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Chapter 4420


Suddenly being hugged by Lin Ping, Darryl’s mind went blank and he said, “You wake up…” However, at this time, Lin Ping completely lost her mind, how could she wake up?

In a hurry, Darryl sighed, and had to raise his hand to touch Lin Ping’s faint point.

To be honest, if there is such a beautiful girl, Darryl is willing to accept it, but in this situation, he will never take advantage of others’ danger.

“Gene Era”


In an instant, Lin Ping, who was still insane at first, suddenly turned black and slumped, but her body was still extremely hot. His face was also extremely red, as if the whole person was about to burn.


Feeling Lin Ping’s situation, Darryl couldn’t help but curse.

Just now, what kind of medicine did Chen Yan give her, the effect was too strong.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl looked around and saw a stream not far away. He didn’t have time to think about it, so he picked up Lin Ping and quickly walked towards the stream.

When they got to the front, Darryl put Lin Ping into the stream, hoping that with the help of the cold stream, her condition could be improved.

What Darryl didn’t expect was that Lin Ping’s whole body was soaked in water, and the medicinal effect in his body spread even more. , to help Lin Ping expel the medicinal power.

Speaking of which, it was very risky for Darryl to do this, because his Primordial Spirit power had not been fully recovered, and this was the secret realm of sunflowers, and the environment was complicated.

But there is no way, if Lin Ping doesn’t use his divine power, Lin Ping’s life will be in danger.


For a while, she saw that under the expulsion of Darryl, white mists rose up from Lin Ping’s body.

Fortunately, Darryl was determined, and after inhaling the mist, he did not receive much impact.


the other side.

Under the suppression of the Great Elder, Li Suqiu’s delicate face was a little pale, and it was almost impossible to support it.


At this time, the first elder laughed evilly: “Li Suqiu, what’s the benefit of going against me? Let’s give up.” The voice fell, and Li Suqiu was knocked back with a sword.

Immediately, while Li Suqiu’s foothold was still unsteady, the figure of the Great Elder broke out and hit him with another palm.


This palm was so fast that Li Suqiu couldn’t dodge at all, so he could only bite his lip and hold the long sword in front of him. In an attempt to block the palm of the elder.

The next second, the palm of his hand slapped on the long sword, Li Suqiu only felt an overwhelming force coming from the mountains, and immediately groaned, her delicate body staggered back.


In the end, Li Suqiu’s face was pale, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

Although Li Suqiu was not weak in Mingyue Sect, he was no match for the Great Elder. After all, the Great Elder’s strength was second only to the Sect Master. The background is not comparable to him at all.

Ha ha…

At this moment, the first elder was very proud and looked at Li Suqiu with a cold and arrogant face: “How about it? I will give you one last chance, support me as the sect master, and I can give you a chance to live.”


Li Suqiu took a deep breath, and her delicate face was full of determination: “I support a despicable villain like you as the sect master, don’t think about it, you should stop daydreaming.”

When speaking, Li Suqiu looked at the direction Lin Ping left just now, with a bit of reluctance in her eyes.

Ping’er, Master may be leaving, you have to take good care of yourself in the future.

“good very good!”

Seeing her still unwilling to give in at this time, the Great Elder’s face instantly turned gloomy, and his eyes showed a strong killing intent: “I’ve given you a few chances for a b!tch who doesn’t know how to lift up, if you don’t grasp it well, then don’t blame me. Ruthless.”


The last word fell, the Great Elder burst out, and the long sword stabbed straight at Li Suqiu’s heart.

Li Suqiu had just been injured by a palm. At this time, he was completely powerless to resist, and he didn’t even have a chance to escape. Seeing the Great Elder’s sword getting closer and closer, his heart was full of despair. He sighed unwillingly, and finally closed it slowly. Eye.

Chapter 4421

“Ow, ooh…”

Seeing that Li Suqiu was about to die under the sword of the Great Elder, at this critical moment, a burst of wolf howls suddenly sounded around him.

Immediately afterwards, hundreds of swift wolves came together, and their eyes locked on the Great Elder.

Yes, these swift wolves were summoned by Darryl with ventriloquism before.

After these swift wolves killed Chen Yan just now, they were dispersed by Darryl and wandered nearby. They were attracted by the fight between the Great Elder and Li Suqiu, and they gathered here.

Xunlang’s IQ is not high, but it is very sensitive.

In order to get the gold pendant, the first elder killed a lot of swift wolf leaders, and his body was stained with the blood of a lot of swift wolves, so these swift wolves came together and locked the first elder.


Seeing so many swift wolves, the old elder, who was still a little proud, suddenly changed his face.

Mad, why are there so many swift wolves all of a sudden?


That is, at this moment, there was a howl from the wolves, followed by a lot of fast wolves roaring and rushing towards the elder.

“Made, get out of here you beasts.”

Seeing the swift wolf rushing towards him, the big elder scolded and waved his long sword in an attempt to disperse them. It’s just that he was stained with a lot of Xunlang’s blood, which aroused the hatred of the wolves. In this case, his anger not only did not deter the wolves, but stimulated the blood of the wolves.

Facing this situation, the Great Elder was very annoyed, so he had to brandish his long sword and fight fiercely with the wolves.

bang bang bang…

I have to say that the strength of the Great Elder is worthy of being second only to the existence of the sect master. In the blink of an eye, he killed more than a hundred swift wolves, and his whole body was completely dyed red by the blood of swift wolves, like a god of killing.


In the face of such a powerful enemy, none of the remaining swift wolves were cowardly. Instead, their eyes were blood red, and they rushed up even more frantically.

“Go away, go away!”

For a time, although the first elder was not in danger of life, he was also entangled in the fire, slashing with his sword and roaring.


Seeing the scene in front of her, Li Suqiu was also stunned. She never thought that so many wolves would suddenly appear.

But this is fine, these swift wolves can be regarded as indirectly saving their lives.

Seems to be lucky.

Thinking to herself, Li Suqiu endured the trauma on her body, stood up with difficulty, and quickly rushed towards the palace group on the top of the mountain. The purpose of entering the Sunflower Secret Realm this time, the competition is not important, the important thing is to find the whereabouts of the door owner.

“b!tch, want to run?”

At this time, the Great Elder, surrounded by wolves, saw the situation on Li Suqiu’s side, and suddenly smiled grimly, waving his long sword to push back the few swift wolves in front of him, and then chased after him.


Just not chasing a few steps, countless fast wolves around rushed up again.

For a time, the elder was shocked and angry.


Li Suqiu was injured and couldn’t run fast at all. Hearing the elder’s angry shout, he couldn’t help but feel a little flustered. At that time, he accidentally stepped on the air and fell into a hidden cave.


The colleague who fell down, Li Suqiu looked at the dark hole below, not knowing how deep it was, and couldn’t help but feel bitter.

This should be a trap in the secret realm, but he was stepped on by himself.

I don’t know if there is any danger…


At this moment, Darryl is here.


It took more than half an hour for Darryl to use the power of his primordial spirit to finally expel all the medicinal power from Lin Ping’s body.

Because Darryl’s strength has not been fully recovered, after being completely exorcised, he is also tired and sweating profusely.


A few seconds later, Lin Ping woke up leisurely, and a small low sound came out of her mouth.

The next second, Lin Ping opened his eyes and saw the scene in front of him. He was stunned for a while, and saw that he was covered in water. Not only that, but Darryl was sweating profusely while sitting beside him.


Seeing this scene, Lin Ping blushed instantly, and her mood was extremely complicated.

Just now, I was forced to take medicine by Chen Yan, and then I don’t remember anything, and now, I and this Feng Tao are all sweaty… Could it be that his innocence was taken away by him?


At this moment, Darryl saw her opening her eyes, and suddenly smiled: “Are you awake?”

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