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Chapter 4464

The fifth elder is dead. Although the sixth elder has a free and easy personality, he is somewhat impulsive. Yuan Rou is lonely and cold.

Therefore, after some comparison, only Li Suqiu, who has a graceful personality, is the most suitable to take over as the head of the sect.


Just when Li Suqiu was in the wild, she saw that the sixth elder bent her knees, and directly favored her and knelt down, saying loudly: “My subordinates see the sect master.”

At the same time, Yuan Rou also bent down and knelt down, and said softly, “Yuan Rou has seen the sect master.”


Li Suqiu was startled, a little flattered, and hurriedly said: “You guys get up, I…I am average in strength, how can I be the sect master?”

She just wanted to practice quietly and never wanted to be a sect master.

The sixth elder took a deep breath and said seriously: “You have also heard the last words of Lord Yemen. His choice will not be wrong.”

“That’s right!” Yuan Rou followed suit, “The Lord Yemen chose you, of course it makes sense. Are you going to disobey his will?”


For a time, Li Suqiu bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

At this time, Darryl smiled and cupped his hands: “Congratulations to Elder Li, oh no, it’s Sect Master Li now.”

Li Suqiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and sighed softly, “Let’s make a decision after leaving the secret realm.”


The sixth elder nodded: “You are the sect master, you decide!”

Li Suqiu thought for a while, looked at Ye Wenhai’s body, and said softly, “The most important thing now is to collect the body of the mortuary sect master and give him a good burial.”

The voice fell, and both the sixth elder and Yuan Rou nodded in agreement.

Later, with the help of Darryl, several people buried Ye Wenhai’s body on the side of the palace. Originally, Li Suqiu planned to take the body out of the secret realm, but Ye Wenhai was covered in poison and it was really inconvenient to carry it with him. .

After burying Ye Wenhai, a few people returned to the palace and checked several secret books on the jade case. Speaking of which, these secret books were all smeared with poison, but a year ago, after the poison was infected by Ye Wenhai, the There is no danger.


After reading the content of the secret book, whether it is Li Suqiu or Yuan Rou, they are all very excited. They are all secrets of Xianyu Sect, but they are extremely mysterious and need to be studied slowly.


Even so, Li Suqiu and the others couldn’t hide their excitement.

With these secrets, Mingyuemen will be able to stand out from the sects of Jianghu and become a first-class sect.

Soon, the secret book was collected, and several people mourned for a long time in front of Ye Wenhai’s grave before leaving the secret realm.

Whoa! As a result, as soon as they arrived outside the secret world, hundreds of elite disciples swarmed over and surrounded them.

Facing the situation, Li Suqiu frowned secretly.


The next second, seeing the direction of the pavilion not far away, Li Suqiu trembled even more, and her mind went blank.

I saw that the Great Elder was dressed in black and stood there quietly with his hands on his back. His expression was indescribably complacent and gloomy. Obviously, he had been waiting here for a long time.

how can that be?

At the same time, Yuan Rou was stunned when she saw the Great Elder.

Wasn’t he killed by that mysterious master? How are you still alive?

Darryl also frowned secretly. Mad, this Great Elder had a really big life. At that time, he was knocked down into the abyss in the secret realm, and he was still able to save his life.


At this moment, the first elder came slowly, his eyes swept around Li Suqiu and the others, unable to hide his anger and coldness, “You traitors, I have been waiting for you outside for a long time.”

Speaking, the elder’s tone became colder: “Li Suqiu, Yuan Rou, you betrayed Mingyuemen, and now I will clean up the door in the name of the door owner. If you are wise, surrender!”


Hearing this, Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou were both furious.

This great elder is so shameless, he actually reversed black and white, he was clearly the one who started the cannibalism, but in turn said that we betrayed the Mingyuemen…

The next second, Lin Ping couldn’t help yelling, “You are so shameless. In the secret realm, you first killed the fifth elder, and then tried to do something wrong with the elder Yuan, and now the wicked person complained first.”

With that said, Lin Ping shouted at the surrounding elite disciples: “Don’t listen to him, he is the biggest traitor in this sect, catch him quickly.”

Chapter 4465

Hearing these words, the surrounding elite disciples looked at each other in dismay, but were unmoved.

Speaking of which, although Lin Ping is Li Suqiu’s direct disciple, her status in Mingyuemen is not high, so no one will believe her words.


Seeing the reaction of those elite disciples, Lin Ping was anxious and angry.

At this moment, Yuan Rou walked out quickly, bit her lip lightly, and said to the surrounding: “Ping’er is right, the first elder killed the fifth elder, and when he was in the secret realm, he wanted to do something to me… ..”

Speaking of which, Yuan Rou values ​​innocence more than anything else. Originally, she didn’t want to talk about this matter to affect her reputation, but the current situation is related to the future of Mingyuemen, so she can’t care about that much.


Seeing Yuan Rou stand up and confirm, the elite disciples surrounding them couldn’t help but be moved, and couldn’t help but talk in a low voice.

“Is this…is it true?”

“Even Elder Yuan said that, it shouldn’t be fake…”

“Who knows, but I still believe in the Great Elder. He is extremely powerful and ranks first among the Nine Great Elders. Why use such despicable means?”

Under the discussion, some people chose to continue to believe in the Great Elder, while some people were a little shaken in their hearts.


Seeing this scene, the Great Elder’s face turned gloomy, and he couldn’t help but curse.

Yuan Rou, this bitch, in order to deal with me, she even cared about her own innocence. Well, you guys want to play, right? I’ll have a good time with you today.


Thinking to himself, the first elder laughed and looked at Yuan Rou closely: “Yuan Rou, you and Li Suqiu, the sixth son, colluded secretly. In order to deal with me, you even disregarded your shame. It’s really shameless.”

After saying that, the first elder looked around, his mind turned rapidly, and shouted at the disciples: “Mingyuemen disciples, the real situation is like this, after the second elder and I entered the secret realm, I accidentally saw them get together. Conspiracy, to find the whereabouts of the sect master, and then murder the sect master’s life.”

“The second elder and I were angry, so we showed up and fought with them. As a result, the two of us were outnumbered, and the second elder died tragically on the spot. I tried my best to kill the fifth elder to escape.”

“Who knows, they turned black and white, saying that I want to take the position of the sect master, which is extremely shameless.”

A statement that cannot be refuted.

I have to say that the Great Elder acted very similar, and at the end, his face was full of grief and anger.


I have to say that the elders acted very similar. For a while, the elite disciples who were still suspicious just now were no longer suspicious. They were all furious, staring at Yuan Rou and Li Suqiu angrily.

“It’s abominable, so despicable.”

“Yeah, I really didn’t expect that Elder Yuan, who is usually aloof from the world, is so sinister and vicious behind the scenes.”

“I’ll just say there’s something strange about this, otherwise, the Great Elder… Oh no, why did the sect master leave the secret realm early?”

Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned secretly.

This Great Elder can really act. If he is in the mainland of Kyushu, if he can enter the film and television circle, he is a proper actor. He was clearly the one who provoked the internal struggle, but after turning black and white, he abruptly called himself a victim.

Great, great.


At the same time, Yuan Rou was also trembling with anger, pointed at the elder and shouted: “What is the real situation, you know best in your heart, do you dare to do it?”

“That’s right, reverse black and white, you will go to hell sooner or later.” Lin Ping scolded.

The sixth elder was even more furious, and glared at the first elder: “The second elder and you are in trouble, and you mutilate the same family. You deserve to be killed. If you kill the fifth elder, I will definitely make you pay for your debts and blood.”

“Ha ha!”

Faced with the reprimands from the sixth elder and Yuan Rou, the first elder did not panic at all, but rather proudly said, “What I said is the truth. No matter how much you quibble, it is useless. The only way out is to bow down and confess your guilt as soon as possible.”

The disciples present were all on their side, even if the Sixth Elder and Yuan Rou were united as one, it was not a lie.

Seeing his proud face, Li Suqiu was angry and disgusted, and said to the surrounding disciples, “Don’t believe his nonsense, the real situation is like this…”

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