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Chapter 526

“As long as I have a breath, you can’t kill my Ouyang family!” Oliver howled loudly, his eyes were blood red, and the moment the voice fell, he flew up and went straight to Mateo!


Janis, who was next to her, also trembled, drew out a long sword, and her beautiful body jumped!

“Two together? Very good, then let you be a pair of desperate mandarin ducks.” Mateo’s eyes were full of playful abuse.

The voice fell. When Mateo raised his hand, a terrifying force broke out again, the Sky Open Axe flipped in the air, and suddenly slashed towards Oliver!

Seeing this scene, everyone below was shocked.

“Dad…Mom…” Cynthia stomped anxiously, her eyes red.

Seeing that this axe was about to fall, Oliver tried his best to condense the protective layer to resist!


At the moment when the protective layer was formed, the golden light came fiercely! Oliver vomited a mouthful of blood. The body fell heavily to the ground!

Janis on one side, like a kite with a broken wire, was shaken and flew more than a hundred meters away, falling heavily on the ground, life and death unknown.


See this scene. Cynthia rushed over and held Janis in her arms.

At this time, Janis’s face was pale, her eyes closed tightly, her long skirt was dyed red with blood, and she was in a coma.

“Kill! Defend the family!”

At this time, the surrounding Ouyang family disciples were also crazy at this time, their eyes were blood red, and they rushed towards Mateo desperately.

However, the strength of these family disciples was completely vulnerable to Mateo.


Mateo laughed wildly, waving the giant axe in his hand, and saw the surrounding air, almost completely torn apart! Those family disciples couldn’t rush to the front at all, they were torn into pieces!

This is totally a unilateral slaughter!

In the blink of an eye, there were only a few dozen disciples of the Ouyang family who could stand up! The whole family, the ground has been stained red with blood, like hell!

Mateo swung an axe vigorously and swept away the few people in front of him. Slowly walking towards Oliver, a cruel sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Patriarch Ouyang, don’t you want to resist? Just this strength?”

To be honest, Yu could easily kill Oliver at this time, but he didn’t want to do that. He had to torture a bit first, so that Oliver suffered all the pain before he could die.

“I want you to survive!” Mateo roared, his voice fell, and he kicked Oliver’s heart viciously!

Oliver’s internal strength is almost exhausted, and there is no way to avoid it!


With this foot, Oliver’s sternum was all shattered! Hearing a muffled hum, Oliver flew out and fell heavily to the ground, bloody, terrible!

“Big Brother Oliver!”

See this scene

, Darryl’s father, Yue Tianheng, suddenly yelled, his face full of anxiety!

For more than a year, the Yue Tianheng and his wife have been working hard in the Ouyang family. By this time they have reached the fifth level of generals, but this kind of power is in front of Mateo. It’s too small!

“Patriarch Ouyang, it’s time to go on the road.” At this time, Mateo said coldly, raising the Sky Open Axe again!

“Big Brother Oliver…”

Seeing this scene, Yue Tianheng shouted, before he had time to think, he rushed over! Resist in front of him!

“Huh? Another one to die.”

Mateo’s gaze was cold, and he locked Yue Tianheng in an instant, opened the sky axe in his hand, and suddenly turned, a golden glow came directly towards Yue Tianheng!

With this axe falling, Yue Tianheng must not survive!


At this moment, Darryl’s mother Su Yue, tears fell instantly, exclaimed, rushed over and hugged Yue Tianheng.


This axe smashed Su Yue’s back fiercely, and blood spewed out instantly! Subsequently. That huge impact, together with Yue Tianheng, were all shaken out.


Seeing Su Yue falling in a pool of blood, Yue Tianheng yelled like crazy and rushed to hug her!

I saw Su Yue’s face. Instantly pale, there was a terrifying mouth of blood on his back, and his internal organs were all shattered.

The blood kept flowing out, Su Yue said very weakly: “Tianheng, I…I will go first…”

Before a word came out, Su Yue closed her eyes.

“Bryante…” Yue Tianheng roared wildly, and his whole body collapsed completely, holding Su Yue trembling all over, tears streaming!

The two have been married for more than 20 years, and they are in love each other! But now… the wife just left herself!


at this time. Not far away, Krista saw that Su Yue was killed, tears bursting into her delicate face!

The son’s mother was killed, he knew it must be sad.

Son, come back soon.

Come back soon…

Shouting in her heart, Krista cried and turned into tears.

Compared with Krista’s grief, Bessie next to him had a calm face, looking at everything in front of him indifferently. It seems to have nothing to do with myself.

“Mateo, you must die!”

At this time, Oliver’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he roared, and he wanted to stand up and continue fighting, but his dantian’s internal strength was almost exhausted, and he was completely powerless.

The corner of Mateo’s mouth evoked cruelty: “These words, you still have to go down, talk to the king of Yan.”

The voice fell, Mateo’s expression was cold, and he walked step by step.

“The Patriarch!”

“Hugh will hurt my patriarch.”

At this moment, a dozen family disciples around, rushed frantically.

However, Mateo didn’t look at them at all, and he waved the Sky Open Axe in his hand gently.


Under the flash of golden light, a dozen family disciples, before they rushed to the front, screamed, they all fell in a pool of blood!

Oliver looked desperate. Completely collapse!

It’s over.. The Ouyang family, which has been inherited for a hundred years, is about to end.. Is it about to end!

“Patriarch Ouyang, I will help you with Yao Gong!” At this moment, I only heard a soft drink from the horizon!

Following the voice, Oliver’s heart was shocked. There was hope in his eyes.

I saw more than a hundred figures flying in the sky not far away. These figures, wearing uniform white dresses, are the elite female disciples of Fuyao Palace.

Headed. There are six stunning fairies. It is the six masters of Fuyao Palace!

Fuyao Palace! Hope arose in Oliver’s heart, and the whole person was extremely excited!

When the Apocalypse army attacked Donghai City, the Seven Fairies of Fuyao Palace came to support at a critical time and fought against Xing Yao. The performance was stunning.

They are here, Ouyang family seems to be saved!


At this moment, Mateo’s gaze was tightly attracted by the six fairies.

Mateo saw that the six beauties in front of him had refined temperament. Not only were their bodies compact, but they were really beautiful, like fairies descending from the earth!

After looking at it a few times, Mateo’s mouth evoked a wicked smile, jokingly said: “Tsk tsk, there are still people to support you, you guys, are all Darryl’s women? Seeing that none of you are ordinary people, Darryl has gone, what’s good with him, it is better to follow me and be my prime minister’s wife, hahaha…”


Hearing this, Bai Shengshui and Er Qing’s faces flushed suddenly, and they were very embarrassed.


In the next second, the little fairy was too lazy to talk nonsense, she raised her hand, clutched a long whip, and rushed over.

“Mateo, we are here today, don’t you want to hurt the Ouyang family!”

“Fortunately, you are still the prime minister of the Xicang Continent, but with this despicable trick, you have led Darryl to pick up the star building, but you have come to attack the Ouyang family!”

At the same time, several Bai Shengshui also cheered and criticized, and the six surrounded Mateo.

Seeing the countless deaths and injuries of the Ouyang family, the six fairies were frightened!


Facing the anger of the six fairies, Mateo didn’t panic at all, but sighed regretfully: “Since you six, you have to die, then I will fulfill you!”

After the words fell, Mateo’s internal strength exploded, and a terrifying aura swept out from his body. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant! At the same time, the sky-opening axe in his hand also shone with dazzling light!

Chapter 527

Bai Shengshui furrowed her eyebrows, and said softly, “Sisters, stand up.”

As the voice fell, the six fairies urged their figures to quickly change their positions, enclosing Mateo in the middle.

Yes, what the Six Fairies displayed was the ethereal formation of the Seven Immortals.

A year ago, the Seven Fairies used this formation to command the first female apocalypse. Xing Yao tightly controlled and bought time for the entire land circle.

However, the fragrance of the two fairies disappeared, and the seventh fairies became six fairies.

Without one person, the power of the ethereal Seven Immortal Formation was greatly reduced.

But Fairy Six, still did not shrink at all!


Seeing the changes in the figure of the six fairies, Mateo showed a slight smile on his face, very disdainful: “Six beauties, just rely on a break-through method. You want to trap me, are you too naive?”

When the voice fell, Mateo held the Heavenly Axe tightly and rushed straight up!

However, under the fierce battle. The more the Six Fairies fought, the more frightened they became. They clearly felt that the formation they formed did not suppress Mateo. On the contrary, under the power of Mateo’s Kaitian Axe, they gradually fell into the wind! The two fairies were absent, the power of the formation was too different!

How to do?

The little fairy couldn’t do it in a hurry, and her six sisters wouldn’t be able to hold on for long if this went on.

Hasn’t Darryl got the antidote yet?

At this moment, the six fairies were extremely anxious in their hearts, and at the same time they thought of Darryl in their minds, hoping that Darryl would come quickly.

Donghae City, Zhanxinglou!

“Which bottle is the antidote! Come on!”

The violent roar resounded across the entire Zhanxinglou Mountain.

At this moment, on the square in front of the Star Picking Tower, Darryl’s eyes were blood red, almost on the verge of rage!

In front of Darryl, Ji Linglong was tied up by Wu Hua Da, completely subdued.

Just a moment ago, Darryl used his Wu Ji good luck palm to disperse tens of thousands of soldiers! At this time, the mountain range of Zengxinglou has two big palm prints, thousands of meters in diameter! Extraordinarily eye-catching!

These two slap prints, one of them. It was the last time the Apocalypse Mainland came and Darryl defended Donghai City. The other slap print is exactly the one left.

At this moment, Darryl stared at Ji Linglong! In his hand, he held several colorful medicine bottles, which were just found from Ji Linglong.

Ji Linglong is the head of the Five Poison Sect, everything on her body is extremely poisonous, and when she is not sure which is the antidote, Darryl naturally does not dare to give Elsa three drugs easily.

“Hehe, Lord Yue, beg me, and I’ll tell you if you beg me.”

Facing Darryl’s fury, Ji Linglong was a little palpitated. This man is really terrifying! However, Ji Linglong’s face still made an indifferent look, smiling charmingly, and joking.

“Okay, don’t you say so.”

Darryl’s heart was raging and coldly said: “I will give you the last ten seconds. Otherwise, you will be burned to ashes.”


At the moment of speaking, a group of white flames jumped out from the palm of Darryl’s hand following the fluctuation of aura.


This… Is this Bailian cold?

Suddenly, I saw the white flame. Silence around!

The disciples of all sects in the Earth Yuan Continent looked at each other at this time!

Ji Linglong trembled even more, the smile on her face disappeared instantly, replaced by endless panic.

As the head of the Five Poison Sect, although she had never seen Bailian Lenghuo with her own eyes, she had also heard of it! Bailian is cold and fire, ranking first in the world’s different fire list!

But then, Ji Linglong calmed down and smiled jokingly: “Okay, you burned me to death, and you never know which bottle is the antidote.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Darryl sneered: “Why should I kill you? I’m going to burn you beyond recognition! You won’t be able to look up for a lifetime! Never dare to look in the mirror for a lifetime!


When the voice fell, Darryl raised his hand, Bai Lian jumped out coldly, and floated towards Ji Linglong’s face.

Women love beauty at all times, especially beautiful women, who value their appearance more than their lives.


Seeing the cold fire of Bai Lian getting closer, Ji Linglong was shocked and her body trembled. Quickly said: “I said… I said… which bottle is white.”

When she said this, Ji Linglong was full of horror, and she no longer had her previous arrogant posture.

Hearing this, Darryl quickly poured out the antidote from the white medicine bottle and gave Elsa three doses.

After a while. The three Elsa felt that the soreness and numbness on his body disappeared.


Regaining his internal strength, Peter stood up, slapped Ji Linglong’s face with a slap, and yelled: “b!tch. I’ll kill you!”

With that, Peter held the axe tightly and was about to kill Ji Linglong.

“Great Sage!” Seeing this scene, Lorenzo hurriedly stopped: “Great Sage, this woman may be useful to keep.”

Talking. Lorenzo turned and looked at Darryl: “Darryl, let’s go to the Ouyang family quickly and go! If it’s late, I’m afraid it will be too late!”

“Yeah!” Darryl didn’t talk nonsense, nodded heavily, jumped, jumped on Xue Ying’s back, and quickly hurried towards the Ouyang family.


On the other side, the Ouyang family.

In midair, Mateo and Six Fairies. Fighting internal force!

Just now, the six fairies and Mateo have fought hundreds of rounds! Mateo spotted a flaw and disrupted their formation. Then took the opportunity to fight with them internally.

Mateo has an open axe, constantly replenishing internal strength, and the Six Fairies have no chance of winning! But they all clenched their teeth and didn’t give up in the slightest!

“Break it for me!”

Mateo roared, and saw the air began to twist! The six fairies were pale, and fell from the sky one after another! One by one, he was holding his chest, obviously losing strength.

“Hahaha, hahaha!” Mateo laughed wildly, his eyes swept across the Ouyang family: “These six women have no strength. I think this time, who else can save you Ouyang family!”

When the voice fell, Mateo slammed out with an axe, slashing towards Yue Tianheng, the nearest to him!

“You, you, you are a bad guy! You killed your aunt, and you want to kill your uncle! The son won’t let you go!” At this moment. I saw a girl running quickly and blocking in front of Yue Tianheng. It is Krista!

“Girl, hide away! Go! Leave me alone!” Yue Tianheng howled desperately.

Although the girl Yue Tianheng and Krista didn’t get along for long, Yue Tianheng liked her very much. Looking at this girl now. In front of him, Yue Tianheng felt warm in his heart.

At this moment, Krista’s tears were streaming down her face, she opened her hand and stopped in front of Yue Tianheng, how could she have the slightest intention of hiding! Krista only knows. If the uncle had another accident, the son would really collapse! Therefore, even if you are desperate, you have to protect your uncle, and you can’t let your uncle suffer any more injuries! As long as you still have a breath, you must stand in front of your uncle!

Krista looked at Mateo in midair. Red eyes shouted: “I don’t allow you to hurt uncle, I don’t! You wait and wait for my son to come back.. I will definitely not let you go.. My son will not let you go!”

“I won’t let me go!” Mateo looked at Krista coldly, with gloomy eyes: “I cut Peter thirty-six times, and Darryl avenged him by slashing me three hundred and sixty times! Let’s start! Today Darryl comes back, I want to return him ten times! I want to cut him a thousand times! I will kill you first, and then go to Darryl! You, no one can run away!”

When the voice fell, Mateo held the Sky-Opening Axe and slashed towards Krista with an axe!

At this moment, everyone in the Ouyang family has no more power to fight!

This axe carries the momentum of thunder!

Krista stood there, without the slightest flinching! But she closed her eyes. She knew that even if she wanted to hide, she couldn’t avoid it. Seeing the axe getting closer and closer, Krista’s tears rushed down. Complete despair!

Son, where are you…

Auntie was killed by bad guys…

Krista was also bullied by others..

Son, where are you, do you know, Krista will never see you again…

“Mateo, am I looking for you!”

At this moment, a loud roar came from a distance, resounding loudly throughout the world!

Looking from a distance, I saw a white giant eagle flying in mid-air!

On Xue Ying’s back, Darryl held a blood-drinking sword! Angry! Eyes blood red blood red!

Chapter 528

Darryl saw that the beautiful and magnificent Ouyang mansion was in ruins, and the disciples of the Ouyang family were dead and wounded!

He also saw that Mateo’s ax was about to slash Krista’s body!

“Ah!” Darryl howled frantically, and the blood-drinking sword pierced through the air, directly hitting Mateo’s giant axe!


There was a loud noise. Make everyone’s heart tremble! Mateo took a step back, his eyes locked on Darryl!

“Krista.” With red eyes, Darryl grabbed Krista’s waist and embraced her.

“The son!” Krista stomped her feet, tears flooding out, only feeling wronged.


He finally arrived.

At this moment, the six fairies were also extremely happy!

Especially the little fairy, her eyes twinkling, can’t hide her joy!

“Darryl!” Mateo held the Sky Open Axe tightly, with blue veins on his arm!

Meet the enemies. Killing intent everywhere!

Mateo looked at Darryl coldly, it was this person who slaughtered the Duan family! It is because of this person that he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in the past two years. I want revenge when I close my eyes!

Mateo dreamed of killing Darryl! But at this time, Yu also had some doubts in his heart. How could this Darryl be here? Isn’t he still picking up the stars right now?

He hasn’t killed the Ouyang family yet, he rushed over so soon? What did Ji Linglong eat, but she didn’t stop him!

Darryl on one side ignored him, but looked around, shaking violently!

He clearly saw that his father Yue Tianheng fell to the ground, holding Su Yue covered in blood in his arms.

But Su Yue, her eyes closed tightly, her face pale, her breath was gone.


At this moment, Darryl let out a howl, tears instantly blurred his vision!

Heartache, sorrow, and endless anger were flooding in, and Darryl at this time collapsed directly!

Since he became an adult, Darryl has rarely been with his parents, let alone filial piety to his parents! I thought that after I became the leader, I would spend more time with them in the future.

Unexpectedly, I didn’t wait for my filial piety. Mother just left herself!


Darryl’s eyes were red, and Mateo looked at each other!

Seeing Darryl’s heartache, Mateo sneered, “Heartache, right? When you destroyed my Duan family, you thought that you have today. You don’t have to be impatient, you, and all the people present. People, I will be sent to hell together.”

“I can’t help you! I’m special for your life!” Darryl roared frantically, and suddenly raised his hands!


The surrounding air quickly twisted, and then, nine golden dragons surrounded Darryl!


A burst of loud dragons heard, nine golden dragons, slack and unmatched, swept towards Mateo!

Seeing the nine golden dragons rushing forward, Mateo snorted coldly.


In the next second, Mateo suddenly raised his hand and waved, a golden light burst out from the open-sky axe, tearing the world apart, and rushing forward!

boom! boom! boom….

The golden light emitted by Mateo collided with the golden dragon, bursting out a violent aura vibration, and then immediately. The nine golden dragons were directly defeated, turning into a golden light and shadow, dissipating between heaven and earth!


Seeing this scene, everyone below was stunned and shocked.

The power of this sky-opening axe is too, too strong, right? !

The nine golden dragons that Darryl broke out were already terrifying, but they were given a second by the opening of the sky axe.

Darryl, who was floating in the air, was extremely angry, but at the same time he was shocked indescribably!

This is the power of the artifact?

This, this is a bit outrageous, isn’t it? !

“Ha ha….”

Mateo smiled contemptuously, and said to Darryl jokingly: “You are still the leader of the martial arts, just this strength?”

“Darryl, we will help you!”

At this moment, Peter, Lorenzo and Elsa jumped and charged towards Mateo!


The three of them exploded internal power at the same time. Three powerful auras directly locked Mateo with amazing power!

However, Mateo’s mouth evoked a hint of arrogance: “I can’t help myself.”

When the voice fell, Mateo waved the axe. Three golden lights slashed out and greeted the three Peter.

Bang bang bang!

The three of them dodge quickly, but they are still a step slower! After being swept by Jin Mang, the three of them snorted and fell downward.


After landing, Lorenzo hadn’t stood still, and opened his mouth to squirt a mouthful of blood!

Peter was also pale and obviously injured.

Elsa was fine. After all, she is a three-stage martial emperor, as the Sect Master of Wenzong, she is extremely powerful! But this blow. Elsa was also faintly shocked, this Mateo is really strong!


Mateo clenched his fists tightly, his figure hovering proudly in the air, staring at Darryl closely, and said word by word: “Darryl, no one can save you today, die.”

As the voice fell, Mateo held the Heavenly Axe tightly, his figure resembling a stream of light. Charge directly to Darryl!

“Even if you die, I will bury you with you!” Darryl howled desperately, his eyes were blood red, and the moment his voice fell, a group of white flames jumped out of Darryl’s palm and arrived in front of Mateo in an instant!

what? !

What is this? !

Mateo at this time didn’t know that there was a strange fire between heaven and earth.

However, feeling the scorching temperature of Bailian’s cold fire, Mateo was amazed and hurriedly stopped the Kaitian axe in front of him!


Bai Lian coldly slammed the sky-opening axe, and instead of burning, it went out.

If it is another weapon, it will be burnt in all likelihood if it encounters Bailian’s cold fire! But this opening axe is safe and sound! This white lotus cold fire, although it is the world’s most extraordinary fire, can burn everything, but it is not invincible. You know, Mateo’s hands are ancient artifacts!

How could this be?

Darryl’s expression changed. The whole person was dumbfounded.

Mateo was overjoyed and sneered: “You are just that capable?” With that, the whole person rushed again!

Darryl clenched his fists, holding a blood-drinking sword, and directly greeted him!


Next second. The blood-drinking sword and the open sky axe collided with a loud noise, and Darryl was directly shaken for more than a hundred meters, and a mouthful of blood spurted out at the same time. The blood-drinking sword in his hand was also broken into two pieces!

You know, just now, in the Star Picking Tower, facing the Xi Cang soldiers, Darryl slayed a great deal. The blood-drinking sword now has a purple rank! But still can’t stop the open axe!


At this moment, Darryl was shocked and angry! The people below also secretly sucked in air-conditioning!

This section of Yu has a sky-opening axe in his hand, it is too strong, Darryl weapons have been destroyed, how to fight it!

“Darryl, be careful…”

The little fairy sat cross-legged, while regaining her internal strength, while paying attention to the situation on Darryl’s side, she couldn’t help but shout.

The people next to him were also secretly anxious for Darryl.

At this time, everyone present wanted to rush to help Darryl. However, under the fierce battle just now, Bai Shengshui and others consumed a lot of internal strength.


Mateo leaned up to the sky and laughed, very proud and happy: “Darryl, what else do you have, try it out, today I want you to be convinced that you lose and die well!”


At this moment, Mateo raised his hand again, an aura of ruining the world, erupted from the opening axe again! Cut to Darryl fiercely!

call! This axe seemed to split the entire sky into two worlds!

In an instant, everyone squeezed a sweat for Darryl!

Darryl was also taken aback, he didn’t expect that the power of the Sky Open Axe would be so terrifying!


At this critical moment, Darryl opened the Linglong Tower with his mind, and in that instant, a figure appeared in front of Darryl’s eyes.

Each of these figures is filled with a powerful aura, it is the five hundred people trapped in the bottom of Linglong Tower! Almost all of these five hundred people were injured when resisting the Xi Cang soldiers in the Xingxing Building just now.

But at this time, these five hundred people all shot together, forming a protective layer in front of Darryl!


This axe slashed on the protective film and let out a roar that shocked the world!

Although five hundred strong men joined forces to block this blow. But that was an axe after all. For a time, these five hundred people were all pale!

Chapter 529


Seeing this scene, Mateo frowned.

what happened?

How come more than five hundred people appeared at once?

“kill him!”

At this time, Darryl yelled coldly.

Suddenly, five hundred strong men rushed towards Mateo like a tide.

At the same time, Darryl also used internal force, following closely behind.


Although there are a lot of these five hundred people, they all have injuries. Facing Mateo’s axe, it is still difficult to turn the tide of the battle!

In just five minutes, more than half of these five hundred people were defeated by Mateo!

The remaining red-eyed bear king. There is also the Scarlet Flame Snake King, although he did not receive a serious injury, he was struggling to sustain it.

And Darryl was also bloody!

Just now, he was swept by the surplus of the sky axe, and his entire shoulder was dripping with blood. If it weren’t for dodge fast, I’m afraid the whole arm would be chopped off.


The power of this sky-opening axe is too strong.

At this time, seeing these powerhouses in Linglong Tower, they were defeated one by one by Mateo, and the number of them was getting smaller and smaller. Darryl was furious and anxious again!

“You die for me!”

At this moment, Mateo roared, and in the blink of an eye, he broke through the encirclement with the sky-opening axe in his hand. Slash to Darryl fiercely!

This blow was Mateo’s strongest blow! This axe fell, and Ren Darryl was the emperor of Wu, and he would definitely die!

The six fairies in the audience, Krista, and Elsa, were sweating and biting their lips in a hurry!

Darryl’s pupils shrank sharply, and when he saw that axe was getting closer, he was completely desperate! Can’t avoid it at all!

It’s over…

Today…I’m afraid I’m going to die here…

Darryl’s chest hurt, and he couldn’t help looking at the ground.

On the ground, Yue Tianheng was holding his mother, crying heartbreakingly!

Dad, mom, son, sorry for you. The son can’t do his filial piety anymore.

Darryl’s tears rushed down, slowly closing his eyes.

Everyone’s heart was caught! Kaitian axe is less than three meters away from Darryl!

The people on the ground closed their eyes one after another, not daring to look anymore!

However, at this moment, Darryl only felt his whole body tremble, and immediately afterwards, his eyes suddenly opened!


At this moment, Darryl seemed to comprehend something!

“Mateo, you killed my mother, and I will let you pay for the blood! The blood is for the blood!”

Finally, a crazy voice came from Darryl’s mouth!


The voice fell. Darryl raised his hands, Dan Tian’s internal strength burst out!

At this time, Darryl, within his dantian, did not have the slightest internal force, just like an ordinary person.

“What is he going to do?”

“Darryl, what are you doing?”

In an instant, the faces of everyone below changed, and everyone was extremely surprised.

All the internal forces are released, how can you fight Mateo? Isn’t this looking for death?

However, Darryl did not hear what they said, floating in the air, closing his eyes tightly! Finally, a cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth, resounding through the world!

“Great Breakthrough, Mountain and River Map!”

In the next second, Darryl’s eyes suddenly opened, and at the same time, his right hand pointed towards the sky!


When the last word falls, the world changes color! Seeing the dark clouds in the sky, at the same time, the flowers and trees in a radius of a hundred miles are quickly withering! Become yellow and yellow!


With a loud noise, centered on Darryl’s feet, the ground began to crazily shatter! The underground magma, like fire dragons, rushed up directly, surrounding Darryl!

There are three levels in total!

The first level skills are: [One Finger Universe].

The second level skills are: [Mountain and River Map].

the third floor. It is also the highest state, and the skill is: [Fighting Sun and Moon]!

For a long time, Darryl only comprehended the first layer, and he pointed to the universe. When Yu Ruo married Yu Yang, Darryl used this skill when he had a big wedding.

Darryl has not been able to comprehend the “mountain and river map” on the second level.

But now, seeing his mother being murdered and his father crying, Darryl only felt as if a door had been opened in his mind, and in a hurry, he understood the second level of the [Great Breaking Heaven Technique]. What is released now is the map of mountains and rivers!

Mountain and river map! It can absorb all the energy within a radius of hundreds of miles!

The flowers and trees in a radius of a hundred miles were originally flourishing, but they withered completely at the moment when the mountains and rivers were displayed! The underground magma and the energy of the plants and trees condensed into a fireball in Darryl’s hands at this time! This fireball has a diameter of thousands of meters! Like the sun!

Feeling the terrifying energy of the fireball, everyone below is full of heart palpitations. At the same time inexplicably exciting!

“Mateo, you die for me!”

Darryl roared wildly, that huge fireball slammed into Mateo instantly!

Just saw that where the fireball passed, the world was distorted! Like the end of the world!


Mateo was shocked. Hastily raised the Open Sky Axe to resist!


The fireball blasted on the sky-opening axe, and the terrifying energy exploded, and it was illuminated by a burst of flames for hundreds of miles!


Mateo spit out blood, and his body flew upside down!

Even if he has a sky-opening axe, he can’t resist this trick! You know, Mateo’s internal strength is almost consumed under the fierce battle.

After all, it takes a lot of internal power to urge the opening of the axe!


Flying several hundred meters away, Mateo stabilized his figure. A few more mouthfuls of blood spit out!

And Darryl, after performing this trick of the mountain and river map, suddenly became extremely weak.

The Great Breaking Heaven was originally a method of destroying the heavens and the earth, and Darryl’s display of the second-level landscape of mountains and rivers was already unexpected!

After this time, Darryl needs to recuperate for at least one month!


Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned, unable to slow down for a long time.

This…Is this a win?

The skill that Darryl released just now was too shocking.

“Haha… OK, very good! Darryl, you can do it! What I said today. I want to kill you too!”

At this moment, Mateoqiang endured the weakness of his whole body, held the Sky Open Axe tightly, locked Darryl tightly, and rushed again! In fact, he was already weak, but Mateo knew that if he didn’t kill Darryl today, he would definitely Cheng Da suffers! So Mateo desperately tried to kill him!

Seeing Mateo rushing, Darryl clenched his fists and wanted to dodge, but his body was too weak and he couldn’t dodge at all.


At this moment, Elsa jumped and urged a protective film to block the blow for Darryl.

At the same time, everyone in Bai Shengshui was almost recovered. Six fairies and Elsa greeted Mateo one after another!


The little fairy threw her whip, only to hear a crisp sound, and Mateo howled all of a sudden.

This whip broke his skin into the flesh!

Of it!

Mateo gritted his teeth and cursed, he was really weak now, and he didn’t dare to be in love at the time. Use all your strength to swing a few axes, push the girls back, and then turn around and run!

“Sisters, chase after.” Bai Shengshui snorted, and took a few fairies and Elsa directly after him.

Mateo killed so many people in the Ouyang family. She killed Darryl’s mother, how could he let him go like this?

Mateo ran away desperately, looking back at the six fairies and Elsa, who were chasing after him, with a smile on his face, and his steps accelerated.


the other side. In the Ouyang family, Darryl’s eyes were blood-red, and his body was too weak, and he suddenly slumped on the ground.

“The son!”

Seeing this scene, Krista exclaimed and ran over quickly.

Bessie followed indifferently.

at this time. Everyone present did not pay attention, holding a short sword tightly in Bessie’s hand.

When he arrived, Krista supported Darryl and said worriedly: “Young Master, are you okay?”

When she said this, Krista almost cried, and she saw that Darryl was weak and her face was extremely pale.

Darryl shook his head: “I’m fine.”


Before the words fell, Darryl felt a cold heart, and saw a sword directly penetrated his heart, and blood poured out instantly!

Darryl only felt that his eyes were dark, and tried to turn his head to look, and saw Bessie holding the hilt of the sword in his hand, standing in front of him coldly.

“Yu Ruo…you…you…”

Darryl was full of consternation. As soon as he said two words, his eyes went dark and he fell to the ground all of a sudden.

Chapter 530

At the moment of confusion, Darryl only felt extremely sad.

He never expected that Bessie, whom he loved so much, would one day stab himself!

“The son!”

Seeing this scene, Krista’s body was shocked, and her whole body was dumbfounded, and she hugged Darryl tightly. I couldn’t help crying loudly: “My son, my son, don’t be okay…”

While talking, Krista was hurriedly trying to help Darryl cover his wound, but Darryl’s whole heart was pierced, and the blood kept flowing, where it could be blocked.

Although it has only been a year to get along with Darryl, in Krista’s heart, she had long regarded Darryl as the closest person in the world. Seeing Darryl falling in a pool of blood at this time, Krista was distraught and almost fainted.


Krista’s face was full of tears, her eyes flushed. Watching Bessie closely: “The son is so good to you. Before you met again, he was thinking about you day and night, why are you so cruel! It’s fine if you hurt me, why did you hurt the son, why! I was really before. I misunderstood you, you, you are not worthy of the son at all!”

When she said this, Krista’s whole body trembled.

When Bessie had hurt himself before, and he had regained consciousness, he should tell the son.

But I was too soft-hearted, I just believed she had her own difficulties. Now that she even kills the son, how can she have difficulties? !

Facing Krista, Bessie’s face did not fluctuate at all, and his eyes were indifferent: “Since you care about Darryl so much, go to hell with him.”

Although Ji Linglong has been arrested now, her control over Bessie is still effective.


When the words fell, Bessie held the long sword tightly. Stabbed at Krista fiercely.

To be honest, Bessie’s strength is no more than a military commander, but Krista has no internal strength, is an ordinary person, and can’t dodge it at all.

“it is good!”

Krista’s face was miserable, full of bitterness and sorrow: “You kill me, the son is gone, and Krista has no meaning to live.”

As the voice fell, Krista’s face flashed with determination, and she slowly closed her eyes. Did not hide at all!


At this moment, a soft drink came, and then, a slim figure quickly rushed over and blocked Bessie’s sword.

It is the little fairy.

Originally the little fairy could follow Elsa and five sisters to chase Mateo, but the speed of those people was so fast that the little fairy could not keep up.

At this moment, the little fairy stood in front of Krista. To Bessie said: “You, you… are you crazy?! Why hurt this girl.”

When the voice fell, the little fairy looked at Darryl. Suddenly the Jiao body trembled!

At this time, Darryl had a large pool of blood, and he did not know his life or death!

“Yue… Darryl, how are you, how are you… Don’t scare me, okay…” The little fairy’s eyes reddened instantly, and she hugged Darryl.


At the same time, Oliver, who was sitting not far away, also changed his face, and asked Krista eagerly: “Krista, how about Mr. Darryl?”

“Uncle Ouyang, the son’s situation is very dangerous, it seems… as if he is going to die…” Krista replied, and just after speaking, she burst into tears.


Heard this. Oliver’s eyes went dark and almost fainted.


In the next second, Oliver eagerly shouted at the surrounding family disciples: “Let Miss Elsa come back.”


At this time, Oliver is really anxious!

Under the fierce battle just now. The internal strength in his body was completely exhausted, and at this time he didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

The little fairy on one side, tears streaming down her face, looked at Bessie, and said: “You are so mean-hearted, you have harmed Darryl! Don’t want to leave!”

The voice fell, and the little fairy stretched out her finger. Hold Bessie’s acupoints.

The little fairy is of the martial sage level, Bessie certainly couldn’t resist it, and in a blink of an eye, Bessie was fixed there, unable to move.


At this moment, a few figures swiftly approached in the midair not far away.


Elsa came over quickly with tears like rain. He saw that Darryl’s face was pale, completely unconscious, and his breath was extremely weak.

“Darryl…” Elsa shouted at Krista with red eyes, “Krista, what’s the matter? How could this be? Who, who hurt him!”

Just now, when he went to chase Mateo by himself, Darryl was fine. In such a blink of an eye…

At this time, Krista was heartbroken and could hardly speak.

“Krista!” Elsa bit her lip and said, “Is it Bessie that hurt Darryl!”

I saw Krista sobbing and nodding and crying: “Yes, it is Bessie. She stabbed a sword from the back while the son was unprepared. Sister Elsa, I regret it. I regret that Bessie hurt me before, but I didn’t tell the truth. The son.”

“Bessie!” Elsa clenched the sword in his hand: “Darryl has experienced so much with you. Why are you cruel to him? Tell me…tell me!”

Elsa at this time really wanted to kill her with a single sword!

But at this moment, Elsa saw that it was in Bessie’s hands. Holding a crystal ball.

As the Sect Master Wen, how could Elsa not recognize this crystal ball? This thing can transmit sound for thousands of miles!

Elsa trembled all over, and doubts arose in her heart. This Bessie’s hands. How come there is a crystal ball? Is she controlled by others? Thinking of this, Elsa looked around: “All the men, turn around!”

When the words fell, Elsa stepped forward and lifted Bessie’s long skirt.

Elsa is very knowledgeable. She once heard of a witchcraft that can control people in an ancient book. This kind of witchcraft has been lost for a long time. It is said that you only need to draw a spell on a person’s waist to control a person.

At this time, all the men present turned their heads. Elsa lifted Bessie’s long skirt, and saw a green spell on her waist!

Elsa’s face was cold, and a maid made a basin of water, and then repeatedly washed Bessie’s waist with charms.

This kind of charm is painted with special dyes, which is extremely difficult to wash. After washing for ten minutes, Bessie’s waist was red, and the charm was washed off.

The moment the spell fell, Bessie trembled all over.

“I’m there… why do I feel dizzy…” Bessie said with a confused face, and said softly.

At this time, she has regained her sanity. If Bessie could remember, the Emperor Tianqi had asked himself to marry Mateo. Later, Ji Linglong tied herself up and drew a spell on her waist…

I can’t remember what happened after that.

Bessie looked around blankly. It seemed that this was the Ouyang family.. At the beginning, he was inhaled by Hu Sanyang, and only one day was left, so he married Darryltang in the Ouyang family.

However, how did the Ouyang family become a ruin at this time?

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