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Chapter 606

“Everyone, Aiqing!”

At this moment, Emperor Tianqi looked around and slowly said: “I have caught a child. This child is related to the Tongtian Sect’s rebellion against the party. Aiqing, do you think, what should I do with this child?”

Speaking of this, Emperor Tianqi raised his hand at Yan Xiong: “Yan Xiong, bring people up.”

“Yes. Your Majesty!”

Yan Xiong responded and walked out of the hall quickly.

After a while, Yan Xiong returned, followed by a few Yulin army officers and a young figure, kneeling on the main hall.

It was Gary.

At this moment, Gary was tied up with five flowers, his expression was pale and his aura was wilting. On that immature face, there is not the slightest liveliness and innocence that a child should have.


And at this time. Among the hundreds of civil and military officials, a figure came out, trembled, and roared!

It is the Castro!

Since Kendra’s mother and son have left the palace. Castro suddenly lost the meaning of his life, and he lived in a muddle-headed manner, as if he lost his soul all day long.

Today, the Emperor Apocalypse summoned a hundred officials of civil and military affairs, and the king of Castro was absent-minded in the rituals of the previous dynasty.

The Emperor Tianqi just said that he had caught a child related to the traitor, and Castro didn’t take it seriously.

But he never expected that this child turned out to be Gary.

At this time, King Castro stared at Gary closely and saw that his young body was covered with scars, and he didn’t know how much he suffered.

At this moment, Castro trembled all over, and his heart was cut like a knife.


At that second, King Castro’s eyes were red, and he rushed to push the two Yulin Army officers away, and then hugged Gary tightly in his arms.

“Ya’er, Ya’er..” Wang Guangping kept muttering, a man of seven feet, his eyes reddened unexpectedly.

After Gary entered the hall, he had always been trembling. After all, he was too young to face the powerful aura of Emperor Apocalypse.

at this time. Suddenly being held in his arms by King Castro, Gary slowed down when he heard the familiar voice, and finally couldn’t help it, and started crying all of a sudden.

“Father! Father…”

Gary was surprised and happy, thinking that he was dreaming, and while crying, he held King Castro’s arm tightly, for fear that King Castro would disappear as soon as he let go.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was stunned, staring blankly at the two Kings of Castro, each with a stunned expression.

Does this kid call Castro “Father King”?

But this child was caught from the cottage of the traitor.

what happened.

After Emperor Tianqi gave Kendra to King Castro, Kendra’s mother and son have been living in the palace and rarely go out. Therefore, the civil and military of the Manchu dynasty did not know the relationship between the king of Castro and Gary.

Seeing this scene, Raquel showed a warm smile.

Although this child was not born to Castro, Castro regarded him as his own. For this feeling alone, Castro is worthy of respect.

“Ya’er, it’s okay, it’s okay, father is…”

At this time, King Castro held Gary in his arms. Constantly comforting gently, at the same time, under the distress, tears flowed from his eyes, and he asked in a low voice: “Ya’er, where is your mother?”

Whenever Kendra was mentioned, the expression in King Castro’s eyes suddenly became urgent.

Gary choked, and replied: “Mom is with a strange uncle, that strange uncle is a madman, and Ya’er is very afraid of him… woo woo…Father, I miss my mother… “

The strange uncle in Ya’er’s mouth refers to the Master Tongtian. Because Master Tongtian was crazy, Ya’er called him Uncle Wei.

Blame uncle?

Upon hearing this, Castro frowned secretly. Didn’t the madam go back to Earth and Yuan to find Darryl? How can you be with a weird person?


At this moment, Emperor Tianqi couldn’t help it. He slammed the dragon seat and stared at King Castro, and said angrily: “King Castro. What’s the matter?”

Castro came back to his senses, his heart trembled, and he knelt down in fear and said, “Your Majesty, this must be a misunderstanding. This child and the traitor should have nothing to do with him.”


Emperor Apocalypse’s eyes flickered. Coldly said: “Then tell me something.”

When he said this, Emperor Tianqi’s face was extremely cold.

Just now when Gary called King Castro as his father, Emperor Tianqi could see that this child was the son of Kendra!

Of course, this is not important!

What made the Emperor Apocalyptic very angry was that Kendra’s private meeting with the horseman before, and the rumors spread! Everyone knows the entire imperial city! He issued the imperial decree and asked the king of Castro to execute Kendra and the child. He promised on the surface, secretly disobeying the imperial decree and secretly letting the mother and son go? !

Defying the imperial decree is treason. How can the Emperor Apocalypse tolerate it?

“His Majesty!”

At this time, Castro hadn’t realized that he was about to face a catastrophe, and cautiously explained: “This child, who I watched to grow up, is kind-hearted, lively and lovely. How could it be related to the traitor of Tongtian Sect?”

“Guang! Ping! King!”

As soon as the voice fell, Emperor Tianqi was so angry that his eyes burst into flames: “Do you know that you are guilty? I told you to kill Kendra and the child. Now the child is alive and the woman is still alive. How do you explain?! “


Castro’s heart was shaken, he suddenly understood something, his legs were soft, and he couldn’t speak.

It’s over… Wang Castro panicked, sweating coldly. At that time, I had no choice but to kneel down at once: “Your Majesty, the minister is convicted!”


Emperor Tianqi looked at King Castro and said coldly: “What crime did you commit? Tell me!”


At this moment, King Castro felt his brain humming. In fear, he couldn’t calm down at all. He responded in a low voice: “The minister should not deceive the emperor. The minister privately let the mother and son go. But, your majesty, Kendra, mother and son. It’s innocent… Not long ago. Kendra met the groom privately, she was framed in this matter, she…”

Before he could finish speaking, Emperor Tianqi coldly interrupted: “King Castro. I tell you that Kendra’s woman is not serious. Just after you let them go, their mother and son turned around and took refuge in Tongtian Sect. How do you explain this? You tell me. Is Tongtian Sect also related to you?”

“His Majesty!”

Upon hearing this, King Castro’s face changed drastically, and he hurriedly said: “The minister has nothing to do with Tongtian Sect. The minister is for the royal family and for our Apocalypse Continent. How can it be possible to collude with Tongtian Sect?”

When talking about this, King Castro groaned secretly in his heart. He is indeed loyal to Emperor Apocalypse! Over the years, Castro has made countless battles for the Apocalypse Continent in the south and north wars! He has always been obedient to Emperor Tianqi. But before the Emperor Tianqi asked him to kill Kendra’s mother and son, he really couldn’t bear to do it! Have to violate the imperial decree! The conscience of heaven and earth, this is the first time he violated the imperial edict!


At this moment, Emperor Tianqi took a deep breath, his tone was cold, and he looked at King Castro and said: “I am too lazy to listen to your explanation! In short, I asked you to kill this mother and son before, and you did not comply with the order. This is the crime of deceiving the king. The crime of deceiving the king should be put to death! Come, take down King Castro for me, and behead outside the palace gate at noon tomorrow!”


Hearing this, Castro’s face paled, and he could no longer hold it, and suddenly sat there paralyzed.


All of a sudden, the entire palace hall was in an uproar!

Chapter 607

Hearing that Emperor Apocalypse was about to execute King Castro, the ministers of civil and military presence all trembled!

You know, Castro is the right-hand man of Emperor Apocalypse, the hero of the Emperor Apocalypse!

But now, because of Kendra’s mother and son, they are about to be put to death! For a time, many people couldn’t bear it.

But at this time Emperor Tianqi was so angry that no one dared to persuade him!


For a time. Inside the Qianyuan Hall, there is silence, and you can hear clearly when you drop a needle!

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, King Castro looked miserable and looked up at Emperor Tianqi: “The minister committed the crime of deceiving the emperor. Your majesty wants the minister to die. The minister has no complaints, but the minister has a request and hopes that his majesty can fulfill it.”

When he said this, King Castro looked resolute.

Without Kendra’s company. Castro has lost meaning to life, and death does not matter to him anymore.


Emperor Apocalypse spoke coldly, without the slightest fluctuation in his expression.


King Castro took a deep breath and said slowly: “Your Majesty. You have always been kind, and Gary is too young. I hope your Majesty can let him go.”


As soon as the voice fell, the Emperor Tianqi angrily rebuked: “Okay, you are the Castro. When you arrive in such a field, do you still intercede for this child?”

Immediately, Emperor Tianqi stopped talking nonsense and directly waved his hand: “Drag King Castro down! Cut it at noon tomorrow!”


When the voice fell, the guards next to him directly tied King Castro Wuhua and dragged them out of the hall.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty…” When being dragged out, Castro shouted with all his strength: “The child is innocent, innocent…”


Seeing King Castro being kidnapped, Gary cried and couldn’t help chasing him out, but was stopped by the Yulin Army.

The cries of King Castro faded away, and the atmosphere in the hall was still depressed and heavy, and the civil and military officials did not dare to let out the atmosphere.

Emperor Apocalypse, still unabated with anger, looked around and said coldly, “Everyone, Aiqing. What should I do with this child?”

In fact, Emperor Tianqi had already made a decision in his heart. But he couldn’t say it. It seemed that he was too hard-hearted. After all, he was an emperor. If he didn’t let this child go, others would inevitably talk about it.


For a while, everyone present looked at each other, and no one dared to speak rashly.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Clint walked out and said flatly, “Since this child is related to the traitor, it is said that “the evil is done, the roots must be eliminated”, this child should be put to death directly, so as not to leave disaster.”

When saying this, Clint glanced at Gary indifferently.

At this time, Clint showed a slight smile. He knew that according to his seniority, Gary should be called his uncle, but in order to be prosperous and wealthy, he couldn’t take care of that much.

Clint saw that his Majesty wanted to kill Gary, but he said it out because of his poor status. In this case. Just push the boat along with the current, why not do it.

“it is good!”

With Clint’s words, Emperor Tianqi was in his arms, nodded immediately, and coldly said: “Drag this child down, too, tomorrow will be cut with King Castro!”

After that, the Emperor Tianqi thought of something: “Right, switch the two of them!”

Thinking of King Castro, for the sake of Kendra’s mother and son, defying his imperial decree, Emperor Tianqi suddenly became angry. Tomorrow, the king of Guangping will be killed, and he will not be allowed to meet with the child when he is dead!

“According to the purpose!”

When the voice fell, the two Yulin Army officers dragged Gary out.

At this moment, Raquel finally couldn’t help it, and said anxiously to Emperor Tianqi: “Father, he is still a child, you are so cruel…”

“shut up!”

Before she finished speaking, Emperor Tianqi blasted angrily: “My will has been decided, no one can violate it! Retreat!”

Finished. Emperor Tianqi didn’t even look at Raquel, got up and walked out of the hall. Raquel’s face flushed, and he stamped his feet in anxious manner. How to do? Gary has suffered so much for such a small child. Tomorrow will be cut off, I can’t ignore it.

The emperor left, and the depressed atmosphere in the hall finally eased a lot.


The civil and military ministers present secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and then left one after another.

At this moment, Yan Xiong walked over with a smile and looked at Raquel with a smile: “His Royal Highness, a friend of mine sent me a fun thing yesterday. He said it could fly, called a glider, do you want to go to my house? “

In Yan Xiong’s heart, the life and death of King Castro and Gary had nothing to do with him.

The most important thing now is how to promote the relationship between myself and the princess. After all, the emperor had given him a marriage, and let Raquel marry him.

“Go away!”

Raquel didn’t talk nonsense at all, snorted, and didn’t even look at Yan Xiong. Turn around and leave directly.


Yan Xiong was stunned, staring blankly at Raquel’s away back, unable to slow down for a long time.


late at night!

The imperial prison.

At the entrance of the gloomy prison, two guards stood drowsy.


At this moment, a slender figure flew from not far away, like a night elf, and fell gently.

I saw her in a black tight-fitting dress, exquisite face, unparalleled beauty, it was Raquel!

That’s right!

Raquel planned to rob the prison and took Gary away.

Just now, Raquel begged to see Emperor Tianqi alone and begged countless times, but Emperor Tianqi was firm and insisted to execute Gary.

Raquel really had no choice but to make the best move.

Raquel herself didn’t understand why she cared about Gary’s life and death. Is it because he is Darryl’s son? Or is this kid cute and likable? Raquel couldn’t figure it out.


Hearing the movement, the two guards were suddenly awakened. One of them scolded.

Immediately afterwards, when they saw that it was the princess, the two of them were panicked and said respectfully in unison: “My subordinates have seen the princess!”

“Open the prison door.” Raquel said coldly.

Upon hearing this, both guards looked embarrassed.

immediately. One of them said with a bitter face: “Your Royal Highness, here are all death row prisoners, and your Majesty has already ordered that no one can enter without your Majesty’s oral statement…”


Don’t wait for him to finish. Seeing Raquel’s wrist turned, a long sword was tightly held in his hand, and then, the cold blade was placed directly on his neck.

“Princess… Your Royal Highness!”

Suddenly. The guard turned pale with fright, and he couldn’t speak well.


The other was so scared that he knelt directly on the ground.

In the Imperial City of Apocalypse, no one knows Princess Yueying. Not only is she beautiful, but also resourceful and resourceful. It is more troublesome to provoke her than to provoke Yan Wangye.

“Open the prison door!” Raquel said coldly again with a pretty face.

The two guards did not dare to neglect, and quickly opened the chain of the prison door.

no way.

They felt Raquel’s killing intent. If you don’t open the door, I’m afraid that in the next second, I will fall to the ground.

The moment the iron cable opened, Raquel opened the door and walked into the cell.

In the dark and damp cell, Gary’s young body curled up in the corner, trembling.

He was afraid of the darkness, afraid of the depressing silence around him. What he yearned more in his heart was the warm embrace of his mother.


At this moment, Raquel walked in quickly and shouted softly.


Hearing the sound, Gary’s eyes lit up, and he was surprised and delighted: “Auntie? Is that you?”

While talking, Gary followed the voice and ran towards Raquel. Don’t mention being overly happy, all of a sudden, he threw himself in Raquel’s arms.

Chapter 608

At this moment, Raquel hugged Gary. Seeing Ya’er’s young figure, she felt pity and distress in her heart. She hugged him tighter: “Okay, Ya’er, my aunt is here to save you. .”

When talking about this, Raquel deliberately searched for it in the cell. Before coming, Raquel thought about it. Lian Guangping was rescued together.

But in the main hall during the day, Emperor Tianqi specifically confessed that he separated King Castro and Gary.

Therefore, seeing that there was only Gary in the cell at this time, Raquel couldn’t help sighing, and then hugged Gary and walked out quickly.


Seeing this scene, the two guards outside were extremely anxious, but they didn’t dare to stop them.

Raquel didn’t talk nonsense, and jumped with Gary in his arms. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the night.

“How to do?”

Seeing Raquel walking away, the two guards looked at each other, and they were both extremely frightened.

This child is a death row appointed by His Majesty, and now he is gone. I can’t escape the guilt.

“We will report to your majesty.”

Soon, the two guards discussed and ran to the emperor’s bedroom.

At this moment, in the queen’s palace.

The Emperor Tianqi was accompanied by the empress, sitting there drinking sullen wine.

King Castro was executed in the hall during the day, and Emperor Tianqi was also very uncomfortable.

Speaking of it, Castro is not only a royal clan, but also loyal to himself for so many years.

But… he committed the crime of deceiving the emperor, and he also guarded Gary’s child in public. If you don’t execute him, what prestige will you have as an emperor in the future?

Seeing the Emperor Apocalypse unhappy, the queen couldn’t help but comforted her softly: “Okay, your Majesty! Don’t drink it, don’t feel uncomfortable. The Castro ended up like this, and he deserved it. No wonder you…”

“Yeah!” Emperor Tianqi nodded, and was about to go to bed with the queen.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, a panicked voice came from outside the palace. It was the two guards of the prison.

Emperor Tianqi was full of displeased: “What’s the matter, it’s so late, I panicked.”

“Your Majesty!” The guard was sweating profusely, and squatted: “Just now, Princess Yueying went to the prison and hijacked… that kid!”


Heard this. The Emperor Tianqi was furious, stood up abruptly, and shouted: “Come here, seal off the entire imperial city for me. In addition, I have sent a message to post pictures of Princess Yueying and the child everywhere. Once you see it, immediately arrest me. Come to justice!”

When I said this, the eyes of Emperor Tianqi were bloodshot!

The queen on the side was too anxious.

what happened?

Your Majesty was in a irritable mood at first, and Yueying, the girl, started messing around.

However, the night passed, the Yulin Army rummaged through the entire imperial city, but did not find Raquel and Gary.

For a time, Emperor Apocalypse Thunder was furious, and immediately sent additional Yulin army to expand the search, and at the same time sent Yan Xiong out to find the whereabouts of the princess and the child.


the next day.

The north wind howled, and the cold winter rain was falling.

On the open space outside the palace gate, a execution platform was built.

At this time, around the execution platform. Many people gathered together, one by one standing on their feet and watching.

Yesterday, Emperor Tianqi ordered the execution of King Castro. The news spread throughout the imperial city. Early this morning, almost all the people of the imperial city came to join in the fun.


At this time, the palace gate opened, and Castro was brought out by several guards, wearing a prison uniform and handcuffed with chains.

At this time, King Castro looked dull, there was no light in his eyes, and the arrogant and domineering spirit of the prince was completely gone. It was very miserable.


Seeing this scene, the onlookers present suddenly burst into heated discussions.

“I didn’t expect that a dignified prince would end up like this!”

“Have you heard that King Castro released Kendra’s b!tch woman for the crime of deceiving the emperor. Only then was she beheaded for publicity.”

“Tsk tusk, it’s no wonder, for that kind of woman, I don’t even want my life, I deserve it…”

There was a sound of discussion. Castro didn’t seem to hear, but raised his head and let the cold rain wash himself.


It’s raining again.

The last time the wife was framed and paraded in public, the sky was raining coldly.

I thought about it, Kendra appeared in King Castro’s mind, and a smile appeared on the corners of his pale mouth.

lady. I hope you can have a good time, I have not been able to save Ya’er, I will have no face to see you in this life.

At this time, King Castro didn’t know that Gary had been rescued by Raquel.

“The hour has come, ready to be executed!”

At this moment, the supervisor’s cold voice came.

Immediately afterwards, the executioner next to him raised his sword!

At this moment, Guangping Wang’s heart was ashamed and he closed his eyes in despair.

At this moment, the surroundings are silent. The people onlookers all looked indifferent.

The last time Kendra was paraded to the public, many people threw some eggs and stones on her. King Castro arrested these people in order to surprise his wife. These people have a lot of hatred for Castro!

Everyone present thought that Castro was responsible for his own sake, and no one sympathized.

“Cut!” The supervising officer slowly stood up and spoke coldly!

The executioner took a sip of strong wine, sprayed it on the broadsword, and slashed at Castro!


However, at this critical moment, from not far away, a stream of light suddenly flew, directly hitting the long knife in the executioner’s hand!

Accompanied by the loud noise, I saw that it was flying, it was a hosta!

The executioner trembled, and it took a dozen steps back to stabilize his figure!

The slaying officer next to him was furious: “Who? What a courage!”

When the voice fell, I saw a woman walking in the rain. Wearing a snow-white long dress, she looks like a fairy descending to the world!


In a moment, the people around were stared at it!


What a beautiful woman.

This woman is about thirty years old. Tight figure, full of charm! However, there is a strong aura in the whole body! This woman is the Apocalypse Continent, the number one killer organization. The patron of Lingyin Pavilion, Li Ruoning! Also Lily’s master!

“Who are you?” The supervising officer was also shocked by Li Ruoning’s beauty, but he quickly got over and yelled angrily: “Take it for me!”


The voice fell, and there were more than a dozen guards around. Rushed up one after another.

Li Ruoning chuckled, and his sleeves danced lightly, and the surrounding air suddenly twisted and vibrated!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The guards hadn’t understood what was going on, and they were all knocked out to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, Li Ruoning slowly walked towards King Castro and said softly: “King Castro, I will take you away. Don’t worry, no one will hurt you if I am here today.”

As the number one killer organization in the Apocalypse Continent, Lingyin Pavilion has assassinated countless people and has never failed! But only in Darryl’s place, he missed many times! So far, Darryl is still alive!

In order to kill Darryl, Castro spent a lot of money! As a result, Lingyin Pavilion received a lot of money, but failed to assassinate Darryl. Li Ruoning kept this matter in mind, feeling a little ashamed of King Castro.

Today Li Ruoning passed through the imperial city and learned that King Castro was about to be executed, so he came to rescue King Castro. Save his life and make up for him.

Castro was stunned and couldn’t help but speak: “Who… who are you?”

The assassination of Darryl was carried out by Castro’s subordinates. Therefore, King Castro has never met Li Ruoning.

Chapter 609

“Leave here first.” Li Ruoning spoke softly, and the voice fell, urging the internal force to break the chain, and then took the Castro and flew into the air. .

The slaying officer was frightened and shouted: “Stop them, stop them for me…”

The surrounding guards chased after him. However, with their strength, how can they catch up with Li Ruoning? In a blink of an eye, he disappeared into the sky with Castro.


Seeing this scene, the people onlookers. All stunned!

“Is that a fairy?”

“The Castro is so lucky, there is such a beautiful woman to save him!”

“It’s me, it’s worth it to die immediately.”


On the other side, on a mountain in the northern outskirts of the imperial city. King Castro was brought here by Li Ruoning.

The rain had stopped at this time, but the north wind was still lingering.

King Castro looked at Li Ruoning, unable to conceal his inner curiosity: “This woman, dare to ask who you are? Why do you want to save me?”

Li Ruoning looked at King Castro quietly, with an indifferent expression on his beautiful face: “I am the lord of the Lingyin Pavilion, so I won’t tell you my name. As for why I saved you…”


With that, Li Ruoning breathed a sigh of relief. Very complicated and continued: “At the beginning, you spent a lot of money to ask our Lingyin Pavilion to take Darryl’s life. This matter, our Lingyin Pavilion failed to do as promised, so I owe you one from Lingyin Pavilion. Human life. Now I have saved you. My Lingyin Pavilion and you owe each other complementary.”

That’s it.

Upon hearing this, Castro suddenly realized that he couldn’t help but smiled bitterly, and his heart was even more sad.

At the beginning, I didn’t want his wife to go to Darryl, but wanted to work together to kill Darryl.

But the result?

He and his wife still have no destiny.

Fortunately, Darryl didn’t die, otherwise, Madam would not rely on it.

Thinking about it, King Castro smiled at Li Ruoning: “Then I thank you!”

Immediately, King Castro suddenly thought of something, and his eyes became urgent: “Pavilion Master, since you saved me to pay for Darryl’s life, can you promise me a request?”

What is Castro doing?

Li Ruoning frowned slightly, but still nodded and said, “Lord, please say.”

“It doesn’t matter if I live or not.” King Castro smiled bitterly, and said seriously: “I want to use my life to replace a child’s life. That child is just two years old and his name is Gary. He should be locked up now. Inside the imprisonment of the palace. If you can save this child, I, Castro, will be a cow and a horse for you in the future!”


A child surnamed Yue?

Hearing this, Li Ruoning couldn’t help but said: “What is the relationship between the child you are talking about and the prince?”

Castro smiled: “The child is not my own, but I see it as my own!”

Not biological.

At this moment, Li Ruoning’s delicate face. It was full of surprise: “Prince, you are going to use your own life to exchange for a child who is not related to you by blood?”

Castro did not want to say more, he bowed deeply and bowed, “I implore the pavilion master to make it happen!”

Seeing his sincere face and a resolute look at death on his face, Li Ruoning was not good at saying anything, nodded and said: “Well then, I will help you this time. You will wait for me here first if I can save the child. , You can take it with you. If you can’t save it, I can’t do anything.”

When the voice fell, Li Ruoning touched the ground on his toes, rising lightly, and flew toward the imperial city.

“Thank you, Pavilion Master!”

Castro was overjoyed and knelt on the ground with a splash.

In his entire life, he has knelt down to heaven and kneel down to the emperor, and has never knelt down to anyone! But now, for Ya’er, he gave up all dignity!

About a stick of incense, Li Ruoning returned with a solemn expression, holding a paper roll in his hand.

“Pavilion Master, how’s it going?” King Castro hurriedly greeted him, his eyes full of expectation.


Li Ruoning breathed out gently and handed the scroll to King Castro: “The child has been rescued. Princess Yueying broke into the prison last night and took the person away. Now the entire imperial city is searching for them. Portraits of the two were also posted at several gates.”


Ya’er was rescued by Princess Yueying?

Hearing this, King Castro trembled in his heart. When he opened the roll of paper, he saw that this roll of paper was actually a reward order, with Raquel and Gary painted on it, and a few lines below: The court was seriously injured, arrest the important offender! Those who catch these two will get a reward of ten thousand taels!

“King Castro!” At this moment, Li Ruoning said softly: “Since the child is all right, you can make a living by yourself. Goodbye!”

When the voice fell, Li Ruoning turned and left.


Seeing Li Ruoning’s back, King Castro was stunned for a few seconds before he couldn’t help laughing up to the sky.

Ya’er is okay, Ya’er is okay.

I have no worries about myself.

Thinking about it, Castro swept away the gloom in his heart before striding towards the distance.

Castro thought about it.

For more than ten years, he was loyal to the royal family, but ended up like this.

What glory and wealth, in the eyes of the king of Guangping, has been a passing moment!

Since the catastrophe survives, then go to other continents to make a good trip!


the other side.

Apocalyptic Imperial City. In a ruined temple in the suburbs.

After Raquel rescued Gary, the two fled all the way to this ruined temple.

At this moment Gary was sitting on a pile of straw, rolling his eyes, watching Raquel busy in front of him.

Raquel used fire. Roasting a hare!

The urgency came out last night, and Raquel didn’t bring any condiments. However, Raquel relied on his superb cooking skills, and after a short while, bursts of fragrance filled the ruined temple.

“It smells so good!”

Gary couldn’t help but clap his hands in admiration, almost drooling: “The things my aunt makes are the best delicacy in the world!”

“Well, little greedy cat!”

Raquel was very happy to receive the praise, tearing off a rabbit leg, and handing it to Gary.

After a night of rushing, Gary seemed very tired. But the spirit is much better. Grabbing the rabbit’s leg, he gobbled it up and ate it.

Raquel watched quietly, feeling very distressed in her heart.

Such a small child has suffered so much.

It’s so pathetic!

While eating, Gary suddenly thought of something, and looked at Raquel with sullen eyes: “Auntie, where shall we go next?”

“This one…”

Hearing this, Raquel let out a long sigh of relief.

After leaving the imperial city last night, Raquel took Gary with him, and immediately went to the Tongtianjiao cottage. Want to reunite Ya’er and Kendra.


Because before the Apocalypse Royal Family, they sent troops to attack Tongtianjiao. So the cottage of Tongtianjiao. Already empty.

Raquel had no clue about where the Tongtian disciple and Kendra were now.

At this time, Raquel wanted to say that he didn’t know where to go, so he could only escape in the future.

But seeing Gary’s innocent face, Raquel couldn’t bear to hit him.

Thinking about it, Raquel smiled softly and said softly, “Of course I’m going to find your mother. Don’t worry, if there is auntie, I will definitely help you find your mother.”


Gary nodded heavily, no longer asked, and continued to eat rabbit meat obediently.

Soon, the two were full and they were ready to continue on the road.

But at this moment, night fell, and the rain that had stopped, began to drip again.

“Auntie, it’s raining again!”

Gary looked outside and said, his eyes could not hide his miss for Kendra. When it rained before, Kendra always took him to step on the splash outside.

Mom, where are you.

Ya’er misses you so much!

“It’s raining anyway.” Raquel couldn’t help but said softly, and then cleaned up the corner of the ruined temple. He said to Gary: “It seems that I can’t leave tonight, let’s rest here for one night.”

Gary nodded: “Okay!”

Although he was only two years old, but after so much experience, Gary was much more sensible than children of the same age.

He missed Kendra very much, but he didn’t cry. But being well-behaved makes people feel bad.

After responding, Gary walked over and lay on the straw beside Raquel, but did not close his eyes, but looked at the night outside in a daze.

Seeing this scene, Raquel felt very distressed. With a gentle smile: “Ya’er, can’t you sleep cold by yourself? Let my aunt hold you to sleep.”

When he said these, Raquel didn’t think much about it.


Gary got up all of a sudden and said curiously: “Is this all right?”


Raquel was stunned, and looked at him with interest: “What’s wrong with this?”

As soon as the voice fell, Gary said solemnly: “Father and the king told me before. There are differences between men and women, and the aunt is a woman, and I am a man, no way…”

Having said that, Gary shook his head voluntarily.

Seeing him look like a small adult, Raquel stayed for a few seconds, then couldn’t help but laughed: “You are right, but you are a child, so it doesn’t matter. Besides, I am your aunt. Ah, different from other women.”

When she said this, Raquel’s face turned red and she felt a little embarrassed.

The child is so sensible.

Fortunately, he was only two years old. If he were a little older, he wouldn’t be able to hold him to sleep anymore.

As I was thinking, I heard Gary continue to say: “Auntie, my father said that I will protect my mother when he is away in the future. So I am not a kid anymore. Ya’er is already a man.”

Chapter 610

Speaking of this, Gary changed his voice and asked: “By the way, my aunt, where is my father? Yesterday the emperor wanted to kill him, will my father die?”


Heard this. With a complicated expression, Raquel squeezed out a smile, and said with relief: “He will be fine.”

We couldn’t rescue Castro together last night, now he should have been beheaded.

The child’s heart is limited, so please don’t tell him about such cruel things.

So I didn’t wait for Gary to speak. Raquel hugged him in her arms: “Ya’er, go to bed.”

At this moment, I felt a warm embrace. Gary’s mood gradually calmed down, but he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Raquel couldn’t sleep either, thinking about her heart. Ya’er, this child is too pitiful, and I must not let him have an accident.

For a while, the two of them were thinking about their own thoughts. Inside the ruined temple, it was very quiet, only the patter of rain outside kept coming.


I don’t know how long it took, Gary couldn’t help but ask: “I can’t sleep, can you tell me a story?”


Hearing this, Raquel smiled and nodded, then thought about it, and said: “Then I will tell you a story about the six major factions, pretending to be the Sect Master of Tianmen… in Diyuan Continent. There are six major factions. They are Shaolin, Wudang…”

When this was the case, Raquel’s thoughts returned to two years ago, and she felt very touched in her heart.

Gary was fascinated at once.

Until Raquel finished speaking, Gary blinked his eyes and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Auntie, you are too powerful, so many sects have been caught by you, and I will be like auntie in the future.”

After that, Gary thought of something: “That’s right, who was the Sect Master that day, why did you pretend to be him at that time!”

“Tianmen Sect Master!” Raquel responded instinctively: “It’s you…”

Halfway through, what Raquel realized. Stopped quickly, and then asked, “Ya’er, did your mother tell you, who is your father?”


Hearing this word, Gary couldn’t help but tilt his head, pondered, and said: “Isn’t Dad the father?”

Hearing this, Raquel suddenly understood something.

Obviously, before thinking that Darryl was dead, Kendra didn’t tell Gary’s true life experience.

And Gary, until then, thought that King Castro was his biological father.

“Auntie. What are you asking about this?” Gary asked curiously, and then couldn’t wait: “You haven’t told me who is the Sect Master of Tianmen.”

At this moment. Raquel’s delicate face revealed a trace of unnaturalness: “Sect Master Tianmen is just a nasty guy. That’s why my aunt has to pretend to be him.”

When talking about this, Raquel’s mind appeared like Darryl.

At the beginning, I took the twelve guards and went to Diyuan Continent, which was almost smooth sailing.

It just happened to encounter this Darryl. Everything has changed.

In front of him, he was restrained almost everywhere, and was taken advantage of several times!

And now, he is still working around to save his son.

At the mention of Darryl, Raquel suddenly lost her breath.

“Annoying guy?”

Gary said to himself. Then he clenched his small fist: “Sect Master that day, did you bully you? When Ya’er grows up, he will definitely help you teach him.”

Hearing this, Raquel couldn’t laugh or cry.

That’s your father, how do you teach him? He taught you about it.

At this moment, Gary smiled and said: “Auntie, I still want to hear the story. Auntie, do you have the most memorable thing, tell Ya’er, OK?”

vivid memory?

Raquel thought secretly.

As a princess, Raquel has been loved since she was a child. Before adulthood, it’s all going smoothly, so there are no memorable things.

If you really want to!

Next second. In Raquel’s mind, Darryl thought of again.

At the beginning, he pretended to be the Sect Master of Tianmen and captured the six martial sects. Later, Darryl heard that someone was posing as Tianmen, so he came to the door. At that time, I was chased into a formation by Darryl, I thought it was. That formation could trap Darryl, but as a result, Darryl changed the formation, which made himself hot and itchy. He had no choice but to beg for mercy.

On another occasion, in Zhao Yun’s ancient tomb, he was influenced by the magic array and mistakenly regarded Darryl as his father.


At the thought of this, Raquel’s face flushed with shame.

However, the light in the ruined temple was dim, and Gary was lying in Raquel’s arms and couldn’t see her expression.

A few seconds later, seeing Raquel being silent, Gary couldn’t help but said, “Auntie, can’t you remember.”

“That’s something memorable.”

Raquel shook her head, her face hot, and then urged: “There are so many problems with children, it’s late, go to bed, and we have to hurry tomorrow.”

How could Ya’er know the embarrassment between himself and Darryl.

Ya’er, this child, is already glib. If he were to tell him about his own father’s deeds, if he learned a little bit of fur, he would be less serious in the future, and he would not be a little devil in the world.

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