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Chapter 4512

Hearing King Shaoyang’s ridicule, Ji Beiye was furious and couldn’t help shouting angrily: “King Shaoyang, don’t show up in front of me. It’s unclear who will win today.”

While speaking, Ji Beiye Yuguang looked at the direction of the chariot.

Haotian told him last night that he would attack the city early this morning and let Ji Beiye attack the city in his own way. At the critical moment, Aotian would remind him what to do.

Ha ha…

At this moment, King Shaoyang smiled lightly and looked at Ji Beiye closely: “I’m quite confident, it seems that the previous defeats were not bad enough.”

When the voice fell, Qingyu, who was next to him, recovered, and couldn’t help shouting at Ji Beiye: “Ji Beiye, you are not my brother’s opponent at all. If you have self-knowledge, then immediately dismount, slay yourself, and give it to my mother. die.”


Hearing this, Ji Beiye laughed wildly: “If you want my life, it depends on whether you have the ability.”

When the voice fell, Ji Beiye shouted at the hundreds of thousands of soldiers behind him: “All the soldiers obey the order, attack, breakthrough Qizhou City, and capture the King of Shaoyang alive.”

The majestic voice spread throughout Qizhou City.


“Break Qizhou City and capture King Shaoyang alive!”

Hearing Ji Beiye’s order, the hundreds of thousands of troops let out a thunderous howl, waving long knives, and rushed towards the city gate like a tide.

Seeing this, King Shaoyang raised a confident smile on the corner of his mouth, and shouted at the surrounding defenders: “Don’t panic, go out of the city to fight, first deploy the Four Elephants Array, and then switch to the Bagua Array…”

After several previous actual battles, the defenders of Qizhou City were able to deploy the formation skillfully, so King Shaoyang was not worried at all.

“Yes, my lord!”

The voice fell, and tens of thousands of defenders quickly rushed out of the city gate, and then quickly deployed into a huge four-elephant formation to meet Ji Beiye’s army of hundreds of thousands.


In the blink of an eye, the two sides collided, and immediately many Ji Beiye’s soldiers were trapped in the Four Elephants Array, and then they were hacked to death by random knives and screamed out.


Seeing this scene, Ji Beiye was a little anxious at the time, and couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the direction of the chariot.

At this time, Ji Beiye still didn’t know that although Haotian was sitting in the chariot, the situation under the city gate was very clear. , it’s just a simple four-image formation, I’ll teach you how to crack it…”

Afterwards, Haotian explained the solution in detail.

Ha ha….

After listening to this, Ji Beiye was extremely excited, with a smile that could not be concealed on his face, he immediately cast his figure and rushed into the air, shouting at the battlefield: “The whole army obeys the order, the 100,000 soldiers in front step back 50 steps, and the left 50,000 soldiers. General, fifty paces south…”

“Move quickly and fight back immediately after you are in place!”

The last sentence, Ji Beiye almost roared out.


Hearing Ji Beiye’s cry, the hundreds of thousands of troops that had been in disarray, quickly moved one by one, and quickly changed their positions according to Ji Beiye’s instructions.


Seeing this situation, King Shaoyang was shocked, his eyes fixed on Ji Beiye, his face was full of incredible.

This is impossible…

Ji Beiye was defeated by me yesterday, how could he know the key to cracking the formation overnight?

At this time, the King of Shaoyang did not know that Ji Beiye had an expert to help him, and this expert was Haotian who had fought fiercely with Darryl over Qizhou City before.

At this moment, realizing that King Shaoyang’s expression was different, Qingyu couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

At the same time, Ying Kuang couldn’t help but look at King Shaoyang.


King Shaoyang took a deep breath and said complicatedly: “Ji Beiye knows how to break the formation, and now Qizhou City is in danger…” When speaking, King Shaoyang couldn’t hide the worry on his face, and he felt a little bit in his heart. bad feeling.


Hearing this, Qingyu and Yingkuang were both shocked.

Immediately, Qingyu reacted, biting her lip and said, “How is this possible, the several formations you used were taught by Your Excellency Darryl, how could Ji Beiye know how to decipher it?”

Speaking of this, Qingyu Xiumei frowned and guessed: “Could it be that Darryl…. betrayed His Majesty and secretly joined Ji Beiye?”

Chapter 4513


As soon as the words fell, the King of Shaoyang did not respond, Ying Kuang shook his head: “Your Excellency Darryl is upright, how could he be mixed with rebels, there must be a hidden secret.”

King Shaoyang nodded in agreement.

bang bang bang…

At this time, the battle under the city became more and more intense, and after seeing Ji Beiye’s army changing its formation, the four-image formation of the defenders of Qizhou City was instantly smashed into pieces.


Seeing this scene, both Ying Kuang and Qingyu were secretly anxious.

This Ji Beiye really found a way to solve it.

At the same time, King Shaoyang was also anxious, standing on the gate of the city, shouting: “All the defenders obey the order, hurry, hurry up and transform into a gossip array, hurry up…”


Hearing the words of King Shaoyang, the tens of thousands of defenders did not feel embarrassed and neglected, and immediately changed their positions and formations.

However, Ji Beiye had Haotian to help secretly, and at this time he also commanded the army and changed the formation to deal with the gossip formation of the defenders.


For a time, with the constant screams from the defenders, the gossip formation was completely dispersed.

This… how could this be.

Seeing this scene, King Shaoyang clenched his fists and trembled all over. In addition to doubts, he was also a little angry and unwilling.

Could it be… this is God’s will, God wants to destroy my Dayan Dynasty and Qizhou City?

Qingyu next to her was also trembling in the suburbs, and her delicate face was extremely pale.

Can’t stop…


At this time, in the air outside the city, Ji Beiye saw the situation in front of him, the previous depression was swept away, replaced by indescribable excitement and excitement, and immediately laughed up to the sky: “Okay, okay!”

Your Excellency Haotian is indeed a generation of prodigies. The formation that blocked my army of hundreds of thousands was actually broken by him so easily.

“Sword Comes”

Excited, Ji Beiye pulled out his long knife, pointed at Qizhou City, and shouted: “The whole army listened, immediately attacked the city and wiped out all the defenders…”


“Kill it.”

The voice fell, and hundreds of thousands of troops poured into the city like a broken bamboo. Many defenders desperately resisted, but the disparity in admitting defeat was too great to resist at all.

In a blink of an eye, the bodies of many defending soldiers fell at the gate of the city, the ground was stained red by donating blood, and the air was filled with the smell of blood.


At this moment, King Shaoyang was full of unwillingness, and finally slapped Xiacheng on the head, turned around and shouted at the dozen guards of the palace behind him: “Quick, protect His Majesty and leave, quick!”

With that said, King Shaoyang shouted at the defenders under the city: “Retreat, all the defenders retreat, don’t fight.”

To be honest, King Shaoyang didn’t want to give up Qizhou City just like that, but he had no choice. Several of the formations he knew were all broken by the opponent.

“Yes, my lord!”

Hearing the order, a dozen guards of the palace rushed to protect Ying Kuang and Qingyu from the city gate, and then fled towards the west gate with the defeated defenders.

The King of Shaoyang took the other palace guards to break the queen.


As soon as they all evacuated here, Ji Beiye’s army completely invaded the city of Qizhou. In an instant, the people fled in panic, and the streets were also in chaos.

After the complete occupation of Qizhou City, hundreds of thousands of troops gathered on the street in front of the palace, waving long knives one by one and cheering in unison.

“We won, finally we won!”

“The general is mighty!”

Hundreds of thousands of troops, shouting in unison, the momentum is shocking!

Ji Beiye stood at the gate of the palace, listening to the cheers, with a look of excitement and excitement on his face. At that time, he raised his dantian, and his strong voice spread throughout Qizhou City: “Every soldier has worked hard, from now on, the army will Let’s rest and celebrate for three days!”

“Thank you, General!” Hundreds of thousands of troops were very excited and shouted in unison.

After arranging everything, Ji Beiye entered the palace, at this time Haotian had been waiting in the hall for a long time.

“Ha ha!”

Arriving in the hall, Ji Beiye laughed and said respectfully to Haotian: “Your Excellency is really a genius, that King Shaoyang’s several formations were so easily cracked by you. It’s really admirable.”

When saying this, Ji Beiye couldn’t help but look forward to the future.

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could keep your Excellency Haotian by your side, and win the world in the future?

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