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Chapter 4448

With this thought in her heart, Yuan Rou didn’t speak, she silently urged her strength, and tried to open the acupuncture point. At the same time, she also secretly paid attention to Darryl at the door.

Time passed minute by minute.

Darryl always leaned there, motionless, never even half a step across the door.


Realizing this, Yuan Rou was still a little worried at first, but only now did she realize that she thought too much, and the other party was a true gentleman. I can’t help but feel ashamed for my previous suspicions.

“All right!”

Just when Yuan Rou was thinking wildly, Darryl opened his eyes and said slowly: “Your acupuncture point should be opened soon, and there should be no danger. I’m leaving, you take care of yourself.”

When the words fell, Darryl picked up the water he had made before and strode towards the fragrance of the garden.

Darryl walked away as soon as he said it. With such a straightforward personality, Yuan Rou couldn’t react.

When she came back to her senses, there was silence outside the side hall, and Darryl had already left. For a while, Yuan Rou frowned and muttered in her heart.

Is such a free and easy person really the master here?

and also…

In the next second, Yuan Rou was even more shocked when she thought of something.

He… how did he know that my acupuncture point is about to open? It won’t be a fairy, it’s too incredible.

At this time, Yuan Rou didn’t know yet that Darryl possessed the primordial spirit and the red lotus body protection of Faye, and her perception was far superior to ordinary people, so she had a clear understanding of the progress of her acupoint opening.

Don’t want to.

In shock, Yuan Rou tried her best to calm herself, and then continued to concentrate on solving acupoints…


the other side.

When Darryl brought water back to the garden, he saw Lin Ping sitting there with an impatient look on his face, apparently waiting for Darryl to come back, and the wait was a bit frustrating.

Li Suqiu and the sixth elder looked calm.


Seeing Darryl coming back at this time, Lin Ping stood up suddenly and shouted in annoyed manner: “What’s the matter with you, you have been playing for so long? Do you know that Master and I are waiting for you? for how long?”

When saying this, Lin Ping couldn’t hide the contempt on her face.

This burden is the most useless, just let him get a drink, thinking he has lost it.


Facing the accusation, Darryl looked ashamed, scratched his head and said, “I’m sorry, I… I got lost just now.” After speaking, he put down the water.

“Get lost?” Lin Ping chuckled and couldn’t help taunting: “You can get lost in a fight, you are really capable.”

She originally had an opinion on Darryl, so she seized the opportunity at this time and naturally wanted to make fun of it.

In the face of Lin Ping’s constant ridicule, Darryl didn’t bother to care, smiled and didn’t speak.

“OK OK.”

At this moment, Li Suqiu, who was sitting on the side, couldn’t stand it any longer, and said to Lin Ping, “Feng Tao was brought back by us to recover from his injuries. After all, he is a guest, so don’t keep blaming him.”

Seeing Master speak, Lin Ping pouted, no longer speaking coldly to Darryl, but her eyes still showed disdain.


This is, Li Suqiu smiled at this Darryl: “It’s hard to draw water, Piner has just picked a lot of fruit in the garden, you can eat a few to cushion your stomach.”

Saying that, Li Suqiu pointed to some fruits beside him.

Darryl nodded with a smile, glanced at the fruits, and frowned suddenly.

I saw that these fruits were the size of half a fist and were shaped like apples, but with a darker color. Darryl noticed that the color of the peels was not only dark, but also a little dull. There was no fruit exposed by sunlight at all. bright.

Upon discovering this, Darryl immediately understood something.

These wild fruits should grow in the shade of the garden, and there is no light all day long, so the peel is so dull and not shiny.

“Eat it!”

Seeing Darryl thinking, Li Suqiu said with a smile, “Don’t be stunned.”

Darryl smiled: “No need, I’m not hungry for the time being.”

As soon as the words fell, Lin Ping pouted: “Oh, isn’t it because I told you just now that you are not feeling well, so you won’t eat the fruit I picked?”

Darryl smiled and said, “How dare I be angry with Miss Lin?” After speaking, he walked aside to rest.

Chapter 4449

Seeing that he really wouldn’t eat it, Li Suqiu didn’t ask for it, so he invited the sixth elder to eat the fruit.

“Uncle Six.”

At this time, Lin Ping picked out a few large fruits and handed them to the sixth elder: “These are of good quality, and they must be sweet to eat.”

The sixth elder took the fruit and nodded with a smile: “Okay, Piner has a heart.”

With that said, the sixth elder wiped the fruit and was about to prepare to eat it, but at this moment, Darryl suddenly thought of something, stood up and said to him: “Sixth elder, this fruit cannot be eaten…”


Hearing this, the sixth elder was stunned.

Li Suqiu also looked puzzled, this fruit is not poisonous at first glance, why can’t it be eaten?

Lin Ping was even more angry, and walked over quickly, pointing at Darryl and shouting, “Fengtao, what do you mean? Make it clear, why can’t you eat this fruit?”

At the same time, the sixth elder and Li Suqiu also looked at Darryl curiously.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Lin Ping and said, “Is this fruit picked from a tree in the shade?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Lin Ping replied angrily.

“now it’s right.”

Darryl nodded silently and said solemnly: “When I was young, the elders in the family told me that this kind of fruit that is not exposed to light will make you sick if you eat it. I remember it very clearly, once I ate it. This kind of fruit ends up pulling my stomach for two days, it feels too uncomfortable.”

When he said this, Darryl was very serious, but these were all made up.

In fact, this kind of fruit that grows in the shade belongs to the cold and cold, and it is fine for cultivators and ordinary people to eat it, but if the injured cultivator eats it, it will be completely different.

Just think of the sixth elder in front of him. As a man, he belongs to yang. He fought fiercely with the elders before, and his strength was almost exhausted on many swords on his body. Now he continues to restore his yang power. If his physique and willpower are poor, his life may be in danger.

Therefore, Darryl will come out to stop it, but in this case, of course, Darryl can’t say it directly, he can only make up a lie that conforms to his identity as a commoner.

“shut up!”

Hearing Darryl’s remarks, Lin Ping was so angry that she akimbo said, “What do you eat with diarrhea, I think you are doing something wrong, and you deliberately say that there is something wrong with the fruit I picked, right?”

“No!” Seeing her disbelief, Darryl was helpless and smiled bitterly: “What I said is true.”

Naturally, Lin Ping didn’t believe it, so she pouted and said disdainfully, “What do you know as a commoner? These fruits were carefully selected by me just now, and there is no problem at all.”

Saying that, Lin Ping took a fruit and ate it directly.

After eating, Lin Ping glanced at Darryl lightly: “I ate, why is it all right? I don’t know anything, so I’m making a fuss.”

While talking, the fruit was distributed to Li Suqiu and the sixth elder.

At this time, Li Suqiu also thought that Darryl was being too cautious, and smiled lightly: “Fengtao, this is the secret realm of sunflowers, the heaven and earth are full of spiritual energy, the fruits grown here are naturally different from those outside, and there may be benefits to eating them. Woolen cloth.”

Ha ha…

When the words fell, the sixth elder couldn’t help laughing: “Yeah, it is said that this is the main altar of Xianyumen, the same place as the immortal cave, maybe this fruit is contaminated with spiritual energy, and eating it can improve its strength. Don’t eat white. Don’t eat it.”

The last word fell, and the sixth elder put the fruit in his mouth and took a bite, admiring: “Well, it is sweet and juicy, delicious.”


Seeing that they didn’t listen, Darryl was very helpless and smiled bitterly, not knowing what to say.


Just when Darryl was depressed, there was a slight sound of footsteps coming from the entrance of the garden. The footsteps were very soft, but in this silent night, it was very obvious.

In an instant, the three Li Suqiu stopped to eat the fruit immediately, and they all looked at the fragrance at the entrance of the garden with a vigilant expression.

Darryl also frowned secretly.

It’s so late, who could it be?

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