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Chapter 4906

Granny Honghua didn’t respond but looked around solemnly. She clearly felt that there was a strong aura fluctuating under the surrounding lake water…

“It’s going to rain.”

At this moment, Hong Shao said nonchalantly: “Senior sister, you are really making such a fuss.”


Hong Shao’s red lips parted slightly, and she was about to respond, but at this moment, a wave of huge waves hit the boat, and bursts of roar burst out, directly drowning the voices of the two of them.


At this moment, a huge monster sprang out from the bottom of the water, hovering in mid-air.


Seeing this huge monster, no matter whether it was Granny Honghua, or Hongshao and Qiangwei, their expressions changed, and they couldn’t help but secretly gasp.

I saw that it was a flood dragon, its body was tens of meters long, its body was covered with dark blue scales, its eyes shone with a palpitating light, and the terrifying aura that filled its body was almost suffocating.

Jiaolong… There are really Jiaolongs here.

Seeing this scene, both Hong Shao and Qiangwei turned pale and were shocked in their hearts.

Grandma Honghua was also very pleasantly surprised, she looked up at Jiaolong’s huge body and muttered to herself: “So the rumor is true, there really is Jiaolong here.”

When she spoke, Granny Honghua felt inexplicably excited.

Since there is a dragon, it means that the Crystal Palace under the lake really exists. If you get the treasure inside, won’t it be invincible in the future?


Just as Granny Honghua roared excitedly, Jiaolong let out a loud roar and swooped down, heading straight for Granny Honghua.

Seeing this scene, Hongshao and Qiangwei trembled delicately and could not help but exclaim.

“Master, be careful!”

“Be careful, Master…”

Hearing the disciple’s exclamation, Granny Honghua didn’t panic at all. At that time, the whole body was filled with battle, and she shouted: “My old lady has recently learned the strength of you, the dragon.”


As soon as the words fell, Granny Honghua’s strength exploded, she went up to the attack, and fought fiercely with Jiaolong.

However, Grandma Honghua didn’t fully recover her strength, and she was suppressed by Jiaolong in a short while. Seeing this situation, Hongshao and Qiangwei were very anxious and wanted to rush to help, but the boat was so violent that they could hardly stand up. stable.


After a while, Granny Honghua was hit hard by the dragon’s long tail, she let out a muffled groan, quickly fell from mid-air into the lake, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Seeing this scene, Hong Shao and Qiangwei trembled delicately, but before they could react, Jiaolong’s huge body rushed over, and the dragon’s tail directly slapped the boat to pieces.

When the powerful force came, both Lingluo and Qiangwei’s eyes went dark, and they passed out immediately.


Jiaolong didn’t pursue, his huge body submerged into the lake, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Soon after Jiaolong left, the dark clouds in the sky cleared and the lake became calm again.

the other side!

Darryl finally arrived at Emerald Lake after several hours of driving.


At this moment, Darryl stood on the hillside, looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath, this place is really good, with lush aura and beautiful scenery.

Feeling emotional, Darryl urged his figure to fly towards the largest island in the lake.


When he was about to arrive, Darryl frowned and saw two figures lying on the shore of the island, motionless and in a coma.

Seeing this situation, Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly landed.

After landing, Darryl saw that there were two unconscious women, one was a little bigger and the other was petite, both of them were incomparably charming.

After appreciating for a moment, Darryl walked over quickly.

Is it them?

When he got to the front, Darryl was stunned when he saw the faces of the two women.

It was Lingluo and Qiangwei.

For a moment, Darryl couldn’t help frowning secretly, he naturally knew this Lingluo, a disciple of Grandma Honghua, with a savage personality and cruel methods.

As for Qiangwei, Darryl looked at it for a long time before suddenly remembering that it was the beautiful woman he met in the Sunflower Secret Realm before.


A few seconds later, Darryl regained his composure and couldn’t help muttering secretly.

How did they end up together?

Chapter 4907

Could it be that… this Qiangwei is also related to Granny Honghua?

Forget it, it’s fate to meet.

Muttering, Darryl carried the two girls to the grass behind them, and then pressed them down. After making sure that the two girls were not in danger, he lit a bonfire beside him and waited quietly.


After a while, Qiangwei let out a low moan, and Youyou woke up.

After opening her eyes, Qiangwei was startled when she saw Darryl: “You…why are you?” Halfway through speaking, Qiangwei recognized Darryl, and she was even more surprised.

In the next second, Qiangwei came to her senses, and asked in surprise, “Why are you here?”

At this time, Qiangwei was very puzzled, isn’t this person a disciple of Mingyue Sect? How would it appear here? You know, it is thousands of miles away from Mingyue Gate.


Faced with the question, Darryl was a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and was about to respond, but at this moment, Lingluo who was next to him seemed to be having a nightmare, and shouted: “Master, Master….”

While shouting, Lingluo waved her hands and feet indiscriminately.

Seeing this situation, Qiangwei hurried over to comfort her softly: “Junior Sister is not afraid, Senior Sister is here…”

What? Junior sister?

Hearing this title, even though Darryl was prepared, he was still taken aback.

Looking at it like this, Qiangwei is also Granny Honghua’s disciple.

“Senior Sister…”

At this time, Lingluo woke up, seeing Qiangwei in front of her eyes, she was both joyful and frightened: “Wuuu… Senior sister, I was dreaming, Master, she…”

Before she finished speaking, Lingluo trembled when she saw Darryl next to her, she was surprised and ashamed at the same time: “Why are you here, you bastard?”

As she spoke, Lingluo thought she was dazzled, and subconsciously rubbed her eyes.

Really this bastard.

Before Lingluo forced Darryl to leave the hermitage together, she was teased by Darryl all the time, and finally forced to call him father, this matter, to Lingluo, was a great shame and humiliation, and she would never forget it for the rest of her life.

Seeing Darryl again at this moment, how could he not be angry?


Seeing Junior Sister’s reaction, Qiangwei was stunned for a moment: “You…know each other?”

“More than just knowing him?” Lingluo bit her lips tightly, and said fiercely, “I know him even when he turns to ashes.”

Seeing her angry look, Qiangwei was even more puzzled.

“Ha ha!”

Facing Lingluo’s attitude, Darryl was not angry at all, but said with a smile: “My dear daughter, seeing my father speak so harshly, isn’t it a bit inappropriate?”

Although Lingluo was hateful, Darryl didn’t bother to argue with her.


Hearing this, Lingluo became even angrier, and said angrily, “Shut up.”

This Darryl is really hateful, which pot is not open and which pot to carry.

Seeing that the two bickered as soon as they met, Qiangwei was curious and at the same time dumbfounded.

“Junior Sister!”

In the next second, Qiangwei asked, “What’s going on? How did you know each other?”

Lingluo snorted coldly but didn’t respond. I was teased by Darryl before, the details are too embarrassing, how dare I say it?

Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Qiangwei looked at Darryl again.

Darryl looked indifferent, and smiled: “It’s nothing, just a little misunderstanding.” He could see that although this Qiangwei was also a disciple of Grandma Honghua, she had a righteous heart, and her virtues were much better than Lingluo’s.

In this case, I won’t talk about the grievances between myself and Granny Honghua.


Seeing what Darryl said, Qiangwei nodded, didn’t ask any more questions, and then changed the subject: “Darryl, why are you here?”

Wasn’t it because of your master that almost killed Gu Qianqiu…

Hearing the inquiry, Darryl murmured in his heart, and then said lightly: “I heard that there are flood dragons appearing here, so I came here especially to check.”


At this moment, Qiangwei and Lingluo looked at each other, and their delicate expressions became extremely complicated.

Darryl didn’t wait for her to continue asking, and asked, “What about you?”


Qiangwei took a deep breath, with a bit of worry in her eyes: “We also came to investigate Jiaolong, and we also encountered…” After speaking, Qiangwei explained everything that happened before. out.

At this time, Qiangwei didn’t know the relationship between Darryl and Gu Qianqiu, so she didn’t hide anything.

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