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Chapter 4450

Just when a few people were wondering, a slender figure came over, with a graceful and charming figure and delicate facial features, but there was a bit of fatigue between his brows.

It was Yuan Rou.

In the side hall just now, Yuan Rou rushed to open the acupuncture point, took a short rest, then came out to check around, and came here unknowingly.

It’s her!

Seeing Yuan Rou, Darryl murmured secretly.

At the same time, Li Suqiu and the six elders were relieved when they saw that it was Yuan Rou.

Afterwards, Li Suqiu stood up with a slight smile and greeted, “Elder Yuan.”

The voice fell, and the sixth elder also nodded at Yuan Rou as a greeting.


Seeing them, Yuan Rou nodded: “So it’s you.” She and Li Suqiu had a pretty good relationship. Seeing them at this time, her cold face also showed a bit of softness.

“This is the fruit I picked.”

At this time, Lin Ping picked up a few fruits and handed them to Yuan Rou.

Li Suqiu said with a smile: “This place is so big, but it’s deserted, and I can’t find anything else to eat for the time being, so let’s take a look at these fruits first.”


Yuan Rou nodded, she was not polite at the time, wiped the fruit, and then ate it.

After eating a piece of fruit, Yuan Rou saw Darryl standing by the side, with a hint of surprise on her delicate face: “Who is this person?” When she was in the side hall before, because Darryl had been standing at the door and did not approach , so Yuan Rou didn’t see his appearance.

“Fairy Wood”

“He is a refugee I brought back from outside…” Li Suqiu explained.


Hearing this, Yuan Rou nodded, but did not take Darryl to heart.

The next second, Yuan Rou saw that the sixth elder was injured, and couldn’t help but wonder, “Why are you injured like this? Also, why can’t you see the fifth elder?”

The Fifth Elder and the Sixth Elder were as close as brothers, almost inseparable. This is a well-known thing in the entire Mingyuemen. At this time, Yuan Rou only saw the Sixth Elder and couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled.


Hearing the question, the sixth elder sighed, his face could not hide the grief and anger: “The fifth is dead.” Thinking of the scene of the fifth elder’s tragic death, the sixth elder was heartbroken.

At the same time, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping also sighed secretly.


Yuan Rou’s body trembled: “What’s the matter? What happened to you before?”

As soon as the words fell, Lin Ping said angrily: “It’s not that despicable villain of the first elder, he wants to be the head of the family, so he will force everyone to support him, and whoever opposes, he will kill…”

“Not only the sixth elder, but my master and I almost died at his hands.”

At the end, Lin Ping clenched her pink fist tightly and was very angry.

Another great elder.

Hearing this, Yuan Rou frowned, and she felt extremely indignant in her heart.

The first elder said before that it was Li Suqiu and the sixth elders who jointly raided him. Now it seems that this person is so despicable that he has no truth in his mouth.

At this moment, Li Suqiu explained the situation at that time in detail.

At the end of the story, Li Suqiu bit his lip and said regretfully, “At that time, the second elder was killed by a mysterious expert, and the first elder ran away when he saw that the situation was wrong.”

“Me and the sixth elder are too late to intercept, otherwise, we must kill him to avenge the fifth elder.”

Mysterious master?

At this moment, Yuan Rou’s body trembled, and the mysterious man she had met in the side hall could not help ringing in her mind.

I thought it was because I was lucky and met a mysterious person. I didn’t expect that before that, Li Suqiu and the others also met a mysterious person.

It seemed that the mysterious person I met was the same person that Li Suqiu met.


Just when Yuan Rou was thinking about this, the sixth elder was full of grief, and said fiercely: “The first elder has killed the same family, and it is not a pity to die 10,000 times. Now that the elder Yuan is here, we must unite as one and eradicate this as soon as possible. Scum.”


The moment the words fell, Li Suqiu and Lin Ping looked at Yuan Rou closely, waiting for her to express their stance.

You must know that Yuan Rou is lonely and cold. She has always kept a low profile in Mingyuemen, and never participated in internal battles. I am afraid it will not be so easy to ask her to deal with the Great Elder together.

Chapter 4451


Facing the gazes of the three, Yuan Rou lightly bit her lip and breathed a sigh of relief, then said softly, “The Great Elder is dead.”


As soon as these words came out, Li Suqiu and the six elders were all stunned, happy and surprised.

The first elder has done many evil things, and it is a good thing for Mingyuemen to die. However, this person is powerful, and it is not easy to kill him.

After being cold for a few seconds, Lin Ping was the first to react and asked Yuan Rou, “Elder Yuan, you…how did you know that the Great Elder was dead?”

At the same time, Li Suqiu and the sixth elder were also full of curiosity.

Yuan Rou hesitated and said slowly, “I met him in the side hall before, he was very embarrassed at the time, and told me that it was you who joined forces to deal with him…”

In the next two minutes, Yuan Rou explained what happened before in detail.

Speaking of which, Yuan Rou didn’t want to talk about the matter that was almost tainted, but Li Suqiu, who was in front of her, was not an outsider, so she finally said it as it was.


Knowing that Yuan Rou was almost defiled by the first elder, whether it was the sixth elder or Li Suqiu’s master and apprentice, they were all furious.

Especially the sixth elder, when the little tree next to him made a judgment, he scolded: “This bastard, he can do such despicable things, it is a shame for our Mingyuemen.”

Lin Ping also said angrily: “This scum, it’s not a pity to die 10,000 times.”


Yuan Rou breathed a sigh of relief and continued: “Afterwards, a mysterious man appeared, and the first elder heard his voice, like a mouse meeting a cat, he ran away from the window, and the mysterious man chased him out.”

“Finally, the mysterious man came back and told me that the elder was knocked off the cliff by his palm.”

When talking about this, Yuan Rou’s eyes flashed with a strange brilliance: “That mysterious man is a true gentleman. At that time, when I was ordered to acupoint, he didn’t come in, but waited for me to open the acupoint before leaving. .”

Mystery man…

Hearing this, whether it is Li Suqiu’s master and apprentice, or the sixth elder, they are all indescribably excited.

“It must be the mysterious expert we met before.”

“Yeah, I saved us in the main hall before, and I saved Elder Yuan just now. This senior is also a big benefactor of our Mingyuemen.”

“It’s a pity, I didn’t get to see that senior.”

The three sighed, Lin Ping couldn’t hide his anticipation, and said to Yuan Ju, “Elder Yuan, did you see the appearance of that senior?”


Yuan Rou shook her head lightly, and said very disappointedly, “The light was dim at the time, and that person was standing at the door, so I couldn’t see what he looked like at all.”

Hearing this, Lin Ping was also very disappointed.

The sixth elder smiled bitterly and said, “It seems that we are all out of luck with that senior.” When speaking, the sixth elder sighed with emotion.

At this time, they didn’t know that the mysterious senior, who was far away in front of them, was Darryl by their side.

After sighing for a while, Li Suqiu said softly: “The scourge of the first elder is dead, we don’t have to worry about it, it’s getting late, let’s take a good rest, and explore this place well tomorrow morning.”


Hearing this, the sixth elder and Yuan Rou both nodded.

Later, Li Suqiu said again: “I’m not sleepy for the time being, you rest, I’ll guard first.”

As soon as the words fell, Lin Ping couldn’t help but said: “Master, you were already very tired from fighting with the second elder before, so let me come.”

“You rest and be obedient.”

The master and the apprentice were arguing, Darryl couldn’t help but said, “You all rest, I will guard the surrounding area.”


Hearing this, both the master and the apprentice, as well as the sixth elder and Yuan Rou, all looked at Darryl with complicated expressions.

In their hearts, Darryl is just an ordinary person, and it seems that it is difficult to take care of such things as night watch.

A few seconds later, Li Suqiu recovered and smiled: “Fengtao, you should rest too.”

“I am not sleepy!”

Darryl smiled slightly: “It’s better for me to watch the night. After all, I still need your protection.” When he said this, Darryl’s face was honest and serious.

It’s not that Darryl likes to stand out, but the few people in front of him are injured and continue to rest.

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