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Chapter 61

Ziyu Company, President’s Office.

After three hours of refining, the Shenxian Pill was successfully refined. Moreover, after having the experience of the last two times, Darryl’s refinement of the Immortal Pill became more and more handy.

This time, I got five of them all at once.

Taking out the Shenxian Pill, Darryl’s mobile phone rang suddenly.

What’s going on today, why are people calling me all the time?

Wouldn’t it be the one who came to me to buy the Immortal Pill again?

How many people did Yang Long tell this thing?

Seeing that it was an unfamiliar number again, and it was also a landline, Darryl frowned, and then answered.

“Hello? Darryl? I’m from the emergency department of the city hospital. Your parents are in our hospital. You need to have an operation right now. Please come here as soon as possible.” The other party said quickly on the phone.


Darryl shocked all over, thinking that he had heard it wrong.

“What are you talking about? What happened to my parents?” Darryl asked loudly.

The other party was very impatient: “What are you shouting nonsense? Also, I haven’t seen any of your children doing this. Your father suffered a heart attack and his life or death is unknown. You brought people over, turned and left, and brought us What is it? A free orphanage. Come here!”

After saying this, the other party snapped and hung up.

Darryl couldn’t think much, he hurried out of the office and drove downstairs to the city hospital.

The emergency hall of the city hospital.

Mother Su Yue has already regained consciousness.

And Yue Tianheng’s situation was more serious and he needed surgery, but because he didn’t pay the money, Yue Tianheng was pushed out and stopped in the aisle.

“I beg you, please help him.” Su Yue’s tears kept falling: “The money for the operation is really not bad, can you save people first…”

In the past three years in their hometown in the country, Yue Tianheng and his wife had no income, and their savings were not enough for surgery. The doctor told her that it was impossible to operate without paying. The surrounding medical staff looked indifferent one by one.

“Please, save him first, and the money will be sent to you in a while.” Su Yue’s eyes were streaming with tears.

A little nurse couldn’t help it anymore, frowning and said: “What’s the matter with you old lady, I told you that we can’t operate first without paying the money.”

Looking at the dressing of the old couple, the little nurse expected that the family could not afford the operation fee.

Moreover, the little nurse did not know how many times Su Yue’s remarks of treating the disease first and paying the money.

“If you have this time, you should hurry up and raise money. It’s useless for you to shout to us.” Seeing Su Yue’s constant request, the little nurse said angrily.

“My son will be here soon, can you save people first…” Su Yue was very miserable.

“Your son?” The little nurse laughed.

Her son should also be a poor man. Looking at the clothes of the old couple, it is estimated that they were all made by themselves in the country. She couldn’t bear to buy clothes, and her son couldn’t afford it!

“Mr. Darryl!” At this time, Su Yue saw Darryl running over, her expression happy, and then anxiously said: “Quick, save your dad.”

“Mom, I’m here.” Darryl was sweating profusely, turned around, and said to the little nurse in front of him: “Why not operate?”

It’s your fault, life is a matter of life, no surgery if you don’t pay? !

The little nurse glanced at him and said indifferently: “If you don’t pay, we won’t be able to operate. This is the hospital’s regulations.”

Darryl said coldly: “I will pay the money, and now, you immediately send my dad for surgery.”

“You pay?” The little nurse looked at Darryl and sneered: “Do you know what your father is like? How serious is it? Do you know how much this operation costs? More than 700,000 yuan! You! Did you take it out? That was your mother just now, right? I asked her to raise money, but she insisted on pestering me here. Why is this another one, and the same?”

Only more than seven hundred thousand?

Just because of this more than 700,000, I think we can’t get it out, so I just leave the patient here without asking!

Darryl’s voice is gloomy and cold!

The little nurse was taken aback by his appearance, but still pouted and laughed: “Why are you staring at me? You want to do something to me? I don’t have the ability, so I don’t want people to tell you?”

“I let you save people.” Darryl said every word, his eyes red!

“Why are you like this?” The little nurse glanced at him: “You can save people. You can pay first. Don’t you understand people? You go to the window to see, everyone is queuing now. If you don’t go again Waiting in line, your father is really helpless. Even if you pay now, you may not be able to save it.”

“I want you to save people!” At this moment, Darryl roared out!


The billowing internal force came out magnificently from his dantian! Swept the entire second floor in an instant! The surrounding glass was shattered abruptly!


In the huge hospital, when a needle fell on the ground at this time, you could hear clearly!

Everyone looked at Darryl, with that kind of look, like looking at a devil!

“What are you doing?! Security! Call the security and blast out this family of three!” The little nurse was obviously scared. But a closer look, this Darryl is also wearing a local stall, is he scaring people here?

“Yeah, what did you yell at in the hospital?”

“Even if people are poor, still pointing to the hospital to save you for free?”

Several doctors couldn’t help it anymore, and stepped forward and said.

When the voice fell, a dozen security guards were seen coming aggressively. Although they were wearing security uniforms, each of them had big arms and round waists. They looked fierce and vicious. At first glance, they all had mixed up in society.

Seeing more than a dozen security guards, the nurse also snorted coldly, and pointed at Darryl and said, “It’s him who is making trouble!”

The security guards of Donghai Third Hospital are all from the Black Wolf Security Group!

Who is always the Black Wolf Security Group? Yang Long, Yang Jing.

The siblings are well-known in Donghai City! Who is on the road, who is not afraid of this sibling?

The Black Wolf Security Group has contracted security work in many places in Donghai City! Who dares to make trouble here?

The security captain Song Huo came and drew out the baton directly. As a result, he was about to get to Darryl’s side.

“Big Brother Song, it’s him!”

The nurse yelled: “If you don’t have money to see the doctor, you will cause trouble if you don’t see the doctor!”


Song Huo thought his eyes were blurred.

D*mn, I followed my eldest sister to attend the wedding a few days ago. I saw this person!

Isn’t he called Darryl? The second young master of the Yue family! I also rescued my eldest sister!

And I heard from the elder sister that there was a magical pill, Shenxian Pill, in Darryl’s hands. Can help people break through the bottleneck! He sold one to Yang Long at a price of 2 billion!

And listening to the elder sister, Yang Long did break through!

“Big Brother Song, get him out quickly.” The nurse said coldly.

“Shut up for me!” Song Huo yelled. This voice made the little nurse silly.

“Brother Darryl.” Song Huo stepped forward and said respectfully: “Brother Darryl, I’m sorry, this little nurse doesn’t know you…”

Darryl frowned. He doesn’t know the Song Tiger in front of him. How do you call yourself brother Darryl?

No wonder he didn’t know him. At that time, many people at the wedding banquet, such a small role as Song Huo, didn’t even have the right to speak.


At this moment, another gentle voice sounded.

Looking back, she saw a beautiful female doctor standing there in a white coat, looking at herself in surprise.

Although he was wearing a white coat, his tight figure still couldn’t hide.

This female doctor is a bit familiar. It was the goddess doctor she met at Wang Yan’s wedding banquet. Evelyn!

Yes, Evelyn is called a goddess doctor. But at the wedding banquet, her medical skills failed to rescue Yang Jing. But this Darryl unexpectedly rescued her!

A few days have passed, and Evelyn is still curious about this man.

At this time, Evelyn also saw Darryl’s father lying there, obviously having an acute heart attack.

At this time, many people gathered around, and two of them recognized Darryl.

“Isn’t this the son-in-law of the Liu family?”

“That’s his parents next to him?”

“Tsk tsk, my father is like this, he can’t pay for the doctor, sigh…”

“Don’t say it, people are very pitiful like this.”

“Hehe, there must be something hateful in poor people.”

The rumors came one after another, Darryl grimned, ignoring these gossips, just looking at Evelyn: “Doctor Xue, how is my father?”

“The patient’s condition is very unstable and needs immediate surgery.” Evelyn looked at the situation and said to Darryl with a solemn expression.

Darryl suddenly became anxious: “Then I will trouble Director Xue.”

Evelyn responded and instructed the nurse next to her to push the patient to the operating room.

“Director Xue, he hasn’t paid the money yet.” At this moment, the little nurse couldn’t help but said, looking up and down Darryl with a look of contempt.

How could this poor and sour thing know Director Xue, and don’t know what kind of ecstasy soup was poured into Director Xue, and he was going to save people without paying.

Chapter 62

Hearing what the little nurse said, there was another sigh in the surrounding crowd.

“I can’t afford to pay for medical treatment, it’s hopeless.”

Evelyn listened to everyone’s discussion, took a deep look at Darryl, and said: “It’s okay, save people first, I believe him.”

When Evelyn attended the wedding banquet, she also heard that Darryl was the second young master and used 3 billion yuan to support the family!

Now that the operation fee is only 700,000 yuan, how can people not get it out?

The little nurse on one side was a little anxious. The person in front of him does not seem to be rich at first glance. How did Director Xue know him? Director Xue is too kind. If he rescues people first, then this poor man can’t afford to pay, then Director Xue will have to pay the 700,000 surgical fee!

However, since Director Xue insisted on the operation first, the doctors and nurses could not say anything. Had to push Yue Tianheng into the operating room.

“Don’t worry, I will do my best.” Evelyn said to Darryl, and then walked in.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and sat beside his mother.

“Mom, how could this be? Didn’t you go to the clan?” At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help asking.

My father’s body has always been very good, how could he suddenly fall ill.

Su Yue sighed, did not answer directly, but looked at Darryl and asked: “Xiaofeng, you always tell mom, what did you do on the day Wang Yan got married?”

Darryl was stunned: “What did I do?”

As he spoke, Darryl couldn’t help but think of the gossip mirror.

Could it be that his father also fell ill because of that gossip mirror? No, the Yin Sha House is mainly aimed at women. Although his father is old, he is masculine after all. Under normal circumstances, he cannot faint because of Yin Sha.

Thinking in her heart, she heard Su Yue say in a complicated tone: “They said that you insulted Wang Yan’s newlywed wife, and your dad and I argued with them, and then your dad passed out.”


He insulted Wang Yan’s wife?

Where does this start?

In an instant, Darryl’s head buzzed, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

“Mom, they must have misunderstood. After attending the wedding banquet that day, I left before it got dark.”

Su Yue looked relieved: “Your dad and I must believe you, but they insisted that you did it. Even Wang Yan said so.”

Darryl clenched his fists and was about to speak when he saw a middle-aged man approaching.

“Why are so many people surrounded? What’s the matter?”

It is Shi De, the head of the hospital.

The medical staff next to him hurriedly greeted him and said a few words in a low voice.

“What? Evelyn went to the operation without paying the money? Isn’t this a nonsense?” Shi De frowned, and he scolded: “Go, go and call Evelyn out for me, knowing that the hospital has regulations, I still commit the crime. Such a mistake, who gave her the courage.”

The medical staff looked at the time and hesitated: “Dean, Director Xue must have already started the operation at this moment. I rushed in, I’m afraid…”

Before he could finish speaking, the dean stared, “What’s wrong with the operation? I have to stop it immediately! After the operation, do you spend 700,000 yuan?”

“I’ll take a look today, who dares to go in.”

At this moment, Darryl stood up with a cold face.

“Who are you?” Shi De looked unhappy.

“It is my father who is being treated inside!”

Shi De looked at Xia Darryl up and down, then looked at Su Yue, who was in a simple suit, and sneered: “Are you relatives of Evelyn, you want to go through the back door? You need an operation if you don’t pay? Don’t think about it.”

“Are you worthy of your white coat?” Darryl took a step forward, his eyes like torches!

“Surgical fees of seven hundred thousand yuan, right?”


A bank card was thrown out of Darryl’s hand and fell on Shi De’s body.


This.. Amethyst Bank, black, black card? !

Shi De felt his hairs stand up! The little nurses and doctors around were all at a loss. They don’t know Heika, but how could Shi De not know him? !

But… just like him, there will be black cards?

“Take a fake Amethyst bank black card, who do you want to fool?” After a pause, Shi De sneered.

Then, he directed at the medical staff next to him: “Take it to check and see if you can pay out the money.”

After the medical staff took the card and left, Shi De called two more hospital security guards: “Let me see, don’t let him run away later.”

At this moment, Shi De believed that Darryl was bluffing himself.

He has already thought about it.

Once it is determined that the Bauhinia Bank black card is fake, immediately call the police.

Soon, the medical staff returned with a bank card.

“Hello, sir, this is your bank card, and there is a small ticket.” The medical staff walked to Darryl, uncharacteristically, extremely polite!


Isn’t this kid’s Amethyst Bank black card fake? Actually got 700,000 yuan?

For a moment, Shi De’s expression froze on his face, looking at Darryl’s eyes, full of shock! Really… Really black card? !

D*mn! After struggling for a lifetime, he reluctantly opened a gold card in Amethyst Bank!

It can be said responsibly that there are no more than three black cards in Donghai City!

“That, sir, really misunderstood. I was really embarrassed just now.” Shi De was trembling when he spoke. He only knew that the young man in front of him couldn’t afford it!


At the same time, everyone around who was watching the jokes also opened their mouths wide.

Seven hundred thousand.

This kid really took it out.

Isn’t it a good son-in-law, trash? How can there be so much money?

The little nurses were already stupid, and stood there, not daring to breathe.

“No need to apologize, I just ask my father to be safe.” Darryl said coldly.

“Yes, sir, don’t worry, I will definitely arrange the best ward for my father.” Shi Deru smashed garlic.

An hour later, Yue Tianheng was pushed out of the operating room.

“Director Xue, how is my father’s situation?” Darryl ran over anxiously.

“It’s good luck this time, your father has no danger.” Evelyn said: “The old man is angry. What is it that makes the old man so angry?” Evelyn asked.

Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, but did not answer. After a few brief conversations, he accompanied his father to the ward.

In the ward, Su Yue poured a glass of water and said, “Son, Director Xue is beautiful and the person is so nice. What is your relationship with her?”

“Mom, this Director Xue and I are friends. There is no special relationship, so don’t think too much about it.” Seeing her mother’s gossip, Darryl responded dubiously.

It was already midnight, and sleepiness came.

When Darryl opened his eyes, the sky was already bright outside.

Father is still asleep, but his face is ruddy and looks much better than yesterday.

“Mr. Darryl, you should really thank Director Xue, if it weren’t for her timely treatment, I’m afraid your father and him…” After breakfast, Su Yue said seriously.

Darryl nodded.

Mother was right, she should thank Evelyn. Thinking of it, he walked towards the office.

director’s office.

“President, are you looking for something to do with me?” Evelyn said quietly.

In front of her, Shi De sat on the sofa with a smile and looked up and down Evelyn.

I have to say that even though Evelyn is almost 30, she is well maintained. Even if she is wearing a doctor’s coat, she can’t hide her s3xy figure.

Such a beauty, that man will be moved when he sees it.

Shi De is the same.

“Evelyn, what happened last night? Why did you start the operation without paying the patient? Do you know?” At this time, Shi De asked, posing as a leader.

Evelyn didn’t hide anything, nodded and said, “Yes, the patient’s son is the second young master of the Yue family.”


This evening, Shi De had been pondering Darryl’s identity, and now he was stunned when he heard Evelyn’s words.

The Yue family is a prestigious family in Donghai City. Fortunately, yesterday he admitted his mistake in time!

“As far as I know, he is still the son-in-law of the Liu family.” Evelyn thought for a while and said.

The son-in-law of the Liu family?

Shi De almost didn’t laugh. It turns out that the kid is the Liu family son-in-law in the rumor.

It all went smoothly.

According to the rumors, this kid is useless and eats soft food… I’m afraid that the black amethyst bank card in his hand belongs to the Liu family, right? It is estimated that 700,000 have been taken away from the bank card, and this kid has to kneel on the washboard when he goes back.

And last night, none of the Yue family appeared. It seems that I don’t want to get involved with such a person.

There was some fear at first, but now it seems that my worries are unnecessary.

Shi De thought, while looking at Evelyn, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

So beautiful. Blue jeans, white shirt. The charming legs are looming under the white coat. Shi De has coveted Evelyn for a long time, but has never had a chance.

“Evelyn.” After clearing his throat, Shi De’s expression became serious: “Even if you know that Darryl, you can’t violate the hospital’s regulations. You have been made the genius doctor of Donghai City. I have always been optimistic about you. Yes, it makes me very embarrassed to do this…”

Evelyn’s face changed slightly, and she seemed to panic: “President, I was also anxious to save people, and later, didn’t Darryl also pay?”

Shi De stood up, walked towards Evelyn slowly, and shook his head with a smile: “Anyway, before the patient has paid the money, you are in violation of the regulations. This is a fact.”

Evelyn’s body trembled: “President, then look at the punishment.”

Chapter 63

Shi De chuckled, his face even stronger: “Look at you, why am I willing to punish you, Evelyn, in fact, I have liked you for a long time, as long as you are willing to follow me, I promise that I can’t treat you badly, Vice Dean’s. The seat is still vacant, but there are a lot of people competing…”

While talking, Shi De suddenly grabbed Evelyn’s hand, and then took the opportunity to hug it.

“Dean, don’t be like this!” Evelyn whispered, trying to struggle, but Shi De’s wrist was tightly grasped, which was simply powerless.

At this moment, Shi De also showed his true face, with evil smiles on his face, and he didn’t even ignore Evelyn’s shout, and directly pressed her on the sofa.


At this moment, the office door was kicked open, and Darryl walked in with a smile.

I went to Evelyn’s office just now and learned that Evelyn was called for questioning by the dean.

When I arrived at the door, I heard Evelyn’s exclamation from inside.

“It’s you?”

When Darryl suddenly appeared, Shi De was startled, and then he yelled angrily: “Who made you come in? Get out.”

I thought this kid was not easy to provoke, and Shi De could still be polite. Now that he is just a door-to-door son-in-law of the Liu family, where can Shi De show mercy to him?

“Dean Shi is in good spirits.” Darryl said with a smile on his face.

At this time, Evelyn took the opportunity to get up from the sofa, tidying up the messy clothes with shame and anger, and at the same time feeling a little surprised.

why did he come here?

But anyway, he did a favor in time.

Thinking about it, Evelyn looked at Darryl with a grateful look, her face flushed with crimson, very charming.

“Who allowed you to come in directly?” Shi De sneered, “Darryl, hurry up and get out of here. Are you the son-in-law of the Liu family, who eats soft food? I tell you, if you annoy me, just take Your father was driven out of the ward.”

Darryl walked over with a smile, grabbed Shi De by the collar, and lifted him up.

“What are you doing? Let me go.” It seemed that he didn’t expect Darryl to be so angry, Shi De suddenly panicked, and yelled.

Evelyn next to him was also taken aback, and quickly said: “Darryl, don’t be impulsive.”

Darryl turned his head and glanced at Evelyn, and said lightly: “What? Are you still begging for him? This kind of person is simply a scum, a scum.”

Evelyn’s face flushed, and she bit her lip and stopped talking.

“You are special, I warn you, if you dare to touch me, I will ask you to sit through the prison.” Shi De tried his best to endure the panic in his heart and shouted at Darryl.

A door-to-door son-in-law who everyone looks down on, dares to do it on himself, and there are hundreds of ways to kill him in minutes.


In the next second, Darryl slapped in the face and slapped it fiercely.

Immediately, five fingerprints appeared on Shi De’s face.

“You…do you dare to hit me?” Shi De was extremely furious.

Evelyn bit her lip tightly, listening to others say that Darryl is weak and incompetent. But now, when I look at it, he…he is a man…

At this time, the movement of the office attracted many people to watch outside.

“What’s the situation? What are you doing around here?” Then, security captain Song Huo quickly rushed over with people.

Seeing Song Huo coming, Shi De grinned, and said arrogantly at Darryl: “You’re done.”

Then he yelled at Song Huo: “Quickly, grab him and send him to the police station.”

However, to Shi De’s surprise, Song Huo did not move.

“Darryl…Brother Darryl, what’s the situation at this time?” Song Huo’s face was complicated, and he asked Darryl cautiously.

Darryl said lightly: “It’s nothing to do with you.”

Song Huo quickly responded and retreated outside the door.

Shi Deao yelled: “Song Huo, are you blind? You haven’t seen me being beaten. Do you still want to do it here?”

Song Huo laughed. The Black Wolf Security and the hospital are in a cooperative relationship, so these words from Shi De do not threaten him.

Just then, a cell phone ringing came. Darryl released his hand, threw Shi De on the ground, and then answered the call. The caller was the one who asked for the elixir yesterday.

“Hey, Mr. Darryl, is it convenient now?” After the call was connected, the other party spoke very politely.

At this moment, Darryl was in a bad mood, and said angrily: “I’m in the city hospital. If you want something, come and ask me to get it.”

“Okay, I’ll be there soon.” The other party responded with a smile and hung up the phone.

Shi De, who was sitting on the ground, spit out blood, staring at Darryl bitterly, “Boy, don’t go if there is something.”

Immediately, he looked at Evelyn again: “And you, did you call this kid on purpose? Okay, you can wait for me, the position of the director, don’t even think about sitting.”

Having said this, Shi De took out his cell phone and prepared to make a call.

When Darryl heard this, he smiled suddenly, returned to sit on the sofa, and looked at Shi De coldly: “Look for someone, okay, I’ll just wait here.”

On the side, Evelyn was nervous. He walked over and whispered to Darryl: “Darryl, you go quickly, Shi De is the dean, and there are big people behind him. He doesn’t know how many rich and powerful people he knows. “

Evelyn was worried when she said this. With this matter today, Darryl is considered to have caused trouble. It is estimated that it is impossible to get out of the hospital intact. And don’t even think about doing it in the hospital in the future.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, I can solve it.” Darryl said softly.

You solve it?

Evelyn was a little bit dumbfounded.

Last time at Wang Yan’s wedding banquet, Evelyn could see that the relationship between Darryl and the Yue family was not good.

As for him in the Liu family, that’s even worse.

At this moment, Shi De also turned on his cell phone, ready to make a call. As a result, the sound of footsteps sounded outside the office before it was connected.

“Is Mr. Darryl here?” A well-dressed middle-aged man walked in slowly, followed by two bodyguards.

Those two bodyguards had sharp eyes, and they were extraordinary at a glance.

And this middle-aged man, even though he looks good at his face, but his whole body also reveals an aura of pressure. This person’s name is Wang Xize, who served as the commander of the Donghai Military Region three years ago! After retiring from the army, the Shanshui Group was established!

Shanshui Group is the most famous forestry company in Donghai City. Most of the money the company makes is used for charity, planting trees everywhere. The reputation is particularly good. Wang Xize spent the first half of his life dedicated to the army, and he was extremely prestigious in Donghai City!

Although Shi De is the dean, he has no right to drive the patient away. But as long as a word from Wang Xize, Darryl’s father can get out of the hospital immediately!

Shi De put down the phone, as if grabbing a life-saving straw: “Wang, President Wang, you are here just right, I am about to call you, you have to call me the master!”

Evelyn lowered her head, this is all over. The big shots are here. I’m afraid I won’t be able to work here in the future.

But no one thought that Wang Xize ignored him, just took a step forward: “Mr. Darryl?”

“It’s me.” Darryl nodded lightly, with no intention to stand up at all.

Seeing his attitude, Shi De yelled: “Boy, don’t you stand up yet?!”

“Darryl, you, you stand up first.” Evelyn was anxious, bent her knees slightly, and said in Darryl’s ear.

At this time, Wang Xize walked forward respectfully: “Mr. Darryl, I’m ready, did you bring things?”

Darryl nodded: “Take it, it’s on me.”

Then he pointed to Shi De: “First solve the immediate matter, let’s talk about it.”

“it is good!”

Wang Xize did not hesitate at all, his eyes were cold: “Shi De, what is going on?”

From the look in his eyes, Shi De realized that the situation was not good, and opened his mouth, unable to speak for a while.

what happened?

How could this kid know Mr. Wang? !

Besides, Mr. Wang is still so polite to him? impossible! Even if Banson is here, facing Mr. Wang, he still has to sigh in a low voice!

Shi De didn’t know at this time, it was only the first time that Darryl and Wang Xize met.

However, in order to obtain the Immortal Pill, Wang Xize can pay any conditions! Even if you kneel down for Darryl! After all, breaking through one’s own bottlenecks and entering a higher realm of cultivation is the highest ideal pursued by countless cultivators.

At this time, Evelyn, who was standing on the side, was also completely stunned. I can’t say a word of shock!

Darryl laughed: “It seems that Dean Shi is embarrassed to say, Director Xue, then you can tell the situation.”

Evelynjiao’s body trembled faintly, and she lowered her head to tell the story. At the end of the talk, a trace of shyness came out of her face again.

“Shi De!” Wang Xize said coldly: “When I promoted you, you did the dean like this, right?!”

When the voice fell, he kicked Shi De’s stomach with one kick!

Chapter 64


Shi De hit the desk and landed heavily, enduring the pain all over his body, did not dare to call out, looked at Wang Xize with trepidation, “Wang…Mr. Wang, I…”

“shut up.”

Wang Xize scolded with a cold face, and said coldly: “Shi De, I originally had expectations for you, but in the end you disappointed me very much. Don’t sit in the position of the dean.”

“Mr. Wang…”

Hearing this, Shi De trembled all over and completely paralyzed there.

At this time, Wang Xize looked at Evelyn: “As a doctor, the patient is the first priority. You have done this right. From now on, you will be the dean.”


Evelynjiao’s body trembled, feeling her legs were soft!

I had prepared for the worst, but I didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly.

In a blink of an eye, not only did he not lose his job, but he became the director of the hospital?

Happiness came so suddenly that she could hardly react!

Wang Xize turned around and smiled at Darryl, and said politely: “The matter has been resolved, is Mr. Darryl still satisfied?”

Darryl nodded and said with a smile: “Mr. Wang really noticed the details, and the matter was handled just right.”

Although he had just met, Darryl admired Wang Xize’s way of handling things, and his affection increased.

Wang Xize smiled, then looked around, and said politely: “It’s not convenient to talk here. Please also ask Mr. Darryl to go to my house.”

Darryl did not hesitate, nodded and said: “Okay.”

Then stood up and walked out of the office with Wang Xize.

Although his father is still in the ward, his mother is taking care of him. Besides, Evelyn is now the dean, so Darryl doesn’t have to worry at all.

At this moment, looking at Darryl’s back, Evelyn only felt that her legs were soft. I admire the five bodies, and even want to kneel down for this man..

In the western outskirts of Donghai City, in the five-A-level scenic spot, a three-story ancient pavilion stands on the edge of the shimmering lake.

Although it is not by the sea, the scenery is absolutely superb.

And this pavilion is the residence of Wang Xize.

At this time, at the invitation of Wang Xize, Darryl came here.

In the hall on the third floor, Darryl sat on the sofa unceremoniously, took out a Shenxian Pill from his body and placed it on the table.

Wang Xize’s eyes flashed, and he picked it up and looked at it carefully: “This is the Immortal Pill?”

“Yes, Yang Long can only break through the bottleneck by eating it.” Darryl smiled slightly and said.

Wang Xize smiled and exclaimed: “When I heard Yang Long say before, I still didn’t believe that such a magical pill can be made at such a young age. Now it seems that Brother Darryl is not an ordinary person.”

After saying this, Wang Xize beckoned and asked the assistant behind him to transfer the money to Darryl. At the same time, he said with emotion: “Oh, after five years, my cultivation level can’t be improved any more. Today I finally got my wish.”

Darryl smiled without saying a word, admiring the exquisite decoration of the hall while observing the layout of the entire villa.

Darryl frowned when he saw the fish tank at the entrance of the stairs on the third floor.

“President Wang, do you usually practice in this place?” In the next second, Darryl couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Wang Xize nodded: “Yes, the environment here is good and quiet.”

Darryl nodded and exhaled softly: “Perhaps, I know why President Wang has been unable to break through.”

Wang Xize’s expression was startled, and he asked quickly: “Really? Brother Darryl, tell me.”

Darryl pointed to the fish tank, and slowly said, “The Darryl Shui of this pavilion of Mr. Wang is very good, and the layout is also good, but there is another key issue.”

Fish tank?

Wang Xize looked surprised: “Brother Darryl, do you still know Darryl Shui?”

Although surprised, Wang Xize was also a little doubtful.

Although Wang Xize didn’t know Darryl Shui himself, when he built this building, he specially invited a famous Darryl Shui master.

The layout and furnishings of the entire pavilion were made in accordance with the master’s requirements.

It is precisely because of this that Wang Xize’s business has grown bigger and bigger, his status has also risen, and he has even become a politician.

Perceiving Wang Xize’s suspicion, Darryl smiled slightly: “I understand a little bit, if I guess it is right, is there an expert instructing this building and layout?”

“Not bad!” Wang Xize nodded.

Darryl continued: “And this fish tank was placed later, right.”

Wang Xize was shocked and nodded again: “Yes, this was given to me by a business partner three years ago.”

“That’s right, it was this fish tank that broke the layout of the entire building. If the feng shui was messed up, the spiritual energy in the room became thinner. Mr. Wang’s cultivation here naturally has no effect.”

Darryl smiled and said word by word.

At this moment, Wang Xize’s mouth grew wide and his face was full of shock.

Even the fish tank that was placed later can be calculated. The young man in front of him is simply incredible!

Naturally, Darryl is not talking nonsense. Through this period of research, the “Yin Yang Darryl Shui Jue” has been deeply embedded in Darryl’s mind.

“So according to Brother Darryl, I can remove this fish tank?” At this time, Wang Xize returned to his senses and asked urgently.

Darryl nodded: “Yes, after removing the fish tank, Mr. Wang will try to adjust his breath to see if it is much smoother than before.”

Hearing this, Wang Xize hurriedly had the fish tank removed, and then he meditated cross-legged.

After running the true energy, Wang Xize was really pleasantly surprised as Darryl said!

“Great, I thought it was a problem with my own cultivation. I didn’t expect that Brother Darryl would immediately see the key point when he came.”

After a few words of admiration, Wang Xize hurried into the next room and took out a secret book.

“Brother Darryl, it is really an honor for my Wang Xize to know you. I got this Flame Slash by accident several years ago. To express my sincerity and gratitude, I will give it to you.” Pass the secret book to Darryl In his hand, Wang Xize said with a smile.

At this time, Wang Xize’s assistant also transferred the money.

Seeing the text message on the phone, Darryl smiled, put away the cheat sheet unceremoniously, and then said to Wang Xize: “I am also very happy to know Mr. Wang, but I have something to do, so I won’t bother you much today. Say goodbye first.”


This day is getting hotter and hotter. On the streets of Donghai City, young men and women are discussing where to go to play in the water.

When Darryl drove the car, the rate of turning around was very high. Many girls even took pictures with their mobile phones.

Yue Family Villa.

Parked the car, Darryl walked in quickly.

The family gathered for dinner today, and the villa was replaced by cups, which was very lively. But at this moment, it became very quiet.

Everyone looked at the door, and saw Darryl standing there, expressionless.

“ba5tard! There is still a face to come back! His father really didn’t educate him!” I don’t know who shouted, and immediately inside the villa, there was a mess.

Patsy put down the chopsticks and stepped on high heels and walked over: “Darryl, you are a beast, you can do such nasty things. Our Yue family doesn’t welcome you, get out!”

“Yes, get out!”

“The Yue family has a scum like you, it is simply a shame to our whole family.”

Darryl clenched his fists tightly, first looked at Patsy, then at other people, and said coldly: “I just want to ask you how my parents fainted and how did they get to the hospital!”

Patsy sneered: “You still have the face to ask about this? Isn’t it because of the good things you did, your good son? We can send them to the hospital, which is worthy of you.”


Darryl’s eyes flashed red instantly: “Leave people in the hospital and leave them alone? That’s my parents! What do you guys have to do with me? What does it have to do with my parents!”

Patsy said coldly: “Darryl, what are you yelling at here? Do you have the face to tell us this? What you do is human affairs? People Wang Yan treats you like your own brother. That’s how you treat him? Defile your younger brothers and sisters. , You are not as good as a beast!”

“Well, you said I defiled Zhang Jiajia, what evidence do you have?”


Patsy sneered.

At this moment, Clint said with a cold face: “Darryl, you don’t have to pretend it anymore. At that time, there was that gossip mirror in the room where Zhang Jiajia was victimized.”

As soon as Clint’s voice fell, everyone else spoke with excitement.

“At the wedding banquet of Wang Yan, you said that Yang Jing fainted because of the gossip mirror.”

“In the whole Yue family, only you know how to use that gossip mirror. You didn’t use the gossip mirror to dizzy Zhang Jiajia, who would it be?”

“This makes Skynet recover from the negligence and not leak, Darryl, don’t let this pretentious face anymore, look at it disgusting.”

Chapter 65

Gossip mirror?

Darryl sneered, then looked at Wang Yan in the crowd seriously: “Third brother, do you suspect me too?”

In the entire Yue family, only Wang Yan had a good relationship with him, just like his brothers.

Darryl believed that Wang Yan would not slander himself without knowing the truth like other people.

However, Wang Yan’s answer directly caused Darryl’s heart to sink to the bottom.

“Second brother, I really want to trust you, but I want to know more, what’s the matter with that gossip mirror?” Wang Yan asked with indifference on his face, without any emotional questioning.

After speaking, Wang Yan suddenly became excited, eyes flashing with tears and resentment, and shouted: “Do you know that after so many years of love affair with Jiajia, I finally got results, why did you do this and why!”

“Scum, get out, get out!”

Without knowing who it was, he picked up the leaf from the table and hit it directly.

“Darryl, hurry up, you are not welcome here!”

“You are a family of three. It’s best to die outside. Don’t go back to Yue’s house anymore. Get out!”

Vegetable leaves and eggs fell on the body like raindrops. Darryl closed his eyes, his clothes were already dirty!

He shouted and cursed, coming like a tide. Darryl felt like his heart was dripping blood!

“Haha, okay, okay, okay!” Darryl clenched his fists tightly and looked around: “It was Darryl who was blind. I wanted to use 3 billion to support you! From now on, I, Darryl I don’t have anything to do with you. The 3 billion that I used to feed my dog, only in exchange for a Ziyu company!”

Having said this, Darryl turned around and left without any hesitation.



“Also draw a line with us?”

“In the future, I will not take the identity of the disciple of the Yue family and bluff outside.”

The moment Patsy walked out of the villa, everyone’s anger came from behind.

The identity of the Yue family disciple? Really think I’m rare?

Hearing these, Darryl laughed loudly. However, there was a faint gleam of tears in his eyes.

Darryl was not sad because he was expelled from the family again, but because he couldn’t accept Wang Yan, who had always had the best relationship with him, he didn’t even believe in himself at this critical time!

The gods are not beautiful, and the light rain is falling.

Tears and rain mixed into an altar, and the heart was twisted like a knife.

After Darryl left, a black business car slowly stopped at the door of Yue’s villa.

Then, a young man in a black suit walked down slowly, followed by a few attendants.

The young man’s face was calm, but his eyes revealed a bit of gloom.

If Darryl was present, he would definitely be surprised. This young man is the master of Tongtian Church Donghai City, He Tianyou!

After getting off the car, He Tianyou looked at the surroundings of the villa and walked straight in.

Feeling the evil spirits of He Tianyou, the maids outside the hall did not dare to ask at all.

In the hall, Patsy and Clint were still cursing and scolding Darryl one by one.

Seeing He Tianyou coming in, everyone in the Yue family was taken aback.

“Who are you?” Patsy asked in the next second.

He Tianyou looked around and said lightly: “Is Darryl there?”

At this time, He Tianyou had a calm expression, but he was holding a fire in his heart.

Before in Tangkou, he believed that Darryl was the Eastern King of Tianshan School and respected him in every possible way. Later, he obeyed Darryl’s words and violated the regulations and let the brothers in Tangkou drink.

At the moment when he was in a coma, He Tianyou knew that he had been deceived.

So after waking up, He Tianyou immediately sent someone to investigate secretly, and finally learned that the person who pretended to be the Eastern King of Tianshan School was the second young master of Yue Family in Donghai City.

At the same time, he was the son-in-law of the Liu family.

Liu family, He Tianyou just went there and saw no one, so he rushed to the Yue family immediately.

At this moment, when He Tianyou spoke, everyone who was still a little puzzled had a bit of ridicule on their faces.

Are you looking for Darryl?

What good thing can someone who mixes with that aD*mnl be?

This idea emerged in the hearts of many Yue family members.

“We don’t have Darryl here.” At this moment, Patsy said angrily.

He Tianyou frowned; “Isn’t Darryl from your Yue family?”

Patsy glared, “Who told you that he belongs to our Yue family? The beast just left, you should look for him, go outside, don’t disturb us eating. And you, do you know a little bit of rules? Do you know where this is? Just break in.”

He Tianyou’s expression changed on the spot after hearing Patsy’s remarks! Since becoming the hall master, how dare anyone talk to himself like this! With a cold tone, he asked again: “I ask you, where is Darryl?”

Patsy also had a temper: You can’t understand people’s words, do you? They all said that Darryl is not here, where did he die, how do I know? Get out of here, or I will call the police. “

court death!

He Tianyou couldn’t help it now, and the killing intent in his eyes surged!

The hall master of his own dignified Donghai City was actually abused by a woman. What if this woman is pretty? !

“Hall Master, please calm down your anger. The most important thing for us now is to find Darryl.” At this moment, a subordinate next to him quickly whispered comforting: “When we find Darryl, let’s come back and teach the Yue family. It’s not too late for the people.”


Hearing this, He Tianyou exhaled deeply and suppressed his anger forcibly. That’s right, I stole the hierarch’s [Nine Dragons Ascension] cheat book. I wanted to make a copy and then return the original cheat sheet. As a result, the cheat book was taken by Darryl before he had waited for it to be copied! Now the urgent delay is to retrieve the cheats.

Otherwise, if the leader finds that the secret book is lost, he will be finished. That would be a capital crime!

He Tianyou glanced at Patsy coldly, then turned and left with someone.

“What the hell, look at their dresses. They look like human beings and dogs, but they are actually little gangsters on the street. Mixing with these people, where can Darryl go.”

Seeing He Tianyou leaving, Patsy said mockingly.

He Tianyou, who walked to the gate of the villa, his face was extremely gloomy when he heard these words!

He clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and said fiercely: “Wait for my Tongtian Sect to completely control the underground forces in Donghai City, the first thing to eradicate is your Yue family.”

Traffic light intersection.

Darryl opened the car window and lit a cigarette. He rarely smokes now.

Taking a deep breath, the phone rang.

“Darryl, where are you?” Lily’s voice came over the phone.

Suddenly became the largest shareholder of the Liu family enterprise, Lily was completely exasperated in front of the Liu family, even the grandmother’s face didn’t even need to be seen, so her mood was exceptionally good these past two days.

Darryl looked at the time: “I just got off work.”

“Go shopping with me.” Lily said after hesitating.

The smoke in Darryl’s hand suddenly fell to the ground. In the past three years of marriage, this seems to be the first time Lily has actively invited herself to go shopping. She used to say that she was embarrassed by taking herself out.

“Good!” Darryl nodded.

Ten minutes later, Darryl saw Lily in the pedestrian street.

This street is the most prosperous place in Donghai City, where snacks and shops abound on the roadside. With the crowd moving, I saw Lily at a glance. I haven’t seen each other for two days, she seems to be more beautiful. Especially conspicuous in the crowd.

Standing on tiptoe, Lily waved to Darryl across the crowd.

The white T-shirt and tight-fitting jeans showed the perfect figure and attracted many men around him to look back frequently.

With such a wife, whoever she is, will wake up from a dream.

The most important thing is that there is a beautiful woman beside Lily. It is Carol. At this time she was wearing a short skirt with her white legs exposed. These two beauties have their own merits, and the rate of return is too high.

Seeing Darryl, Carol felt nervous.

“My wife, I’m here.” Passing through the crowd, Darryl said with a smile.

If it were put before, Lily would be anxious with this wife. But today he just smiled and handed him the bag: “No, you will be responsible for the bag today.”

“Good!” Darryl said with a smile on his face, turning his head to look at Carol: “I will also help you carry it.”

Because before, Carol often asked Darryl to wash his trousers and clothes. That was a common thing. But now, Darryl wants to help him carry the bag, how can he afford it?

She bit her lip, still handed her bag over, and then said in a very small voice: “Thank you…thank you Dad.”

Darryl didn’t speak either, the three of them chatted as they walked, and stopped at a clothing store.

On the model in this store, a long skirt was displayed, and Darryl glanced at the price, which was more than 38,000.

“Try it if you like it.” Darryl smiled.

Lily looked at him with a smile: “You buy it for me? Are you paid enough?”

Until now, Lily still believes that Darryl is working for others.

Darryl nodded, then turned to the clerk and said, “Beauty, take this down and let my wife try.”

The clerk was a woman in her twenties. She walked over and looked at Xia Darryl, and she suddenly looked unhappy when she saw the stall. “Excuse me, sir, you can’t try if you don’t buy it.”

While talking, while looking at Lily, she immediately understood. This kid must be rich in front of the goddess. Even if I tried clothes, I would never buy them.

This kid looks like a poor man. Aside from the stalls, they are still dirty, with egg yolks and vegetable leaves on them? It’s disgusting.

“You can’t try if you don’t buy it?” Darryl just thought it was funny, what kind of reason is this? How to buy without trying?

Lily on one side was also a little embarrassed. Obviously, this clerk didn’t look down on himself. But to be honest, this skirt is really good-looking. It costs 38,000 yuan. Although I have just become a shareholder of the Liu family, now the Liu family’s money is trapped by business. I really can’t afford this skirt now.

“Darryl, let’s go…” Lily whispered.

Seeing his wife leaving, Darryl nodded. There are some good-looking clothes, and it is not necessary to buy this one.

As a result, just about to leave, just at this moment, a woman’s voice came from behind: “Waitress, take this skirt off, I’ll try it.”

A woman dressed up in a rich manner was pointing at the skirt Lily was fond of. Next to this rich woman, there was a man who was wearing a gold necklace and gold ring, which was dazzling.

Really, with such a thick gold necklace, aren’t you afraid of cervical spondylosis?

“Okay, wait a minute!” The clerk snatched the skirt from Lily’s hands as if pounding garlic.

This change of face is fast enough. Darryl sighed.

But I didn’t bother to take care of this clerk. Having been married for three years and dating my wife for the first time, my good mood cannot be destroyed. Since my wife wants to buy clothes, she might as well go to another store. This mall is very high-end, although the clothes sold are a bit expensive, but they are very beautiful, it is better to go to another place to have a look.

Darryl thought in his heart, turning around to leave. At this moment, the clerk said again.

“Now, everyone wants to pretend to be an uncle, and they don’t have money to buy a skirt. They want to try it out in the fitting room, and then take photos and send them to Moments. Finally, don’t buy them. Is this kind of people interesting?”

The clerk’s voice was quite loud, and nearby customers and businesses looked over. Point to Darryl.

“When you are a clerk, do you feel superior?” Darryl couldn’t help but said coldly.

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