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Chapter 4656


At the same time, Darryl also secretly shouted that it was not good, because he was hiding in a tree and the terrain was high, so Darryl could clearly see that several of Jia San’s accomplices quietly took out a bottle of wine when they were preparing wine and meat in the room. Pack of powder, mixed into it…

Darryl is an old river and lake. He doesn’t even need to guess to know what those powders are.


At this moment, Darryl couldn’t bear it any longer. He quickly jumped down from the tree and strode towards the yard.

With that said, Darryl arrived at the gate of the yard and pretended to smell it: “It’s so fragrant, fellow, can you come in for a bite to eat?”


At this moment, whether it was Jia San and the others, Shao Lingfeng and Feixue, as well as Boss Wu and others hiding around the courtyard, they were all stunned.

Who is this person? Where did it come from?

Only Feixue’s delicate body trembled, and her whole body was stunned, her eyes fixed on Darryl, her mind buzzing and blank.

He… didn’t he fall off a cliff and die? how….

Under the shock, Feixue’s mood was extremely complicated, she was a little shocked, and she was also a little happy. Speaking of which, she was very sad when she saw Darryl fall into the abyss. After all, she was going to commit suicide at that time, and Darryl fell to save her. of.

It can be said that every time Feixue thinks of the scene at that time, she can’t tell the guilt and self-blame in her heart. At this time, seeing Darryl safe and sound, he was naturally excited.

However, Feixue has a cold personality. Although she is very happy, her face still looks indifferent.

“You are…”

At this moment, Jia San reacted and stepped forward to look at Darryl: “Who are you?”

Hehe, this kid is still pretending to be a mountaineer?

Darryl sneered in his heart and responded, “I passed by here and saw the lights, so I wanted to borrow a place to rest.”

Passing by.

Hearing this, Jia San frowned and immediately waved his hand: “It’s inconvenient for us here, you can find another place to rest.” Now that the plan is halfway through, the man and woman will be captured immediately, and there must be no mistakes. .

“Fairy Wood”

How could Darryl leave? At that time, his eyes fell on Feixue, pretending to have just seen it, and said in surprise, “Aiya, why are you here, wife?”

As he said that, Darryl bypassed Jia San and sat next to Feixue with a smile.

What? wife?

Hearing this, both Jia San and Wu Boss and others, and Shao Lingfeng were all shocked.

Especially Shao Lingfeng, his eyes were like knives, he locked on Darryl coldly, and he couldn’t hide the hostility on his face. Is this kid looking for death? How dare you call Feixue wife?

Shao Lingfeng has always admired Feixue, but Feixue has a cold personality. Shao Lingfeng has never had a chance to express himself, but in his heart, he had sworn that Feixue would never marry in this life. At this time, he suddenly heard another man call Feixue wife. The anger in my heart can be imagined.


At this moment, Feixue’s delicate face also instantly flushed, embarrassed and angry. This Darryl is really not serious at all, calling my wife in front of so many people…

In shame, Feixue glared at Darryl angrily: “Shut up, who is your wife?”

Feeling Feixue’s displeasure, Darryl still said with a smile: “Why do you have such a cold face as soon as you meet, you won’t forget, we worshipped and got married before? Also, if I hadn’t reacted at that time. Come on, it’s you who fell into the abyss.”

Feixue was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and said lightly, “Why are you alright?”

“I was lucky, I was hanging on a tree at the time, so I got my life back.” Darryl responded with a smile, while admiring Feixue up close.

I have to say that Feixue is really a top beauty. She has not seen her for a few days and has become more charming than before.


At this time, Shao Lingfeng calmed down and looked at Darryl with a frown: “You are that Darryl?” At that time, Feixue was forced to marry a man by Granny Safflower in Qizhou City. Shao Lingfeng had already heard about it. , At this time, when I heard the conversation between the two, I immediately remembered.

“It’s down!” Darryl nodded.

Chapter 4657


At this moment, Shao Lingfeng took a deep breath and said sternly: “Darryl, when you married Feixue, it was forced by the situation at the time. It was not Feixue’s inner wish. Please change your name in the future, understand?”

It wasn’t loud, but there was a hint of threat.

At the same time, Feixue next to him was also extremely red.

This fool!

Hearing this, Darryl frowned secretly, between Feixue and I, what’s the matter with you?

Thinking to himself, Darryl was about to refute two sentences, but seeing Feixue’s expression, he held back. Speaking of which, it’s really not good to call her wife in front of so many faces.

“Sword Comes”

The next second, Darryl smiled and said to Feixue: “Okay, okay, I’m joking for you, don’t take it seriously.”


Feixue was very upset at this time, but she didn’t know why, but she couldn’t hate Darryl.

At this moment, Jia San finally reacted, came over and said with a smile: “So you know each other, so let’s sit together, we have prepared wine and meat, and this friend also has a rest.”

When saying this, Jia San’s face was full of politeness, and his attitude was completely different from before.

Speaking of which, it wasn’t that Jia San was kind, but that he planned to deal with Darryl together. Since the three people in front of him knew each other, none of them could let them run away.

“Thank you for your hospitality.”

At this moment, Darryl showed a smile and said to Jia San unceremoniously, “Then I’ll be welcome.” As he spoke, he grabbed the barbecue on the table and took a bite.

So fragrant.

Darryl just saw clearly that Jia San and the others just put something in the wine, so there is no problem with this barbecue.

Darryl ate with relish, while secretly paying attention to Jia San’s expression.

Ha ha….

Seeing that he was really eating, Jia San was secretly excited, and said on the surface: “Yes, friends, you don’t need to be polite, there are a lot of wine and meat…” At this time in his heart, the Darryl in front of him was just a stunner who had just entered the arena. Qing, there is no threat at all.


However, at this moment, Shao Lingfeng, who was beside him, watched Darryl eat unceremoniously. He was very upset and said coldly, “Who is your friend now? Hurry up and don’t hinder us.”

At this time, Shao Lingfeng was in a bad mood. Darryl was thick-skinned enough to sit down and eat. He thought he was a character, but he was just a clown.


Feeling the contempt in Shao Lingfeng’s tone, Darryl felt a little unhappy, and said lightly, “I didn’t say you were my friend. Feixue and I haven’t seen each other for a few days. Let’s talk about the old days, you can’t control it.”

As he said that, Darryl was chewing on the barbecued meat beautifully, looking like he was hanging around.

This idiot, I came here to help you deal with the mountain bandits, but you are always against me, your brain is really sick.


Shao Lingfeng was very angry and glared at Darryl, but he was speechless for a while.


At this moment, Feixue couldn’t help but softly said: “Why don’t you leave first, we have something to do later.” Seriously, she scolded Darryl lightly, but thought that he If you save yourself and fall into the abyss, you can’t be ruthless.


Seeing Feixue speak, Darryl subconsciously wanted to call his wife, but after shouting a word, he immediately changed his tune: “Feixue, I’ve walked a long way, and I’m tired and hungry.”

“Because of what happened before, we can be considered friends, right? You have the heart to drive me away?”


Seeing Darryl’s pitiful appearance, Feixue bit her lip tightly, how could she have the heart to drive him away?

“Go to Nima!”

At this moment, Shao Lingfeng couldn’t bear it anymore, he slammed the table down, stood up and glared at Darryl: “What kind of thing are you, you are also worthy of being Feixue’s friend?”

This man really pushed his nose on his face.

Darryl was also a little angry, and said coldly: “If you are not used to it, you can go first.”

Hearing this, Shao Lingfeng was completely furious, he suddenly pulled out his long sword, pointed at Darryl and said, “Boy, I think you really don’t know how high the sky is, how dare you talk to me like this? Do you want to die?”

Ha ha!

Feeling the coldness from the long sword, Darryl smiled lightly, not panicking at all.

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