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Chapter 4470


The voice fell, and the sixth elder waved his long sword in an attempt to rush out of the siege. However, this formation was very mysterious. Instead of rushing out, the sixth elder was easily forced back by the two disciples.

At the same time, Li Suqiu, Yuan Rou, and Lin Ping all exploded in strength one after another, trying to break out of the encirclement, but after several attempts, they all ended in failure.


For a time, Li Suqiu bit her lip tightly, angry and shocked, her eyes fixed on the disciple who was constantly changing positions in front of her, which was extremely complicated.

Such a mysterious formation is not like Mingyuemen.

As the elder of Mingyuemen, Li Suqiu knows the formation of this sect best, but the formations deployed by these disciples are not only mysterious, but even unseen…

At this time, Yuan Rou also breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Li Suqiu, “This is not our Mingyuemen formation. It is so unpredictable and there is no trace at all. What should I do?”

“Sun and Moon”

When she spoke, Yuan Rou’s cold and delicate face could not hide her worry.

Speaking of which, Yuan Rou has always been calm when encountering things, but the current situation is related to the danger to the lives of the four of her own, so she can’t calm down at all.


The sixth elder did not respond, but scolded secretly. At that time, his eyes were extremely red, and he tried to break the formation again.

The result can be imagined, in just one round, the sixth elder was forced back again.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, the first elder couldn’t tell how proud he was, and mocked at Li Suqiu and the three: “This is the end of going against me. I advise you not to waste your energy, and don’t make random guesses.”

“Tell you, I got this formation in the secret realm, and it was left over from Xianyumen. How can you understand the mystery of it?”

When he said this, the proud face of the first elder could not hide a bit of pride.

You must know that the formation of Xianyumen is the best in the world, not to mention Li Suqiu and the others, even the master Ye Wenhai resurrected, only to be besieged by obediently.


Hearing these words, both Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou and Lin Ping trembled and felt a little despair in their hearts.

This turned out to be the formation left by Xianyumen. It seems that this time there is really no turning point.

In astonishment, Li Suqiu was also unwilling to say.

God is really eye-opening, this first elder is despicable and shameless, coveting the position of the sect master, provoking internal struggles, first killing the fifth elder, and trying to sully Yuan Rou’s innocence, such wicked people should go to the eighteen layers of hell.

However, he did not get the retribution he deserved, but instead got the formation of Xianyumen.

Could it be… is this God’s will?

God is destined to let the Mingyuemen fall?

At this moment, the first elder continued to say coldly: “Li Suqiu, none of you will survive today, including the kid who was brought by you.” While speaking, the first elder looked grim.

Success or failure is here, and anyone related to Li Suqiu will die.


Hearing this, Li Suqiu bit her lip tightly and said coldly: “The grievances between us, you are at me. Now even an ordinary person is not spared, are you not afraid of being ridiculed by the rivers and lakes?”

Li Suqiu is kind-hearted. Even though she is in danger at the moment, she is still worried about Darryl’s safety. After all, in her heart, Darryl is just an ordinary person without any strength.

At this moment, the first elder fell silent, while paying attention to the reactions of the surrounding disciples.

Although the situation has been under control, dealing with ordinary people is indeed ill-considered. If public opinion ferments, I am afraid that it will not be able to convince the public.

Just when the first elder hesitated, a slender figure quickly walked out from the side.

The facial features are exquisite, but there is a bit of meanness between the eyebrows.

It was Liu Yulei.

“Li Suqiu!”

At this time, Liu Yulei looked at Li Suqiu coldly, and said with disdain, “You don’t pretend to be here, that Fengtao is not an ordinary person at all.”

After speaking, Liu Yulei continued to the surrounding disciples: “Don’t believe her nonsense, that Fengtao is a hidden master. He plotted against me and Senior Brother Tong Shan before, when we were trapped in the pavilion, he did it all.”

Chapter 4471


The surrounding disciples also thought that the first elder was a bit too much to deal with an ordinary person, but when they heard Liu Yulei’s words, they suddenly stopped thinking about it and attacked the four Li Suqiu again.

For a time, Li Suqiu and the four were unable to break out of the formation. Facing the siege of the surrounding disciples, they could only grit their teeth to resist, and the situation became more and more optimistic.


Seeing this scene, Liu Yulei’s delicate face showed a sneer of revenge.

Li Suqiu, Yuan Rou…you killed my master, and now you deserve to be trapped in this formation. She has always been favored by the second elder, and when she learned that the second elder died because of Li Suqiu and others, she naturally hated them to the core.

Thinking to herself, Liu Yulei asked the Great Elder for instructions: “Sect Master, I’ll go help Senior Brother Tong Shan.”

In her heart, she, the first elder, and Tong Shan became people on the same boat, so she naturally had to fully support the first elder, so she naturally called the sect master respectfully.


The first elder nodded, showing a hypocritical smile: “Go, be careful.”

Although Tong Shan is strong, he acts recklessly. Now that Liu Yulei is helping him, he doesn’t have to worry anymore.

Hearing the injunction, Liu Yulei responded with a sound, and immediately activated her strength, the suburbs flew away, and quickly chased in the direction of Darryl’s escape.


At this moment, Darryl is here.


After rushing into the woods, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, put down his steps and waited for Tong Shan and others to chase in.

In the blink of an eye, Tong Shan rushed in with dozens of elite disciples, and when he saw Darryl leaning against a tree with a leisurely look, Tong Shan was instantly furious.


At this time, Tong Shan drew out his long sword, stared at Darryl, and said viciously, “I’ll see where you’re going this time.” Thinking of being played by Darryl before, Tong Shan’s anger rose.

“Fairy Wood”

In Tong Shan’s heart, before, he and Liu Yulei were only targeted by Darryl because of their underestimation of the enemy.

At this time, he also brought dozens of elite disciples, and when the next swarmed up, he would surely be able to easily capture them alive.

Tong Shan thought about it, and when Darryl was captured alive, he must torture him so that he could not survive or die, so that the hatred of being humiliated before could be relieved.

Facing the coldness of Tong Shan, Darryl did not panic at all, but instead showed a smile.


In the next second, Darryl stretched his waist and looked at Tong Shan with a smile, his tone was full of ridicule: “Tong Shan, you are so inauthentic, you like Liu Yulei but didn’t have a chance to confess, I kindly made it for you at that time. Opportunity, you should thank me, how can you repay your kindness?”

“Is this what your master taught you? If this is the case, then the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked.”

When he said this, Darryl was calm and did not panic in the face of danger.


Tong Shan was already on fire, and when he heard Darryl’s ridicule, he was even angrier, his eyes were blood red in an instant, and a strong murderous aura flashed: “You dare to speak up when you are about to die, and I will not cut you into pieces, I Tong Shan swears. Not human.”

“Go together!”

When the last word fell, Tong Shan pulled out his long sword, and his whole body burst out. He took the lead in stabbing Darryl with a sword.

At the same time, dozens of disciples behind them also erupted.


Seeing this scene, Darryl chuckled and continued to tease: “Is this out of anger? So many people beat one, it’s not what a hero does.”

The moment the words fell, Darryl’s figure flashed and he quickly avoided Tong Shan’s sword.

A sword stabbed into the air, Tong Shan’s anger grew even stronger, and he shouted, “Boy, you are doomed today.” After speaking, he stabbed with another sword.

At the same time, dozens of elite disciples also rushed forward, wielding long swords and slashing towards Darryl.


At this moment, Darryl didn’t have time to think, turned around and ran towards the depths of the woods.

To be honest, with the strength of Darryl, it is easy to defeat the people like Tong Shan, but Tong Shan is despicable and shameless.


Tong Shan shouted and quickly chased after him.

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