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Chapter 4592

Oops, the other party set fire, and now he will be burned to death.

That is, at this moment, the fire in the room was getting bigger and bigger, the smoke was billowing, the maid couldn’t breathe well, and she was too nervous, and finally passed out in the dark.


In the face of this situation, Darryl also quickly performed the Qi-holding method, and then checked the maid’s condition. Seeing that she was only in a coma and her life was not in danger, she was relieved.

That’s when the fire burned to the front.


At this moment, Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly used the power of the red lotus of the law to deploy a protective film around him, covering himself and the maid.

Speaking of which, the red lotus of the law in Darryl’s body can be combined with the fire in front of him, but when he met the Fire Temple Wolf in the valley before, Darryl had already used it once. , so in the face of the current situation, you can only deploy a protective film to protect yourself.


The moment the protective film is formed, the fire is immediately blocked.

However, Darryl once again used the power of the red lotus karmic fire, and at this time he could not tell how weak, his face was pale.

“Quick, catch the assassin!”

“Damn, they actually set fire in the back wing.”

“Never let them run away.”

At this moment, in the direction of the front bedroom, there were many shouts from guards. Immediately afterward, a lot of footsteps were heard.


Faced with this situation, several assassins looked at each other and became anxious.

“There are more and more guards, what should I do?”

“Otherwise, the princess and that person should have been burned to death.”

“No, I must die and see the corpse. The leader has repeatedly told me that I must not fail to assassinate the princess this time.”

Under the discussion, the leading assassin’s eyes flashed fiercely, and he poured all the kerosene around him on the road behind him and then threw a fire.


In an instant, the fire burned instantly, blocking the passage.

Faced with the blazing fire in front of them, the many maids who rushed to the front all changed their expressions and quickly stopped.

That is to say, the fire on the side of the wing gradually decreased.

At this moment, several assassins looked at each other.

“Quick, go in and see if the princess is dead.”


After the discussion, several assassins rushed into the room immediately, covering their mouths and noses while quickly searching. Soon, they were stunned when they saw Darryl and the maid hiding in the corner.

What a hell.

They were not burned to death in such a big fire just now.

At this time, several assassins clearly saw that Darryl and the maid were fully clothed, and there was no trace of burns on their bodies, and they were a little confused for a while.


Immediately afterward, the assassin in the lead was even more shocked when he saw the maid’s face: “Oops, I’ve been fooled, this is not a princess.”

As soon as the words fell, the other assassins rushed to check closely, all in shock and anger.


In the next second, several assassins looked at Darryl in unison, unable to hide the anger in their eyes.

“This kid is so cunning, he even got a fake princess to deceive us.”

“What should I do? It’s too late to go back now, there are more and more guards, and the road to the bedroom is blocked by the fire…”

“Damn, kill him.”

In anger, several assassins clenched their long knives and were about to hack Darryl to death on the spot.


At this moment, Darryl scolded secretly, secretly preparing to attack the enemy. It’s just that this day, the power of the red lotus of the law has been continuously used, and it is very weak at this time. In the face of several powerful assassins in front of him, he was completely helpless.

“and many more..”

At this critical moment, the leading assassin suddenly raised his hand and stopped his companion: “This kid looks a little familiar.” As he spoke, he looked up and down at Darryl.

Hearing this, the other assassins also carefully distinguished, and then nodded.

“Isn’t this the person the leader ordered to find?”

“Looks like it’s him.”

“Take him away, the assassination of the princess failed, but catching him back can be regarded as atonement.”

Before they came to the palace to assassinate, the leader issued another order at the same time, asking the entire organization to find a person named Darryl, and inside the organization, he specially painted a portrait.

Chapter 4593

The few assassins just now had their minds on the princess. In addition to the darkness of the night, they didn’t pay attention to Darryl’s appearance. At this time, when they looked closely, they realized that the man in front of them was exactly the Darryl the leader was looking for.

What the hell!

At this moment, when he heard the words of several assassins, Darryl was immediately confused.

What are these assassins looking for from me?


At this moment, there were more and more guards outside, and shouts kept coming.

“The fire is about to go out!”

“Never let the assassin escape.”

Hearing the movement outside, the leading assassin knew that there was no delay, and immediately made a decision: “Take this person back and return to life first.”


As soon as the words fell, several other assassins nodded, then swarmed up and tied Darryl Wuhua.

Darryl wanted to resist, but he was too weak and had no strength at all, so he could only be arrested.

“Come on!”

After helping Darryl, the assassin in the lead hurriedly rushed out, heading for the outside of the palace. Several companions took Darryl and followed closely behind.


At this moment, Darryl was both annoyed and depressed.

I thought that I had used the trick of ‘stealing the sky and changing the sun’ to keep the princess safety and everything would be fine, but I never thought of it, and finally put myself in danger.

That’s when the fire on the road leading to the wing was finally extinguished.

“Quick, catch the assassin!”


At the moment when the fire was extinguished, hundreds of guards shouted and rushed to the wing, but the wing had been burnt to rubble, where is the assassin’s shadow?

At this moment, Princess Yiyi rushed over, surrounded by Nie Hongxue and several guards.

“Where’s the assassin?”

Arriving at the front, Nie Hongxue’s delicate face was full of solemnity: “Have you caught it?” Just now, in the fierce battle with the assassin in the bedroom, Nie Hongxue’s strength had consumed a lot, and her face was pale at this time.


Hearing the question, the surrounding guards bowed their heads in shame, and then one of the guard captains whispered: “The assassin…the assassin ran away!”


Nie Hongxue frowned, feeling very annoyed, these assassins are really hateful, come here if they want, and leave if they want…

Princess Yiyi didn’t care much about the assassin, she kept thinking about Darryl’s safety and couldn’t help but say, “Where is Mr. Darryl?”

When the voice fell, the guards around you looked at me, I looked at you, and then all shook their heads.


Seeing this situation, Princess Yiyi was in a hurry and stomped her feet: “Then why are you still standing there? Why don’t you look for it?” When she spoke, Princess Yiyi’s delicate face could not hide her anxiety.

If it wasn’t for Darryl’s wisdom and letting a maid change clothes with him, I am afraid that he has been captured by the assassin now. It can be said that Darryl saved him.

More importantly, Darryl is resourceful and far-sighted, and he still needs his help to deal with Nuliha, and no matter what, he can’t let anything happen to him.

“Yes, princess!”

The guards responded and hurriedly searched around.


At this moment, Nie Hongxue couldn’t help but let out a sigh. If something happened to this Darryl, it would be troublesome. This man is almost omnipotent. With his help, the princess will have a chance to bring down Nuliha. With three longs and two shorts, let alone the princess sitting on the throne, it would be difficult to avenge Wang Khan.

Thinking to herself, Nie Hongxue gently comforted Princess Yiyi: “Princess, don’t panic, Mr. Darryl is so talented, he will definitely be fine.”

“There are still people here!”

Just as they were talking, they heard someone shout, and everyone hurried over to see that among the wreckage of the wing, the maid who had previously pretended to be a princess was lying there with her eyes closed, and she was still in a coma.


Seeing this, both Nie Hongxue and Princess Yiyi were shocked and had a bad premonition.

The maid was the only one left. Obviously, something happened to Darryl.

For a time, Princess Yiyi was so anxious that she was full of worries.

Darryl, don’t let anything happen to you.


Nie Hongxue reacted, sighed lightly, and said to the surrounding guards: “Immediately search the entire royal court to find the whereabouts of Mr. Darryl, remember, do it in secret, and don’t disturb the people of Nuliha.”

“As ordered…”

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