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Chapter 4492

At this moment, looking at the dark secret door in front of them, Huang Shihu and the others were also a little uneasy, but when they heard Zhan Wuji’s words, they bravely walked in.

Zhan Wuji followed closely.

At this time, Zhan Wuji was all focused on the space inside the secret door. He didn’t notice that a figure was quietly approaching at the door of the main hall.

It was Darryl.


At this moment, when Darryl saw Zhan Wuji and the others entering the secret door, he breathed a sigh of relief and showed a smile.

I didn’t expect them to be very fast. They have already found the secret doors on both sides of the wall of the main hall. Well, let’s enjoy the deadly organs inside.

When Darryl and Lin Ping entered the secret passage, they roughly checked it out. Darryl knew almost exactly how many organs there were and how many forks there were.

Moreover, Darryl also knew that Zhan Wuji, as the number one general under Haotian Divine King, also knew some formation techniques. Therefore, the formation in the secret passage could not trap him at all.

However, the only way out, there are several hidden institutions, enough to fight Wuji for a few drinks.

Thinking to himself, Darryl quietly bypassed the hall and waited quietly near the exit of the secret passage behind.


At this moment, Zhan Wuji is here.


After entering the secret door, Huang Shihu and the others looked at the scene in front of them, dumbfounded, and couldn’t help gasping for air.

Is this a maze?

I saw that the secret road in front of me was winding and there were forks everywhere, and I didn’t know how big it was, just like a huge maze.

After being stunned for a few seconds, Huang Shihu was the first to react and asked Zhan Wuji carefully: “Boss, which direction should we go?”


Zhan Wuji took a deep breath, looked at the fork in front of him, thought about it, and said lightly: “Turn right ahead, everyone, be careful, there may be secret doors on both sides of this secret passage.”


After receiving the order, Huang Shihu responded, and then he greeted his companions and explored the road together.

For the next half hour, Huang Shihu would cautiously inquire about Zhan Wuji at every fork in the road, and continue to move forward after getting Zhan Wuji’s instructions.

Ha ha…

Finally, several people walked out of the secret passage and saw the corridor outside the exit, all of them were secretly relieved and excited.

It’s time to get out of this maze.

Huang Shihu couldn’t help but curry favor: “Sure enough, the boss is still very good. If it was me, I’m afraid I would have lost my way a long time ago.”

The voice fell, and several others also spoke.

“Yeah, the boss is so powerful, how can we compare?”

“By the way, what is this labyrinth-like secret passage for? I don’t think it’s for escape.”

“Of course it’s sleepy, otherwise, why would there be so many organs?”

Listening to the compliments from several people, Zhan Wuji showed a smile, which was very useful, and then said seriously: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense, there are also organs on both sides of the corridor in front of you, everyone be careful.”

I saw that there were some small holes hidden under the stone pillars on both sides of the corridor, which were obviously used for arrows. Not only that, but the smell of kerosene permeated the air.

As the general of the Divine Realm, Zhan Wuji followed the Haotian God King to fight everywhere, and he was also well-informed. At a glance, he could see that the corridor in front of him was more dangerous than the maze behind him.


Hearing this, Huang Shihu quickly closed his mouth, each with a look of fear on his face.

The next second, Huang Shihu asked cautiously, “Boss, how do I get to this corridor?”


Zhan Wuji took a deep breath, observed it carefully, and said slowly: “Take this row of slates on the left, and after fifty steps, go to the right, repeating this, remember, don’t make a mistake.”

When speaking, Zhan Wuji looked relaxed.

The corridor in front of him was deployed according to the ‘Yin-Yang Spirit Snake Array’. Zhan Wuji had studied this formation quite a bit, and he could see it at a glance.

“Understood!” Huang Shihu nodded in succession.

Ha ha…

Seeing this scene, Darryl, who was already waiting nearby, couldn’t help showing a smile.

This Zhan Wuji is quite capable, and you can see the mystery hidden in this corridor at a glance, but unfortunately, you met me today.

Chapter 4493

Muttering in his heart, Darryl took advantage of Zhan Wuji’s inattention, quickly urged his figure, rushed to the rockery next to the corridor, and then twisted one of the stones.

Yes, this stone is the key to controlling the corridor formation.

When Darryl explored the palace group before, he had already understood this corridor formation clearly.

After secretly changing the formation, Darryl hid behind the rockery and observed it quietly.

At this time, Zhan Wuji didn’t know that the formation in the corridor had changed. After explaining a few words, he let Huang Shihu continue to lead the formation to explore the way.


For a time, Huang Shihu didn’t have time to think about it, he walked into the corridor first, each with a very calm expression. During this period of contact, Zhan Wuji gave them the impression that he was almost omnipotent, and there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Even if there is a lot of danger, and there is no limit to the war, it will be saved, so even if they know that the corridor in front of them is dangerous, Huang Shihu and a few are not worried.


However, after taking a few steps, I don’t know who touched the mechanism hidden under the slate, and suddenly, from the dark holes of the stone pillars on both sides, flames erupted one after another.

Huang Shihu’s two companions had no time to react, and were instantly enveloped in flames.


The two let out a scream and rolled to the ground, trying to put out the fire on their bodies. As a result, two other organs were triggered, and more flames erupted, covering them completely.


Seeing this scene, Huang Shihu and the other companions were shocked, and then they reacted and went forward to help put out the fire, but it was too late. charred corpse….


At this moment, Zhan Wuji also frowned and muttered in his heart.

No, the deployment in this corridor is obviously the ‘Yin-Yang Spirit Snake Array’, and I deduced the correct order just now. Moreover, Huang Shihu did not go wrong, how could it still trigger the mechanism?

“Old… boss…”

At this moment, Huang Shihu reacted, his face was pale at the time, and he said tremblingly: “This…how do I go next…” When he spoke, his voice trembled.

Two good companions, if they say they die, they will die. Who is not afraid when they see it?

The voice fell, and the other two companions also looked at Zhan Wuji closely, flustered.

Zhan Wuji didn’t seem to hear it, he quietly looked at the corridor in front of him, and the charred corpses of the two men, thoughtfully.

Could it be… this array will change automatically…


After more than ten seconds, Zhan Wuji calmed down and said slowly: “The route just now, turn left to right, right to left…”

However, this time, Huang Shihu looked at each other in dismay and did not dare to try.

Zhan Wuji was not angry at all, and walked over first.

Although Huang Shihu and the others were just free pawns in his heart, he couldn’t let them all die. Otherwise, it would be too troublesome to investigate such a large palace group alone.

“Follow up!”

Seeing Zhan Wuji exploring the way, Huang Shihu calmed down and hurriedly greeted his companions to keep up. At the same time, he couldn’t express his admiration: “The boss is really brave, and the younger brother is really admired!”

Several companions also opened their mouths to flatter.


“Why don’t you be our boss.”

Hearing these words, Zhan Wuji’s face did not fluctuate at all, and said lightly: “Okay, don’t flatter yourself, see clearly, follow my footprints, don’t make mistakes.”

“Yes, yes…” Huang Shihu nodded several times.

Soon, Zhan Wuji took Huang Shihu and a few people and successfully walked through the corridor.


For a time, Huang Shihu and a few were relieved, great, this fate was saved.


Seeing this, Darryl, who was hiding behind the rockery, immediately frowned.

Unexpectedly, in this battle, Wuji’s formation and research, I have changed the formation, and he can come out safely.

But….the fun has just begun.

Thinking to himself, Darryl quietly left the rockery and deployed a ‘Suo Xian Enchanted Soul Array’ in the garden where he and Li Suqiu rested before. After doing this, Darryl grabbed some black soil, wiped it on his face, and then quickly rushed in the direction of Zhan Wuji and the others.

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