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Chapter 516

Evelyn has been pregnant for several months, and Lorenzo persuaded her not to work so hard, but Evelyn insisted on opening a medical clinic. Lorenzo had no choice but to follow her.

Evelyn’s medical skills are notoriously good. Therefore, this medical center is becoming more and more famous. Many people came here admiringly to see her doctor.

at this time. In the ward of the hospital, Evelyn held her stomach up and checked a young woman’s condition.

I saw the woman’s face pale, her spirit was extremely weak, and her strength to speak was gone, even though she was about to die. However, it is strange that there is no injury on this woman.

“It’s another inhaled…” Evelyn muttered to herself.

Three days in a row. There are five female patients accepted by Evelyn.

These female patients all have a common feature: they have no wounds on their bodies, but they are depressed. Dying.

No matter what medicine Evelyn prescribes to them, they will not survive for two days.

Evelyn remembered that when she saw the first female patient, Lorenzo was present at the time. Lorenzo said that this was a person who had absorbed the spirit, and that such injuries caused by people in the rivers and lakes could not be healed by her.

Evelyn didn’t believe it at the time, but now, the confidence in her heart has disappeared without a trace under the continuous blows.

Could it be that these women have all been absorbed?

Are there such evil methods in the arena?


At this moment, an anxious shout came from the hall outside.

Evelyn hurried out and saw a delicate little girl standing there with blood stained on her body, her expression very anxious.

Seeing Evelyn, the girl hurried up to greet her with an eager face: “You are the genius doctor Xue. Please, please help my father.”

When she said this, there was a hint of insidiousness in the girl’s eyes.

At this time, if the three brothers Darryl and Lorenzo were present, it would be absolutely shocked!

Because this girl is no one else but Hu Sanyang’s daughter, Hu Ling’er.

At the beginning, Hu Sanyang was in Fuyao Palace, after failing to ambush Darryl, he fled in a hurry, and finally went to hide in Donghai City after several twists and turns.

The several female patients that Evelyn received before were all absorbed by Hu Sanyang with “Netherworld Dafa”.

Today Hu Sanyang learned that Lorenzo’s wife had opened a medical clinic and asked his daughter to trick her out in the name of curing her illness.

Hu Sanyang knew that with his current strength, he couldn’t beat the three brothers Darryl at all. They can only start with their families.

“Girl, don’t worry, where is your father? What hurt?” Evelyn asked anxiously.

Hu Linger looked very worried and panicked, crying and said: “My father is in the suburbs of the woods. He has lost too much blood and can’t walk. I can’t move him. Doctor Xue, please come with me and save me. father.”

When he said this, Hu Linger was about to kneel down.

Evelyn quickly grabbed her, nodded and said: “Okay, I will go with you now.”


At this moment, the disciple of the Palace of Longevity who specially protected Evelyn next to him couldn’t help but speak: “The lord has confessed that Madam can’t leave the hospital.”

Evelyn bit her lip. He waved his hand: “You don’t need to remind me of this. As a doctor, I can’t help but die.”

When the voice fell, Evelyn turned around and took the medical kit. Just went out with Hu Ling’er.

Several disciples of the Palace of Longevity looked at each other and hurriedly followed.

Half an hour later, we arrived in the woods in the northern suburbs.

Not seeing the injured person Hu Linger said, Evelynxiu frowned and couldn’t help saying: “Girl, where is your father?”

“What are you in a hurry?” Hu Ling’er sneered, spitting out a few words coldly. There is no way to look anxious and panic just now.

Seeing that something was wrong with the little girl, several disciples of the Palace of Longevity immediately guarded Evelyn in the middle.


At this moment, a figure flew out of the woods quickly and lightning!

boom! boom! boom!

In the blink of an eye, several disciples of the Hall of Longevity, before they realized what was going on, were all tapped into acupuncture points. Frozen there motionless.

Immediately, the figure fell in front of Evelyn, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, her eyes flashed with resentment, and her body filled with evil spirits.

Who is it if it’s not Hu Sanyang? !


Evelyn’s face changed, she looked at Hu Sanyang closely, and tremblingly said, “Who are you? What are you going to do?”

While talking, Evelyn looked at Hu Ling’er complicatedly. At this time, Evelyn realized that she had been deceived.

“who am I?”

Hu Sanyang sneered, looking at Evelyn, his eyes were full of playful abuse: “You should ask your husband Wen Ugly, when the three brothers joined forces to destroy my Kunlun, how majestic, I would never think of his beloved wife. Yes. One day will fall into the hands of my Hu Sanyang, ha ha…”

what? !

Hu Sanyang!

Upon hearing this, Evelyn’s body trembled! Of course she had heard of this name!

Hu Sanyang sneered. He said to Hu Ling’er: “Ling’er, kill all these disciples of the Palace of Longevity.”

While speaking, Hu Sanyang’s eyes flashed cruelly.

Hu Ling’er nodded and took out the long sword. Come step by step.


The next second, accompanied by a scream, several disciples of the Palace of Longevity, all fell in a pool of blood. They were blocked by Hu Sanyang and couldn’t avoid them.

“you guys…”

Seeing this bloody scene, Evelyn’s eyes went dark, almost fainting, and looked at Hu Sanyang flusteredly: “You dare to hurt me a bit, Brother Wen won’t let you go!”

Hu Sanyang sneered: “Yaohuo, do you dare to threaten me?!”

When the voice fell, Hu Sanyang walked over quickly and slapped Evelyn on the face!


With a crisp slap in the face, Evelyn whispered, and the whole person stepped back and fell to the ground.

Hu Linger looked indifferently, without any sympathy! This girl is very kind, but she will never forget the scene when the three brothers Darryl killed Kunlun! The scene is still vivid, Hu Linger’s heart is only hate!

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you all at once, I will torture you slowly.” Hu Sanyang looked up and down Evelyn’s figure, with a wicked smile on his face, slowly approaching.

Although Evelyn has a big belly, the charm of that mature woman is still hard to extricate herself.

Hu Sanyang’s gaze made Evelyn panicked, and she slowly backed away: “You… don’t come over…”

Evelyn was almost crying, and her heart was full of regrets! You shouldn’t come out by yourself! In Evelyn’s mind at this time, all she thought was Lorenzo.

By the way….Phone!

Evelyn tremblingly took out her mobile phone, trying to call Lorenzo.

However, as soon as he took out the phone, Hu Sanyang rushed over and grabbed the phone.

“Want to call?” Hu Sanyang sneered: “I tell you, no one can save you today! Don’t blame me for being cruel and ruthless. If you want to blame, blame yourself for following the wrong person! Haha, hahahaha!”


When the voice fell, Hu Sanyang’s internal force turned, smashing the phone to pieces!

It’s over.

Seeing this, Evelyn’s face was pale and completely desperate!

Chapter 517


Donghai City, Changsheng Hall Branch Hall.

In the hall, Lorenzo and Peter were sitting there drinking and chatting.

“Brother Wen, what’s the matter with you, why are you still involved with a female anchor?” At this time, Peter was holding his mobile phone. Looking at the criticisms and accusations against Darryl on the Internet, he said silently: “Darryl shot a female anchor? I don’t believe it to kill him. Now there are so many silly pens, arbitrarily framing people?”

Zhang Duoduo’s death was thoroughly spread, and the entire public opinion was directed towards Darryl.


Lorenzo also sighed: “The current cyber violence. It is really serious.”

Peter was immediately anxious: “What should we do? How can we help Darryl.”

Lorenzo shook his head: “How can I help? The power of public opinion is invisible and intangible, and it is not a fight with real swords and guns. There are artificial rumors. Some people follow the trend. There is really no way.”


Hearing this, Peter was very aggrieved and cursed.


At this moment, Lorenzo’s cell phone suddenly vibrated. Take a look, it turned out to be Evelyn calling.

Evelyn’s medical clinic has a lot of patients, so how can I have time to call myself? What happened today?

I thought, Lorenzo was about to answer, but before he could answer, the phone hung up. When Lorenzo called, he heard the sound of the other party’s shutdown.

Shut down?

Lorenzo was sweating profusely and stood up all of a sudden!

Seeing that his face was wrong, Peter asked quickly: “What’s the matter? Brother Wen?”


Lorenzo took a deep breath: “Your sister-in-law may be in an accident. I have to go to the hospital quickly.”

As the voice fell, Lorenzo walked out quickly.

Hearing this, Peter’s face became solemn, and he didn’t have time to ask more. Quickly keep up.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the two brothers rushed to the “Changsheng Medical Hall”. As a result, the two brothers were stunned when they entered the door. Evelyn was not there at all in the hospital.

At this moment, Lorenzo was panicked, his heart jumped inexplicably, and he called Evelyn again, but the other party still turned off.

“What about madam, where did she go?”

When I said this, Lorenzo became more and more disturbed!

“Hall Master, the wife just went out to save people. The other party is a little girl, saying that the patient’s condition is critical. Several brothers are following.” The disciple said tremblingly.

Upon hearing this, Lorenzo was completely angry: “Don’t you let her leave the hospital?”

“Hall Master… Madam insists on going… We… can’t stop…” The disciples looked at each other and said with their heads lowered.

“Brother Wen. Don’t worry first.” Peter hurriedly held Lorenzo: “Brother Wen, now the mobile phone has a location, you can quickly check where the sister-in-law was when she called.”


When reminded, Lorenzo quickly took out his mobile phone and checked it.

The position was quickly locked.

North Suburb of Donghai City!

At this moment, Lorenzo and Peter looked at each other and rushed over without hesitation.


At this moment, the northern suburbs of Donghai City.

Evelyn is tied up by five flowers! Hu Sanyang dragged her into the woods, followed by Hu Linger.

At this time, Evelyn was already scared Liushen Wuzhu. Tears kept streaming. The phone was destroyed when the call was not made.

Are you going to die here?

The more scared Evelyn was, the more excited Hu Sanyang was. At this time he beckoned to Hu Ling’er: “Ling’er. Come here. Punch a sword in her stomach!”


Upon hearing this, Evelynjiao trembled and her face was extremely pale!

She never expected that this Hu Sanyang was so cruel!


Hu Linger was also taken aback, and the hand holding the sword trembled a little: “This…isn’t this a bit too cruel?”

The three brothers Darryl wiped out Kunlun, and their hatred was not shared.

The father let himself deceive Lorenzo’s family out. She did not hesitate at all. But to shoot an unborn child, this.. this is not very good..

“Cruel?” Hu Sanyang laughed: “Ling’er, have you forgotten how Kunlun was destroyed?! Have you forgotten the days when we were in Fuyao Palace, under the fence?! Ling’er, you still don’t understand yet , Be kind to the enemy. It’s cruel to yourself! Think about it, many of your brothers died at the hands of those three brothers! This woman, the ugly wife, how can I spare her?!”

When he said this, Hu Sanyang’s eyes were full of anger!

Although he loves his daughter very much, he also hopes that she can grow up quickly through these experiences.

Facing his father’s urging, Hu Linger clasped his hands and shook his head and said: “Dad, this woman is really D*mn, but…but the child in her stomach is innocent…or else, I will just kill this woman. “

As he said, Hu Ling’er bit his lips tightly. Walking towards Evelyn step by step.

Evelyn was nervous and wanted to struggle, but her hands and feet were tied. Can’t move at all.


Hu Sanyang sighed and stopped Hu Linger: “Good girl, this woman can’t be killed yet.”

Talking. Hu Sanyang’s eyes fell on Evelyn, and he smiled and said: “I am now practicing Netherworld Dafa, and I still have to absorb her vitality to improve my strength, hahahaha!”


At this moment, Evelyn’s body trembled, and she looked at Hu Sanyang closely: “It’s you! Those women are all absorbed by you! You…you hurt the world, you can’t die!”


Hu Sanyang laughed up to the sky, looked at Evelyn, jokingly said: “Yes, it’s me, I did it. But don’t worry, soon, you will be the same as them, but before I absorb your vitality, I will Let you experience, what is pain, what is pain not wanting to live! What is life is better than death!”

With that, Hu Sanyang drew out his long sword, stared at Evelyn’s stomach closely, and walked step by step.

Since Ling’er can’t bear it, she can only do it herself!

Seeing Hu Sanyang pressing forward step by step, Evelyn’s face turned pale, completely desperate, tears flooded out!

Brother Wen.. I’m sorry..

I didn’t protect myself, let alone our children…

Evelyn bit her lip tightly, tears slipping from her face, already wet the skirt of her clothes.

“Stains stains…” Hu Sanyang looked at Evelyn with a smile, and said coldly: “You ba5tard, what makes you cry? Do you still feel wronged? Do you know that the three brothers killed me? How many Kunlun disciples? Do you know! My Kunlun disciples, hundreds of thousands, died in their hands!”

At this time, Hu Sanyang also arrived in front of Evelyn with cruel eyes flashing, and said with a grinning smile: “Don’t worry, I am a person who likes adult beauty the most. After you die, I will soon send Lorenzo down and let your family of three reunite.”

When the voice fell, Hu Sanyang suddenly raised his hand, and the sword pierced Evelyn’s stomach fiercely!

Chapter 518

Evelyn closed her eyes, looked at the sword in Hu Sanyang’s hand, and suddenly stabbed her. She was completely desperate!


At this critical moment, a stream of light suddenly lased, like lightning, right on the long sword in Hu Sanyang’s hand.


There was a metal collision, and Hu Sanyang only felt a strong force coming. The long sword suddenly took off and flew out!

At the same time, the streamer steadily chopped down on the nearby tree.

It’s a giant axe!

“Hu Sanyang!”

At the same time, a loud drink rang from not far away, and immediately afterwards, I saw Peter and Lorenzo, red eyes rushing over!

“Peter! Lorenzo!”

Seeing the incoming person, Hu Sanyang’s eyes instantly became blood-red, and he gritted his teeth and said coldly!

Meet the enemies. Extraordinarily jealous!

But at the same time, Hu Sanyang’s heart was shocked. He can feel that the strength of Peter and Lorenzo is already… a section of Wuhuang? !

I haven’t seen it for more than a year. Both of them have reached a period of Wuhuang!

At this moment, Hu Sanyang was shocked and unwilling! You know, I have been in the Fuyao Palace for so long, and now, my strength is no more than the fifth martial arts!

And Peter and Lorenzo, whose strengths were far inferior to them, have now reached such a high level!



At this moment, Wen dashed over and picked up Evelyn. Seeing the fingerprints on her face, he was very heartbroken: “Madam, how are you…”

While inquiring, Lorenzo quickly checked Evelyn’s condition and found that there was no injury, and that the children and adults were all right, and he was relieved immediately.

However, the anger in the heart is rising!

“Hu Sanyang!”

At this time, Peter stared at Hu Sanyang with blood red eyes. Angrily shouted: “Do you want me to take revenge? You are looking for me and Brother Wen! Now you are shooting an unarmed woman, are you still a human? Do you want me, I will kill you today!”

When the words fell, Peter drew his axe from the tree and hacked it directly towards Hu Sanyang!

Peter was originally a hot character. Seeing Hu Sanyang tied up his sister-in-law, his anger exploded suddenly!


With this axe, Peter urged eight levels of internal force, and the air was torn apart where the axe passed!

Feeling the power of that axe, Hu Sanyang’s face changed drastically, and he didn’t think much about it. He took his daughter Hu Ling’er, turned and ran!

He is no more than a Wu Duan Wusheng, how can he be Peter’s opponent!

“Great Sage, can’t let him run away!”

At this moment, Lorenzo’s face was blue and could not help but yell. As the voice fell, Lorenzo quickly untied the rope from Evelyn. It was given to the disciples of the Palace of Longevity to take care of it, and he also caught up with it.

At this time, the Lorenzo, burning with anger!

Although he came in time, Hu Sanyang hadn’t hurt his wife yet. But the previous gentle death made Lorenzo decadent for a long time before he emerged from the shadows. After marrying Evelyn, Lorenzo secretly vowed that she would never be harmed at all!

Hu Sanyang has stepped on the bottom line of Lorenzo!

Today, non-special code killed him!


Hu Sanyang ran desperately, seeing the two Peter behind him getting closer and closer to him, and he couldn’t express his anxiety.

At this time, Hu Sanyang was almost crying without tears!

I thought that by cheating Lorenzo’s wife out today, he could not only absorb energy and improve his strength. After killing, he can still breathe out a bad breath.

Unexpectedly, Lorenzo and Peter rushed over at a critical time. What broke him even more was the two brothers. It turned out to be Emperor Wu!

Panicking, Hu Sanyang took Hu Ling’er to a cliff by the sea.

It’s over.

Seeing the cliff several hundred meters high, Hu Sanyang’s face turned pale.

Hu Ling’er was also unable to conceal his panic, with trembling lips: “Dad, what should I do?”

Hu Sanyang was full of bitterness and didn’t know how to answer.

There is no way to go back to the current situation! Is this God’s will? God is going to destroy himself.

Not reconciled. Not reconciled!

At this time, Peter and Lorenzo had already caught up!

Seeing the cliff behind Hu Sanyang, Peter clenched his fists: “Hu Sanyang, you will die for me!”

When the voice fell, Peter held a giant axe and walked over step by step!

Lorenzo did not speak, but his eyes also flashed with strong killing intent!

“Yeah… I saw a fight when I first came here. Interesting.”

At this moment, a ridiculous voice suddenly came not far away. This voice was so charming that ordinary men couldn’t control it at all.

The abrupt voice sounded, and the two brothers were taken aback at the same time, and then they turned their heads to look at the voice.

I saw a few people slowly approaching on the mountain road not far away. One of the women was very eye-catching.

This woman, wearing a hollow purple long skirt, set off her tight figure, and she was indescribably charming and s3xy. The delicate face was filled with a wicked smile.

It’s a stunning stunner!

Under this woman’s beautiful appearance, there is a heart-palpitating danger pervading her!


Seeing this beauty, Hu Sanyang couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air secretly!


What a beautiful woman!

“Zhuzha… Peter? It’s been a long time.”

Just at this time. Behind the beauty, an extremely cold voice sounded. Immediately afterwards, a handsome figure came out slowly, with handsome facial features. With a cold killing intent!


And that seductive woman is the head of the Five Poison Sects, Ji Linglong!

A few days ago, Mateo decided to come to Diyuan Continent in person. Seek revenge on Darryl.

Because Darryl is a native of Donghai City, their first stop is Donghai City.

Just now, Mateo took Ji Linglong and others. As soon as I arrived, I happened to ran into two Peter who were chasing after Hu Sanyang.


It’s him….

At this moment, seeing Mateo, Peter’s expression was startled, indescribably shocked!

A year ago, Darryl destroyed the Duan family. Not all of the Duan family died..

What.. Why is this kid still alive? !

“You’re not dead?!” Peter clenched his fists, almost roaring out!

At the same time, Peter secretly sensed the strength of Xia Mateo, and his heart sank again!

Emperor Wu Duan? !

Mateo at this time turned out to be Er Duan Wuhuang? !


Seeing the change of Peter’s expression, Mateo laughed up to the sky, unable to conceal his inner resentment, and almost gritted his teeth and said: “Peter. You and Darryl are still alive, how could I die first?”

Thinking of the tragic situation of his Duan family being destroyed, Mateo’s eyes flickered, and his whole body filled with evil spirits!

“Who are you again?” Mateo’s gaze slowly fell on Hu Sanyang’s body, and asked in a cold voice.

At this moment, Hu Sanyang was swept away by Mateo’s gaze, his soul trembled, and he quickly said: “This… this hero, my name is Hu Sanyang, I was originally the head of the Kunlun School. A year ago, three of them The brothers joined forces to destroy my Kunlun, and now they want to kill me, begging the heroes to help!”

Although he didn’t know Mateo, Hu Sanyang could feel his strength! This person is unfathomable and unfathomable!

At the same time, Hu Sanyang also noticed that Mateo and this Peter had an antagonism!

Hu Sanyang is extremely cunning and meets the windshield very well. Seeing the situation change at this time, he will naturally not let go of the opportunity! As long as this Mateo is willing to help, he and his daughter will be saved! I won’t die here today!

Chapter 519

“It turns out to be the head of Kunlun.”

Mateo looked at Hu Sanyang with a faint smile, and said faintly: “I can help you, but from now on, you have to follow me and you can’t have two hearts.”

Since this Hu Sanyang was the enemy of Darryl and Peter, Mateo naturally wanted to help him.

But at this time, Hu Sanyang heard this, but his face changed.

This Mateo, want to be his subordinate?

Somehow he was also the former head of Kunlun. Now I have to surrender to a young boy.

Not reconciled! Hu Sanyang is not reconciled! But if you don’t agree, I’m afraid that I and my daughter will die here today!

After thinking about it for a long time, Hu Sanyang gritted his teeth and nodded: “Well, from now on, I, Hu Sanyang, will follow me to the death. As long as you say something, I will not refuse!”

“Good, good!” Mateo showed a slight smile. Nodded approvingly: “I saved your life.”

When he said this, Mateo looked extremely cold and arrogant, extremely confident.

“What is your special code?!” Peter stepped forward, his eyes cold.

This Shabi Mateo. Are you treating me and Brother Wen as air? Peter was burning with anger and clasped his axe tightly: “Mateo, the person my Peter wants to kill, you can save it? When the wind destroyed your Duan family, you let you escape. Today, you can die!”

Peter clearly remembered that when he was in the bar, Mateo was cut a full 36 times! At this time, the anger broke out, and Peter roared and slashed towards Mateo with an axe!

“Ha ha…”

Feeling the power of this axe, Mateo’s mouth curled up, his face full of contempt: “Peter, you are the broken axe, you dare to use it as shame?”

The moment the voice fell, a powerful breath burst out from Mateo!

In the next second, Mateo rose into the air.


Just hearing a loud noise, the mountain axe broke out!

“Roar!” A long roar came, and the two-meter-long mountain axe shone radiantly! The surrounding air has been completely distorted! hiss!

What a powerful breath! This.. What weapon is this? !

Could it be…. This is the magic weapon that was born a year ago?

At this moment, Peter, Lorenzo. Hu Sanyang and his daughter were all stunned! All eyes were focused on Mateo, and he couldn’t say a word!

“Die to me!”

Mateo didn’t talk nonsense, and waved hard! Suddenly, I heard a dragon roar that stunned the world, coming from the opening axe, and then, a touch of golden light burst out! Go straight to Peter and swept away!

His speed is too fast, Peter has no time to dodge!

“The Great Sage!”

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo’s face changed drastically. He couldn’t help screaming, holding a folding fan, and waving it in the air to form a protective barrier against Peter!

At the same time, Lorenzo also rushed over, trying to help Peter resist.


In the blink of an eye, this axe fiercely slashed on the barrier, bursting out with a loud noise!


That protective barrier instantly fell apart! Lorenzo and Peter were directly shocked and flew out, flying a full ten meters away, after landing. Both of them had pale faces and spewed blood one after another!

With a cold face, Mateo slowly landed from the air and landed steadily on the ground!


Strong, really strong!

This.. Is this the power of the artifact? !

one move!

With just one move, it defeated the two martial emperor’s powerhouses!

At this moment, Hu Sanyang stared at Mateo in a daze, ecstatic in his heart! Haha…Follow Mateo, why can’t I make a comeback? ! Hahahaha!

Mateo smiled coldly and walked slowly to the two of Peter.

“Peter, I am in a good mood today, so I will save your life.” When he arrived, Mateo spoke condescendingly: “After you go back, you will send a message to Darryl. Three days later, I will wait for him in the Star Picking Tower. Old account!”

With that, Mateo’s mouth evoked a hint of coldness: “By the way, I heard that Darryl is not only the Sect Master of Tianmen. He also became the leader of the martial arts, you said, he knows that I have a magical tool, will he dare not come? Haha…hahaha!”

The voice fell, those men behind Mateo. It’s also full of laughter!

Ji Linglong smiled and said: “That Darryl, if you really don’t dare to come, don’t call yourself a martial arts leader, just call Wulin counseling dog, it’s more appropriate.”

The taunts kept coming, and Peter’s glasses instantly became blood red!

How can he tolerate other people’s humiliation? !

“Mateo, even if I die today, I will cut you off!”

Peter roared, struggling to stand up.

“Great Sage. Don’t be impulsive!” Lorenzo was too anxious, and quickly stopped him.

Lorenzo was also extremely angry in his heart, but he was a bit more sensible. He knew very well, if it angered Mateo, himself and Peter. Can’t live anymore!

After all, this piece of Yu has an artifact in his hand!

Feeling the power of the Heavenly Axe just now, the ugly and ugly heart is palpitating!

Seriously, Lorenzo is not afraid, but I don’t want to die in vain!

“Mateo, right? I’ll bring it to Darryl. Three days later, our three brothers will be waiting for you in the Zhanxinglou.” Lorenzo took a deep breath and said coldly at Mateo. When the voice fell, he took Peter and turned to leave.


Seeing the two brothers walking away, Hu Sanyang breathed a sigh of relief and secretly got lucky. Turning to face Mateo with great diligence: “Young Master Duan, it is true that a hero is born as a boy! The axe you made just now is really shocking, weeping ghosts and gods.”

Mateo smiled without saying a word.

Since becoming a prime minister, I don’t know how much I listen to this kind of flattery, and I have long been used to it.

At this moment, Ji Linglong walked over and couldn’t help but ask: “Prime Minister, since these two are brothers of Darryl, why don’t they just kill them?”

Mateo smiled faintly: “You don’t know, that Peter and Darryl are like brothers. Before I slashed Peter thirty-six times, that Darryl came to me for revenge with red eyes. Now I let Peter and Lorenzo go. Ugly. But three days later, in the battle of the Star-Cleaving Tower, their three brothers will all come and go to the meeting. At that time, I will face Darryl’s face and kill his two brothers. A thousand swords! I want to let them go. Darryl, experience all the most painful things in this world!”

Ji Linglong nodded suddenly, she could feel that Zai was facing Darryl. I really hate it! Ji Linglong was silent for a while, and said slowly: “Prime Minister, I have thought of a way to make Darryl more painful.”

Mateo’s eyes flickered and said coldly: “Say!”

Ji Linglong smiled and said: “We can send invitations to the various sects of the Diyuan Continent, and let them go to the Star Tower to watch the battle in three days! This matter is announced. As the leader of the martial arts, Darryl will have to come if he doesn’t come. !”

As he said, Ji Linglong’s delicate face revealed a bit of insidiousness: “Wait three days later, Darryl came to the Star Picking Tower, let me hold him first. And the Prime Minister, he has entered the Ouyang family! According to me I know that in the Ouyang family, they are all the closest people to Darryl. Then I will hold Darryl, and you, the prime minister, will kill him in the Ouyang family! Kill his relatives!”


Hearing this suggestion, Mateo couldn’t help laughing: “Okay, this is a good way. I want Darryl to taste the ruin of the family. At that time, I will kill the Ouyang family and then kill Darryl. Yes, Ji Linglong, this plan is perfect.”

When he said this, Mateo’s face was full of smiles, revealing a bit of madness.

Chapter 520

On the other side, Zhongzhou City, Ouyang Mansion.

In the hall, Darryl and Oliver were sitting in chairs drinking tea.

Darryl is very depressed these days.

Zhang Duoduo fell to his death, and the public opinion on the Internet was one-sided, all accusing Darryl. Many man-made rumors said that Darryl wanted unspoken rules to Zhang Duoduo, but Zhang Duoduo disagreed, and Darryl killed him. Someone else said. It was Zhang Duoduo who was forced by Darryl to jump off the stairs by himself. Others said that Darryl, as the leader of the martial arts, had misbehavior and had a bad character. Anyway, everything is said.

Darryl is indisputable!

“Little wind!”

Oliver took a deep breath, and said with a solemn expression: “Don’t think too much about the female anchor. There will be a day when things will come to light.”

About Zhang Duoduo, the whole network spread, and Oliver also heard about it.

“Foster father. It’s okay for those people on the Internet to slander me, I just want to find the murderer.” Darryl smiled bitterly, and secretly clenched his fist. To be honest, in the past few years, I have suffered too much injustice.

It doesn’t matter if you are wronged. But what makes Darryl heartache the most is that Zhang Duoduo, a kind-hearted girl, was actually murdered!


At this moment, there was a loud roar from outside the door, and then Peter and Lorenzo walked in. At this time, the two brothers were pale, their dantian aura was very unstable, and they were obviously fighting against others!

Seeing the appearance of the two, Darryl was taken aback: “Brother Wen, Peter, what happened?”

Brother Wen and Peter are both Emperor Wu.

It is no exaggeration to say that this kind of strength, in the entire Earth Circle Continent, is proud of all the heroes! Who can hurt them both?

Lorenzo stepped forward and sat in a chair, preparing to salute Oliver.

Before he could speak, Peter picked up the tea on the table, drank it, and then said first: “Why, Darryl, guess who did I meet with Brother Wen?! Mateo, Mateo, you still remember?”

Peter poured another pot of tea and sipped it. Then he said: “That kid is now the prime minister of Xicang Continent, and he still has an artifact in his hand. The nine continent barriers disappeared because of this artifact!”

“Ge Wen and I chased after Hu Sanyang, and happened to ran into this kid, right? That artifact is too powerful.”

When talking about this, Peter called a bewildered man!



There are artifacts?

Hearing this, Darryl only felt his brain hum and he was blinded.

Duan’s family was destroyed, but Mateo’s body was not seen. Darryl didn’t expect that after more than a year, this piece of feather would come back powerfully!

Lorenzo exhaled, his expression was very solemn: “Darryl, that Mateo let go, I want you to go to the Xingxinglou to fight for life and death in three days, and settle the old accounts.”

When he said this, Lorenzo couldn’t hide the worry on his face.

Mateo possesses a magical weapon, Kaitian axe, and his strength is terrifying!

Darryl let out a sigh of relief, without speaking.

“Brother Darryl!”

At this moment, a voice rang outside the door, and in the next second, Mathew walked in quickly, his expression very complicated.

When he reached Darryl, Mathew hesitated. He whispered: “Brother Darryl, there was news from Jianghu just now that Mateo… sent invitations to the big sects, asking them to go to the Star Picking Tower to watch the battle in three days. It is estimated that three days later. , All the big sects of the Earth Yuan Continent will go to the Star Picking Tower to watch the battle.”

When talking about this, Mathew felt very complicated.

At that time, the four gods of the Storm, Rain, and Thunder, were all adopted sons of Mateo’s father. In other words, Mathew and Mateo are still brothers.

When the time’s family was destroyed, the Darryl Yu Lei Dian brothers thought that Mateo was dead. Later, they were overwhelmed by Darryl’s temperament and willingly joined Tianmen.

In the hearts of the Four Great War Gods, the years of the Duan family have become a thing of the past.

But they didn’t expect that Mateo didn’t die. Not only did he not die, he returned with a powerful artifact.

What? !

Mateo also sent out invitations to all sects in the arena?

Suddenly. Lorenzo, Peter, and Oliver all looked startled.

“Really!” Lorenzo couldn’t help but cursed: “This shameless pen Duanyu is really overcast! He deliberately made this matter known to everyone. When the time comes, it won’t work if the wind does not go away. “

Oliver was also full of dignity and nodded: “Xiaofeng is now the leader of the martial arts. If he should not fight, he will be laughed at. If he fights, he will die. This Mateo is really sinister.”

At this time, Darryl was buzzing in his mind, a mess.

That’s right. In this situation, we should not fight or not! But when it comes to the challenge, I am really not sure!

Darryl sighed softly and looked at Mathew: “Mathew, that Mateo was the young master of the Duan family, now he is back, you four brothers, if you want to find him, just go, I won’t Stop it.”


The voice fell. Mathew trembled and knelt down directly: “Brother Darryl, what are you saying… Since the four of our brothers have abandoned the dark and built the Tianmen with you, they will definitely not regret it! Darryl! Brother, our four brothers, we will never leave in this life!”

“Good brother.” Darryl laughed and patted Mathew on the shoulder.

At this time, Oliver slowly stood up and held Darryl’s hand tightly: “Mr. Darryl, you must not go to the Star Picking Tower this time. That Mateo has an artifact in his hand, how can you resist it? what!”

When talking about this, Oliver was extremely worried!

Although he is a son of a goddess, he has a magical weapon in his hands!

The weapons are divided into seven grades, red and orange. Yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple. Artifact. It is above these seven levels! Since ancient times, there are only a handful of artifacts that can be called artifacts!

“Foster father!”

Darryl smiled slightly and said slowly: “Since Mateo has already sent out invitations in the arena. I must go to this battle.”

He is now the leader of the martial arts.

If this battle retreats, how can I raise my head to be a man in the future? How can Tianmen still gain a foothold in the arena? !

Mateo, let you escape a catastrophe a year ago.

this time. You are not so lucky.

Darryl’s eyes became increasingly cold.

Three days later.

The news that Mateo was in the Star Picking Tower, and Darryl engaged in a battle, quickly spread throughout the entire Earth Yuan Continent. Various cities, streets and alleys in the Diyuan Continent are discussing the life and death battle between the two. Almost all the people with faces and faces in the Earth Round Continent have received an invitation letter from Mateo, inviting many martial arts masters to watch the battle in the Star Picking Tower!

For a while, no one in the arena knew that Mateo, a former wealthy young master, was killed by Darryl, now carrying an artifact and returning strongly!

It can be said that this is a battle of revenge! It is also a great battle!

Darryl is the hero of the Earth Round Continent, and everyone should support Darryl. But these days, because of Zhang Duoduo’s affairs, people from all walks of life have had great opinions on Darryl.

Almost everyone thought that Darryl had harmed Zhang Duoduo.

Therefore, many people support Mateo in this battle for the Star Reaching Tower.

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