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Chapter 51

The old grandma said again: “Zhiyuan, if the shares of the Liu family can be sold this time, grandma will not only give you rewards, but will also consider making you the successor of the Liu family.”

“Thank you grandma, thank you grandma!” Liu Zhiyuan was so excited! She glanced at Lily subconsciously, her face full of triumph.

Are you very capable?

You robbed you of the qualifications to cooperate with Ziyu Company.

But now, at the critical moment of the Liu family, can’t rely on me, Liu Zhiyuan?

Ten minutes later, an extended luxury sedan slowly stopped in front of Liu’s villa.

A man walked out of the car, dressed in casual clothes and wearing sunglasses. It is Huang Yanlang. Behind him, a few bodyguards followed.

This Huang Yanlang looked more than 20 years old, but with his outstanding skills, he was able to make a world of Kung Fu, and he was also a very capable person.

“Grandma, Master Huang from Shangwumen is here.”

People who practice martial arts are called masters. This is a respectable name.

“Quick, please come in!” The grandmother was very excited and quickly stood up.

Everyone in the Liu family also stopped talking in private and looked at the entrance of the hall.

Liu Zhiyuan stood at the door and waited.

Huang Yanlang took a few bodyguards and strode forward. I have to say that Huang Yanlang’s aura is very strong, and there is a domineering gesture in every gesture.

“Haha, Brother Huang came very quickly.” Liu Zhiyuan walked up quickly and shook his hand actively: “Brother Huang, this is my grandmother.”

“The old lady is good.” Huang Yanlang nodded at the old grandma, as a greeting, with a somewhat arrogant attitude.

“Master Huang, please sit down!”

The old grandma didn’t care either. After all, she greeted her with a smile.

Huang Yanlang sat down stabbingly, and a few bodyguards immediately stood behind him, full of style.

Everyone in the Liu family was silent, and they didn’t dare to speak rashly.

At this time, under the sign of the grandmother, Liu Zhiyuan explained the situation of the cooperation.

“Oh, it turns out that your Liu family wants to sell shares.”

After listening, Huang Yanlang nodded silently, then smiled slightly: “Twenty percent of the shares are only 500 million. It’s a bit less. I will give out 800 million!”


At this moment, everyone in the Liu family was shocked.

Twenty percent of shares, 500 million is not too small. It costs 800 million to buy it? ! What kind of person is this? Is something wrong?

Sure enough, it is rich and powerful. Everyone knows that Huang Yanlang has dozens of martial arts schools under him, and he has won many martial arts championships. Everyone knows that he is not short of money, but he did not expect that he is so short of money!

In shock, many people couldn’t hide the joy on their faces.

The grandmother is also very excited.

With these 800 million, why can’t his Liu family make a comeback?

Liu Zhiyuan was stunned, and then became excited: “Brother Huang, thank you so much!”

However, at this moment, Huang Yanlang turned his words: “However, I have a condition!”

“Master Huang, what are the conditions, please say.” The old grandmother sitting there said without thinking.

Huang Yanlang stood up, looked around with a smile, and slowly said: “When I was chatting with the Zhiyuan brothers, I often heard Zhiyuan say that his cousin is not only intelligent, but also the figure of a fish and a wild geese. In my heart, Mr. Huang I’ve been admiring for a long time.”

“So, today I am here to discuss cooperation, but also want to raise a k!ss by the way. I don’t think the old lady will refuse.”

When Huang Yanlang suddenly came so out, everyone in the Liu family didn’t expect it, and they all stayed for a while.

But everyone is a business man, and business marriage is the most normal thing, so after everyone froze, they looked at Liu Qianshuang subconsciously.

In the entire Liu family, Lily and Liu Qianshuang are the most beautiful.

But Lily is already married.

Therefore, everyone does not need to think too much, they all think that Huang Yanlang is after Liu Qianshuang.

Under the attention of everyone, Liu Qianshuang’s expression was very unnatural, he wanted to say something, but held back.

At this moment, Liu Zhiyuan reacted in a daze, and joked at Huang Yanlang: “Brother Huang, I was shocked just now. I thought you were going to make a harsh request. That’s it.”

Huang Yanlang smiled without saying a word, and looked at the grandmother tightly.

This marriage is related to the future development of the Liu family, and only the grandmother can make a decision.

At this moment, the grandmother did not hesitate at all, and responded with a smile: “It is an honor for the Liu family to be able to marry Master Huang.”

As he said, the grandmother turned her head and glanced at Liu Qianshuang: “Qianshuang, what do you want to say?”

Liu Qianshuang stood up and was about to speak when Huang Yanlang shook his head: “Old lady, wrong, I’m not talking about her!”


Not Liu Qianshuang?

Who is he going to marry?

At this moment, everyone in the Liu family was dumbfounded.

Liu Qianshuang froze there, his expression was wrong, and while he was relieved, he was also a little curious.

Just when everyone in the Liu family was puzzled, Huang Yanlang walked over with a smile.

At that moment, the eyes of everyone present moved with him. When he stopped, the whole hall was deadly silent.

Huang Yanlang actually arrived in front of Lily!

At this time, Lily was wearing a hip skirt, her elegant and gentle figure was enough to conquer countless men.

At this moment, Lily’s body trembled, and her heart was a little inexplicable.

“In my heart, Huang Yanlang, it is you who have always admired, Miss Lily.” Huang Yanlang looked at Lily deeply with a smile, and at the same time stretched out his hand.

Of course Lily wouldn’t shake hands with him. After secretly exhaling to calm down, she said word by word: “Master Huang, I think you made a mistake. I’m already married.”

At this moment, everyone in the Liu family also recovered and nodded quickly.

“Brother Huang, you must have made a mistake. Lily has been married for three years.” Liu Zhiyuan said.

Huang Yanlang smiled faintly and looked back at Liu Zhiyuan: “I was not mistaken at all. The one I have always liked is Lily, and I tell you that today I am also looking at this cooperation for Lily’s sake, so I am willing to sign with your Liu family. Yes, understand?”

It seemed that Huang Yanlang would come to such a hand unexpectedly. Liu Zhiyuan’s expression became stiff, his mouth opened slightly, and he couldn’t speak.

“Master Huang, please stop joking…” At this moment, the old lady couldn’t help but speak.

Before she could tell the rest, Huang Yanlang sneered and interrupted: “Old lady, do you think I am joking?”

After a pause, Huang Yanlang continued: “What if you disagree? I won’t force it, but you have to think carefully about the current situation of your Liu family, and even your own company can’t be the master. Who wants to do it except me? Spend so much money to buy the shares of your Liu family?”

The grandmother’s expression became complicated, but she still wanted to advise: “Master Huang, if you marry Qianshuang, I have no objection, but Lily… is indeed married as a woman. You are not in line with the norm.

Huang Yanlang dismissed a smile: “Don’t worry about this old grandma. I have checked the person Lily married. It’s just a waste of soft food. Don’t your Liu family wait to see him? Let’s talk about it, according to me. As you know, the two of them have been married for three years. It seems that they are not married yet, right?”

Speaking of the last sentence, Huang Yanlang looked back at Lily with a smile: “I’m right, Beauty.”

At this moment, the grandmother was a little speechless, and everyone in the Liu family was silent.

Because Huang Yanlang was right, Darryl’s trash has not contributed to the Liu family for three years since he entered the Zui Liu family, and the Liu family is eager to drive him away sooner.

If Lily followed Huang Yanlang, she would be free from suffering.

With this mindset, everyone in the Liu family began to acquiesce.

However, Huang Yanlang’s next actions caused everyone in the Liu family to frown secretly.

“Beauty Lily, do you think your people have agreed, how about you? Don’t be shy.” At this moment, Huang Yanlang sat next to Lily and said with a grin, at the same time he was about to grab Lily’s wrist.

Lily hid for a while, and said displeasedly: “Master Huang, please be respectful.”

When she said this, Lily’s surface was calm and her heart was extremely nervous! She had never encountered such a thing. Huang Yanlang was dishonest in his hands and feet, and he was still in front of the whole family! However, no one stopped him..

Not only was she nervous, but Lily was also uncomfortable!

Is this the so-called warm and cold feelings? The family members are watching. .

Chapter 52

“Tsk tsk, it’s so s3xy. Your angry look is really sultry, I want to fix you.” Lily’s scolding did not make Huang Yanlang restrain, but stimulated his interest.

Having said this, he grabbed Lily again!

This time, Huang Yanlang used the master’s hall, Lily did not hide, her wrist was tightly grasped.

Immediately afterwards, Huang Yanlang approached for a few minutes, sniffed lightly in front of her, and his face was intoxicated: “It smells so good.”

At this moment, everyone in the Liu family changed their expressions.

The old grandma turned blue. In fact, the grandmother has acquiesced to Huang Yanlang and Lily’s marriage. After all, this marriage is not a bad thing. When the two parties decide on a good date, then you Huang Yanlang will come and marry Lily.

But this Huang Yanlang is so bold, ignoring morals and etiquette! Actually, in the presence of the crowd, he moved Lily!

“Remove your hand!” Alexandra finally couldn’t help but said coldly.

Although Alexandra didn’t like Darryl in his heart, he even hoped that his daughter could divorce him sooner.

But after what happened last night, after receiving a necklace worth tens of millions from Darryl, Alexandra’s view of Darryl has slightly changed.

But to be honest, Janis is easy to change, and his nature is hard to change. Even though Darryl has found a job now, he still knows rich friends and can lend him five million and give him a very expensive necklace. But there is a saying that is good, you are not good, and you can’t know anyone. Therefore, in Alexandra’s heart, he still hoped that Darryl and his daughter would divorce.

But at the moment, isn’t it divorced yet? Seeing Huang Yanlang being so rude to his daughter, how could he bear it as a mother?

“The surname is Huang, hurry up and stop!”

“Do you know where this is? The Liu Family Villa is not your back garden.”

“You quickly let go of Lily, don’t go too far.”

At this time, Lily was also ashamed and angry, struggling and drinking softly: “What are you doing? Let go of me!”

The old grandma’s face was even greener, and her whole body trembled a little in anger.

Faced with the accusations from everyone, Huang Yanlang looked indifferent, smiled coldly, and looked straight at the old grandmother: “Old lady, you from the Liu family, but you have no sincerity at all. I just said it very clearly, my conditions, If you do not accept it, I will leave immediately!”

“However, if you want to cooperate with me, you have to face the facts.”

When Huang Yanlang said this, everyone in the Liu family looked at the grandmother one after another, and they were all filled with indignation at this time.

Just a word from the old grandma, they immediately drove out the shameless person Huang Yanlang.


The old grandma didn’t say a word from beginning to end, but looked at Huang Yanlang with complicated eyes, and finally sighed.

The old lady didn’t care about Lily’s famous festival.

But compared with the interests of the entire Liu family, Lily’s famous festival is insignificant. Without this 800 million, the Liu family would be ruined!

The old grandma didn’t speak, everyone in the Liu family was helpless and sat down angrily.

Alexandra was unwilling to say a hundred in his heart, but he did not dare to say anything, his eyes stared at Huang Yanlang fiercely.

But Lily was completely desperate.

Seeing this situation, Huang Yanlang smiled triumphantly, more courageous, and pulled Lily’s hand violently.

Lily exclaimed and ran directly into Huang Yanlang’s arms. Before he could struggle, he was hugged tightly by Huang Yanlang.

“Beauty Lily, don’t be afraid, I will love you very much in the future.” Huang Yanlang laughed, and slowly moved his mouth up.

Knowing that she could not escape from her clutches, Lily gave up the struggle and closed her eyes in despair.

What is despair? This is despair!

Be insulted by Huang Yanlang in front of his mother, relatives, brothers and sisters! But no one is willing to stand up and help themselves!

This is despair, this is despair!

For the Liu family, why do I want Lily to catch the famous festival! I’m just a woman, why do you treat me this way!

Lily’s eyes were red, and tears couldn’t help falling.

Lily could feel the sound of Huang Yanlang’s heavy breathing hitting her face.

Darryl, where are you. I was bullied by others, do you know it!

Lily didn’t know what to think. At this moment, what reverberated in her mind turned out to be the waste.

Tears were falling down, and she could feel that Huang Yanlang’s lips were about to touch her. At this moment, she closed her eyes. People in the surrounding families also sighed.

Seeing that Huang Yanlang was about to k!ss him, at this moment, a powerful hand suddenly landed on Huang Yanlang’s shoulder!

“Fcuk, who are you special?”

When a good thing was disturbed, Huang Yanlang was full of anger and cursed, then let go of his hand and looked back.

A man in his early twenties wearing a street vendor is looking at him coldly.


At the same time, everyone in the Liu family also cast their gazes over here one after another.

“Really…It’s really you…” Lily said softly, her lips about to bite and bleed.

“Little-armed boy, who are you?” Huang Yanlang asked coldly when he felt Darryl’s gloomy coldness.

Darryl responded coldly: “Darryl.”

“Oh oh oh, ha ha ha, you are the trash who eats soft rice, why? Seeing me making out with your wife? It’s upset? I tell you, your wife is going to make a decision.” Huang Yanlang was full of provocation.

“You are looking for death.”

Darryl said word by word. With that kind of look, everyone present was shocked!

Is this, this still that waste? His aura, why…how is it so strong? !

“Hehe, I’m looking for death? Sick pen stuff, are you afraid that you don’t know who you are talking to? I was worried about how to find you just now? Now you bring it to the door by yourself! It’s you!” Huang Yanlang rushed over. Like a tiger.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the people around the Liu family became complicated.

Although they didn’t wait to see Darryl, at this moment, many people hoped that Darryl could win.

Of course, they all know that this is just a luxury.

You know, Huang Yanlang has won the Three Realms Kung Fu Championship again! Established dozens of martial arts halls!

“Darryl, you beat him, you go, go!” Lily was even more frightened, shouting at Darryl.

In Lily’s heart, Darryl appeared, and he was already very satisfied.

However, Darryl didn’t seem to hear him, standing there quietly, looking at Huang Yanlang who rushed, his expression did not change at all, as stable as Mount Tai.

Lily was in a hurry, ran out of the hall and called the police.

Soon, the phone was connected, and the voice of the police came: “May I ask what help is needed.”

Lily said anxiously, “Quickly, send someone to the Liu’s villa. Some people are making trouble here, and they are fighting.”


When Lily had just finished speaking, there was a breath of vibration in the hall, and Darryl and Huang Yanlang fought fiercely together.

On the phone, the police were a little puzzled: “It’s starting to fight, who is fighting with whom?”

The Liu family is somehow famous in Donghai City, who dares to make trouble?

“It’s Huang Yanlang from the martial arts school, hit… hit my husband.” Lily was so anxious at this time, she said quickly, but when she said her husband, Lily’s heart trembled and her face was a little pale. famous.

It seems…this is the first time to admit that Darryl is his husband.

But when he returned to the hall after the phone call, Lily was dumbfounded when he saw the scene inside.

Not only her, everyone in the villa at this time was stunned!

Huang Yanlang’s strength is absolutely strong without thinking about it.

But they didn’t expect that Darryl could even match him? !

At this moment, I saw the two of you coming and going, fighting very fiercely, and the two people’s body skills were not fast enough, and they could not even be caught by the naked eye.

Lily stared at this scene blankly, her mind blank.

How could he be so powerful?

If it was an accident that Darryl beat Liu Zhiyuan down at the grandmother’s banquet last time, then Lily’s performance at this time made Lily completely admired.


At this moment, Huang Yanlang called out loudly and fell heavily to the ground!


Darryl, Darryl won? !

D*mn! The whole villa is silent!

“I lost, stopped fighting, stopped fighting…” Huang Yanlang’s eyes were round, and he shouted.

“What did you think when you acted on my wife just now? Now you say you can’t fight if you don’t?” Darryl responded coldly, and walked over step by step.

At this time, Darryl’s surface was very cold. He and Huang Yanlang are both second-tier martial arts masters.

But the boy Xiang Riyue, gave his own Universe Pill, so that his strength was much stronger than the same level.

Darryl narrowed his eyes, stepped on Huang Yanlang’s body, and slapped him over!

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

Throwing sound!

Looking at Darryl’s eyes at the huge villa at this time, it was like looking at a devil!

No one dared to say a word!

This.. he..

Is he still the trash son-in-law? !

Lily bit her lip and throbbed inexplicably. Three years, he, this is the first time he is such a man.

Chapter 53

“Flap! Pop! Pop!”

Every time Darryl slapped his hand, everyone around him was frightened! The entire Liu’s villa was silent!

Finally, two police cars stopped at the entrance of the villa.

Elisa walked out of the car with a few police officers in a police uniform.

Entering the hall door, Zhou Qinxiu frowned when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Stop!” A little policeman stepped forward.

Darryl stopped his hand, stood up slowly, and moved his wrist.

Seeing that it was Darryl, Elisa stepped forward.

“Who called the police just now?” The policeman took out the record book, looked around and asked.

Lily calmed down and walked over quickly: “It’s… it’s me.”

“You said someone beat your husband? Is this your husband lying on the ground?” The police pointed to Huang Yanlang, who was almost completely beaten, who was lying on the ground, and continued to inquire while recording.

“No, no, he…he is not my husband.”

Lily shook her head quickly, then glanced at Darryl, and whispered: “He is…”

After speaking, Lily lowered her head in embarrassment, her face flushed, she was unspeakably charming.

Seeing Lily in front of everyone, admitting that she is her husband, Darryl felt uncomfortable.

At this time, the police swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Secretly looked at Darryl.

This man… can actually beat Huang Yanlang with no power to fight back? !

At this moment, Huang Yanlang shouted on the ground: “Police officer, you have to call me the shots, this kid is simply a lunatic…”

Huang Yanlang was aggrieved when he was beaten by a door-to-door son-in-law on the ground in public. When he saw the police coming, he vomited all his grievances.

Elisa glared at him: “Okay, go back with me to make transcripts.”

Huang Yanlang immediately closed his mouth and looked at Darryl resentfully.

“You stay and collect confessions from everyone present.” Elisa said to the police who filed the case. Then turned around and looked at Darryl: “You also come with us.”

Darryl nodded.

Lily’s expression changed, she looked at Darryl worriedly, and said softly, “I’ll go with you.”

Darryl laughed and shook his head: “Don’t worry, I’m fine, I believe Officer Zhou will enforce the law impartially.”

Upon hearing this, Lily relaxed a little.

Outside the villa, Darryl walked into the police car, with only him and Elisa in the car. Elisa is driving. But the driving direction is not the police station.

“Aren’t we going to record a confession?” Darryl wondered.

Elisa glanced at him and slowly said, “That Huang Yanlang, who has always acted in a high-profile manner, is used to being arrogant and domineering on weekdays. You don’t need to guess, you know, it must be his fault. As soon as I ask my subordinates to adjust the surveillance, I know everything.”

Darryl smiled and nodded: “Captain Zhou is really observant.”

Elisa gave him a white look, and said in a bad mood: “Don’t smile with me, I just saw that you are also a cultivator now, right?”

Darryl didn’t conceal it, and nodded: “The second martial artist!”

Elisa suddenly became interested.

In just a few days, he suddenly became a cultivator, and he returned to the second stage of the martial arts. There must be an unusual adventure.

“Darryl, honestly, do you still have the Immortal Pill you gave me before?” Elisa said.

Darryl smiled and said: “Captain Zhou, I have already given you one. And I remember that when I gave you the Immortal Pill, you warned me not to give others anything to eat in the future.”

Elisa’s face flushed: “Um… I really didn’t expect the Immortal Pill to be so easy to use… I have a friend who has been stuck in the fifth stage of the martial arts for a long time. ,OK?”

Darryl stretched his waist and slowly said, “Your friend is stuck in the bottleneck, what does it have to do with me?”

Although this god pill, refining is very simple. But you can’t just give it casually. You know, the immortal pill sold to Yang Long was sold for 2 billion, plus an antique finger.

Seeing Darryl’s refusal, Elisa bit her lip. Somewhat unhappy.

As a well-known police flower in the police station, he is also the captain of the criminal investigation team, the man beside Elisa, which one is not obedient to himself.

But this Darryl is an alternative.

However, this Darryl is indeed different, there is something like Immortal Pill, and in a short period of time, he has become a second-stage martial artist.

Thinking inside, Elisa’s tone softened: “Then how are you willing to give it to me?”

Elisa was wearing a police uniform at this time. But it is difficult to conceal the beautiful figure. Darryl smiled and said: “Well, you can tell me something nice and compliment me. Maybe I will give it to you when I am happy, but the attitude must be sincere, not perfunctory.”

Elisa’s body trembled.

Darryl! This is too much!

She is neither overbearing nor overbearing, when will she please others?

Elisa slowed down and bit her lip tightly.

But after a few seconds, Elisa was still defeated: “Darryl, you, you are the most handsome man I have ever seen, can you give me another one?”

Darryl laughed, having to say that once a tall beauty like Elisa puts down her posture and becomes gentle, no man can resist.

Even Darryl is no exception.

“Okay, then I will give you one.”

At this moment, Darryl felt happy in his heart, and took out a fairy pill from his body as he spoke.

“Thank you.” Elisa couldn’t conceal his joy after receiving the Immortal Pill. Quickly took out the phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, I’m going to get the Immortal Pill for you.” Elisa said to the phone: “Are you here to get it now?”

The people on the phone didn’t know what they said, so Elisa nodded and then hung up.

“Darryl, my friend is in the Pearl of the Orient. Let’s go find him?” Elisa said, “Let him thank you in person.”

“All right.” Darryl nodded.

When he arrived at the Pearl of the Orient, Elisa led Darryl directly to the luxurious box on the second floor.

In the box, there were a few couples, and Darryl had seen those men. All of them are rich second-generation locals in Donghai City, and have participated in the annual meeting of the Liu Family Enterprise. Although the family background is superior, these rich second generations are all idle and complete dudes.

Seeing Elisa coming in, a boy in the box stood up and laughed: “Come here, let me introduce to you, this is my girlfriend Elisa. She brought me a god elixir today, which can make me rise General level!”

What? Darryl was stunned.

D*mn, Elisa wants the Immortal Pill for this kid? This kid is Elisa’s boyfriend?

Groove, this kid’s name is Hao Jian, the young master of Yonghe Group. The family is indeed rich, but he is also a stubborn boy.

Elisa is definitely at the level of a goddess, so he found such a boyfriend?

At this time, Hao Jian wanted to hold Elisa’s hand, but she was gently thrown away: “Hao Jian, there are a lot of people here, don’t pull it, it will not affect you.

Hao Jian smiled and said to everyone: “Brothers, my girlfriend is like this. Usually only let me hold hands, not even kisses. You have to get married before you can give yourself to me. Don’t laugh at me. Hahaha!”

“Brother Jian, the sister-in-law is really the best.” At this time, several people around also said: “The sister-in-law is beautiful and so tactful. Brother Jian, you found the treasure! Haha!”

The crowds in the private room were not good, and as a result, I didn’t know who it was, so I called out.

“Fcuk, isn’t this the son-in-law of the Liu family?”

One stone stirred up a thousand waves. Everyone looked at Darryl.

“Why is this waste here?”

“Yes, this waste dare to come to such a place?”

Several dudes spoke one after another. Even Hao Jian frowned: “It’s really the son-in-law! Darryl, did you go to the wrong place? Hurry up, this is the Oriental Pearl Hotel, not someone like you can come.”

That’s right, this kid is a superfluous son-in-law. And now the Liu family is about to go bankrupt. Most of the Liu family’s properties are sold. This Oriental Pearl Hotel, can this waste be consumed?

At this time, Elisa really couldn’t stand it anymore: “Hao Jian, don’t be like this. He came with me and is my friend.”


This kid is Elisa’s friend?

The people in the box were suddenly stunned, thinking they had heard it wrong.

I have long heard that Elisa is the captain of the East China Sea Criminal Investigation Team. And this Darryl is just a useless waste. How can two people become friends?

One is a goddess, and the other is diaosi.

Chapter 54

“Come on, Darryl, sit here.”

Elisa ignored the surprised gaze around him, pulled away the chair next to him, and smiled at Darryl.

Darryl wanted to turn around and leave, but when he saw Elisa’s sincerity, he sat down calmly.

“Qin’er, why did you make friends with him?”

At this moment, Hao Jian took the lead to come back to his senses, looking at Elisa with a look of puzzlement.

Elisa breathed a sigh of relief and patiently explained: “Hao Jian, in the future, can you stop looking at people with colored eyes? In my eyes, everyone is equal. What happened to Darryl being the son-in-law of the Liu family? Can’t I make friends with him?”

Hao Jian was a little dumb.

Elisa shook his head and took out the immortal pill from his bag: “Hao Jian, haven’t you been stuck in the fifth stage of the martial arts for a long time? This pill can make you break through the bottleneck, and it was given by Darryl.”


Hearing Elisa’s words, everyone in the box was once again amazed.

Several of the rich second generations present are also cultivators, but they can only be regarded as beginners and have just entered the ranks of cultivators. After all, they have money in the family, and the elders in the family are willing to spend a lot of money to make them become cultivators. They all know how difficult it is for cultivators to break through a realm.

Hearing that the Immortal Pill can make people break through the bottleneck, everyone was interested in it. But Elisa said that this immortal pill was given by Darryl. Everyone is no longer interested in the pill.

Can a door-to-door son-in-law come up with this kind of medicine?

Haha, if there is such a pill, I don’t know how many people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy it!

They dared not laugh at Elisa, they could only look at Darryl mockingly.

Hao Jian was also stunned. He had heard that the Immortal Pill was amazing. But I heard that it was given by Darryl, and suddenly laughed. Taking the Immortal Pill that Elisa handed over, he looked at it from the top of his hand: “Just this broken pill can help me break through the bottleneck? Funny, isn’t it?”

Speaking of this, Hao Jian said to Elisa earnestly: “Qin’er, your character is upright and you are easy to be deceived. I guess, the reason why you broke through to the warlord is not because of the broken medicine, but because of your cultivation. It has a deep foundation and can break through by itself! How can there be such a pill in this world? Otherwise, everyone can easily break through to a general.”

After speaking, Hao Jian casually threw the pills on the table.

Elisa was anxious all of a sudden: “What I said is true. My breakthrough to a general is really related to the Immortal Pill.”

Hao Jian sneered again: “Qin’er, this kid definitely lied to you. You have been stuck in the fifth stage of the martial arts for so many years, and finally you have realized the breakthrough. It is the result of your own hard work. It has nothing to do with his pills. What a coincidence.”

Having said that, Hao Jian looked at Darryl, his eyes gradually cold: “Eating soft rice, I don’t care what your purpose is to approach Qin’er, I warn you, stay away from her in the future, understand? Otherwise, I will Makes you unable to stay in Donghai City.”

Several companions of Hao Jian nearby also sneered in agreement.

“Have you heard? There are some people you can’t afford.”

“Be more acquainted, don’t take these deceptive things again, and get closer to the sister-in-law.”

D*mn, this Hao Jian, I’m afraid I don’t know how Elisa begged me just now for this immortal pill.

If it wasn’t for Elisa’s face, Lao Tzu would not sit here.

This kind of immortal pill, people like Yang Long, spent two billion and a jade pull finger.

Lao Tzu gave you one for nothing, you just don’t appreciate it, and still sneer at me?

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled coldly and stood up: “Since you said it was fake, then give it back to me.”

Hao Jian didn’t even look at the pills on the table, and chuckled lightly: “Hurry up and take it, and want me to pass it to your hand. I’m afraid of dirtying my hand.”

The voice fell, and there was a lot of laughter in the box.

Darryl’s eyes sank, and he was about to get back the Immortal Pill.

At this moment, Elisa finally couldn’t help it. He took the Shenxian Pill in his hand first, and handed it to Hao Jian again: “Hao Jian, if you believe me, you can eat this Shenxian Pill. It’s not that you don’t believe me, Darryl and I will leave immediately.”

When saying this, Elisa tilted his head to look at Darryl, with embarrassment and apologize in his eyes.

For a while, seeing Elisa’s movements, many people in the box were dumbfounded again.

This door-to-door son-in-law, what kind of ecstasy soup did Elisa turn off to make her trust so much?

On the other hand, Hao Jian was a bit embarrassed at the moment.

But seeing Elisa really angry, Hao Jian had to take the pill and swallow it in one bite.

“Well, because of Qin’er’s face, I won’t be embarrassed by you.” After taking the Immortal Pill, Hao Jian looked at Darryl with a smile, and talked about the topic: “I heard you came out to find out recently. What kind of job, what do you do, and how many brothers will cheer you up someday.”

“Working for someone.” Darryl responded indifferently with a calm expression.

“Haha, work for someone.” Hao Jian nodded exaggeratedly.

Immediately after the waiter began to serve food, Elisa was angry just now, and Hao Jian’s speech was also a little restrained, but he still looked for various topics and deliberately made Darryl embarrassed.

Several other rich second-generation generations also cooperated with you at a glance.

Elisa was unable to persuade him, so he had a headache, so he found an excuse to go to the bathroom.

Hao Jian jumped up as soon as his front foot went out.

“Boy, if I were you, get out of here as soon as possible. Do you find it interesting to stay here? Do you know what this place is? The Pearl of the Orient, the most high-end hotel in the entire Donghai City. In what capacity are you eligible to eat here? Huh?”

The rich second generations next to him also patted the table. When their girlfriends watched Darryl, they couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Yes, my sister-in-law was here just now, and we will save you some face. Do you really think you can make friends with us?”

“Go on, let you do it in the box for a while, it’s worthy of you.”

“Just a door-to-door son-in-law, I really think I’m a human being, do you consume this place?”

Darryl didn’t speak, but just laughed: “Hao Jian, right, you really are as the name suggests, not ordinary.”

Hao Jian slapped the table: “Is it for you, can you call another one?”

Darryl spread his hands and said with a smile: “Relying on how much money you have at home, you don’t know who you are. If you eat a meal in the Pearl of the Orient, you can still have a sense of superiority? You are not cheap, what are you?”

Hao Jian’s expression froze and his eyes fell cold.

The other rich second generations were also stunned, and began to look at Darryl with great interest.

This kid has a problem with his brain.

Dare to talk to Hao Jian like this?

It seems that I have been depressed as a door-to-door son-in-law at the Liu’s for a long time, and I want to find a place to vent.

However, today you started to vent about the wrong person. Vent with Hao Jian? Isn’t this finding yourself uncomfortable?

Hao Jian gritted his teeth and said, “Yeah? It’s a bit interesting. A soft meal, but looks down on us.”

Having said that, Hao Jian looked straight at Darryl’s gaze and provocatively said: “Boy, you don’t mean to tell me that you opened this Oriental Pearl. Oh, I’m so scared.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a ridicule in the box.

Darryl smiled faintly, ignored him, and took out his mobile phone directly. Dialed Wu Dedao’s number.

“Mr. Yue.” Suddenly receiving a call from Darryl, Wu Dedao was a little flattered.

Darryl didn’t talk nonsense, and directly said to the phone: “I’m in the Oriental Pearl, come here, the box number is three and six.”

After saying this, Darryl hung up the phone directly, and then went on doing it again, picking up a cup of tea and drinking it slowly.

Hao Jian mocked: “Boy, who is calling? Isn’t it your wife? Or is it someone from the Liu family? Hahaha!”

“For people like him, if something happens, who wouldn’t you call his wife?”


I don’t know who answered the sentence, and the whole box laughed again.

Darryl was still tasting tea, just as if he hadn’t heard.

Darryl’s attitude made Hao Jian extremely upset, and he continued to ridicule. At this moment, the door of the box was suddenly pushed open.

Immediately, Wu Dedao, in a black tunic suit, strode in.

As soon as Wu Dedao appeared, there was a moment of silence in the box, and several rich second generations also became restrained. Wu Dedao is also a famous figure in Donghai City.

Why did he come to this private room?

Several rich second generations all looked at Hao Jian.

Yes, it must have come to Hao Jian. Among all the people present, only the Hao family is qualified to discuss business with Wu Dedao.

Hao Jian laughed. Two days ago, his father said that he wanted to talk to Wu Dedao about a project. Now it seems that the project has been negotiated, haha!

Several girls at the dinner table, although they all have boyfriends, they still look at Hao Jian in admiration.

Chapter 55

Hao Jian thought he was handsome and stood up: “Mr. Wu, it’s nice to meet you…”

Before he finished speaking, Hao Jian’s smile froze on his face.

Because Wu Dedao didn’t even look at him, but walked straight to Darryl’s.

“Mr. Yue, you call me over, what’s your order?”


Mr. Yue?

Wu Dedao actually called this door-to-door son-in-law Mr. Yue?

In an instant, everyone in the box opened their mouths, and their faces were all incredible!

Hao Jian was also completely dumbfounded!

How can it be?

How could this trash know a character like Wu Dedao?

When everyone was extremely shocked, Darryl smiled faintly and nodded to Wu Dedao: “There is nothing special, I just want to meet you.”

Wu Dedao laughed, respectfully: “Mr. Yue is too polite.”

As he said, Wu Dedao glanced at the other people in the box and seemed to understand something: “Mr. Yue came to me for dinner and didn’t say anything in advance. I’m so prepared.”

Afterwards, he greeted the waiter outside the door: “Tell your manager, the consumption of this box is free.”


Free order directly?

Hearing these words, Hao Jian, who hadn’t fully recovered from them, suddenly felt a shock again in their hearts.

The gaze towards Darryl also became more complicated.

This kid, has such a big face?

At this moment, the waiter responded and was about to go downstairs to spread a message. Darryl suddenly stood up and waved his hand: “No need.”

Darryl looked at it and smiled slightly: “Today’s consumption in this box, what should be counted, what should be counted, anyway, it is not my treat, and I have nothing to eat. The treat is not bad for money.”

Wu Dedao hurriedly responded and waved his hand to signal the waiter to retreat.

“Okay, nothing else, I should go, you can help.”

After seeing Wu Dedao appear, the effect was good, Darryl stopped saying anything, waved his hand to indicate that Wu Dedao could leave.

At this moment, Wu Dedao also understood something, and hurriedly responded: “If Mr. Yue has any needs in the future, even if I can do it, I will never refuse.”

Having said this, Wu Dedao looked around coldly, and when he saw that no one dared to look at him, he turned and left.

Wu Dedao’s aura is too strong. After he left, the atmosphere in the box was obviously much more relaxed. Darryl smiled lightly and walked out of the box.

Several people in Hao Jian looked at each other, and they couldn’t calm down for a long time.

After half a minute, a rich second generation came to his attention, still leaving a trace of palpitations, and said: “Fcuk, this kid is so familiar with Wu Dedao.”

“More than familiarity? You didn’t see Wu Dedao’s attitude to him just now, it’s simply extraordinary.”

“It’s weird, isn’t this kid just a son-in-law?”

At this time, other people also began to speak in wonder, and they started to talk very puzzled. A few girls are even more regretful. Who would have thought that this door-to-door son-in-law had such a strong network. He had known that he hadn’t laughed at him just now!

Hao Jian’s face was green and white, and he calmed down now. Hearing the discussion of several companions, he suddenly sneered and said disdainfully: “What’s the relationship? You don’t understand the situation, but I know some, Wu Dedaohe The Liu family should have business contacts. Last time I heard someone say that when the Liu family’s grandmother had her birthday, Wu Dedao personally went to give gifts.”

As he said, Hao Jian couldn’t help but snorted contemptuously: “So, Wu Dedao was so polite to the kid, and it was completely dependent on the old grandmother of the Liu family, if it weren’t for the son-in-law of the Liu family, I’m afraid Wu Dedao would not look at him directly.

As soon as this remark came out, several rich second generations all looked stunned.

After saying this, Hao Jian’s face also became gloomy again.

Good you Darryl, I almost made you bluff just now.

Relying on the Liu family’s contacts and putting gold on his face, such shameless things can be done!


Darryl had just walked to the first floor of the hotel and happened to catch Elisa out of the bathroom. At this time Elisa had changed clothes.

Dark blue skinny jeans, that s3xy figure, is enough to conquer any man.

“Darryl, what’s the matter? Are you leaving?” Elisa greeted him.

Darryl smiled faintly: “It’s nothing, it’s boring to sit there, and I’m not hungry.”

A trace of sorry appeared on Elisa’s face, and he embarrassedly said, “Darryl, I’m so sorry, Hao Jian and those people are just like that, don’t mind…”

Darryl shrugged indifferently: “It’s okay, I see a lot of people like this.”

With that, Darryl looked at Elisa, then he stopped saying: “It’s you, do you think you and Hao Jian are really suitable?”

Darryl shouldn’t have said about the private affairs of the two of them, but at this moment Darryl didn’t know what he thought, so he blurted out this sentence.

Elisa did not respond, her face was a bit complicated and embarrassing.

In fact, Elisa didn’t dislike Hao Jian very much, but he didn’t like it either. It was only because of the family background that the two had known each other for a long time, and coupled with the strong support from both families, Elisa reluctantly agreed to date. But his own thoughts are very clear, it is impossible for him to touch it before getting married. The most is holding hands.

Elisa changed the subject and said: “Let’s go, I’ll take you back. How can I say that I brought you, so I can’t let you go by taxi.”

Darryl didn’t speak, and nodded.

Then the two walked out of the lobby and walked in the direction of the parking lot.


At this moment, I saw Hao Jian walking downstairs quickly.

“Qin’er, why are you still with this kid?” Hao Jian said with an unhappy face when he arrived. Still not forgetting to glance at Darryl contemptuously.

Elisa said as he walked, “Hao Jian, how can you do this? I have said, Darryl is my friend, you were in the box just now, how can you say that to him?”

Seeing that Elisa was always defending Darryl, Hao Jian was also angry: “Qin’er, am I wrong? Isn’t he the son-in-law of the Liu family? He has been in the Zhuliu family for three years, eating and drinking for nothing, and the whole East China Sea. Who doesn’t know about the city? I’m telling the truth.”

Elisa ignored him and continued to move forward.

“Qin’er, where are you going?” Seeing Elisa ignore him, Hao Jian was a little anxious and asked loudly.

Elisa responded in an angry voice: “Send Darryl back. I brought the people. Am I going to leave them alone?”

He was very angry at first, but Hao Jian suddenly lost his anger when he saw Elisa’s figure accidentally.

Such a s3xy woman is her own girlfriend. Thinking of this, how can I get angry. Hao Jian’s expression eased a little, then he rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “Well, you go back to the box and wait for me, I will send her off, there is a party in the evening, let’s go together.”

“Not interested in.”

Elisa resolutely refused.

Darryl sighed, thinking about whether to take a taxi and go by himself.

As a result, Darryl never dreamed that at this moment, a black business car drove out of the parking lot of the hotel next to it!

When passing by Darryl’s trio, the commercial vehicle suddenly stopped, and then a few strong men got out of the car!

The headed person has deep eyes and is young, but looks very stable.

“Hello, is this Miss Elisa?”

Several people came up and spoke politely.

Darryl originally clenched his fist, but slowly loosened it at this time. Since Elisa’s name can be called out, it is definitely not for trouble.

Besides, Elisa is the captain of the criminal investigation team. In the whole Donghai City, who would dare to hit her attention?

However, Darryl was wrong.

Elisa nodded, and as soon as he said it was me, when the young man suddenly raised his hand, a light pink powder, like a mist, enveloped the three Darryl.

Almost defenseless! After Darryl, Elisa, and Hao Jian inhaled the powder, they only felt that the sky was spinning, and their bodies were soft, and they couldn’t get it out with any strength.

D*mn it, what’s the situation?

Is this kidnapping?

Darryl was taken aback, before he could react, he was stuffed into the commercial car.

The commercial vehicle was driving at high speed, with the window curtains being pulled, and there was no way to see the outside, nor did they know where the group of people were going to take them.

In the commercial vehicle, Hao Jian was a little panicked. He looked around and shouted: “Who are you? What are you doing? Do you know who I am…”


Without speaking, a strong man slapped a slap in the face.

The slap was quite cruel, and the two teeth flew out of Hao Jian’s mouth, full of blood.

“One more bb, it will kill you.” The man in black said harshly.

Hao Jian shuddered, and suddenly did not dare to talk nonsense.

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