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Chapter 4412

When he said this, Lu Dongbin’s expression was indifferent, but secretly he had lingering fears.

Fortunately, Nalan was pleased to stabilize the child just now, otherwise, if the stalemate continues, I am afraid that the second protective film will also be burned.

To be honest, Lu Dongbin did not plan to accept an apprentice for this child with such a special talent. You must know that the power in this child’s body is too difficult to control.

But seeing that the child is so close to Nalan gladly, perhaps this is God’s will.

Since it is God’s will, let it be.


Seeing that Lu Dongbin agreed to accept the apprentice, Zhu Bajie and Gonggong were both indescribably excited, and nodded repeatedly at that time: “Then it will trouble the real person.”


Lu Dongbin nodded, turned his head to look at Nalan, and said happily, “He will be your junior brother from now on, you should take care of him.”

“Yes, Master.” Nalan nodded in agreement without any hesitation.

This child has such a relationship with him, and now he has become a junior and a junior, he naturally needs to take good care of him.

“All right!”

Lu Dongbin explained a few more words, and then said to Zhu Bajie: “After all, this is a forbidden place, it is inconvenient to keep the two of them. You can leave now. From now on, you can visit once every six months.”

Zhu Bajie nodded: “I understand, I will trouble the real person a lot in the future.”

Gonggong was very uncomfortable, but she also knew that this was the rule of the Holy Sect. At that time, she hugged the child again, and then she and Zhu Bajie reluctantly left.


On the other side, Tianxin Continent.


At this time, Darryl quietly rushed into the Sunflower Secret Realm while the Mingyuemen disciples were fighting.

I’m going, Xanadu.

I saw that there was a green grass in front of me, and a pond was not far away, and there were many exotic flowers and plants blooming around the pond.

“Demon Museum”

Not far away is a valley with peaks and peaks on both sides of the valley, surrounded by white clouds, like a fairyland… And on the highest peak in the mountains, Darryl could vaguely see a majestic palace with red walls and golden tiles, which is fascinating .

It seems that this group of palaces is the key to this secret realm.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, and hurried towards the palace on the top of the mountain delicately.


As soon as he entered the woods at the foot of the mountain, Darryl heard howls of wolves coming from the front. Then, a dozen wolves rushed towards him and surrounded Darryl.


In the face of this situation, Darryl did not panic at all, but carefully observed these wolves, and saw that they were huge in size, and the hair on their bodies showed a very unique swirl pattern. At first glance, they looked like whirlwinds. .

These wolves are the unique swift wolves in the Sunflower Mystery Realm. As the name suggests, they are fast and swift as the wind.


Just as Darryl was observing, a dozen swift wolves let out a howl and rushed up.

“Ignorant beast, are you courting death?”

Darryl said lightly, without any hesitation at the time, he directly urged the figure to meet him.

bang bang bang….

In a few moments of breathing, more than a dozen swift wolves were easily killed by Darryl.


After finishing these swift wolves, Darryl was about to move on when he heard a wolf roar from the woods on the left again, and this roar was even more shocking than the previous roars of the swift wolves.

At this moment, Darryl subconsciously turned his head to look, and was immediately stunned.

I saw a huge figure slowly walking out of the woods. It was also a swift wolf, but its size was more than that of the previous ones. It was covered in golden hair, and its body was filled with a powerful aura.

Darryl noticed that there was a special gold pendant hanging on the neck of this swift wolf.

The wolf king?

Soon, Darryl calmed down and couldn’t help muttering secretly.

In fact, this fast wolf is not the wolf king, but a fast wolf leader. There are thousands of fast wolf leaders in the entire sunflower secret realm. The meaning of their existence is to guard the palace group on the summit.

This time, the sunflower competition planned by the elders is more than who killed the leader of the fast wolf.


At this time, the leader of the fast wolf locked on Darryl and let out a roar. The huge figure was like lightning, and a golden afterimage passed through the air and rushed towards Darryl.

Chapter 4413


When he was about to approach, the leader of Xunlang opened his bloody mouth and spewed out a flame.

Darryl was caught off guard and was almost startled. It was a bit interesting, but he didn’t expect this wolf to have a flame attack.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl didn’t panic at all, moved his figure quickly, went around to the back and slapped the leader of Xunlang on the back.


In this palm, Darryl only used two layers of divine power, but even so, the leader of the fast wolf couldn’t bear it. He heard a crisp sound, the spine was directly smashed, and the huge body collapsed directly to the ground. , let out a burst of lamentation, and finally swallowed his last breath.

Darryl came up, took off the gold pendant on the neck of the leader of Xunlang, and took a closer look.

“It’s nothing special.”

After a few glances, Darryl muttered, put away the gold pendant, and continued on his way.

After walking for a few minutes, I saw two slim figures sitting on the grass in the woods ahead, as if they were resting.

It was Li Suqiu and Lin Ping.

What a coincidence!

Seeing the two of them, Darryl showed a smile and walked over directly.

Hearing the footsteps, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping looked over at the same time, and they were stunned when they saw it was Darryl.

He… how did he get in here?


Finally, Lin Ping was the first to react and looked at Darryl up and down: “Who let you in? Don’t you know this is the forbidden area of ​​our Mingyuemen?”

Li Suqiu also frowned, secretly curious.


Facing their gazes, Darryl scratched his head and made a simple and honest look: “I just came out for a walk, and I didn’t know why I came in by accident.”

Saying that, Darryl asked in surprise, “What? Is this a secret realm?”

By mistake?

Hearing this answer, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping looked at each other, obviously not convinced.

The next second, Li Suqiu said softly, “Is there no one blocking you at the entrance to the secret realm?” When the competition started, thousands of disciples gathered at the entrance to the secret realm.

With so many people, it’s impossible not to see him.

“Oh. That’s it…”

Seeing that they didn’t believe it, Darryl smiled and said naturally: “The disciples outside were fighting, and the scene was chaotic. I was afraid that the innocent would be harmed, so I didn’t break in…”


Hearing this, the master and apprentice became even more puzzled.

But in the current situation, Li Suqiu didn’t want to ask any more questions, and immediately said with a sigh of relief: “Since you have come in, you can follow us. Remember, don’t run around. You know?”

The most important thing right now is to quickly pass the competition, and let’s talk about other things.

Li Suqiu was kind-hearted, and naturally he would not let Darryl walk around in such a dangerous place alone.

“Thank you elder.” Darryl nodded.


Lin Ping’s face was full of reluctance and couldn’t help but said, “How can we finish the competition with him? If someone else finds out, we bring an outsider in, and I’m afraid we won’t be able to tell with a hundred mouths. .”

While talking, Lin Ping gave Darryl a displeased look.

Originally, the competition was not smooth, and now he is a burden.

“All right!”

Li Suqiu smiled lightly: “Before you meet someone, let him hide for a while. He has no strength at all. If he doesn’t follow us, what if he encounters Xunlang?”

Seeing that Master insisted, Lin Ping couldn’t say anything else, but looking at Darryl’s eyes was full of disgust.

After resting for a while, Li Suqiu and his apprentice came to take Darryl to continue on the road.

Along the way, Darryl also knew the rules of this competition, because there are many Swift Wolf leaders in the secret realm, and each Swift Wolf leader has a gold pendant on the neck, so the competition is based on these pendants.

Whoever gets the most gold pendants and leaves the secret realm safely will be the new Mingyue Gate Sect Master.

Li Suqiu and Lin Ping were lucky, they had already got five before they met Darryl.


After walking for a while, I saw a few swift wolves on the grass ahead, and one of them was the leader of the swift wolf.


Seeing the leader of Xunlang, Lin Ping was very excited: “It seems that we are lucky today, and we met another leader.”

Li Suqiu nodded and said to Darryl, “Hide aside first, don’t get hurt by mistake.”

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