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Chapter 4410

Immediately, Gonggong’s body was shocked, and he couldn’t help but said to Lu Dongbin: “Really be careful…”

At the same time, Zhu Bajie also reacted and prepared to rush up.

However it was too late.


At this moment, the child screamed a few times, opened his mouth and sprayed a ball of flame at Lu Dongbin. The purple flame contained an extremely scorching aura, and instantly enveloped the entire hall.

Such a strong flame.

Feeling the scorching power of the flame, Sheng Zong and others present changed their expressions and retreated subconsciously.

At the same time, Zhu Bajie also pulled Gonggong and took a few steps back. Although he was the child’s parent, he had seen the power of flames before, and he was very afraid.


Lu Dongbin was the first to bear the brunt. Seeing the flames coming towards his face, his expression was instantly solemn, but he was a master of the Taoist generation. In times of crisis, he was not in a hurry. At that time, he raised his hands and deployed a protective film in front of him.

I saw that this protective film faintly took on the shape of a gossip yin and yang fish. And the white light of Yangyu is very eye-catching. It is one of Lu Dongbin’s unique skills, the power of yang in the profound arts of Tai Chi.

Taiji Xuangong is well versed in the two powers of yin and yang, which are divided into the power of yang and the power of yin. At this time, the protective film that Lu Dongbin had condensed was mainly the power of Yang.

After all, raging fire also belongs to the power of extreme yang, and Lu Dongbin planned to absorb the power of yang from the Taiji profound art to counteract the raging fire in front of him.

chi chi chi…

However, what Lu Dongbin never expected was that the fire spewed out by the child was not only terrifying, but also very special. The power of yang in the protective film could not be absorbed by the fusion at all. In the blink of an eye, the protective film was quickly incinerated. .

What a great flame.

At this moment, Lu Dongbin didn’t dare to be contemptuous any more, he immediately became serious, and then re-applied the power of yin in the Tai Chi profound arts, and redeployed a protective film.

The flames of the other party are too strange, but the two yangs repel each other and cannot absorb each other, so they can only use yin to overcome yang.


At this moment, the surrounding Saint Sect disciples all looked extremely relaxed after retreating to a safe position.

In their hearts, Lu Dongbin is the master of Taoism, and he is a master of Taoism.


However, the Gong Gong opposite was biting his lip tightly, unable to express his worries.

Originally, he was here to ask the child to be a teacher, but the child was so ill-tempered that he even threw fire at Lu Dongbin, so rude, I’m afraid it was hopeless to be a teacher.

More importantly, if the fire hurt Lu Dongbin, it would be even more troublesome.

Anxious, Gonggong urged Zhu Bajie, “What are you still doing? Hurry up and help.”


Zhu Bajie’s face was embarrassed, and his tone was extremely bitter: “This flame is so powerful, how can I help?” Slowly approach the child from behind.

As he approached, Zhu Bajie gently shouted: “My son is good, put away the fire, this… The person in front of you is your master, you can’t be so rude…”

However, as if the child could not hear him, his attention was locked on Lu Dongbin, and his mouth kept breathing fire.

Although the protective film deployed by Lu Dongbin temporarily blocked the fire, the situation was not optimistic. The fire was attached to the protective film and burned more and more vigorously. This forced Lu Dongbin to constantly mobilize his internal force to continuously inject it into the protective film.

For a while, the two sides were deadlocked.

At this time, Nalan Xinran, who followed the crowd and retreated, carefully looked at the child’s appearance, and suddenly felt an indescribable feeling in his heart.

This child… how come the more you look at it, the more familiar it is…

It’s like we’ve known each other for a long time.

It feels so weird.


At this time, in the center of the hall, in just a few minutes, endless flames swept in one after another, and he saw that Lu Dongbin’s face was flushed, and his silver-white beard seemed to be on fire.


Seeing this, Zhu Bajie and Gonggong were anxious and couldn’t help but sweat for Lu Dongbin.

The real person seems to be unstoppable.

Chapter 4411

At the same time, the surrounding Saint Sect disciples all changed their faces at this time.

This doll’s flame is so powerful? Even a real person can’t stop it…

Under the anxiety, many disciples wanted to rush up to help, but they felt the scorching heat of the fire, and they all had expressions of fear, and they did not dare to rush forward.

“Master, let me help you!”

At this moment, a soft voice sounded, and then, Nalan Xinran’s face showed a complicated expression, and he slowly walked towards Lu Dongbin.

At this time, Nalan was happy, and he didn’t know what to think.

She only knew that the child in front of her seemed to have a special connection with herself, and under this premise, the child would definitely not hurt her.

At this time, Nalan Xinran didn’t know yet that this strange power in the child’s body was transformed by Gone’s remnant soul. To her, of course, it was both unfamiliar and familiar.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Zhu Bajie or the disciples of the Holy Sect present, they were all shocked, and they all opened their mouths to discourage it.

“Don’t go there, it’s dangerous.”

“This flame is terrible, don’t be impulsive.”

“Beauty Nalan, step back, it’s too dangerous…”

The people’s dissuasion kept coming, and Nalan Xinran didn’t seem to hear it, and continued to walk towards Lu Dongbin and the child.

“Go back down…”

At this moment, Lu Dongbin was also anxious. While urging the protective film to resist the fire, he happily said to Nalan, “The power of the flame is so strong that you can’t bear it at all.”

The disciple who just accepted, can’t let her have an accident.

Nalan Xinran let out a sigh of relief and smiled at Lu Dongbin: “Master, don’t worry, he shouldn’t hurt me.” While speaking, Nalan Xinran went straight to the child.


At this moment, everyone in the audience couldn’t help but sweat for Nalan Xinran. Just when they all thought that Nalan Xinran would be burned to death, the next scene made everyone completely dumbfounded.

I saw that the child was pleased to see Nalan and immediately stopped breathing fire.


Immediately afterwards, the child let out a silver bell-like laughter, and happily stretched out a small hand towards Nalan, shouting something, like that, it was like meeting a family member who had been separated for a long time…

Like Nalan Xinran, the child has an indescribable kindness towards her.

“Good boy!”

Nalan smiled tenderly and picked up the child with a gentle tone: “That’s right, how can you be so bad-tempered at such a young age? It’s not allowed to be like this in the future.”

Hearing this, the child stared blankly at Nalan Xinran, as if he understood, and grinned again.


Seeing this situation, everyone present was dumbfounded.

what’s the situation? When the child saw her, he suddenly became honest.

Gonggong, in particular, was full of unpleasant feelings in his heart. He had to know that he had never been so close to her since the child was born, but at this time, he was so close to Nalan Xinran, who had never been masked.

It was as if Nalan Xinran was his mother.

Thinking to himself, Gonggong stomped his feet and couldn’t help muttering, “Little white-eyed wolf, turn your elbows out…”

Ha ha….

But Zhu Bajie was indescribably excited and excited, and said to Nalan with a smile: “I really didn’t expect this little guy to be so attached to Nalan beauty, but you don’t know, this boy has always been Dishonest and irritable, I didn’t expect to become well-behaved in front of you.”

“Haha, it’s really fate, or…. you recognize the child as a godmother…”

Zhu Bajie was outspoken and said something.


At this moment, Gonggong was not happy, and walked over quickly and pinched Zhu Bajie: “What nonsense are you talking about, what kind of godmother do you recognize?”

Zhu Bajie sucked in a breath of cold air, rubbed his waist and said, “You see the child is so honest in front of her, this is fate…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gonggong interrupted coldly: “I think you want to have a relationship with her. Hurry up and shut up.”


Facing the power of Gonggong, Zhu Bajie was very helpless, he sighed and stopped talking.

At this time, Lu Dongbin adjusted his inner strength and walked over slowly, showing that he took a deep look at Nalan Xinran and the child, and then slowly said: “It seems that this child has a relationship with Daomen, so Pindao will accept him as his apprentice. .”

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