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Chapter 4482

When saying this, Li Suqiu’s tone was gentle, but it gave people an irresistible aura.


Under such circumstances, Liu Yulei did not dare to be arrogant, her eyebrows lowered, and she answered cautiously, “Yes…it’s that wind wave…he trapped Tong Shan and the others.”

“Also, I don’t know what method he used to make people like Tong Shan go crazy and put their clothes one by one…”

In the next two minutes, Liu Yulei explained the situation in detail.

At the end, Liu Yulei whispered, “That’s how things are.”

What? Is it Feng Tao?

Hearing these words, both Li Suqiu and Yuan Rou were shocked and stunned.

Tong Shan and these people were all trapped by the wind and waves.

Simply unbelievable.

But thinking back carefully about Liu Yulei’s narration, she didn’t see clearly at the time, how exactly Feng Tao trapped Tong Shan and the others, and how it made them rip off their clothes like crazy… This is a bit intriguing.


Finally, after being cold for a few seconds, Yuan Rou took the lead in reacting, looking at Li Suqiu and said, “Sect Master, looking at the situation, it should be that mysterious senior who secretly shot and helped Feng Tao.”

In her subconscious, because what Liu Yulei said was unclear, under analysis, she felt that the possibility of that mysterious senior was still high.

After all, Feng Tao is just an ordinary person, how could it be possible to trap so many people in Tong Shan?

Hearing Yuan Rou’s analysis, Li Suqiu also nodded.

She also didn’t believe that Feng Tao was able to fight like this.

Thinking of this, Li Suqiu glanced at Liu Yulei and said, “Take her back first, these disciples, let’s find a way to rescue them.”

The formation in the forest in front of her was so mysterious that Li Suqiu didn’t dare to break in rashly, so she could only take Liu Yulei back and make plans.


Yuan Rou nodded, and immediately returned to the mountain gate hall with Li Suqiu with Liu Yulei.


the other side.

At the foot of Mingyuemen Mountain Gate.

While the first elder fled forward quickly, he looked back at the mountain road behind him, and found that no one was chasing after him, and his heart relaxed secretly.


Finally, in a forest at the foot of the mountain, the elder stopped and leaned against the tree to take a breath.

Madd, where is the mysterious man?

When he was resting, the Great Elder thought about the previous situation, and his heart was full of anger and doubts. First, in the secret realm, he helped Li Suqiu and the others twice, but just now, he actually doubled Lin Ping’s strength.

“Fairy Wood”



Just when the elder was thinking about this, a cynical voice suddenly came from the side, and then, a handsome and stylish man turned out from behind the tree with a smile.

The man looked at the elder’s eyes, full of mockery and ridicule.

It was Darryl.


Seeing Darryl, the Great Elder’s face instantly turned gloomy: “Your kid is not dead?” When he spoke, the Great Elder was very shocked. You must know that Tong Shan had brought dozens of elite disciples before, so many people are enough to relax torture him.

It’s just that I never expected that this kid would be fine and unscathed.

For a time, the first elder looked at Darryl up and down, and faintly realized that something was wrong.

“Ha ha!”

Feeling the anger of the first elder, Darryl smiled slightly, with a cynical attitude: “Your stupid apprentice, who was played around by me before, even if you brought dozens of helpers, you are not my opponent.”

The tone was relaxed, but unmistakable.


Hearing this, the elder took a deep breath, and he was certain that Darryl in front of him was no trivial matter, and immediately said coldly, “Who the hell are you?”

Being able to escape under the pursuit of dozens of people in Tongshan is definitely not an ordinary person.


Hearing the question, Darryl sighed and shook his head at the Great Elder: “With your IQ, do you still want to be the head of Mingyuemen? It’s really worrying.”

As he said that, Darryl’s face gradually became serious, and he said word by word: “In the secret realm, you escaped in front of my eyes twice before, and you forgot it so quickly, but this time, you are hard to fly.”

Because of his identity, Darryl missed several chances to kill the Great Elder, but now, there is no third person around, and Darryl has no worries.

Chapter 4483


The last word fell, the elder’s face changed greatly, he stared at Darryl, his voice trembled: “You…you are the mysterious person in the secret realm?”

Thinking of the tragic death of the second elder at that time, the first elder shuddered.

The strength of this mysterious man is no trivial matter. He can kill the second elder in a single move. If he fights later, he will not be an opponent at all.

Seeing that he finally understood, Darryl chuckled: “Yes, it’s me. If you know yourself again, you can cultivate it at your own expense, and swear that you will never return to Mingyuemen in the future, and I will spare your life.”

This Great Elder is extremely despicable, and it would not be a pity to die a hundred times, but Darryl was afraid of getting his hands dirty, so he gave him a chance to live.

What? Cultivation at your own expense?

Hearing this sentence, the elder’s heart trembled. At that time, his legs were weak, and he could hardly stand still. Heart is also indescribably unwilling.

Previously in the secret realm, I was in great difficulty and survived, and I obtained the exercises and medicinal pills of Xianyumen, and finally broke through the strength.


At this time, the first elder muttered in his heart, looked at Darryl again, and said with a grim face: “Good boy, you dare to bluff me, you are not a mysterious person at all.”

This kid is just a refugee brought by Li Suqiu, how could he be a mysterious person? Yeah, he’s pretending to be Mysterio to scare me….yes, that’s for sure.


Listening to the cry of the first elder, Darryl was speechless.

This Great Elder is afraid that there is a problem with his brain, and he has revealed his identity, but he still doesn’t believe it…

It is estimated that I had a fierce battle with Lin Ping before, and my heart was stimulated.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl was about to respond.

However, the first elder did not give him a chance to speak at all, and shouted at that time: “You dare to bluff me, if you don’t remove the bones from your body one by one, I swear that I will not be a human being.”


The last word fell, and the strength of the Great Elder broke out, like a cannonball, rapidly bursting towards Darryl.

Seeing the eruption of the Great Elder, Darryl shook his head secretly, with a bit of sympathy in his eyes, and then mobilized the power of his Primordial Spirit, his figure flashed and hid aside.


Darryl’s speed was very fast, and the first elder didn’t notice it. He rushed to the tree, only to find that there was no one in front of him.

For a moment, the Great Elder was stunned, and was very shocked.

What speed is this?

Too much too soon, I didn’t even see it…

Just when the first elder was secretly shocked, he heard Darryl’s teasing voice not far behind: “Can’t find it? I’m here.”


Feeling the ridicule and disdain in Darryl’s tone, the first elder only felt his dignity, as if being crushed by stepping on the ground. At that time, his eyes were blood red, he shouted, and rushed up again.

Really persistent.

Darryl muttered, and moved his figure again to quickly avoid the attack of the Great Elder.

The attack failed twice in a row, the Great Elder was stunned, his mind was buzzing, and the whole person was almost messy, this person was too fast.

In the blink of an eye, it disappeared in front of his eyes. I am afraid that the masters of Xianyumen would not be able to do this kind of movement.


At this time, Darryl saw that the elder was frozen there, and his face was changing. He immediately smiled and said, “Do you want to try again?” At this time, Darryl clearly felt that the elder was completely panicked.


When the last word fell, the Great Elder bent his knees, knelt down directly towards Darryl, and said in an uneasy tone: “Your Excellency, I was wrong, I offended Your Excellency with no eyeballs, I implore Your Excellency to open up.”

After seeing Darryl’s strength, the first elder completely lost his previous arrogance, and also completely let go of his self-esteem at this time.

You can’t even touch the corners of the opponent’s clothes, how can you fight?


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, without the slightest room for negotiation, and said lightly: “You can spare your life, cultivate at your own expense, and swear that you will never return to Mingyuemen.”

With that said, Darryl leaned against the tree with a leisurely expression on his face, quietly watching the elder’s reaction.

The Great Elder was trembling all over, and there was a war between heaven and man in his heart. If you cultivate at your own expense, in the days to come, you will not be as good as a beggar, and you might as well just die.

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