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Chapter 686

Seeing Peter rushing forward, Elisa’s pretty face was full of frost! Hold the long sword firmly to block Peter’s blow!


The long sword and the double axe collided with a loud noise. Elisa was shaken back for several steps, his face pale.

Although Elisa is already the head of the Emei School, his strength is still inferior to that of Peter!


“Be careful, head, let’s help you…”

Seeing this scene, the surrounding Emei school disciples screamed in exclamation, and at the same time, they were ready to rush to help.

“All those who don’t want to die come up!”

At this time, Lorenzo’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he looked around, and pointed at the Emei school disciples, coldly said: “Elisa once killed my Wen Wan sister-in-law, today this is my personal grievance with Elisa, you are the best Don’t interfere, otherwise, I will level your Mount Emei.”


Hearing this, these Emei school disciples stopped one after another, with deep fear on their faces.

Since Monica and Master Miaoyuan left, the influence of the Emei School in the arena has almost plummeted.

The Hall of Longevity and Huaguo Mountain are growing stronger day by day.

The Palace of Longevity really wants to destroy the Emei faction, it is definitely not a lie!

“Elisa, take your life!” Lorenzo stopped talking nonsense, roared and rushed towards Elisa.

“Lorenzo, Peter, I remember you.” Elisa was flustered and left a word in a hurry, not in love with war, and turned and flew away. Before leaving, Elisa was still bending over, picking up the spiritual marrow pearl on the ground. This spiritual marrow pearl was left here by Darryl. The spiritual marrow orb originally contained the secret book of blood battles, but Darryl had already extracted the secret book. Therefore, the Spirit Orb that Elisa picked up was just an empty shell, with no skills at all.

But Elisa didn’t know, and thought he had picked up the baby! Holding the Spirit Orb in one hand and the long sword in the other, she ran to the distance.

“Want to run?” Lorenzo and Peter looked at each other, and followed closely!


Elisa ran for a few minutes. The ancient tomb was intricate, but she could not get rid of Peter and Lorenzo. Seeing Lorenzo chasing after her, getting closer and closer to her, Elisa felt anxious!

At this moment, Elisa saw that there was a hall not far in front. She didn’t even think about it at the time, so she ran in.


As soon as he entered, Elisa’s expression changed when he saw that there was no back door in this hall, and he was a little desperate.

“Elisa, let Wen Wan pay his life!” At this time, Lorenzo rushed in, screamed angrily, and slapped Elisa’s heart!

Elisa gritted his teeth and urged his internal force to the extreme to resist the blow.


There was a dull vibration, Elisa flew up, flew a full ten meters away, hit a statue, and spouted blood.


As soon as Elisa landed, he heard the sound of the activation of the mechanism coming from the ground under her feet.

Did you touch any mechanism? Hearing this sound, Elisa was panicked.


In the next second, before Elisa could react, the ground under her feet suddenly collapsed into a big hole!


Elisa didn’t have time to react, so he fell directly and exclaimed.

Obviously, Elisa hit the statue and accidentally triggered the mechanism!

All this happened so quickly, when Lorenzo rushed forward, he saw this big hole dark and unfathomable, and Elisa could not be seen at all.


At this moment, Peter followed in and saw Dadong stunned, and then asked: “Brother Wen, where is this woman Elisa?”

“It’s down!” Lorenzo’s face was livid, and he slowly said: “The bottom is very deep, and there must be a lot of organs. She fell and will die forever.” Lorenzo was very unwilling to say this.

It was a pity that Elisa could not be killed personally.

“Ma De!” Upon learning of the situation, Peter was also very annoyed: “It was so cheap that she was not killed by our own hands!”

With that said, Peter quickly said: “In this case, let’s go back and meet with Sister-in-law Elsa, and then go find Darryl again!”


Lorenzo nodded, and returned to the same road with Peter.

At this moment in this big hole!


Elisa fell into the hole and kept falling, getting faster and faster. In panic, she couldn’t help but exclaim.


Just when Elisa thought he was about to die, he fell into the water and splashed with water.

There is water below this, and I am not dead…

Elisa was surprised and happy, and quickly surfaced!


Immediately afterwards, seeing the environment in front of her, she suddenly trembled and couldn’t help but breathe in the air!

I saw that this is an underground secret room. The secret room is small, only the size of two basketball courts, but it is gloomy. My location is a pool of several meters deep.

Elisa saw that there were some bloody runes painted on the walls around the secret room, which made people feel very sinister.

And on the wall facing her, a person was tied there, his hands and feet tied tightly with iron chains, each iron chain was as thick as an arm!

Obviously, these chains are made of black iron and are extremely hard!


Who is this? Why are you chained here?

Because of his dim vision, Elisa couldn’t see the man’s face clearly, and his heartbeat speeded up, making him nervous. But she couldn’t bear the curiosity in her heart, and walked over slowly.

When he came closer, he saw the man who was tied up by the chain, wearing a yellow-brown Taoist robe, with long tousled gray hair, draped over his shoulders, his head drooping, and he didn’t know whether he was alive or dead.

Elisa clearly saw that in addition to the four iron chains on his hands and feet, there was another iron chain that passed directly through his spine. It was shocking!

Who is this person?

Seeing this scene, Elisa’s heart was beating wildly, and could not help but secretly speculate.


While Elisa was thinking secretly, the person in front of him suddenly struck the iron chain and made a noise.


Immediately afterwards, a hoarse and gloomy laughter came from the population: “Unexpectedly, after being trapped underground for so many years, I can still see living people…hahaha…”

Elisa was taken aback, only to feel that all the hairs on her body were standing up, and could not help taking a step back, carefully asking: “Who… who are you?”

“Haha…” The man laughed, his expression showing a bit of resentment and arrogance: “I am the lord of Heaven, the founder of the Taiping Dao, the leader of the Yellow Turban Army, the surname is Zhang, the girl doll, have you heard Pass me?”

When talking about this, Lawrence’s gaze focused on Elisa.


Zhang… Lawrence?

He was the leader of the Yellow Turban Army during the Three Kingdoms period, Lawrence? !

Hearing this, Elisa’s body trembled and looked at Lawrence blankly, speechless!

According to historical records, in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a famous organization called the Yellow Turban Army! The leader of the Yellow Turban Army is Lawrence! Lawrence fought the Quartet! Trouble the world! It can be said that Lawrence is definitely a famous figure at the time! Famous!

Chapter 687

After a full ten seconds, Elisa was relieved and couldn’t help asking: “Senior Lawrence… why are you… trapped here?”

“I was suppressed here, it’s all a good thing from Lu Bu!” Lawrence said coldly with endless resentment in his eyes.

At the beginning, Lawrence led the Yellow Turban Army and fought in all directions and forged many enemies. Later, the Yellow Turban Army was destroyed and Lawrence fled everywhere, but was captured alive by Lu Bu on the way.

Because Lawrence’s practice is very vicious, to avoid Lawrence’s harm to the world, Lu Bu built a secret room under Huashan and imprisoned him.

After that, Lu Bu built an ancient tomb above the secret room.

In other words, this ancient tomb of Lu Bu was meant to suppress Lawrence. This suppression is a thousand years!

At this moment, Lawrence looked at Elisa tightly: “Girl doll, have you seen the spells on the surrounding walls? You use your internal force to help me destroy it, so that I can regain my freedom.”

When saying this, Lawrence’s face was full of urgency.

Elisa looked stunned and couldn’t help but look around!

It turned out that the blood characters on the surrounding walls were a formation. This formation firmly suppressed Lawrence’s internal force, so he couldn’t break the iron chain.

Elisa’s eyes turned and smiled and said: “Senior Lawrence, let’s meet in peace, why should I save you? Even if I save you, what good will it do?”

At this time, Elisa had completely changed his mood after turning his head against Darryl. She no longer struggles with the relationship between men and women, she just wants to make herself stronger.

Only when you become stronger can you step on all those who provoke yourself.

“Of course it’s good!”

Lawrence smiled and couldn’t wait to say: “Do you know that the exercise I practiced is called “The Immortal Scripture”! With this exercise, I was able to win the world back then! This exercise has reached the highest level, even Lu Bu You are not afraid of the bloody battle! Had I not been injured, Lu Bu could have caught me?”

As he said, Lawrence continued: “I still have a brocade box on my body, which contains two’You Yun Pill’. After you take it, you can greatly increase your strength. As long as you are willing to save me, this pill and exercise method, I will give it to you, how?”


Hearing this, Elisa’s body was shocked, her eyes lit up, and her heart was extremely excited.

This corner of “The Immortal Scriptures” can actually fight against Lu Bu’s bloody battles?

If I have been trained, I am afraid of being ugly, Peter!

Thinking about it, Elisa smiled and looked at Lawrence: “Senior is serious?”

“It’s true, I always speak with Lawrence!” Lawrence nodded seriously.

Elisa groaned, and smiled: “Senior, there is no reason to say that you have to show sincerity if you want me to believe you. In this way, you first teach me the formulas of “The Immortal Scriptures” How about I will save you when I learn it?”

When he said this, Elisa’s eyes flashed with an imperceptible coldness.


Lawrence was anxious to regain his freedom, and nodded without thinking: “I’ll tell you the formula now, listen carefully, the circumstance will flow and the emptiness will be transformed into a gas…”

In the next half an hour, Lawrence uttered the formula of the “Indestructible Scripture” without missing a word.

In Lawrence’s eyes, Elisa was just a woman, and there was no threat to herself at all.

Moreover, she looks so beautiful and looks so delicate, she won’t lie to herself.

At this moment, Elisa had a twelve-point spirit, keeping the formula in his heart.

Finally, after Lawrence said the last mantra, he urged Elisa: “Girl, the mantra has been given to you. Help me destroy the mantras around me. Help me regain my freedom!”

Lawrence at this time can’t wait!

“Senior, what are you in a hurry!”

Elisa showed a faint smile and walked slowly over: “The formula is given to me, I haven’t got the two pills yet!”

After that, Elisa walked to the front, touched Lawrence, and found a brocade box.

When I opened it, I saw that there were two pills inside! These two pills, one black and the other white, you can feel that they contain powerful spiritual energy! If you eat it, your strength will surely rise!

“Okay, senior.” Elisa put away the brocade box and said with a smile: “Then I will help you destroy the surrounding spells!”

When the voice fell, Elisa drew his long sword.

Lawrence nodded repeatedly, ecstasy flashed in his eyes.


I am finally about to see the sun again.


However, at this moment, Elisa clenched the long sword, did not destroy the bloody spell on the surrounding wall, but pierced Lawrence’s dantian like lightning!

The blood spurted out all of a sudden!

“You…” Lawrence trembled, his eyes widened, and he stared at Elisa closely, surprised and angry: “Why are you…”

Lawrence at this moment did not expect that the seemingly gentle and kind girl in front of him was so cruel.

She gave her both the exercises and the spirit pill, but she went out to kill herself.


There was a cruel smile at the corner of Elisa’s mouth, and he said every word: “Don’t blame me, now we both practice the same exercises. The so-called one mountain can’t tolerate two tigers. If you go out, there will be no more days of my early days, you Say it?”

With that said, Elisa urged his power, and the long sword directly pierced Lawrence’s dantian!


Lawrence spouted a mouthful of blood and stared at Elisa very bitterly: “What a vicious woman, you…you will not die, ah…”

Speaking of the last sentence, Lawrence let out a scream of unwillingness, his head tilted, and he was completely exasperated.

Seeing Lawrence was completely dead, Elisa sneered, sat down cross-legs, took out a You Dan to take it, and then began to practice “The Immortal Scripture”!

“Darryl, you look down on me so much. After I’m done, I will ask the world. Don’t you not accept me? After I become stronger, I will make you regret it!”

“And Peter, Lorenzo…All those who oppose me, don’t think about getting better…”

Elisa thought in his heart, and gradually entered a state of cultivation.

As time passed, Elisa was cultivating alone in the deep secret room.


I don’t know how long it took, and finally, Elisa suddenly opened his eyes!

The first level of the Indestructible Scriptures! Practice!

There was a smile at the corner of Elisa’s mouth, and she clearly felt that her dantian had an extremely powerful force spreading all over her body! This is the prelude to the upgrade!


At this moment, Elisa’s strength was rising!

One paragraph of Wuhuang, two paragraphs of Wuhuang!

He finally entered the realm of Wuhuang!

Elisa at this time was indescribably excited! Just now she took the You Dan, and after practicing the Immortal Scriptures, she was promoted to several levels at once, and directly entered the realm of Emperor Wu!

This is no longer a surprise, but a surprise!

“This immortal scripture is really mysterious!” With a light emotion, Elisa tilted his head to look at Lawrence’s corpse, revealing a smile: “Lawrence, rest in peace, rest assured, I will do your best The law is carried forward!”

Chapter 688

Elisa’s face was contented, and with a little tiptoe, he flew out of the big hole gently. When I flew to the top, I saw the surrounding area was empty and there was no one.


Elisa sighed secretly. She thought that Peter and Lorenzo were still on it, but when she saw no one, she realized that they had gone.

Elisa smiled lightly. This Lorenzo and Peter are really fateful. If they are still here, I will kill them.


Spirit Orb!

At this moment, Elisa suddenly thought of something and quickly took out the spiritual marrow pearl from her body.

After getting the spiritual marrow orb before, Elisa was busy avoiding Lorenzo’s pursuit, and never had the opportunity to unlock the spiritual marrow orb!

Therefore, until this time, Elisa thought that the bloody battles were still in the Spirit Orb.


The formula for bloody battles is gone…

At the moment when the inner force was input into the spiritual marrow orb, Elisa immediately sensed that the inside of the spiritual marrow orb was empty. In a moment, he was surprised and angry!

It seems that the secret book of the bloody battle has been obtained by Darryl!

When Elisa was secretly annoyed, there was a sudden footstep not far away.

“Who?” Elisa couldn’t help but snorted, and hurriedly put away the spiritual marrow orb, and stood on guard.

He killed Lawrence and obtained his cultivation technique and spirit pill. I can’t let others know about this.

“Someone inside?”

Hearing Elisa’s soft drink, the people outside seemed to be stunned. Then they walked in and saw him with silver hair and white beard, with extraordinary temperament, especially his two white eyebrows.

It is the head of the Huashan School, Yang Baimei!

Because Lu Bu’s tomb is in Huashan, as the head of the Huashan School, Yang Baimei wanted to get the secrets of the bloody battle. After entering the ancient tomb, he kept looking for treasures everywhere. Those disciples of the Huashan School couldn’t keep up with Yang Baimei’s footsteps, so they all separated from him.

Just after passing here, Yang Baimei came over to take a look curiously when he heard movement around here.

“Zhou Sect?” When he entered, Yang Baimei was stunned when he saw Elisa.

Elisa breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “Head Yang, what a coincidence.” While speaking, Elisa Yuguang glanced at the big hole in the ground behind him. Just now I was in the cave, killing Lawrence, and getting the truth of the immortal, if it were to be passed out, I would definitely be jealous of the same people in the rivers and lakes.

Therefore, this big hole must not be discovered by Yang Baimei!

Yang Baimei didn’t realize Elisa’s expression was wrong, so he walked slowly over and smiled: “Zhou Shoumen! Just now I walked in the ancient tomb and heard a few Jianghu brothers say that you just had a fight with Lorenzo Peter. I was still a little worried. Now that I see you are all right, I feel more relieved.”

“Thank you, Head Yang, for caring!” Elisa smiled on his face, but in his heart he was looking forward to Yang Baimei’s hurry to leave.

If he doesn’t leave, sooner or later he will find the big hole behind him.

However, Yang Baimei didn’t mean to go.

“Zhou Sect!” Yang Baimei looked sincerely: “To be honest, you and Lorenzo, I am not an outsider to comment. But we are all martial arts fellows, so I want to give you a suggestion. You killed before. Lorenzo’s ex-wife committed the murder. You are wrong first. There is a good saying, “When is the wrongdoing reported?” I think you might as well ask Lorenzo directly in front of his fellow martial artists. After all, this one It is indeed your fault. To be a man, you must have the courage to admit your mistakes, Chief Zhou, are you right?”

Yang Baimei said this with all kindness.

But at this time Elisa sounded unspeakably harsh!

“Apologize?” Elisa’s smile froze, and his eyes were a little gloomy: “Why should I apologize to Lorenzo? The Hall of Longevity has always been a demon, and Lorenzo is the lord of the Hall of Longevity. I killed him. Madam, just walk for the sky, is there anything wrong?!”

When it comes to apology, Elisa can’t help but think of Darryl in his mind!

Before, he let go of the dignity of the head of the Emei faction and apologized to Darryl in a humble manner, but what happened? But he was ridiculed by others.

At this time, Elisa’s mood has completely changed! Especially with the word’apology’, Elisa seemed to have been offended.

At this moment, Elisa felt deep disgust and anger in Yang Baimei in front of him.

This Yang Baimei, full of humanity, justice and morality, is really disgusting.


Hearing this, Yang Baimei smiled bitterly, very embarrassed: “I’m just a suggestion. It doesn’t matter if the head of Zhou doesn’t listen!”

As he said, Yang Bai turned his eyes and saw the big hole in the ground inside: “Huh? What is this?”

Immediately, Yang Baimei was about to walk over.

Elisa was anxious, and quickly stood in front of Yang Baimei: “Head Yang, that is just an ordinary burrow. This ancient tomb has been around for so long, and many places have collapsed. There is nothing to look at, but I do. A good thing, you must be interested!”

As he said, Elisa took out the spiritual marrow pearl from his body and handed it to Yang Baimei’s eyes to divert his attention.

“this is….”

Yang Baimei was shocked, and his whole body was stunned.

Elisa smiled slightly: “This is Lü Bu’s spiritual marrow orb. The head of Yang is knowledgeable and knowledgeable. You should know the function of the spiritual marrow orb. Bloody battles are in it.”

When he said this, Elisa had a smile on his face, but his eyes flashed a bit of gloom.

Not bad!

Elisa moved his eyebrows murderously at Yang Bai.

Just now Yang Baimei asked her to take the initiative to apologize to Lorenzo, which disgusted Elisa!

Also, you must not let him know about hitting Lawrence by mistake and getting a peerless exercise!

The last point, and the most important thing, Elisa really wants to know, is the power of the immortal scriptures he cultivated! So I decided to take Yang Baimei first!


This is the Spirit Orb?

Bloody battle in all directions…in there?

At this moment, Yang Baimei’s attention was all on the spiritual marrow orb, shocked! The body trembled faintly!

Immediately afterwards, Yang Baimei slowed down, and said complicatedly at Elisa: “Zhou Sect, bloody battle with the secrets of the eight directions, is it really here?”

“What did I lie to you for?” Elisa looked serious and responded with a hypocritical smile: “Head Yang should have also heard that the spiritual marrow orb was obtained by Darryl, but it was later snatched by me. But the formula inside, I haven’t taken out yet.”

After speaking, Elisa continued sincerely: “Head Yang, after all, this ancient tomb is under your Huashan School. You are the most qualified to practice this exercise, so I decided, Head Yang, take the formula. Take it out and pass it to me, how about?”

“Okay, okay…” Yang Baimei was overjoyed and nodded again and again: “The head of Zhou really understands the righteousness. No wonder he is the head of the Emei school at such a young age. Don’t worry, in the future, Huashan and your Emei will be the Jagged Alliance. !”

When he said this, Yang Baimei couldn’t wait to urge his internal force and injected it into the spiritual marrow orb.


At this moment, Elisa smirked at the corner of his mouth, raised his jade hand, and slapped Yang Baimei’s dantian with lightning speed.


With this palm, Elisa displayed the eternal truth! So swift, Yang Baimei has no time to react! Hearing a scream, the whole person directly flew up, and finally smashed on the pillar, sliding down softly.

After landing, Yang Baimei had died, half of his body was stained red with blood, his eyes were round and he couldn’t squint!

Yang Baimei didn’t expect to die until Elisa’s spiritual marrow orb was empty. He did this to divert his attention and kill him!

Elisa walked over slowly, his expression did not fluctuate at all, and checked Yang Baimei’s dantian!


Suddenly, Elisa took a deep breath, shocked and excited.

Elisa clearly felt that Yang Baimei’s entire dantian was shattered by herself!

The power of this immortal scripture is really too strong!

Chapter 689

Elisa looked at Yang Baimei’s body with indifference in his eyes, without the slightest mood swing: “Yang Baimei, as the head of Huashan, at such an age, you can enjoy everything you should enjoy, and you will die.”

Elisa chuckled and turned to leave.

Not long after Elisa left, a group of people came here. There are tens of thousands of people, the mighty and majestic is very spectacular, it is the various sects of the Diyuan Continent.

Shaolin Kongwu master, Wudang Lingbao real person, as well as Tianshan, Xiaoyao, and Huashan school disciples are all there.

“Huh? There are people in this hall…”

Unknown to the crowd, they found Yang Baimei’s body and couldn’t help shouting.


In an instant, everyone’s eyes were looking into the hall, and then, many people rushed in.


“Head Yang?!”

Seeing Yang Baimei, many people were stunned.


“Master…. wake up, wake up!”

“how so?”

Dozens of Huashan disciples shivered and threw themselves on Yang Baimei’s corpse, crying loudly.

For a while, the air was full of sadness, and the atmosphere was depressing and heavy.

The heads of the various schools present clenched their fists, very sorry. As the head of Huashan Mountain, Yang Baimei has been a knight and a hero in his life. Now he died in this ancient tomb, which is really heartbreaking.


At this time, Master Kongwu chanted a Buddha’s name, walked forward, and inspected Yang Bai’s eyebrows. After a short time, his face turned pale: “The head of Yang’s dantian and internal organs were all shattered by a palm!”


A palm…. Shattered the Dantian? Shattered the internal organs?

Hearing this, everyone present was taken aback and couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning!

The Konghua Mountain faction has seldom walked around the rivers and lakes in the past ten years, and Yang Baimei is humble and will not hold grudges with others. Who on earth is it that kills this Huashan head?

Moreover, the internal organs were shattered abruptly by a palm? May I ask who can have such terrifying strength? !

“Look at it quickly, what is this?” At this moment, someone saw the spiritual marrow pearl next to Yang Baimei and called out.


In an instant, everyone’s eyes were locked on the spiritual marrow orb.

Immediately afterwards, a heated discussion broke out in the entire hall!

“This…this is Lu Bu’s spiritual marrow orb. Didn’t it allow Darryl to obtain it? How could it be here?”

“Could it be that… Head Yang ran into Darryl, who thought that Head Yang wanted to snatch the Spirit Orb, so he killed Head Yang?”

“Does this still need to be guessed? It must be Darryl. He got the bloody battle inside. He wanted to monopolize this peerless technique, so he killed Yang Master!”

The discussion kept sounding, Master Kong Wu took a step forward, picked up the spiritual marrow orb, held it in his hand, and urged the inner force to perceive it, and his expression suddenly became serious: “The inside of the spiritual marrow orb is really empty. , Has been learned by Darryl!”

“This Darryl!” At this time, Xiaoyao sent grandfather Sun E out, with a look of indignation: “Just to get the bloody battle of all directions, he actually took the assassin to the head of Yang! Even if Darryl wants to swallow the blood to fight all directions, he shouldn’t Sorry for the killer to Head Yang! We round the mainland, and all the martial sects should be united, but this Darryl ignores the morality of the world! Head Yang has been a chivalrous man throughout his life, how can he bear the assassin of Darryl!”

When the words fell, everyone around them all agreed, filled with righteous indignation.

“It is a shame that Darryl is such a cruel and cruel person, and he is on the same continent as him!”

“Fortunately, I still admire him, but I didn’t expect it to be this kind of person!”

“Darryl evil thief, the sin should be punished…”

Suddenly, there was a condemnation in the whole hall, and the group was angry.


the other side!

Ora grasped Darryl and flew non-stop in the air.

Although this ancient tomb is very large, there are so many sects that add up to hundreds of thousands of people. Ora wants to find a hidden place! Darryl had the formula of bloody battles, and Ora had to ask them out, and could not be disturbed by others.


Darryl was held tightly by Ora, smelling the fragrance of her body, his heart was shocked and angry, and at the same time he couldn’t help but secretly sigh!

There is a faint fragrance on Ora’s body, which is very fascinating. I have to say that this Ora is really the best goddess level. I haven’t seen it for a while, and it’s even more charming and s3xy.

However, where does Ora take himself?

Thinking about it, Darryl said with a grin: “Ora, what do you mean? There is a difference between men and women, why are you arresting me? It’s not because of me, right?”


Hearing this, Ora’s delicate face turned red all of a sudden, and he was very embarrassed; “The dog can’t spit out ivory!” It all fell on his own hands, and he was not serious!

It’s almost dead!

When the voice fell, Ora raised his hand and slashed at the back of Darryl’s neck.


Darryl didn’t have time to react, a feeling of dizziness came, his eyes turned black, and he fainted directly.

I don’t know how long it took, Darryl woke up!

When he opened his eyes, his brain was still bursting, and immediately, Darryl found that he was tied to a pillar.

What appeared in front of Darryl was a big hall in the ancient tomb, but this hall was different from the ones I saw before, surrounded by many statues of gods. It should be a temple dedicated to gods.

A few meters away from Darryl, Ora stood there quietly with a cold face!

“Woke up?”

Said coldly, Ora slowly walked over, his tone is beyond doubt: “Darryl, you are a smart person, I won’t talk nonsense, hand it over!”


This woman is pretty straightforward!

Muttered in his heart, Darryl smiled and looked at Ora: “What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand? What are you asking me to pay?”

In fact, Darryl knew that Ora wanted a bloody battle, so he deliberately pretended to be confused.

While talking, Darryl looked at Ora closely, admiring her grace!

Slender waist, slender legs, coupled with that exquisite perfect face, the beauty is thrilling!

This made Darryl shook his Adam’s apple again.


At this moment, Ora walked over and slapped Darryl’s face with a fierce slap! In an instant, bright red five-fingerprints appeared on Darryl’s face!

“Don’t pretend to me! Tell me the formula of the bloody battle, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, so don’t challenge my patience, okay?” Ora said coldly, extremely cold and proud.


Darryl endured the pain, took a deep breath, and started talking nonsense: “Ora, you really value me too much. That’s right, I did get Lü Bu’s spiritual marrow orb before, but you were also in the previous situation. I saw that the head of the Emei faction wanted to snatch it. Under the chaos, the spiritual marrow orb had been lost. You said, how can I fight you all over?”

When saying these, Darryl still held a fluke in his heart. Fortunately, I have already gotten a bloody battle and lost the spiritual marrow orb. Otherwise, I really can’t deceive Ora in front of me!

“is it?”

Ora smiled lightly, and looked at Darryl with a smile but a smile: “Darryl, you can lie to others. You are pediatrics in front of me. Don’t think that I don’t know. Your injury is just practicing blood battle. When I was in all directions, I was disturbed by the head of the Emei faction, and I couldn’t calm down, so I received a backlash!”

As he said, Ora sneered: “By the way, the head of the Emei faction is not your opponent at all. How can you rob you? So, don’t pretend, the bloody battle is in your mind.”

The voice fell, Ora looked at him coldly.

The atmosphere was instantly suppressed and dull.

D*mn it!

This woman is not easy to deceive, knows everything? !

Darryl looked embarrassed and speechless, and then looked directly at Ora’s gaze: “Well, since you know all about it, I won’t say anything anymore. You want a bloody battle, it’s okay, but there is a condition!”

When he said this, a smirk arose from the corner of Darryl’s mouth!

“What conditions!” Ora’s eyes flashed and said quickly.

Darryl smiled: “Call me husband!”


As soon as the voice fell, Ora’s face blushed, raised his jade hand, and slapped Darryl again: “You are looking for death!”

As the eldest princess of the Southern Cloud Continent, she is extremely noble, and the Darryl in front of her is really tired of playing tricks on herself!


This slap fell, and a clear sound came, and the other half of Darryl’s face was swollen, like a pig’s head.

Darryl endured the pain, showed a slight smile, and endured the fire aura and said: “Ora, one sentence for her husband to exchange for a peerless exercise technique is worth it, if you don’t want to, why are you angry?”

Darryl at this time, completely a dead pig not afraid of boiling water!

Darryl was sure that Ora would not kill herself, after all, she still wanted to get a bloody battle!

Chapter 690


Seeing Darryl’s ra5cal look, Ora’s tone of voice was not good, and he took a deep breath and said coldly: “Darryl, you plan to spend it with me, right? I know what you think, yes, I don’t. Will kill you, but there are too many ways to torture you. Don’t think I will only slap you in the face!”

While speaking, Ora took out a jade bottle from his body, then poured out some red powder and sprinkled it on Darryl’s body.


At this moment, Darryl smelled a strange fragrance, which instantly diffused.

“What are you going to do?” At this moment, Darryl was a little flustered and frowned.


Ora put away the jade bottle, the corners of his mouth curled up, and his eyes were full of playful abuse: “The spice I sprinkled on you is called Mi Yaxiang. It is a kind of spice unique to our Southern Cloud Continent. How about this spice, poisonous insects. I like it the most, you said, this ancient tomb of Lu Bu has so many mutated poisonous insects, how many will it attract later?”

While speaking, Ora continued mocking: “I heard that you were in my Nanyun royal family, pretending to be an eunuch, using honey as bait, attracting an ant, passing the red rope through the nine-curved mysterious jade, and you Now it has become a bait, you say, is this irony?”

D*mn, this trick is too poisonous!

Hearing these words, Darryl’s expression changed, and he only felt cold on his back!


At this moment, I heard a sound of sharp claws rubbing from outside, and then, I saw a poisonous scorpion crawling in.

This poisonous scorpion is more than two meters long and has a scorpion tail that is more than half a meter long, shining with a blue faint light.

And behind this poisonous scorpion, there were several centipedes.

Obviously, these poisonous insects were all attracted by the Mi Yaxiang on Darryl’s body.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s throat shuddered, and a layer of goose bumps instantly formed. He wanted to break free, but his hands and feet were not tied tightly, which was of no avail.

This D*mn, although she is not a hundred poisonous, but if these poisonous insects swarm together, there will be no bones left for her to be gnawed?

“Oh, these poisonous insects are coming so fast.” Ora dodges aside and smirks with a smile: “Darryl, I will give you one last chance now. If you are not sure, then I have to feed you these. It’s a poisonous insect! You’re going to pay or not pay for the bloody battle of all directions?”

“Okay, I’ll pay, I’ll pay…” Seeing the poisonous insects get closer and closer, Darryl almost collapsed, and quickly changed his words.

D*mn, this Ora is too cruel.

You wait, wait for you to fall into my hands, and see how I can fix you!

“How good is this?” Seeing that he finally agreed, Ora raised his lips and smiled triumphantly.

At the moment when the voice fell, Ora raised his hand at will, repelled the poisonous insect with a palm, and then looked at Darryl: “Let’s talk!”


Darryl sighed secretly and smiled: “Ora, before I talk about the bleeding and the Octagonal Mind, can you untie me first? Anyway, the internal strength can’t be recovered, and there is no threat to you!”

Hearing this, Ora nodded and untied the rope for Darryl.

“Tell me your mind quickly.” Ora said after he untied the rope.

Darryl moved his hands and feet, and said lightly: “What are you anxious for? I can’t run again!”

Of it! This woman is too poisonous to attract poisonous insects.

He cursed secretly in his heart, but Darryl did not dare to show it on his face.

no way!

Before cultivating bloody battles in all directions, he was backlashed at the most critical time, and now Darryl hasn’t slowed down. Darryl felt that it would take at least half an hour to fully recover his strength.

Therefore, within this half an hour, Ora must be held steady.

Seeing Darryl’s leisurely look, Ora was too anxious, his eyes were extremely eager: “Tell me your heart!”

Having said that, Ora’s strength is considered to be the top powerhouse within Kyushu. But Ora’s personality is arrogant and very strong. He has always wanted to stand on the top of Kyushu. This bloody battle will be obtained anyway!

With bloody battles in all directions, one’s own strength can be improved, and at the same time, Nanyun Continent has its own seat, and can even stand up to the other eight continents!

“Okay, you heard clearly!” Seeing Ora’s expression of urgency, Darryl showed a slight smile, cleared his throat, and slowly said: “The Great Avenue of Heaven may crack all over the world, or the earth may move. The yang is insufficient, the heavenly path is faint and undesirable, the sky cracks the sun, and the earth moves yin more than…


At this moment, Ora held his breath and kept his breath in his heart, and then looked at Darryl closely: “I warn you Darryl, don’t fool me with a few words.”

When he said this, Ora’s eyes were full of scrutiny.

This Darryl is too cunning, who can guarantee that he will not fool himself by saying some fakes? Be careful!

D*mn, this Ora is quite cautious.

Muttered in his heart, Darryl made a sincere expression and said with a smile: “I’m holding my life in your hands now, how can I lie to you?”

At this time, Ora was in his heart, sure there was no problem, and urged: “Go on!”

Darryl nodded: “Qi enters the Linghai Point, put your hands together…”

When he said this, a smile flashed in Darryl’s eyes.

Not bad!

The mentality that Darryl said was true at the beginning, but later, he began to say it the other way around. For example, this sentence: Qi enters the Linghai acupoint, put your hands together.

In fact, the original text is: Qi enters Sanyin acupoint, hands interlaced.

Darryl said it the other way around! In the next few minutes, the mantra that Darryl said was true and half false!

The real and the false are mixed together, making people hard to guard against, let alone Ora, even if Gong Gong and Zhu Bajie were present, they couldn’t detect it.

Finally, after uttering the last phrase, Darryl looked at Ora with a smile: “Ora, I have told you the heart, you won’t pester me anymore!”

“Shut up!” Ora’s face flushed and couldn’t help but sipped: “Who is pestering you! Don’t put gold on your face.”

When he said this, Ora’s expression was cold, but he was a little happy in his heart.

Bloody battle in all directions!

I finally got it.

At this time, Ora saw that Darryl’s breath was still weak, so he relaxed his vigilance, sat cross-legged on the ground, and began to practice.

At this moment, Ora didn’t know that the general outline he got was true, but the formula was fake, and Darryl had changed it.


This woman prides herself on being arrogant and clever, but in the end she was deceived by herself?

Seeing that Ora couldn’t wait to practice, Darryl was very excited, and then he hurried to the ground, regaining his strength.

For a while, there was silence in the hall.

Ora and Darryl, each practicing their own, looked very harmonious.

At the beginning, Ora was still very happy, but as his cultivation gradually deepened, he felt something was wrong. In just a few minutes, Ora’s forehead was covered with a layer of sweat, and his face became pale.

what happened?

I cultivated according to the mental method! What…. Dantian internal force began to be disordered?

At this time, Ora clearly felt that the internal force of his dantian was not under his control, and he began to swim around in various meridians.

Ora suddenly became anxious, but the more anxious, the more disordered his internal strength!

How could this be?

With the disorder of internal strength, Ora felt like a flame was burning in his body, getting hotter and hotter, and the burning pain was simply unbearable!


Finally, Ora couldn’t help it, and let out a painful moan, his body curled up on the ground and trembled slightly, his beautiful face was full of pain.

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