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Chapter 641

Under the shock, Elisa bit her lips tightly, and a resentment rose in her heart.


In the next second, Elisa’s body trembled, and she couldn’t help but mutter to herself: “Why… Master, will have a child with Darryl? No…”

Yes, Elisa likes Darryl.

Elisa hadn’t realized it when the relationship with Darryl hadn’t froze before.

Until the relationship between the two deteriorated, Darryl still refused to forgive her, and Elisa felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart, and slowly realized that her own heart had already been tightly tied to Darryl’s body.

This is also true. In the past few years, Elisa will degenerate and degenerate.

Elisa knew that the relationship between herself and Darryl would be very difficult to return to the past, but deep in her heart, she always held a glimmer of hope, hoping that one day she could come back with Darryl.

Elisa had already thought about it, as long as Darryl was willing to forgive and accept himself, even if he didn’t want a status, he would have to wait on him for the rest of his life!

But Elisa never expected that his beloved Master Master would have a child with Darryl.

And this child is still the beloved ice of the Emei school!

Thinking about it, Elisa only felt that one of his own hearts suddenly sank to the bottom, and his eyes gradually became cold.


the next day!

When the first rays of morning light shone on the earth, there was already a sea of ​​people on Mount Emei!

Today is an important day for the establishment of the Emei faction for two thousand years. Not only the big sects of the rivers and lakes, but also those cultivating families who seldom walk around in the rivers and lakes, also come to congratulate.

At this time, on Mount Emei, the flags are fluttering, the lights are everywhere, and it is extremely lively and majestic at the same time.

In the square in front of the main hall, there were crowds of people, and tens of thousands of people had gathered!

It can be said that the “Millennium Ceremony” organized by the Emei Sect is a martial arts event, even more lively than the previous martial arts conference.

Ordinary people will never see this kind of event.

Therefore, the people near Mount Emei also rushed over and watched the excitement around the gate, all excited and eagerly waiting.

At this time, at the entrance of the mountain gate, Master Miao Yuan brought a few disciples with smiles on their faces, welcoming the distinguished guests!

Master Miao Yuan is so straightforward, he has always been happy and angry, but today, his face is full of smiles, and he is happy from the bottom of his heart.

Not only because, today is a special day for the establishment of the Emei School for two thousand years.

Even more happily, today all the Jianghu schools have come to join in, which can be said to have given the Emei school a lot of face.

Not only Master Miaoyuan, but all the disciples of the Emei School are beaming, happy, and proud.

At this moment, in the square in front of the Emei Hall, thousands of seats were set up early. Sitting in front are the senior masters of various martial arts in the rivers and lakes, the real Wudang Lingbao, the master of Shaolin Jueyuan, and even the gang of beggars. Wu Santong, the head of Kongtong, all arrived.

Not only that, but Oliver, Janis, Elsa, Bessie, Krista and Kendra were sitting beside them.

After meeting with Darryl before, Kendra was sent to the Ouyang family.

Elsa was very interested in learning that the Emei Sect was holding the’Millennium Ceremony’, and joined Oliver to join in the fun.

Kendra was bored when he was idle, so he followed.

At this time, the ceremony had not yet begun, and the guests were all chatting and laughing, and the scene was very lively.

And many of the male disciples of the martial arts focused on Elsa’s several women, their eyes straightened, and they were both envious and jealous.

“Look, several women from Sect Master Yue are here.”

“Tsk tusk, one is more beautiful than one.”

“It’s really enviable. I’ll be satisfied if I can have one, but Darryl has so many all at once…”

To be honest, Elsa and Bessie, both of whom are well-deserved goddesses, came to participate in the ceremony of the Emei School today, and they were specially dressed up. Sitting together at this time, they only dazzled everyone around them.


So beautiful.

Several goddesses, each with its own merits, appear together at this time, it is simply a top visual feast.

“The head of the cold is out!”

At this moment, the crowd exclaimed, and in a moment, all eyes converged towards the entrance of the hall.

I saw that a tight figure slowly walked out surrounded by several Emei school disciples.

It is Han proudly.

As the famous Frost Goddess in the arena, Han proudly appeared and instantly became the focus of the audience.

Because it was the millennium ceremony, Monica deliberately wore a snow-white long skirt to show the perfect and s3xy figure to the fullest, and at the same time it gave people a very solemn feeling.

And behind Monica, followed by a petite and exquisite figure, unspeakably sweet and lovely!

It is Tracy.

At this moment, the heads of the various sects present all stood up, with smiles on their faces, congratulating Han proudly.

“Head Han, congratulations!”

“Haha, this millennium ceremony of the Emei Sect is really a martial arts event!”

“Yes, as a decent person, Emei has done so much for the rivers and lakes over the years, and he can afford this grand event.”

Congratulations from everyone continue to come, Monica also changed the coldness of the past, showing a slight smile, and greeted everyone!

It didn’t take long for the conference to begin. The martial arts masters pushed their cups and changed their cups, and the female disciples of the Emei school danced on the stage. It was a lively event!

After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, Han proudly got up slowly and walked to the front of the stage.

“Everyone!” Han looked around proudly and said with a smile: “Thank you all for participating in the Millennium Ceremony of the Emei School. Today, in addition to gathering with you martial arts heroes, I want to announce one more news!”

With that said, Monica pulled Tracy in front of him, his eyes full of compassion and tenderness, and then continued: “I declare, I am Monica, and will resign as the head today. After I abdicate, the head of the Emei faction will be taken care of. My closed disciple, Tracy will take over!”

Monica’s voice was not loud, but it spread throughout Mount Emei.


Suddenly, the audience was in an uproar, and everyone’s eyes would gather on Tracy’s body, full of curiosity and consternation.

This female doll is less than ten years old, she was chosen by Han proudly as the head of the next generation of Emei.

But… this female doll looks beautiful and charming, a proper beauty embryo, when she grows up, she must be a goddess.


Suddenly, everyone was surprised, and they responded quickly one by one, applauding one after another!

In the hearts of everyone, this is a family affair for the Emei school, and Han Jiabao proudly announced it, so just congratulate it yourself.

At the same time, many elders and disciples of the Emei faction focused on Tracy, full of love and expectation.

Although Tracy was young, he had a great talent for cultivation. They all firmly believe that when Tracy becomes the head, under her leadership, the Emei School will definitely become famous in Kyushu.

It was the first time that Tracy saw such a grand scene, being stared at by so many people, he felt a little flustered.

However, Tracy inherited Han Auran’s cold and arrogant character, even if he was a little flustered, his immature face showed a bit of calm and indifferent. This makes many people secretly applaud.

From today onwards, he is the heir to the head of the Emei School.

I must live up to the expectations of the master master. After taking over the Emei School, I must carry Emei and carry forward it.

Thinking about it, the eyes of Tracy Shui Ling flashed with determination. At this time, Tracy didn’t know that his beloved master was actually his biological mother.

“I object!”

However, at this moment, a cold voice came from the crowd of Emei school disciples.

Immediately afterwards, a slender figure came out, her delicate face filled with coldness!

It is Elisa!

Chapter 642


Elisa’s voice fell, and in an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on her!

This…what’s going on?

The head of Han said that he wanted to pass the position of head to Tracy, but Elisa opposed it?

“Qin’er!” Monica’s expression also sank, and said coldly: “You will withdraw for me!”

In the face of many colleagues in the arena, what kind of system will you be in defiance of your teacher’s orders?

At the same time, Master Miao Yuan also frowned, and shouted at Zhou Qinjiao: “Qin’er, what are you doing? Hurry down.”

This week Elisa, didn’t you see that all the sects around were present? Openly questioned the words of the master sister. In the past few years, she has been decadent and desolate, and she has no rules at all. It is really getting worse and worse.


Elisa didn’t move a single move. He looked closely at Monica, gleaming cunningly: “Master in charge, the next generation is in charge. I have no objection to whoever you pass it to, but Tracy can’t do it.”


Han proudly tightened his eyebrows, looked at Elisa, without the slightest fluctuation on his face, and said lightly: “Tell your reasons.”

At this moment, everyone around was also looking at Elisa, waiting for her to follow along.

At the same time, many people talked in whispers in secret.


“Look at this, Elisa is very unconvinced this time.”

“Does this still need to be said? This week Elisa is the Emei school, a master sister of the younger generation. It stands to reason that she should be the head of the next generation. Now that Monica wants to pass on to others, she of course refuses… .”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, and Elisa was not affected at all.

In the next second, Elisa met Han’s arrogant gaze, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth: “The reason? The reason is that you hide your selfishness, Junior Sister Tracy, not only your closed disciple, she also has another identity, she is you The child born with Darryl, right?”


This time, the entire Mount Emei was exploded!

Elisa’s last sentence sounded like a thunder in the ears of everyone in the audience!


This female baby was born of Monica and Darryl?

If it is true, this is the big news that has caused a sensation in the arena within hundreds of years of the Emei faction!

You know, Emei sent hundreds of thousands of disciples up and down, and they all have a good reputation! Especially in matters of men and women, the disciples of the Emei School look for a husband and will never find other men. As the head of Emei, Monica represents the reputation of the whole school. She has a husband! Mr. Hongye is his husband!

More importantly, Monica married Mr. Hongye seven years ago.

If she had an affair with Darryl, it would not be as simple as shame, Monica would be completely discredited!

Tracy was stunned, staring blankly at Monica beside him, speechless.

Master… is your own mother?

Elsa, Bessie, and Kendra who sat there were flushed, and their hearts were ashamed and complicated.

This Darryl is really not worrying at all.

Just know that there are flowers and weeds everywhere!

Thinking about it, Elsa looked at Monica with his eyes tightly to see how she responded.

The representatives of the Tianmen not far away were very excited.

I go!

The sect master is the sect master, too powerful, and actually gave birth to a child with Monica.

Cattle! That’s awesome!

However, what Elisa said this time is true or not.


At this moment, Han arrogantly trembled, glaring at Zhou Qinjiao and shouted, “What did you say?”

When talking about this, Monica was filled with a powerful aura, but he was a little flustered.

How did Qin’er know about this?

In the past seven years, apart from Mr. Hongye, he hasn’t said anything about it.


At the same time, Master Miao Yuan rushed over and slapped Elisa’s face without warning!

“Qin’er, are you crazy?” Master Miaoyuan trembled too angrily, and said coldly: “What are you talking nonsense? That is your master master, you should slander her like this? What are you doing?”

This Elisa really disappointed myself!

“Master in charge?” Elisa covered her face with a sneer at the corner of her mouth, and pointed at Monica and shouted, “Is she worthy?”

As he said, Elisa looked directly at Monica, unable to conceal his resentment: “Monica, it doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it, I just ask you, dare you dare to confess your relatives with Tracy in front of the heroes of the world? !”

When he said this, Elisa’s eyes flashed with revenge.

I realized later that I obviously liked Darryl in my heart, but I didn’t know it until the last few years.

And he was struggling with how to ease the relationship with Darryl, but Monica took the lead and gave birth to a child with Darryl.

More importantly, as a master of Emei, the position of Emei’s head in the future belongs to him.

But now, Monica wanted to pass on his seat to his illegitimate daughter.


At this time, Elisa had only hate in his heart!


The voice fell, and the audience was silent!

You can hear clearly even if you drop a needle!

If everyone present was still skeptical of Elisa’s words, then, seeing Elisa’s confident face at this time, many people already believed it!

After all, Elisa didn’t dare to let Monica’drop blood to recognize his relatives’ without full assurance.


Elisa’s aggressiveness caught Han proudly by surprise, frozen there, her body trembled, but she was speechless.

“Elisa! You rebel!”

At this moment, Master Miao Yuan was so utterly angry, Liu eyebrows were erected, and Elisa stared at Elisa bitterly: “Master Master is not thin to you, is that how you repay her?”

Master Miaoyuan at this time also realized that what Elisa said might be true.

Otherwise, the senior sister in charge would not be so silent.


Today is the millennium ceremony of the Emei school after all. Elisa said in front of everyone, where is the Emei school going to? How will the Emei faction look up to see people in the future?

Elisa ignored her at all, but looked at Monica with a smile, and said pretentiously: “Master Master, I’m sorry, I don’t want to be like this either. When I joined the Emei Sect at the age of sixteen, it was your careful teaching. It made me what I am today. I have always been grateful, and I have always respected you very much, but you, as the head of Emei, had an affair with Darryl secretly, gave birth to a child, and destroyed the reputation of Emei School. The disciple can’t stand it!”

As he said, Elisa glanced at Tracy contemptuously: “And now, you still have to pass the Emei School to the hands of this illegitimate girl. I want to ask, do you do this worthy of the previous generations of the Emei School? !”

Hearing this, Monica’s face flushed, and she couldn’t speak.

“You still said…”

Master Miao Yuan was so angry that he couldn’t help it. He drew Jian Jiao and screamed, and he was about to stab Elisa.

Master Miao Yuan is too convinced that even if Elisa is telling the truth, the head sister must have her problems. Otherwise, she would not hide it from everyone for seven years!

However, Elisa said this in front of the people in the rivers and lakes to damage the reputation of the Emei School.

This kind of disciple is simply a white-eyed wolf, keeping it is a disaster, it is better to kill it directly!


Before Master Miaoyuan rushed over, she was stopped by Han proudly: “Sister Miaoyuan, stop.”

After finishing speaking, Monica bit his lips tightly, almost bleeding, and whispered: “Elisa is right, Tracy, it is indeed Darryl’s child and me.”


One stone stirred up a thousand waves!

Chapter 643

At this moment, the whole Emei faction was talking about it! All martial arts masters are boiling!

“Admit it, the head of Han actually admitted that Tracy is the daughter of her and Darryl…”

“Unexpectedly, the head of Han looks icy and clean, and does not eat the fireworks in the world, but behind his back, he has an affair with Darryl! What a decent way this is! Han proudly has a husband, even carrying Mr. Hongye on his back, and born with Darryl A daughter, this, this…”

“As the head of Emei, what kind of style is this!”

There was a wave of discussions, like a tide. Han proudly looked around and continued: “I want to explain that Tracy was pregnant with this child before I married Mr. Hong Ye. After I married Mr. Hong Ye, I have never seen Darryl again.”

“Ha ha…”

However, before Monica finished speaking, Elisa interrupted with a cold smile, and then nodded with an exaggerated expression: “Oh…before you got married with Mr. Hongye, you broke Darryl’s child…I am considered to be. Understand, Monica, the mistakes you and Darryl made are let Mr. Hongye take care of it. You really want to face it!”

As he said, Elisa’s face was full of contempt, and he looked at the many Emei disciples next to him: “Everyone, is this shameless woman still qualified to be our head?”


The entire Emei Mountain was silent, all the surrounding Emei disciples did not respond, but looking at Han’s proud gaze, there was no admiration and worship before, but full of complexity!

The Emei School has always had a particularly good reputation in the martial arts. The disciples of the Emei school are very proud! However, his head, unexpectedly, was pregnant with someone else’s child before marriage. Then, knowing that he was pregnant with a child, he married Mr. Hongye. This is a bit too much!

At the same time, all the other sects present also broke out a heated discussion!

“Tsk tusk… I didn’t expect that Han Houran, who has always been cold and proud, turned out to be such a woman.”

“Goddess of Frost? Haha..”

“Fortunately, I have always regarded her as a goddess, D*mn, even hooked up with Darryl before the wedding. It was disgusting to think about it…”

For a time, many people looked at Monica and spoke coldly.

Originally, Monica had a high status in the hearts of the people of the rivers and lakes, but at this moment, the beautiful image of Monica in their hearts collapsed in an instant.

Under everyone’s discussion, Elsa and Bessie, who were sitting there, flushed and embarrassed.

I thought it was just a farce.

Unexpectedly, what Elisa said turned out to be true.


At this moment, Monica looked around and smiled sadly: “I am proud of Han, and I am ashamed of the ancestors of the Emei Sect. I am indeed not qualified to be the head of the Emei Sect.”

As he said, Monica took a deep breath, tried his best to make himself look strong, and said every word: “I! Monica, hereby announce that he will relinquish the position of the head of Emei. From then on, the Emei faction and I have nothing to do. relationship!”

After talking about this, Han proudly squatted down and gently stroked Tracy’s face, with tears shining in his eyes: “Tracy, I’m sorry, for my own fame, my mother has kept you from you for seven years. In the past seven years, I haven’t Do a good job as a mother.”


Feeling Monica’s warmth, Tracy passed away, cried out, and plunged into Monica’s arms.

Monica comforted a few words softly, then took Tracy’s hand and turned and left resolutely.

Monica is a very decisive woman.

This is the end of the matter, and everything is left.

At this moment, everyone looked at the backs of Monica’s mother and daughter, and they were all stunned, not knowing what to say.

“Sister Master!”

At this time, Master Miao Yuan stomped his feet in a hurry, and chased up and shouted: “Senior Sister, the Emei school can’t live without you!”

When I said this, Master Miao Yuan had a complicated expression and felt very uncomfortable in his heart. She and sisters Monica are deeply in love, how can they bear to see Monica end up like this.

More importantly, over the years, under the leadership of Monica, the Emei Sect has become famous. Although the Emei Sect is all women, there is no power in the arena that dares to despise the Emei Sect.

This… is all due to Han proudly!

Now that she is gone, the Emei faction has lost its backbone, and the future is slim!


Hearing Master Miaoyuan’s call, Monica turned around and smiled at her: “Junior sister, don’t be sad, and don’t worry. Without me, the Emei school is still one of the five schools.”

As he said, Monica didn’t say any more, holding Tracy, gently leaped up, and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Senior Sister…”

Master Miao Yuan trembled, staring blankly in the direction where Han proudly disappeared, tears streaming down silently.


The whole square was silent.

Everyone present did not expect that the Emei faction would become like this after a thousand-year ceremony.

But…no one sympathizes with Han proudly.

The master of the dignified sect, even doing this kind of thing, is simply a laugh.


At this time, Master Miao Yuan was too slow, and the Jiao body trembled: Pointing at Elisa, “You…you rebellious disciple, why do you do this?”

When talking about this, Master Miao Yuan was deeply disappointed, but also angry.

The so-called family ugliness should not be publicized. Elisa’s doing this today can’t help ruining the senior sister in charge, and even ruining the reputation of the Emei school!

Feeling the anger of Master Miaoyuan, Elisa did not panic at all, and sneered: “Master, is it wrong for me to do this? Monica did this kind of thing, and He Darryl had a child secretly, but he concealed the Emei school For seven full years, now she still has to pass on the position of the head to her illegitimate daughter, so she is embarrassed by the Emei faction for such favoritism and fraud!”


Hearing this, Master Miao Yuan almost exploded, her face flushed, but she couldn’t find words to refute.

A few seconds later, Master Miao Yuan took a deep breath and looked at Elisa with disappointment: “Even if you are right, you shouldn’t force her to leave. Do you know that the senior sister in charge did it for us? How much? Without her, there would be no Emei today. She is gone, what shall we do with Emei? Have you thought about it?”

Master Miao Yuan became more excited as she spoke: “Senior Sister in charge is the head of our Emei. Now that she is not there, what should we do in Emei in the future? What should we do in case the Emei faction has a catastrophe!”

Hearing this, the surrounding Emei school disciples started to think.


Han proudly left, Emei lost his backbone. If a strong enemy comes later, how can I resist it?

“Master, you are too pessimistic.” Elisa looked indifferent, and said with a chuckle: “Now that the peaceful and prosperous times, what disaster can the Emei Sect do? Could it be… the Emei Sect will be destroyed without Han Houran? Too ridiculous Now, our Emei has been handed down for thousands of years! Without Monica, our Emei school will only get better and better!”

Chapter 644

“Adverse disciple, disciple!” Master Miao Yuan looked at Elisa, her body trembling with anger! Thoroughly disappointed!

“Qin’er, my good disciple, you are really my good disciple!” Master Miao Yuan pointed at Elisa and said angrily: “I have been teaching you for so many years, and have always held great hopes for you. , I didn’t expect that I finally taught a white-eyed wolf! Today, the cherry blossom country is a big day for my Emei school, and heroes from all sides come to congratulate, but you are so good that you actually forced your master master to leave Emei! OK! In this case, you can do it, the head of the Emei School. From today onwards, my Miaoyuan has nothing to do with the Emei School!”

When the voice fell, Master Miao Yuan didn’t have the slightest nostalgia, jumped up, and flew into the distance under everyone’s gaze!


Seeing this scene, everyone present looked at each other.

Today is the millennium ceremony of the Emei Sect. It was originally a lively and festive martial arts event, but I didn’t expect it to be like this in the end. Monica and Master Miaoyuan left Emei one after another. For a time, the heads of the various martial arts present were extremely embarrassed. They wanted to say something, but they all wanted to say something.

After all, this is the family affair of the Emei school, and outsiders like myself are not qualified to intervene.

In the huge square, there was no sound, and the atmosphere was very embarrassing and dull!


At this moment, Oliver stood up, and said to everyone in Emei: “I suddenly remembered that the family still has something to do, so let’s say goodbye!”

When talking about this, Oliver felt very complicated.

Monica, a man of the world, was forced to withdraw from Emei by Elisa.

More importantly, this matter is directly related to Darryl. Darryl is his adopted son. Under such circumstances, how could Oliver feel embarrassed to stay here?

At the same time, Elsa, Bessie, Kendra and others all stood up one after another.

Like Oliver, Elsa and the others were extremely embarrassed. As a woman of Darryl, she had witnessed another affair with Darryl. At this moment, Elsa’s complex feelings could not be described in words.

Instead of staying here awkward, it is better to leave as soon as possible!

Soon, Oliver and Elsa and others left.

Seeing this, the disciples of Tianmen, as well as the disciples of Huaguoshan, and the Palace of Longevity, all left afterwards. It can be said that the sect related to Darryl walked cleanly at this moment.

After all, today’s things are directly related to Darryl, Huaguo Mountain and Changsheng Palace, and Darryl’s Tianmen are in the same spirit, and it is boring to continue to stay.

Watching these three sects leave, Elisa didn’t care at all!

On the contrary, Elisa’s mood at this time is indescribable!

Monica and Master Miaoyuan both left Emei.

Among the younger generation, I have the highest qualifications, and the Emei school will have the final say in the future.

Thinking about it, Elisa couldn’t help showing a bit of pride in his eyes. Go to the Emei school secret room, take out the Emei seal, and hold it up high.

“Emei disciples, we Emei faction, the group of dragons has no leader. From today on, I am in favor of being in charge of Emei, who is not convinced?” Elisa held the big seal, and his voice spread everywhere.

Hundreds of thousands of Emei disciples were silent. No one said anything. After a long time, one of the Emei disciples slowly stood up and said, “Senior Sister Elisa, you are the head, we have no objection!”

The Emei disciple who is speaking, Mingjiao Liu Raquel, usually has a very good relationship with Elisa.

In this case, if one person stands up and speaks, someone will follow suit in an instant. Sure enough, the voice fell, and all the Emei disciples knelt on one knee one after another: “The disciples pay homage to the head of Elisa!”

Usually Elisa is in the Emei School, and she is a big sister. Everyone has a good relationship with her. Monica and Master Miaoyuan left Emei too. Now the Emei school has no leader. Elisa is the head of Emei. Of course everyone agrees.

Elisa held the Emei seal and gently raised his hand: “Disciples, please rise.”

The rest of the sects present looked at each other, and after a long time, they applauded.

The Emei sect is a big sect. Now Elisa is in charge, and all the big sects want to befriend her, so they applaud and congratulate.

A satisfied smile appeared on Elisa’s face.


At this moment, in the woods dozens of miles away from Mount Emei.

Monica pulled Tracy and walked forward slowly!

When Elisa revealed his secret, Monica was very angry at first, but after calming down just now, he slowly figured it out.

Over the years, my biological daughter is by my side, and for the sake of fame and reputation, I have never recognized her. I really feel ashamed to be a mother.

Now I am not the head of Emei, and I am relaxed, and I can accompany my daughter to grow up in the future.

Thinking about it, Han proudly looked at the ice beside him, his eyes filled with tenderness.


Feeling the warmth of Han Auran, Tracy couldn’t help but speak, but because of his habit, he subconsciously called to Master, but he corrected it in time: “Mom… are we going there?”

As he said, Tracy blinked his eyes and said curiously: “Are we going to find Dad?”

Although Tracy was only seven years old, he knew a lot about the situation of the rivers and lakes.

Especially Tianmen.

In recent years, Tianmen has developed rapidly and has become the first sect on the Earth Round Continent. As the master of Tianmen, Darryl is even more of a figure in the world.

Knowing that Darryl was his biological father, Tracy was a little delighted in addition to being astonished.

Is it possible to be unhappy to have a father who is famous all over the world?


Hearing this, Han Auran’s face suddenly became cold: “Tracy, you don’t have a father. You are not allowed to mention the name Darryl in the future, you know?”

When saying this, Monica’s eyes flashed with resentment, and his tone was beyond doubt!

If it weren’t for Darryl, he wouldn’t end up like this!

Although I have figured it out, in Monica’s heart, I will never forgive Darryl!

“Mom, why?” Tracy blinked his big eyes and asked in a puzzled way: “Didn’t you admit it just now? I am the daughter of you and Darryl, and I…”

Before he finished speaking, Monica interrupted directly: “I said, don’t mention him again, don’t you understand?”

“Oh…” Tracy hurriedly shut his mouth, lowered his head, feeling very wronged in his heart!


Why doesn’t mother let herself and father recognize each other? Even more reluctant to mention him?

Seeing Tracy’s silence, Monica realized that he was too emotional just now, and said softly, “Tracy, it was my mother’s fault that my mother didn’t recognize you before. Don’t worry, from today onwards, mother I will take good care of you…you must also listen to your mother and practice hard. We, mother and daughter, will travel the world together, you know.”

Chapter 645

“Yeah! Mom, Tracy will definitely listen to you.” Tracy nodded, with a smile on his face.

Monica took Tracy’s hand, and the mother and daughter walked away.


On the other side, Emei school.

Monica and Master Miaoyuan left, Tianmen and several sects left one after another. The atmosphere that was beaming with joy suddenly became depressed.

In this case, the Millennium Ceremony ended hastily.

At this time, Elisa and several seniors were at the gate of the main hall, presenting them to the martial arts.


At this time, Master Kongwu said a Buddha’s name to Elisa and said: “Zhou Sect, our Shaolin Sect, we will leave first. Today, Elisa donor, you just became the head of Emei. It stands to reason that Lao Na should I give you a generous gift as a congratulation. But today, Lao Na’s body really has no gifts to give you. So, three days later, it will be the alchemy conference. When that time comes, Lao Na will bring a generous gift. Give it to Head Zhou.”

Yes, three days later, there was an alchemy meeting in Zhongzhou. This conference is on a grand scale! It is organized by the Alchemy Association. At that time, all alchemists from the Earth Yuan Continent will participate. It can be said that the scale of this competition is much larger than the previous alchemy competition held in Donghai City.

“Okay, no master, we will see you at the alchemy meeting in three days.” Elisa said softly.

When the words fell, Master Kongwu nodded and left with Shaolin disciples.

At this time, the real person Lingbao also came to say goodbye: “Zhou Sect, my Wudang Sect is the same, I will bring a generous gift to the Zhou Sect at the alchemy meeting three days later. In three days, let’s see you in Zhongzhou City.”

At the same time, other martial arts also came to say goodbye to Elisa. The current Elisa is the head of the Emei school, and every school wants to flatter her.

Elisa said goodbye to everyone with a smile, and she was also indescribably excited.

Three days later, the alchemy meeting was held in Zhongzhou.

Zhongzhou is the seat of the Ouyang family. Darryl has been living in the Ouyang family for many years. At that time, at the alchemy conference, Darryl will also appear…

After so many years, does Darryl still hate himself?

Thinking about it, Elisa couldn’t help his heart beating faster!

“Huh? Whose child is this?”

As Elisa was thinking about this in secret, a surprised voice rang from the surrounding crowd.

Immediately afterwards, everyone’s eyes looked towards the entrance of the mountain gate.

I saw that a little boy came slowly. This boy was not very old, only about ten years old. A black Tang suit, can give people the feeling, there is a kind of old-fashioned and steady.

Yes, this child is Gary!

Recently, Gary has been outside to practice everywhere, and in the past few days, he has come to the Diyuan Continent!

As soon as he arrived on the Earth Yuan Continent, Gary heard about the alchemy conference and immediately became interested.

At the beginning, Master Lu Jiechen was seriously injured by Darryl, and unless he was treated by the talents and treasures, he would not be able to fully recover in his life. Gary was grateful to Lu Jiechen for his education, and he was thinking about how to cure the master.

Later Gary learned that there was a rare pill called’Qiqiao Linglong Pill’ that could completely heal Master Lu Jiechen’s injury, so Gary looked for Qiqiao Linglong Pill everywhere, but there was no clue.

Therefore, after learning that the Earth Circle Continent was about to hold a pill refining conference, Gary wondered whether anyone could refine the Qiqiao Linglong Pill at this conference.

After all, this alchemy conference is the provincial capital of all alchemists on the entire continent, with masters like clouds. If anyone can refine this pill, he will snatch it over!

However, the alchemy conference will not be held until three days later. Under boredom, Gary thought of Tracy!

A month ago, in the ancient battlefield of the Apocalypse Continent, Gary and Tracy went through a few days of trials together, and the relationship between the two of them was much better. At the time of the parting, Gary agreed to Tracy that he would come to Emei to find her when he came to the Diyuan Continent.

So today, Gary came to the Emei faction, planning to play with Tracy for three days before going to the alchemy meeting.

Seeing Gary, everyone around didn’t take it seriously, thinking it was the child of the mountain people near Mount Emei, who broke in by mistake!

After all, today’s Emei Sect’s Millennium Ceremony, the nearby people, many people also came to watch the excitement.

“Children, you are not allowed to enter here!”

At this moment, an Emei disciple walked over and said to Gary: “Hurry up and get out!”

Hearing this, Gary smiled and said politely to the disciple: “Sister, you have misunderstood, I didn’t break in by mistake, I’m here to find someone!”

Find someone?

In an instant, everyone around was taken aback.

A little boy came to the Emei pie to find someone? It’s really strange, you know, the Emei faction never accepts male disciples. According to the rules, the disciples are even ordered to deal with men less!

Who is this kid looking for?

The female disciple of the Emei School present smiled and asked Gary: “My kid, who are you looking for?”

Gary didn’t care about the gazes of everyone around him, and slowly said, “I’m looking for Tracy!”

When saying this, Gary searched among the Emei faction crowd, but he couldn’t help but frown secretly without seeing the shadow of Tracy.

Why isn’t Tracy here?


In an instant, everyone present was in an uproar when they learned of Gary’s intentions.

It turned out to be looking for Monica’s daughter!

At this moment, Elisa walked out and looked at Gary with a smile but a smile: “Hey, boy, what are you doing with Tracy? What is your relationship with her?”

“I and Tracy are friends!” Gary didn’t even want to respond, then looked at Elisa and asked, “This beautiful sister, where is Tracy?”


Elisa was stunned, then sneered, and said angrily: “That wicked species has been expelled from Emei! I’m afraid you made friends accidentally! I advise you to stop looking for her! She and her. The shameless mother is gone.”

Elisa couldn’t hide the meanness on Elisa’s face when he said this.

The faces of the people around also became complicated.

Many Emei disciples felt a bit too much, but what she said was also true.

Monica and Gary secretly gave birth to a child and kept it secret for seven years. At this time, everyone had seen it, and Monica had admitted it himself.

“what did you say?”

At this moment, Gary’s heart was shocked, the smile on his face disappeared instantly, and he stared at Elisa closely: “I don’t allow you to say Tracy like that! She is not a sinner!”

At that time in the ancient battlefield, he and Tracy Pingshui met, seeing that he was in trouble, Tracy did not hesitate to help.

Such a kind-hearted girl with a sense of justice is said to be so unbearable.

At this moment, Gary’s heart suddenly became angry!

Especially seeing Elisa’s acrid appearance, Gary felt even more upset.

Elisa didn’t care about Gary’s expression at all, and continued with a sneer: “If you ask the people around you, you’ll know if it’s a wicked species. Just a moment ago, her shameless mother admitted herself.”


Gary took a deep breath, staring at Elisa and asked: “Don’t tell me this, I just ask you, where has Tracy gone?”

At this time, Gary had lost his previous politeness, and secretly suppressed his anger!

He didn’t know how Tracy had offended the Emei faction, but Gary knew in his heart that even if all the people in the world rejected Tracy, he, Gary, didn’t care!

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