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Chapter 4658

To be honest, Darryl’s strength has not fully recovered. If he really fights, he may not be Shao Lingfeng’s opponent.

But Darryl knew that Feixue would definitely not let Shao Lingfeng do it.

“Shao Lingfeng!”

Sure enough, at this moment, Feixue quickly got up to stop Shao Lingfeng: “What are you doing with your sword? Don’t be impulsive.”

“Feixue, what are you protecting him for?” Shao Lingfeng was very angry, pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Because of this person, I almost ruined your innocence, I will help you kill him now.”

In Shao Lingfeng’s heart, Feixue was a goddess-like existence. At this time, seeing him entangled in Feixue, he couldn’t calm down at all.

“The Guard is Here”


At this moment, Feixue stomped her feet in a hurry: “The main responsibility for that incident is that Granny Safflower. After all, he is also a victim, can you calm down.”

Seeing Feixue say this, Shao Lingfeng felt even more upset, but it wasn’t easy for him to attack.

Haha, infighting….

Seeing this scene, Jia San and the others standing beside him, as well as Wu Boss and others hiding around, were inexplicably excited.

If these three people fight later, it will save them a lot of trouble.

“All right!”

At this moment, Feixue persuaded again: “Don’t say a word to both of you.”

Having said that, Feixue looked at Darryl: “Darryl, we have something to do later, you have to leave when you are full, you can’t make trouble for me, you know?”

The main purpose of taking a rest in this mountain village tonight is to eradicate the nearby mountain bandits. Naturally, I don’t want to see Darryl and Shao Lingfeng getting too stiff.


Darryl ate the meat, nodded vaguely and agreed: “Okay, do I look like a troublemaker? Of course, I left after I had enough.”

Seeing his promise, Feixue nodded.

Although Shao Lingfeng was very upset, in front of Feixue, it was not easy for him to have a seizure. He could only give Darryl a stern look, and then sat down in his seat again.

It didn’t even hit…

Seeing this situation, Jia San couldn’t help being a little disappointed, then squeezed out a smile, and came over to smooth things out: “Oh, since we all know each other, why are you making trouble?”

“Come on… This is the wine we brewed locally. It is sweet and mellow. All three of them have a taste…” As he said, Jia San walked to the table and gave Darryl three Poured the wine.

I have to say that Jia San’s acting is very similar, neither Shao Lingfeng nor Feixue noticed the difference. At this time, Shao Lingfeng took the wine very politely: “Brother, you are really polite.”

Feixue also smiled lightly: “I’m sorry, big brother, but I don’t know how to drink.”

Saying that, Feixue gently pushed the wine away from her.

Don’t drink?

Hearing this, Jia San frowned secretly, if you don’t drink, will our plan fail soon?

Thinking to himself, Jia San smiled again and introduced enthusiastically: “This wine is brewed from mountain springs. It’s not very strong. The girl can taste it.”

The voice fell, and several companions beside him quickly nodded in agreement.

“Yes, even children can’t get drunk with this wine.”

“How can a girl walk in the rivers and lakes without drinking?”

“That’s right, don’t worry, you are afraid that we will poison you?”

When the words of Jia San and the others came from you and me, Feixue bit her lip lightly, and couldn’t delay for a while, and immediately nodded, “Okay, I’ll take a sip.”

With that said, Feixue picked up the wine and prepared to drink.


However, at this moment, Darryl held Feixue’s hand and said with a smile: “You are a girl, what kind of wine are you drinking? Drinking is our men’s business.”

“You haven’t drunk before, you must be drunk as soon as you touch it. Forget it, I’ll drink it for you.”

Goo, goo, goo!

When the words fell, Darryl took off Xue’s wine bowl and drank it in one breath.

Darryl knew in his heart that Feixue could not be allowed to drink it if something was in the wine, and he had a physique that was invulnerable to all poisons, so he was naturally not afraid.


Seeing Darryl drinking for Feixue, Jia San looked at each other in dismay, feeling a little dazed for a while. They never thought that Darryl would help Feixue drink a lot.

Feixue was also stunned for a while, looking at Darryl with a dumbfounded expression, not knowing what to do for a while.

Chapter 4659


However, Shao Lingfeng couldn’t stand it any longer and stared at Darryl fiercely: “Boy, what kind of person are you Feixue? What qualifications do you have to drink for her?”

At this time, Shao Lingfeng was very angry.

Speaking of which, when Jia San came out with the wine, Shao Lingfeng had made a plan. Later, he would let Feixue drink a little. You must know that Feixue had never drunk before, and once he got drunk, he would definitely get drunk. At that time, Shao Lingfeng will have the opportunity to take care of her.

In the past few years, how many times Shao Lingfeng has shown his sympathy to Feixue, but Feixue has always been unappreciative, and now such a good opportunity has been destroyed by Darryl, how can he not be angry?

Nima, this man is really interesting.

Seeing Shao Lingfeng jumping up again, Darryl cursed secretly and looked at Shao Lingfeng with a half-smiling smile: “What kind of person are you? I drink for Feixue, what’s your business?”

At this time, Darryl was almost out of patience.

This person, Shen Lingfeng, is mentally ill. He is surrounded by bandits, so forget it if he doesn’t know it, and he is still targeting me everywhere.

“What did you say?”

Darryl’s tone made Shao Lingfeng even angrier.

In the face of this situation, Darryl did not panic at all, and chuckled at that time: “What? You can’t understand what I said, or are you deaf and can’t hear?”


This sentence almost made Shao Lingfeng angry, and he shouted angrily: “Boy, you really want to die…” Just before he could finish speaking, Feixue interrupted him.

“Okay!” Fei Xue frowned, and said tenderly, “You two have nothing to do. Shao Lingfeng, he’s just helping me drink, what are you doing so angry? Anyway, I don’t drink, he likes it, just Give him a drink.”

With that said, Feixue said to Darryl, “Remember what you promised me. When you have enough food and drink, you can leave quickly.” At this time, Feixue only wanted Darryl to leave quickly. The conflict is sure to get worse.


Darryl nodded with a smile: “I promise you, it’s a matter of course, I’ll leave when I’m full.” After speaking, he cleaned the wine in Feixue’s bowl.

However, this was not enough. Darryl finished drinking the wine in front of Feixue, brought Shao Lingfeng’s wine over, and drank it with his head up.


After drinking, Darryl exclaimed happily: “It really is a good wine, enjoyable!”

Yes, Darryl drank Shao Lingfeng’s wine and was helping him. Speaking of which, Shao Lingfeng was looking for trouble everywhere, and Darryl didn’t want to help him in his heart, but wanted to watch him drink these drugs.

It was just that there were so many bandits hiding around. If Shao Lingfeng was poisoned, Feixue alone would definitely not be his opponent. So Darryl weighed the pros and cons and decided to drink Shao Lingfeng’s wine.


Seeing this scene, Jia San and the others changed their expressions, and they couldn’t stand up anymore, staring at Darryl with complicated eyes.

He actually drank all three of them…. What should I do now?


At this moment, Shao Lingfeng couldn’t hold it anymore, he howled and punched Darryl in the face.

It’s enough for this person to entangle Feixue, and he dares to drink my wine, he’s just courting death.


Seeing his punch, Darryl pretended to be panicking and stood up, dodging the punch: “Why are you hitting me?”

“I don’t know the rules, I won’t just beat you, I want your life.” At this time, Shao Lingfeng was almost furious.

“Shao Lingfeng!”

However, at this time, Feixue quickly stood up, raised the scabbard, and separated Shao Lingfeng’s sword: “Why are you always having trouble with him, he will leave in a while.”

Seeing Feixue standing up for Darryl again, Shao Lingfeng’s face was extremely gloomy.

Seeing this situation, Jia San turned his eyes and hurried over to smooth things out: “It’s just a bowl of wine, don’t be hurt, the three of you, there are still some in the room, I’ll get them for you.”

Soon, Jia San walked out holding a jar of wine with medicine. Then he politely poured a bowl to Shao Lingfeng.

Shao Lingfeng and Feixue didn’t know what was going on, but Darryl was very clear in his heart.

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