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Chapter 4468

Hearing this, a few disciples stepped forward and read the suicide note in front of Tong Shan.

“That’s what it says in the suicide note.”

“It’s the handwriting of the sect master…”

“The suicide note is true, not false…”

Hearing the words of these disciples, the other disciples around set off a commotion again.

“Looking at the situation, could it be that what Elder Li said is the truth?”


Seeing this situation, Yuan Rou was very excited, and her eyes were fixed on the Great Elder: “It is clearly written in the sect master’s suicide note. If Elder Li is to take over as the sect master, what else do you have to say?”

The last word fell, and the sixth elder couldn’t hide his resentment and shouted: “Come down quickly and lead to death.”


At this moment, the eyes of all the disciples at the scene also converged on the Great Elder, waiting for his answer.


Faced with this situation, the Great Elder’s face was extremely cold. Heart is also indescribably annoyed.

Good you Ye Wenhai, I have worked hard to deploy for more than a year, and it is about to be done, but in the end it was ruined by your suicide note.

No, you must not admit defeat. There must be a way to turn things around.


Finally, the first elder thought of something, took a deep breath at that time, and sneered at Yuan Rou: “Okay, very good, I didn’t expect you to be more cunning than I thought, and finally forged the suicide note of the sect master.”

After speaking, the first elder rushed to take out something and shouted at the audience: “Sect Master Yu Ling is here, the real will of the sect master is to ask me to take over the position of the sect master, and he has never said to let Li Su Qiu took over as the sect master, and the suicide note they took out was fake.”


Seeing this scene, the disciples present were all secretly frowning, not knowing how to choose for a while.

You must know that the Mingyue Gate has strict rules, and the gate owner’s jade decree is a personal token of the gate owner, which symbolizes the supreme status of the gate owner, and has always been carried by the gate owner.

Therefore, when the Great Elder took out the sect master’s jade decree at this time, the disciples present were a little confused, and they could not judge for a while, who was real and who was fake.


At this time, the first elder held the sect master’s jade decree high, and said loudly: “The suicide note can be faked, but there is only one sect master’s jade decree. I think you are all smart people, and you should be able to judge.”

While speaking, the first elder looked directly at Yuan Rou, his eyes full of provocation and disdain.

What if there is a suicide note? It can’t be more convincing than the sect master jade order in my hand.

In fact, Ye Wenhai never gave the door master jade order to the first elder. A year ago, Ye Wenhai entered the secret realm to investigate. At that time, considering that he might have an accident, he put the door owner jade order in the room and locked it. .

Over the past year, the first elder has made careful arrangements and is determined to be the sect master. Half a month ago, he quietly inspected the sect master’s room and inadvertently obtained the sect master’s jade order. In order to come in handy at a critical moment, when I saw Li Suqiu take out the suicide note just now, in a hurry, I immediately thought of the door master token.


At this time, when they heard the words of the first elder, the crowd became restless, and then many people looked at Li Suqiu.


At this moment, Yuan Rou stared at the Sect Master’s Jade Token in the hands of the Great Elder, her delicate face was full of anger: “This person is too shameless, when did he steal the Sect Master’s Jade Token?”

The sect master’s jade order is very important, Ye Wenhai will never give it to the first elder easily, so he must have stolen it.


Facing the reversal, the sixth elder was furious. He didn’t say a word of nonsense at that time, and shouted angrily at the first elder: “I killed you shameless villain.”


The last word fell, and the strength of the sixth elder broke out, rushing towards the first elder.

“Ha ha!”

Looking at the sixth elder who rushed up, the first elder did not panic at all, but was extremely excited: “What? The plot was discovered, and I became angry? A few traitors still want to go wild? Quickly, take them all.”

At the same time, Tong Shan also reacted, pointing at Darryl and shouting: “Master, it’s him, he was the one who played tricks on his disciple before, and made me make a fool of myself in front of everyone.”

With that said, Tong Shan shouted at the surrounding disciples: “Li Suqiu brought an outsider into the mountain gate, and he was thinking about it. Now he takes him into the secret realm. His heart is very clear. You should be able to judge who is right and who is right.”

Chapter 4469

“Let’s go together and eradicate the traitors!”

Hearing these words, someone in the crowd shouted loudly. Suddenly, many disciples drew their long swords and rushed towards Li Suqiu and the others. In their opinion, the Sixth Elder took the lead, which was a sign of anger and guilt.


At the same time, Tong Shan and several disciples also quickly exploded in strength and stopped the sixth elder.

“Just because you want to take the initiative to fight with the door, go through me first.” Tong Shan shouted, his eyes flashing with excitement.

Ha ha…

Or Master has a way to turn the situation around so easily.

“You are crazy!”

Seeing the disciples rushing in, Lin Ping was shocked and angry: “The sect master’s suicide note is true, don’t listen to the thief’s words.” This elder was so despicable that he even stole the sect master’s jade order.

However, the disciples present did not believe it at all, brandishing their long swords, Qi Qi looked at it.

“Ping’er, don’t say it anymore, it’s useless to say more, let’s rush out and talk about it.” At this time, Li Suqiu took a deep breath, and after speaking softly, she drew out her long sword.

To be honest, she really didn’t want to fight with these disciples, but she couldn’t just sit still.

Yuan Rou nodded in agreement: “Yes, these disciples, can’t believe us now, and explanations are useless, let’s rush out first, and then make plans.”


The moment the words fell, Yuan Rou burst into strength, flew up together with Li Suqiu, and fought fiercely with the many disciples in front of her.

During the fierce battle, Li Suqiu still remembered Darryl, and ordered Lin Ping: “You take Fengtao away first, hurry up!” In her heart, Fengtao is an innocent commoner, and he cannot be involved in this sect fighting. In, say anything to keep him.


Lin Ping shook her head: “I’m not leaving, I want to fight side by side with you.” Lin Ping was speechless at this time, what time is this, and the master is still concerned about the life and death of this waste.

Saying that, Lin Ping clenched the long sword and rushed up to fight with several disciples.

Seeing Lin Ping disobeying the order, Li Suqiu was anxious and angry. At that time, he wanted to rush over, but was intercepted by the disciples in front of him. In desperation, he had to shout at Darryl: “Fengtao, hurry up, go.”


Darryl responded and said, “Elder Li, be careful.” After speaking, he turned and ran towards the woods on the west side of the secret realm.

Darryl thought about it, in this case, it is not appropriate for him to show his strength in public, and his identity will not be concealed. The best way is to hide in the dark.

Speaking of which, Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou, as well as the sixth elders, were all very strong. Although the other party’s disciples were numerous, it would be very difficult to hurt them.


Seeing this scene, Tong Shan shouted angrily, greeted dozens of disciples, and quickly chased towards Darryl.

Speaking of which, Tong Shan had suffered under Darryl before and knew that this person was not weak, but now, with dozens of helpers, he should be able to easily take him down.


Seeing Tong Shan taking someone to chase Darryl, Li Suqiu was so anxious that she shouted at Yuan Rou, “Elder Yuan, Elder Six, go and help Feng Tao together.”

Hearing this, Yuan Rou and the six elders all responded in unison, ready to rush out of the siege.

Ha ha….

However, at this moment, the first elder sneered and said sullenly, “You can’t protect yourselves one by one, and you still want to save others? All the disciples obey the order and set up the formation.”

Hearing the words of the first elder, the disciples present moved their figures one after another, and in a blink of an eye, they surrounded the four of Li Suqiu.

It can be seen that these disciples seem to be in a mess, but they cooperate with each other tacitly and have both offense and defense. It is obviously a big formation.

Yes, this formation is exactly the formation the Great Elder got in the cave when he fell into the abyss. After leaving the secret realm and controlling the situation, the elder ordered all the disciples to practice the formation.

At this time, seeing Li Suqiu several attempts to escape from the roundup, the first elder decisively ordered everyone to form an array.

Oops! This… it’s a big array.

Seeing this situation, whether it was Li Suqiu or Yuan Rou, their delicate bodies trembled, and a trace of panic and anxiety appeared on their delicate faces.

The sixth elder was even more angry at this time, and shouted wildly: “You idiots, all of you have been used as pawns by this thief, get off, get off all.”

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