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Chapter 446

Oliver trembled all over, raised his slap again, and slapped Jingwen: “You have taken things from other people’s Apocalypse Continent, right? You beast, not my daughter!”

Janis on one side was anxious and angry, and rushed over at once. Stopped Oliver: “Can you calm down, what problem can you solve by hitting her now?”

With that, Janis said anxiously at Jingwen: “Jingwen, so are you, so don’t make your father angry anymore. What kind of beads from the Apocalypse Continent have you gotten? Go and get those beads.”

Jingwen’s unspeakable grievance. Stomped and ran out crying.

Janis breathed a sigh of relief as soon as the front foot walked. Said: “Oliver, after all, Jingwen is also your biological daughter. Tomorrow will be her wedding. How do you treat you like an enemy? When Jingwen takes out the beads, we will return it to the Apocalypse Royal Family. It’s okay…”


Oliver took a deep breath, sat there without speaking, his face was extremely gloomy!


At this moment, only a loud noise was heard, and it suddenly came! The door of the Ouyang family was kicked to pieces!

At the same time, a maid walked in quickly, her face pale: “Patriarch, it’s not good. The Imperial Forest Army from the Apocalypse Continent is here…coming.”

When she said this, the maid almost collapsed on the ground!

Oliver’s expression changed, he stood up quickly and walked out quickly.

When he got outside, Oliver couldn’t help taking a breath when he saw the scene in front of him!

I saw nearly ten thousand imperial forest troops, swarming! Surround the entire Ouyang Mansion like iron barrels!

These Imperial Forest Army, uniform black armor, armed with spears, murderous awe-inspiring!

The Imperial Forest Army is the elite of the Apocalypse Royal Family! As soon as it appeared, the temperature of the entire Ouyang family dropped suddenly! The children of Ouyang looked at each other, and didn’t dare to breathe!

In front of the Imperial Forest Army. A man stood. Riding a black horse in a golden armor, majestic! It is the prince!


Emperor Wu Duan? !

The strength of the eldest prince, the pressure person can’t breathe! Oliver was shocked, barely squeezed out a smile, and walked forward quickly.

The eldest prince looked at Oliver closely, with an imposing manner: “Are you the patriarch of the Ouyang family? Oliver.”


Oliver exhaled and arched his hands: “Yes. I wonder if your Excellency is…”

As soon as the voice fell, a general next to him said coldly: “This is our prince. Our prince is here today, you should know, because of what?”


Is this person the eldest prince? !

Heard this. Oliver was shocked.

Everyone knows that the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent loves the prince the most. Now the prince is here in person. It seems that the bead is a very important thing.

But… if you return the beads to them later, it should be fine.

At this moment, I saw Jingwen rushing in, holding a shiny bead in her hand.

It is to pray for dzi!


Suddenly, the eyes of the prince and the soldiers around him. One after another gathered on the prayer beads! For a time, the atmosphere was extremely depressed.

At this time, Agnes still had tears on her face, and she was very aggrieved.

But seeing the tens of thousands of people in front of her, her body trembled! It’s just a bead. Why are so many people here?

Thinking about it, Agnes handed the beads to her father.

Oliver reached out and took it. Feeling relaxed, I walked over calmly, and said: “The prince, the little girl is young and ignorant, and took the things of the Apocalypse by mistake. I apologize for the little girl. I hope that the big prince will have a lot of adults and don’t care about her.”

Seriously, Oliver has been upright all his life, when did he bow his head? !

And a year ago, the Apocalypse army also attacked the Earth Yuan continent!

But having said that, after all, it was the daughter who took other people’s things and was rude first.

The prince made a calm face. Take the Qi Tianzhu, carefully put it in the box, and act piously and carefully.

At this moment. There is silence all around!

The whole Ouyang family members quietly looked at the eldest prince and relaxed one by one.

Miss returned the things. It should be all right…

Oliver and Janis looked at each other. They were also relieved.

But who knows that at this moment, the eldest prince suddenly looked cold!

“The whole army listens to the order!”

A roar sounded, and the eldest prince was murderous: “The entire Ouyang family. Leave no one!”


When the voice fell, tens of thousands of imperial forest soldiers, with great momentum, pulled out their long swords, and rushed directly into the crowd of Ouyang children without a word of nonsense!


At that time, no one reacted, only a few screams were heard. Many disciples of the Ouyang family had no time to react and fell to the ground.

“you guys…”

Oliver was shocked and angry, and his face was pale!

The eldest prince was full of gloomy face: “A small family dare to steal the Dzi Beads and violate my royal majesty. Today your whole family will be destroyed!”

Pray for the celestial bead, that is the top bead on the emperor’s hat. Significance!

Even the Ouyang family dared to take such an important thing. It’s not a pity to die!

Thinking about it, the big prince’s eyes flashed with anger, pointing at Oliver and shouting: “D*mn you guys!”


There was another scream, and more than a dozen disciples of the Ouyang family were brutally murdered!

Seeing this scene, Jingwen was already embarrassed, tears falling down: “You apocalyptic royal family, it is too unreasonable, we have already returned things, you are still deceiving too much, where is the truth?”

She never expected that a small bead would cause such a big disaster!

Where is the law of heaven?

The prince was so angry that he said coldly: “Royal Tianwei cannot be blasphemy, you Ouyang family, deserve to die!”

Chapter 447


Oliver roared, holding a long sword in his hand, and rushed to the imperial forest army!

He knows that today the Ouyang family is afraid that it will be destroyed. But before being destroyed, a few more apocalyptic soldiers must be killed! The situation in front of me is useless, I can only resist desperately!


At this moment, the disciples of the Ouyang family reacted one after another. Pull out the weapons on your body and fight fiercely with the opponent. However, the two sides are very different, and the children of the Ouyang family have fallen one after another!

clang! clang! clang!

Suddenly, the sound of weapons colliding, roaring and killing, echoed over the entire Ouyang family!

In the melee, Janis, Jingwen, and Cynthia. Also drew the long sword.

At this time, Agnes resisted the Yulin Army in front of her, thinking of the dead nurse, her heart was grief and regret. She shouted at Janis who was not far away: “Mom, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t take that bead…”

Janis sighed lightly, and said in a complicated tone: “What’s the use of this now? It’s important to defend the family first.”

The voice fell, and the long sword in his hand swung vigorously!


With a scream, the two imperial soldiers in front of you fell down!

Janis’s strength is not high, she is only proficient in the formation, but at this time the apocalypse army, with nearly 10,000 people, it is useless for her to be proficient in the formation!

Janis’s body trembled. If members of the Ouyang family could hide in the peach blossom forest, they would be able to escape. But at this time, the Apocalypse army, the number of people is really too much, there is no chance to escape to Peach Blossom Forest!

Oliver’s face was earthy and coldly said: “Agnes, this is your fault! Remember, from now on, you will no longer be my daughter!”

When he said this, Oliver was indifferent.

He was completely disappointed with this eldest daughter.


Upon hearing this, Agnes trembled. Heartbroken, tears poured out.


at this time! More than a dozen imperial forest soldiers howled and hacked at Oliver!

“Want to destroy my Ouyang family? Come on!”

Oliver was not afraid, and after a roar, he directly greeted him!

The fierce battle is getting more and more fierce, and the strength of the two sides is too far apart. But at this time, Ouyang’s children, in order to defend the Ouyang family, are all overwhelmed, and they are all fighting for their lives!

There is a smell of blood in the air, and in the air, it seems to be condensed into a layer of blood mist!

Within ten minutes, the disciple of the Ouyang family had fallen nearly half!

However, members of the Ouyang family are still resisting desperately.

“Kill my people, you D*mn it!”


Oliver yelled, slapped a palm fiercely, and shook out the two Yulin Army officers in front of him. He looked around and jumped up all over his body with anger!

He could see that the disciples of the Ouyang family around him succumbed to the ground, the dead, the wounds, and the blood staining the ground red!

“Even if I die today, I will kill two more dogs!” said coldly. It came from Oliver.

In the next moment, Oliver jumped into the air and raised his hands! A powerful internal force burst out, and in the night sky, a thunder and lightning condensed on Oliver’s body.

“Tian Lei extinct!”

Oliver’s eyes were blood red, he almost roared out, and raised his finger to the Imperial Forest Army below.


The dazzling blue thunder and lightning, the torn night sky, crashed down! Slashed fiercely!


In a short time, under the raging thunder and lightning, hundreds of Yulin Army soldiers screamed and fell into the electric light one after another.

Yes, this is Oliver’s lifelong faculty, and the sky thunders!

But his power is also limited, no matter how strong a person’s power is, it will not be able to restore the current situation!

Seeing this scene, the eldest prince’s pupils contracted and said coldly: “Kill the patriarch first.”

Although Oliver’s move just now was “thunder thunder.” It’s shocking.

But the eldest prince could clearly feel that after releasing the skills, Oliver had no strength!

As long as you kill him, the Ouyang family will lose the backbone and be defeated!


Hear the order of the prince. All the gazes of the Yulin Army focused on Oliver, and rushed up howling!



“The Patriarch!”

Seeing this situation, Janis and the other family disciples were anxious. They wanted to rush over to relieve the siege, but they were all blocked by the imperial forest army in front of them.


One of the Apocalypse soldiers slashed Oliver’s back, only to hear a roar. Oliver fell in a pool of blood all of a sudden, the blood kept flowing!

“You bad guys… bad guys!” Cynthia held the long sword tightly, tears falling down her eyes, the sword in her hand swung constantly, repelling the enemy in front of her.

Seeing her father’s crisis, she also wanted to rush to help.

However, Cynthia’s strength was low, and under the fierce battle, she was already unable to do what she wanted, and it won’t take long for it to be consumed like this. I’m running out of strength!

At this moment, I saw a soldier of the apocalypse, who suddenly yelled, and the spear pierced quickly and went straight to the heart of Cynthia!

“Mihui, be careful!”


Seeing this scene, Agnes and Janis couldn’t help exclaiming.

With this shot, Cynthia will die!


At this moment, the nearest Janis, too late to think, rushed over through gritted teeth and hugged Cynthia.


The spear pierced Janis’s back fiercely, and blood spewed out instantly!


Cynthia burst into tears, yelled, and hugged Janis!

I saw Janis’s face pale instantly, her body softened and she fell directly to the ground.

Just now desperately fighting, Janis has consumed too much internal energy! Do your best at this time. Helped the little girl to block it, she was extremely weak, and she no longer had the power to fight again!

“Mom… how are you… don’t scare me…” At this moment, Cynthia hugged Janis tightly, trembling all over. Wow, cry out!

Janis’s face was extremely pale at this time. The shot just now almost pierced her whole person, Janis could only feel it. My body is slowly chilling!

However, looking at the little girl’s anxious look, she tried to squeeze a smile and gently comforted: “Don’t worry, mom will be fine. Don’t cry, go help your dad and sister…”

Cynthia didn’t speak, she held Janis’s wound tightly and shook her head, almost crying into tears.


At this moment, Agnes also rushed over, and when she saw Janis’s situation, she burst into tears: “Mom, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault…”

At the same time, Oliver rushed over, a man of iron bones, his eyes turned red from crying!

“Madam…you hold on…you hold on…” Oliver shouted loudly, his voice already hoarse!

He and Janis have been married for more than 20 years, and they are in love with each other. Now, seeing his wife injured, his heart is cut! At this moment, he held Janis tightly, tears falling on Janis’s chest.


At this moment, Oliver let out a muffled hum, a knife in his chest, and his chest was completely pierced!

Chapter 448


Cynthia and Jingwen shouted together, their tears couldn’t stop, they fell down!

Oliver was sprayed with blood, staggering!

At this time, Oliver almost ran out of internal strength, only with a sigh of breath, he was able to hold on to the present. Now that he was stabbed again, how can he hold on? ! But he still gritted his teeth and stood up! Support yourself!

Seeing Oliver’s weakness, the corner of the prince’s mouth curled up, revealing an indifferent smile: “Quick battle and quick decision!”

He just wiped out a small cultivation family, he didn’t want to waste too much time!


Heard this. More Yulin Army rushed towards Oliver, and saw a few Yulin Army around behind Oliver, with a spear in his hand, pierced like lightning, and pierced Oliver’s younger generation and lower abdomen all at once!


These spears almost penetrated Oliver’s whole person!


Blood spewed out instantly, and Oliver swarmed out! The whole person’s strength seems to have been emptied, extremely weak!


Oliver staggered back a few steps, gritted his teeth, and did not fall down.

“To destroy my Ouyang family. Just step over my corpse!” Oliver’s face was pale, but he still didn’t have the slightest fear, howling hoarsely!


Does this man fight with iron? Can you survive such a severe injury?

All of a sudden, facing the madness of Oliver, these imperial forest troops. Everyone looked at each other with horror in their hearts.


“Dad, hold on…”

Seeing this scene, the two sisters Cynthia were even more heartbroken! Heartbreaking crying!

At the same time, the other disciples of the Ouyang clan, seeing that the patriarch was so badly injured, their expressions changed drastically, and they all wanted to rush over to support them.

However, there were too many imperial forest troops around, these disciples were stopped by the imperial forest troops before they rushed a few steps, and they couldn’t rush at all!

Oliver’s eyes were blood-red, completely mad, and roared up to the sky: “As long as Oliver still has a breath, you don’t want to hurt my family, people!”

When the voice fell, Oliver roared, took a palm shot, and once again flew a few imperial soldiers!

At this moment, Oliver also exhausted the last trace of internal strength!


At this moment, a few spears stab again! This time, Oliver had no strength and was unable to dodge, and was suddenly stabbed with a few blood holes!

The blood is coming out!

Oliver couldn’t hold it anymore and fell to the ground all of a sudden!

“The Patriarch!”


Seeing this situation, all the people of the Ouyang family felt that their hearts were suddenly picked up, and their eyes were blood red and blood red, and tears gushing out!

Oliver smiled miserably. I looked up at the night sky, unwilling to say: “The ancestors of the Ouyang family, I Oliver, gave birth to a beast daughter, I am sorry to the ancestors, but I really…do my best! “

“Too much nonsense, die!”

At this moment, the prince roared, the sword in his hand was raised high, and he looked at Oliver’s neck!

With this knife going down, even if Oliver is clamorous, he will have a different place in his head!

“Do not!”

At this moment, Jingwen, Cynthia, Janis closed their eyes together. They dare not watch, they dare not watch this scene!


However, just at this very moment, I only saw a young man suddenly flying in the air! The young man is holding a blood-drinking sword, like a god of war! It is Darryl!


The blood-drinking sword in Darryl’s hand violently collided with the knife in the hands of the great prince! The eldest prince only felt that a huge force came, and immediately after his arm, it seemed to be broken! The huge elasticity made him fall from the horseback at once!

“Hurt my foster father, you D*mn it!” Darryl’s eyes were red, and his vigorous internal strength spread throughout the audience! Thousands of imperial forest troops. Looking at Darryl, he only felt that the young man in front of him was extremely terrifying!

“Master Darryl?.”

“Really young master, really young master!”

“It’s the young master, the young master is not dead, he is not dead!”

All of a sudden, the disciples of the Ouyang family stood blankly on the spot, followed by bursts of cheers, coming like a tide!

Agnes on one side, her beautiful body trembled again and again, biting her lip! Looking at Darryl in midair, his eyes were full of shock!

A year ago, I saw Darryl with my own eyes and fell under the crater!

But, he didn’t even die? ! He didn’t even die!

Moreover, the strength of Darryl at this time… is so strong!

If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it?

“Brother… is Brother Darryl.” Cynthia was trembling with excitement, crying with joy: “My brother is not dead, not dead…”

Darryl… is he back?

At the same time, Oliver and Janis looked at each other, shocked each other!

Is it… Fenger? Darryl’er he… he’s not dead!


At this moment. Thousands of imperial forest troops also trembled in their hearts! Especially the big prince, his eyes are gloomy and cold.

This person was Darryl who had desperately defended the Earth Continent and made the Apocalypse Continent failed to send troops with his own power?

a year ago. The various sects are spreading that the kid Darryl is dead.

Unexpectedly, he was still alive!

Thinking about it, the eldest prince’s pupils contracted, and a strong fighting spirit spread out all over his body.

“Foster father!” Darryl’s figure trembled, his eyes blood red!

He could see that the entire Ouyang family was in a miserable state, especially the bloody appearances of the foster father and Aunt Jiang, and the anger in Darryl’s heart was rising!

“Foster father, I’m sorry, I’m late…” Darryl’s eyes were red. Tears fell down, and he picked up Oliver, his voice choked.

Knowing that the Apocalypse Royal Family wanted to destroy the Ouyang Family, Darryl ran back all the way without stopping!

Unexpectedly, it was still a step slower!

Feeling the weakness of Oliver at this time, Darryl’s heart was cut!

Oliver couldn’t hold it anymore, but when he heard Darryl’s voice, he couldn’t express his excitement. He tightly grasped Darryl’s hand and smiled weakly: “Darryl’er. It’s you, it’s really you. , It’s really you…”

Over the past year, Oliver has been fantasizing all the time, and the fantasies are not dead! Now, the coveted scene has really happened. Oliver was in tears, at this moment, even if he died, he would have no regrets!

“Foster father, stop talking, you must hold on, hold on…” Darryl wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes, stood up slowly, and looked behind him.

Behind Darryl, Elsa and Krista stood there.

“Light smoke.” Darryl whispered.

Elsa stepped forward, facing Darryl’s eyes.

“I want these people to die.” A few cold words came from Darryl’s mouth.

Elsa nodded, without answering a word! She just flipped the jade hand, a long sword appeared in her hand!


Only seeing Elsa’s side, the air suddenly twisted! A golden phoenix slowly appeared behind Elsa!

This phoenix was obviously transformed by internal force!

But when the phoenix appeared. Everyone present obviously felt suffocated!

This phoenix is ​​more than fifty meters long! The whole body is golden, without the slightest variegated color! The whole body of the phoenix was burning with raging flames!


Accompanied by a loud phoenix chant, I saw the fire phoenix. Instantly rushed into the camp of the Imperial Forest Army! Everything you pass is turned into coke! Even the earth is blazing!


Countless screams sounded!

Holding a long sword, Elsa wanders constantly in the Apocalypse camp, as if dancing a thrilling dance! But every time she lifts the sword. Some people must fall!

Elsa, Sovereign Wenzong, Sect Wuhuang!

As the lord of a sect, with all her cards out, she would dare to fight when she met the four-dan martial emperor!

Now there are thousands of Yulin Army. Although there are many people, who can stop her from hitting her? !


The Imperial Forest Army didn’t react at all, and under Elsa’s raging rages, they howled one after another!

On the other side, Darryl didn’t help Elsa. Because he knew that Elsa alone was enough to deal with these Yulin Army!

At this time Darryl only felt like a knife cut!

Seeing that the foster father was covered in blood, his tears fell down!

“Foster father, hold on, hold on…” Darryl’s hoarse throat, rolling internal force, transmitted to Oliver’s body!

But the foster father was hurt so badly that even if he was instilled with pure Yang internal power, he was still very weak.

“Mr. Darryl, adoptive father… adoptive father sorry for you… adoptive father sorry for you…” Oliver’s face was filled with tears and blood, but he still squeezed out a smile, holding Darryl’s hand tightly: “I…I gave birth to a beast daughter, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, my foster father is sorry, Mr. Darryl… I’m sorry for my foster father… I’m sorry for my foster father…

Oliver didn’t cry like what he looked like, a man with a strong bone, tears in tears! The voice is choking!

“Foster father, don’t talk anymore, okay, I beg you to stop talking…” Darryl called out loudly, touching Oliver’s dantian with one hand, and constantly instilling internal strength.

Oliver’s lips were already pale at this time. He slowly raised his hand, pointed at Jingwen on one side, and said coldly: “ba5tard, come here.”

“I…” Jingwen trembled all over, she didn’t know why her father called herself suddenly, she was instinctively shocked.

“I let you come over, beast, I let you come over!” Oliver’s emotions were extremely excited. He was already seriously injured, but now he is anxious, and a mouthful of blood spurts out and spills all over the floor!

“Father…” Jing Wen hurriedly walked over and called out softly.

“Don’t call me, I’m not your father!” Oliver roared loudly, pointed at Jingwen, and said coldly: “Kneel down.”

“I…” Agnes bit her lip tightly.

“I want you to kneel down and apologize to your brother!” Oliver’s voice was hoarse, and his whole body was trembling with anger!

Chapter 449


Kneel to Darryl!

Jingwen’s body trembled, her whole body resisted, and she shouted: “I…I won’t kneel!”

“what did you say?”

Oliver’s eyes flashed with anger, and his whole body trembled with anger.


Jingwen took a deep breath, her exquisite face was full of stubbornness: “I admit that it was me before that led Darryl to the crater. But I have no regrets! If you give me another chance, I will do it again. He He was lucky for not dying. I will never apologize to him in this life, and it is even more impossible to kneel!”

“You…you beast…” Oliver was furious, pointed at Jingwen, almost fainting!

At this moment, Janis on one side slowly stood up. Enduring the pain of the wound on her body, she slapped Jingwen’s face with a slap!

Janis tried her best with this slap, only to see Jingwen snorting. The whole person fell to the ground at once, with bright red five-fingerprints on his face.

“You have to make your father angry, don’t you? Hurry up and apologize to your righteous brother.” Janis snapped! At Jing Wen, she winked.

My eldest daughter is really wayward! When is this, still not convinced!


Jingwen reacted and stared at Janis blankly. She didn’t expect that her mother would suddenly make such a big fire.

Before she finished speaking, Janis interrupted coldly, without any doubt: “Needless to say, hurry up and apologize to your righteous brother!”

To be honest, Janis is still helping the eldest daughter by doing this.

She knew in her heart that if Jingwen didn’t kneel down and admit her mistake today, her husband would really sever her father-daughter relationship with her!

At this time, Jingwen was completely stupid.

All Ouyang children present bowed their heads, and no one dared to come out to persuade them.

In the hearts of the Ouyang family disciples, the eldest lady almost killed Master Darryl. It was her fault in itself.

“You don’t kneel!” Oliver roared, eyes red and blood red!


Jingwen bit her lip tightly. At this moment, with tears in her eyes, she finally bent her legs and knelt in front of Darryl.

“Darryl…. I’m sorry, I was…wrong…” Jing Wen lowered her head and spoke very quietly. Only a few people nearby could hear her.

When she said this, Jingwen couldn’t express her grievance!

For what reason.

Why should I apologize to him!

My father forced himself to marry him, and wanted him to die for the happiness of his life. Is this wrong? !

Why are everyone forcing themselves to apologize to Darryl!


Looking at Jingwen who was kneeling on the ground, Darryl’s expression was indifferent, without the slightest fluctuation!

Seriously, this Agnes wanted to harm herself again and again, and Darryl really wanted to kill her!

But she is the daughter of a foster father after all, so she doesn’t care about her. But I will never forgive her!

Seeing Darryl did not speak. Jingwen’s body trembled faintly, and the anger in her heart rushed upward!

What does he mean?

Want to keep yourself kneeling here? !

Is this Darryl sincerely humiliating himself!


However, on the other side, Elsa was holding a long sword, and in front of her, tens of thousands of imperial forest soldiers fell to the ground at this time! The whole Ouyang family is nothing short of blood!

Only the prince was left at this time! He was frightened and angry! Ten thousand imperial forest soldiers, all died in the hands of this woman!

The face of the prince was twitching

, Holding a long knife, rushed up all at once, and fought fiercely with Elsa!

However, the strength of the eldest prince was one rank lower than Elsa. He didn’t even hold it for two rounds, and his body was scarred by Elsa!


Finally, Elsa found a flaw and turned his jade hand. The long sword drew a dazzling light, which immediately pierced the heart of the prince.

The big prince trembled and was directly pierced by this sword!


The big prince buzzed his head and fell to the ground instantly, dying of anger!


Seeing this scene, the entire Ouyang family was extremely silent!

This woman…


It’s really too strong!

Elsa had no expression on her face and returned to Darryl’s side. Just said softly: “It’s all solved.”

Darryl nodded, without the slightest joy.

The Ouyang family is his second home. In the fierce battle just now, Ouyang’s children were killed and wounded.

Now even if all those imperial forest troops are dead, it is hard to vent their hatred!


At this moment, a joyful voice came. Immediately afterwards. I saw Yue Tianheng and his wife, squeezing through the crowd, walking over in surprise and joy, staring at Darryl blankly!

During the fierce battle, Darryl’s parents were reading books in the library. Later, when they heard the killing shout outside, the old couple hurried out to check the situation.

As soon as the result came out, I saw Darryl’s figure.

The son is not dead, the son is not dead!

“Dad! Mom!” Darryl’s emotions couldn’t be restrained at once, and he rushed over to hug his parents tightly: “My son is not filial, and I always make you miss…”

When he said this, Darryl couldn’t control it, tears flowed!

My parents have lost a lot of weight after not seeing each other for so long.

“Son, you’re not dead. You’re not dead…” Yue Tianheng’s hands trembled and he touched Darryl’s cheeks, only feeling like he was dreaming.

At first, I learned that my son had fallen into the crater. Yue Tianheng and his wife were almost heartbroken, desperate for life!

This year, the old couple did not sleep well in one day! Although the mood has adjusted now. But every time I think of my son, I still feel sad!

At this moment, seeing Darryl safe and sound, the joy of the old couple can’t be described in words at all!

A family of three embraced tightly. I don’t know how long it took to separate.

At this time, Yue Tianheng’s Yu Guang saw Jingwen kneeling there, and Yue Tianheng breathed a sigh of relief, and did not speak.

To be honest, when Yue Tianheng heard that it was Jingwen who killed his son, Yue Tianheng had an indescribable resentment!

And now, although his son came back safe and sound, in the hearts of the Yue Tianheng and his wife, they still have no good impressions of Jingwen in front of them!

Oliver on one side slowly stood up. At this time, he was covered in blood, enduring the pain, and yelled at Jingwen: “You beast, don’t think that you can forgive the sin by kneeling down to Xiaofeng. I told you. You, tomorrow your wedding with Bai Xiaotian will be cancelled. From now on, you will serve Darryl for the rest of your life to make up for your sins. Have you heard of it?”

what? !

Upon hearing this, Jingwen’s body trembled, staring at her father blankly, and she was stunned.

Tomorrow’s wedding with Bai Xiaotian has already been announced to the world! If you cancel the wedding and switch to Darryl, how can you meet people?

Thinking to her heart, Jingwen wanted to refuse, but she felt her father’s anger, so she still didn’t say a word, just nodded: “Um…”

Although she married Darryl, Jingwen was 10,000 unwilling! But at this time, his father’s life was at stake and he could only promise his father…

Chapter 450

Darryl stood there with embarrassment on his face.

He felt uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to marry this Agnes! The so-called “Twisted melon is not sweet”, even if you agree to your foster father, the two will not be happy together.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled bitterly, and he was about to refuse.

At this moment, Darryl’s mother Su Yue couldn’t help but say: “Big Brother Oliver. I think this marriage should be forgotten. Xiaofeng and Jingwen’s personalities were originally disagreeable, so they were forced to match up. Together, there will be no good results.”

“What do you mean?!”

At this moment, Agnes stood up abruptly, her body trembled, and she pointed at Darryl’s mother and shouted: “You are old. Talking is so disgusting! Do you think I would marry your son? Do you think I rarely marry your son?!”

Jingwen at this time was indescribably excited! I want to marry Darryl, Darryl’s mother. Turned it down? What kind of thing is she! Agnes only felt that her dignity had been greatly humiliated!

While talking, Jingwen looked at Darryl’s parents and said fiercely: “You old couple, who have lived in my house for more than a year. Eat my house, use my house, you are shameless! I want to marry your son. , Are you still not willing?! Your family is not a good thing!”

When the voice fell, Jingwen ran out while crying.

In an instant, everyone around was dumbfounded.

“You… beast, stop for me!”

Oliver was so angry that he pointed at Jingwen’s back and screamed with a trembling voice.

However, Jingwen has run away!

the other side.

Apocalyptic continent, unparalleled city!

Nalan City, located in the westernmost part of the Apocalypse Continent! It is the most fringe city!

At this time, at the gate of Nalan City, you could see merchants coming and going in an endless stream. The streets of Nalan City. It is also lively and bustling.

Wherever the guards on the tower are leaning, they are basking in the sun and drowsy.

“Look, what is that?!”

At this moment, one of the guards seemed to have discovered something. He pointed to the distance and exclaimed loudly!

Several other guards looked in the direction he was pointing, and all of them trembled suddenly, all stupid.

Just a few miles away, the vast ground was filled with dust and smoke! Tens of thousands of cavalry are coming! These cavalry, all black armor! And behind these cavalry, there is a black infantry, there are hundreds of thousands!

These hundreds of thousands of soldiers are the elite of the Xicang Continent!

“Xicang Continent is calling!”

“It’s the cavalry of Xicang Continent…”

Seeing this scene, several guards panicked. A wave of fear arose from the bottom of my heart!

After Mateo took away the sky axe, the barriers of the nine continents disappeared. Xicang Continent is ambitious and has long wanted to invade the Apocalypse Continent.

After Mateo joined the Xicang Continent with the Sky Open Axe, he became the prime minister of the Xicang Continent!

Now that Xicang Continent wants to invade the Apocalypse Continent, Mateo is the commander in command!

“Get together, get together, Xicang Continent is coming!” The defenders of Nalan City were already panicking at this time, shouting loudly.

The lord of Nalan City is named Wang Zhen.

This person is fifty years old and is a veteran of the Apocalypse Continent! Responsible for guarding Nalan City for decades!

The strength of Wu Duan Wusheng!

At this time, Wang Zhen ascended the tower, watching the hundreds of thousands of Xicang army, swishing down in cold sweat!

“Quick. Hurry up and ask for help from the imperial city!” Wang Zhen shouted loudly.

“Yes!” The two guards looked solemn and left in a hurry.


At this moment, the Xi Cang army outside the city. One strand

The powerful aura permeated out, and a figure rose into the air!

I saw him wearing black and gold armor, majestic and majestic!

It is Mateo!

“Listen to the people of Nalan City. You can open the door and surrender within half an hour, otherwise. Die!” An icy voice came from Mateo’s mouth!

The voice is not loud, but it reveals a suffocating sense of oppression. The people in Nalan City can hear it clearly!

Wang Zhen flew to the sky and said coldly at Mateo: “You Xicang Continent, still dare to attack my Apocalypse Continent? With my Wang Zhen here today, you never want to break my Nalan City!”


Heard this. Mateo raised the sky and laughed: “Listen to what you mean, you don’t intend to surrender!”


When the voice fell, Mateo stopped talking nonsense, opened the sky axe and broke out, holding it firmly in his hand.


In an instant, dazzling rays of light burst out from the sky-opening axe, and at the same time, a violent breath swept the world!


I heard a loud dragon chant! Immediately, the opening of the heavenly axe made a great light, and a touch of golden light tore the heaven and the earth, and directly slashed at Wang Zhen!


Wang Zhen couldn’t avoid it at all. He was shaken by this axe for several hundred meters and hit a civilian house. Died tragically on the spot!


The whole Nalan City is silent!

Killed City Lord Wang Zhen with just one move? !

Seeing this, the people in Nalan City. I couldn’t help but breathe in the air-conditioning, so scared!

“The Prime Minister is mighty!”

“The Prime Minister is mighty!”

At this moment, the hundreds of thousands of Xicang army all spoke in unison. Shocking!

The corner of Mateo’s mouth curled up with a smile, and he raised his hand with a wave: “The whole army obeys the order and can occupy Nalan City! Good wine. Woman, enjoy it as you like!”


After the words fell, hundreds of thousands of Xicang army, like a tide, rushed into Nalan City!


the other side!

Apocalypse Imperial City!

In the inner hall, Emperor Tianqi was sitting on the throne. At this time, he didn’t know that Xicang Continent had come.

He only knew that the eldest prince and the Ten Thousand Yulin Army were killed by Darryl for nothing!

Emperor Tianqi clenched his fists, his face was full of anger, endless anger!

“Darryl, this is Darryl again!”

Emperor Apocalypse’s eyes were blood-red, he slapped the dragon chair fiercely, and shouted angrily!

“This Darryl fell into the mouth of the volcano, and he hasn’t died yet!” Emperor Tianqi’s face was pale and his heart felt bored!

The eldest prince is dead.. That is his most dear son!

In the entire inner hall, apart from Emperor Tianqi, there were only Xing Yao and Guoshi. The two stood there quietly, without speaking.

The eldest prince and the 10,000 Yulin Army have nothing to survive. This matter is a matter of royal dignity, it is too embarrassing to spread it out!

So now, only the Emperor Tianqi, Xing Yao, and Guoshi who know this matter.

“Guo Shi.” Emperor Tianqi’s anger was hard to dissipate, and he looked at the Guo Shi coldly and said: “I order you, immediately lead the army to go to Earth Yuan Continent, you must destroy this Ouyang family, and that Darryl! Must be captured alive! Darryl, I will kill him personally, kill him personally! The spirit of heaven who pays homage to my emperor.”

When I said this, the Emperor Tianqi felt tenderness in his heart!

The eldest prince is his favorite prince, and he plans to let him inherit the throne in the future!

The pain of bereavement caused Emperor Tianqi to lose his sanity, and he would never stop Ouyang Family and Darryl!

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