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Chapter 4728

With that, Darrylyu turned around and pointed to the model of the warships connected in series: “But if these warships are connected together, the soldiers will be able to walk on the ground, and then slowly advance until they reach the south bank.”


Hearing this theory, whether it was King Shaoyang, Ying Kuang and Zheng Chao, they were all stunned and shocked.

This Mr. Darryl is worthy of being a genius. The problem that plagued Ji Beiye, he thought of a way to solve it. So many warships are connected together, which is similar to the land, which can just take advantage of the rebels.


The shocked colleagues, Shaoyang Wang and the three were also puzzled.

Well, why does Mr. Darryl stand in Ji Beiye’s point of view to deduce the battle situation?

“Guard Zheng!”

Just when the three were puzzled, Darryl looked at Zheng Chao with a smile: “The city lord has just lost his military power, in addition to conspiring with Ji Beiye, he will secretly summon you, and you will find an opportunity to tell me this method. he.”

“When he knows this method, he will tell Ji Beiye as soon as possible.”

When he said this, Darryl smiled and calmly controlled the whole situation.


However, when he heard this, Zheng Chao’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help saying: “Sir… If Ji Beiye knew this method, wouldn’t Qingyun City be in danger?”

When the voice fell, King Shaoyang couldn’t help but say: “Yes, if Ji Beiye even starts the battleship, the advantage of our navy will be gone, how can we resist then?”

Ying Kuang didn’t speak, just looked at Darryl thoughtfully.

At this time, Ying Kuang was also in a mess, but he firmly believed that Darryl did not want to surrender Qingyun City, there must be his reason behind it.

Ha ha.

Seeing the excitement of King Shaoyang, Darryl laughed and waved his hands to comfort him: “Don’t get excited about your lord and Zheng Weiwei. I have played against Ji Beiye a few times, how could you help him?”

“This method of linking ships with iron chains seems foolproof on the surface, but it has a huge drawback. In the event of an accident, each warship will lose its mobility.

Having said that, Darryl picked up the candle next to him, ignited the chain boat model, and said slowly: “Once there is a fire attack, hundreds of thousands of troops will have no escape and will inevitably collapse.”

Yes, Darryl is referring to the famous Chibi War in Kyushu.

When he first came to Qingyun City, Darryl discovered that the terrain here and the environment of the Chibi battle were very familiar. Unfortunately, although Ji Beiye’s army was strong, most of them were not familiar with water, so he thought of it at that time. this tactic.

However, around the palace, the city lord has many eyes and ears, so Darryl has not spoken.

Today, the city lord has been deprived of military power, and he will definitely ask Ji Beiye to discuss it. Darryl knew that the time was right, so he told the follow-up plan.


At this moment, after listening to Darryl’s overall plan, whether it was King Shaoyang, Ying Kuang and Zheng Chao, they were completely dumbfounded.

This set of chain tricks is really amazing.

With such a meticulous strategy, who could have imagined that this Mr. Darryl is truly a genius.

Especially King Shaoyang, who stared at Darryl, unable to hide his reverence. While shocked, he couldn’t help but muttered in his heart, fortunately, this Mr. Darryl is his own, if it is an enemy, then terrible.


Finally, Ying Kuang took the lead in reacting, looked at Darryl with admiration on his face, and said with a smile: “Sir is really resourceful, I’m afraid Ji Beiye can’t think of such a strategy even if he wants to break his head.”

When he said this, Ying Kuang’s heart was full of excitement, and the previous doubts were swept away.


At the same time, Zheng Chao also bowed to Darryl and said convincingly, “This strategy is a miracle. I misunderstood Mr. just now, which made him laugh.”

The King of Shaoyang also laughed and praised Darryl: “Miao, this strategy is too good, if not for the explanation of Mr., I would still be in the dark, too good…”

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Ha ha…

Darryl smiled slightly, then looked straight at Zheng Chao and said, “Although this strategy is very good, the key depends on you.”

Chapter 4729

Hearing this, Zheng Chao hurriedly knelt down and said loudly, “Zheng Chao will definitely live up to his mission.”


Darryl nodded approvingly, and then said to King Shaoyang: “When the war begins, the navy of Qingyun City will definitely not be trusted, so the heavy responsibility of setting fire must be handed over to our own people.”

“Sir is very true!”

Hearing this, King Shaoyang nodded in agreement, then looked around, and said to the dozen or so guards present: “You have heard it too, when the day of the war, the task of setting fire to the ship will be handed over to you. .”


The voice fell, and more than a dozen guards knelt down in unison: “This subordinate will go all out.”

Seeing this scene, King Shaoyang nodded in relief, and then said to Darryl, “Sir, what should we do next?”

Darryl smiled slightly and shook the military talisman in his hand: “Next, please accompany me to visit the naval camp. The military talisman has already been obtained. If we don’t show up, I am afraid it will cause suspicion.”

Ha ha….

Hearing this, the two looked at each other and laughed.


the other side. City Lord’s Mansion Study.

The city lord sat there, looking depressed, and his mood was extremely bad. Without military power, it is like Lao Hu without his minions, how can he cooperate with Ji Beiye?

For a time, the more he thought about it, the more upset he became, so he called in his personal guard.

“Go, call some generals of the naval camp.” The city lord ordered, and his depressed face also flashed a little sinister at this time.

This little emperor actually took my military power, then I will not make you feel better.

“Yes, City Lord.” The guard replied, and hurried to the naval camp at night.

Half an hour later, more than a dozen navy generals came.

When they arrived in the study, a dozen generals saw the gloomy city lord, and their expressions became complicated.

“Lord City Lord.”

Finally, one of the generals couldn’t help but took a step forward and said, “What happened? How did the Navy Soldier Talisman fall into the hands of Mr. Darryl?”

Just now, Darryl, accompanied by King Shaoyang, inspected the water army camp together. The generals present were very puzzled, but it was not easy to ask Darryl at that time.

At this time, he was summoned by the city lord, and he couldn’t bear it any longer.


Hearing this, the city owner was stunned for a while, then raised his head and said, “You all know?”

The voice fell, and another general responded: “Mr. Darryl and the prince visited the camp just now.”


At this moment, the city owner was so angry that he couldn’t help patting the table and scolding: “It’s really a villain who has his ambitions. He thought that with the military talisman, the entire navy was his? It’s a fool’s dream.”

Seeing him say this, the dozen generals looked at each other, and became even more puzzled.

Without waiting for them to ask, the city lord calmed down and sighed: “Everyone, during the daytime battle, His Majesty was very dissatisfied, so he withdrew my military power. Instead, let that Darryl take over! What do you think about this matter?”

After saying this, the city lord looked around, noting the changes in the expressions of these soldiers.


Knowing this situation, the expressions of more than a dozen generals changed, and they all felt sorry for the city lord.

“How could this happen? The Qingyun City Navy was created by the Lord of the City. How much effort did it take?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what this little emperor thinks. Even if Darryl can use soldiers, he can’t cross the river and demolish the bridge.”

“It’s just bullshit.”

During the discussion, all the people present expressed their dissatisfaction with Ying Kuang. In fact, it is not surprising that these generals were all picked up by the city master, and they were grateful to him in their hearts. When they learned that he had been cut off from military power, they were all indignant. .

Seeing this scene, the city lord nodded with relief and said with emotion: “I heard you say so, it’s not in vain for me to cultivate you for so many years.”

At this moment, a general took a step forward and said loudly: “Lord City Lord, what to do next, tell me, we will listen to you.”

The voice fell, and the other generals also nodded.


The city owner took a deep breath and said slowly: “Since the little emperor doesn’t believe me so much, I don’t need to continue to be loyal to him. To be honest, I already got in touch with Ji Beiye two days ago.”

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