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Chapter 4462


However, at this moment, Lin Ping stepped on the trap and heard a slight vibration. Then, a flame several meters high burst out from the gap on the stone slab.

The flames spread rapidly and came towards Lin Ping.

hiss! There’s real kerosene down here!

Seeing this scene, whether it was Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou, or the Sixth Elder, they were all shocked and couldn’t help gasping.


Facing the fire in front of her, Lin Ping was so frightened that her face paled.

However, Li Suqiu was at a distance from her, and it was too late to rescue her.


Just at this critical moment, the figure of the sixth elder erupted, rushed over and grabbed Lin Ping, and quickly returned to the edge of the square. When she landed, Lin Ping’s pretty face was pale, and she was still in shock.

Seeing that the apprentice was rescued, Li Suqiu breathed a sigh of relief, but was also a little scared.

It was really dangerous just now.

Immediately, Li Suqiu said to the sixth elder, “Thanks to you.”

The sixth elder smiled slyly: “It’s all my own, so what are you doing so politely.”

With that said, the sixth elder couldn’t help looking up and down at Darryl, and said strangely: “Strange, why can’t we smell the smell of kerosene, but only he can smell it?”


When the words fell, Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou also looked at Darryl curiously.

Especially Li Suqiu, looking at Darryl’s eyes at this time, also revealed complexity. That day Liu Yulei was trapped in the woods. At that time, she guessed that it was related to this ‘wind wave’. At that time, she thought she was thinking too much.

Now it seems that this wind wave is really not easy…


Facing their gazes, Darryl scratched his head and smiled: “I used to burn charcoal for the palace in the imperial capital before, and I often used kerosene, so I’m more sensitive to kerosene.”


Hearing this answer, Yuan Rou and Li Suqiu were suspicious.

The sixth elder nodded and said with a smile: “So it is, haha, I was really lucky to have you just now, otherwise we would be in danger.”

When the words fell, Lin Ping pouted and couldn’t help muttering: “What a dog’s nose.” Although Darryl saved her life indirectly, she was not grateful, she only thought that Darryl was lucky.

But Darryl didn’t care.

“All right!”

At this time, the sixth elder looked at the square in front of him and frowned: “There is kerosene underneath, so I’m afraid it won’t work if I go through it directly. Let’s find out if there is another way.”


When the words fell, Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou both nodded.

However, there are walls on both sides of the square, and there is no other way. For a time, several people are at a loss.


At this moment, Darryl scratched his head and couldn’t help but say: “The master who brought me to burn charcoal said that if there is a trap, just walk by the wall, maybe there is a chance of survival.”

Darryl observed it just now, and the square in front of him was full of kerosene, and only the two sides had a way out.

“Ha ha!”

Hearing this, Lin Ping couldn’t help but chuckle: “It’s just the words of a charcoal-burning master, can you take it seriously? Stop talking nonsense, how can we make fun of our lives?”

In her heart, Darryl could smell the kerosene just now, she was lucky, and the way she said at this time had no evidence at all, it was a complete nonsense.


At this moment, Darryl was very speechless, Lin Ping’s prejudice against me was a bit deep.

At this time, the sixth elder frowned and thought for a while, and said slowly: “Perhaps, Brother Feng’s method can be tried.” There is no other way to the palace, so he can only take risks.

Hearing this, Lin Ping was taken aback and said quickly, “Elder Six, don’t be impulsive.”

Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou looked at each other and both discouraged them.

“Yeah, let’s think of another way.”

“In case the mechanism is triggered again later and the kerosene burns, we may not be as lucky as before.”

The sixth elder has a free and easy personality. Hearing their dissuasion, Feifei did not retreat. Instead, he made a firmer decision and said with a smile: “You don’t have to worry, I will try it first. If it really triggers the mechanism, even if you retreat.”


The last word fell, and the sixth elder urged the figure to follow the right edge of the square and quickly headed towards the palace.

Chapter 4463


At this moment, Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou couldn’t help sweating for him.

In the blink of an eye, the sixth elder crossed the square and reached the steps in front of the palace. He was very excited at the time and turned back and smiled: “Haha, Brother Feng’s method is indeed feasible, there is no danger, come here.”

really can…

Seeing this situation, Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou looked at each other’s last words, both surprised.

Darryl scratched his head and smiled without saying a word.

Lin Ping pouted: “It’s really stupid people have stupid luck, they’re lucky.”

With that said, Lin Ping said to Li Suqiu, “Master, let’s hurry over there too.” At this time, Lin Ping’s face was very urgent. What secrets are there in the golden palace in front of him, which is really exciting.


Li Suqiu nodded, then greeted Yuan Rou, followed the route of the sixth elder, quickly crossed the square, and reached the gate of the palace. Darryl followed closely behind.

For a time, seeing the scene inside the palace, several people were stunned.

This… is too luxurious!

You can see that the palace in front of you is simply magnificent. The walls around the palace are covered with gold foil, exuding a golden light. Not only that, the pillars supported in the middle are all made of pure gold.

Not only that, the top of the palace is studded with various gems, shining with colorful brilliance under the lights.

Around the palace, there are still more than a dozen huge statues of gods and beasts. These statues of gods and beasts are completely carved from flawless white jade, as lifelike as they are alive.

The entire palace is indescribably extravagant and luxurious, and it is not inferior to the palace.

In the innermost part of the palace, there is a jade table with several secret books on the jade table, and next to the jade table, there is a person sitting with his head lowered and motionless.


Li Suqiu was originally shocked by this luxurious palace, but when she saw the figure suddenly trembling, she quickly walked over.

When he got to the front, Li Suqiu saw the man’s face, and his face changed suddenly: “Yes…it’s the sect master.”


Hearing this, the sixth elder and Yuan Rou also hurried over. Seeing that person was also stunned.

Yes, it was Ye Wenhai, the owner of Mingyuemen who had been missing for more than a year, who was leaning on the jade case. At this time, his body was stiff, and it seemed that he should have died a year ago.

If you look closely, you can see that Ye Wenhai’s skin is blue and his face is black. He must have died of poisoning, and the poison in it is very unique. Therefore, Ye Wenhai has been dead for more than a year, and his body has not rotted.

How could this be?

At this time, Li Suqiu had some indescribable grief. When she entered the secret realm before, she had a firm belief that the sect master was just trapped. When she saw the truth at this time, in addition to the loss, she also felt endless sadness.

The sixth elder and Yuan Rou also looked sad.

After a while of grief, the sixth elder found something and picked up a piece of paper from the ground next to Ye Wenhai: “It seems to be the last words written by the sect master…”

Yuan Rou nodded: “What did you write?”

Li Suqiu calmed down and looked forward to it.

The sixth elder took a deep breath, unfolded the paper, and read it out softly: “I, Ye Wenhai, the sixteenth-generation Sect Master of Mingyue Sect, who was investigating the secret realm today, was accidentally poisoned.

Because of the sadness, the sixth elder’s voice was very soft.

Yuan Rou and Li Suqiu didn’t speak, but listened intently.


At this time, the sixth elder calmed down and continued to read: “There are many organs in this place, I don’t know when someone will be able to come in again. If the disciples of Mingyuemen get the will, they will pass on my life. After my death, Ye Wenhai, by the Elder Li Suqiu, to take over the position of the sect master, other elders, as well as the disciples under the sect, must obey, and must not violate!”

At the end of the reading, the sixth elder sighed in relief and handed the paper to Li Suqiu.


At this moment, Li Suqiu’s brain was buzzing, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

The door chief handed me the location?

How does this work?

She has a graceful temperament and never thought of becoming a sect master. At this time, when she heard Ye Wenhai’s last wish, she felt a little overwhelmed.

Darryl on the side nodded secretly.

It could not be seen that this Yemen Master still had some ability to know people. Among the elders of Mingyuemen, the first elder was insidious and despicable, and the second elder acted like a tiger.

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