Stealing Your Heart Novel Chapter 45 – 46

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Chapter 45

When she heard the sound of coming in, she opened the door…

Ryan’s office is very modern, spacious and concise, simple furnishings, solid monochrome, full of calm atmosphere, full of light on the side of the floor-to-ceiling windows on the front wall.

Standing there, the view was wide enough to overlook the entire city.

Ryan was looking at the document without raising his head.

Carla stood at the table holding the file and handed it over.

Ryan didn’t answer, and said lightly, “Put it on the table.”

Carla had no choice but to put down the document and spoke several times, but there was no good explanation.

How to open this head?

Say, Mr. Blair, can you come home with me?

Just thinking about it Carla knew that he would definitely refuse.

Ryan thought it was Alma, “What’s the matter?”

He turned a page, still not looking away from looking at the document.

“I want to ask Mr. Blair to do me a favor.” Carla mustered the courage.

He seemed to have heard that the voice did not belong to Alma. He raised his head and saw Carla stumblingly standing at his desk.

Carla hurriedly pulled out a smile, “Mr. Blair.”

The moment he saw it was her, a pleasant light flashed across his eyes, but it disappeared quickly.

It seemed unexpected that she would show up in his office.

Ryan closed the folder, leaned back, his eyes fell on her, her face, her neck, her che5t, her waist, every inch, every place. , He didn’t miss it.

“What’s up?”

Carla slightly staggered his teasing gaze, “Mr. Blair, you didn’t notice it because you caused me so much trouble?”

“Oh?” Ryan was surprised.

Carla squeezed her hand and said calmly, “Alma deliberately made things difficult for me in the company. I don’t need to say this. I think Mr. Blair knew about it. Also, I was almost killed yesterday because I am married. So, can Mr. Blair go back to Lane’s house with me for my safety?”

Ryan propped his forehead with one hand and pressed his fingers on his temples. He seemed to be a little tired, and he didn’t want to make a sound.

Carla was standing, with a heart that went up and down, and didn’t know what he meant.

After a long time, he raised his eyelids, “What did you just say?”

“Can you come to Lane’s house with me?” Carla quickly repeated it again.

His voice was low and slow, “Oh.”

Can you give me a word?

Carla was suffering in her heart.

She wanted to open her mouth to ask, but felt that it was wrong. After thinking about it, her eyes fell on his temple.

Thinking of asking him, Carla said with a heart, and walked around the desk, awkwardly speaking, “I’ll help you press it.”

He put down his hand and closed his eyes heavily, acquiescence.

Carla had no experience, just tried to rub his temples.

At the moment when his skin was red on a blind date, his muscles visibly tensed.

Carla thought he was uncomfortable, so she relaxed a little and asked, “Is this all right?”

He hummed dumbly.

Carla rubbed his temples on both sides according to this strength. Every muscle of his was very strong and flexible. From the angle of her standing, looking down like this, the lines of his side face and his neck were convex. The Adam’s apple, the scene outlined is extremely s3xy.

Carla didn’t dare to look at it anymore, aside from her gaze, tried to ask, “I have no other meaning in asking you to accompany me to Lane’s house, just simply have a meal.”

He half-sniffed his eyes, obviously unbelieving, his tone was somewhat teasing, “Really?”

Carla’s heart squeezed tightly, this is no way to hide from him.

Frankly said, “I just want Shawn to see that you really like me. He has some of my things in his hand. I want to get them back. So Mr. Blair, can you promise me?”

Chapter 46

Carla was afraid that he would refuse, and said, “Mr. Blair, I was almost splashed with boiling water today. If it weren’t for being considered as your woman, I don’t think I would have this unwarranted disaster, right?”

She paused and continued, “Last time I was at home, I gave you the document translated.”

“Although the price was negotiated, you did not give me the money. I spent the whole night. Now, I don’t want it, just beg Mr. Blair to do this for me.”

He finally raised his eyelids, “For this reason, I can’t refuse.”

“Thank you, Mr. Blair——”

Before Carla’s words of thanks came to an end, the door of the office was knocked.

Carla’s nerves tightened, consciously let go of the hand that was massaging Ryan, and stepped aside.

Ryan glanced at her, without placing his beak, acquiescing to her behavior.

She lowered her head, rubbed her fingers, her palms were sweaty.

If she didn’t want to borrow Ryan’s tiger skin, she would never dare to please him in this way.

She is helpless, and now she can only use the power of this ‘husband’ to regain her own things.

Alma came in with the file, saw Carla there, frowned, and just wanted to ask why she was there. At this time, Ryan opened his mouth, “What’s the matter?”

“You need to sign this document.” Alma laughed slightly stiffly.

He reached out to take it, browsed the file, and said, “I don’t need you here, go out first.”

Carla bowed her head and exited the office.

Alma turned her head and glanced at her slightly, wishing to go up and give her a palm. Is she here to s3duce Ryan while she was away?

This is her place, she can’t think of crossing the boundary!

“Ryan, she—”

“I asked her to come in to deliver the translation documents, something?” His calm face was not a bit turbulent.

There is no trace of him lying.

Subconsciously, put the responsibility on himself.

Alma is not friendly to her, how could he not see.

He just couldn’t do anything to Alma.

He is responsible.

“No.” Alma walked over and pressed his shoulders, “You’ll just leave it to me in the future.”

Ryan said faintly.

After getting off work, Carla stood by the road outside the building.

She stiffened her back when she saw the black car coming out of the garage.

Because she knew whose car it was.

Soon the car stopped beside her. Ramiro didn’t follow him today. He drove the car by himself and the window was lowered.

Ryan’s eyes fell on her.

Carla is wearing a red skirt with a one-line collar and a waist design. The skirt and the knees show thin white calves.

Feeling his gaze, Carla explained, “The clothes are too ugly. I’m afraid of embarrassing you. After all, it is your wife’s identity.

She is selfish, afraid that Shawn and the others will see that she and Ryan are not in love.

Taking advantage of the lunch break, she went back to the villa. This was her eighteenth birthday and was given by Jamie. She has not been wearing it.

She has a white complexion, and the red color radiates her skin from the white. The delicate collarbone and the slender neck are all very charming.


Ryan’s eyes flickered, and he said faintly, “Get in the car.”

She was sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, because this was going to Lane’s house, and she had enough to do the show.

Ryan’s face was too calm, Carla didn’t know what he meant.

Is it because she didn’t wear it properly?

She rarely wears such bright colors.

At that time, Jamie said it was suitable for her.

The mottled floating light glimpsed outside the car window, constantly retreating, intertwined, reflected in Ryan’s handsome and hard face, like a magnificent dream.

Unreal, so far away.

Just like their distance, they looked very close, but they were separated by a large mountain.

She paused for a moment, and asked her doubts, “Am I not good-looking?”

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