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Chapter 451

At this moment, at the entrance of the main hall, Castro sweated profusely and came in a hurry.

Just now when the West Cang Continent had attacked, Castro had already received the news, and now he made a special trip to report it to the emperor!

Unexpectedly, as soon as he walked to the door, he was stopped by the guards: “Master, you can’t go in!”

Castro glared his eyes, and said with an aura: “What are you doing, I want to see your Majesty.”

The current guard. Is it becoming more and more unruly, dare to stop yourself?

The guard looked embarrassed and smiled bitterly: “King Castro calmed down his anger. Just now, His Majesty has issued a statement that no one can enter.

Castro frowned: “Why are you not allowed to enter?”

“Your Majesty is talking about things.” The guards didn’t conceal anything, and quickly said: “In addition to your Majesty, there is also a national teacher, Xing Yao War God, in the temple. I’m afraid it is discussing important matters…so…the prince should not embarrass his subordinate .”

“I have to go in!” Castro yelled, too lazy to talk nonsense, and waved his hand: “I have important business too. You quickly get out of me!”

The guard looked tangled and still stopped Castro.

Castro was furious, and suddenly drew his saber: “I tell you, the West Cang Continent has been attacked! Now Nalan City has been occupied! I want to report to your Majesty, if it is delayed. Can you afford it?!” Remember the website * **


The guard was already stupid, and didn’t dare to neglect at the time, and quickly moved away.

The Castro gave a cold snort, walked forward quickly, and was about to open the door of the main hall.

At this moment, before King Castro opened the door, he heard Emperor Tianqi cursing Darryl in the hall.

At that time, King Castro buzzed his head, his body shook, and he almost fell to the ground!

Darryl.. Is he not dead?

Darryl didn’t die, it was terribly bad news for King Castro!

The wife has lived in his palace for a year. Seeing that Madam would accept him completely, Darryl is not dead now. If Madam knows this news, I am afraid that no matter how high the mountain is, she will go to Darryl! This is how to do!

“Who is outside the door?” At this moment, in the hall, Emperor Tianqi ranted angrily.

King Castro trembled, walked over and knelt on the ground: “Chen, see Your Majesty.”

At this time, Emperor Tianqi was angry, looking at King Castro and said coldly: “King Castro, you are so bold. I have said everything, I will not see anyone today!”

Feeling his majesty’s anger, Castro panicked and said quickly: “Your majesty calms down your anger, the minister has important things to tell.”

As he said, Castro wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and continued: “Just now, the minister received the news that the Xi Cang army is attacking Nalan City, and Nalan City has been lost! The situation is extremely critical, Your Majesty.”

what? !

Suddenly, upon hearing this, Emperor Tianqi, Xing Yao, and Guo Shi were all shocked!

“This is true?” Emperor Tianqi couldn’t help standing up, watching King Castro closely, his eyes could not hide the shock.

Castro looked solemnly: “It is true, the minister dare not deceive the king.”


The Emperor Tianqi took a deep breath, and his whole person was a little dazed.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, the national teacher took a step forward and respectfully said: “The combat power of the Xicang Continent has been heard by the ministers, and the strength is very strong, not to be underestimated! I beg your majesty. Let the ministers lead the army to resist.”

The Emperor Apocalyptic pondered for a few seconds and looked at the national teacher coldly and said: “Okay, the national teacher follows the order, I order you to lead a hundred thousand army to retake Nalan City and repel the enemy, no mistake!”

“Chen Zunzhi!”

The national teacher responded and walked out of the inner hall quickly.

Emperor Tianqi sat down, held his forehead with his hand, and said lightly: “Okay, all of you leave.”

His beloved prince died, but he could not avenge him immediately. At the same time, foreign enemies invaded.

What a headache!

After Castro left the palace, he changed back to the palace. While walking, he stroked his chest, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

King Castro knew in his heart that the depths of Kendra’s heart had been occupied by Darryl.

If the wife knew that Darryl was not dead, she would definitely leave the palace.

How to do?

Gentle and virtuous lady.

And that smart and lovely son.

I have regarded them as my most beloved family members.

If you let your wife take the child away, you won’t be happy for the rest of your life.

Do not…

No way. Never let this happen.

Thinking about it, there was a hint of cold on King Castro’s face. After returning to the palace, Castro went to the study and called his confidant Jiang Hu over.

Jiang Hu is the person most trusted by Castro. Has been following Castro for more than ten years. Very loyal.

In the study, watching Jiang Hu come in, King Castro didn’t talk nonsense, and said in a deep voice: “Jiang Hu, do you know Darryl from the Earth Round Continent?”


Jiang Hu was stunned, and quickly said: “I know, when our Apocalypse army failed to conquer the Earth Round Continent, it was because of this kid, but… isn’t that kid dead? Why did the prince suddenly mention him?”


Castro took a deep breath. His eyes were a little cold: “He’s not dead.”


not dead?

Jiang Hu’s expression stiffened. Before he recovered, he heard King Castro continue: “Jiang Hu, I now give you a task to get rid of this Darryl. I know you know many Assassin organizations, no matter how much you pay, Be sure to let this Darryl disappear in the world, understand? And, this matter. Only you know about it, don’t let it out.”

When saying this, the eyes of Castro flashed with coldness and determination.

Only when Darryl is dead, the wife and the child can stay by their side forever.

Jiang Hu hurriedly clasped his fists: “The prince can rest assured, the subordinates must do it unconsciously and live up to the prince’s expectations. In our Apocalypse Continent, the strongest killer organization is the Lingyin Pavilion, and the subordinates will go to the spirit. Yin Pavilion, assassinate that Darryl.”


Castro nodded. Of course he knew Lingyin Pavilion. That is the Apocalypse Continent, a frightening organization of assassins! How many peerless experts died in the hands of Lingyin Pavilion! Lingyin Pavilion never fails!

Let the people of Lingyin Pavilion assassinate Darryl, and Darryl will undoubtedly die.

The next day, Lingyin Pavilion.

In the main hall of Lingyin Pavilion, a woman was sitting there, drinking tea.

This woman is in her thirties, but the years are on her delicate face. Without leaving too many traces, she is slim and slim, with a long dark blue dress, full of charm.

Like a peerless beauty, any man glanced at it. Can’t look away. However, there was an icy breath permeating her.

This woman is the deputy chief of Lingyin Pavilion, Ye Xue.

recent. Pavilion Master Li Ruoning, there is an important thing to go out. Ye Xue is in charge of the affairs of the entire Lingyin Pavilion.

On the table next to Ye Xue, there was a secret letter. Just now, Lingyin Pavilion received an assassination mission. Employers are so proud. It took five million taels of gold to take a person’s life. This person is called Darryl.


At this moment, a footstep sounded, and then a slim figure walked in.

A woman in her twenties, wearing a black dress, has a compact and graceful figure, delicate features, and a beauty mole at the corner of her right eye, which looks even more charming.

This woman is just the younger elder sister of Lingyin Pavilion, Leng Yan.

In Lingyin Pavilion, Leng Yan is the best killer among the younger generation.

After five years of teaching, there are more than one hundred people who have died in her hands so far. She is known as the “cold killer”.

When he arrived, Leng Yan spoke respectfully, and said to Ye Xue: “Master, you are looking for me in such a hurry, do you have a task?”


Ye Xue smiled and pointed to the secret letter on the table: “There was just an employer who spent a lot of money and wanted a life for a person. This person is called Darryl, and he is from the earth. This is his portrait. “

Speaking of this, Ye Xue pointed to the table.

On the table, there is a portrait, lifelike.

It is Darryl!

Leng Yan nodded and said, “Master, the disciple will definitely complete the task. Should we set off now?”

Ye Xue nodded: “You can set off now. By the way, when you leave, I will bring you Junior Sister Lily. Let her follow you and practice.”

Chapter 452

what? Bring Lily?

Leng Yan’s expression changed suddenly and her face was displeased: “Master, what am I going to do with Lily when I assassinate someone? Assassinating Darryl, I’ll be enough. Taking Lily with me will only add to the chaos for me. “

According to seniority, Leng Yan is Lily’s big sister. But she was heartbroken. Hate that Lily!

Lily is so ugly, it seems that the pavilion master loves her most, and it is really confusing to accept her as a closed disciple!

Ye Xue waved his hand: “This assassination mission, you should take Lily. Lily has assassinated several people before, but those who were assassinated are all influential waste. The Darryl who assassinated this time, it is said that The strength is very high. It’s okay to let Lily to hone her. As a master sister, take her and teach her more, okay?”

“I know…” Although Leng Yan agreed with her lips, she was extremely reluctant in her heart! I am annoyed to see Lily’s ugly monster!

But it is not good to refuse at this time. I nodded, turned and left the hall.

When he reached the back room, Leng Yan was too lazy to knock on the door and pushed the door directly and walked in.


The moment I opened the door, I saw Lily sitting in front of the mirror, hurriedly wearing her veil, her face full of inferiority.

For more than a year, Lily has been in Lingyin Pavilion, apart from working hard to practice, she kept herself in the room, and occasionally looked in the mirror, she felt uncomfortable.

She was afraid, afraid that others would see her face. So she wears the veil every day, not even taking it off when she sleeps.

The once famous goddess.

Now it’s an ugly monster that everyone hates.

Anyone feels uncomfortable! Lily didn’t know how many times she cried and woke up at night!

Seeing Lily sitting in front of the dressing table, Leng Yan curled her lips and said sarcastically: “Look in the mirror again, no matter how you look at it, you are also an ugly monster, you can’t become a fairy.”

After Leng Yan said this, she gave a cold snort. She never gave Lily a good face.

I heard the word ugly. Lily felt a pain in her heart, but did not refute.

Leng Yan said coldly: “You quickly clean up, I just received a mission to assassinate a person. You accompany me.”

“Yeah..” Lily nodded and began to pack her clothes.

Every time she receives a task, Lily will take it seriously. She knows that only through actual combat can her strength be improved. Only when you quickly improve your strength can you avenge Darryl and find Lu Jiechen!

As Lily cleaned up, she asked curiously: “Senior Sister, who are we going to assassinate?”

Leng Yan sat on the stool and said angrily: “Where do you come from so much nonsense? What are you asking so much for? You have the strength of a martial sage, you just follow me, don’t make trouble. I will take you out this time to experience , You just need to cooperate secretly and cover me, don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask, understand?”

“I see, Senior Sister.”

Heard this. Lily said softly.

“Hurry up, harp. What’s the use of bringing so many clothes? Men on the street, who would look at you more? And the person who was assassinated this time was on the Earth Continent. They all say that the Earth Continent is beautiful like a cloud. As long as you look like this, beggars won’t look at you. You just bring a piece of clothing. Go quickly and don’t waste time. “Leng Yan was too lazy to talk nonsense and walked out of the room first.

Lily was aggrieved in her heart, but she had to keep up.

Two hours later, Lily and Leng Yan arrived at a small fishing village on the Tianqi Continent. Rent a small boat and go to the land of the earth.

When boarding the boat, Lily felt uncomfortable.

It’s been a year, a whole year, are you going to return to Earthland Continent again?

Scenes from the past flowed out. Lily only felt that his mind was full, and Darryl’s figure appeared, her eyes moistened instantly.

“What are you doing? Boating.” Leng Yan said suddenly. Kicked the oars.

Lily bit her lip and couldn’t help but speak: “Senior Sister, shall we take this boat and go to Earthland?”

This boat is too small… and only has one oar. When will it be planned?

“Why? You still want to rent a big boat and hire a dozen crew members. What do you think you are? You think you’ve come out to enjoy the mountains and water?” Leng Yan frowned and pointed to Lily’s nose.

Lily looked at the vast sea and whispered: “Senior Sister…but, there is only one oar…”

“There is only one oar, of course you are rowing!” Leng Yan suddenly became angry: “I tell you, if it weren’t for Master said. If you want to go out and practice, I won’t take you this ugly monster. On the way, I want to meditate. Cultivation. So you come to row a boat. Row a boat, and you can’t be exhausted.”

Leng Yan said more and more mean: “I’m just an ugly monster. I still have to think of myself as a delicate eldest lady, a handful of cheap bones, and hypocritical.”

While saying this, Leng Yan sat on the boat. Close your eyes and rest your mind and stop talking.

Lily bit her lip, so she silently picked up the oar and started rowing.


the other side.

Earth round continent! Fuyao Palace!

At this time, deep winter is approaching, the vegetation is withered outside, and the cold wind is freezing.

But in the Hundred Flowers Hall of Fuyao Palace, there is a lively and cheerful atmosphere, and a plum blossom banquet is being held.

Plum Blossom Banquet is a special traditional custom of Fuyao Palace, which has lasted for thousands of years.

At this time of the year, the plum blossoms in the Fuyao Palace are in full bloom and the fragrance of the flowers permeates, and the Fuyao Palace will hold a plum banquet.

At this time, the seven fairies were gathering together, drinking tea while talking and laughing.

Beside them, a dozen men knelt there. Specially serving. In Fuyao Palace, men are of low status and are completely slaves.

In the guest seat next to him, there was a man sitting. This man. It was the only man in the entire Fuyao Palace who didn’t have to kneel down.

It is Hu Sanyang!

At this time, Grand Palace Lord Bai Shengshui smiled lightly. Looking at Hu Sanyang: “Head Hu, are you still used to living in my Fuyao Palace during this time?”

After the Kunlun School was destroyed, Hu Sanyang’s heart was also interrupted. He can’t practice for a lifetime, just like a dog in the mourning family, staying in Fuyao Palace all the time.

But in Fuyao Palace, Hu Sanyang lived happily. Because the Grand Palace Lord Bai Shengshui treats him very well.

In fact, in Bai Shengshui’s heart, he felt that he owed Hu Sanyang a lot. After all, he had promised him to help him kill Darryl, but in the end he lost his words.

Not only did he not kill Darryl, he actually helped Tianmen in the end, against the apocalypse army at the Star Picking Tower.

In order to make up for his debts, Bai Shengshui traveled almost all over the world, and finally found a “Nine Sky Yin Yang Grass” to help Hu Sanyang heal his heart. At this time, Hu Sanyang had completely recovered his strength, the fourth martial sage!

Hu Sanyang slowly stood up and said, “Thanks to the love of the seven palace masters, I have been in Fuyao Palace for the past year, and I am very happy every day.” Hu Sanyang responded politely.

Speaking of this, Hu Sanyang laughed and continued: “However, there are seven palace masters. I, Hu Sanyang, have lived here for a year. Fuyao Palace is all female disciples. It is not convenient for me to live here, otherwise… leave..”

Bai Shengshui looked at him and said with a smile: “Head Hu, your Kunlun faction has been destroyed. Why don’t you join me in Fuyao Palace. I can make an exception for you. From then on, you will be Fuyao Palace, the only one.” Male disciple.”

Hu Sanyang bowed slightly and said with joy on his face: “Palace Master, thank you! The seven palace masters do not dislike me, then I will be a member of Fuyao Palace from now on. I will never betray Fuyao Palace in my life!”

Speaking of this, Hu Sanyang knelt on the ground all of a sudden and knocked his head at the Seven Fairies.

Chapter 453

“Get up quickly. You don’t need to bow down.” Bai Shengshui laughed and said to Hu Sanyang: “You don’t have to be polite in the future, you are my Fuyao Palace, the eighth palace lord.”

Hu Sanyang looked grateful and nodded again and again: “I cannot repay the kindness of the seven palace masters, Hu Sanyang!”

After the words fell, Hu Sanyang took out a bottle of fine wine from his body: “Seven palace owners. Recently. I have made a bottle of Hundred Flowers Wine in my spare time. Today, I invite several palace owners to taste it to show me. Gratitude.”

With that, Hu Sanyang opened the wine. In an instant, the entire Hundred Flowers Hall was filled with a strong aroma of wine.

Hu Sanyang smiled. Go over and fill up the seven fairies’ wine glasses.

That’s right, Hu Sanyang does make wine. He had read a book before in the Kunlun Buddhist Scripture Pavilion. The name is [Kunlun Three Brews]. This book teaches how to make wine.

It is said that Kunlun sent the founder of the mountain and became addicted to alcohol. That’s why books about wine making are included in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion.

At this time, Bai Shengshui picked up the wine glass, took a sip, then nodded: “It is indeed a good wine.”

The other fairies all picked up their wine glasses and tasted them carefully.

Originally the little fairy didn’t drink wine, but for some reason, the wine was so fragrant that she couldn’t hold back a sip.

Hu Sanyang stood by, smiling seven fairies: “Seven palace masters, how does my wine taste like?”

While speaking, there was a wicked smile in his eyes.

“This wine has a sweet aftertaste…” Bai Shengshui opened her red lips, just said a few words, suddenly her eyebrows frowned! She just felt that she was soft!

“Hahaha..” Hu Sanyang’s face showed a bit of abuse: “Palace Master, isn’t this alcohol too strong, and the whole body becomes weak, even the internal strength can’t be moved?”


At this moment. Bai Shengshui’s face changed, and he looked at him suspiciously: “Hu Sanyang, you… you have been drugged by alcohol?”

At this time, Bai Shengshui was shocked and angry. That’s right, I feel so weak now that I can’t show any strength anymore!

At the same time, the other six fairies stared at Hu Sanyang closely, full of anger!

“Hu Sanyang, you dare to do this…”

“We Fuyao Palace is not bad to you, but you poisoned us?!”

Treat me not thinly?

The smile on Hu Sanyang’s face grew thicker, but endless resentment appeared in his eyes: “Bai Shengshui, you took my Kunlun weapon and Baolian Lantern at the beginning. I promised me all the time, I owe me a condition, and any condition can promise me! Later, I Kunlun was destroyed, I came to look for you to kill the three brothers Darryl, but the result? Those three brothers, has one person died?!”

Speaking of this, Hu Sanyang clenched his fists: “My Kunlun Sect was destroyed. It would be difficult for me to reinvigorate the Kunlun Sect! I have decided that in the future, I will be the master of the Fuyao Palace! Fuyao Palace, renamed the Kunlun Sect! “


Hearing this, the little fairy was so angry that her body trembled: “Hu Sanyang, my eldest sister has traveled across thousands of rivers and mountains, and helped you find the nine-day yin and yang grass, and healed your heart. It is really shameless that you will avenge your gratitude!

“Hahahaha…” Hu Sanyang smiled coldly, and said: “Little fairy, this is a bad word. I am not avenging gratitude. There is a saying that is good, non-toxic and not a husband, I am just a normal man.”

“You…” heard him. Bai Sheng Shui Qi’s chest trembled. There are such shameless people in this world! Bai Shengshui said with a cold face, “All the disciples listened to the order, give me Hu Sanyang!”


The voice fell. More than a dozen female disciples around, drew their swords and surrounded them!

However, on one side, Hu Sanyang, how can there be any fear?

He has just recovered his heart, and he has re-practised in Netherworld Dafa. Now he is in urgent need of a woman’s essence to replenish his internal strength!

These female disciples of Fuyao Palace were sent to the door, and he couldn’t ask for it.


At this moment, Hu Sanyang opened his five fingers. It fell directly on the heads of the two female disciples!

In an instant, the two female disciples trembled, and before they could react, the strength of their bodies was quickly sucked away, their faces were instantly pale, and they collapsed to the ground!

Hu Sanyang sneered. This Netherworld Dafa is indeed a magical skill! He hasn’t practiced for more than a year. I thought that even if he recovers his heart, his cultivation speed will be much slower than a normal person. But he didn’t think about the knife. After absorbing two essences, he only felt that his internal strength was rising at his dantian!

“Boom! Bang! Bang!”

Before these female disciples could react, Hu Sanyang’s body rushed over again, raising his hand a few more palms, there were seven or eight female disciples, and they were inhaled in a blink of an eye!

You know, these are all elite disciples!


Seeing this scene, the remaining female disciples couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning, and dare not take a step forward!

“You disciples, listen to me!” Hu Sanyang’s eyes were cold. Looking around: “I don’t want to kill you. From today, everyone in the Fuyao Palace must obey me! Otherwise, I want you to survive. I can’t die!”

When the voice fell, Hu Sanyang walked to a wall and tapped on the wall lightly.


At this moment, I only saw this wall. A hidden box pops up. Inside this secret grid, there is a big seal.

Hu Sanyang has lived in Fuyao Palace for a year. He knew all about Fuyao Palace!

There is a hidden grid on this wall. He had discovered it long ago. The big seal in this secret grid is called Fuyao Yin! Whoever holds the Great Seal is the Lord of Fuyao Palace!

The relationship between the Seven Fairies has always been very good. So this big seal has always been placed in the secret area.

Now Hu Sanyang is holding a big seal with a smile on his face. He looks around at his disciples: “You still don’t bow down?! Now I am the palace lord of Fuyao. If I don’t bow down, I want you to die!

The disciples of Fuyao court ladies looked at each other one by one. They can all feel that Hu Sanyang’s strength is too strong. At that time, no one dared to disobey, and had to bite the bullet and bow down.

Seeing this scene, the seven fairies were frightened.

At this moment, the Six Fairy Wenjing bit her lip tightly and couldn’t help but yelled: “Hu Sanyang, you are really a white-eyed wolf. We shouldn’t have taken you in!”

The six fairies are quiet, people are as their name, quiet and quiet. But now seeing Hu Sanyang’s face, her angry body trembled!

Hu Sanyang showed a wicked smile and looked at the Seven Fairies recklessly, looking at this one for a while and that one for another. Finally, his eyes fell on the little fairy. I have to say that the seven fairies have their own merits, but the little fairies are the cutest. Although she is young, her looks and temperament are not lost to anyone.

Hu Sanyang smiled and said: “Seven palace masters, what are you doing glaring at me? These aloof fairies, who are usually served by men, should be served by you!”

When the voice fell, Hu Sanyang walked over slowly. Reach out your hand and spot the Seven Fairies on the acupoint!

Chapter 454

“Hu Sanyang, you…”

The Seven Fairies were spotted on the acupuncture points, and her body trembled with anger.

Hu Sanyang smiled, looking around them, excited in his heart.

the other side!

Ouyang family!

Originally today, it was the wedding of Jingwen and Bai Xiaotian. But now the wedding has been cancelled. Jingwen left the Ouyang family without knowing where she went.

However, the Ouyang family at this time is still very lively! In the hall. The dinner table was filled with delicious food, and laughter came from time to time!

Knowing that Darryl was not dead, Peter and Lorenzo came non-stop!

The moment they saw Darryl, the three brothers hugged each other tightly, and the three big men were crying.

In the evening, Krista cooked a table of good dishes. At this time, the three brothers were sitting around the wine table, pushing a cup for one, not knowing how much wine they had drunk!

Men’s friendship cannot be expressed in words. But it can be expressed with wine!

The three brothers didn’t speak, and kept bumping the wine glasses.

I don’t know how long it took. Peter couldn’t help it anymore and put the wine glass on the table. His eyes turned red: “Darryl, I, I want to say something…”

“The Great Sage!”

Lorenzo screamed and pulled his sleeves. Of course Lorenzo knew that what the Great Sage wanted to say was about Lily.

Peter clenched his fists and said, “Brother Wen, Lily’s news must be told to Darryl. I know Darryl will collapse, but I don’t want to hide it from him…”

“Great Sage, what are you talking about?” Darryl smiled suddenly. Today the three brothers are at the wine table, and the atmosphere has been suppressed. It can be seen that Peter and Wen Ge seem to have something on their minds.

At this time, Darryl put down his chopsticks and said with a smile: “What happened to Lily? Isn’t she amnesia? She doesn’t recognize me anymore.”

“She…” Peter gritted her teeth and said: “Lily, she…she recovered her memory. She said. You will not marry in this life, but you will only recognize you as a man in this life. She is not far away, go to Tianqi The mainland looked for you, but she was killed by others…”

“You…” Darryl’s head buzzed, and the whole person was stupid: “Great Sage, what are you talking about? Lily, she…”

“She is dead.” Peter said with red eyes. Fists clenched tightly: “Darryl, Brother Wen and I didn’t want to tell you about this. But… I really can’t help it. Lily is my sister-in-law. She was killed by someone else. I don’t want to hide it from you… My sister-in-law was killed!”

At the end, Peter almost roared out and threw the wine glass to the ground fiercely: “Darryl, you don’t know how much I want to kill Mingjiao’s gangsters and revenge Lily! I want to dream!”


At this moment, Darryl’s brain buzzed! I can’t say a word!

All of a sudden, tears rained down!

“Lily… Lily!” Darryl clenched his fist and slammed it down on the table! The whole person completely collapsed!

He didn’t want to believe this fact! He is not willing!

At this moment, Darryl’s mind was full of Lily’s figure. Scenes from the past rushed to my heart, and my heart was cut like a knife!

“What the hell is going on. What is going on!” Darryl roared loudly, his voice hoarse!

Peter clenched his fists and slowly said: “Lily went to the Apocalypse Continent to look for you and met Lu Jiechen. This person is the vice-master of Mingjiao in the Apocalypse Continent. It was him who killed Lily.. It was him! Darryl, the three of us. Brothers work together to destroy the Mingjiao! Let’s go now!”

“Go! Go!”

Darryl almost squeezed out these two words from the gap between his teeth, and slammed his palm on the table!


Suddenly, the wine table was directly photographed into powder!

Darryl had completely collapsed, he just wanted to take revenge, no matter who it was, killing Lily would have to die, and would have to pay for it. no matter who!

“Darryl, calm down…” At this moment, Elsa slowly walked over and said softly: “Wherever you go. I will accompany you. But now I can’t leave the Ouyang mansion. Foster father His injury hasn’t stabilized yet. Now if we go to the Apocalypse Continent, what if the foster father’s injury worsens?”

Before defending against the Lin army, the Ouyang family suffered heavy casualties.

Especially Oliver, with more than a hundred stab wounds all over his body, there is no good place. As the Sect Master of Wenzong, Elsa is also quite accomplished in medical skills.

Just now. Elsa specially formulated some medicines for internal injuries for Oliver. Whether it is effective or not, it needs to be observed. So now, there is no way to leave the Ouyang family.


Hearing this, Darryl took a deep breath and looked at Elsa: “How long will it take to wait for the foster father’s situation to stabilize.”

at the same time. The gazes of Peter and Lorenzo also focused on Elsa.

Elsa, please take a breath and earnestly said: “At least one day. Darryl…If you want revenge, you won’t be in a hurry. Let’s wait one more day.”


Darryl’s eyes were red, and he sat down slowly.

the other side.

Zhongzhou, in a hotel.

In the room, Leng Yan sat on the sofa and stretched out tiredly.

Lily stood in front of the window, staring at the street outside in a daze.

After a long journey, Lily and Leng Yan settled down in this hotel temporarily.

At this moment, looking at the bustling night market outside, Lily’s heart was ups and downs.

Finally returned to the earth circle continent.

Although it is not his hometown Donghai City.

But this long-lost modern city in front of me really feels cordial. But for some reason, Darryl was all in Lily’s mind.

at this time. Leng Yan’s voice came from behind: “What are you stupefied, ugly, don’t you hurry up and prepare foot wash for me?”

When talking about this, Leng Yan put her left leg on her right leg. Cock your feet up and look high.

This ugly monster has been absent-minded ever since he came to Earth Round Continent.

If it weren’t for the master to speak. I wouldn’t bring this kind of waste out.

When she heard the senior sister’s words, Lily came back to her senses and pointed to the bathroom: “Sister, you can take a shower directly inside.”

“Of course I know that I can take a bath inside.” Leng Yan chuckled in annoyed voice: “But I don’t want to wash it now. I just want to soak my feet, okay? Hurry up and prepare a foot wash for me. I’m impatient to talk nonsense with you.”

Lily didn’t say anything any more, and went to fetch a bucket of water.

Bringing it over, Lily was about to get up and was stopped by Leng Yan again: “Who let you go, take off my shoes and wash my feet.”

“You…” At this moment, Lily couldn’t help it, her body trembled faintly.

Lily knew that she was a disciple of the pavilion master, and this matter made many disciples of Lingyin Pavilion jealous.

But… Sister Leng Yan, this is too bullying!

On the way, the senior sister never gave herself a good face.

“Are you deaf?” Leng Yan looked at Lily and pointed to the footwasher: “I will let you wash my feet.”

Chapter 455

Lily gritted her teeth and stood there without any movement.

Along the way, she could bear no matter how she bullied herself.

But washing the feet is such a humiliating thing, I really can’t do it.

At this time, Lily couldn’t bear it at all, her body trembled.

Seeing that Lily didn’t respond for a long time, Leng Yan was completely angry: “You are ugly, I will let you wash my feet. You are really deaf.”

When the voice fell, Leng Yan kicked the bucket severely.


The water splashed out and splashed Lily all over.


the other side.

Ouyang Mansion. Darryl shut himself in the door of the room, lying on the bed, tightly covering the quilt.

Lily’s figure was all in his mind!

Wait another day, when the foster father is out of danger, he must kill Mingjiao and avenge Lily!

Whenever he thinks that Lily is dead, Darryl feels like a knife cut in his heart!

See the son like this. Don’t mention how uncomfortable Krista is. Later, she pushed open Darryl’s door, took Darryl coquettishly, and went out shopping.

Krista knew that only when she went out to relax, the son would be in a better mood.

But Darryl doesn’t have the mood to go shopping! He can’t wait to break into the apocalypse now. Enter Mingjiao! But he couldn’t stand Krista’s repeated pleadings, so he had to take Krista out to go shopping.

Zhongzhou City, where the Ouyang family is located, is about the same size as Donghai City, and both are particularly prosperous.

Krista took Darryl to the busiest street, Puyang Street.

The reason why Puyang Street is lively is that there are many high-end shopping malls in this street, and there are also many small merchants and hawkers. There are many people selling roasted sweet potatoes and candied haws.

“My son, this land is so advanced.”

Krista took Darryl’s arm and said bouncely. Pulling Darryl through the crowd, he walked to the door of a mobile phone shop and said, “My son, in Dongao Continent, telephones are very heavy. But in Diyuan Continent, the phones people use are so small!”

While talking, Krista jumped up excitedly again, pointed in the air, and said: “Young Master, look at the thing flying in the sky!”

“That’s called an airplane.” Darryl laughed. Touched Krista’s head: “If you like it, I have a chance to take you to a seat.”

Originally, Darryl was in a bad mood, but Krista, the girl, was so likable that Darryl was amused by her.

“Well, son, you can promise me that you want to take me on a plane.” Krista was very happy, and hugged Darryl’s arm tightly.

Unconsciously, the two came to the door of a shopping mall.

This mall is very big, it is the hottest one in the whole Puyang Street, and its name is Tianyu Mall.

Tianyu Mall, a collection of entertainment, catering, and brand clothing in one!

It is said that this mall is developed by a big boss who has invested more than one billion yuan in development. Tianyu Mall has just opened for a month, but it is extremely hot! Most people who enter and leave here are young people.

Seeing this big shopping mall, Darryl felt a pain in his heart. Can’t help but recall the scene of shopping with Lily before.

The scenes are as if they happened yesterday.

“My son, it’s so lively inside.” Krista pointed to the entrance of the mall, and said excitedly: “What is this place?”

Krista came to Diyuan Continent for the first time. Seeing a lot of young men and women walking into the mall makes me feel very strange.

“This place is a shopping mall, a place where things are sold, and there are everything in it.” Darryl was amused by Krista’s appearance, and said.

Have everything.

Krista’s eyes lit up and she hugged Darryl’s arm: “My son, let’s go in and have a look. I, I want to buy beautiful clothes…”

Coming to the Diyuan Continent, Krista was most impressed by how beautiful the girls are.

Some girls wear short skirts, professional attire, and some wear tights and jeans. Any style is so beautiful.

Darryl smiled and nodded, and led her into the mall.

As soon as I entered the gate of the mall, I saw a row of Porsche cars lined up in the lobby on the first floor.

This row of cars is an event in a shopping mall, and the whole audience is full of one thousand shopping. You can draw a lottery. It is said that there are more than a dozen first prizes, and the prize is a car.

However, this raffle has been held for several days, and no one has won the first prize. Everyone knows in their hearts these first-class cars. Just put it here, just make a look.

But these cars are all the latest Porsches. Many people spend a lot of money in shopping malls for the lucky draw.

“Wow! Son…”

Krista is so happy, these cars are so stylish..

When I saw these cars, Krista was like a flying bird, and she was very excited and said to Darryl: “My son, these cars. Are they particularly expensive…”

Krista’s eyes can’t be moved anymore. The luxury cars in front of her look much better than those of Dongao Continental..

Darryl smiled slightly, and said, “These cars are all luxury brands. They are indeed expensive, but they are not too expensive.”

Krista was curious and couldn’t help but touched it with her hand.

“Hey, where’s the wild girl? Do you dare to touch any car?”

at this time. There was a scolding from the side, and then, I saw a woman in professional attire walking over quickly with an angry expression on her face.

This woman is the manager of Tianyu Mall and her name is Jiang Yingxia. She is usually in the office. Just now, she came out to send a customer, only to see that this girl was actually touching the car.

Krista panicked and hurriedly shrank her hands. As a result, the bag in her hand was accidentally scratched on the car door, and a slight scratch suddenly appeared on the car door.


In an instant, the eyes of many people gathered together!

Jiang Yingxia was frightened, angry, and distressed. He pointed at Krista and cursed: “You wild girl. What’s the matter? Itchy hands, don’t you know how much the car is? You can touch it?”

Jiang Yingxia was very angry. She is a store manager, and now she sees the car being scratched, can she not be angry.

These cars are all rented. It will be returned to the 4s shop in a few days! It’s scratched now. When you return it, you will lose money!

Jiang Yingxia was on fire at that time, pointing to Krista and said: “Have your parents come? I tell you, don’t lose money today, don’t want to leave! There is something for your mother’s but not your mother. Why do you owe your hands so much? No tutor?”

“I…I…” Krista couldn’t help panicking, her eyes turned red all of a sudden, and she whispered: “Yes… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Jiang Yingxia said with a cold face, and said angrily: “I’m sorry, it’s okay? You die girl. Do you know how much this car costs? Wait for your parents to lose money.”

While talking, Jiang Yingxia was going to grab Krista’s wrist.

The total price of this car is more than two million yuan, but you can’t let her slip away.

At this moment, Darryl stood in front of Krista, barely squeezing out a smile: “I’m sorry, she is my sister. This car is scratched, I am definitely compensated, don’t get excited.”

Although Jiang Yingxia’s words were a bit awkward, Darryl was still not angry. After all, it was indeed Krista who accidentally scratched the car.

But who knows, when Jiang Yingxia heard this, he became more angry in an instant, pointed at Darryl’s nose, and shouted: “Compensation? Can you compensate?!”

At this time, the people around him gathered more and more, all eyes gathered on Darryl, gloating at the excitement.

Darryl sighed: “Don’t worry, I can compensate.”

“Okay, compensation right? Three million, take the money.” Jiang Yingxia said coldly.

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