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Chapter 521

Donghai City, Zhuxing Building.

There are very few people here in the Zhaixinglou, but today it is indeed very lively!

Because today is the day when Mateo and Darryl are fighting for life and death, and the meeting place is here in the Star Picking Tower!

Darryl and Mateo are both legendary figures, one as the Sect Master of Tianmen and the leader of the martial arts! another. He is the prime minister of Xicang Continent, and has a peerless artifact!

It can be said that their battle is the most anticipated peak battle of the Earth Round Continent for hundreds of years!

So today’s Zhanxinglou, all sects are here!

Not only that, but Donghai City is full of tens of thousands of people, and many ordinary people also come to join in the fun. The water in the Chai Xing Lou Wai will be blocked!

At this moment, I saw the square in front of the Zhanxing Building. A huge stage was built, known as the stage of life and death.

This stage of life and death is as big as ten basketball courts! And around the life and death platform, there was a circle of cordon, outside of the cordon. Thousands of seats have been set up.

Of course, these seats are arranged for various schools. At this time, these seats are already full of people.

This life and death battle is like a grand event in the arena! Not only the six main sects are here, but even Peach Blossom Island, Iron Hand Sect, Giant Whale Club, Gang of Beggars, etc. are all sitting here to watch the battle!

It is worth mentioning that even Fuyao Palace came and received an invitation letter from Mateo.


When the six fairies from Fuyao Palace arrived, everyone around was in an uproar!

These six fairies, whether they are Bai Shengshui or Erqing, are all top quality! After they took their seats, every posture was conservative and s3xy, and the men around them looked straight.

However, they also dared to look from a distance, not even blasphemy. After all, everyone knows the strength of these six fairies!

On the periphery of these seats, hundreds of thousands of citizens of Donghai City gathered. One by one waited eagerly, waiting for the start of this peak battle.


At this moment, only a loud eagle cry was heard, rising to the sky! Then, a snow-white eagle swooped down!

I saw a figure standing proudly on the back of this great eagle! Who is it if it’s not Darryl!

Behind Darryl, it was Peter, Lorenzo, Elsa and others.

“Look, Darryl is here!”


All of a sudden, the ordinary people outside the stands caused a commotion.

However, the various sects sitting there were indifferent and not very excited.

In the past two days, Darryl’s murder of the female anchor has gone crazy in the arena.

In the hearts of these sect heads, they also think that the murderer is Darryl.

As the leader of the martial arts, but doing this kind of thing, these sects all feel shameless! This Darryl is simply a scum in the martial arts!

Darryl didn’t notice the attitude of these people. The moment he landed on the stage of life and death, he saw the crowds around him.

. The whole person was stunned.


Is this all the people from Donghae City coming? !

The next moment, Darryl’s gaze fell on the six fairies, and a smile suddenly appeared on their faces.

Haha, Fuyao Palace is here too! Darryl’s gaze swept over the six fairies one by one, and couldn’t help but admire secretly.

I haven’t seen them for a long time, these fairies are really getting more and more charming.

Especially when their six sisters are sitting together, their exquisite faces and s3xy figures, it can be said that each has its own merits, it is simply dizzying and intoxicating!

It’s a pity that the fragrance of the two fairies disappears, or else the seven fairies are there, then it would be perfect.


At this time, the little fairy Erqing gently bit her lip and couldn’t help but waved to Darryl. He called him to his side and spoke softly: “When the next decisive battle, you…you have to be careful.”

When Mateo’s invitation was first received, none of the six fairies knew who Mateo was.

But later, they learned about Mateo. The six sisters were shocked by the fact that they possessed a sky-opening axe. So at this time, the little fairy saw Darryl, and she was worried, so she couldn’t help but remind her.


This little fairy is as lovely as before.

Feeling the little fairy’s concern, Darryl was in a good mood, and looked at her with a smile: “Thank you for your little wife’s concern. Have you missed your husband these days?”

While talking, Darryl leaned over.

“Darryl, you!”

The little fairy was very angry, and her face flushed.

This Darryl. It’s about to be a life-and-death battle, and it’s not serious yet! He likes to take advantage of it, and he can’t fix it.

“I shouldn’t care about you!” The little fairy snorted, turned around, she was indescribably beautiful and charming.

As a result, at this moment, the disciples of the surrounding sects pointed to Darryl one by one, and they talked a lot!

“Even the fairies of Fuyao Palace dare to molest, this Darryl is really brave…”

“Yes, it’s still the leader. It’s not stable at all.”

“In the past few days, there have been rumors from the outside world that Darryl’s heart was upset and that Zhang Duoduo was killed. It seems to be true.”

In the surrounding discussion, the heads of the six major sects were all calm and complex.

Lingbao Zhenren and Gongsun’e and others looked at each other, and they all saw the anger in each other’s eyes!

In the past few days, Internet public opinion has been circulating that Zhang Duoduo, who fell from the building, had refused Darryl’s unspoken rules before being harmed by Darryl.

At the beginning, the heads of the various schools did not believe it.

But now, seeing Darryl speaking frivolously to the six fairies in Fuyao Palace in front of so many people, these heads immediately believed in those public opinions.

Let this kind of person be the leader. It is simply a shame to round the mainland’s martial arts arena! It seems that this martial arts leader should be replaced!

At this moment, everyone is coming

Not much, but Mateo did not show up.


Peter looked around and frowned secretly. He walked over to Darryl and said, “Why, this kid Mateo asked you to fight here, but we came, but he didn’t show up, this silly thing.”

When talking about this. Peter couldn’t help the anger in his heart.

Three days ago, I and Brother Wen suffered a loss under Mateo.

Today, in front of the entire martial arts community, I must earn my face back.

Darryl frowned and said nothing. I also muttered secretly in my heart.

what happened?

It stands to reason that Mateo should be more anxious than himself to find revenge.

Why did he come by himself, he hasn’t appeared yet?

Lorenzo next to him, pondered, his expression solemnly said: “That kid is very cunning, let’s be careful, pay attention to it, don’t be attacked by him.”

While talking, Lorenzo watched the surroundings.

Although Zhi and Mateo have seen each other once, Lorenzo knows that the other party is very difficult and difficult to deal with.

Elsa didn’t say a word, but she also guarded closely behind Darryl. Originally, Darryl didn’t intend to let her come, but Elsa was uneasy, and she had to follow whatever she said.

“Tsk tusk… it’s all here. This scene is really spectacular.”

At this moment, a sweet laugh came, and there was a charming smell in the laughter.

Looking from a distance, I saw a slender figure, accompanied by a few people, slowly walking over.

It is Ji Linglong!

At this time, Ji Linglong, wearing a black close-fitting long skirt, the exquisite and convex curves, showing all the details, arousing imagination.

However, Darryl didn’t dare to be careless at all. This woman was charming and charming on the surface, but she was filled with a dangerous atmosphere, which should not be underestimated.


As soon as Ji Linglong appeared, everyone gasped.

What a beautiful woman! It’s just a stunner of a generation!

For a time, all eyes were concentrated on Ji Linglong’s body, and many men were fascinated by it!

“Darryl!” Lorenzo whispered: “This woman is Mateo’s subordinate.”

Mateo’s men? Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, secretly perceiving Ji Linglong’s strength, and couldn’t help but secretly startled.


A section of Wuhuang’s strength.

Each of the Wuhuang Emperors was willing to serve Mateo. Isn’t that Mateo’s strength stronger?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Ji Linglong and said lightly: “Where is Mateo?”

Ji Linglong smiled charmingly, looked at Darryl up and down, and said with a light smile: “You are Darryl. You are indeed a young talent, and he is a martial arts leader at such an age. It is truly admirable.”

Some words are full of drama and teasing, which means nothing to admire.

Chapter 522

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, looked at Ji Linglong, and said coldly again: “I ask you, where is Mateo?!”

“Don’t be so anxious.”

Ji Linglong smiled, her charming face was filled with a bit of annoyance: “The Prime Minister has a bit of a personal matter to do, and it may be a while later, so let me come to entertain you first. Wait a moment, Master Duan will soon arrive.”

When she said this, Ji Linglong smiled slightly. In a short time. Of course Mateo will not come. Because now, Mateo has rushed to the Ouyang family. To slaughter the Ouyang family!

And Ji Linglong’s task is to hold Darryl, the longer the better!

“Flap, pop!”

At this moment, Ji Linglong patted her hands lightly, and suddenly several strong men behind her came over.

In the hands of these brawny men, there are wine pots and jade cups.

Seeing this scene, the three Darryl brothers looked at each other. Which one is this singing?

“Master Duan tells me. You are round the mainland, there is an old saying that is to give courtesy before soldiers.” Ji Linglong said with a smile: “Our Master Duan said, even though we have no common grudges with you, Darryl, we also admire him. You are a man. So I invite you to have a drink first. I think League Master Yue shouldn’t be so stingy and don’t give face, right.”

The voice fell, and the man next to him had already poured the wine and handed it over.

For a while, the air was filled with a strong and mellow aroma of wine.

“Did I go to you!” Peter yelled, raised his hand to knock over the wine glass, glared at Ji Linglong, and said coldly: “Stop special code nonsense, let Mateo get out, and have a good fight!”

Ji Linglong didn’t speak, her charming face showed a playful smile.

“Darryl, there is a problem with this wine!” At this moment, Elsa frowned and couldn’t help but speak.

Elsa could clearly feel that her body was limp at this time, and she couldn’t get it out with any strength. Not only that, but his own internal strength could not be released, and Dan Tian seemed to be suppressed, which was a sign of poisoning.

Obviously, the wine was poisonous just now. and. This kind of poison does not need to be drunk, as long as the smell of alcohol is emitted, it can be poisoned.

When she said this, Elsa only felt that her legs were soft, and she couldn’t even stand firmly.


Toxic in wine?

All of a sudden, the people in the audience were in an uproar!

“The life-and-death battle hasn’t started, so let’s poison it first. This is too despicable.”

“Doesn’t that Mateo have a magical weapon? Why do you still play such a trick?”

There was a lot of discussion around, but none of them were poisoned. Because the kind of poison Ji Linglong used just now is only effective for people nearby, and the people in the audience are not dangerous. At this time, only Peter, Lorenzo and Elsa were poisoned.

Darryl looked at Ji Linglong coldly, unable to conceal his inner anger: “Is Mateo just so capable? Let him get out!”

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that Mateo was not in the Star Picking Tower at all.


On the other side, Lily’s house!

Lily put on her mask and hurried out.

In the past few days, Donghai City has been spreading that Darryl and Mateo are going to fight a life-and-death battle in the Star Picking Tower. There are discussions everywhere in the streets and alleys, and Lily naturally heard about it.

Lily will never forget Mateo.

At the beginning, I did live broadcast myself. Mateo spent a lot of money on himself, and finally asked him to meet in a bar, but he tried to get it wrong. It’s just that I didn’t know when I was so stupid.

Later, in order to save himself, Peter was stabbed thirty-six times by Mateo and almost lost his life. Because of this incident, Darryl ignored himself for a long time.

Later, I heard that the Duan family was destroyed. But Lily didn’t expect that Mateo was not dead, and he received a peerless magic weapon and came back to seek revenge from Darryl.

Speaking of it, the grievances between the two sides are all because of themselves.

At this moment, thinking of those past events, Lily was anxious.

Husband, you must win.

There must be nothing wrong.

Thinking about it, Lily quickly walked out of the door and ran towards the Zhanxing Building.


But at this moment, as soon as Lily got in the car, she saw a figure flying across the sky quickly.

Handsome appearance, handsome figure.

Who is Mateo?

Suddenly. Lily’s heart was shocked, and she was stunned.

At this time, shouldn’t Mateo be in a decisive battle with Darryl in the Star Picking Tower? How would it appear here?

Lily bit her lip and drove after Mateo while taking out her mobile phone. Dialed Darryl’s number.

To be honest, Lily didn’t want to actively contact Darryl for fear that he would come to entangle him again. After all, she was so ugly now that she was no longer worthy of him. But seeing Mateo rushing to Zhongzhou City, this situation was too abnormal, and I had to tell Darryl to make him be careful.


the other side. Pick the stars.

A smile appeared on Ji Linglong’s face. She thought that Darryl had also been poisoned, and said with a smile: “Leader Yue, stay safe, don’t be irritable, Lord Duan said, let me entertain you, but the wine I toast is that you don’t drink it. I can’t do anything. Use a little trick. You are poisoned.”

“Hoo…” Peter clenched his fists, sat cross-legged, using internal force to drive poison.

However, what surprised him was that the more he urged his internal strength, the more intense his soreness and numbness!

Seeing this scene, Ji Linglong smiled and said: “I advise you not to try to detoxify. What I use for you is the “Zhuxin and Corruption” of our Five Poison Sect. The more forcefully it disperses, the poison is in your body. The faster it spreads.”

The heart is rotten and the bones are scattered?

Upon hearing this, Lorenzo and Elsa all changed their faces.

This poison feels terrifying just by hearing its name.

Jingle Bell..

At this moment, he only heard a mobile phone ringing, and Darryl took a sigh of relief and took out the phone. Seeing that it was Lily calling, Darryl was startled. Answer quickly.

“Darryl, Mateo went to Zhongzhou City, be careful…” The moment the connection was made, Lily’s anxious voice came, without waiting for Darryl’s response. Just hang up.


Mateo went to Zhongzhou? !

He… he wants to attack the Ouyang family?

In a moment, Darryl’s heart was frightened when he heard this! Mateo brought himself here, but Mateo entered the Ouyang family!

“Om!” At this moment, Darryl was full of anger. Broke out!

“You…you are not poisoned?” Ji Linglong’s pretty face changed, and she couldn’t help but tremble. She could feel that her own poison was of no use to Darryl!

how can that be?

“Zhuxin Rotten Bone Powder” is the most powerful poison of the Five Poison Sects. It is colorless, odorless, and extremely toxic, even the powerhouse at the peak of Wu Huang can’t resist it!

This Darryl in front of me, I clearly smelled it just now, how could it be okay?

He is no more than a piece of Wuhuang!

Seeing Darryl’s face changed drastically, Lorenzo asked weakly: “Darryl, what’s the matter?”


Darryl gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and said with blood-red eyes: “Mateo is not here, he went to the Ouyang family.”


Upon hearing this, Lorenzo and Elsa all changed their expressions drastically.

This situation was very obvious, Mateo deliberately issued a challenge, led Darryl to the Star Picking Tower, and then asked his subordinate Ji Linglong to find a way to hold it. But Mateo himself rushed to Zhongzhou City secretly to destroy the Ouyang family.

After all, the current Ouyang family is already Darryl’s home, and his biological parents are also there.

When Mateo did this, he also wanted Darryl to have a taste of the ruined family.

This trick is really vicious!


At the same time, everyone present was in an uproar.

It turned out that Mateo didn’t even think about fighting Darryl in a life-and-death battle in the Star Picking Tower. His main purpose was to destroy the Ouyang family first.

Seeing that the plan hadn’t been seen through, Ji Linglong frowned slightly, and quickly backed away.

“Darryl, even if you know the truth now, it’s too late.” Ji Linglong looked at Darryl with a smile, her eyes full of abuse: “Now the Prime Minister, he should have been killing him, hehe… .”

Chapter 523


At this moment, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, staring at Ji Linglong tightly, wishing to smash her into pieces!

Darryl gritted his teeth, turned his head and said to Peter: “Peter, Brother Wen, Elsa, can you still go?”

Darryl at this time. I just want to come back to the Ouyang family to support!


Not far away, Ji Linglong smiled triumphantly: “Leader Yue, you have underestimated my Five Poison Sect’s “heart-wrenching”, I tell you, within half an hour, if the three of them have no cure, then The bones will burn, and the seven holes will bleed to death. When the time comes, you will only have to collect the corpses for them.”

Am I trough you!

Hearing these words, Darryl was completely furious, burning with anger!


In the next second, there was a breath of horror. Erupted from Darryl’s body.

“Hand over the antidote, and I will forgive you not to die.”

When the voice fell, Darryl’s body flashed, thinking directly that Ji Linglong rushed over, and a terrifying palm burst out.

In an instant, under the surging force of this violent force, the surrounding air was extremely distorted.

So strong!

Ji Linglong’s face changed, but she didn’t panic too much. She chuckled, body like a snake, avoiding the direction of the star picking building behind.


That palm fell fiercely at the position where Ji Linglong was just now, and was blasted out of a deep pit with a diameter of several tens of meters, with terrifying power.

However, Ji Linglong managed to avoid it without being hurt. But seeing the power of that palm, Ji Linglong couldn’t help but feel palpitations!

“All of you present here, I, Darryl, is now the leader of the martial arts. I order you to support the Ouyang family as quickly as possible. You can’t go wrong.” In the next second, Darryl lifted his dantian, and his vigorous voice spread throughout the entire building.

The lives of the three great saints are at stake, and they must get the antidote.

But the Ouyang family also had to support them quickly.


Hearing Darryl’s order, hundreds of thousands of martial arts masters on the scene looked at each other and sat steadily on the chairs. How could they obey the orders? !


At this moment, the head of Tianshan said in a complicated tone: “You are the leader of the martial arts, but you have misbehaviour and killed Zhang Duoduo! From now on, I no longer recognize you as the leader. Please forgive me for your orders. Can’t do it!”

As soon as the voice fell, other sects also spoke up one after another.

“Yes, Darryl, you are no longer qualified to be our leader.”

“Zhang Duoduo is unarmed. You can do everything, what qualifications do you have to sit on as the leader, and what qualifications do you have to order us?!”

All the big sects, your accusations came from you sentence by sentence, Darryl trembled all over, and his brain buzzed!


At such a critical juncture, these people are so cold-blooded!

At this moment, I saw the little fairy slowly standing up, her eyes swept from the crowd on the scene: “Don’t you guys feel ashamed to say these things?!”

The little fairy stomped angrily, and said softly: “Before you slandered Darryl, saying that he had defiled your younger brothers and sisters, but later, the truth has not been revealed? The matter of the blossoming flowers has not yet come to light. What do you say that he is a murderer?”

When talking about this. The little fairy was very excited, her delicate body trembled faintly.

When the words fell, Bai Shengshui stood up and said: “Everyone. I believe that Darryl was wronged in this matter. Besides, it is not the time to say that the Ouyang family is in danger. As the same people in the rivers and lakes, we should pass by. support.”

At the same time, the other four fairies. They all nodded one after another.

At this time, Darryl was completely anxious: “Everyone, I should not be the leader of the alliance. The Great Palace Master said that it is good. The relationship between the Ouyang family and you is good. Even if it is not in my face, you should also support it. Even if I beg you.”


Heard this. All the heads present, all pondered.


At this moment, Ji Linglong suddenly said, “I hope you can understand a little bit. What happened today is the personal grievances between the Prime Minister and Darryl. At the beginning, Darryl killed the Prime Minister and his family is full. The Ouyang family is justified.”

As he said, Ji Linglong’s tone became cold: “If you want to support, you must fight against the Prime Minister, against the Prime Minister, and against our Xicang Continent, you must think clearly!”


In an instant, everyone present couldn’t help taking a breath, and none of them could conceal their inner fears.

Yup. Mateo not only has a divine weapon, but also the prime minister of the Xicang Continent, with a strong background under one person and above ten thousand. How can you compare with these schools?

Once Mateo got angry and led a large army to invade the Earth Continent, how could he be able to stop him?

For a time. Fear and anxiety hung in the heart of every head.


In the next second, Master Kongwu walked out and apologized to Darryl: “Darryl. For the safety of the earth round the continent, I forgive him for being helpless.”

“Yes, in order to help you and the Ouyang family, we have committed Mateo. What if he sends troops to attack the Diyuan Continent?”

“Don’t lose big because of small.”

“Darryl, I’m sorry, we can’t help with that.”

When the voice fell, many schools evacuated one after another, walking very resolutely.

Seeing this scene, Darryl’s eyes were blood red, his fists clenched, and he wanted to laugh out loud.

I have paid so much for the earth round continent.

What did you get in the end? !


That works!

This group of people are really awesome!

Chapter 524

Darryl’s eyes were red, and he only felt that his heart was dripping blood!

Now the Ouyang family is about to be annihilated by Mateo, and these sects in the Diyuan Continent are not willing to support the Ouyang family!

The only way now is for Darryl to personally go to aid the Ouyang family to stop Mateo.

“Darryl.” At this moment, Ji Linglong looked at Darryl with a smile. Said: “The Prime Minister, you are going to slaughter the Ouyang family. But if you go to support the Ouyang family, your good brother Peter, Lorenzo, and the woman named Elsa will definitely die. Among them. My “Zhuxin Rotten Bone Powder”. Within half an hour, if they don’t take the antidote, they will die very miserably.”

Speaking of which. Ji Linglong smiled and stretched out her hand, only to see a small medicine packet appeared in her hand, shaking in front of Darryl’s eyes: “This is the antidote. If you have the ability, come and get it.”

Her task is to hold Darryl and prevent Darryl from supporting the Ouyang family. The longer the delay, the better!

“You special code, bring the antidote!” Darryl howled desperately, slapped it over!

Ji Linglong showed a slight smile, didn’t fight Darryl at all, turned and ran! Not only that, but at this moment, tens of thousands of soldiers from the Xicang Continent are flooding from all sides of the Star Picking Tower!

“Everyone listens!” Ji Linglong opened her red lips slightly, and said to the tens of thousands of soldiers: “Don’t hurt others, only kill Darryl!”

“Yes!” The soldiers shouted, holding their spears, and instantly slammed to Darryl’s side!

Darryl clenched his fist and waved his big hand, only to see a tall tower rising from the ground! Five hundred strong men slowly walked out of the tower! It is the Linglong Pagoda!

In the Linglong Pagoda, there are 500 strong people. So Darryl is not afraid of these soldiers at all! But for a while. Nor can he get the antidote from Ji Linglong’s hands!

Holding the blood-drinking sword, Darryl rushed from left to right among the soldiers, unable to catch Ji Linglong at all. At this moment, Darryl was really crying, sweating profusely. While chasing Ji Linglong, he looked back at the big sects and shouted loudly: “I beg you, go and support the Ouyang family, I Darryl please! Please!”

When the voice fell, I saw the real person Lingbao slowly stood up and said: “Darryl, our sons and daughters of the rivers and lakes, like to go straight, I will just say if I have something. It is impossible to want us to help you.”

“Yes!” Monica also changed his feet, looking straight at Darryl: “You scum, you killed my sister Miaoyuan, you even killed the innocent Zhang Duoduo. You scum, you still count on us Help you? Help the Ouyang family?”

Hear this and that sound of indifference. Darryl only felt angry!

“This martial arts leader, whoever loves and who will be loved in the future, I, Darryl, can’t afford it!” Darryl almost squeezed out these words from his teeth, took off the jade pendant on his waist, and slammed it to the ground! This jade pendant is a symbol of the leader of the martial arts. Only previous martial arts leaders can wear it!

“Darryl, these people don’t help you, we Fuyao Palace will help you! You stay here and give the antidote to Peter and others. Let’s go to support the Ouyang family.” At this moment, the six fairies stood up and confronted Darryl. He spoke softly, then turned around and flew towards the Ouyang family.

At this moment, Darryl felt warm in his heart. Tears almost didn’t cry.


At this moment, Peter shouted weakly: “You also hurry up to support the Ouyang family, don’t take the antidote.”

When the voice fell, Lorenzo also said: “Yes. Darryl, we can still hold it, you quickly go back to Zhongzhou City and stop Mateo.”

In fact, both Peter and Lorenzo knew that there was no antidote, and they would live soon. Because they can all feel the poison in the body. Has begun to spread to the meridians.

But at this moment, seeing Darryl unable to return to the Ouyang family in order to get the antidote, Lorenzo and Peter were uneasy!

What if you die here? Darryl must support the Ouyang family!

“Do not!”

Darryl couldn’t help screaming, his eyes moistened instantly.

The Great Sage didn’t want to drag himself down, how could Darryl not know!

“Darryl, I will let you go, go, go! You stay here for a while longer. The Ouyang family is more dangerous, don’t you know!” Peter almost yelled: “If you don’t want to go, it’s not My brother!”

He could see that the tens of thousands of Xicang soldiers in front of him were all elites! Darryl entangled with them, and there was no cure for it for a while! After a delay, the Ouyang family will be destroyed!

Lorenzo also said weakly: “Darryl, go quickly, save the Ouyang family first, and then…revenge us later. Let’s go!”


At this moment, Darryl clenched his fists tightly, his tears almost blurred his vision, and his whole person was completely mad, and he roared up to the sky.

“Bring the antidote!”

Darryl howled desperately, without knowing where his strength was, slashed over a hundred soldiers with a single sword. Arrived in front of Ji Linglong instantly!

At this time, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, like a wild beast!


Must get the antidote.

“Hee hee…”

Feeling Darryl’s monstrous anger, Ji Linglong didn’t panic at all. With a chuckle, his body is like a ghost, flying towards the mountain behind: “If you want an antidote, you have to take it by your ability. Chase me.”

As long as he drags Darryl for longer. The Prime Minister had enough time to destroy the Ouyang family.

When the time comes, I will have done a great job.


On the other side, the Ouyang family.

Mateo hasn’t arrived yet. In the Ouyang Family Hall. Oliver is not walking around, anxiously.

Next to him, Darryl’s parents were sitting there, and they couldn’t hide their worry.

“Now Xiaofeng, I should be fighting Mateo, and I don’t know how things are going.” At this time, Oliver couldn’t help but speak.

Originally, Darryl and Mateo had an appointment, and Oliver was going to watch it. But Darryl didn’t let him go. Because Darryl knew in his heart that he might not have beaten Mateo. If the foster father also goes to watch the battle, if he loses, I am afraid that the foster father can’t stand it.

At the request of Darryl, Oliver stayed in the family.

“Brother Oliver!” At this time, Darryl’s father laughed and said, “Don’t worry too much. Xiaofeng has Peter and Lorenzo. If the three brothers work together, they will not necessarily lose.”

The voice fell, and Cynthia beside him smiled and said: “Yes, my brother is the master of Tianmen, or the leader of the martial arts! I must have beaten that Mateo!”


As he was talking, there was a loud noise suddenly outside! The door of the Ouyang family was razed to the ground in an instant!


Then, a scream came.

“what’s the situation?”

Oliver’s expression changed, and he walked out quickly.


At this moment, seeing the scene in front of him, Oliver couldn’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning!

I saw that the front yard of the entire Ouyang family was in a mess! A huge deep ditch was chopped out on the ground. On the edge of the ditch, dozens of disciples of the Ouyang family were lying in a pool of blood wailing! These people are obviously no longer alive!

And above the midair, a figure holding a two-meter-long giant axe hung proudly there. As if to kill the gods!

Who is it if it’s not Mateo? !

At this time, Mateo, with a cruel sneer on his face, the giant axe in his hand, like a round of sun, radiant!

Chapter 525

“People from the Ouyang family, come out to me and die!” Mateo smiled coldly, and a strong killing intent filled his body!

Feeling the killing intent, Oliver only felt cold in his heart, and his eyes were full of shock!

“You… are you Mateo?”

In shock, Oliver couldn’t help but speak!

This person in midair is holding an axe. This look is an artifact! This person should be Mateo!

“Yes, it’s me.”

Mateo smiled evilly, with a look of disdain for everything: “Today I am here to punish your Ouyang family. Before I do anything, you can say any last words.”

When he said this, Mateo looked proud.

He clearly felt it. Oliver in front of him was just Wu Sheng’s strength, and he didn’t take it seriously.

At this time, most of the children of the Ouyang family came out. One by one looked up at Mateo, only to feel congested, and even a little out of breath!

For a time, the entire Ouyang family was silent!

Oliver was even more frightened.

What is going on here? Isn’t he fighting Xiaofeng in the Star Picking Tower? What… Why did the Ouyang family suddenly come?

Seeing that no one was speaking, Mateo sneered: “Since there is no last word, then come up and die.”

When the voice fell, a dazzling light burst out from the Kaitian Axe, and Mateo raised the axe and wanted to kill!


At this moment, a shout sounded from not far away, and then four figures came quickly, blocking Oliver.

It is Mathew’s four brothers!

“Wind, rain, thunder and lightning?!” Seeing the four of them, Mateo was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes were instantly congested, and the anger in his heart also rose!

“Okay, very good, that day, my Duan family treated you very well, my Duan family was destroyed, the four of you not only did not avenge the Duan family. You also took refuge in Darryl! Treachery, beasts are not as good! I still want to find you, You will be delivered to the door automatically.” The cold voice came from Mateo’s mouth, containing endless anger.

“Master Duan!” Mathew’s face flickered, and he forcibly resisted the complexity in his heart, and slowly said: “At the beginning, our four brothers, following the Duan family, did a lot of things to harm the people. The Duan family was destroyed by God’s will. We have returned to Tianmen, punishing the evil and promoting the good. When is the time to report the injustice, I hope Master Duan can stop in time!”

Because Mateo was right, Duan’s family was not weak to the Four Wind, Rain and Thunder.

But they never regretted taking refuge in Tianmen! Because after joining Tianmen, they punish evil and promote good, benefit the world, and do everything they do, they are worthy of their hearts, and they are worthy of the world!

Maddox also stepped forward: “Master Duan. Stop it.”

“Yes, we four brothers, I know I’m sorry for the Duan family! You have to vent your anger and come to us! As long as you can let the Ouyang family go!”

Listening to the words of the four brothers, Mateo was furious: “Shut up the four of you!”

Mateo held the Heavenly Axe tightly, with a terrifying expression: “You still have the face to persuade me? Okay, do you want to protect the Ouyang family? I’ll give you a chance! Come on, the four of you, come together, fight with me, come what!”


Seeing that he could not persuade Mateo, Mathew sighed and looked at each other with the three brothers beside him.

In the next second, Mathew pulled out his long sword: “Since Young Master Duan insists on doing this, then our four brothers have to offend.”


When the voice fell, Mateo and the three also pulled out their weapons. The body rose into the air and surrounded Mateo!

Their four brothers are all in the realm of Wusheng, and the four brothers joined forces. That piece of air is distorted, and the momentum is amazing!

“Four traitors, get out of here!

Mateo’s eyes were blood-red, no nonsense, and he raised his hand and waved vigorously!


A dragon chant that shocked the world came from the Open Heaven Axe, and then, a touch of golden light burst out. Instantly enveloped the four Mathew brothers! The four brothers had no time to dodge and were directly swept by the golden light!


For a time, the four brothers, without exception, were all spewing blood, flying upside down, flying a full 100 meters away, and finally smashed to the ground, one by one, blood dripping. The breath is sluggish!

Although he is not dead, he has no power to fight again!


The four Mathew brothers are all martial sages now! They joined forces, but couldn’t even catch Mateo’s move?

Seeing this scene, everyone present couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning!

Mateo coldly glanced at the four brothers: “You four, really good dogs of Darryl! You dare to stop me, I will leave you a dog! When I completely destroy the Ouyang family, I will slowly follow you. Afterwards, I want you to die.”

Having said this, Mateo focused on Oliver: “Next, it’s your turn.”

“You…” Oliver frowned and stared at Mateo: “You want to destroy my Ouyang family unless you step on me!”


The voice fell, a tyrannical breath. Erupted from Oliver’s body! At the same time, a long sword was held tightly by him!

I have to say that Mateo in front of me is really strong! Especially the power of the sky-opening axe. It’s even more terrifying!

But the Ouyang family, which has been passed down for hundreds of years, has never bowed its head to anyone? !

The Imperial Forest Army of the Apocalypse Continent came to encircle and suppress the Ouyang family. The whole army is destroyed, will you still be afraid of a Mateo? !

Thinking of this, Oliver looked around and looked at the family children around him: “My Ouyang family. It has been passed down for hundreds of years, and I have never given up fear to any force. My disciples of the Ouyang family, every one They are all good men who stand up to the ground, and now this man has a magical tool in his hand, are you afraid of it!”

“Not afraid!”

In an instant, the entire Ouyang family’s disciples were full of enthusiasm, and they responded loudly, shaking the sky!

“it is good!”

Oliver nodded with satisfaction, and said loudly: “Follow me today and fight to the end!”

“Fight to the end!”

Numerous family disciples responded loudly, and then they drew out their weapons one after another and rushed towards Mateo.

To be honest, each of them knows that to fight Mateo in this way is undoubtedly a pebble attack! But they have no retreat. !

“Really looking for death!” Mateo’s expression was grim, showing a bit of madness: “Today I will let you Ouyang family disappear completely and die for me!”

= At the moment when the voice fell, Mateo held the Sky Axe tightly, urged by internal force, and waved his hand!


A dazzling golden light pierced the sky, and from a distance, the world seemed to be split apart!

The dazzling light, carrying the terrifying power, fell fiercely among the Ouyang family crowd! Suddenly, the dust was filled with smoke, and the wailing continued!

I saw that this axe directly cut a deep trench nearly a thousand meters away. Within the envelope of the power of this axe, all the disciples of the Ouyang family, all howled loudly, fell into a pool of blood!

This… the power of this sky-opening axe is too…too strong!

Suddenly, the rest of the people saw this scene, and their backs were chilly!


Seeing them all pale, Mateo looked up to the sky and laughed!

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