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Chapter 4452

More importantly, Darryl sensed that the garden seemed peaceful, but there were actually many poisonous insects hidden in the surrounding grass. These poisonous insects were extremely poisonous. With the strength of Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou, they would be hard to resist.


Seeing Darryl’s insistence, Li Suqiu nodded: “Okay then.”

Speaking, Li Suqiu was still a little worried: “Once you encounter any situation, wake us up as soon as possible.”

“Okay!” Darryl nodded.

At this moment, Lin Ping looked at Darryl and couldn’t help saying, “Let me tell you, since you want to keep watch, don’t be lazy. If you are in danger, don’t run away by yourself.”

When he was in the main hall before, Darryl disappeared for a long time. In Lin Ping’s opinion, he was afraid of death and sneaked away.

Ha ha…..

Hearing Lin Ping’s words, Darryl couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t worry, I won’t run. This place is very dangerous. Where can I run, I’d better stay by your side to be safe.”

Lin Ping snorted softly, and was too lazy to talk nonsense, so she and Li Suqiu sat cross-legged and rested.


the other side…


Hearing the wind whistling in his ears, and seeing the dark abyss beneath his feet, the Great Elder’s face was pale and his heart was full of despair.

It’s over, it’s really dead now.


I thought to myself, the Great Elder suddenly bumped into something, and under the huge impact, his eyes went black, and he passed out.

I don’t know how long it took, the Great Elder woke up and slowly opened his eyes.

“Not dead? Haha….I am not dead?”

When he opened his eyes and saw his appearance, the first elder was so excited that he almost didn’t cry. It turned out that he had hung on a tree on the cliff before.

I saw that this tree grew out of the crevice of the cliff and just caught her, otherwise, it would have been smashed to pieces by now.

If you don’t die, you will have good luck.

Excited in his heart, the first elder looked down and saw a platform ten meters below the tree. He jumped down without hesitation at the time.


After landing on the platform, the first elder stabilized his figure, and when he saw the scene in front of him, he was stunned for a moment. He saw that the link to the platform was a cave.

What is this place?

For a time, the Great Elder was inexplicably nervous, and some didn’t want to go in, but there was an abyss below, and there was nowhere to go. After hesitating for a moment, he could only bite the bullet and go in.


Entering the cave, before taking a few steps, something stepped on underfoot, making a crisp cracking sound.

The first elder murmured in his heart, bent over to take a closer look, and was suddenly startled.

I saw that where the cave was against the wall, there were two skeletons, and the skeletons were covered with dust. I don’t know how many years they had been dead.

“Nima’s, it’s really bad luck.”

The next second, the Great Elder reacted, cursed secretly, kicked the two skeletons away with one foot, and then looked around the cave.

I saw that this cave is not big, and there are traces of excavation everywhere. On the stone wall at the entrance, there are several words written with flying and phoenixes: Dan Xuan Fu Di.

In the cave, there are some stone tables and chairs, and next to the innermost stone wall, there are also several pill furnaces. Next to the pill furnace, there are many lattices carved out on the stone walls, and inside the lattices, there are many medicine pills. bottle.

Roughly speaking, there are hundreds of these jade bottles.

Haha, so many pills.

The Great Elder’s heart trembled, and he quickly walked over,

When he came to the front, seeing the words on the jade bottle, the elder was shocked, and he couldn’t tell the joy and excitement.

“Tongling Pill, Peiyuan Pill… Haha, made a fortune!”

The Great Elder took a deep breath, unable to restrain his excitement.

Sure enough, the catastrophe is not dead, there must be blessings, I was seriously injured, and I was in need of medicinal herbs to recover. I didn’t expect to encounter so many at once.

It seems that this cave is a place for alchemy specially set up by Xianyumen before.

So many medicinal herbs, don’t take it for nothing.


Thinking to himself, the Great Elder didn’t have time to think about it, picked up the jade bottle in front of him, and swallowed the medicine pill directly.


As soon as he swallowed the medicinal pill, the Great Elder felt that a powerful force was spreading in his body. He didn’t have time to think about it, he quickly sat on the ground cross-legged, and slowly merged…

Chapter 4453

Right now, on the other side.

In the garden, Li Suqiu, Lin Ping, and Yuan Rou meditated cross-legged for a while, and soon entered their dreams.

Darryl was leaning against a tree beside him, closing his eyes and resting, but secretly paying attention to the grass around him.


Sure enough, after a while, a few poisonous insects quietly crawled out.

These poisonous insects are very spiritual. Li Suqiu had been dormant all the time when he had not rested a few times. At this time, he sensed that these people were resting, and then came out to attack.

Whoops, he’s not small.

At this moment, Darryl heard the movement, slowly opened his eyes, and saw those poisonous insects, he was stunned.

I saw a few poisonous scorpions crawling out of the grass, all of them the size of a slap, with dark red carapace, and a faint blue light flickering on their long scorpion tail needles.

Such a poisonous scorpion would die immediately if it was stung.

If he had seen such a poisonous scorpion ten years ago, Darryl would have been shocked, but now that he has the Primordial Spirit, as well as the body protection of the red lotus of the law, it has long been invulnerable to all poisons.

chi chi….

At this time, only a few poisonous scorpions took the lead in locking on the nearest Lin Ping, and rushed up to speed up.


Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned: “Do you still want to hurt someone in front of me?” When the voice fell, Darryl picked up the pebble on the ground and flicked it with his fingers.

clap clap…

The stones shot out like bullets, killing several poisonous scorpions in an instant. In an instant, the pungent venom spread into the air.

At this moment, the other poisonous insects hiding in the grass, smelling the smell of these venom, suddenly went crazy, and crawled out, thinking about Lin Ping and a few surrounded them.

so much…

Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned.

I saw that these poisonous insects included slap-sized spiders, multi-colored poisonous snakes more than two meters long, and red centipedes all over the body. Together, there are thousands of them…

“Devouring the Starry Sky: Sign In to God”

This sunflower secret realm is full of spiritual energy, which is not only suitable for human cultivation, but also a paradise for these poisonous insects.


In shock, Darryl did not hesitate, and continued to pick up the small stones on the ground, mobilizing the power of his primordial spirit, and popping his fingers to kill these poisonous insects.

clap clap…

The speed of these poisonous insects was fast, but they were not as fast as the stones in Darryl’s hands. After a while, Lin Ping and Li Suqiu were surrounded by the corpses of poisonous insects, like a small mountain.


Finally, after killing the last poisonous insect, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the four Lin Pings who were still resting, he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart, you are lucky to have me by your side, otherwise, tonight will be difficult. Run away.


At this moment, Lin Ping let out a hum, because she was not used to sleeping, she woke up, opened her eyes and saw the densely packed dead bodies of poisonous insects, and her body was shocked.

In the next second, Lin Ping couldn’t bear it any longer and exclaimed, “Ah…”


The exclamation suddenly woke up Li Suqiu three.

“What’s wrong?”

“What happened?”

Lin Ping’s face turned pale with fright. She pointed at the corpses of the poisonous insects and said tremblingly, “Master…Okay, there are so many poisonous insects…”

Hearing this, Li Suqiu woke up a few times, and was shocked to see the scene in front of her.

I saw that the surrounding grass was full of corpses of poisonous insects, including centipedes, spiders, poisonous snakes and scorpions, and there were almost thousands of them.


Seeing this scene, Rao Yuan Rou, who has a cold personality, couldn’t help but secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

With so many poisonous insects, each one bites one, and these people are afraid that they will die hundreds of times.

Thinking to herself, Yuan Rou looked around and asked Li Suqiu, “Have you been bitten?”

Li Suqiu and Lin Ping looked at each other, quickly checked themselves, and then shook their heads.


Yuan Rou frowned and couldn’t help but say, “Then how did these poisonous insects die?” The poisonous insects did not attack people, but all died, which is really confusing.

Li Suqiu and Lin Ping, as well as the sixth elder, were also secretly suspicious.


At this moment, Lin Ping thought of something and looked at Darryl next to the tree: “What happened just now?”

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