the bead from the Apocalypse Continent, but it was just a broken bead, not a baby. I just give them back! You! What are you shouting at me!”

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