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Chapter 681

After encountering this fierce beast, Mateo made a decisive decision and ordered his men to capture it alive!

Unexpectedly, the strength of this behemoth is very terrifying. The two sides fought fiercely for nearly half an hour. Mateo’s subordinates were dead, injured, and casualties were very heavy.

And this behemoth is more and more courageous!

What was even more shocking to Mateo was that this behemoth was very defensive and very sensitive. It was unable to suppress it even after he used the Sky Open Axe by himself!


At this moment, Xu Qingyi, who was watching the game, had a delicate face with a bit of anxiety, and shouted at Mateo: “Be careful, this should be a divine beast Pai Yao, it’s not easy to deal with…”

Xu Qingyi was not strong enough, so after encountering this behemoth, Xu Qingyi retreated to a safe place and watched the situation.

Xu Qingyi is a well-known talented woman in the Xicang Continent. She has a lot of knowledge. After watching it for a while, she guessed the identity of this behemoth.

Xu Qingyi was right, this giant beast is exactly the divine beast Pai Yao.

This brave is Lü Bu’s master-recognizing beast. When Lü Bu discovered this brave, it was still a cub, and Lü Bu always took it with him.

This Pai Yao was loyal to Lu Bu. After Lu Bu died, he has been guarding the ancient tomb until today.

As everyone knows, Pai Yao is an auspicious beast, and his temperament is generally gentle, but there are exceptions.

For example, this brave, seeing so many people and breaking into the owner’s tomb, was instantly irritated.

brave troops?

Hearing this, Mateo’s face became solemn, and a bit of jealousy rose in his heart.

What a shame! Lu Bu’s real tomb hasn’t been found yet, and he actually ran into a brave!

However, what about mythical beasts, I don’t believe that so many people can’t control you!


Thinking about it, Mateo took a deep breath, looked at the mad Pai Yao closely, and shouted: “Give it all to me. You must subdue this brave!”

Whoosh whoosh…

When the voice fell, thousands of sect masters exploded inwardly and rushed towards Pai Xiu.

These masters are all disciples of the sect of the Xicang Continent. As the prime minister, Mateo is in charge of the future of their sect, so they dare not disobey Mateo’s order.

In a short time, the breath of nearly ten thousand sect powerhouses distorted the air in the entire hall, and the aura was amazing!


Paixiu was completely enraged, and he burst out with a loud roar, and his two front paws swung out fiercely!


He heard a thunderous explosion, and lightning bursts out of Pai Yao’s claws, repelling the masters of the sect!


In the blink of an eye, many masters were hit by the thunder and lightning, screaming constantly, one by one fell down and fell in a pool of blood.


This Pai Yao’s attack has lightning attributes?

Seeing this scene, no matter it was Mateo or the others around, they couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

Is this the strength of the beast?

so horrible.

“Roar!” At this moment, Pai Yao was completely irritated and roared to the sky before rushing to the crowd again!


Amid the screams, many people died on the spot! In an instant, many people were afraid, and they had no desire to fight again, they just wanted to turn around and escape.

This Pai Yao is so terrifying, he will die if he stays!

Seeing that the situation is getting worse and worse, Mateo yelled at Xu Qingyi: “Qingyi! You leave here first, and then I will find you!”

Madam is not strong enough, and she must not be accidentally injured by this Pai Yao.

“No!” Xu Qingyi suddenly became anxious, shook her head and said: “If your husband doesn’t go, I won’t go! It’s really not possible, let’s withdraw.”

This brave is just a divine beast that guards the ancient tomb, so you can’t use it like this!

Mateo shook his head resolutely: “No, I must subdue it!” As a prime minister, he still has a sky-opening axe in his hand, so he must not be beaten by a fierce beast and flee! It must be captured alive!

Immediately, Mateo directed at a man in black and ordered: “Xiao Teng, first take his wife to a safe place, hurry up!”

Xiao Teng is Mateo’s personal guard and he is also Mateo’s confidant. He is the emperor of Mateo!

“Yes, Lord Prime Minister!”

Xiao Teng responded and rushed to Xu Qingyi: “Madam, let’s go quickly. The Prime Minister has peerless magical soldiers in his hands, so nothing will happen.”

“Okay, then!” Seeing Mateo’s persistence, Xu Qingyi no longer persuaded, but responded. This fierce beast is so fierce, even if it stays here, it won’t help much, it’s also a mess for the husband! Why not leave!

Thinking of this, Xu Qingyi followed Xiao Teng and left here.

“Naughty aD*mnl, don’t be rampant!”

Seeing Xu Qingyi leaving here, Mateo had no worries, clutching the sky-opening axe tightly, exploded with an indomitable momentum, and rushed directly towards Pai Yao!


On the other side, Xiao Teng took Xu Qingyi and ran to a corner of the ancient tomb. Xiao Teng looked around and pointed to a courtyard in front of him: “Madam, let’s go there for a while. Waiting for the Prime Minister to catch Pai Yao, he will definitely come to us.”

“Good!” Xu Qing replied indifferently. At this time, Xu Qingyi was only worried about Mateo. The husband’s strength is quite high, but it is still somewhat difficult to catch Pai Yao alive.

At this time, Xu Qingyi prayed with all his heart that her husband could return safely. She prayed in her heart and looked around.

I have to say that Lu Bu’s ancient tomb is not only large in space, but also in many buildings, and the layout of each area is also very clever. The courtyard in front of me should be a small garden with rockery and flowing water, which is very elegant.

I didn’t expect that there would be such a quiet and elegant place in this gloomy ancient tomb.


At the same time, Xiao Teng and several guards were stunned when they looked at the exquisite courtyard in front of them! Such an elegant courtyard, is this still an ancient tomb?

“Madam, what is that?”

In the next second, Xiao Teng’s gaze fell on a flower and grass, and he couldn’t help shouting curiously.

Xu Qingyi followed his gaze, and she suddenly trembled.

I saw a flower and grass quietly blooming in the corner of the wall not far away. This flower and grass grows very strange, looks like a lotus flower, but is half ice blue and half fiery red, and the whole body is flowing with charming light.

“This… is this the legendary’Ice Fire Lotus’?” A few seconds later, Xu Qingyi came to his senses and couldn’t help but open the mouth in surprise.

Xu Qingyi has read a lot of books since she was a child and is very knowledgeable.

The ice and fire lotus in front of me is recorded in ancient books and is a very rare kind of spiritual grass. It contains the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, which can improve a lot of strength after cultivators take it! This ice and fire lotus is really rare!

Ice fire lotus?

Hearing this, Xiao Teng’s faces were all confused. This ice and fire lotus is a very rare spirit grass. They are not as knowledgeable as Xu Qing, so naturally they don’t know each other.

“Quickly, pick the ice-fire lotus and bring it to me!” Xu Qingyi quickly ordered, her beautiful face full of urgency.

When she said this, Xu Qingyi was very excited! You must take this ice and fire lotus to improve your strength! If you encounter troubles in the future, you can help your husband by yourself.

“Haha…Ice Fire Lotus?”

As a result, at this moment, I only heard a loud laugh not far away, and then a man came quickly, his eyes tightly looking at the ice fire lotus, very excited!

It is Zhu Bajie!

After Zhu Bajie got rid of Gonggong, he quickly went to look for Darryl and the others! However, this ancient tomb of Lu Bu is really too big, there are too many buildings, and they all look the same. Zhu Bajie looked around, but didn’t meet Darryl, but came here by accident.

At this moment, Zhu Bajie stared at the ice and fire lotus, unable to conceal his excitement: “Haha, I didn’t expect my old Zhu to have good luck, unexpectedly encountered a rare ice and fire lotus in a century!”

Chapter 682

Zhu Bajie had already thought about it, and if he gave this ice and fire lotus as a gift to Diao Chan, he would surely capture the heart of the beauty.

Thinking about it, Zhu Bajie was about to walk over and pick the ice and fire lotus.

“I discovered this ice and fire lotus first.” At this moment, Xu Qing stepped forward and said to Zhu Bajie.

“Huh? Beauty, we met again.” Zhu Bajie looked at Xu Qingyi with a smile, isn’t this woman that Mateo’s wife? I saw her outside the ancient tomb before, but I didn’t expect to see her again in this ancient tomb. Zhu Bajie’s eyes looked at Xu Qingyi recklessly. Don’t tell me, this woman is so beautiful.

When Xu Qingyi saw Zhu Bajie’s gaze, she felt very ashamed and angry! This surnamed Zhu, looks unscrupulous, simply too presumptuous!

Zhu Bajie laughed and said to Xu Qingyi, “Beauty, on this ice and fire lotus, is your name written on it, or is your last name written on it? My old Zhu will take away this ice and fire lotus today. Beauties, we are quite destined. Ah, dare to ask how to call Fang’s name? How about making friends?”

“You… shut up!” Xu Qingyi’s face flushed when she heard this, and she was very embarrassed: “I don’t want to know you, please leave! The ice fire lotus is mine.”

With that said, Xu Qingyi couldn’t help but glanced at the Ice Fire Lotus, secretly anxious! The strength of this surname Zhu is very strong, and he can’t let him take away the ice fire lotus!

At this moment, Xiao Teng on one side took a step forward and scolded Zhu Bajie angrily: “The surname is Zhu, you are so bold, you dare to molest our prime minister’s wife? Get out of here!”

To be honest, Xiao Teng felt panic when he felt Zhu Bajie’s powerful strength! But there is no way, it is my duty to protect Xu Qingyi.

“What kind of stuff are you? Get out of here, I talk to the beauty, what does it have to do with you? Call me one more time, I will kill you.” Zhu Bajie looked at Xiao Teng and said coldly.

When the voice fell, Zhu Bajie looked at Xu Qingyi with a grin: “Beauty, I am a good person, and I know how to be considerate. If you don’t be friends with me, you will regret it. Come, let me k!ss you.” Zhu Bajie Merry I had a cheeky after training early.

Xu Qing on one side was extremely angry, walked slowly to Xiao Teng, and whispered to Xiao Teng: “Xiao Teng, wait for me to talk to this surname Zhu to attract his attention. You take the opportunity to hurry up Picked the Ice Fire Lotus!”

Her voice is very soft, only Xiao Teng can hear it!

Xiao Teng nodded, expressing his understanding.

Xu Qing bit her lip tightly and looked at Zhu Bajie and said, “If you want to know my name, then I will tell you!”

Zhu Bajie couldn’t help but approached a few steps, and said with a smile: “Say the beauty, what is your name.”


At this moment, Xiao Teng took advantage of this opportunity to quickly rush to collect the Ice Fire Lotus.

At the same time, Xu Qingyi smiled contemptuously at Zhu Bajie: “My name is the Prime Minister’s wife! It doesn’t matter what my name is, what’s important is that now the ice and fire lotus is in our hands. The last name is Zhu. Yes, the gentleman does not take the love of others. Since we have picked the ice and fire lotus, the ice and fire lotus is my thing. You are such a powerful master, you won’t snatch things from weak people like us? Go ahead.”


At this moment, Zhu Bajie realized that he had been tricked, but he was not angry, and said with a smile: “Interesting, beauty, logically speaking, I am strong and you are weak. I shouldn’t grab your things. But my old Zhu, I want to give this ice and fire lotus to my Diao Chan beauty, so ah, you’d better give me the ice and fire lotus.”

When the voice fell, Zhu Bajie stared at Xiao Teng closely, and took a step forward to grab the Ice Fire Lotus!

Xiao Teng looked at Zhu Bajie with a mocking expression on his face: “What are you? You want to grab the ice and fire lotus? This ice and fire lotus belongs to my wife. Don’t want to grab it. If you are sensible, get out of here. You dare to molest my wife. After a while, my prime minister will come back, so you can’t eat it and walk around!”

When the voice fell, Xiao Teng handed the Ice Fire Lotus to Xu Qingyi’s hand. With quick eyes and quick hands, Xu Qing stuffed the ice and fire lotus directly into her mouth and swallowed it!

“You’re looking for death!” Zhu Bajie became angry immediately, and slapped Xiao Teng directly with a palm!

This man has spoken harshly to himself over and over again, and Zhu Bajie couldn’t bear it!

Xiao Teng had no time to react, and Zhu Bajie’s palm hit him firmly!


Xiao Teng let out a scream, his whole body sprinkled a rain of blood in the air, and he flew out all at once, flew a full 100 meters away, and landed heavily on the ground!

When he landed, he saw Xiao Teng’s chest sunken and he was completely dead!


Killed Xiao Teng with one move, you know, Xiao Teng is the prime minister’s strongest guard!

Seeing this scene, the rest of Mateo’s subordinates were all frightened and angry.

Zhu Bajie didn’t give them a chance to speak at all, his internal strength exploded and he rushed over directly.

Bang bang bang…

In just two breaths, the remaining guards also fell in a pool of blood!

“A bunch of trash!” Zhu Bajie chuckled lightly, glanced at the bodies of several people in Xiao Teng, and spoke coldly.

To be honest, Zhu Bajie didn’t want to kill. But this Xiao Teng repeatedly spoke insults to himself, and even took advantage of his carelessness to take the ice fire lotus first.

It’s just looking for death!

“Beauty, your subordinates were all killed by me, now we can have a good chat.” Zhu Bajie turned to look at Xu Qingyi, returning to a smile on his face!


Xu Qingyi was frightened and angry, and was about to speak. Suddenly, she felt her whole body suddenly become extremely cold, as if she had fallen into an ice cellar!

“Cold… so cold!”

Xu Qingyi’s body trembled and couldn’t help but groan, her delicate face instantly turned pale!

Seeing this scene, Zhu Bajie frowned.

She is…this…. Ice Fire Lotus’s medicinal effect has taken place?

Just now Xu Qingyi ate the ice-fire lotus, but she didn’t know that the power contained in the ice-fire lotus was too strong. Under normal circumstances, it would take half a month to take it in divided doses, but she swallowed it directly. How could the body stand it? ? !

“I am so cold!”

Under the endless chill, Xu Qingyi suddenly curled up on the grass, trembling lightly all over, with a beautiful face and indescribable pain.

And then, when Xu Qingyi was about to be unable to stand it, the chill on her body suddenly disappeared, and then, replaced by an extremely maddening scorching.

That kind of feeling is like a fire burning in the body!


At this moment, Xu Qingyi felt that her whole body was about to burn, she was dripping with fragrant sweat, and the burning pain made her scream!

“Beauty, what’s the matter?” Zhu Bajie walked over with a grin, and asked tentatively: “Beauty, I think you are uncomfortable, what’s the matter? Is the ice fire lotus too powerful for your body to bear? “

Chapter 683

That’s right, Xu Qingyi’s strength is low. After she ate the ice and fire lotus, her body couldn’t bear it at all!

Zhu Bajie walked forward with a smile: “Beauty, are you so uncomfortable?”

As a result, Zhu Bajie’s voice fell. Xu Qingyi ran over and threw himself in Zhu Bajie’s arms, her eyes blurred: “I’m so uncomfortable, help me.”

When the voice fell, Xu Qingyi’s red lips kissed directly on Zhu Bajie’s lips! At this time, Xu Qingyi has lost her mind! Ice and fire lotus raged in her body, and under the incomparable heat, Xu Qingyi forgot her identity, and let go of her restraint and dignity. At this moment, there was only one thought in her mind, to release the flame in her body.


At this moment, Zhu Bajie was stunned. Immediately afterwards, my heart was ecstatic!


This beauty took the initiative to send it to the door, don’t let it go!

Just thinking about it, Xu Qingyi pushed Zhu Bajie to the ground. Zhu Bajie did not resist either, he was always willing to come!


Only a low groan was heard, echoing in this small courtyard.

the other side!

Zhu Bajie entangled Gonggong, and those sects, let Darryl take Diao Chan to leave first.

At this time, Darryl and Elsa brought Diao Chan to a remote palace in the ancient tomb.

“You let me go, I want to go back…”

When entering the palace, Diao Chan was still struggling. Diao Chan was heartbroken when he thought that Lu Bu’s bones were gone. I just want to go back and stay with Lu Bu.


Seeing this situation, Darryl and Elsa looked at each other with a look of helplessness.


In the next second, Darryl raised his jade hand and hit Diao Chan on the back of his neck.

Diao Chan fainted without time to react.

“What are you doing?” Elsa was startled, her eyebrows frowned!

Darryl smiled bitterly, and explained: “I just let her be quiet for a while, nothing else!”

This Diaochan yelled all the way, if she continues to let her trouble, she will definitely attract others.

Elsa nodded, breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Darryl: “Darryl, you quickly urge your internal strength, inject the spiritual marrow beads, and practice blood battles in all directions. I will protect you!”

There are hundreds of thousands of people in this Lu Bu ancient tomb. Who doesn’t want to rob and fight in all directions? For the sake of safety, let Darryl learn the bloody battle first! Only by keeping this skill in your head can you not be snatched away!

“it is good!”

Darryl smiled and nodded, then leaned in and kissed Elsa on the cheek: “Then it will be hard for you!”

When the voice fell, Darryl sat cross-legged on the ground, urging his internal force and injecting it into the spiritual marrow pearl.


The moment the internal force was injected, I saw the spiritual marrow orb, bursting out with a dazzling light!

At this moment, Darryl only felt a sense of dizziness coming! Immediately afterwards, in his mind, a set of bloody battles of all directions emerged!


Darryl was extremely excited, closed his eyes, and began to practice.

Elsa next to him was waiting not far away to protect Darryl’s law.

As time passed by, Darryl’s cultivation had also entered the most critical moment.

“Sand! Sand! Sand!”

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside the palace.

The footsteps are very light, but they sound like a lot of people.

Following the voice, I saw dozens of women walking slowly. They are wearing uniform white dresses, they are the female disciples of the Emei school!

The leading one, wearing a pair of blue jeans, is graceful, beautiful and s3xy. It is the current head of Emei, Elisa!

Behind Elisa, he followed Gary. In the previous alchemy conference, after Gary received the spirit pill from Ren Feifei, before he returned to the Apocalypse Continent, Lu Bu’s ancient tomb caused a vision of heaven and earth. Without hesitation, Gary decided to explore the ancient tomb with the Emei school!


At this moment, Elisa saw Darryl who was cultivating, and he was surprised and delighted, and couldn’t help but call out.

Just now Elisa took the Emei faction and searched for the main tomb of Lu Bu, but failed to find it. Elisa heard that Darryl had snatched the secret book of the bloody battle. Originally, Elisa thought that he had come to the ancient tomb today, but now that he passed by here, he ran into Darryl. Elisa was not too happy to mention it!


This person is Darryl?

Gary who was on one side was stunned, frowning secretly, staring at Darryl closely, his eyes gleaming with hostility. Master Lu Jiechen said that Darryl is the great enemy of Mingjiao.


At this moment Darryl closed his eyes and practiced bloody battles. Although he could not see, Darryl could hear Elisa’s voice all at once. When Elisa appeared here, Darryl felt a little disgusted besides being surprised.

In Darryl’s heart, Elisa was never forgiven. On Changsheng Island, Elisa stabbed Wen Wan’s sister-in-law with a sword. Darryl will never forget the heartbroken scene of Lorenzo holding his Wen Wan sister-in-law!

Darryl hated Elisa so much, he really didn’t want to see Elisa! I really want to turn around and leave! But Darryl is cultivating the exercises. At a critical juncture, you can’t be distracted. Once you are distracted, you will easily become confused!

“Good brother!”

Seeing that Darryl closed his eyes and did not respond, Elisa called out again softly: “Good brother, why are you ignoring me? Are you angry with me because of the past? I know it’s wrong, you give me a chance OK?”

Elisa at this moment didn’t know that Darryl was cultivating, and thought that Darryl didn’t want to pay attention to himself, so he sat there close his eyes. But he didn’t know that Darryl was cultivating bloody battles and couldn’t speak at all.

Elisa was anxious, and continued sincerely: “Good brother, I am now the head of Emei. Isn’t it OK for me to apologize to you in front of all Emei’s disciples? What do you want from me? Forgive me? Almost ten years, good brother, can you forgive me… For these ten years, I have been thinking of you day and night…”

While talking, Elisa was about to come over.


At this moment, Elsa stepped forward, blocked Elisa, and said lightly: “You are Elisa. I heard Darryl say that you killed Lorenzo’s ex-wife, who is Darryl’s sister-in-law, this No matter how long this matter has passed, Darryl won’t pay attention to you, so hurry up.”

Elsa knew that Darryl was cultivating bloody battles in all directions, so he couldn’t interrupt him a little bit. So I just want to drive Elisa away.

“Haha…” Elisa’s mouth curled up, with a face of defiance, and said to Elsa: “Elsa, what’s up with you when I talk to my good brother?”

As he said, Elisa looked at Darryl again and stomped anxiously: “Good brother, are you really not willing to say a word to me?”

Is Qin sick this week? You killed my Wen Wan sister-in-law and chased me to forgive you?

What is the reason for this?

Darryl was cultivating, and it was at a critical juncture. He was at peace in his heart. Hearing this, his heart suddenly burst into anger.

Chapter 684

“Elisa, are you interesting?” At this moment, Elsa also got angry, and said coldly at Elisa: “Darryl won’t talk to you, go quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”

When he said this, Elsa’s delicate face was full of frost.

“You let me go!” Elisa was furious, raised his palm and hit Elsa!

He was the head of Emei, who was shooed by this Elsa time and time again, and in front of all Emei disciples. If he endured it, what prestige would he have in the future? !

Elsa’s eyebrows furrowed, without any hesitation, her jade hand was raised, and she greeted him with a palm!


When they touched their palms, Elisa snorted and shook her delicate body. After a dozen steps back, her face turned red and embarrassed.

Elsa stood there, her expression as usual! As the Sect Master of Wenzong, Elsa was in the realm of Emperor Wu seven years ago. In those days, she was able to suppress Emei’s previous generation of leader Han proudly. Her background is not comparable to Elisa!


Elisa steadied her figure, her face was extremely embarrassed, and she was shocked. Immediately afterwards, seeing Darryl still not opening his eyes, Elisa felt a resentment in his heart, and couldn’t help but yelled: “Darryl, I apologized to you like this, you still refuse to forgive me. Did I know that I was wrong when I killed Lorenzo’s wife, but I regretted it, and I apologized to you. What do you want me to do? Say it!”

Elisa became more excited as he said, “Why?…Why can you accept Monica, you and Monica have a daughter, the whole world knows about this! Why can’t you accept me? Tell me, tell me …”

Elisa almost yelled the last sentence!

Darryl only felt that his chest was stuffy, this Elisa…you still have the face to talk about the past? Wen Wan’s sister-in-law is so kind and has no internal strength, you can start ruthlessly. When you killed her, why didn’t you ask where your conscience was?

And now, you blame me for not forgiving you!

At this moment, Darryl wanted more and more fire.


At this moment, Darryl’s body trembled, and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

When cultivating exercises, cultivators are most taboo to be disturbed by others! And what Darryl cultivates is the domineering’blood battle in all directions’! At this time, under the influence of Elisa, he couldn’t calm down inside, and was aroused to anger, and he was immediately backlashed by that powerful technique! A mouthful of blood came out, Darryl didn’t stop, and in a blink of an eye, another mouthful of blood came out!


Seeing this scene, Elsa’s face changed, and she hurried over, asking very concerned: “Are you okay?”

When he said this, Elsa didn’t forget to give Elisa a stern look.

Darryl’s face was pale, he shook his head, and said weakly: “I’m fine!”

Immediately, Darryl glanced at Elisa indifferently, and said coldly: “Elisa, between the two of us, there is nothing to say, I don’t want to see you, let’s go!”


Hearing this, Elisa felt like she was slapped invisibly, Jiao took a few steps back, looked at Darryl’s eyes, love and hate were constantly intertwined: “You…you don’t want to see me, good, good ….”

In Elisa’s heart, thinking that he was the head of Emei, Darryl could take a high look at himself.

However, reality gave her a resounding slap in the face!

With this huge gap in mood, Elisa’s love for Darryl turned all into resentment!


At this moment, Gary, who had been silent next to him, walked over and said in a low voice to Elisa: “Darryl is already injured. Only the one next to him called Elsa is a threat. It’s better to join forces and first How about this Elsa uniform, killing Darryl again?”

When saying this, Gary looked at Darryl’s gaze, full of hatred.

When Darryl destroyed the Mingjiao, he even severely injured Master Lu Jiechen. Master’s injury has not been completely recovered until now. It can be said that Darryl is the great enemy of Mingjiao! Seeing that Darryl was backlashed and injured at this time, how could Gary let the opportunity go.


Hearing this, Elisa exhaled gently, frowning her eyebrows, and feeling a little hesitant for a while.

Do you really want to kill Darryl?

After thinking about it, he put aside his dignity and begged him, but Darryl has always been so indifferent to him, what else can he hesitate now?

Since Darryl refuses to forgive himself, it is better to destroy him, and no woman can think of him! Thinking about it, Elisa nodded at Gary: “Okay!”

At this time, Elisa completely gave up on Darryl, and there was no more affection at all, only hatred in his heart.

“You Emei faction, what are you still doing here? Are you still leaving?”

Seeing the two people muttering, Elsa lost his patience and looked at Elisa coldly: “Elisa and Darryl have said, I don’t want to see you, is it interesting for you to stay here?”

When he said this, Elsa glanced at Gary, not paying attention at all.

In Elsa’s heart, Gary was just a child, and he did not threaten him at all.

At the same time, Darryl also glanced at Gary, with a slight smile on his face.

This child is so close to Elisa, he seems to be about ten years old, he should be Elisa and Hao Jian’s children.

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that Gary in front of him was actually his biological son, and had no blood relationship with Elisa at all!

“Want to drive us away? It also depends on whether you have this strength!” At this moment, Gary didn’t talk nonsense, said coldly, and went straight to Elsa!

At the same time, Elisa followed closely, and for a while, they cooperated with Gary, one after the other, blocking Elsa’s retreat!

“it is good…”

Seeing Elisa and the two rushing forward, Elsa sneered, without the slightest fluctuation on her face: “Since you have to look for something unpleasant, then I’m welcome!”


When the voice fell, a majestic breath broke out from Elsa’s body, and the surrounding air was stagnant in a moment!

At this time, Elsa, facing Elisa, looked contemptuous!

This Elisa, thinking that if he joins a child, he can defeat himself? So naive!

Feeling Elsa’s contempt, Gary was very annoyed, and said coldly: “Sister beauty, I advise you not to resist. Give up as soon as possible and give Darryl to us!”


The voice fell, accompanied by a crisp, Overlord Hammer, which was held tightly by Gary in his hand.


In the next second, under Gary’s urging, the Overlord’s Hammer burst out with a dazzling golden light, and at the same time, a powerful aura swept toward the surroundings! He held the Overlord’s Hammer and instantly smashed it at Elsa!


Is such a powerful breath an artifact?

Seeing the Overlord Hammer in Gary’s hand, Elsa Xiumei wrinkled, her expression suddenly becoming solemn.

Darryl, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, also changed his expression. He looked at Gary and was shocked in his heart.


This kid actually has a magic weapon?

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but yelled at Elsa: “Qianyan, be careful…”

In fact, it stands to reason that with Elsa’s strength, it would be easy to beat Gary and Elisa.

But this Gary, regardless of his young age, has a lot of tricks. At this moment, he was holding the Overlord’s Hammer, making the Overlord’s Hammer bigger, and dragged Elsa alone.

And Elisa and those Emei disciples, holding long swords, took the opportunity to stab Darryl.

Elsa wanted to deal with Gary and protect Darryl, and for a while, he was a little rushed. Elsa was smashed by the Overlord’s hammer if he was not careful.

Although Gary’s skill is still shallow, the Overlord’s Hammer is a divine weapon after all, and Elsa was injured even if he was smashed.

“Light smoke!” Darryl was anxious, shouting loudly: “No, you just take Diao Chan and leave first, don’t worry about me!”

As a man, how could Darryl watch his beloved woman, hurting himself?

At the moment when the voice fell, Darryl wanted to rush up, but he was backlashed just now, and he was hurt too badly, completely powerless.

“I do not go!”

Elsa bit her lip tightly, her beautiful face was full of determination: “I, Elsa, is your woman. Let’s live together and die together!”

“Love is deep and righteous, right!” Seeing this scene, Elisa was once again severely stimulated, with resentment and jealousy flashing on his face: “Since you love each other so much, let’s die together today!”

Chapter 685

Speaking of this, Elisa held a long sword and flew to Darryl again: “Darryl, fight in all directions, I can give you a happy one!”

Before Elisa got the news, Darryl found Lu Bu’s real tomb and got a bloody battle from all directions.

But at that time Elisa was still looking forward to a good result between himself and Darryl.

And now, because of love and hatred, Elisa only wanted to ruin Darryl, and then seize the bloody battle.

Darryl sneered: “Just you, what qualifications do you have to seize the bloody battle? Even if I die, you will never get it!”


Hearing this, Elisa’s face flushed, and she became angry from embarrassment: “Then you go to die!”

When the voice fell, the long sword pierced directly at Darryl’s heart!


Seeing the situation here, Elsa was extremely anxious, but was tightly entangled by Gary, and there was no time to come and support!


With this sword, Darryl couldn’t dodge at all, clenching his fist very unwilling! At that moment, he was completely desperate.


At this critical moment, a ray of light burst out from a distance, directly hitting Elisa’s long sword!

Elisa only felt a strong force coming from her, her Jiao body trembled and stepped back several steps, and said angrily: “Who is it? Nosy?”

While speaking, Elisa looked not far away, and saw a graceful figure flying quickly, with a graceful figure, a dark purple dress, showing a noble temperament, and a tyrannical aura permeated his whole body!

It is the eldest princess of Nanyun Continent, Ora!

“It’s you?!”

Seeing Ora, not only Elisa, but the surrounding Emei school disciples, their expressions changed!

Before Ora pretended to be the deputy master of Tianmen and arrested the various sects of the Diyuan Continent. At that time, the Emei faction was not spared either!

Therefore, as soon as they saw Ora, the Emei faction thought of the previous shame.

However, no one dared to act rashly.

After all, Ora is too strong.

At this moment, Ora flew in front of Darryl, his beautiful face was full of sneers and abuse: “Darryl, I can’t think of it, let’s meet again!”

When he said this, Ora suppressed his anger.

Ora, as the eldest princess of the Southern Cloud Continent, the sister of the empress, is under one person, above 10,000! Ora traveled all over the world, but he suffered a loss in Darryl’s hands.

Especially Panlong Jing! After Ora got the Panlong Jing, he returned to the Southern Cloud Continent. As a result, Darryl pretended to be a little eunuch, sneaked into the Nanyun Palace, used ants to wear a red string to win the queen’s trust, and stayed in the palace. A month later, Darryl took advantage of Ora’s drunkenness and snatched Panlongjing away. This incident, in Ora’s heart, is simply a shame!

This time I came to explore the tomb of Lu Bu, Ora went around and found nothing! It was when I was depressed, I rushed over when I heard something happening here.

Ora never expected that he would meet Darryl here.

Before coming in, he heard Elisa’s words and learned that the bloody battle was on Darryl’s body. Ora was surprised and delighted!

Seeing that Darryl was seriously injured again, Ora would naturally not miss this rare good opportunity!


How is this woman!

Darryl looked at Ora blankly, unable to speak for a while, and he wanted to cry without tears in his heart!

I was so unlucky today? First I met Elisa, and then Ora!


At this moment, Elisa stepped forward and summoned the courage to say to Ora: “This is my personal grievance with Darryl. If you know each other, don’t intervene!”

Elisa panicked when he said this!

This Ora is too strong, he is not an opponent! But the bloody battle is about to be obtained soon, how can you easily give up?

Ora hummed softly, without even looking at Elisa. She sneered at Darryl and said, “Darryl, today you are in my hands. This is God’s will. Accept your fate!”

When the voice fell, Ora grabbed Darryl’s arm and flew directly outside, tapping the ground with his toes, and flew towards the distance!

In a blink of an eye, Ora and Darryl disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Stop!” Elisa wanted to chase, but she couldn’t catch up with Ora, and her face paled in anger!


Seeing this scene, Elsa exclaimed, but she was entangled by Gary all the time. She was completely incapable of avatar. She could only watch Darryl being taken away, almost crying.


At this time, Elisa’s face was gloomy, and he stared at Elsa: “b!tch girl, go to death!”

Darryl was snatched away by Ora, Elisa suffocated his anger, and at this time it all fell on Elsa.

Had it not been for Elsa, he would have caught Darryl a long time ago.


When the voice fell, Elisa burst his internal strength to the extreme and rushed directly towards Elsa. At the same time, he didn’t forget to say to Gary: “No matter what, you can’t let this Elsa leave alive.”

Gary nodded, did not speak, but his eyes flashed with killing intent.

Since Darryl was snatched away, the woman who killed him could also utter a bad anger for Mingjiao and Master.

Bang bang bang…

In a blink of an eye, the three fiercely fought together again.


“Darryl, are you here?”

At this moment, there was a loud yell from outside, and immediately afterwards, I saw Peter and Lorenzo, rushing over with his disciples.

Like most people, Peter and Lorenzo, after entering the ancient tomb, they lost their way. Except for some poisonous insects, they didn’t touch any treasures.

Just now, the two got news that Darryl had found Lu Bu’s real tomb and had a bloody fight, but they were pursued by many sects.

Peter and Lorenzo didn’t have time to think about it, and they hurriedly led people to look for Darryl’s whereabouts, but they found it by accident.


When they rushed to the main hall, Peter and Lorenzo were both taken aback when they saw the situation inside!

In the main hall, only Elsa and two people were fighting fiercely, but there was no shadow of Darryl.

The next second, Peter shouted at Elsa: “Sister-in-law Elsa, where is Darryl?”

“Darryl…” Seeing Peter and Lorenzo, Elsa was surprised and happy, and quickly responded: “He was captured by Ora!”


Darryl was taken away?

Upon hearing this, Peter and Lorenzo were shocked!


In the next second, Lorenzo’s eyes flashed, locked on Elisa tightly, and hissed angrily: “Elisa! Do you still recognize me?”

Lorenzo will never forget, the scene in which Lorenzo lay tenderly in her breath!

Although Lorenzo now has Evelyn by his side, the gentle hatred has been buried deep in Lorenzo’s heart, and he has not forgotten it!

Enemies meet, especially jealous!

At this moment, the hatred in Lorenzo’s heart is rising! In my mind, the gentle figure kept lingering and lingering! Wen Wan was so kind, but she died under Elisa’s sword!

“Brother Wen, what bullshit with this woman, kill her today to avenge my sister-in-law!” Peter yelled, without hesitation, holding the double axe, he slashed towards Elisa fiercely.

This week, Elisa first killed Wen’s ex-wife, and now he shots at the sister-in-law of Elsa. It’s a shame!

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