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Chapter 601

Darryl breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the empress is drunk, and she has manifested herself as an emperor.

Embracing the empress, Darryl swallowed. This won’t work, in case the queen waits for a drink to wake up, and after discovering the truth, she will be finished.

Thinking about it, Darryl was about to slowly break free of the empress, preparing to leave. I don’t know, the empress hugged Darryl’s waist, her fingers clasped tightly, and she couldn’t get rid of it at all.

In fact, Darryl urged her internal strength to shake her away, but she didn’t have the courage.

“Xiandi, why don’t you speak?” At this time. The empress finally spoke, while gently rubbing her face against Darryl’s chest, she softly said: “You have passed away for a few months, don’t you miss me? Are you nothing to say to me?”


Hearing this, Darryl was sweating profusely. At that time, he had an idea, he quickly coughed, cleared his throat, and replied with a middle-aged voice: “Ai Concubine, of course I miss you, so , Didn’t I come to see you tonight.”

Darryl can “ventilate” and change his voice. It’s a piece of cake.


Hearing what Darryl said, the empress did not have the slightest suspicion, but was unspeakable excitement. She hugged Darryl tighter and whispered: “I know, the first emperor can’t forget me, just like I miss you every day. same.”

Talking. The empress took Darryl’s arm and walked up towards Longta: “Xiandi, let’s go to bed and rest together. I still have a lot to say to you.”

D*mn it!

This… is going to collapse?

At this moment, Darryl stiffened and walked over with the empress.

Before Long Ta, Darryl sat down.

But the moment he sat down, Darryl felt very uncomfortable.

This is the dragon’s resting place for the emperor. He just sat like this. Not only did he sit, but he kissed me and the empress. If this was seen by the guards outside, he wouldn’t be cut off?

Thinking about it, Darryl was sweating in a hurry.

The empress was still immersed in her drunken fantasies, leaning on Darryl’s body, enjoying herself, her face full of crimson, and a happy smile appeared.

At the same time, the queen continued to speak softly: “First Emperor, I have been diligent and conscientious throughout the past year. I have not ruined the government…. I have not disappointed you…”

“Also, the Western Cang Continent intends to invade our Southern Cloud Continent. But the first emperor can rest assured that our Southern Cloud Continent is strong and strong. If the Western Cang Continent wants to attack us, it will only lift a rock and hit itself in the foot.”

Speaking of this, the queen smiled lightly: “Tomorrow the messenger from the West Cang Continent will come, and it must be here to inquire about the strength of our Nanyun Continent. At that time, I will let this messenger have a good knowledge of the strength of our Nanyun Continent. .”

The queen said a lot. At the end of the talk, the voice gradually became quieter.

Darryl was anxious and didn’t listen to a word. He saw that the empress couldn’t hold it anymore, and said in a hoarse tone: “Ai Concubine, it’s hard for you, it’s getting late, you have drunk so much, go to sleep.”

“it is good!”

The empress obediently responded, so she lay on Darryl’s lap and closed her eyes. After a while, there was a sound of even breathing.

The empress slept very sweetly. In her heart, she really thought it was the first emperor to accompany her.

Darryl didn’t dare to move, until he was sure that the empress had fallen asleep, then he cautiously got up.

This time, Darryl didn’t dare to be careless, and he crept out of the bedroom without daring to make a sound.

When I got outside, I saw that the sky was dark and bright, and there were already palace ladies and eunuchs walking around. In a moment, Darryl’s face turned black.


After finally coming out from the Evergreen Princess, she tossed about the Queen again for most of the night.

I just want to find Ora and get back Panlong Jing. Is it so difficult?

Depressed, Darryl had to return to the Evergreen Palace.

no way!

If you are a little later, you will be in trouble if you are seen coming out of the queen’s palace.

Soon, when I arrived at the Evergreen Palace, I saw Princess Evergreen still asleep, her eyelashes trembling lightly, very quiet and gentle, and she was arrogant when she woke up. It’s quite different.

Darryl took a look, and was also a little sleepy, so he lay on the carpet on the side and rested.


Early the next morning, when Darryl was sleeping, Zhengxiang was photographed and woke up by Princess Changqing: “Brother Yue, get up quickly and accompany me to the front hall. Today, I will accompany your majesty to meet the envoys from the West Cang Continent. “

When she said this, the tone of Princess Evergreen didn’t give the slightest order, but rather expressed some requests.

This little eunuch is interesting, so I have to take it with me wherever I go.

“Okay…” Darryl replied, becoming confused.

I followed Ora for three days and three nights and didn’t close my eyes. Last night, I spent another night in the palace, and it was early in the morning when I slept.

At this moment Darryl was still sleepy, but the princess spoke, and it was hard to refuse.

Soon, after washing up with Princess Changqing and having breakfast together, they went to the front hall together.

As soon as I arrived at the Crown Hall, I saw the civil and military officials, almost all of them were there, standing neatly on both sides of the hall, one by one with serious expressions.

On the dragon chair in the hall, the empress sat quietly. A gorgeous dragon robe, the tight figure, vividly and vividly, the demeanor, the whole body is filled with a powerful royal majesty.

Seeing the empress, Darryl couldn’t help his heart beating faster.

D*mn. Last night, the queen was so drunk, she probably didn’t recognize herself.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s mind suddenly appeared last night, the empress holding herself in her arms and calling for the first emperor.

The gentle look of the queen at that time was really charming. How can there be such a cold arrogance now.

In the next second, when Darryl glanced at the empress’s side, the whole person was stunned!

I go!

Ora, she is here today!

I saw that Ora stood quietly beside the empress, wearing a purple and gold dress, which was unspeakably glamorous and breathtaking without losing a bit of heroism.

This Ora and the Queen are together, and each has its own merits.

The appearance and build of the two women. Nothing to say.

But it gave people the feeling that Ora had a little more heroic domineering.

But the empress has a powerful aura of the royal family.

To be honest, both of them are at the top of the goddess level, but they really feel completely different.

For a moment, Darryl looked a little flustered.

But… Darryl didn’t dare to look too much, standing behind Princess Evergreen, lowered his head, looking like an Anfen little eunuch.

To be honest, seeing Ora, Darryl instantly had the urge to rush forward.

But Darryl still held back.

Before playing alone, they were not Ora’s opponents.

Now that there are so many people in the hall, they rushed over by themselves, it’s just looking for death.

and. Darryl clearly felt that each of the hundreds of civil and military officials in front of him was a master cultivator.

Especially those military officers. The one with the lowest strength is also the Emperor of 1st Stage, there are more than a dozen of Emperors of 3rd and even 4th Stage!


The overall strength of the Southern Cloud Continent is more than one level higher than that of the Apocalypse Continent!

Thinking about it, Darryl hurriedly lowered his head to prevent Ora from seeing himself.

“It’s all here.”

At this moment, the empress looked around, her red lips lightly opened, and she said softly: “When the messenger from the West Cang Continent is coming, what do you do?

Her voice is very soft, but it gives people a kind of majesty that cannot be profaned.


When the voice fell, the ministers of civil and military presence suddenly broke out in heated discussions.

Afterwards, a tall and tall figure came out from the crowd, wearing a pale blue robe with exquisite embroidered pictures on both shoulders, showing great heroic spirit.

It is Yuan Fei, the commander of the Imperial Guard!

Yuan Fei, only twenty-five this year, is already the strength of the four-stage Wuhuang! He is in charge of the imperial city with one hundred thousand forbidden troops, second only to Ora in the Southern Cloud Continent, and is highly regarded by the empress.

“His Majesty!”

Yuan Fei saluted the queen and said respectfully: “No matter what the purpose of the envoy of the West Cang, let him feel today that the strength of our Nanyun Continent will let their ambitions to invade the west be eliminated as soon as possible!”

When talking about this. Yuan Fei’s face was full of confidence and arrogance.

When the voice fell, other ministers around him nodded in response.

“General Commander Yuan is right, let him feel the strength of our Southern Cloud Continent, weigh it in his heart!”

“Be sure to let this messenger come with confidence and come back in embarrassment.”

“Yes. Now it’s spreading from the outside that the West Cang Continent is about to use soldiers against us, and suddenly another messenger is sent, definitely wanting to inquire about the strength of our Southern Cloud Continent.”

There was a discussion from the ministers, and the queen nodded silently.

“Yuan Fei.” At this moment, Ora asked, “How many people did this Xi Cang envoy bring to the imperial city?”

Yuan Fei quickly replied: “His Royal Highness Princess Chang. This envoy brought five hundred elite soldiers. These elite soldiers did not follow the envoy to the palace, but lived in a restaurant outside the palace. Now the envoy is waiting outside the palace alone.”

In Yuan Fei’s heart, there are two women in the entire Southern Cloud Continent that he sincerely admires.

One is Her Majesty the Queen.

The other one is Ora. Therefore, Yuan Fei’s attitude is very respectful.

Five hundred elite soldiers?

Hearing this, Ora nodded, and then said to the empress: “Your Majesty, I will lead people now, first control the five hundred elite soldiers.”

Five hundred elite soldiers, not too much, not too few.

In case the messenger came later, the words slammed into your Majesty. Controlling those five hundred elite soldiers in advance can also prevent problems before they happen.

“it is good!”

The empress nodded without even thinking about it.

Having said that, Ora walked directly out of the main hall, then took some royal guards, and quickly rushed to the restaurant outside the palace.

Seeing Ora leaving the palace, Darryl was also anxious and wanted to follow it out.

As a result, Princess Evergreen grabbed Darryl’s arm and whispered: “Brother Yue, you are new here. You probably don’t understand the rules of the palace. Let me tell you, in this hall, don’t you Walk around, don’t talk nonsense, you know? If you walk around and talk nonsense, you will be beheaded.”

“it is good!”

Darryl had no choice but to nod, not crying or laughing. I can only give up the idea of ​​chasing the dragon Ora, and stand here peacefully.

Chapter 602


At this moment, a eunuch walked in quickly and knelt on the ground respectfully and said: “Your Majesty, the envoy from the West Cang Continent, has been waiting outside the hall for a long time, do you want to declare him to enter the hall?”

The queen nodded and said, “Announce him in.”

The voice fell, and the minister of civil and military affairs who was still discussing, suddenly closed his mouth, and cast his eyes towards the entrance of the hall at the same time.

Outside the hall, a eunuch and a middle-aged man walked in slowly.

The man is about 30 years old and he wears a moon-white robe. He is very temperamental and handsome. His name is Wu Yong. It was an emissary sent by Emperor Xi Cang.

That’s right, Xicang Continent really wants to invade Nanyun Continent.

However, Xicang Continent knew very little about Nanyun Continent.

Therefore, Emperor Xi Cang asked Wu Yong to explore the strength of the Southern Cloud Continent.

At the same time, Emperor Xi Cang also explained to Wu Yong that after coming to Nanyun Palace, he met the empress and the minister of civil and military affairs, and they must take good care of them.


As soon as he entered the hall, Wu Yong took a breath! This Southern Cloud Continent is too strong, right? All of these civil and military officials are masters!

I thought. Wu Yong hugged the empress: “Wu Yong, the envoy of the West Cang, see your majesty, long live your majesty, long live.”

Of course, just holding a fist, without the intention of kneeling.

At this time, Wu Yong had thought about it, even if the overall strength of Nanyun Continent was strong. I can’t embarrass Xi Canghuang myself.


Seeing that Wu Yong was so rude that he didn’t kneel down to the queen, and all the civil and military officials present were very angry.

This Western Cang envoy is too arrogant, right? !

Seeing that Her Majesty the Queen didn’t kneel, it was obvious that she didn’t put Nanyun Continent in her eyes.

At this time, the guard leader Yuan Fei walked out and looked at Wu Yong coldly: “Seeing our Queen, so that you don’t kneel? You Xicang Continent, are there such no rules?”


When he said this, a very strong breath burst out from Yuan Fei, his eyes locked on Wu Yong.

For a while, the atmosphere in the entire hall was depressed, almost breathless.


Feeling the powerful aura on Yuan Fei’s body, Wu Yong’s expression changed, and then he smiled slightly: “This general, this is a bad remark. I am our Majesty Xicang, the appointed messenger, representing the Xicang Continent, to come for a friendly visit. Southern Cloud Continent. It is not a subject of Her Majesty the Queen, why should I kneel?”

With that, Wu Yong looked at the empress and continued with a smile: “I think it is understandable that her majesty is generous and kind.”

When he said this, Wu Yong’s face was calm, but his heart was a little nervous.

To be honest, the overall strength of this Southern Cloud Continent is really too strong.

Especially in front of these ministers of civil and military affairs, the powerful pressure that erupted from their bodies was almost suffocating.

But he represents the Xicang Continent, so he must not persuade him.


Upon hearing these words, Yuan Fei looked furious, but could not refute it.

immediately. Yuan Fei turned his mind and looked at Wu Yong with a chuckle: “Envoy Wu is really eloquent. Then I ask you, you are a courtier in the Xicang Continent. You must kneel when you meet the Xicang Emperor? Our empress. , With the same status as Emperor Xi Cang, why don’t you kneel?”

When the voice fell, other people around nodded in response.

“Yeah, kneel, kneel!”

“The messenger of Xicang Continent, really has no education at all.”

At this time, Princess Evergreen was also full of displeasure, and couldn’t help muttering: “This Western Cang envoy is too D*mnable. When she saw the mother, she didn’t even kneel down.

Hearing this, Darryl was secretly amused, his eyes also looked at Wu Yong, and he thought to himself.

This Wu Yong is indeed rude.

But having said that, if an emissary can face such a situation without changing his face, this Wu Yong can be regarded as a talent.

Civil and military officials, one sentence from you, one question from me came, Wu Yong didn’t panic at all, changed the subject, and smiled at the empress: “Your Majesty, we, Emperor Xi Cang, specially asked me to bring a gift. Come to offer. To Her Majesty the Queen.”

With that, Wu Yong took out an exquisite box from his body.


In an instant, the inside of the hall suddenly became quiet, everyone’s gaze. They all looked closely at the box in his hand.

“Huh?” At this moment, the empress finally spoke, without the slightest fluctuation on her face, and said lightly: “What gift?”

Wu Yong smiled slightly and opened the box. Take something out of it.


In an instant, everyone present was stunned.

Seeing Wu Yong holding a round jade in his hand, this jade is of superb quality. I’m afraid that money can’t buy this kind of goods!

“This…this is the best jade!”

In the hall, I didn’t know who said it, and suddenly everyone else came to be interested.

Rumor has it that Xicang Continent is rich in beautiful jade. But this piece of jade in Wu Yong’s hand is white and flawless, it is truly the best of time!

“Good jade! If you can put this piece of jade on a rope and hang it around your neck, it would be so beautiful!”

“Yes, her majesty’s countenance is already overwhelming. If you treat this beautiful jade as a pendant, it will be a beautiful jade with a beauty!”

Hearing the words of the civil and military officials, the empress smiled lightly. Although she is the highest in the ninety-five years, which woman does not love beauty? Hearing the praise of the civil and military officials, the empress was also a little overjoyed.

“Your Majesty the Queen!”

At this moment, Wu Yong smiled, walked a few steps forward, raised the beautiful jade in his hand and said: “This beautiful jade. The name is “Nine Quxuan Jade”. It’s our West Cang Continent, and everyone wants it. Baby! Three years ago, our Xicang Continent was torn apart, and all the forces were arguing with each other, and all were proud of grabbing this jade, but in the end, after the unification of my Majesty Xicang, this nine-curved mysterious jade has arrived. Our Majesty has it!”

Hearing this, the whole hall was silent, and everyone listened with serious expressions.

At this time, Wu Yong smiled and continued: “This beautiful jade is called Jiuqu Xuanyu because there is a small hole on the jade. This small hole has nine bends and eighteen bends. I want it. To hang this beautiful jade around your neck, you must use a rope to pass through the beautiful jade. However, this beautiful jade has nine bends and eighteen bends in the tunnel. The rope can’t pass through at all. So until now, no one can pass this jade. A piece of beautiful jade, hung around my neck.”

When the voice fell, Wu Yong took the jade and showed it in front of hundreds of civil and military officials.

I saw that there was indeed a hole in this beautiful jade. And this hole is not straight, but made a full 18 turns in it.

Wu Yong laughed and said to the queen: “Your Majesty, before coming to the hall, I want to use a red rope to pass through the nine-curved mysterious jade. So that the queen can wear it immediately. Unfortunately, the rope is too soft. I can’t go through the tunnel at all. I’m dull by nature and can’t think of a way to pass the red rope through.”

When the voice fell, Wu Yong took out a red rope from his body and said: “I am inherently dull and can’t find a way to wear the rope, but I heard that the Nanyun Continent is vast and rich in resources, talents, and hundreds of civil and military officials present. Everyone is smart. I think you must have a way to pass the rope through.”

This time Wu Yong was visiting on behalf of the Xicang Continent, and the Xicang Emperor gave him a task to investigate the strength of the Nanyun Continent.

But when he came to the palace, Wu Yong saw that the hundreds of civil and military officials in the Southern Cloud Continent were so powerful, and he knew in his heart that it would be almost impossible to conquer the Southern Cloud Continent by force. But this trip can’t come in vain. The hundreds of civil and military officials in the Nanyun Continent must be embarrassed. After they go back, they can deal with Emperor Xicang.


At this moment, the surrounding civil and military officials suddenly burst into heated discussions.

“This small hole has made eighteen bends. How can the rope go through?”

“Yes, it’s impossible!”

At the same time, Darryl also frowned secretly, staring at the Jiuqu Xuanyu and the Red String, and became interested in it.

Use a red rope to pass through the small hole in the beautiful jade, which ordinary people simply can’t do.

Not to mention ordinary people. The cultivator who died was also cautious and couldn’t use internal force, because this nine-curved mysterious jade was very fragile, and if it was careless, it would shatter.


This messenger from the West Cang Continent clearly caused problems for the hundreds of civil and military officials in the Nanyun Continent and made them embarrassed.

“I’ll try!”

at this time. Yuan Fei stepped out first with a confident expression: “Isn’t it easy to go through with a rope?”

Wu Yong smiled slightly, and handed over the Jiuqu Xuanyu and the red string.

After Yuan Fei took it, he began to wear it seriously.

In the beginning, Yuan Fei wanted to use internal force, because under the control of internal force, it was easy to pass the rope through the nine-curved mysterious jade.

But soon. Yuan Fei discovered that although this nine-curved mysterious jade is a rare wonder in the world, it is very fragile. Yuan Fei didn’t dare to take risks, so he had to give up using internal force.

As a result, a few minutes passed, Yuan Fei was sweating profusely, making no progress at all.

The small hole is crooked and can’t go through at all.

Seeing this scene, the smile on Wu Yong’s face grew thicker.


When this nine-sounding mysterious jade fell into the hands of Emperor Xi Cang, the people below tried countless times without success.

Even if you Nanyun Continent are powerful and powerful, aren’t they all helpless?

“How is it, Yuan Aiqing?” At this moment, the empress who was sitting there asked gently.

At this time, the empress also saw that Wu Yong presented this nine-tune mysterious jade in order to make his Manchu civil and martial arts embarrassing.

However, Yuan Fei is the most respected minister, strong and talented, he must have a way.


Yuan Fei’s face flushed, ashamed and embarrassed that he couldn’t tell, he said to the queen: “Your Majesty, the minister… the minister didn’t succeed, the minister try again…”

When he said this, Yuan Fei sweated in his forehead.

After a while, Yuan Fei was still unsuccessful, so he had to retreat unwillingly.

Immediately, several other ministers came up and tried them, but they were all unsuccessful.

For a while, the atmosphere in the entire hall became somewhat subtle and suppressed.

At this time, the hundreds of civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty faced a small piece of nine-curved mysterious jade, and they were all frowning, completely missing the appearance of the ministers of the court, and all of them were very anxious.

The empress also frowned, looked around, her red lips lightly opened: “What? Can no one think of a way?”

The dignified Southern Cloud Continent is full of talents, but at this time it was stumped by a piece of jade.

If this incident were to spread to other continents, the face of the Nanyun imperial family would disappear.


Inside the hall, there was silence. Yuan Fei and the surrounding ministers bowed their heads and looked ashamed.

Chapter 603


At this time, Wu Yong sighed, and said to the empress with hypocritical emotion: “Your Majesty, just before coming, I thought there would be a lot of talents in the Southern Cloud Continent, and someone would be able to pass through it successfully, but I didn’t expect… Ha ha, but please still please. Her Majesty calmed down her anger and wanted to use a rope to pass through the beautiful jade. It is indeed not something ordinary people can do…”

The meaning of Wu Yong’s words is also very obvious.

Your Nanyun Continent is strong, and you are just a bunch of reckless men.

There are no real capable people.


Hearing this, the queen’s face was beautiful. It’s ugly, but it’s not easy to get angry if you hold your own identity.

Yuan Fei and other ministers were even more upset.

However, it is true that he failed to pass the red rope through.

Therefore, everyone present glared at Wu Yong, but couldn’t refute it.

At this moment, Darryl watched quietly, frowned, and couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

This is really interesting.

How do you go through it?

Thinking about it, Darryl thought of many ways in his mind. But it didn’t work, and finally communicated with Pang Tong and Yuan Tiangang in Linglong Tower through thoughts.

“Do you have a way?” Darryl asked with his mind.

In fact, Darryl didn’t want to help Nanyun Continent, but he was too curious in his heart.

Pang Tong and Yuan Tiangang are both in the history of the earth. Well-known capable people, they must be able to think of a solution.

“This one…”

Suddenly, Pang Tong and Yuan Tiangang in the Linglong Pagoda all pondered and pondered silently.

A few seconds later, Pang Tong thought of something, he smiled, and responded to Darryl: “Master, I have a solution…”

Immediately afterwards, Pang Tong quickly said his own method.


Worthy of being Darryl Xiao, worthy of being as famous as Zhuge Liang! This clever thinking is absolutely incredible.

After listening to Pang Tong’s method, Darryl was overjoyed, with a smile on his face.

“Your Majesty the Queen!”

At this moment, Wu Yong looked around and smiled and said to the queen: “No one can pass the rope through. It seems that your Majesty has no chance to wear this nine-curved mysterious jade, but it is also good to watch it in the bedroom. “

The politeness of this statement is actually a mockery.

All the civil and military officials present are not fools, so why can’t they tell me?

Yuan Fei’s face was pale, he couldn’t help but walked out and shouted at Wu Yong: “Who said no one can pass through? Don’t underestimate my Southern Cloud Continent.”

“is it?”

Wu Yong smiled and responded slowly: “It seems that General Yuan Yuan thought of a way?”


Yuan Fei looked dissatisfied, but was speechless.

At this time, Yuan Fei was very suffocated. If he was fighting, he would never be afraid of anyone.

But this Wu Yong, that piece of nine-curved mysterious jade, actually stumped himself, and it was so embarrassing.

“Can no one go through it?”

At this moment, the queen could not sit still. There was a layer of frost on the delicate face, and he looked around coldly: “I have spoken, who can pass through these nine-curved mysterious jade with a rope, I have a great reward!”

How can a piece of jade be stumped in the dignified Southern Cloud Continent?

Not to let this Xi Cang envoy look at jokes.

The empress’s cold voice spread throughout the hall.

However, the hundreds of civil and military officials present were ashamed and bowed their heads, and no one dared to respond.

They all know that this is a good opportunity to behave in front of the queen.

However, I don’t even have that ability.

“Your Majesty, or I will try!”

At this moment, a voice came from the side, and then a figure walked out and spoke respectfully to the queen.

It is Darryl!

At this time, Darryl, wearing an eunuch’s uniform, looked too violent compared with the confidence on his face.

“Brother Yue!” Seeing him going out, Princess Evergreen was immediately anxious, and whispered: “What are you doing? Come back quickly.”

Is he crazy?

Manchu dynasty civil and military are at a loss, what can you do?

Moreover, you are just a little eunuch. If you are unsuccessful, you will only make the messengers of the West Cang Continent laugh. At that time, it will be the Nanyun Royal Family who will be ashamed.

More importantly, when the mother emperor is angry and will execute you, who will play with me in the future?

Thinking of this, Princess Evergreen felt even more anxious.

Darryl had a calm face and gave Princess Changqing a comforting look.


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the hall. They all gathered on Darryl’s body, their eyes were complicated.

“A little eunuch, what kind of show is there?”

“When this kid heard the great reward, he wanted to show it? Haha…I don’t know how to die!”

“We can’t help it, can you do it?”

A little eunuch?

Wu Yong was also stunned, looking up and down at Darryl, and then couldn’t help but smile contemptuously: “Are you no one in the Southern Cloud Continent? Manchu dynasty civil and military are helpless, and finally let a little eunuch out?


As soon as this remark came out, the faces of everyone present were extremely ugly.

Wu Yong’s remarks are full of provocation, but they are also true.

How can a little eunuch be able to support the scene in the dignified Southern Cloud Continent?

It’s him again!

At this time, the empress’s pretty face was cold, staring at Darryl tightly, and yelled: “Go back!”

This eunuch, who played wildly with Princess Changqing yesterday, spared his life by himself, and is now fooling around in the hall again.

Are you looking for death?

Feeling the queen’s anger, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and said with a smile: “Your Majesty, the minion has a way to pass the rope through.”

When he said this, Darryl looked calm and confident.

Of course, Yuan Tiangang told him this method.

As soon as the voice fell, Yuan Fei couldn’t help but walked out, pointing to Darryl and scolded painfully: “We can’t do it, what can you do? Don’t be embarrassed here. Get back quickly.”

In Yuan Fei’s heart, the little eunuch in front of him was trying his luck at the empress’s reward.

At the same time, other ministers around him also began to criticize.

“Yes, what is your little eunuch messing around with?”

“If you fail. Do you know the consequences?”

“There are really no rules…”

The shouts of everyone kept coming, Darryl couldn’t help but laugh, and looked around: “What? You can’t think of a way, and you are not allowed to try it? I have full confidence that I can succeed, and I It’s not to show the limelight on purpose, it’s for the face of our Nanyun royal family.”

After that, everyone in Yuan Fei was speechless.

Darryl knew very well what Yuan Fei was thinking in his heart.

They are afraid that if they are really successful, they will look useless as ministers.

In fact, Darryl didn’t want to show the limelight either.

But as soon as he heard the empress say there was a great reward, Darryl carefully pondered it. As a little eunuch, it was too difficult to regain the Panlong Jing from Ora’s hands.

If it has been appreciated by the empress. Perhaps there will be more opportunities to get close to Ora, and take the opportunity to steal Panlong Jing back!

“Do you really have a way?” At this moment, the empress looked at Darryl and asked faintly.

Darryl didn’t talk nonsense, and nodded.

Seeing this scene, Princess Evergreen walked out and couldn’t help saying: “Mother Queen, if you let him have a try.”

When she said this, Princess Evergreen couldn’t help but glance at Darryl.

At first, Princess Evergreen thought that Darryl was a nonsense, but seeing that he was so confident, Princess Evergreen changed her mind.

If he succeeds, there will be light on his face.

after all. He is his own personal eunuch.

“it is good!”

Seeing Princess Evergreen had spoken, the queen nodded: “I am approved, but if you fail, you will immediately push out of the palace gate and beheaded.”

The things in front of me, seemingly small, are related to the dignity of the Southern Cloud Continent.


This is about beheading.

Fortunately, I have a solution, otherwise, wouldn’t my life be involved?

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart jumped, but his face was respectful and polite: “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the servant will not let your Majesty down.”

Yuan Fei and the others on the side sneered secretly, with contempt that could not be concealed on their faces.

A little eunuch wanted to behave in front of the queen.

Waiting to be beheaded.

In their hearts, they think that Darryl is pretending to be calm, but in fact he has no way at all.

Wu Yong was even more mocking.

Manchu dynasty civil and military are not good, how can a little eunuch have a way.

It was totally embarrassing to come out.

Darryl ignored the contemptuous glances around him, took the Jiuqu Xuanyu and the Red String, and after looking at it, he tilted his head towards the female said: “Your Majesty, can someone prepare some honey or honey?”

Honey or honey?

What is this going to do?

All of a sudden, Yuan Fei and the surrounding ministers looked at each other.

Immediately, Yuan Fei couldn’t help but sneered: “Little eunuch, do you think you are about to be beheaded? You want to relieve your hunger in advance.”


When the voice fell, everyone around couldn’t help laughing, but they didn’t dare to laugh too loudly.

after all. Xi Cang’s envoy Wu Yong was still aside.

The empress also frowned, but still waved.

Soon, a palace lady brought a bottle of honey.

Darryl took the honey, lightly wiped one end of the small hole of the nine-curved mysterious jade, and then looked at Yuan Fei with a smile: “Lord Yuan, trouble you. Help me catch an ant.”

This Yuan Fei, relied on being the commander of the Imperial Guard, was highly regarded by the Queen, and was despised.

Just now it was him who mocked himself the most. At this moment, Darryl caught the opportunity, so of course he had to take a stroll around him.


Catch ants?

A little eunuch dared to let himself be commanded to catch ants.

Who gave you the courage?

Yuan Fei’s face. It changed on the spot, staring at Darryl and said angrily: “What did you say? Did you let me catch the ants for you?”

At the same time, the others around were also shocked.

This little eunuch is crazy, dare you to command Yuan Commander?

Don’t you know that he is the celebrity beside the empress?

Darryl looked indifferent, looking at Yuan Fei with a smile but a smile: “It’s about the dignity of our Southern Cloud Continent, so let’s be aggrieved. Now this deep winter season, the ants have all returned to their nests. Where are the soldiers below? I can find it.”

When the voice fell, the queen also nodded and said: “Lord Yuan, go.”

The empress at this time, the curiosity in her heart, was also hung up by Darryl.

This little eunuch is both making honey and catching ants. It seems incredible, but seeing him so calm and confident, obviously there is a way.

“Your Majesty!”

Seeing the queen speaking, Yuan Fei didn’t dare to neglect, he responded and walked out of the hall quickly.

But when he turned around, he gave Darryl a fierce look.

Good, you little eunuch, dare to command me. If you fail and be executed, I will definitely be on the sidelines.

Soon, Yuan Fei caught the ant and handed it angrily to Darryl’s hand.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on Darryl.

It’s an ant again, and it’s honey again, it depends on what he does.

With a smile on his face, Darryl gently tied the ant with a rope, and then put it into the small hole of the Jiuqu Xuanyu.

Suddenly, a surprising scene appeared.

Because Darryl wiped the honey on the other end of the small hole, the ant felt the sweetness of the honey, and instinctively crawled over.

Although the small hole was twisted and twisted, the ant relied on its small body to pass easily, and the rope tied to the ant naturally passed through it successfully.

Soon, Darryl put on the nine-curved mysterious jade with a red string and showed it to the surroundings. Finally, he looked at the empress and smiled: “Your Majesty, it’s done.”


In an instant, the whole hall was silent, and you could hear clearly when you dropped a needle.

Chapter 604

Using ants to bring the red rope through the jade pendant, this method is really amazing, absolutely!

“It’s amazing!” At this moment, Princess Evergreen was also smiling and couldn’t help clapping her hands in admiration.

Happy, Princess Evergreen wanted to call Brother Yue instinctively, but realizing that the occasion was wrong, she stopped immediately. Changed his words: “Awesome! So smart!”

The empress finally showed a smile on her beautiful face, and she looked at Darryl and nodded and said: “Okay, good, good!”

The queen did not expect that a little eunuch would have such a mind. It really made her admire.

And Yuan Fei and the other ministers all looked complicated. Looking at Darryl’s eyes, I was extremely shocked! Everyone thought that this little eunuch would not succeed, but he did not expect that he did it!

“Envoy Wu!”

at this time. The empress looked at Wu Yong and said with a smile: “I’m in the Southern Cloud Continent. Talented people come out in large numbers. With a red string through this jade, a little eunuch can do it. Are you convinced?”

When she said this, the empress glanced at Darryl approvingly, thinking about unspeakable joy. To be honest, at this time the empress wanted to reward Darryl immediately, after all, he had saved face for Nanyun Continent.

But the queen held it back. After all, the envoy of Xi Cang was watching from the side, as the empress, she couldn’t be too overjoyed.


Hearing the question, Wu Yong squeezed a smile on his face, and looked at the queen with a smile and said: “Serve, take. Using ants to pull the red string, this method is really wonderful…It is unexpected…”

At this time, Wu Yong was very depressed.

I thought that the Nanyun Continent was strong, but no one would be able to wear a jade pendant with a rope. I can use the nine-sounding mysterious jade to give them a good start.

Unexpectedly, at the last moment, a little eunuch would solve it easily.

The dismissal of power this time was a complete failure. Thinking about it, Wu Yong was full of distress, and he didn’t know how to deal with Emperor Xi Cang when he went back.

The matter of Jiuqu Xuanyu made the Xi Cang Continent lose face. Wu Yong said goodbye to the queen before staying for a while, and left dingy.

After Wu Yong left, the queen told the ministers to retreat.

For a time, hundreds of civil and military officials walked out of the hall one after another.

Darryl was depressed, and followed everyone to the outside of the hall.


As soon as I got outside, there was a cold voice in front of me, revealing a strong hostility.

Darryl looked up and saw Yuan Fei standing there, his eyes gloomy.

Obviously, before in the hall, Darryl asked him to catch the ants in front of everyone, which made Yuan Fei feel very upset.

Speaking of which, Yuan Fei relied on being highly appreciated by the empress, and has always been despised, and he is also very grudge.

He lost face in the hall today, how did he swallow this breath?


All of a sudden, the surrounding officials all gathered around to watch the excitement, while talking quietly.

“Look, this little eunuch is going to be unlucky.”

“Hehe, this little eunuch was in the main hall before. It’s not unlucky to dare to instigate Commander Yuan to catch the ants!”

“That’s…Even if he is clever and witty, he used a rope to pass through the nine-curved mysterious jade, but he offended General Yuan, too unwise…”

Listening to the discussion of the people around, at the same time, feeling Yuan Fei’s murderous eyes, Darryl didn’t panic at all. He looked at Yuan Fei and smiled slightly: “What’s the command of General Yuan?”

With an arrogant look, Yuan Fei lifted his foot on the steps and said coldly: “This commander’s boots are dirty, you little eunuch, come over and wipe it for me.”

The tone is firm and unquestionable.


Want me to help you polish your shoes and dream.

Darryl was stunned, then smiled: “Sorry, Commander Yuan, I don’t seem to be obliged to serve you.”


As soon as this word came out, everyone around was stunned.

This little eunuch is crazy. Even talking to Yuan Tongling like this.

Yuan Fei’s face flushed and was extremely ugly, and said angrily: “Okay you little eunuch, look at you like this, I don’t know the situation when I just entered the palace. Tell you, I am the commander of the Imperial Guard, and I also have the Queen The gold medal bestowed by your majesty, the gold medal is in hand, you can enter and leave the palace at will, and a little eunuch like you must unconditionally obey my instructions, understand?”

With that said, Yuan Fei flipped it through and took out a golden token.

Suddenly. Seeing the gold medal, the civil and military officials around were all awe-inspiring and envious.

The gold medal bestowed by your majesty, this is a symbol of status.

It can be said that Yuan Fei held the gold medal, and even if he made a more rude request, Darryl could not refuse it.


How could Darryl’s dignified Tianmen sect master suffer such a frustration?

At this moment, Darryl glanced at the gold medal and chuckled lightly. Don’t bother to say a word, turn around and leave!

“court death!”

At that time, Yuan Fei was very angry. It’s so special, so many civil and military ministers watched, he was ignored by a little eunuch? Yuan Fei blushed and shouted angrily: “Death, since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!”


When the voice fell, Yuan Fei raised his palm abruptly, a powerful breath burst out instantly, and then he hit Darryl with a palm.

In an instant, the surrounding air was distorted, and the power was terrifying!

Seeing this scene, the ministers around all looked indifferent.

In their eyes, the little eunuch is a slave and has no human rights. A little eunuch is so arrogant. It deserves to be beaten to death!

See Yuan Fei slapped him. Darryl sneered, his anger surged!

D*mn, I don’t bother to care about you, but you slap your nose on your face!

Thinking about it, Darryl secretly urged Chun Yang’s internal force. Yuan Fei’s strength is indeed very strong, but Darryl is also true!

Seeing Yuan Fei’s palm, he was about to hit Darryl. At this critical moment, a tender drink suddenly came not far away!


The sound is not loud. But full of majesty!

Yuan Fei hurriedly stopped and turned his head to look, and saw a charming figure walking quickly, with a beautiful and delicate face with displeasure.

It is Princess Evergreen!

“Your Royal Highness.” Yuan Fei showed a slight smile. Hurry up and say hello.

Although Yuan Fei’s status is not low, he did not dare to be presumptuous in front of Princess Evergreen.

After all, Princess Evergreen is the queen’s most beloved daughter. Moreover, it is notoriously tricky and weird. The other ministers around also hurriedly saluted.

however. Princess Changqing didn’t even look at Yuan Fei, and walked by him.

When she reached Darryl, Princess Evergreen had a soft tone and asked with concern: “Are you okay?”


The princess cares so much about a little eunuch?


Seeing this scene, everyone present was dumbfounded, and all of them looked incredible.

You know, Evergreen Princess is famous for being tricky and pungent, she usually likes it, playing some weird games, which of the little eunuchs below has not been beaten by her?

What’s going on today?

Yuan Fei was also stunned, with a look of surprise on his face.

Before Yuan Fei could relax, Princess Evergreen looked at him coldly: “Commander Yuan, you are so majestic, commander of the dignified guard, bullying a little eunuch? You are really amazing.”

When she said this, Princess Evergreen was very angry.

It’s not easy for me to find an interesting playmate, and he almost killed him with the palm of his hand just now.

Fortunately, I came in time. If it is a step late, Brother Yue is afraid it is already a corpse.

At this time Princess Evergreen still didn’t know, it really wasn’t necessarily whether Darryl and Yuan Fei would win or lose.

Chapter 605


Facing the question from Princess Evergreen, Yuan Fei’s face flushed, and a smile appeared on her face: “The princess has misunderstood. I didn’t want to hit this little eunuch, just kidding.”

When saying this, Yuan Fei was very puzzled.

It is strange that the Princess Evergreen, who has never regarded her subordinates as human beings, actually maintains a little eunuch today. The sun is really coming out from the west.

Princess Evergreen frowned. Coldly said: “Are you kidding? But I don’t look like it, you just did it.”

In the scene just now, Princess Evergreen saw clearly.

Although Yuan Fei withdrew his hand in time, the killing intent on his body was still there.

“His Royal Highness, you must have misunderstood.” Yuan Fei smiled bitterly and made a very innocent look: “I really just made a joke with this little eunuch. Just now this little brother saved face for us in the South Cloud Continent. How can I do anything to him? If you don’t believe me, ask the ministers around you.”

When the voice fell, the ministers around him nodded in agreement.

“Yeah. Princess, you have misunderstood General Yuan.”

“Lord Yuan with such an identity, how could he start hands with an eunuch.”

Speaking of which, these ministers did not want to lie to Yuan Feiyuan.

But there is no way. Yuan Fei is a celebrity beside the empress, who is highly regarded and cannot be offended.

Seeing this scene, Darryl sneered.

This was the commander of the Guards, and he didn’t blink his eyes while lying.

Seeing that everyone around him said so, Princess Evergreen was not good at talking, and smiled and said to Darryl: “Let’s go.”

After speaking, he walked towards the Changqing Palace.

Darryl responded and followed. Seriously, Darryl didn’t want to get involved with Princess Evergreen anymore. But Panlongjing hasn’t got it yet.

If you want to continue to explore this palace, you can only temporarily rely on the protection of Princess Evergreen.

Soon, when she arrived at the Evergreen Palace, Princess Evergreen changed her cold posture just now, holding Darryl’s arm, and couldn’t wait to say: “Brother Yue, let’s play a game. Today you will be the master. I will be a slave, and I will give it to you. Beat your legs and press your feet.”


You are not tired of playing this every day.

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, thinking how to refuse, just at this moment, a court lady respectfully said outside: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty has an decree, announce this little grandpa Darryl, go to Yunshou Palace to meet him.”

When she said this, the court lady pointed at Darryl, her eyes full of worship.

Just now, Darryl easily solved the difficult problem raised by Xi Cang’s envoy, and now it has spread throughout the palace.

Upon hearing this, Princess Evergreen was very displeased, and waved her hand impatiently: “I know, you can withdraw first.”


The court lady hurried out.

Princess Evergreen turned her head and looked at Darryl with a smile: “Brother Yue, the mother emperor summoned you, she must be a reward for you, so hurry up. Go back quickly, I’m still waiting to play with you. “

“it is good!”

Darryl smiled and nodded, and under the gaze of Princess Evergreen, he walked out quickly.


I thought the queen had forgotten the reward.

Darryl was full of joy, he had thought about it, if the queen asked herself what reward she wanted, she would directly say that she wanted the Panlong Jing in Ora’s hands.

The empress kept her promises, and what she said was counted.

At that time, even if Ora was half reluctant, he wouldn’t dare to disobey the queen’s will.


Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t say how easy it was in his heart.

Soon, under the leadership of the court lady, Darryl arrived at Yunshou Palace.

Yunshou Palace. It is the place where the queen usually summons ministers. Outside Yunshou Palace, there is a courtyard with an elegant environment.

Darryl just entered the yard. I saw the empress sitting on the dragon chair, and several court ladies around him were serving attentively.

In addition, there are several civil servants sitting beside the tea table below, shaking their heads and composing poems. The queen likes piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poems and songs, so the queen often summons these civil officials. Oppose their poems.


Seeing Darryl coming in, the eyes of several civil servants all gathered on him.

Darryl walked straight to the front and saluted the empress: “See your majesty for the slave!”

“Free gift.” The empress showed a smile on her face, looked at Darryl, and said softly: “Before in the hall, you used ants to pull the red rope, and it was very good. I also said at the time, as long as you can succeed, you must There is a big reward.”

With that, the queen took a sip of tea elegantly and smiled: “Just tell me, what kind of reward do you want.”


Hearing this, Darryl was so excited, he couldn’t think about it, he said directly: “Your Majesty, can I do anything I want?”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of urgency.

At the same time, Darryl’s gaze couldn’t help but glance at the empress.

I have to say that the queen is really charming, especially the mature and s3xy charm on her body, coupled with the royal dignity. It’s fascinating.

The queen smiled lightly: “Of course, what you want, just say it.”


Darryl took a deep breath and said, “Minions don’t want anything else. Just ask for one thing, this thing is called Panlong Jing.”

Panlong Jing?

Upon hearing these three words, the queen put down her teacup: “What is this?”

As a queen, I have seen a lot of all kinds of treasures. But this is the first time I have heard of this Panlongjing.

At the same time, several civil servants next to each other looked at each other. All eyes were perplexed. Obviously, neither of them knew what Panlongjing was.

Seeing this scene, Darryl said with a smile: “Return to your Majesty, Panlong Jing is not a special treasure, it is something that contains spiritual energy.”

Upon hearing this, the queen nodded silently, and then smiled: “But, I don’t have one.”


Darryl hurriedly knelt down, with a sincere tone: “Your Majesty, the slave heard that the princess Ora, who came back from the earth circle continent before, happened to get the Panlong Jing, so please open the golden mouth to let the long The princess gave Panlong Jing to the minion…”

Seriously, Darryl didn’t want to kneel.

But thinking of the little fairy who had been waiting for her own life, all of her dignity was ignored for a moment.


The voice fell, and the few civil servants sitting next to him were in an uproar, and their gazes at Darryl became complicated.

This little eunuch is so courageous.

The eldest princess dared to worry about things.

Even the queen frowned. For a while, the atmosphere of Yunshou Palace became somewhat subtle.


the other side!

Apocalypse! The palace!

In the palace hall, Emperor Tianqi was sitting on the dragon chair with a gloomy expression!

The civil and military officials below stood neatly on both sides, each with a serious expression, and the atmosphere was extremely dull!

Next to Emperor Tianqi, Raquel stood there quietly in a princess dress, her beautiful face was also somewhat complicated.

At this time, Raquel was extremely anxious and worried.

Before, after returning from the canyon of Dongao Continent, the father imprisoned Gary, and it was useless to intercede.

Today during the court meeting, the father must discuss with the civil and military officials on how to deal with Gary.

Gary is still a child! Thinking about it, Raquel’s heart became more and more anxious.

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