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Chapter 636

In the history of the Diyuan Continent, the Shennong clan was truly a god-like existence, called the ancestor of mankind! The name Shennong, Darryl!

its not right!

It’s not recorded in the history books that the Shennong family eventually accumulated too much poison because of tasting the herbs, and finally became poisoned by the guillotine grass, and unfortunately died?

Why… still alive now?

Yes, this old man is the famous Shennong, also known as Emperor Yan!

Shennong did taste all kinds of herbs back then, but the real situation and historical records contained large errors. It is precisely because of the fact that he tasted all kinds of herbs, Shennong’s physique has already been reborn. Not only does it not invade all diseases, it also has the effect of prolonging life. Immortal for a thousand years! Live until now.

In fact, if a cultivator can break through the realm of Emperor Wu and reach the next level, he will basically not get sick. Life expectancy will be extended a lot.

But the reason Shennong is able to live to this day is not because he has a high cultivation base, but because he has tasted the fairy grass and has an extraordinary physical fitness.

At the same time, Raquel also trembled with her tender body, her red lips slightly opened, and she couldn’t help but relax for a long time.

This… This old grandfather, is Yandi Shennong?


In the next second, Raquel came back to her senses, walked to the door of the hut, and said sincerely: “My friend is Darryl. He is seriously injured now. I hope you will be merciful and save his life. His injury It’s been too long, if you don’t save him, he will die…”

Raquel was right.

The injury on Darryl’s body dragged on for too long.

Now even if Raquel got the elixir, there was nothing she could do, and she could only ask Shennong.


At the same time, Darryl was also full of anticipation and excitement.


I thought I was going to die this time.

However, I never expected that I would not die if I met Shennong.


As soon as Raquel’s voice fell, Shennong’s indifferent voice came from the thatched hut: “You two little children, trespassing in my secluded place, I don’t care about it, it’s a kindness, don’t disturb me, leave quickly… .”


Suddenly, Darryl and Raquel were both taken aback. They didn’t expect that Shennong would refuse so simply.

Puff through.

In the next second, Raquel put Darryl down and knelt directly in front of the door of the thatched house. His delicate face was full of persistence: “Grandpa, please, if you don’t get help, he… will die! As long as you Will save him, let me do anything.”


Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath, looking at Raquel, his heart warmed.

She is a magnificent princess with a noble status, but to save herself…


At this moment, Shennong came out of the thatched house and looked at Raquel with scorching eyes: “Girl doll, you just said, as long as I save this kid, you can do anything?”

The sound is not loud, but it is full of majesty.

Raquel bit her lip and nodded heavily: “Yes.”

“it is good!”

Shennong touched his beard, thought about it, and said slowly: “Then you can be a medicine boy for two years!”

After that, Shennong pointed at the strange flowers and weeds not far away: “Will you take care of these herbs and all the chores for me in the future?”

“I do!”

Raquel met Shennong’s gaze without any hesitation.

At this moment, Darryl’s heart was ups and downs, looking at Raquel, he was indescribably moved.

Two years.

Is it worth sacrificing two years of freedom in order to save yourself?

Shennong stopped talking nonsense, and said lightly: “Get him in.”

When the voice fell, he turned and entered the thatched cottage.

Raquel was overjoyed and hurried in with Darryl on his back, and then placed Darryl on the bamboo bed under the sign of the Shennong clan.

Seeing Darryl covered in blood, Shennong frowned.

In the next second, Shennong commanded Raquel: “Take off his clothes, and then clean the wound. I am going to apply medicine to him.”


I…I undress him?

Hearing this, Raquel’s body trembled, her face flushed instantly, extremely shy.

A few hours ago, he just helped Darryl get dressed.

Now let myself take him off again.

This, this is too shameful!

Darryl was also taken aback.

D*mn it, just take off your clothes?

Seeing Raquel’s hesitation and reluctance to do it, Shennong frowned and urged: “Let you undress your husband, why are you still squeezing? Hurry up, he lost too much blood, meridians I was also traumatized, so I can’t delay it.”


Hearing this, Raquel stayed for a while, her face flushed, and her face was extremely hot.


It turns out that Senior Shennong considers himself two young husbands and wives.

At this moment, Darryl reacted, looking at Raquel’s embarrassment, he was too happy, but he didn’t dare to laugh.

Seeing Darryl’s smile, Raquel was ashamed and angry.

Being embarrassed, he could still laugh. Raquel’s pretty face was angry, and she secretly pinched him.


When the pain came, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath, and looked at Raquel speechlessly. D*mn, I didn’t speak and laughed.

Seeing this scene, Shennong shook his head and smiled, and urged Raquel again: “Okay, please stop making trouble with the girl, take off your husband’s clothes quickly.”

At this time, Shennong was even more convinced of his guess.

If you are not a young couple, how can you flirt and curse unscrupulously?

“Yes, wife!”

At this time, Darryl also took the opportunity and said: “Hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore!”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of smiles.

To be honest, Raquel put down his dignity and begged Shennong to heal herself, and Darryl was very moved.

But just now Raquel made his move too hard, Darryl only felt that a piece of his skin had been pinched off, so he took the opportunity to tease Raquel.

Raquel glared at him, but did not refute. Slowly helped Darryl untie his clothes.

This process only took a few minutes, but it gave Raquel the feeling that it had been a century.

Finally, after helping Darryl to take off his clothes, Raquel was also dripping with sweat, her delicate face was extremely rosy, like a ripe red apple.

At this time, Shennong inspected Xia Darryl’s injury, and turned his head to Raquel and ordered: “Go outside to pick two Seven Spirit Grasses, the one with seven-color petals…”

Shennong’s voice is not loud, but it is beyond doubt.

Raquel is already his medicine boy now, and of course she will do these tasks.

Hearing this, Raquel didn’t hesitate, and hurriedly went outside and picked the Seven Spirit Grass to come back, and then, at the order of Shennong, mixed it with other herbs to make ointment.

In the next few minutes, Shennong carefully applied the ointment to Darryl’s wounds.


At that moment, Darryl only felt a clear sensation all over his body, he couldn’t help but breathe out comfortably, and he felt that the soreness in his whole body had disappeared a lot.

As expected of Shennong, this medicine is amazing!

“Come on, drink this bowl of medicine.” At this moment, Shennong brought a bowl of medicine and gave it to Darryl.

This medicine was bitter and astringent, Darryl drank it, and his facial features were twisted together.

Shennong slowly said: “Darryl, this bowl of medicine I am taking for you is my unique secret recipe. This bowl of medicine can quickly recover your injury, but it also has side effects. The side effect is that your eyes will temporarily Blindness for two or three days. So, you just need to rest. After two or three days, your eyes will regain light and the injuries on your body will be healed.”

Chapter 637


The side effect of this bowl of medicine is blindness for two or three days?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned.

Seeing Darryl’s stunned expression, Shennong turned his head and looked at Raquel’s command and said: “The two or three days when Darryl was blind, you just need to take good care of him. You are already my medicine boy, if I need you. , I will call you.”

When the voice fell, Shennong turned and walked out, and went to rest in the thatched cottage next to him.

As soon as the front foot walked away, Raquel took a moment to look at Darryl and asked with concern: “How are you feeling now?”


Darryl took a deep breath and smiled: “I feel better, thank you so much this time…”

This sentence, Darryl came from the bottom of his heart. After all, Raquel really paid a lot to save herself.

Raquel looked indifferent, and said softly: “Darryl, you don’t need to thank me, just remember your promise. After you recover, the grievances between you and my Apocalypse royal family will be resolved.”


Hearing this, Darryl felt a little embarrassed. Just as he was about to say something, he found that there was darkness in front of his eyes, and he couldn’t see anything.

D*mn it!

So fast?

Although Shennong said just now that after taking the medicine, he would be temporarily blind for two or three days, but suddenly his eyes were dark, and Darryl still had difficulty adapting.


Seeing Darryl’s panic, Raquel realized something and quickly asked: “Can’t you see it?”

Darryl didn’t speak, and nodded.

Raquel said softly: “Don’t panic, Father Shennong just said that you are only temporarily blind. Rest at ease. I will always take care of you.”

“it is good!”

Hearing this, Darryl felt extremely relieved and closed his eyes to rest.

At this time, Darryl had already thought about it, and he would settle down if he came.

After a while, Darryl fell asleep and let out a uniform breathing sound.


At this moment, Raquel also breathed a long sigh of relief. She sat on the chair next to her, and the stone that had been hanging in her heart finally fell to the ground.

Darryl is finally fine, and he can rest for a while.

Time passed by every minute!

After sleeping for about two hours, Darryl slowly woke up.


Can I see it again?

The moment he opened his eyes, Darryl was surprised and happy, and found that he could see things again.

No, didn’t Senior Shennong say that I have to be blind for at least two or three days?

Why did you recover so quickly?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that he was in the realm of Emperor Wu, and his physique was originally special. In addition, he had taken the spirit of the Sky Eye Scorpion King in Zhao Yun’s ancient tomb, and he was already invincible. The side effects of that bowl of medicine are indeed very serious, which can make people blind for two or three days, but for Darryl, it only takes two or three hours to recover.


Just when Darryl was secretly surprised, he heard the sound of water coming from nearby.


When Darryl heard the sound, he suddenly shook his body, and couldn’t help sucking in air!

I saw a large wooden barrel next to it, filled with hot water, and while the heat was rising, a slim figure was bathing in it.

It is Raquel!


In an instant, Darryl’s eyes straightened when he saw this scene, and he couldn’t help swallowing secretly.

This Raquel is too courageous, so he took a bath in the room?

But I have to say that Raquel’s figure is perfect. If he enters the entertainment circle on the Earthland Continent, wouldn’t all the so-called popular actresses stand aside?

At this time, Raquel was soaking in the tub, chatting about water on her body, enjoying it with her eyes closed.

Before walking all the way with Darryl on his back, Raquel was tired and exhausted, sweating all over. At this time, taking advantage of Shennong and Darryl to rest, they took a good bath to relieve fatigue.

If it were normal, Raquel would never be able to wash here.

But in this place, there are only two thatched cottages, and there is no other place.

More importantly, Darryl was temporarily blind, unable to see with his eyes, so Raquel had no scruples in her heart.

While washing, Raquel was startled when he turned his head to see Darryl awake.

But soon, Raquel calmed down and looked at Darryl and said, “Are you awake?” With that, Raquel stood up, ready to come out and put on clothes.

Anyway, he is blind now, so don’t be nervous!


The moment Raquel stood up, Darryl had a panoramic view! There was no chance to respond, looking at her blankly, she was stupid.


So beautiful!

This golden ratio is simply a perfect artwork.


Seeing that Darryl didn’t respond, a pair of eyes stared at him in a daze. Raquel realized something and her pretty face blushed: “You, can you see it?”

With that said, Raquel hurriedly soaked into the tub, only showing one head, her pretty face was hot, and she was very angry.

“I, I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see it!” Darryl returned to his senses and said embarrassingly.

As soon as these words came out, it was obviously’There is no silver three hundred taels here’.


Raquel only felt that her face was so hot that she stomped her feet anxiously: “You, you quickly close your eyes for me and turn around!”

When he said this, Raquel almost cried.

How could this be? Isn’t he going to be blind for two or three days? After only two or three hours, can you see things?

What’s even more annoying is that a princess of his own dignity, Jin Zhi Yu Ye, was actually seen by him.

Too shameful!

“Good, good!”

Feeling Raquel’s humiliation, Darryl nodded with a smile, closed his eyes quickly, and turned his head to the side: “I don’t look at it, let’s not look at it.”

Seriously, with Darryl’s personality, how could such a pleasing scene be missed?

But because Raquel paid so much to save herself, Darryl didn’t want to make her angry anymore.

For a while, the atmosphere in the thatched cottage was subtle and awkward.

Darryl kept his promise. Without looking back, he heard a sound of rustling clothes on Raquel’s side.

After a while, Raquel put on her clothes and gave Darryl a fierce look: “Since you can see it, you will fry the medicine yourself in the future, so this princess won’t serve you!”

When the voice fell, Raquel walked out gruntingly.


Seeing Raquel walking out from the back, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

Apocalyptic continent, Mingyue Lake!

Mingyue Lake is located to the northeast of the Tianqi Continent, less than 100 kilometers away from the border of the Diyuan Mainland. It has a beautiful environment and pleasant climate.

On the shore of Mingyue Lake, there is a manor that has just been established.

This manor, called Mingyuezhuang, is the entrance to the branch hall of Tianmen.

In recent years, Tianmen has gradually grown. After becoming the first sect of the Diyuan Continent, its power began to expand to other continents. In other continents of Kyushu, many branches have been established. Mingyuezhuang is one of them.

It was getting late at this time, and there were many Tianmen disciples patrolling around the manor. As the first branch of the Apocalypse Continent, Mingyuezhuang is absolutely guarded.


At this moment, a figure flew from a distance and landed firmly in front of the gate of the manor.

This is a teenager, wearing a black robe with a flame embroidered on it. Holding a peculiar hammer in his hand, his immature face reveals a steadiness that is not commensurate with his age.

It is Gary! Before, he learned from Master Lu Jiechen that the Mingjiao had a great enemy Darryl, and Gary remembered it deeply.

Recently, I heard that Darryl’s Tianmen, the branch hall set up in the Apocalypse Continent, did not hesitate, and Gary rushed over alone.

Yes, Gary will destroy Mingyue Village tonight!

“Who? Dare to break into Mingyuezhuang without permission?”

“Is it a kid?”

At this moment, a team of patrol disciples came over and found Gary.

Seeing that Gary was only a ten-year-old child, these patrol disciples were all stunned, and then their eyes flickered with disdain.

“Call out your hall master!” Gary said coldly, not very young, but his tone revealed a strong aura.


He wants to see the hall master?

Hearing this, several patrol disciples looked at each other and burst into laughter.


“A little baby, want to see our hall master?”

Amidst the laughter, the leader of the team came out and looked at Gary with a smile. He couldn’t hide the contempt in his heart: “Boy, whose child are you? Have you been weaned? Do you know where this is? The Lord is what you can see if you want?”

“It’s really long-winded, go to death if you don’t say it.”

Gary was too lazy to talk nonsense, slowly raised his hand, and a group of purple-red flames churned in his palm. At the same time, the air around him was instantly distorted by the high temperature!

Yes, what Gary displayed was Lu Jiechen’s strange fire, Zixiao Divine Fire!

In the past seven years, Lu Jiechen taught Gary with all his heart, without any secrets, and even passed his Zixiao divine fire to Gary!


In the next second, Gary raised his arm and threw the purple flame over.

Feeling the scorching temperature of Zixiao Divine Fire, these Tianmen patrol disciples trembled in their hearts! All are stupid! You know, the power of Zixiao Divine Fire is really incomparable!


Immediately afterwards, a purple flame burst out, and these patrol disciples had no time to dodge, and they screamed bitterly. The purple-red flame ignited all of them!

After a few breaths, the screams gradually lowered, and several patrol disciples, as well as the captain, were all burned to coke!

Chapter 638


At this time, the Tianmen disciples in Mingyuezhuang rushed out one after another.

“Who dare to be wild here…”


When they rushed out, many people shouted angrily. Then, when they saw a few corpses lying on the ground, many people breathed in air-conditioning!

Seeing Gary floating in the air, everyone was even more surprised!

This little kid, who seems to be only about ten years old, is so vicious in his shots!

“My name is Gary, a disciple of Mingjiao! You Mingyuezhuang, is the branch of Tianmen? Today, I am here to destroy your Mingyuezhuang! You Tianmen disciples, all D*mn! Come out and die!” Gary Holding the Overlord’s hammer tightly, he said coldly.


The voice fell, and a powerful breath broke out from Gary and rushed into the crowd!


In the blink of an eye, with a few screams, dozens of Tianmen disciples were hit by Gary’s Overlord’s hammer, and they were directly broken to pieces and fell into a pool of blood.


the other side.

Shennong’s cave in Beiying mainland.

Time flies, ten days have passed in a blink of an eye.

In these ten days, under the careful care of Raquel, Darryl’s injury slowly recovered.

Of course, Darryl didn’t fully heal, and he still needed a few more days of recuperation.

Although Darryl had a special physique, he was injured too badly before, plus a lot of time delay, even if the Shennong Clan took care of it, it would take time to recuperate.

In these ten days, the relationship between Darryl and Raquel has also undergone subtle changes.

Changing the dressing for Darryl every day, Raquel didn’t give him a good face, and looked cold and disgusting, but Darryl could feel that in Raquel’s eyes, there was gentleness and carefulness.

At this time, outside the thatched cottage.

Darryl sat in a chair, lazily basking in the sun.

On the edge of the stream not far away, Shennong was teaching Raquel how to take care of those strange flowers and weeds.

Raquel listened very carefully.

Speaking of it, Raquel promised Shennong that when he was a medicine boy for two years, he was still a little depressed, wondering how to spend the two years.

But after ten days of contact, Raquel was here at Shennong, and after hearing a lot about pharmacology, Raquel gradually became interested in pharmacological medicine.

“Brother Shennong!”

At this moment, there was a loud shout in the direction of Peach Blossom Forest not far away.

Immediately afterwards, I saw a man and a woman walking quickly. Among them, this man, with a burly figure, thick eyebrows and big eyes, showed a arrogance. What is remarkable is that his frantic red hair, from a distance, looks like a fire.

Behind this person, a woman with a graceful figure was closely followed.

This woman is about thirty, with a compact figure and a fiery red skirt, very charming.

I go! Darryl subconsciously looked at the man and the woman, who was obviously a couple.

This man, with flaming red hair, feels so domineering.

This woman is really beautiful too.

This couple feels like a beauty and a hero.

Moreover, this man called Shennong’s’big brother’, he was obviously a friend of Shennong’s, and he was definitely not a general.

“Zhu Rong?”

At this moment, Shennong greeted the couple with a surprised tone: “Why are your couple here?”


Zhu Rong?

This redhead turned out to be Zhu Rong, the god of fire?

Darryl only felt his head buzzing, and he couldn’t say a word of shock! In fact, if a cultivator can break through the martial emperor level, his life will be much longer, and he will not get sick easily. Therefore, the legendary fire god Zhu Rong is still alive, Darryl can also understand. However, seeing the volcano Zhurong with his own eyes, Darryl still couldn’t believe his eyes.

Raquel was also trembling, unspeakable shock. It was already shocking to meet Shennong, and now there is another fire god Zhu Rong.

This… it’s like a dream.

At this time, Darryl and Raquel did not know that the place where they were was called Buzhou Mountain.

Buzhou Mountain is the sacred mountain of Beiying Continent. In Buzhou Mountain, there are 36 caves and 72 blessed places! In each cave, there are ancient gods and strange people.

The cave where Shennong is located is one of the seventy-two blessed land: Shennong blessed land.

Zhu Rong’s “Fire God Blessed Land” is very close to the Shennong family. Zhu Rong often comes to visit, so the two are old acquaintances!

At this time, Zhu Rong came to the front with a shameful face, and smiled bitterly at Shennong: “Brother Shennong, I have nothing to do without going to the Three Treasures Hall. I am ashamed to say that I was in Linhaixueyuan before and conquered a ten thousand-year snow bear. I don’t know if I was negligent. , Was hurt by it.”

When he said this, Zhu Rong didn’t even look at the two Darryl.

Zhu Rong has lived in Buzhou Mountain for thousands of years, and often sees many outsiders coming in by mistake. So seeing Darryl and Raquel, Zhu Rong was not surprised at all.

While talking, Zhu Rong lifted his clothes and saw that there was an eye-catching wound on his chest. The wound was so deep that Bai Sensen’s bones could almost be seen.

Darryl clearly saw that there was still an icy breath on Zhu Rong’s wound, and he was immediately shocked.

I go!

This Zhu Rong suffered such a serious injury, and he was still like a okay person. If it were his own, I’m afraid it would be dead long ago.

“Brother Shennong!”

At this moment, Zhu Rong’s wife walked over from behind and pleaded with Shennong, “You hurry up and save my husband.”

Zhu Rong’s wife was named Yuanli.

Shennong nodded, carefully checked Zhu Rong’s injury, and frowned, “Why are you so careless? Good point, why bother to provoke the Wannian Snow Bear.”

While talking, Shennong got some herbs and put them on Zhu Rong.

“Hey!” Zhu Rong scratched his head and smiled, and said, “Well for the people.”

That’s right, in recent days, the ten thousand-year-old snow bear has caused misfortune everywhere. The ten thousand-year-old snow bear lives in the Linhai Snow Plain. Linhai Snowfield, located in the northernmost part of Beiying mainland, is vast and covered with snow and ice all year round!

A few days ago, Zhu Rong learned that a ten-thousand-year-old snow bear had come out to make trouble and endanger the nearby villages, so he specifically wanted to destroy it.

I don’t know, that Wannian Snow Bear is very tyrannical, and Zhu Rong not only didn’t get rid of it, but was also injured.

In the process of applying the medicine, Zhu Rong eloquently told the story. At the end of the talk, Zhu Rong was full of unwillingness and bitterly said: “When I get better, I must give that snow bear a good look, I don’t believe it. Now, a monster, it can turn against the sky.”

Shennong shook his head and smiled, but did not respond.

He knows Zhu Rong too well, with a fire-like personality, he is determined to pay attention, and no one can persuade him.

Yuan Li next to him also gave Zhu Rong a sweet look. He only felt that her husband was too aggressive, but it was not easy to say it in front of outsiders.

“Senior Zhu Rong!”

At this moment, Darryl smiled and said: “Even if you recover from the injury, if you go back to fight with the Wannian Snow Bear, you will still lose.”


Hearing this, Zhu Rong frowned, and looked up and down Darryl: “Little brother, what do you mean by this? Why do you still lose? This time, I was injured by the Wannian Snow Bear. It was just negligence. Next time I find it to settle accounts, I will kill it on the spot!”

“What do you kid know?! How could my husband lose?” At this moment, Yuanli looked at Darryl coldly and said: “The monster that died in my husband’s hands for thousands of years has become Thousands of thousands, a small ten thousand-year-old snow bear, my husband underestimated the enemy the first time he played against it. How could he lose if he tried his best for the second time? You kid, don’t talk nonsense.”

When he said this, Yuanli couldn’t conceal his inner contempt.

My husband, but the famous God of Fire, the boy in front of him, dare to question his husband’s strength, and he is not embarrassed.

Chapter 639


At the same time, Raquel was also a little anxious, walked over quickly, pulled Darryl a bit, and whispered, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Zhu Rong, the god of fire, was in front of him.

Darryl actually said that he couldn’t beat a 10,000-year snow bear, so he was crazy.

Hearing Raquel’s words, Darryl smiled slightly and comforted him in a low voice: “It’s okay, I’m just discussing the matter, and Senior Zhu Rong won’t be angry.”

“The little brother!”

At this moment, Zhu Rong squinted and looked at Darryl closely: “How do you know that I will lose again?”

Darryl smiled to meet Zhu Rong’s gaze, and slowly said, “Senior Zhu Rong, when you mentioned just now, that snow bear lives near the snowy forest. If I’m right, the place where you met is also in the forest. Snow field.”

Hearing this, Zhu Rong nodded.

Darryl smiled and said slowly: “Senior Zhu Rong, known as the God of Fire, respects fire. Among the five elements, of course it belongs to fire. And that snow bear, since it carries the word’snow’, it is naturally harmonious Water is related. And that Linhai Snowfield must be all snow, with abundant water properties, which is very beneficial to snow bears.”

Speaking of this, Darryl’s expression became more and more confident: “So that snow bear, fighting in the forest sea and snowy plain, the strength will be greatly improved. Therefore, if you fight against it in the forest sea and snowy plain, of course you won’t take advantage! Can lead it out of the Linhai Snow Plain, it must be easily beheaded!”

Darryl has a deep knowledge of Darryl Shui theory. Know that the five elements inhibit each other.

Darryl’s voice fell, and there was silence around him. It didn’t take long for Yuanli to react and sneered, “What is water and fire? Husband, don’t believe him, what can a sh!t little doll understand?”

At the same time, the Shennong on one side also nodded and smiled at Zhu Rong: “Zhu Rong, this child is called Darryl, and I am treating a patient. He may be just idle and talking nonsense. Don’t worry about it. on.”

Like Yuanli, Shennong felt that Darryl was talking nonsense.

To be honest, in ancient times, Yin-Yang Darryl Shui had not yet formed. Therefore, whether it is Shennong or Yuanli, the Five Elements Theory that Darryl said is completely incomprehensible!


Zhu Rong shook his head, and looked at Darryl complicatedly, “I think this little brother seems to make some sense.”

Zhu Rong didn’t understand the Five Elements Fengshui either, but the little brother in front of him said the theory just now. With this alone, Zhu Rong thought this kid Darryl was a bit interesting.


Seeing that Zhu Rong believed Darryl’s words, Yuanli was a little anxious: “A kid who doesn’t understand anything, you also believe his words.”

Zhu Rong smiled and waved his hand: “It’s okay, it’s just to lead the snow bear out of the Linhai Snow Plain. It doesn’t cost much. I’ll try it when I get better!”

With that said, Zhu Rong stretched out his hand and patted Darryl’s shoulder: “Haha, I really want to get rid of the ten thousand-year-old snow bear. When I come back, I will invite my little brother to drink, hahaha…”

Zhu Rong’s strength was not great, but Darryl was still recovering at this time.

With this slap, Darryl only felt that his body was about to fall apart, he couldn’t help grinning, and then said politely: “Then…I wish seniors every success.”

In ten minutes, Zhu Rong and his wife bid farewell to Shennong.

At that moment, watching the figures of Zhu Rong and his wife go away, Darryl’s heart could not be calm for a long time.

D*mn, today is Vulcan Zhu Rong.

Will you meet other ancient gods in the future?

Thinking about it, Darryl’s eyes flickered, full of expectation.

the next day!

Early in the morning, Darryl was sleeping Zhengxiang, and suddenly there was a burst of laughter outside.

“Hahaha, little brother, little brother…”

Hearing this loud laughter, Darryl quickly got up, and saw not far away, Zhu Rong strode forward quickly, his face full of excitement, and the wine and roast chicken in his hand.

And on his body, there are still some blood stains.

Obviously, Zhu Rong went to find the Wannian Snow Bear early this morning and successfully got rid of it.

Behind Zhu Rong, followed Yuanli.

When he got to the front, Zhu Rong looked at Darryl with a smile and was very excited: “Little brother, your method is really wonderful. As soon as I brought that snow bear out from Linhaixueyuan, its power was weakened, hahaha… . At that time, I didn’t even bother to take it, so I got rid of it. Happy! It’s so great! Hahahaha!

When he said this, Zhu Rong couldn’t hide his admiration for Darryl.

Yuan Li next to him also looked at Darryl in a complicated manner. Unexpectedly, this kid was so young, but relying on his husband’s dictation, he suddenly found out the weakness of the Wannian Snow Bear.

It’s so amazing.

At this time, upon hearing the movement, Shennong and Raquel also walked out.

“Haha, Big Brother Shennong, this little brother is really a god.” Zhu Rong pointed at the Shennong family, and said enthusiastically: “I used his method to get the snow bear done.”


Was it really hit by this kid?

Hearing this, the Shennong clan looked at Darryl in surprise, unable to speak for a while.

To be honest, Darryl had cultivated here for nearly half a month, and Shennong only regarded him as an ordinary patient, and he couldn’t see anything special about him at all.

But I didn’t expect that if I didn’t move, it was a blockbuster!

Raquel was also too excited, looking at Darryl’s eyes, shining with worship.

If you can make the ancient gods look with such admiration, it is estimated that there is only Darryl in this world.

Just as Raquel secretly sighed, a scene that shocked her even more appeared.

“Come here…”

Zhu Rong was full of excitement, took Darryl’s hand, and laughed: “I am so happy today. I must have a swig with my little brother later. By the way, don’t call me seniors anymore, just shout My eldest brother, me and you, little brother, really hit it off, haha…”


The world-famous Vulcan is actually a brother to Darryl?


In a moment, Raquel only felt that his mind was blank.

“Senior, I’m afraid this is a little inappropriate.” Darryl reacted and said with a wry smile.

What’s a joke, Zhu Rong is the same as Shennong, but how can his ancestors be called brothers and sisters to his ancestors?


Seeing Darryl hesitated, Zhu Rong smiled and said, “Little brother, you won’t despise me.”

“No, no…” Darryl hurriedly waved his hand, smiled and nodded: “How come…Since the eldest brother has said so, I am disrespectful to the younger brother!”

When he said this, Darryl was in an unbelievable mood.


Unexpectedly, Zhu Rong, the legendary god of fire, was so approachable that he was really lucky to be a brother with him.

Seeing Darryl’s promise, Zhu Rong was overjoyed, patted him on the shoulder and laughed and said, “Haha…this is right, come here, we must drink up the two jars of wine I brought today.”

Chapter 640

Looking at these two jars of wine, Darryl laughed and said, “Brother Zhu Rong, when it comes to drinking, I have never been afraid of anyone!”

“Yeah? The tone is not small. See how I drink you down…”

“Come on, who is afraid of whom! Haha…”

While talking, the two of them sat there and began to drink happily.


Apocalypse mainland, Mount Emei!

Because the Emei School is located here, Mount Emei has always been sacred. And because all the Emei school are female disciples, Emeishan rarely receives visitors.

Therefore, for thousands of years, Mount Emei has been quiet and quiet, and has been very peaceful!

But tonight, Emei Mountain is full of lights and festoons, and there is an atmosphere of joy and celebration everywhere, and all the Emei disciples are busy.

Because tomorrow is the Emei school, the day when the school is established for two thousand years. This day is of great significance to the Emei school.

Being able to stand for two thousand years on the surging rivers and lakes shows the profound heritage of the Emei School!

In order to celebrate the two thousand years of the Emei sect, the head of Han proudly ordered a convention to be held and sent invitations to all the big sects in the rivers and lakes to witness the ups and downs of the Emei sect for more than two thousand years.

at this time!

In the wing room behind the main hall, Han proudly sat in a purple dress, quietly sitting there, with a sense of relief on his delicate face.

Tomorrow is a special day for the Emei school. It must be done smoothly, and you cannot let other schools underestimate Emei!

At the same time, Monica also thought about it.

Daughter Tracy, who is extremely talented in cultivation, and very hardworking, at the conference tomorrow, taking advantage of the presence of the same people in the rivers and lakes, she will pass on the position of the head to Tracy and announce it in public.


Just as Han proudly thought about this, the door was gently opened, and then, a handsome and handsome figure walked in slowly.

It is Mr. Hongye.

“How did you come?”

Seeing Mr. Hongye, Monica put away his smile and spoke coldly! There is no expression on his face, and no ripples in his heart.

The two have been married for seven years, and in front of outsiders, they are the envy of everyone.

But in fact, Monica and Mr. Hong Ye have never been in the same bed, or even holding hands.

Feeling Monica’s indifference, Mr. Hong Ye didn’t get angry at all, and smiled slightly: “Audan, tomorrow is the day when the Emei Sect was established for two thousand years. It is of great significance. I guess you can’t sleep, so I will come and accompany you.”

As soon as the voice fell, Monica responded coldly: “No, you go out!”


Hearing this, Mr. Hong Ye was stunned, and said with a wry smile: “Proudly, Emei will have a meeting tomorrow, but you still don’t remember, today is my birthday… Everyone says,’A couple of days’ grace in a day’ , We have been married for seven years, do you really have no feeling for me in your heart? For seven years, you don’t remember every birthday of mine…”

As he said, Mr. Hong Ye got a little excited, his eyes pierced with eagerness: “Audience, my heart for you, the sun and the moon are a lesson, I don’t care about your past, let alone having children with Darryl, I just ask you to give me one. Chance, let me take good care of you and take care of you, okay?”

At the end of the talk, Mr. Hongye slowly walked towards Han proudly.


Monica snorted coldly just after taking two steps.

At this time, Han proudly, his beautiful face was full of frost, filled with the icy cold that was thousands of miles away.

On that night seven years ago, he had a relationship with Darryl and was pregnant with Tracy. This incident was an eternal shame for Monica.

At this time, listening to Mr. Hongye speaking, Monica’s inner body was ashamed and angered, and her body trembled.

“Proud, don’t refuse me anymore, let me accompany you tonight…” Mr. Hong Ye stopped, but his eyes flickered with anticipation.

Seven years!

For seven full years, the whole Jianghu envied itself and married the first goddess of the Jianghu!

But who knows, facing such a fairy-like wife every day, I can only watch and not touch.

Even… but he didn’t even hold his hand.

Who can understand this pain?

“I don’t want to say it again.”

Monica was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said indisputably: “Get out of here immediately, and, in the future, you are not allowed to enter my room without my permission!”


Hearing this, Mr. Hongye only felt that he had been punched invisibly and was extremely uncomfortable, and then nodded with a wry smile: “Okay, okay! I’ll go out…”

When the voice fell, Mr. Hongye’s eyes flashed with unwillingness and grief, turning around and strode away.

at night.

In the pavilion in the back mountain, Mr. Hong Ye held a few jars of wine and sat alone in it, pouring and drinking, extremely decadent and melancholy. Leaving Han Auran’s bedroom, Mr. Hong Ye only felt that his chest was blocked, so he took a few jars of good wine and took advantage of the moonlight to drink for himself.

In a short while, after a few jars of wine, Mr. Hong Ye was instantly drunk.


Under the stimulation of alcohol, Mr. Hongye was drunk and his depressed mood broke out completely. He laughed at himself and laughed: “What’s “a drunk to solve a thousand sorrows” is all bullshit…Haha, all bullshit…”

At this moment, a slender figure passed by in the corridor next to it.

In the moonlight, I saw her graceful figure, soft and delicate face, but between her beautiful eyebrows, she was a little melancholy.

It is Elisa.

Back then, Elisa did a lot of sorry to Darryl, so much so that Darryl refused to forgive her.

This has always been a knot in Elisa’s heart. Therefore, Elisa has been in a slump over the years, whether it is work or cultivation, it has all been abandoned!

Tomorrow is the big day of the Emei School. Elisa is also absent-minded. At night, when there are few people, he wants to blow the mountain breeze and think about his heart, but he unexpectedly encounters Mr. Hongye drinking boring wine.

Seeing Mr. Hongye, Elisa stepped forward to say hello.

After all, at this time, the husband of the master master, you can’t lose courtesy.

However, as soon as he took two steps, Elisa heard Mr. Hong Ye’s muttering to himself, and immediately stopped.

At this time, Mr. Hongye was already drunk, he didn’t notice Elisa at all, and he was still sighing and mourning there!

“Ahaha…. Monica, Monica, I have spent seven years for you, and I am willing to be the man behind you, but you treat me like this?”

“I don’t care about Tracy. It is the child born to you and Darryl. I only ask you to open your heart and accept me, but why, why have you been so indifferent to me?”

At the end of the talk, Mr. Hongye was so drunk that he lay there and fell asleep!


Junior sister Tracy… is the child of the master master and Darryl?

At this moment, Elisa stood there, staring at the drunk Mr. Hongye, his mind buzzed, and the whole person was stupid!

No wonder…

It’s no wonder that the master master has taken care of the younger sister Tracy in every possible way.

It turns out… they are mother and daughter.

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