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Chapter 4480



Seeing this scene, Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou both exclaimed and rushed over quickly.

At this moment, the sixth elder wanted to chase after the first elder, but it was too late. As long as he sighed unwillingly, he turned and walked quickly to check Lin Ping’s situation.


The surrounding disciples stood there one by one, looking at each other, not knowing what to do.

In the hearts of these disciples, they had already recognized the Great Elder as the sect master, but they never thought that the Great Elder would flee down the mountain desperately at the last moment…

Soon, after the six elders and Li Suqiu checked Lin Ping’s situation, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

They clearly felt that Lin Ping was just too weak and passed out in a coma, not life-threatening. What they just couldn’t figure out was how that mysterious senior made Lin Ping stronger just now…

“As long as there is no danger to life!”

At this time, Yuan Rou reacted and said softly to Li Suqiu: “Send Piner back to the room in a while, and I will prepare some healing medicine for her, and she will be fine after a good training.”


Li Suqiu nodded and said gratefully, “Thank you, Elder Yuan.”

Among the elders, only Yuan Rou understands medical skills. She said that Lin Ping is fine, that is, she is really fine.

Yuan Rou smiled lightly: “The sect master is very polite.”

Although she has a cold personality, she respects Ye Wenhai very much. Ye Wenhai wants Li Suqiu to take over as the head of the sect, and she naturally supports him fully.

Li Suqiu nodded and said nothing more.


At this moment, the sixth elder also recovered, walked over quickly, and picked up the suicide note that Tong Shan had thrown away earlier.

In the next second, the sixth elder looked at the audience slowly, and said coldly to the surrounding disciples: “The first elder stole the sect master’s jade order, despicable and shameless, and is not qualified to be the sect master at all.”

“This suicide note was written by the sect master himself, so Elder Li is the real sect master. If you are not satisfied, you can stand up.”

The words were not loud, but they shocked the audience.


Feeling the powerful aura of the sixth elder, the disciples present look at me, I look at you, no one dares to come out and oppose.

“very good!”

Seeing this scene, the sixth elder nodded and said in a cold tone: “Since no one objected, why don’t you come up to meet the sect master?”


Hearing this, some of the disciples standing at the front hurriedly knelt down at Li Suqiu and shouted in unison: “Disciple pays respects to the sect master.”

Seeing this, the other disciples who were still hesitant all knelt down and shouted in unison.

“Meet the sect master.”


Seeing this scene, Li Suqiu bit her lip tightly, her mood was very complicated: “I…I don’t want to…” She has always been reluctant to be the sect master, she promised Yuan Rou Sixth Elder, but it was Expedient.

Just before she could finish speaking, the sixth elder smiled and said, “This is the last order of the former sect master, and it is well-received, so don’t delay.”


When the words fell, Yuan Rou also walked over and said, “Master Yemen is no longer there. We elders, dead and wounded, if you don’t take charge of the overall situation, our Mingyuemen will be more chaotic.”

Feeling the expectation in Yuan Rou’s eyes, Li Suqiu breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, “Okay then.”

Saying that, Li Suqiu raised her hand at the surrounding disciples: “Everyone, get up, clean up the scene first, and carry the injured disciples down to cultivate.”

“Yes, Sect Master.”

Hearing the order, the disciples responded in unison, and then helped the injured disciple down. Lin Ping was also sent back to the small courtyard by several female disciples to cultivate.

By the way, there is also Feng Tao.

At this moment, Li Suqiu thought of something, and hurriedly greeted the sixth elder and Yuan Rou: “I don’t know what happened to Feng Tao, let’s go take a look.”

When the words fell, Li Suqiu quickly rushed in the direction of Darryl’s escape.

The sixth elder and Yuan Rou looked at each other, without any hesitation, they greeted dozens of disciples and followed closely behind.


Soon, after entering the woods, everyone in Li Suqiu was stunned when they saw the scene in front of them.

Especially Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou, their faces were extremely red.

Chapter 4481

I saw that in the woods in front of me, Tong Shan and dozens of male disciples were completely unobstructed, all covered in fiery red, falling to the ground and trembling constantly.

Like that, it’s like being possessed.

In a place not far away, Liu Yulei stood motionless, with a complicated expression.


In shock, Li Suqiu’s face turned extremely red, and she quickly turned her head: “What’s going on?” Tong Shan and these people, aren’t they chasing Fengtao, why are they here, and they are still…

Yuan Rou’s face was also flushed, she took a deep breath at that time, and said to hide her embarrassment, “Perhaps that mysterious senior did it.”

The current situation is really difficult to explain.

After all, that Fengtao was just an ordinary person, and it was impossible to treat Tongshan and the others so miserably.

The only possibility is that the mysterious senior made a move.


Hearing this, Li Suqiu nodded, and then directed at the disciple behind him: “Go get those people from Tongshan out.”

“Yes, Sect Master!”

Hearing the order, the disciples responded and quickly approached the woods, preparing to get Tong Shan and others out, but after entering, they all lost their way.

At this time, these disciples were stunned to find that the surrounding trees seemed to be alive. No matter how they walked, there would always be a few trees in front of them. Tong Shan and others were not far away, but they could not reach them.


Seeing this situation, Yuan Rou’s body trembled, and she couldn’t help but say, “Is this a formation?”

While talking, Yuan Rou looked carefully and found that some trees in the woods were interrupted, seemingly randomly inserted there, but if you look closely, there seems to be some regularity.

“Deceiving Kangxi”


Li Suqiu frowned and couldn’t help but said, “It seems that the mysterious senior really did it.”

Having said that, Li Suqiu thought for a while, and shouted at the disciples who were not trapped in the formation: “Don’t panic, I will find a way to rescue you as soon as possible.”

Saying that, Li Suqiu walked slowly to Liu Yulei and asked gently, “What’s going on with these people from Tong Shan?” This Liu Yulei, who came with Tong Shan and others, must know something.


Liu Yulei’s acupuncture point was taped, and she couldn’t move at all. At this time, when she heard Li Suqiu’s question, she said coldly and arrogantly, “Why should I tell you?”

At this time, Liu Yulei didn’t know that the first elder fled down the mountain, and the entire Mingyuemen was already under the control of Li Suqiu.

Seeing her attitude, Li Suqiu frowned.


At this moment, Yuan Rouhan walked over with a cold face, raised her jade hand and slapped Liu Yulei fiercely. With a crisp sound, Liu Yulei let out a tender cry and almost fell.


In the next second, Liu Yulei reacted and glared at Yuan Rou: “If you dare to hit me, the sect master will not let you go.” In her subconscious, she was still relying on the support of the Great Elder.

Yuan Rou snorted coldly: “If you dare to be rude to the sect master, hitting you is light.”

Relying on the favor of the second elder, Liu Yulei was arrogant and domineering in the eyes of the mountain gate. Yuan Rou couldn’t get used to it for a long time. She just maintained her elder status and never cared about her.


Hearing Yuan Rou’s name, Liu Yulei’s body trembled, and she was a little stunned.

Afterwards, Liu Yulei looked at Li Suqiu subconsciously, with countless question marks raised in her heart, Elder Yuan called her the sect master, could it be…the situation has been controlled by them?

“You don’t have to guess.”

Seeing the change in her expression, Yuan Rou said coldly, “Elder’s plan has been exposed, and he has been injured and fled. Now the entire Mingyue Sect has respected Elder Li as the new Sect Master.”

“You were rude to the sect master just now, don’t say hitting you, even killing you should be right.”


At this moment, Liu Yulei’s heart trembled as she watched Li Suqiu’s mind buzzing and blank.

The first elder ran away, and she became the new door owner?

How could this be? Isn’t the whole situation under the firm control of the Great Elder? How did it suddenly become like this?

“Liu Yulei!”

At this moment, Li Suqiu’s red lips lightly opened, and she asked again, “What happened just now? If you tell me honestly, I will take it lightly.”

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