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Chapter 4598

While making fun of him, one of his close associates couldn’t help but said to Yan Luobing: “Boss, this person is very cunning. In my opinion, hurry down and torture him. Don’t waste your words with him.”

The other nodded in agreement.


Yan Luobing took a deep breath, thinking about it, and was about to speak.

Faced with this situation, Darryl was a little anxious and said, “Boss, you must have been troubled by this hidden disease for a long time, why don’t you let me try it, if it succeeds, is there any loss to you?”

“Anyway, I’m in your hands. If you fail, it’s not too late for you to deal with me.”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of expectations.


Hearing this suggestion, Yan Luobing bit her lip lightly and pondered.

This person is right, anyway, his life is in my injury, why not give it a try? If you fail, you have nothing to lose, and if you succeed, you can do it once and for all.

However, the two cronies next to him were in a hurry.

“Leader, think twice!”

“This kid must have some conspiracy.”

The words of the cronies kept coming, Yan Luobing thought for a while and said lightly: “You shut up, I have decided, let him give it a try.”

“Yes, chief!”

Seeing that Yan Luobing had made up his mind, the two cronies were anxious, but they were not good at saying anything.


Seeing this, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s dangerous, but fortunately, the leader agreed, otherwise, a meal of flesh and blood would be unavoidable.


At this time, Yan Luobing looked at Darryl quietly, and said coldly, “You better not play tricks, otherwise, I will tell you that life is better than death.”

“How dare I play tricks?” Darryl smiled: “Nothing matters.”


Yan Luobing nodded, not too lazy to talk nonsense at this time, and motioned one of his cronies to loosen Darryl’s bond.

The moment the rope was untied, Darryl moved his hands and feet, and his mood finally stretched a lot. Fortunately, the leader was willing to give it a try, otherwise, the consequences could not be imagined.

“All right!”

At this time, Yan Luobing said lightly: “How are you going to heal?” While speaking, Yan Luobing’s eyes were calm, but her heart was full of curiosity.

You must know that the hidden disease in her body has lasted for several years, and many famous doctors are helpless.


At this moment, the two cronies were also staring at Darryl, waiting for his answer.

Darryl showed a smile and said slowly: “In the case of the leader, there is only one way, and that is to use acupuncture and moxibustion to open up the blocked meridians. There is no other way.”


Hearing this word, both Yan Luobing and the two cronies around him were stunned. You must know that although the medical skills in Tianxin Continent are also developing well, there is no acupuncture yet.

After a few seconds, Yan Luobing calmed down and asked, “What is the method of acupuncture and moxibustion?”

It seems that there is no acupuncture on Tianxin Continent.

Seeing their expressions, Darryl muttered secretly, and then responded: “It’s just piercing the acupoints with silver needles, um… This is a lost ancient medical technique. The leader doesn’t have to wonder.”

Since there was no acupuncture on Tianxin Continent, Darryl had to make up a reason temporarily.


Acupuncture with silver needles?

Hearing this, the expressions of the two cronies changed greatly, and their hearts were also full of anger. What a joke, the acupuncture points of the human body are the lifeblood.

Because there is no acupuncture on Tianxin Continent, Darryl’s statement, in their opinion, is a very dangerous act.

Frightened, the two cronies couldn’t help but scold.

“Sure enough, it’s ulterior motives. I’ve never heard of a silver acupuncture point… I think it’s a lie you’re making up now.”

“Yes, he wants to kill our leader… What a silver needle to pierce a point, this is clearly murder.”

For a time, the more they talked, the more excited they became, and they began to criticize Darryl, with anger flashing in their eyes, and they could not wait to rush up to teach Darryl a lesson.

Two idiots.

At this moment, Darryl scolded inwardly, obviously, you are ignorant, but in turn, said that I want to harm people…

At this time, Yan Luobing reacted and looked at Darryl in a complicated way: “What you said is true?” When speaking, Yan Luobing’s tone was indifferent, but she was actually very puzzled, but it was because her identity was not easy to show.

Chapter 4599


Darryl nodded and looked at the two pro-channels subconsciously: “I learned this acupuncture technique by accident, you must know that in this world, there are heavens outside the sky, and there are people outside people, and what I have not seen does not necessarily exist. .”

The two cronies were not fools, so they naturally heard Darryl’s implication, and were immediately angry.

“What did you say?”

“Looking for death, dare to mock us for not knowing…”

In the face of the anger of the two, Darryl did not panic at all, and said lightly: “I didn’t say that, I have no choice but to take the two seats.”


Hearing this, one of the cronies couldn’t bear it anymore, and was about to come up to teach Darryl, but was stopped by Yan Luobing.

“What are you arguing about? Step back first!” Yan Luobing said lightly.

It has to be said that Yan Luobing has a strong aura. Seeing her speak, the trusted confidant glared at Darryl, and then obediently stepped aside.


In the next second, Yan Luobing looked at Darryl: “What’s the difference between the silver needles you said and the ordinary needles?” After all, she had never heard of acupuncture, so naturally, she didn’t know what the so-called silver needles were. look.

Darryl smiled: “Naturally it’s different…” Then, he described the style of the silver needle in detail.


At this moment, Yan Luobing thought for a while, and said, “This kind of silver needle is really special, but it is somewhat familiar with a hidden weapon we use.”

Saying that Yan Luobing took out a pack of silver needles from her body. This was the hidden weapon she often used, the ‘Soul Chasing Needle’. It was about two inches long and as thin as hair.

Darryl looked at it, nodded, and said: “Yes, although it is much thinner than the medical one, it can be used.” In fact, this kind of soul-chasing needle is too thin, if other doctors in the Kyushu mainland see it, they will definitely shake their heads. However, Darryl was taught by Shennong, and his medical skills were superb. Even if there were some flaws in this soul-chasing needle, it could still achieve the effect.

Does this work too?

Hearing Darryl’s answer, Yan Luobing Xiumei frowned.

At the same time, the two cronies standing beside them couldn’t bear it anymore, and they jumped out and screamed.

“Leader, this kid is nonsense at first glance. He just said the style of the silver needle, and the leader’s soul-chasing needle is so different from the silver needle he said, he even said that it can be used…”

“Yeah, this is too obvious. He doesn’t know any medical skills at all, and all acupuncture and moxibustion are all made up.”

what two idiots…

Seeing that they were yelling again, Darryl frowned and cursed inwardly, ignoring it.

At this moment, Yan Luobing frowned and said, “Okay, don’t make any noise.”

The two close friends quickly shut up.

Afterward, Yan Luobing looked at Darryl: “You start. What do you want to do?” She is a straightforward woman. Since she chooses to trust Darryl, she must persevere to the end.

Anyway, this person’s life is in his own hands, and he is not afraid of his tricks.


Darryl took a deep breath and said slowly: “In the case of the leader, thirteen needles need to be pierced, and they are all acupuncture points on the back. Of course, in order to ensure accuracy, the leader needs to take off his clothes…”


Hearing this, Yan Luobing froze for a moment, and his heart trembled faintly.

To… undress?

Over the years, I have been careful, the identity of a woman has not been exposed, and now I can’t reveal it. More importantly, this Darryl is a man, how can he show the appearance of a woman in front of him…

However, the two cronies stood aside and said nothing. They had been with Yan Luobing for several years, and they never knew that the leader was a woman.

Ha ha…

At this moment, seeing Yan Luobing’s hesitant look, Darryl couldn’t help but chuckle.

Looking at the situation, she didn’t want to reveal her identity as a woman.

Thinking to himself, Darryl held back his smile and looked at Yan Luobing seriously: “Could the leader have something to hide?” As he spoke, Darryl observed the changes in Yan Luobing’s eyes.


Hearing Darryl’s question, behind the bronze mask, Yan Luobing bit her lip tightly, and said uncomfortably, “No…” At this moment, Yan Luobing’s heart was extremely complicated.

To be honest, she really didn’t want to reveal her identity as a woman, but the situation on her body has tortured her for several years, and now she finally has a chance to heal, and she doesn’t want to miss it at all.

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