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Chapter 736

On the other side, Darryl did not stop all the way, and finally arrived at the Imperial City of Apocalypse.

However, Darryl did not enter the imperial city, but went to Mingyue Lake on the outskirts of the city.

At that time, Raquel made an agreement with him. Before the martial arts competition, Raquel tried to sneak out and meet Darryl at Mingyue Lake.

At this time, the bright moon hangs high and the starry sky is shining.

Under the moonlight, Mingyue Lake has a pleasant and picturesque scenery.

When Darryl arrived, he saw four figures on the shore of the lake, waiting there. Before Darryl asked the four of them to come to the Apocalypse Continent first.

At this time, there were only Mathew, Maddox and Milo by Mingyue Lake. Mateo was not there.

“Brother Darryl!”

Seeing Darryl, Mathew’s three expressions were overjoyed, and he quickly greeted him.

“Have you seen Raquel?” Darryl asked, his expression very urgent. Previously, only the Four Great War Gods were waiting for themselves near the imperial city, and forgot to tell them, waiting for Raquel to come out.

Mathew scratched his head: “I didn’t see it. After we arrived, we stayed near the imperial city. I didn’t see Miss Ren.”


Darryl took a deep breath, feeling a little anxious in his heart. Seeing this, Raquel hasn’t come out yet, and the palace is heavily guarded. Even with Xing Yao’s help, does she still have a chance?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked around and couldn’t help saying: “By the way, where is Mateo?”


Mathew looked solemn and responded: “He went to explore the imperial city.”

As he said, Mathew’s expression was somewhat complicated: “During the day, we heard that someone was in the Imperial City of Apocalypse, posing as our Tianmen people, setting up a stall and selling pills, and said that it was Brother Darryl, you made it yourself. Yes, we discussed it and let Mateo look at the situation.”


Someone pretends to be Tianmen? Still selling pills in his own name?

Hearing this, Darryl frowned, and suddenly became angry!

Who is it?

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t think too much, and ordered: “You are waiting here, and when you see Raquel, let her wait for me here!”

When the voice fell, Darryl walked into the imperial city quickly.

Darryl knew that because of Raquel’s martial arts contest, many masters had come from all continents, causing the entire imperial city to be mixed.

Under such circumstances, it is normal for someone to pretend to be Tianmen to slander and deceive.

However, selling fake pill in your own name is too much. It must be checked clearly.

Soon, when I entered Huangcheng Street, I saw the hustle and bustle on the street, with martial arts people coming and going.

After walking for a while, I heard a commotion not far away.

Just at the corner in front, there was a stall with a panacea, surrounded by many people, and the water couldn’t get through!

The owner of the stall was an old man with silver hair and white beard, and the bones of a fairy style, his eyes gleaming with stern light.

Behind the old man, four big men stood quietly, looking dumb, but their strength was not low, they were all in the realm of Emperor Wu.

And the strength of this old man is even more unfathomable.

At this time, Mateo stood there in the crowd, arguing with the old man.

“I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, quickly close the stall, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Oh why?”

“Just because I am Mateo, one of the four gods of the Tianmen, you pretend to be my Tianmen and sell fake medicines here. You also said that these medicines are all refined by our suzerain. I didn’t directly hit your stall, it was enough. You’re welcome.”

Mateo was red-faced while arguing there, and everyone around was also pointing.

“Fake Tianmen, it’s interesting to meet the real one!”

“This old man is so strong, the pill that he sells is not fake, right?”

“Who knows, take a look and talk…”

Seeing this scene, Darryl walked over quickly, and said to Mateo: “What’s the situation?”

When saying this, Darryl paid attention to the old man, and was secretly shocked.


Cross the robbery? This old man turned out to be the strength to cross the Tribulation Realm…

“Brother Darryl!”

Seeing Darryl, Mateo’s face was happy, and then angrily said: “This old man, under the name of our Tianmen, sells medicinal pills here, and said that these medicinal pills are all refined by you…”


Darryl nodded, looked at the old man, and said politely: “Old sir, you borrowed my name to bluff, isn’t it a bit unnatural?”

Seriously, if it were someone else, Darryl would not speak so politely.

But no way.

This old man is too strong.

“Are you Darryl?” The old man looked at Darryl up and down and asked meaningfully.

Darryl nodded, no doubt: “Yes, it’s me!”

The old man did not have the slightest nervousness, but showed a slight smile, and nodded at Darryl: “Emperor Tian is worthy of the painstaking effort. I am posing as you here, setting up a stall to sell pills, and finally found you.”

When the voice fell, the four big men behind the old man clapped their hands and laughed.

“found it..”

“Master’s method is really good.”

“It turns out he is Darryl…”


What’s the situation?

Seeing the four big men looking ecstatic one by one, Darryl was immediately stunned. It can be seen that these four big men are apprentices of the old man.

“I’m sorry!” At this moment, the old man smiled slightly, shot the electricity, and immediately sealed Darryl’s acupoint.

Darryl didn’t have time to react at all, his body stiffened, and he couldn’t move a single move.


Darryl was startled, he clearly felt that the old man’s acupuncture technique was very peculiar, not only sealed his acupuncture points, but also suppressed his dantian internal strength.

“Brother Darryl!”

Mateo’s expression also changed drastically, and he yelled and was about to rush over.

However, before rushing to the front, seeing the old man making another move, Mateo stiffened and settled there.


Seeing this scene, Darryl took a deep breath! In the name of Tianmen, the old man set up a stall and sold pills here, just to induce himself to appear. The ultimate goal of the old man was to catch himself!


At this time, Darryl was frightened and stared at the old man: “Are you sent by Emperor Apocalypse?”

I seldom have grudges with others. In this Imperial City of Apocalypse, apart from the Emperor of Apocalypse, he has no other enemies.

The old man did not respond, but ordered the four big guys: “Don’t be stunned, take the people away.”

“Yes, Master!”

When the voice fell, four big men came over, the two of them grabbed Darryl’s arm, the two grabbed the leg, lifted up and rushed towards the distance.

The old man’s stall is no longer there, just behind.

“Brother Darryl!”

Seeing this scene, Mateo was so anxious that he roared and wanted to rush up, but the acupoint was clicked and he could only watch Darryl being taken away.

The four big men were full of internal strength, lifting Darryl at a very fast speed, and they were outside the imperial city in a blink of an eye.


They are not the people of Emperor Apocalypse?

At this moment, Darryl frowned secretly, feeling incomprehensible.

If it were under Emperor Apocalypse, he would definitely bring himself into the palace.

They are not the emperor. What are the identities of this old man and his four apprentices?

Thinking about it, Darryl asked the old man: “Hey, who are you guys? Where are you going to catch me?”

Chapter 737

“Darryl!” The old man smiled and said: “Don’t panic, I won’t do anything to you. I have no choice but to arrest you this way. For my daughter’s wish, I have to wrong you temporarily.”


Hearing this, Darryl looked dumbfounded, unable to laugh or cry: “Old gentleman, what is your daughter’s name? Do I know it?”

This old man pretended to be himself and sold fake pills to catch himself. After being caught, said his daughter wanted to see me? Who is his daughter? Darryl thought about it, but couldn’t think of it.

The old man smiled slightly, did not speak, but instructed the four big men to move on with Darryl.

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that this old man was Si Kongyu, the owner of Ice Fire Island!

Binghuo Island, located three hundred miles away from the South China Sea of ​​the Apocalypse Continent, is not big, but the scenery is peculiar. The island has high mountains and is covered with snow and ice all year round. At the foot of the mountains, there is lava flowing, hence the name Binghuo Island.

A thousand years ago, a strange man from the Apocalypse Continent accidentally arrived at Binghuo Island, attracted by the natural wonders here, and established a sect here. Since then, he has avoided the world and rarely set foot in the rivers and lakes.

At Si Kongyu, it has been passed down for seventeen generations.

Because there is no competition in the world, rarely involved in the rivers and lakes, and far from the mainland, so there are few people in Binghuo Island, and there are no more than ten people in the entire sect.

The four big men holding Darryl were Si Kongyu’s only four closed disciples.

The four people and one female compatriot were abandoned babies adopted by Si Kongyu who accidentally traveled outside 30 years ago. These four people are simple-minded and well-developed limbs. All four of them were a little straightforward and dumb.

Sikongyu took the four of them back to Binghuo Island and accepted them as disciples, named Sikong Jia, Sikong B, Sikong B, and Sikong Ding.

Seeing that Darryl was anxious, Si Kongjia came over and said: “Darryl, don’t be nervous, wait for you to see our little sister…our little sister, but treat you as her idol… “

When he said this, Si Kongjia had a mysterious look, but his voice was loud.

When the voice fell, the three Sikongyi interrupted one after another.

“What idol? Little Junior Sister just likes Darryl… I want to marry him!”

“Yes, yes, yes… This kid looks like a talent, and he is worthy of our little junior sister.”

“Then should we be called the little brother-in-law of Darryl?”

Listening to the four of you, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

“Shut up!” Si Kongyu, who was walking in front, frowned and couldn’t help but yelled.

These four apprentices were obedient and honest, and they were good at everything, but they were a little bit open-hearted.


In an instant, the four guys all lowered their heads quickly, not daring to speak. The four brothers are not afraid of everything but this master.

I don’t know how long it took, and finally arrived in a manor with a mountain and a cup of water.

Darryl saw that this manor had been in disrepair for a long time, and there was cobweb dust everywhere, which was obviously abandoned for a long time. However, the outside of one of the rooms was cleaned very cleanly, and the lights were still on.

As soon as they arrived at the door of the room, the Sikongjia brothers yelled again.

“Little Junior Sister, your idol is here!”

“Wrong, wrong, it should be said that the man she wanted is coming…”

“Yes, look at me, and forgot…”

What kind of character is the little sister in their mouth? Darryl couldn’t help frowning secretly, he could see that these four brothers loved this little junior sister very much.

At this moment, Si Kongyu glared at the four brothers, and after he told them to shut up, he opened the door and walked in!


After pushing the door open, Sikong Yuyu was gentle, and said softly: “Girl, Darryl, I brought it to you, you should have no regrets.”

When he said this, Si Kongyu had a kind smile on his face, but his tone was a little sad. Si Kongyu’s daughter had a strange disease and died soon. Before she died, she only wanted to see Darryl.


Darryl’s body shook, he couldn’t help but sucked in a cold breath.

D*mn, is this the beauty the four guys are talking about?

I saw that on the bed inside, there was a delicate figure lying quietly, with a tight figure and a charming curve, but the face was dark and swollen, and it was hard to look at it directly.

This woman is the daughter of Si Kongyu, Sikong Yanran.

Sikong Yanran is just eighteen years old this year, smart, clever and unparalleled!

Since she grew up on Binghuo Island, Sikong Yanran wanted to see the outside world since she was a child. Six months ago, taking advantage of his father’s carelessness, she sneaked out of Binghuo Island.

After traveling several continents, Sikong Yanran admired a lot about Darryl’s deeds. At a young age, he founded Tianmen and became famous in the mainland of Jiuzhou. Who can do it in the world?

From then on, Sikong Yanran regarded Darryl as his idol, and went to Diyuan Continent to see the idol’s demeanor. As a result, he ran into a situation on the way. She was very poisonous. She was originally a beautiful alchemy. He was extremely ugly, and his body became weaker day by day.

When he learned of his daughter’s situation, Si Kongyu felt distressed and helpless, because almost no one could solve this kind of poison.

In desperation, Si Kongyu had no choice but to find a way to catch Darryl and bring him to his daughter in order to fulfill her daughter’s wish.

“Yue… Darryl?”

Seeing Darryl, Si Kong Yanran’s delicate body trembled, surprised and delighted.

The voice is very nice, but it is weak and weak.

Although I had always admired Darryl in my heart, it was the first time I saw a real person at this time. In an instant, Sikong Yanran was a little shy in addition to joy.

Si Kongyu smiled slightly and his eyes were soft: “Girl, it took a lot of effort for Dad to catch Darryl. Are you very happy?”

Caught it?

Hearing this, Sikong Yanran was taken aback. He took a closer look at Darryl and saw that he was sealed off. He was suddenly anxious: “Father, how can you arrest people casually? And, it’s Darryl… “

Darryl is his idol, how could Dad do this?

“Ha ha…”

Si Kongyu looked indifferent, and said gently, “Don’t you really want to see him? Dad caught him, you should be happy.”

Because there was only this daughter, Si Kongyu loved him in every way since childhood. As long as the daughter was happy, let alone catching Darryl, he would break into the palace to catch the emperor, and Si Kongyu would not frown.


Hearing this, Sikong Yanran was very helpless, wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to speak.

I really wanted to see Darryl, but his father used this method, it was really rude.


Looking at the scene in front of him, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, faintly understanding something.

The girl in front of her was very poisoned, and time was running out. Because she admired herself, her father arrested herself and let her meet, but he wanted to.

Really pity the parents of the world.

Before Darryl was a little bit suffocated, but now that he understood the situation, he suddenly felt a little sympathy for Sikong in front of him. This girl, now it looks like, although she is not very beautiful, it is a pity that she is about to die in the Mood for Love.

Chapter 738

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Sikong Yanran was a peerless beauty, so ugly at this time was caused by poisoning.

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but said, “This…this girl, is she poisoned?”

“Not bad!” Si Kongyu nodded, his eyes flashing with heartache and helplessness.

It is a great irony that he is the owner of the dignified Ice and Fire Island, and his ability to cross the tribulation realm, but cannot save his beloved daughter.

Darryl showed a smile and continued: “If I’m right, she was poisoned by the’corpse-eating flower’?” With that, Darryl carefully observed Sikong Yanran’s situation.

The corpse flower is a highly toxic flower and grass that grows in the place where the evil spirits gather. It specializes in absorbing bones for food, hence the name corpse flower.

In the Promise Pill technique, there is a record that people who have been infected with the corpse-eating flower poison will accumulate toxins in the pubic pubic area, accelerating the exhaustion of their lives, and ordinary people will die on the spot, while cultivators can last no more than ten days.

And Sikong Yanran in front of him was exactly this situation.

“How do you know?” Si Kongyu was surprised when he heard Darryl’s words!


At the same time, Si Kong Yanran and the four brothers beside him were also watching Darryl closely.

Especially Sikong Yanran, with deep admiration in his eyes! As expected of his idol, he guessed the poison in himself at once!

Darryl smiled slightly: “Of course I know. Not only do I know, but I can detoxify.” To be honest, being caught by them like this is really holding back the fire. If it is normal, it will definitely not help them in reverse.

But feeling Sikong Yanran’s kindness, Darryl couldn’t bear to see her poisoned to death.


Si Kongyu was stunned, and then he was full of urgency: “How to solve?”

“How to solve it, you don’t need to know!” Darryl responded with a smile: “But there is a little trouble, I need to go out to find alchemy materials.”

As he said, Darryl looked at Si Kongyu earnestly: “So, the old man will help me solve the acupuncture points first. I will go out and find a few materials to refine the detoxification pill.”

The Promise Pill technique records a Qingming Pill that can detoxify the corpse flower’s poison, but some of the materials are relatively rare. It is estimated that it will take some time to find it.


Sikongyu had a look of expectation, but when he heard the word’relief acupuncture’, he suddenly became vigilant and sneered: “Darryl, you don’t want to play this trick with me, I know you are working on alchemy. I have great accomplishments, otherwise I would never use the name of selling fake pills to lead you to show up, but…”

As he said, Sikong Yuyufeng turned, his eyes showed a bit of shrewdness: “The antidote to the corpse-eating flower poison was lost thousands of years ago, and no one in the world can refine it, so don’t lie to me. You asked me to help you relieve your acupuncture points, do you want to sneak away?”

When he said this, Si Kongyu looked contemptuous, as if he had seen through Darryl’s tricks.

In order to treat his daughter, Si Kongyu went to many places in the past two days and visited many famous doctors, but he was helpless. More importantly, he just used disgraceful means to catch Darryl, how could he use grievances to repay his virtue and save his daughter?

Therefore, in Si Kongyu’s heart, thinking that Darryl wanted to take the opportunity to escape and go out to find alchemy materials, it was just an excuse.

D*mn! This old man…

Seeing Si Kongyu’s confident face, Darryl wanted to cry without tears. Your kindness is still regarded as a donkey’s liver and lungs.


At this time, Si Kongyu smiled at Sikong and said, “You have seen the idol, so it’s no regrets.”

Immediately, Si Kongyu turned his head towards Darryl and said, “Darryl, I have no other request. Before my daughter leaves, you can stay by her side. When my daughter returns to heaven, I will naturally let you go. .”

D*mn it!

You have said that there is a cure, don’t you believe me, and you want me to stay with your daughter until she dies?

What is the reason for this?

At this moment, Darryl was depressed, he wanted to refute a few words, but he still held back.


At this moment, Sikong Yanran said anxiously: “You let Darryl go!”

“Why?” Si Kongyu was puzzled.

Doesn’t my daughter admire Darryl very much? Now that I caught him, my daughter let him go again?


Sikong Yanran bit her lip tightly and said softly, “He is a famous hero. I can meet him and I am satisfied. I am a dying person, but his admirer and not a friend. How can I He has been with me?”


Hearing this, Si Kongyu groaned, frowning and thinking.

He knew that his daughter was right, he should have caught Darryl himself, and he shouldn’t be allowed to accompany his daughter now, which is even more unreasonable.

However, if Darryl is released, her daughter will no longer see him, isn’t it even more unhappy?

For a time, Si Kongyu fell into entanglement.

Darryl nodded secretly. This old man is overbearing and unreasonable, but his daughter is so sensible.


At this moment, the four brothers who had been silent next to them couldn’t help but mutter.

“What does the little sister mean?”

“Yeah…this Darryl has been caught, why is she still unhappy?”

“Oh… I see, what the little junior sister meant is that she has nothing to do with Darryl, let Darryl accompany her, nameless…”

Under the discussion, Sikongjia suddenly thought of something, his eyes lit up, and she shouted at Sikongyu: “Master, I know what the younger sister means, she wants to marry Darryl!”

When the voice fell, the three Sikongyi all clapped their hands in response.

“Yes, yes, the younger sister became Darryl’s wife, and Darryl has the obligation to stay with her all the time…”

“Master, let’s quickly set up a wedding room for the two of them, let’s have a wedding.”

“Wonderful, this method is wonderful!”

D*mn it!

Upon hearing this, Darryl’s expression changed.

These four stupid guys look forward to their ideas even more, and they can come up with such a trick.


At the same time, Sikong Yanran, who was lying there, was extremely shy, and said anxiously: “You…you all shut up, I… don’t…”

She wanted to say’I don’t want to marry Darryl’, but the respect for Darryl in her heart forced her to swallow the rest of the words.

It is also an honor for me to marry my idol.

But the four brothers just said it casually, it was too shameful.

“it is good!”

At this moment, Si Kongyu groaned and smiled at Sikong: “This is a good way, girl, I will hold your wedding tonight. After the wedding, Darryl will be your man. Naturally, he will be your man. By my side to accompany you…”

When saying this, Si Kongyu approvingly looked at the four apprentices next to him.

These four boys, who talked madly on weekdays, finally came up with a brilliant idea today. Anyway, my daughter is running out of time, so marrying Darryl is not a disadvantage! Although Darryl’s strength is low, he is only a five-stage martial emperor, but he is young and has a lot of room for improvement in the future! At least you can get to the tribulation realm, right? Barely count as an individual talent! It’s okay for his daughter to marry him before she dies.

Chapter 739


Marriage matters, so decided? At this moment, Darryl was dumbfounded, and he wanted to cry without tears.

Who are these people? The apprentice is crazy, and the master is not normal.

I didn’t say a word with this girl, so we are going to get married? This is too random.

“Old sir, listen to me first!”

In the next second, Darryl smiled bitterly at Si Kongyu: “I promised to accompany your daughter. That will only be for a few days. I still have very important things. Besides…getting married, you don’t have to.”

Not to mention what the girl looks like, she is still unfamiliar with her, so she gets married directly, which completely violates her principles.


Si Kongyu frowned and his face was displeased: “Do you think my daughter is not worthy of you? I tell you, if my daughter is not poisoned, she is more beautiful than fairies. If you want to marry, I don’t want her to marry!”

As he said that, Si Kongyu took a deep breath and continued: “Furthermore, my daughter admires you so much. When you are an idol, you can’t live for a few days now, so you will just go for it, can’t you?”

When he said this, Si Kongyu’s eyes were full of love for his daughter!

At the same time, Si Kong Yanran also looked at Darryl quietly, her eyes flickering and her heart trembling faintly.

Darryl refused so simply, did he dislike himself for being ugly?

Thinking about it, Sikong Yanran felt a sense of loneliness and sadness in her heart.


Hearing this, Darryl was very embarrassed, and he was speechless to refute, so he nodded: “Okay! Get married, get married…”

Forget it, this girl is also very pitiful, and she treats herself as a good deed. Just get married when you get married. Anyway, just behave, and you won’t treat her like anything.

Seeing his promise, Sikong Yanran couldn’t express his joy.


The four brothers beside them clapped their hands excitedly.

“Boy, you have a foresight.”

“Yes, being able to marry our little junior sister, dreaming can make you laugh out loud…”

Hearing what they said, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry. What can I be happy about marrying a dying person? Seriously, I had the ability to save her, but this Si Kongyu didn’t believe it, and no one could do anything about it.

Soon, under Si Kongyu’s signal, the four brothers arranged the wedding room enthusiastically. After everything was done, they began to worship the heaven and the earth and enter the bridal chamber. Although the steps were much simpler, the four strange brothers also seemed very lively. .

Finally, after all the ceremonies were over, Si Kongyu and the four brothers all retreated.

For a moment, Darryl and Si Kong Yanran were left in the festive room.

Sikong Yanran was only eighteen years old, and the girl was thin-skinned, and she was very shy and speechless.

Darryl sat aside, feeling very speechless in his heart.

What’s the matter with D*mn?

Inexplicably, there is an extra wife?

After being silent for a while, Sikong Yanran bit his lip lightly and said softly: “Darryl, I’m sorry, my father and my four senior brothers are too foolish, don’t mind.”

Darryl smiled and said it was all right.

Sikong Yanran continued: “Don’t worry, if my father is out tomorrow, I will distract the four seniors, and then you can leave!”

She could tell that Darryl didn’t want to stay here.

Although I admire him and like him, I don’t want to be the slightest restraint to him.

“Thank you!” Feeling her kindness, Darryl felt very touched in his heart, and smiled: “It’s getting late, please rest quickly!”

With that, Darryl sat down and tried to urge his internal strength to open the acupuncture points.

If it is normal, Darryl doesn’t mind staying and accompany his admirer.

But now is a critical period, Raquel is still waiting for herself, can’t stay here and spend time.


Sikong Yanran responded softly, but couldn’t sleep, staring at Darryl closely with his clear eyes.

Since taking Darryl as an idol, Sikong Yanran has imagined how many times he can meet him.

Unexpectedly, not only did we meet today, but we also worshipped and became a pro.

Sikong Yanran knew that Darryl agreed that he didn’t want to make himself sad, he didn’t really want to be a husband and wife with him, but… let him be by his side, even if there is only one day, he would be satisfied!

Unconsciously, half an hour passed.

Darryl was sweating profusely and was very depressed.

I have to say that Si Kongyu’s acupuncture technique is very peculiar. After Darryl tried for so long, the acupuncture points showed no signs of breaking open.


If you can’t open the acupuncture path, you can’t leave.

How can this be done?


Just when Darryl was secretly anxious, Si Kong Yanran said softly: “You are the’retrograde acupuncture technique’ of our Ice Fire Island. You can rush away by urging your internal force in the opposite direction…”

As Si Kongyu’s only dear daughter, Sikong Yanran naturally knew how to relieve her acupuncture points.

It turned out to be like this!

Hearing this, Darryl nodded, and then in accordance with Sikong Yanran’s method, he rushed through the acupoint within an hour.


At this moment, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, unspeakably cheerful.

D*mn finally broke away from the shackles.

Immediately, Darryl looked at Sikong Yanran: “Thank you.”

Sikong smiled lightly and nodded, “You are welcome!”

Immediately, Si Kong asked Yanran curiously: “Darryl, can you tell me your story?”

She has always been curious about how Darryl was so young and achieved today’s achievements. After all, this is not something ordinary people can do.

Darryl smiled, walked to the chair beside the bed and sat down, and slowly said his experience.

Of course, they are all interesting things.

For a moment, Sikong Yanran was amused and giggled.

Darryl felt Sikong Yanran’s kindness and gentleness more and more, and felt very emotional and sympathetic in his heart. Such a good girl, but being poisoned by corpse-eating flowers, is really distressing.

What’s even more regrettable is that he knew the way to save it, but that Si Kongyu didn’t believe it. It’s really speechless.

Unconsciously, Si Kong Yanran fell asleep while Darryl told the story.


Darryl lightly breathed a sigh of relief, stood up and wanted to leave, but after another thought, he dismissed the idea. Since she promised to leave tomorrow, let’s fulfill her promise.

Thinking about it, Darryl was bored and began to look around the room.


After a while, Darryl discovered that there was a small compartment next to it, but inside the compartment were all rare spiritual herbs.

Obviously, these were all Si Kongyu who got them in order to save his daughter.


Darryl looked carefully, and was overjoyed.

These spiritual herbs happen to have corpse-eating flower poison and antidote materials in them. Sure enough, good people are still favored by God.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, picked up the porcelain pot that boiled medicine beside him, and began to refine the pill.

After not much effort, the pill was delivered by the refining department, and Darryl stood by the bed, quietly waiting for Sikong Yanran to wake up.

Chapter 740

In a blink of an eye, the night passed.


The moment Sikong Yanran woke up, she was very moved when she saw Darryl guarding the bed, and she couldn’t help but softly said, “You…you didn’t sleep all night?”

Darryl nodded, his face didn’t matter! At his level, not sleeping all night is nothing at all!

Immediately, Darryl took out the pill and said with a smile: “Come on, take the antidote!”


Sikong Yanran’s delicate body trembled, surprised and delighted: “This pill can detox my corpse-eating flower poison?”

Seeing Darryl nodded, Si Kong Yanran took the medicine and swallowed it without hesitation.


In an instant, Si Kong Yanran felt that a warm current walked from her pubic area all over her body, and her unspeakable spirit of comfort and wilting was much better.

“In your case, even if you take the medicine for understanding, you still need three days of cultivation before you can fully recover, you know?” Darryl said with a smile.

At this time, Darryl felt very relaxed. After healed this girl, he left without regret.


Sikong Yanran nodded obediently, admiring and grateful: “Thank you…”

Bang bang bang…

As he was talking, the door of the room suddenly rang.

Immediately afterwards, I heard the four brothers laughing and shouting outside.

“Little sister, have you and little brother-in-law awakened yet…”

“We’re here to deliver breakfast.”

“Hey, are you still awake…”


Hearing this, Si Kong Yanran couldn’t say so shy.

Darryl was also extremely embarrassed.

These four guys are really speechless.

In the next second, Sikong Yanran slowed down and said calmly: “Where is my father?”

“He went out and said he wanted to find a way to treat you!” Outside the door, Sikongjia responded.

Hearing this, Sikong Yanran frowned. Ben wanted to tell his father that his poison had been solved by Darryl. If my father is not there, I can’t notify him of the good news for the first time.

Thinking about it, Si Kong Yanran said: “Then you come in!”

As soon as the voice fell, the four Sikongjia brothers opened the door and came in with their breakfast.

“Four brothers!”

Seeing them coming in, Sikong Yanran slowly said: “My poison has been solved by Darryl, you let him go!”


Hearing this, the four brothers looked at each other, and they all shook their heads.

Si Kongjia looked resolute: “No, Master said, Darryl will always be with you!”

At the same time, Sikong Yi nodded his head: “Yes, when Master left just now, he explained that no matter what Darryl said, we should not believe it! Let alone let him go…”

“you guys…”

Sikong stomped straight and sweetly: “Don’t you understand what I said? My corpse-eating flower poison has been solved by Darryl. I won’t die, and I don’t need Darryl to accompany me…”

Although I knew the four seniors, they were still irritated by them at this time.

“That won’t work!” Sikongjia looked resolute, shook his head and said: “In short, the master said, no matter what the situation, he can’t let him go!”


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

These four guys are really dead-headed.

At this moment, Sikong Yanran secretly winked at Darryl, and then pretended to be very painful, curled up, and whispered softly: “Oh…”

Darryl understands his mind, and waits for the opportunity to move!

“what’s happenin?”

“Little Junior Sister…”

“Did the toxicity happen?”

The four brothers didn’t know that Sikong Yanran was pretending, they were all taken aback, and they leaned forward one after another, with concerns and worries on their faces!

Bang bang bang….

At this moment, Darryl made a flash of electricity, and he tapped their acupuncture points one after another.


The body froze there, and the four brothers were extremely shocked, staring at Darryl blankly.

Didn’t the master point his acupuncture points last night?

How did he untie it?

“Don’t stare at me like that!”

Darryl smiled and said, “Your acupuncture points will automatically be unlocked after an hour!”

With that said, Darryl gave Sikong Yanran a deep look: “Miss Sikong, I still have something urgent to do, let’s say goodbye.”


Sikong Yanran nodded and said softly, “When I am completely healed, I must thank you for your life-saving grace!”

Darryl laughed and waved his hand: “With a little effort, don’t have to be so troublesome!”

When the voice fell, Darryl strode out.

“Hey, Darryl, don’t run!”

“You are married to my little junior sister, just leave like this, isn’t it too irresponsible!”

When leaving the manor, Darryl could still hear the shouts of the four brothers, but he didn’t feel relieved, but accelerated his speed and rushed towards the direction of the Apocalypse Imperial City.

After delaying one day and one night, I don’t know what happened to Raquel.

Soon, when I arrived at Mingyue Lake, I saw the four Mathew from a distance, talking anxiously there.

Around them, there are ten heavenly kings, as well as two generals.

After Darryl was captured by Si Kongyu, Mateo was too anxious, and after meeting the three of Mathew, he hurriedly sent a signal for help and went to look for Darryl.

“Brother Darryl!”

At this moment, everyone was extremely pleased to see Darryl appearing and unharmed.

When he arrived, Darryl had no time to explain what had happened before, and asked eagerly: “Have you not seen Raquel yet?”


Everyone in Mathew looked at each other, shaking their heads one after another.


Looking at the situation, Raquel must have been unable to get out.

Darryl frowned, indescribably anxious.

“Brother Darryl!”

At this time, Mateo clenched his fists and couldn’t help but said: “Why don’t we just break into the palace, I don’t believe it, we can’t take Miss Ren!”


“Brother Darryl, give the order!”

Several Mathew also agreed, one by one, ready to fight.

Although Darryl didn’t explain the situation, none of them were fools. The imperial city was about to start holding a martial arts contest, and Darryl had been anxious to see Raquel. It was obvious that the two had already established a relationship.

Since it is the woman of Brother Darryl, she must be taken out of the palace anyway.


Darryl shook his head, very resolute: “We can’t be impulsive.”

Emperor Apocalypse recruited so many powerhouses, even if Tianmen grows stronger now, the chance of winning is small.

“What should I do?” Mathew was a little anxious, and glanced at the direction of the imperial city: “I just asked, the martial arts contest will begin tomorrow. Today outside the imperial palace, the registration has already begun. If we don’t do anything, we won’t have a chance. That’s it!”

At the same time, everyone in Mateo looked at Darryl closely, one by one, they couldn’t do it anxiously!


Darryl took a deep breath, looked at the golden palace building under the sun, and said word by word: “It seems that I can only participate in this martial arts contest, there is no other way.”

To be honest, Darryl also wanted to break into the palace and bring Raquel out.

But he knew that this kind of impulse would only bring a heavy price. Maybe I have to die in the palace. So I can only sign up for this martial arts contest.


Brother Darryl is going to participate in the martial arts contest?

For a moment, everyone in Mathew was stunned, looking at Darryl blankly, speechless.

“Okay, you just guard outside the imperial city. If there is an unexpected situation, it is convenient to pick me up!” Darryl quickly explained a few words, after the voice fell, he entered the imperial city directly.


As he approached the gate of the imperial palace, Darryl suddenly sucked in the air when he saw the scene in front of him!

I saw that outside the palace gate, two registration points were specially set up. There were tens of thousands of people in line, almost crowded!

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