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Chapter 66

“You say it again?” The clerk was also angry: “You are disgusting, don’t come to this high-end mall if you can’t afford it. Wearing a street stall, and having a face to come to such a place? You try on clothes and they are dirty. What should I do? Even if it is not dirty, after the trial, you patted your butt and left. It was our shop assistant’s time that was wasted!”

“Yes, the little girl is right.” At this time, the rich woman also smiled: “It’s not easy for someone to be a clerk. If you don’t buy it, don’t try it. There is a small commodity market downstairs, and the clothes there are suitable for you. .”

“Darryl, let’s go.” At this time, Lily pulled Darryl a bit and whispered.

In fact, Lily also deliberately teased Darryl, but didn’t really let him buy it for herself.

Darryl signaled Lily to stop talking, and said with a smile: “I want not only this one, but all the styles in your store, all the sizes that my wife can wear, I want them all.”

The voice fell, and the bank card flicked over.

The clerk couldn’t help but smile, and took the bank card over: “Okay, we just finished ordering this morning. There are 80 styles in total. Each style is one for a total of 1.98 million. Today your bank card balance is If it is not enough, I will call the police to catch you.”

The clerk walked to the counter while talking. Where did she know Amethyst Bank Card? !

But with a beep. It turned out that the credit card was successfully swiped? !

  1. Ninety eighty thousand, successful swiping? !

Everyone is stupid!

After the normal bank card is swiped, a small ticket will be issued directly. But this amethyst bank card, after swiping it, showed the balance on the computer at the counter!

Only from this angle, only a few shop assistants can see it!

This.. This is.. Fifty-eight.. billion? !

The long string of zeros made the legs of a few shop assistants weak, and they all squatted on the ground!

“Sorry, sorry sir, sorry…” The clerk was already crying, and kept apologizing. The manager came out in person and packed more than a hundred pieces of clothes.

“No need to apologize.” Darryl laughed, pointing to another clerk and said: “All commissions are counted on her head. In addition, these clothes will be sent to the Liu Family Villa for me.”

When the voice fell, Darryl took Lily to leave in a big stride.

A group of people are left looking at each other!

Liu… Liu’s family? No wonder it was so rich, it turned out to belong to the Liu family..

“Why are you buying so much?” Lily asked softly when she got outside.

Darryl smiled and looked at her: “Isn’t this the first time I bought clothes for my wife? My wife has to change one every day.”

“Naive.” Lily gave a white look, but she was happy in her heart: “By the way, why do you have so much money, don’t tell me you borrowed it from your friend again.”

Two million. What kind of friend takes care of Darryl like this.

At this moment, there was a commotion not far away.

I saw a lot of people around the corner in front, and the water was blocked!

In the crowd, there was a pretty figure standing, especially eye-catching, who was Bessie?

“President Xiao, why is she here?” Lily also saw Bessie and couldn’t help but say: “Go, let’s take a look.”

As soon as I squeezed into the crowd, I saw a hawker selling antiques, holding a rusty sword, and muzzling there, “I told you that my sword is a family heirloom that has been passed down for dozens of generations. Well, according to my grandfather, this is an ancient artifact from the Han Dynasty. Look at the rust on it…”

There was a burst of laughter around.

“It’s the Han Dynasty, don’t brag.”

“Yes, it’s fake at first glance.”

The hawker flushed, and he started arguing with a few people.

Darryl looked around and found that not only Bessie was there, but the owners of several antique shops near Gu Yun Pavilion were also there. Not only that, but there were also some owners who he had never seen, who seemed to be playing antiques.

At this time, Bessie also saw Darryl and nodded with a smile.

Unexpectedly, such a coincidence can be met here. It’s just that… Lily never went shopping with him, why did she come out together today.

Darryl smiled at Bessie, and then he fixed his eyes on the ancient sword in the hands of the vendor.


The lines on this ancient sword are a bit special, and the place that is not covered by rust is also faintly flowing with a strange halo.

This sword is interesting.

“Boss, how much is this sword?” After observing for a while, Darryl asked.

The hawker stretched out his hand and gestured: “800,000, no less.”

As he spoke, the hawker’s eyes flickered, revealing a hint of treacherousness.


Everyone around couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

“Are you crazy?”

“800,000? Why don’t you grab it.”

“I haven’t seen the money, just all the things on your stall, which add up to eight thousand.”

When everyone spoke, Bessie and several antique shop owners also shook their heads and laughed secretly.

This antique owner is too good to cheat, and a broken sword is actually sold for 800,000.

However, what surprised them even more is still to come.

“Eight hundred thousand? All right, I want it.” Darryl pondered for a little while and nodded.


At this time, everyone present was in an uproar.

He really bought it?

Buying a broken sword for 800,000 yuan, does this man have a problem with his brain?

At this moment, several antique shop owners also secretly shook their heads.

They have been watching here for a while. The peddler’s ancient sword does not tie in with antiques at all. To put it bluntly, it is a scrap of iron.

Only Bessie frowned and thoughtful.

Lily is a complete layman for Antiques, but seeing the reactions of everyone around him, she wanted to persuade Darryl.

But thinking of Darryl’s distinguishing ability, so he held back. But… people have missed hands and horses have fumbled, even if Darryl has the ability, he can’t be so big, this sword is obviously fake! Even if it’s true, it’s all rust on it, and it’s worthless.

“Look, this brother knows the goods.” The most exciting thing here is the peddler. Seeing that Darryl had paid the bill, the peddler handed the ancient sword to Darryl and did not forget to give Darryl a thumbs up.

In fact, this ancient sword was discovered by a peddler in the silt by a river. It was originally a price that was arbitrarily shouted, but it was unexpected that someone would actually buy it.

In the sigh of everyone, Darryl wrapped the ancient sword.

At this time, Bessie pointed to a porcelain plate with a celadon-glazed bottom by the hawker’s feet and asked gently, “Boss, how do you sell this?”

Darryl noticed that as soon as Bessie opened his mouth, the owners of the antique shops were all excited.

The reason why Bessie and these antique shop owners appeared here was not because they were shopping, but because they heard from others that a small stall selling antiques on Hongqi Pedestrian Street showed up a porcelain plate from the Song Dynasty. come and see.

There are a lot of specialties in the sale of antiques, including observing words and colors, and how to bargain.

And Bessie asked when the hawker had just bought something and found the right time.

“This beauty has good eyesight, this porcelain plate, when my friend transferred it to me, said it was a good thing. If you like it, take it for 200,000 yuan.” At this moment, the vendor smiled and said to Bessie.

Bessie didn’t respond, but started to ponder.

The owners of several antique shops next to each other spoke up one after another.

“Boss, do you know who the lady standing in front of you is? Do you dare to bid 200,000 yuan?”

“That’s right, I’ve been watching your porcelain plate for a long time. The glaze is good and the pattern is exquisite, but it lacks an ancient charm.”

“Yes, your thing, it seems that the craftsmanship, and the paintings are all the techniques of the Song Dynasty, but it is a fake, at best it is a good high imitation.”

“Not worth two hundred thousand.”

Listening to the words of a few antique shop owners, the hawker didn’t care about it: “Anyway, this item of mine is at this price. Do you like to buy it or not.”

As soon as these words came out, several antique shop owners shook their heads secretly.

Bessie also lost interest in an instant. This thing is fake, but it’s also worth some money. 50,000 yuan is okay. Two hundred thousand words… fools buy it.

“Boss, let me take a look.” At this moment, Darryl spoke.

Just making 800,000 yuan from Darryl, the vendor was so excited, he handed the porcelain plate to Darryl without much thought.

Several antique shop owners also stared at Darryl closely.

Darryl took the porcelain plate in his hand, took a closer look, and then stretched out his hand to play it again, and slowly said: “Like this porcelain plate, there are noises in the high imitation, this is very crisp, and it looks so brand new. It’s not because it’s just been produced, but because the previous owner of this porcelain plate cherishes it and knows some knowledge about maintaining antiques, so it looks like it’s just been fired.”

Having said this, Darryl walked over and handed the porcelain plate to Bessie, and said in a low voice: “From my experience, this is not a fake, it’s worth 200,000 yuan in absolute value.”

Hearing Darryl’s words, Lily became a little anxious, and said softly: “Darryl, don’t talk nonsense, Xiao Zong will see the truth and falsehoods by himself. Don’t be fooled.”

Chapter 67

Hearing Lily’s words, Bessie smiled and said in a low voice, “It’s okay, I believe in Darryl.”

believe him?

After three years of marriage, I never heard that Darryl would appraise antiques.

She only knows that Darryl washes vegetables and cooks at home every day, nothing else. And the Bessie family, who has been in the antique business for generations, how can they still listen to Darryl?

At this time, Darryl looked at the porcelain plate again, and said: “Look at the glaze on the porcelain plate, it is round and full, and the folk kiln can’t make such a thing at all, it is definitely produced in the official kiln.”

Upon hearing the word Guanyao, the surrounding crowd made another low voice.

If this is the case, then this porcelain plate is definitely a treasure! A few antique shops secretly regret it!

I knew this, everyone wanted to buy it! Thinking of this, several antique shop owners couldn’t help sighing.

“Boss, I want this porcelain plate for 200,000 yuan.” Bessie stepped forward on high heels, took out his mobile phone, and directly transferred the money.


The 200,000 transfer was successful.


At this moment, everyone around was talking about it. No wonder the Xiao family was an antique tycoon. He was really rich, and 200,000 eyes didn’t blink.

The most dumbfounded was the peddler, staring at the porcelain plate without blinking, his eyes turned, and a snare drum was playing in his heart.

Could it be that this thing is really an antique of the Song Dynasty? If, as this kid said, the porcelain plate sold for 200,000 yuan, it would be a big loss!

Thinking about it, the hawker took the porcelain plate back: “You got it wrong, it’s not two hundred thousand! How can I sell two hundred thousand!”

Bessie was a little displeased: “You just said 200,000 yuan, and I paid it all.”

The hawker smiled and said, “Beauty, the 200,000 yuan I said is a deposit. This porcelain plate costs 1.5 million yuan. You just gave me a 200,000 deposit, and you just need to give me 1.3 million yuan. “


Anyone who does this business?

Upon hearing this, Bessie was very upset: “Boss, if you are like this, it would be boring.”

Even Lily on one side couldn’t help but say, “Yeah, how do you do this business? You have no credibility.”

At this time, everyone around couldn’t stand it anymore, and they all agreed.

“Yeah, how can there be backlashes?”

“Obviously you took away the 200,000 you said, but it turned into 1.5 million in a blink of an eye?”

In the face of the accusations from the crowd, the hawker sneered and looked at Bessie and said, “Anyway, it is 1.5 million. If you want it, you can get it down.”

This is the price of sitting on the ground.

Bessie bit her lip tightly and has been in the antiques business for so long. He has never met such a person.

The antique industry is the most disciplined. Say how much money is how much money. In fact, to be honest, after Darryl’s analysis, the price of this plate of 1.5 million yuan is actually not high! But this hawker is too irritating, and he would rather not buy than to be irritated.

Bessie said: “I don’t want it anymore, you can give me two hundred thousand back.”

“Yes, refund!”

“Refund the money.”

Many people around followed and shouted loudly.

“Refund?” The hawker laughed and shook his head: “I’m sorry, I have a rule of doing business, and I won’t be refunded once the transaction is made. Either the full amount is 1.5 million yuan, or you can leave as soon as possible. Don’t want to refund the deposit. “

As soon as this remark came out, everyone around was angry!

This is simply a strong buying and selling, and there is no way to know what to do.

Bessie’s face was full of frost: “How can you be like this? Can’t I buy it if I don’t?”

The dignified Miss Xiao family, when did you feel this kind of anger? At this time, the body was really trembling.

Darryl really couldn’t stand it anymore. He walked over quickly, grabbed the hawker by the collar, and said coldly, “Is it refundable?”

“Yeah? Want to do it with me? You have a special move to try!” The peddler responded with a sneer without fear, “You dare to move me, I will let you go out sideways.”

It’s so emboldened, it obviously depends on it.

At this moment, sensing that something was wrong, everyone who was still supporting Bessie suddenly became a lot quieter.

However, someone still came forward: “Boy, do you know who is standing in front of you? The eldest lady of the Xiao family, you come with her, play a rogue, and think about the consequences.”

“The Xiao family?” The hawker sneered: “What’s wrong with the Xiao family? If you want to buy my things, you have to follow my rules.”

“You!” Bessie stomped angrily, this kind of ra5cal is really hard to eat.

The one who came with Bessie really couldn’t stand it anymore, and pushed forward a handful of hawkers.

The hawker staggered back a few steps, and instantly became angry: “You don’t pay for things because of the large number of people? Don’t you just wait for me, don’t run!” After that, the hawker took out his mobile phone. A number was dialed.

After connecting, the hawker directly pressed the speakerphone.

Obviously, it was deliberately intended to be heard by everyone present.

“Hey, Brother Tiger, it’s me.” The vendor said to the phone, looking at Darryl triumphantly.

Brother Tiger?

Hearing the name of the hawker, everyone present was shocked.

How many tiger brothers are there in Donghai City?

Could it be…

Everyone was suspicious.

At this moment, a deep voice came from the phone: “What’s the matter? Cousin.”

“Li Heihu?”

“I’m going, this kid turned out to be Li Heihu’s cousin?”

But Li Heihu has billions of assets, how can he have such a cousin who cheats on food and drink?

That’s right, on the phone side, it is Li Heihu, the boss of Heihu Real Estate Company. This is a big man in Donghai City! Who can afford it? !

A bit of jealousy appeared on everyone’s faces.

Especially the owners of the antique shops stopped talking immediately, and stepped back quietly, for fear of causing trouble to the upper body.

Bessie bit her lips tightly. It seems that these two hundred thousand are thrown here today.

“Mr. Xiao, let’s go.” Lily was also anxious and said softly.

Bessie nodded, and stepped on high heels to leave. Can’t stay here, waiting for Li Heihu to come, right?

“No one with the special code can leave today!” The hawker yelled, “Cousin, I’m selling things at a stall here. Someone is making trouble for me.” The hawker pretended to be aggrieved.

“Huh? Who is so burdened and dare to trouble you?” Li Heihu on the other side of the phone shouted suddenly when he heard the vendor’s words.

Speaking of this cousin, Li Heihu has a headache. This kid is idle all day long, does not do business, and often stabs Louzi everywhere, fights and fights when nothing is wrong, every time Li Heihu wipes his buttocks and cleans up the mess. Just recently, this kid heard that he was making money by dumping antiques, so he asked Li Heihu to take some money and set up a small stall.

This made Li Heihu very pleased, this kid finally knew to do something right. When he makes some money and fixes his previous problems, he plans to let him go to work in the company.

At this moment, I heard my cousin say that someone is asking for trouble, where can Li Heihu sit still?

If Bessie wanted to leave at this time, but was stopped by the peddler, he was anxious.

“Where are you?” Li Heihu asked loudly in anger.

“Cousin, I’m here…” The hawker was about to say his position. At this moment, Darryl strode over and grabbed the phone directly!

“Li Heihu.” Darryl said coldly.

“Who is it?” Li Heihu asked in a displeased voice, changing his voice abruptly.

“Who do you say I am?”

“…Darryl…Brother Darryl?”

On the other side of the phone, Li Heihu was stunned, and then he stubbornly spoke, completely confused!


Li Heihu… shout… call him Darryl Ge?

At this moment, everyone around was stunned!

Lily looked at Darryl and couldn’t say a word!

This most familiar man, but so strange! He…how many things he still has, he doesn’t know…

Darryl snorted coldly: “Li Heihu, you can do it, your status is getting higher and higher, is it also starting to be arrogant? Connivance of his cousin, domineering in the street, buying and selling.

At this moment, on the other side of the phone, Li Heihu was almost crying: “Brother Darryl…Darryl…what the hell is going on?”

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said to the phone: “Ask your cousin yourself.”

After speaking, he threw the phone to the hawker.

The hawker caught the phone, took a deep look at Darryl, and then said to the phone: “Brother Tiger…”

“Don’t call my brother in special code! Little bunny, what the hell are you doing with special code! Do you want to die, you dare to provoke anyone with special code, am I too accustomed to you!” Li Heihu was furious!

The hawker couldn’t help fighting a cold war. My cousin has loved myself since I was a child. For so many years, I have been stabbing Louzi. Every time my cousin came forward to solve it, and never blamed myself. But now, why did he make such a big fire…

The peddler’s voice was trembling, and he told the story again.

“Little-armed ba5tard, did I teach you how to do things?” Li Heihu almost died out of anger: “Do you know that I must respectfully face Brother Darryl, you little-armed ba5tard, believe it or not? Did I break your leg?! Kuaitema apologized to Brother Darryl and refunded the money!”

At this moment, Lily felt that her legs were soft, and looked at Darryl unblinkingly.

Chapter 68

The hawker was already stupid, and nodded repeatedly, not daring to disobey.

“Give the phone to Brother Darryl!” Li Heihu said angrily.

The phone was passed to Darryl’s hand, and Li Heihu’s voice trembled: “Brother Darryl, I didn’t take care of myself. I’ll go over and make amends to Miss Xiao…”

“No…no need…”

Bessie was already stupid and spoke quickly. Let Li Heihu apologize to himself, how can he bear it!

Darryl waved his hand: “Okay, you don’t need to come here anymore. Take care of the people next to you in the future. Fortunately, I ran into me today. If I met someone else, there would be more trouble.”

“Yes, it is what Darryl Ge taught.” Li Heihu hurriedly responded.

Darryl didn’t say anything, and hung up the phone.

At this time, the hawker was about to cry, and kept bowing to Darryl: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Brother Darryl, I want to know that you are my cousin’s friend, give us the courage, I don’t dare to do this. .”

While talking, he apologized to Bessie, and then handed the porcelain plate to him.

“Let’s go.” Darryl said, turning around to leave. As a result, at this moment, his eyes flashed and he saw a flower in the corner of the stall.

This flower is very special. The petals are very small, but they bloom beautifully. What’s more amazing is its leaves, half light green and half dark green. At first glance, it looks like it was painted with a colored pen.

“What kind of flower is that?” Darryl came with interest and asked the vendor.

The hawker handed the flower over: “Brother Darryl, I came across this flower accidentally on the mountain. I found it strange at the time, so I picked it back. Later I checked it and found out that it’s called a two-color flower. A rare plant.”

Two-color flowers?

Why does this name sound so familiar? It seems to have seen it somewhere.

Darryl thoughtfully. By the way, it was recorded in the “Wuji Pill Technique” that many of the raw materials of the pill require two-color flowers.

It can be said that this two-color flower is an indispensable material for many immortals!

“How much do you want to sell for?” Darryl asked.

“Brother Darryl, look at what you said, how dare I ask for money…” The hawker smiled and said, “This bicolor flower, I sent Brother Darryl.”

Darryl was not polite, nodded, and took the two-color flower in his hand. Take Lily out of the mall.

“Darryl, what is the relationship between you and Li Heihu?” Lily couldn’t help but asked softly on the way.

Darryl smiled slightly and said casually: “It’s just a friend.”

Seeing that he didn’t want to say more, Lily did not ask. How can this man be so unpredictable…

After three years of marriage, in the eyes of others, he is useless. I have always thought that Darryl has no friends. He used to go out shopping for groceries and shopping all by himself. But recently, how come there are so many friends suddenly? And it seems that everyone is a big man…

“I’ll have dinner right away. Let the three of you go to my house for dinner.” At this moment, Bessie stepped on high heels and said, “Speaking of which, Darryl has helped me a lot during this period. Why don’t you go to my house for a bite?” “

Before Darryl could speak, Lily said with a smile: “Okay, Darryl, let’s go.”

The strength of the Xiao family in Donghai City is beyond doubt. Lily wanted to make friends with Bessie, so she took advantage of this opportunity to get to know Mr. Xiao.

Lily spoke, and Darryl was embarrassed to refuse.

When he arrived in the car, Darryl couldn’t help but looked around.

The three beauties in the car, Lily, Bessie, and Carol, really have their own merits.

Driving on the road, men and women on the side of the road couldn’t help but look into the car.

In August in Donghae City, the day is very hot and the evening is very cold.

The temperature difference between day and night is too great. Darryl closed the car window and couldn’t help but sneezed.

D*mn, this is a cold. Now that he has become a cultivator, he still catches a cold? Darryl murmured.

Xiaojia, Nancheng District, Donghai City, is a quaint courtyard. It is said to be a building from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The interior is elegantly decorated and has an atmosphere of ancient charm everywhere, which is in line with the identity of the antique family.

As soon as he entered the yard, Darryl was fascinated by the layout of the villa.

This courtyard faces north and faces south. There are no buildings around to block the light. The layout is reasonable and the feng shui is excellent. Although it is not the best feng shui treasure, it is also a blessing house!

Although the Xiao family is in the antique business, there is no antique in the family. Because antiques are so evil that they can’t be placed at home casually. For example, things that were used by the emperor in the past are kept at home, and most people can’t live in town.

For example, things that women have used before, after years of baptism, are a little bit heavy and cannot be placed casually.

At home, Bessie, as the host, naturally has to cook by himself.

Lily and Carol also went in to help. After a while, the three beauties were busy talking and laughing. Women always talked a lot, and they didn’t know what they were talking about. The three women laughed together.

I have to say that these three beauties really have their own merits. Needless to say, the figure is the best.

When it comes to looks and temperament, Bessie is the kind of imperial sister with high coldness.

Lily is an intellectual beauty.

As for Carol, it belongs to the kind of s3xy and charming.

Such three beauties gathered together, it is completely a kind of top visual feast.

Sitting on the sofa, Darryl appreciated it for a while, feeling a little bored, and turned on the TV.

A sneeze.

Suddenly, Darryl sneezed a few more times. The nasal mucus came out.

D*mn, it looks like I really have a cold. Muttering in his heart, Darryl took two paper towels, wiped his nose, and then threw it on the coffee table, then continued to hold the remote control and switch to watching TV programs.

Originally wanted to transfer to Donghai TV, take a look at the superstar. As a result, I didn’t know which button I clicked, and an adult channel appeared on the TV!


This TV is so advanced, can you still receive this kind of channel?

“Darryl, would you like something to drink?” Bessie came out of the kitchen just as Darryl was watching.

Darryl calmed down quickly and hurriedly picked up the remote control to switch channels.

However, what makes Darryl depressed is that no matter how he presses, this channel just can’t be changed! D*mn!

“Darryl, what’s wrong with you?”

Bessie’s face was puzzled, Yu Guang glanced at the TV, and suddenly her body trembled.

A blush spread quickly on Bessie’s face!

This.. what kind of show is this..

Darryl, he…he actually…


At this moment, Bessie screamed!

“No, don’t call me, I… I didn’t watch…”

D*mn, at a loss!

This special code can’t be cleaned even if it jumps into the Yellow River!

At this moment, hearing Bessie’s scream, Lily and Carol also walked in.

As soon as I came in, I saw a show on TV. Not only that, there are also two blobs of snot paper on the coffee table with cyan snot on them..

In an instant, Lily and Carol looked at each other, and they understood.

“No, you guys… that paper is not what you imagined, I just caught a cold…” Darryl was stunned!

“Darryl, you!” Lily stomped angrily and glared at him.

At this time, Bessie and Carol also felt blushing and turned to leave.

At this time, there were only Lily and Darryl in the room. Lily’s delicate face was also red like a ripe cherry.

“Darryl, you, what did you do just now? You…this is someone else’s house, how do you do this…” The next second, Lily bit her lip, shy and angry Staring at Darryl, he whispered.

However, Lily couldn’t say those words.

What a shame.

At this time, Lily looked ashamed and seemed unable to get angry. It was simply too charming.

Darryl stayed for a while, then smiled bitterly: “You misunderstood, I didn’t do anything, who knows that this will be shown on TV now? And, I really want to catch a cold, that tissue…”

Lily didn’t believe it at all. At this time, she blushed and said grotesquely: “You are still embarrassed to explain. If you knew, I won’t come with you. How can you let me face President Xiao later.”

It’s so embarrassing.

The more Lily thought about it, the more depressed she became.

Darryl was about to collapse: “Heaven and earth conscience, wife, don’t believe it, forget it, I really have a cold.”

After speaking, Darryl quickly went to the bathroom, and D*mn quickly took refuge.

“Oh, you still want to be in the bathroom…”

Seeing Darryl rushing into the bathroom like running away, Lily’s mind instantly flashed an unsightly picture, her face turned redder, she stomped her foot and said, and then went back to the kitchen.

Darryl just pretended not to hear, threw the tissue in his hand into the trash can, and then washed his face with water.

As a result, at this moment, a knock on the door sounded!

Bessie just came back from his shyness, walked over and opened the door. I thought it was a guest, after all, the Xiao family had guests every day. As a result, as soon as the door opened, a group of brawny men in black rushed in.

Headed by He Tianyou!

“Special code, tie these three women to me!” He Tianyou was so angry.

More than a dozen brawny men gathered around at once, and the ropes prepared in advance directly tied the three women together!

“Darryl, get out!” He Tianyou kicked the bathroom door open!

Chapter 69

It’s over, He Tianyou is here!

Darryl was peeing, when he heard a loud noise, the bathroom door was kicked open!

“He Tianyou, you are crazy, I’m the East King!” Darryl still wanted to pretend, he didn’t even know what the East King was.

As a result, He Tianyou sneered: “You continue to pretend, it is interesting to pretend to be Dongwang, right? I made you cry today.”

When saying this, the three women Lily, Bessie and Carol had been pushed into the living room by the big five flowers.

A dozen disciples of Tongtianjiao surrounded the three of them.


Darryl was too anxious in his heart, but he also knew that he would definitely not be able to beat He Tianyou if he was head-on, so he took a deep breath and tried his best to calm himself down.

He Tianyou sneered at the corner of his mouth, and said lightly to Darryl: “Come, come, come in.”

With that, he turned and went into the bedroom. Darryl had to follow in.

The reason why I chatted with Darryl alone was because I stole the master’s “Nine Dragons Ascension” cheat sheet. He Tianyou hid this secret very well, and the people under him didn’t even know it! After all, stealing the master’s secret book is a capital crime. Up to this moment, He Tianyou was also very cautious, closing the door and looking at Darryl coldly.

“What about the cheats?” He Tianyou clenched his fists.

“What secret?” Darryl responded knowingly.

He Tianyou stared coldly: “Darryl, don’t challenge my patience. I don’t need to investigate the matter of you pretending to be the Eastern King before, but you must give me the secret book of “Nine Dragons Ascension”. Otherwise, I will let you see my methods.”

After a pause, He Tianyou smiled gloomily: “The three women outside are not easy to do with you, I don’t mind. Before killing you, I have fun with them and tell you, those brothers outside of me. , But it’s been a long time since Xun Lily.”


Upon hearing this, Darryl cursed secretly. Sighed: “Well, I’ll give it to you. But the cheat is not on me, it’s in another place.”

“You special trick me?” He Tianyou said coldly with a fierce flash in his eyes.

Darryl looked helpless: “It’s really not on me.”

“That’s fine, I’ll give you half an hour to send me things, otherwise, you just wait to watch my brother live broadcast with the three women outside.” He Tianyou blinked and said lightly. .

Darryl shook his head helplessly. Now there is no other way but to give him the cheats. Fortunately, I have already penetrated the cheats. Nine Dragons Ascension skills, I have already learned.

Just about to open the door, at this moment, I heard a pop!

He Tianyou, who was originally full of momentum, suddenly fell to the ground, trembling all over! A face was also distorted in pain, and there was a ho-ho sound in her mouth.

“Ah!” He Tianyou rolled on the ground, seemingly painful.

What the hell is this?

Good guys, why is this all of a sudden?

He Tianyou kept rolling on the ground, his body soaked with sweat! He never dreamed that the toxicity of the Tongtian Pill would happen at this time!

All students of Tongtian Sect must take Tongtian Pill!

Tongtian Pill is an elixir refined by the leader. This pill is extremely insidious. After taking it, you must take the antidote once every other year, or you will die by breaking your veins and veins!

And the antidote, only the leader of the world has it! Therefore, the disciples of Tongtian Sect are loyal to their leader. Because the leader controls their life and death! If they make the leader angry and don’t give them an antidote, then they will die.

And today, it’s time for He Tianyou to take the antidote!

Originally, according to He Tianyou’s plan, I returned to the main altar today, met with the leader, and got the antidote of the Tongtian Pill, and then quietly put the stolen “Nine Dragons Ascension” cheat sheet back to the forbidden area of ​​the main altar.

In this way, God knows nothing.

But just because Darryl stole the secret book, he wasted the time. Now he didn’t take the antidote, only death was waiting for him!

He Tianyou stared at Darryl fiercely under constant twitching, with hatred in his eyes! At this moment, Darryl

Also looking at him.

“Hall Master He, looking at you like this, it should be caused by taking Tongtian Pill, right?” Darryl said with a smile.


How could he know Tongtian Pill?

He Tianyou was shocked, eyes full of surprise.

But at this moment, he still endured the pain and nodded.

Is it really a Tongtian Pill?

Darryl muttered in his heart.

“The Promise Pill” records that there is a kind of pill named Tongtian Pill. When the toxicity broke out, it was in the same situation as He Tianyou.

However, the antidote to Tongtian Pill is also recorded in “Promise Pill Technique”. The antidote is very easy to refine, and the two-color flower that I got in the hands of the hawker today is the material for refining the antidote.

Darryl laughed: “I can give you the antidote to Tongtian Pill, but you have to promise me to let the three women out.”


This kid… and the antidote for Tongtian Pill?

how can that be?

The Tongtian Pill, and the antidote of the Tongtian Pill, but the unique secret technique of the Master of the Heaven! Even the wife of the leader doesn’t know it!

Where did he get the antidote?

“Okay, I promise you, save me, save me…”

He Tianyou was already in terrible pain. When this poison broke out, his veins seemed to be crawling with thousands of ants. It was extremely uncomfortable! As long as oneself can be rescued, promise Darryl will do anything!

Although the three women outside the door have their own beauty and beauty, they are still more important than their own lives!

“I’ll ask you again, I’ll give you the antidote, will you let the three of them go? You are also the master of the hall anyway, you can’t say nothing, right?” Darryl said slowly.

“With all your words, save me…” He Tianyou was sweaty, almost squeezing these words out of his teeth.

“Okay, then I will believe you once.”

After Darryl said this, he went to the stove and turned on the fire, took out the two-color flower, and began to refine the antidote.

“You are lucky today, otherwise, you can only wait for death.”

After throwing the two-color flower into the clay pot, Darryl said lightly and began to prepare other materials.

The antidote to this Tongtian Pill requires rice vinegar, peony petals, etc. in addition to two-color flowers.

He Tianyou, who was lying on the ground, was completely dumbfounded as he watched Darryl refining the pill!

Refining the antidote on site?

Does this kid really know, or is he pretending to compare?

In addition to the leader, is there a second person in the world who will refine the Tongtian Pill and the antidote?

He Tianyou was full of question marks. Finally, a pill appeared in Darryl’s hands, and it was completed!

“Eat it.” Darryl stuffed the pill into his mouth. On the surface, it was very indifferent, but in fact, Darryl was a little worried.

In case it doesn’t work, if the kid He Tianyou dies, members of the Tongtian Sect outside will definitely think that he killed him by themselves, and it will be more fortunate then.

However, the facts proved that Darryl’s worries were unnecessary.

In less than five minutes, He Tianyou’s pale complexion recovered some rosy, and his body gradually stopped twitching.

Darryl breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that this [Promise Pill Art] was really a treasure book! Now he has refined two kinds of pills. One Shenxian Pill, one Tongtian Pill antidote. It’s all successful!

“Thank you, thank you…” At this moment, He Tianyou finally staggered to his feet.

As a result, the next scene made Darryl stunned.

Seeing He Tianyou, he knelt down with a plop, burst into tears!

“Darryl…Oh no, Brother Darryl, please save my brothers too. They also took Tongtian Pill, but it was one day later than me. If there is no antidote, they will die too. I beg Please, I beg you…”

There were three rattles.

Darryl looked down at him and took a deep breath.

Seriously, I don’t have a good seal for Tongtian Sect.

Elephant. After all, other people say that the Tongtian Sect does no evil, and everyone in the arena shouts and beats.

But now, seeing He Tianyou who kept kowtow, Darryl sighed.

Don’t care about the good or bad of Tongtianjiao, let’s talk about He Tianyou, who is definitely a tough guy. As the master of Tongtian Church, he actually knelt down to others for his brother!

Feeling and righteous!

Darryl nodded: “Hall Master He, you are so considerate of your brothers, it is admirable, but… the antidote to refining the Tongtian Pill requires a very important material, which is the two-color flower I just took…”

He Tianyou was full of excitement: “Brother Darryl! This kind of plant is actually not hard to find. I know there is a place where many bicolor flowers grow, but the environment is a bit dangerous and there are many beasts. However, I can ask my brothers Get it, or I can just take Brother Darryl to pick it!”

Darryl was overjoyed.

You know, two-color flowers are necessary materials for many immortals!

If you can get a lot of two-color flowers, you can refine other pill by yourself.

For Darryl, this is absolutely significant.

“I will let my brothers go to collect two-color flowers!” He Tianyou said happily, turning around and leaving. As a result, he had just walked two steps, he turned around again and bowed to Darryl: “Brother Darryl, I wanted to trouble you today. But you saved me. So benevolence, how I admire me! It’s decided, starting from today, follow Darryl Ge to the left and right, with Darryl Ge Ma’s first look!”

In the end, He Tianyou’s eyes revealed a bit of urgency: “Brother Darryl, you can be the hall master of our hall! I will abdicate to the virtuous!”


Join Tongtianjiao as the host?

Darryl was stunned, instinctively resisted.

forget it. This Tongtian teaches everyone to shout and beat, so you can’t get caught. But need to find an excuse to refuse..

Darryl smiled bitterly: “Don’t laugh at Hall Master He, you can give way to the identity of Hall Master casually? Isn’t it appointed by the Master?”

He Tianyou shook his head: “Brother Darryl knows something. Among our Tongtian Church, only the two envoys of Yin and Yang and the four great kings are appointed by the leader himself. As long as the brothers in the hall agree with him, he can choose him For the hall master, you only need to report to the King above. The entrance of our Donghai City is under the jurisdiction of King White Tiger. As long as Brother Darryl agrees, I will report to King White Tiger later. I don’t know what Brother Darryl wants? “

“This one….”

A trace of disappointment flashed across He Tianyou’s face: “It seems that in Brother Darryl’s heart, we are outside the evil spirits, and it is natural that Brother Darryl disdains to be with us.”

Darryl hurriedly waved his hand: “No, no, Hall Master He misunderstood, I didn’t mean to look down on you.”

Immediately, Darryl gritted his teeth: “Okay, I promise you.”

Really, there is really no way to refuse.

A group of loving and righteous men! There is no way to refuse!


He Tianyou was overjoyed and knelt on the ground all of a sudden: “Subordinate He Tianyou has seen the hall master.”

“Get up quickly…” Darryl helped him up.

D*mn, where’s all this going, why did it happen by mistake and became the hall master by himself?

On the other side, He Tianyou was very excited: “Brother Darryl, then I will take my brothers and go to pick two-color flowers!”

While talking, he took a group of brothers and left in a hurry.

In the living room, three women were tied up by five flowers, and they all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the group of people leaving. They don’t know what happened. He Tianyou and Darryl were talking in the bedroom just now.

At this time, Darryl walked to the living room with a smile, preparing to untie them.

To be honest, his concentration is too strong. Seeing these three stunning beauties, she was unmoved. They are tied up by five flowers at this time!

When they walked to them, the fragrance of the three women came.

Bessie wore a long skirt, extremely gentle.

And Lily is hot and s3xy in skinny jeans.

She was wearing a short skirt and her white legs were particularly charming. Those Tongtian Cult disciples just looked at the three of them and couldn’t hold her back.

Chapter 70

“Darryl, you untie us first. Also, who were those people just now? What did they do with you?” Lily asked softly.

Darryl scratched his head: “It’s nothing, I don’t know them very much, it’s just a misunderstanding, they found the wrong person.”

Darryl would never say anything about the Lord of Tongtian Church.

After all, the reputation of Tongtianjiao is really bad.

While talking, he loosened the three of them.

As a result, at this moment, I heard the door being opened, followed by a loud shout!

“Darryl? What are you doing?”

Looking at the door, he saw Bessie’s father Xiao Qingshan, standing there with a gloomy face, his eyes were consterious and angry, and the corners of his eyes twitched faintly!

“What kind of style, what kind of style!” Xiao Qingshan clutched his chest, out of anger, and threw the briefcase in the book directly to the ground: “I know you young people are very avant-garde now, but you can’t do that! You guys! Three… five-flowered big tie, what kind of style are you guys like!”

Xiao Qingshan clutched his chest, panting heavily!

Educating daughters from an early age must be clean and self-conscious!

What made him angry and unacceptable now was that his daughter, who had always been well-behaved, also participated. What kind of style is this, what kind of style is it!

“The son is not the godfather’s fault, the son is not the godfather’s fault!” Xiao Qingshan took a few steps back, rolled his eyes, and almost fainted.

“Uncle Xiao!” Darryl’s eyes were quick, and he didn’t care about loosening them, and quickly supported Xiao Qingshan.

Where did he want to go?

Darryl only felt dumbfounded!

This old man is too temperamental…

At this moment, Bessie, Lily, and Carol were all hot and shy.

As a result, at this moment, Xiao Qingshan glanced at the coffee table. This time, the old man couldn’t bear it!

toilet paper!

The white nose on it is extremely clear!

“Darryl, you!” Xiao Qingshan’s face turned pale and his lips trembled!

Own baby girl! How could he be defiled by him!

The daughter knows the book and dali, not to mention the beauty, but also extremely gentle. I don’t know how many of them are pursuing their daughters! Where is this Darryl good? In the eyes of others, just a door-to-door son-in-law!

“That… that… Uncle Xiao, calm down, you think too much, I’ll leave first.” Darryl couldn’t do it in a hurry. D*mn, if you don’t run at this time, when will you wait? If he doesn’t leave, the old man will make up a TV show!

Thinking of this, he quickly picked up the scissors and untied the ropes of the three women. As a result, he was in a hurry, and he also touched Bessie’s chest, which was extremely soft.

But at this time, how could I feel aftertaste? With Lily and Carol, they left like running away.

As soon as his front foot left, Xiao Qingshan clutched his chest and slumped on the sofa.

“Dad, don’t be angry, you think too much, you really misunderstand Darryl, the truth is really not what you think.” Bessie hurried over to explain.

“Then tell me, what is going on?!”

“A bunch of people suddenly broke in…” Bessie whispered what happened just now.

However, what He Tianyou and Darryl said in the bedroom, she didn’t know.

“A bunch of people broke into our house and tied the three of you? Then they left without doing anything?” After listening to his daughter’s narration, Xiao Qingshan was very angry: “Daughter, you really think your father is old Confused? You think you can deceive me for such a ridiculous reason?”


“Yu Ruo, listen to me first. I know that you young people are more open-minded than our generation and play more tricks, but don’t forget, you are Miss Xiao’s family, and that Darryl is also Have a wife.”

Speaking of this, Xiao Qingshan closed his eyes and shook his head: “That Lily is also, how can he indulge his own man and do such a thing?”

“I…” Bessie’s face was flushed, and she was depressed.

It seems that there is no explanation today.

Xiao Qingshan also became more and more angry: “I really don’t understand, what is good about that Darryl, besides identifying some ancient relics, what else does he have?”

Bessie didn’t speak at all, and stood there and listened quietly.

“But daughter, if you really like her, I am a father and respect your choice, but I have one condition. She must divorce Lily. By the way, there is also that woman, Carol, right? You have to sever the relationship! You must make sure that he is dedicated to your feelings.”

“Dad, what nonsense are you talking about, when did I say I want to talk to him…” Bessie blushed and stomped his feet.

However, Bessie couldn’t help but think of Darryl when he said that, and a ripple in his heart.

But… Darryl is really unpredictable.

Can give people unexpected surprises and surprises at any time.

What others call him is trash, cowardly, and useless. But the person he came into contact with was like a deep sea, which made people unable to see through, and being with him made him feel safe.

Strange, how could I have such an idea…

This thought flashed, and Bessie’s face became even redder.


After leaving Xiao’s house, Lily got off at the entrance of the supermarket.

“Darryl, you take Xiao Lu home.” Lily said: “I’ll go buy some food, and cook for you in the evening…”

Cook for me?

After three years of marriage, I cook every day. When did you imagine that Lily would cook for herself?

“Good, good.” Darryl nodded and watched Lily walk into the supermarket, then started the car and sent Carol home.

There were only two people in the car, and Carol became very cautious.

Seeing her like this, Darryl laughed: “Don’t be nervous, I don’t want to eat people.”

“No…not nervous.” Carol whispered, putting her hands between her legs, feeling helpless.

He doesn’t eat people, but Carol is afraid of him!

Last time in Chunjiang Huayueye, she saw with her own eyes that Zhong Haoran’s godfather Xiang Riyue nodded and bowed to Darryl!

Today, the man was on the phone again, yelling at Li Heihu.

Carol regretted that before she didn’t treat Darryl as a human being, she often asked him to wash clothes and pants, and often looked down on him and humiliated him.

But who knows, he is so capable…

“You are Lily’s best friend.” Darryl said, “I have been married to Lily for three years. I know you are good to Lily. If you have any good things, I will think of her first. Let me tell you today. Good news.”

Speaking of this, Darryl glanced at her and said again: “I am going to start a real estate company. I can hire you as the general manager.”

“Really, really!” Carol’s face showed unconcealed happiness!

Darryl laughed and nodded.

He has studied carefully recently, and now there are only two industries with the best prospects.

The first is the entertainment industry.

The second is real estate.

These two industries will definitely develop steadily and get better and better in the next ten years. People nowadays all like to chase stars and regard their idols more importantly than themselves. They all like to spend money for their idols. Therefore, the entertainment industry has unlimited prospects. But he already has Ziyu Company. Superstar shows are very popular now.

As for the real estate business, it is time to invest.

Li Heihu, is it true that real estate is not doing well?

I heard that Li Heihu recently wanted to develop outside the province. So I opened a real estate company and didn’t conflict with him.

There are several plots of land around Donghai City, and the geographical location is good. It is estimated that the subway will be accessible within a few years. As long as a real estate company is established, the few plots of land will be taken down first, and then it will definitely make money!

To open a real estate company, you have to find a reliable manager. Although Carol is a woman, she used to work in a real estate company and recently worked in a decoration company. Her experience in real estate is still sufficient.

“Your salary is five times the normal salary.” Darryl waved his hand and said.


Five times the normal salary, this…

“Thank you, thank you father…” Carol was surprised and delighted. At this time, she really wanted to k!ss this man!

“No thanks, conditional.” Darryl waved his hand: “I give you a high salary. It’s because you often spend time with Lily. If something happens to Lily in the future, you should notify me as soon as possible.”

“Daughter promises to complete the task!” Carol said with a smile.

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