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Chapter 4510

Speaking of which, Ji Beiye didn’t want to be so humble and humble.

But there is no way. His Excellency Haotian in front of him has unfathomable strength. He fought against Darryl over Qizhou City before, and he was able to provoke Tianlei.

Such strength is simply earth-shattering, weeping ghosts and gods.

With such an existence, Ji Beiye naturally has to make offerings, and does not dare to be disrespectful in the slightest.


At the invitation of Ji Beiye, Haotian looked indifferent. After sitting down on the tiger-skin chair, he said lightly, “I asked you to help me track down Darryl’s whereabouts. How’s the progress?”

When it comes to Darryl, Haotian can’t express his annoyance.

Mad, who was in the sky above Qizhou City at the time, would not have been injured by the shock, nor would Darryl have taken the opportunity to slip away, had it not been for the divine power that caused the thunder.

Now that half a month has passed, there is still no Darryl’s whereabouts, which makes Haotian sleepless.

Speaking of which, Haotian didn’t need to ask Ji Beiye to help him if he hadn’t rehabilitated his injuries, he would have gone all over the world to find it himself, but what annoyed Haotian was that Ji Beiye promised, but there was no progress.

Haotian really couldn’t wait tonight, so he came to Ji Beiye to ask.


Faced with the inquiry, Ji Beiye’s face became complicated in an instant, and he scratched his head and said, “Your Excellency, I have sent a lot of people to look for him in the past two weeks, and even asked people to inquire on the rivers and lakes, but there is still no news about that Darryl.”

“I guess that Darryl finally fell into the river, is he already dead?”

When it came to the end, Ji Beiye watched Haotian’s reaction carefully.

Hearing this, Haotian frowned, and said without thinking, “Impossible, that Darryl’s ability is far beyond your imagination, just falling into the water, it is impossible to drown him.”

At this time, Haotian had a determined look on his face.

He has been fighting with Darryl for so many years, and even Darryl is omnipotent. Where must he be now, quietly recovering from his injuries and regaining his strength.

Thinking to himself, Haotian looked closely at Ji Beiye: “You have hundreds of thousands of troops, how difficult is it to find one person? Or…you didn’t take this seriously at all?”

The tone was calm, but it gave people a strong pressure of suffocation.


Feeling Haotian’s terrifying aura, Ji Beiye couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. He couldn’t tell the panic in his heart, and quickly said: “How can I not be true about your Excellency, it’s just…”

Saying that, Ji Beiye’s face was full of misery: “Right now our army is at war with King Shaoyang of Qizhou City, and several times the siege of the city has failed. If I lead the army to leave and help your Excellency find people, the matter will spread, The world will think that I, Ji Beiye, are afraid of the King of Shaoyang.”

“At that time, it will not only affect morale, but it will be even more difficult to attack Qizhou City in the future.”


Hearing this, Haotian frowned: “A Qizhou city, is it so difficult to break through?” During this period of time, he had been recuperating from his injuries and regaining his strength, and he didn’t pay attention to the battle in front of him at all.


At this moment, Ji Beiye smiled bitterly, and said embarrassingly: “I’m not afraid of your Excellency’s joke, this Qizhou City is only tens of thousands of defenders, if we fought head-on, we would have won it long ago, but that King Shaoyang is good at using soldiers. .”

“Not only that, I heard that Darryl also passed on several of his formations. These formations are very mysterious. Because of this, the King of Shaoyang blocked my army of hundreds of thousands from Qizhou City. “

When he finished saying this, Ji Beiye couldn’t help but feel ashamed.


Seeing him mention Darryl, Haotian’s face instantly turned gloomy, his eyes flickered, and he said coldly: “Darryl passed several formations to King Shaoyang?”

“It’s just a few formations, little tricks of carving insects.”

When he spoke, Haotian’s eyes were full of contempt.

Speaking of which, Haotian has no interest at all in this war in Tianxin Continent, but once it is related to Darryl, he cannot restrain himself.

Ji Beiye is a good person. Seeing Haotian’s expression at this time, he immediately guessed something and took the opportunity to say, “Do you have a way to decipher those formations?”

“A mere few formations are nothing.” Haotian said with a proud face, puzzled.

Ha ha….

Hearing this, Ji Beiye was very excited, and hurriedly bent down and bowed: “In that case, please help me. As long as I break through Qizhou City, I will do my best to help track down that Darryl’s whereabouts.”

Chapter 4511

When saying this, Ji Beiye was excited, and his eyes were full of expectations.

With the help of Your Excellency Haotian, wouldn’t Qizhou City be easily won?

“it is good!”

Facing Ji Beiye’s expectations, Haotian pondered for a while, and finally nodded: “Then I will help you once. Tomorrow morning, the whole army will gather and prepare to attack the city.”

After speaking, Haotian slowly got up and strode out of the tent.

“As ordered!”

Ji Beiye stood behind him and responded excitedly.


the next morning.

When the first ray of morning light shone on Qizhou City, there were already many people on the street, and many shops opened their doors early.

During this period of time, although Ji Beiye’s army has been attacking the city, and every time they return without success, so the people in the city were very nervous at first, but seeing Ji Beiye’s army being defeated many times, they are not worried in the end. It is time to do business. For business, the cultivated land should be cultivated.

In the hearts of the people of Qizhou City, there is King Shaoyang who is good at using soldiers, and Qizhou City will never be broken.

At this moment, upstairs at the city gate, several soldiers who were vigilant were leaning against the wall, drowsy.

“I’m coming!”

Carrying a few breakfasts, a soldier happily ran to the mall building, shouting, “Don’t sleep, if you let the lord know, you won’t be able to keep your heads. Come on, I’ll bring you breakfast.”


Hearing the shouts, several dozing soldiers woke up one after another, and quickly surrounded them when they saw it was early.

“Oh, the meat buns from Zhu Laoqi’s family are good, fragrant…”

“Soy milk is also fresh…”

While admiring, several soldiers devoured it.

Da da da…

It was at this time that there was a roar in the wilderness outside the city, from far to near.

Hearing the movement, a few soldiers turned their heads subconsciously and saw Ji Beiye’s army of hundreds of thousands coming in a mighty manner. At the forefront were nearly 10,000 cavalry, all black armor, glowing in the morning sun. cold light.

Ha ha…

Seeing this scene, several soldiers did not panic at all, but after being stunned, they couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“This Ji Beiye is really persevering.”

“Yeah, I just lost the battle yesterday, and I came back this morning. I’m so persistent…”

“As far as he calls himself a ‘Great General of Everlasting Victories’, in my opinion, it is more or less the same as a Great General who has repeatedly defeated.”

After a burst of laughter, one of the soldiers recovered and shouted to the messenger in Xiaman: “Quick, go and report to the lord, that Ji Beiye is here again.”

When the voice fell, the other soldiers on the city gate also gathered and waited.


The messenger responded quickly and rushed towards the palace.

Soon, King Shaoyang got the news and rushed upstairs to the city gate, accompanied by the young emperor Ying Kuang and the county master Qingyu.


When they arrived at the city gate, seeing the scene in front of them, whether it was Ying Kuang or Qingyu, they couldn’t help but feel cold in Shenxikou.

I saw that Ji Beiye’s army of hundreds of thousands had arrived outside the city gate, densely packed and imposing. In front of the army, Ji Beiye was wearing black armor, riding a war horse, and his face was full of confidence.

Seeing this scene, Ying Kuang couldn’t help but said: “Ji Beiye came out this time, is he going to gamble?”

Although Ji Beiye failed in the previous siege, but after all, there are hundreds of thousands of troops who can fight well. In comparison, the tens of thousands of defenders in Qizhou City are still a bit weak.

At the same time, Qingyu’s delicate face could not hide her worry.


Feeling Ying Kuang’s worry, King Shaoyang smiled slightly and said to himself, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty, leave everything to me.” The several formations taught by Your Excellency Darryl are really mysterious, even if Ji Beiye has twice as many troops and horses , I am not afraid.

When the words fell, King Shaoyang slowly walked to the edge of the tower, looked down at Ji Beiye, and said to his dantian, “Ji Beiye, are you here to surrender?”

When speaking, King Shaoyang looked confident.

At this time, the King of Shaoyang had not noticed that behind Ji Beiye’s army, a chariot was parked, and inside the chariot sat Haotian quietly.

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