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Chapter 741


So many people come to sign up?

Darryl muttered secretly, walked over and took a look, and understood the rules of this martial arts contest.

In this martial arts contest, the weather imperial family established Wenbi and Wubi respectively.

Needless to say, Wubi, as the name suggests, is a competition of cultivation strength. Wen Bi is to test the talents of the contestants, including piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, astronomy and geography, etc.

The Emperor Apocalypse has already planned, when the time comes to choose the champion of Wenbi, and then choose the champion of Wubi. Let her choose who she wants to be the consort. No matter who the daughter chooses, it is a happy event for the Apocalypse Continent. After all, there are so many people who come to participate in the competition. Whether it is the champion of Wenbi or the champion of Wubi, they are all talents!

So many tricks were done in a martial arts contest and recruiting relatives? Muttering in his heart, Darryl was about to step forward to sign up.

“Hey, have you seen Darryl?”

“It’s the Sect Master of Tianmen, have you seen it?”

At this moment, there was a commotion behind him, and Darryl looked back and was immediately stunned, very speechless.

I saw that a hundred meters away, Sikongjia’s four brothers were pulling the people who signed up around them, and constantly asking about their whereabouts.

Not only that, but in the other direction, Si Kongyu also looked sullenly, looking around.

D*mn it!

Why did they find it again?

Didn’t he help Sikong Yanran to detoxify? Why is it endless?

Darryl frowned, shocked and angry in his heart.

Then I thought about it again, Sikong Yanran still needs three days to fully recover, so Sikongyu would not believe her words, believing that he lied to his daughter.

D*mn, who is always pestered by them, can’t participate in the martial arts contest.

More importantly, there are so many royal guards around, they shout and find themselves so, it is easy to call those martial emperor masters in the palace. Avoid them quickly!

Thinking about it, Darryl hurriedly lowered his head to avoid being discovered.


At this moment, he patted Darryl’s shoulder with a hand, very happy, and at the same time, a scent of rouge pollen floated over.

Darryl was taken aback, looked back, and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

It is the four dragons and four phoenixes!

“Quickly, cover me to leave!”

Darryl reacted and quickly gave an order, and then, surrounded by the four dragons and four phoenixes, quickly left the registration point.

A few minutes later, when he arrived at the inn where the four dragons and four phoenixes were resting, Darryl frowned, very depressed.

Of it!

Si Kongyu and his four stupid apprentices were searching for themselves all over the imperial city. In this case, he didn’t even have a chance to sign up.

If you can’t fight, it will recruit the palace guards. What can I do?

Seeing him frowning, Dafeng sat down next to his body and asked softly, “Sect Master, what is so annoying?”

When the voice fell, Dalong couldn’t help but curiously said: “Sect Master, didn’t you say that you want to take the Princess Yueying away? How can the martial arts competition be held as scheduled?”


In a moment, Erlong and several others also looked at Darryl closely. Darryl smiled bitterly, and then spoke out the difficulties he was facing. Anyway, they are also their own, don’t be afraid of them laughing.


After listening to the dragon, he immediately laughed: “It turns out that the lord went to pick up the princess, and was besieged by the palace master. The lord, now Emperor Tianqi, must have thought you fell into the moat and died! Also, the old man Sikongyu was everywhere. If I look for you, I must alarm the Apocalypse Royal Family! If the Emperor Apocalypse knows that you are not dead, the consequences will be disastrous! There is a way for the subordinate to relieve the sovereign’s urgent need!”

As he said, Dalong took out a mask from his body. This mask is as thin as paper, with vivid features.

“Mask?” Darryl frowned.

Dalong smiled mysteriously: “Sect Master, this mask is a big baby. As long as you wear it on your face, you can change your face. Of course, you can’t be looked at your face up close by others. If you look at you up close, you will find that you are wearing a mask.”

Speaking of this, Dalong grinned: “After the lord puts on the mask, he changes his name and participates in the martial arts contest, and others will not recognize you.”

Before being subdued by Darryl, the Four Dragons and Four Phoenix had done a lot of bad things. In order to avoid being hunted down by various forces, they would use this kind of mask to avoid pursuit.

Of course, this side has many flaws, it can’t be touched by water, and it can’t be watched closely by familiar people, otherwise it will be easy to recognize.

Hearing this, Darryl was overjoyed. I can’t wait to let a few big dragons wear masks for themselves.

A few minutes later, Dalong clapped his hands and was very satisfied: “Okay, Sovereign!”

When the voice fell, Dalong handed over a mirror.

After Darryl took the photo, he was very satisfied.

I saw in the mirror, I had a beard on, a bit less frivolous, a bit more calm, and his appearance has changed a lot. Even people who are very familiar cannot recognize him at once. Unless you look up close.


I have to say that although the mask of Dalong is not very delicate, it is also very practical.

Once you have changed your identity, you can take part in the competition with confidence.

“Sect Master, because of the limited duration of this mask material, you need to change a mask at six hours. But six hours is enough for you to complete the game.” Dalong said with a smile.

Darryl nodded, then thought of something, and ordered: “By the way, don’t call me suzerain later, just call me the boss! From now on, my name is Hu Mingyue!”

Since I have to dress up, my name will naturally have to be changed.

Before Raquel met with Mingyue Lake, Darryl turned the three words Mingyue Lake upside down and became his new name.

“Yes, boss!”

When the voice fell, the four dragons and four phoenixes responded in unison.

Darryl stopped talking nonsense and ordered them to stay in the inn, and then went to the registration point alone. When he arrived at the place, Darryl signed up for both Wen Bi and Wu Bi.

To be honest, Darryl’s martial arts is good now, but he is not 100% able to win the championship. Therefore, the text ratio is also reported. There is Pang Tong in Linglong Tower, who is unparalleled in literature, and should be able to get a good ranking.

What made Darryl feel happy was that after changing his face, no one knew him anymore. Darryl saw that there were a lot of people who knew each other at the registration site, and many of them were masters of the sect of Diyuan Continent, but these people didn’t even look at him.

After signing up, Darryl returned to the inn to rest.

Of course, Darryl hadn’t forgotten to inform Mathew and the others, always paying attention to the situation of Mingyue Lake.

If Raquel slips out of the palace tonight, he won’t have to play tomorrow.


The night passed, and Mathew did not move at all.

In the early morning of the next morning, Darryl got up early, and under the service of the four women of Dafeng, after washing and using breakfast, he went out quickly.

Chapter 742

Darryl went all the way to the gate of the imperial palace. From a distance, he saw the royal notice posted on the bulletin board. Darryl followed the crowd to look at it and saw the rules of the game clearly written on it.

Taking into account that some contestants have reported both civil and martial arts competitions at the same time, the Wenbi and Wubi competitions were held separately.

In the morning it is Wubi and in the afternoon it is Wenbi.

The Wenbi and Wubi models are both eliminated and selected. The first day is the audition, and in the following three days, through layers of screening, can we enter the final finals.

Seeing the rules clearly, Darryl quickly rushed to the scene of the competition. Jiuyang Altar!

The Jiuyang Altar was the place used by Emperor Tianqi when he ascended the throne. It is now designated as the venue for the competition. At this time, Jiuyangtan was divided into two, and the Wenbi area and the Wubi area were established.


As soon as he arrived at the place, Darryl couldn’t help but sucked in the air-conditioning, suddenly dumbfounded.

I saw that the Jiuyang Altar where the competition was held was already crowded.

Princess Yueying’s contest to recruit relatives has already caused a huge sensation in the imperial city. Today is the first day of the game, and almost all the people in the imperial city have arrived.

At the entrance of the Jiuyang Altar, you could see nearly a thousand imperial forest troops standing there neatly in two rows, with bright armors, and from a distance, they looked solemn and solemn! In front of these imperial forest troops, stood a man in a gorgeous costume, showing his dignity.

It is Clint!

Yes, the deputy chief examiner of this competition recruiting relatives is Clint. The chief examiner is Xing Yao.

Over the years, Clint, with his cleverness and talent, has made steady progress in his official career. From the previous supervising army to the current governor commander, he is a high-ranking official. It can be said that he has a high authority.

Because he was able to talk and observe words and colors, Clint was very appreciated by Emperor Tianqi, and Xing Yao and him were in charge of this martial arts contest.


At this moment, Darryl’s face changed slightly, and his heart was frightened and sighed.

Darryl couldn’t forget how Clint framed himself back then, he was a brother, but Clint didn’t care about brotherhood at all, and kept pushing himself to death.

I haven’t seen him for so many years. I didn’t expect him to receive retribution. Instead, he lived so much in Apocalypse Continent. Not only did he become a senior official, he was also the deputy chief examiner of this martial arts contest.

Thinking about it, Darrylang suppressed his anger without showing it on his face.


When Darryl followed many contestants and passed by Clint, seeing that he did not recognize himself, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

At the same time, Darryl was still a little puzzled. Strangely, I fell into the moat at the time, why didn’t the imperial family be quiet?

Think you are drowned?

If this is the case, the weather and the royal family have not let out the wind…

At this time, Darryl didn’t know, after the Emperor Tianqi thought he was dead, he ordered the palace to block the news.

After all, the imperial family wanted to successfully hold the martial-arts recruiting conference, and did not want to be extravagant. If Darryl’s death was passed on, Tianmen would come to take revenge. Even if the Apocalypse royal family was not afraid, it would also affect the smooth holding of the martial-arts recruiting conference.

Following the crowd into the Nine Suns Altar, Darryl was taken aback again!

Just to the north of the Jiuyang Temple, a new white marble platform was built, and a dragon chair was placed in the center of the platform. On the dragon chair, Emperor Tianqi was sitting there quietly!

Beside the Emperor Tianqi, sitting the queen, and many princes and princesses!

After all, it was the first time for a princess to hold a marriage invitation conference. The masters of the nine continents came, and the Emperor of the Apocalypse took it very seriously, so when the audition began, he was there to watch the game.


When the enemy meets, they are extremely jealous.

Seeing Emperor Tianqi, Darryl secretly clenched his fists, forcibly suppressing the anger in his heart.


This Emperor of the Apocalypse, before killing his mentor Nangong Jue, now forcibly dismantled himself and Raquel.

New and old hatreds will be reported one day!

However, in the next second, Darryl’s gaze was tightly locked on a s3xy figure. Wearing a golden princess dress and exquisite gold headwear, she is indescribably noble and charming, especially her hot figure, perfect and impeccable.

It is Raquel!

However, it was completely different from the beaming atmosphere of everyone around him, Raquel sat there blankly, lost her soul, and looked lonely and pitiful!

Since learning that Darryl had died, Raquel was discouraged and committed suicide several times, but was discovered in time.

Today, when ordered to watch the game together, Raquel felt uncomfortable. She seemed to be sitting there, but she didn’t even look at the contestants in front of her. Darryl was all in her mind.

The one I love is dead, and I have no meaning to live.

It doesn’t matter who is a consort.


At this moment, Darryl wanted to rush forward, but held back.

He clearly saw that after only two days of absence, Raquel had lost a lot of weight, and his energy was also sluggish.

Darryl felt extremely distressed and tried to calm his mood. After looking around, he saw many familiar figures.

Ye Wentian of the Wudang Sect, the elders of the Tianshan Sect, and other elite disciples of the sect… They all came to participate in the Wubi Sea Election.

Especially this Ye Wentian. Ten years ago, he was the leader of the younger generation of Wudang faction, and now he is the candidate for the next generation of Wudang head. The strength has also reached the realm of the Second Duan Wuhuang, and the future is unlimited.

There are so many acquaintances!

Muttering in his heart, Darryl’s eyes flashed, and his face suddenly became cold.


Why did he come…

I saw a figure proudly standing in the crowd on the opposite side with a confident and arrogant face.

It is the deputy head of Mingjiao, Lu Jiechen!

Seeing him, Darryl frowned and was very surprised.

This Lu Jiechen was seriously injured by himself ten years ago? Not only are you alive and well, but have you also come to participate in the martial arts contest?

Surprised, Darryl couldn’t help but looked at a figure beside Lu Jiechen.

It was a graceful young man, but his whole body was filled with a young and mature aura.

It is Gary!

Is this kid too?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl’s expression changed, and his mood suddenly fell to the extreme!

In Lu Bu’s tomb before, it was this kid who helped Elisa deal with himself. At that time, he thought he was the son of Elisa and Hao Jian, but he did not expect that he was actually a disciple of Mingjiao.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that the boy in front of him was his own son.

Lu Jiechen didn’t notice Darryl’s gaze, and stood there, feeling the strength of the competitors around him, showing a sneer of disdain.

No one is his opponent in these competitions!

Wubi’s number one is none other than himself!


At this time, Gary smiled and said, “You must get the first place, and marry your auntie to Huiming religion.”

Two months ago, Gary had snatched the panacea from Ren Feifei at the alchemy conference and completely cured Lu Jiechen’s old wounds. After completely regaining his internal strength, Lu Jiechen rekindled his fighting spirit and immediately came to participate when he learned that the weather royal family had held a martial arts contest to recruit relatives.

Gary especially hopes that Master can win and marry his aunt successfully. You know, in Gary’s heart, Raquel is a particularly important person. At the beginning, there was no aunt, and he had been killed by Emperor Tianqi long ago.

Chapter 743

“Haha…” Lu Jiechen smiled confidently, and nodded to Gary: “Apprentice, don’t worry, you are determined to be a teacher, and you must marry your aunt back.”

Lu Jiechen had seen countless beauties in his life, but this Raquel was really unique. As a princess, this woman has an aristocratic atmosphere, coupled with her hot body, it is simply perfect. If you can marry this woman, you will be blessed for the rest of your life. Coupled with the current Mingjiao, it has made a comeback. If you can marry Princess Yueying, Mingjiao will surely return to its former glory.

At this time, all the contestants have arrived.

Around the Jiuyang Altar, many people gathered, and many people were whispering and extremely excited!

After all, this competition for martial arts is more than a literary invitation. It is difficult for ordinary people like them to meet once in a lifetime, and the people are talking about it.

“There are so many masters in the world.”

“Yeah, so many people, I don’t know who will be the concierge in the end…”

At this moment, Emperor Tianqi nodded at Clint.

“Wubi sea election, start now!” Clint took a deep breath and said loudly!

When the voice fell, Darryl and the other tens of thousands of contestants were quickly divided into dozens of groups and began to test their strength.

I saw that there were a dozen white marbles neatly placed in the field! Each of these white jade stones weighs a ton.

The audition test is very simple, that is, contestants are required to pick up these white marbles.

These white jade stones are natural for ordinary people, but for cultivators, as long as they reach the martial sage realm, they can move them.

Under normal circumstances, a piece of Wusheng can lift a piece of white marble, and the standard for passing the audition is three pieces. That is to say, the contestant must be at least three pieces of Wusheng to pass the audition.

San Duan Wu Sheng can pass the audition.

It’s completely easy.

Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a smile!

Soon, the first group of contestants slowly walked towards the white marble in the field.

“Wow! Lift it up!”


In a short time, many contestants were seen lifting up the white marble, which aroused the exclamation of everyone around.

Of course, few can pass the audition test. Although there are a lot of participants, there are tens of thousands of people, but there are only more than 1,000 people who have more than Sandan Wusheng.


At this moment, the crowd broke out in exclamation.

“Fcuk, this man raised eight yuan.”

“Raise eight yuan? God, what kind of strength does this have?”

There was a sound of discussion, and Darryl followed the eyes of others and saw a handsome figure in the field, easily lifting eight white marbles with a casual look.

It is Ye Wentian!

“Ye Wentian, Second Duan Wuhuang, passed the audition.” The tester next to him spoke in awe.

This kid turned out to be Er Duan Wuhuang. It is indeed a rising star of the Wudang school.

Darryl whispered secretly, but he didn’t take it to heart. This Ye Wentian is also considered a talent, but when he meets himself, he is considered unlucky.

Just thinking about it, the crowd around him again caused a commotion.

Seeing Lu Jiechen slowly entering the field.

“Vice-master of Mingjiao.”

“He also came to participate…”

Ten years ago, Lu Jiechen was a well-known figure. People in the arena were called evil monarchs, powerful and both righteous and evil.

Despite the silence for so many years, he was recognized by many people when he played.

Under the exclamation of everyone, Lu Jiechen with a smile on his face, using his internal strength, suddenly lifted twelve white marbles.


Seeing this scene, many people around couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

“Fcuk, twelve yuan…”

“This should be the one that lifts the most rocks in all competitions…”

“Still need to say? They are the vice-master of Mingjiao…”

Exclamation kept coming, and the tester next to him trembled with excitement: “Lu Jiechen, the fourth level of Wuhuang strength, all…pass!”

The voice fell, and the audience was silent!

Four Duan Wuhuang!

It can be said that it is a superb existence on the rivers and lakes.

Feeling the shock of everyone around him, Lu Jiechen showed a faint smile, and walked straight on.


Emperor Tianqi nodded in satisfaction and smiled: “The sea elections are so exciting, not bad, especially this Lu Jiechen, with such a powerful strength and extraordinary momentum, I am very optimistic about him…”

With that, Emperor Tianqi turned his head towards Raquel and said, “Yueying, what do you think?”

Today, there are so many masters in the world, and one who jumps out at random is better than Darryl.

Raquel smiled bitterly and said nothing.

Of course, Lu Jiechen is no stranger to her, the vice-master of Mingjiao, who is known as the evil emperor in the arena, and he and Lu Lingshan’s birthday banquet were also attended by himself with Xing Yao. Witnessing Darryl’s blood to wash Mingjiao!

What I love is Darryl. No matter if Wu Bi is Lu Jiechen or someone else, he would rather die than marry them.


This Lu Jiechen not only healed his injury, but also improved his strength a lot. Darryl could feel that this Lu Jiechen’s strength was about to be the fifth emperor of Wu Duan!

However, Darryl didn’t care about it either. If you really want to meet Lu Jiechen in the next game, he will never show mercy.

Soon, it was Darryl’s turn to play.


When he reached the pile of white marbles, Darryl exhaled secretly, acting reluctantly, and picked up three white marbles.

Yes, Darryl deliberately concealed his strength, and before he came, he also took a’guixu pill! ‘

The Guixu Pill can hide the breath of the cultivator and conceal the true strength. It was used when Darryl went to the Xuanye Continent to serve as bodyguards for the two young ladies of the Fang family.

Since Darryl had put on a mask and changed his identity, it was necessary to hide his strength in the early game. After all, Wudan Wuhuang’s strength is too eye-catching.

“Hu Mingyue, the third martial sage, pass.” The tester spoke lightly, without even looking at Darryl.

San Duan Wusheng only passed the sea election standard. There are so many people with this kind of strength that it is not worthy of attention at all.

Darryl smiled and retreated directly.

To be honest, with Darryl’s strength, fifteen yuan is not a problem. But since the name changed and the surname changed the identity, it shouldn’t be too ostentatious.

Half an hour later, the results of the Wubi sea election came out.

Nearly 50,000 people participated in the audition, and only more than 1,200 people passed in the end, and Darryl’s test score was the bottom.

And the number one was Lu Jiechen.

For a while, after the Wubi sea election, the entire imperial city was discussing Lu Jiechen. Mingjiao’s deputy leader, mature and stable, and strong, this time the martial arts contest recruiting relatives is very likely to become the first place in Wu Bi.

In addition to Lu Jiechen, there were several people who became the objects of everyone’s attention.

Ye Wentian is one of them.

Ip Wentian, the young head of Wudang, handsome and stylish, chic and suave, and Princess Yueying are the best match, it is a match made in heaven.

“Hehe…” At this moment, Darryl laughed at the public opinion outside in the hotel room.

It just passed the audition. The real game hasn’t started yet. When he entered the finals, he had to let everyone in the world know that he was Raquel’s man. Raquel, no one can take her away!

Thinking about it, Darryl closed his eyes to rest his mind and rested for a while.

I’m going to participate in the Wenbi Sea Election in the afternoon. In the afternoon, we must also be promoted.

Chapter 744


As a result, Darryl was resting when he heard a commotion on the first floor of the inn.

“Wow, so handsome, so handsome!”

“There are still so many subordinates following, which family’s son-in-law is this? So stylish…”

There was a scream of girls, and Darryl suddenly became a little upset.

“Dalong, what’s the situation below?” Darryl couldn’t help asking.

Dalong walked in quickly and respectfully said: “Boss, it seems that it is the son of a big family, who is going to participate in the Wen Bi sea election in the afternoon…”

Who, such a big show?

Darryl frowned and walked out.

When I got outside, I saw the four sisters, Dafeng and Erfeng, also standing there like nympho.

Darryl followed their gazes and saw a person sitting at the table on the first floor, slowly sipping tea.

A white silk gown, showing extraordinary temperament, with sharp facial features, a handsome man. Behind this beautiful man, a dozen big men stood quietly, all dressed up in black. Obviously his bodyguard.

“The eldest son of the Dugu family, Dugu Jiu.”

The Dugu Family is a very prominent cultivating family in the Central Yuan Continent. It is quite famous among the rivers and lakes of the Central Yuan Continent, and this Dugu Jiu is the eldest young master of the Dugu Family.

I have to say that this Dugu Jiu not only looks handsome, but also has a more extraordinary manner and conversation. Facing so many fans around him, he smiles and shows a kind of free and easy manner.

Anyone who is familiar with Dugu Jiu knows that this young master Dugu is a well-known talent, who is good at piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.

Now that I came to participate in Wenbi, I was naturally aiming for the first place.


“Really handsome…”

Feeling Dugu Jiu’s smile, some of the women around him suddenly fell into the common sense and kept screaming.


Seeing this scene, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems that there are quite a few opponents in this martial arts contest.

Darryl could see that this Dugu Jiu came to the inn for a temporary rest, so he didn’t watch the excitement anymore and returned to the room to continue to rest.

in the afternoon!

Wenbi sea election arena.

Around the arena, watching the lively people, there was a crowd of people in circles, but the scene was quiet. After all, it is Biwen, Biwen, and needs a quiet environment. Therefore, the people consciously did not make a sound.

Thousands of seats for examinations were set up in the square, all available with pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

Although the audience was quiet, their enthusiasm was not diminished. Moreover, most of the people who watched Wen Bi’s audition this time were young women.

Beautiful women love talents, no matter which dynasty they are, they are the same.

Of course, so many young women come to see Dugu Jiu.

Darryl entered the arena, and after being arranged to sit in a position, he raised his eyes to look at the direction of True North. As in the morning, Emperor Tianqi was carrying the royal family members, a lot of them, sitting on the high platform. Raquel was also there, still absent-minded.


At this moment, women’s screams erupted from the surrounding viewing seats.

“Master Dugu!”

“So handsome…”

Just saw a handsome figure, slowly entering the arena, it was Du Gu Jiu that Darryl had seen at noon.

I have to say that this Dugu Jiu has an extraordinary temperament. Not only the surrounding audience, but even the Emperor Apocalypse sitting on the throne showed some appreciation.

In this martial arts contest, so many young talents have come, and this Dugu Jiu seems to have a bit of a talented temperament.

Thinking about it, Emperor Tianqi nodded at Clint next to him.

Clint suddenly understood, stepped forward slowly, and said loudly: “Everyone, today’s Wen Bi Haixuan is for you to write an article. Choose the topic yourself, astronomy, geography, piano, chess, calligraphy, or ranking. How to govern the world, etc…. Just write what you are good at!”

After speaking, Clint looked around and smiled: “Those who have excellent literary talents can pass the audition…”

As the voice fell, all the contestants present frowned in contemplation.

D*mn it.

This is a bit similar to the ancient imperial examination.

At this moment, Darryl muttered secretly in his heart, a little crying and laughing! Writing essays is okay, but this kind of archaic essays, I’m not good at it.


Tangled, Darryl suddenly thought of something, his eyes lit up, and he ordered Pang Tong in the Linglong Tower: “Pang Tong, can you write this kind of article?”


Pang Tong smiled, very relaxed: “Master, don’t worry, this kind of thing is a piece of cake for me.”

As a famous adviser in the Three Kingdoms period, and a figure of the same fame as Zhuge Kongming, a small article is nothing to say.

Pang Tong pondered and said: “Let’s write an article on how to rank the formation.”


Darryl nodded, and then commanded: “By the way, literary talents are generally fine, and you can pass the audition. You don’t need to do too well!”


The Emperor Apocalypse is watching from above, not too ostentatious. If the article is written too well, and the Emperor Apocalypse pays attention, he may be exposed.

“Got it, master!”

Pang Tong responded, thought for a while, and then spoke out the article. Pang Tong said one sentence and Darryl wrote one.


Just halfway through the writing, I heard another scream from the surroundings.

“Princess Dugu handed in the paper!”

“I handed in the paper so soon, I deserve to be a famous talent…”

Under the admiration, the many women in the surrounding viewing seats were full of admiration.

Darryl looked up and saw that Dugu Jiu stood up and had already handed in his own essay, and everyone around him was still thinking and writing hard.

“The literary talent is great, wonderful!” The examiner next to him, as a result, Dugujiu’s article was very amazed.

Immediately, he hurriedly handed it to Clint, and Clint did not dare to neglect, and directly handed it to Emperor Tianqi.


After taking a look, Emperor Longyan Dayue of Apocalypse repeatedly admired: “It really is a good article.”

Clint, who was next to him, hurriedly yelled: “Dugu Jiu, the first one to hand in the paper, the selection of writing is passed!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Dugu Jiu bowed his hands respectfully at the Emperor Tianqi, and left the scene unhurriedly.

In a moment, many women around couldn’t help whispering and praising.

“The first submission, and was praised by His Majesty…”

“From then on to Wen Bi, Master Dugu will definitely look down upon the talents…”

“Only such a peerless talent can be worthy of a beautiful princess…”

Ha ha!

Hearing the discussion, Darryl sneered in disdain.

Even if this Dugu Jiu is indeed talented, it is still unknown whether he can get the first place in Wen Bi.

After all, he had the’Mr. Darryl Young’ Pang Tong secretly helping him.

After a while, many people around began to hand in their papers, and Darryl followed and turned in his own article.


Not as expected by Darryl, even though Pang Tong wrote casually, he easily passed the audition.

Chapter 745


Darryl was delighted, Wu Bi and Wen Bi’s audition, he passed, and waited for tomorrow to be the match. When leaving the audition arena, Darryl glanced back, and Raquel, who was sitting on the high platform, couldn’t wait.

Raquel, wait for me for three days.

After three days, I will definitely advance to the finals.

Immediately, Darryl was about to return to the inn to join the four dragons and four phoenixes. At this moment, a person hurriedly came out of the venue and directly hit Darryl.


D*mn, the exit of the playing field is so fast, this can be hit, why is this person in a hurry to go?

Darryl was very depressed, and at the same time, he was still a little puzzled.

It’s so soft, what happened to me just now…

In the next second, Darryl was stunned when he saw the person in front of him.

This person has a pure white face, a light yellow gown, and a scholar dress. He is obviously a contestant participating in the Wen Bi audition. However, when he thought of the soft touch when he smashed into each other just now, Darryl suddenly understood something.

Disguise as a man! Yes, Darryl can be sure that this person is a woman disguised as a man!

At this moment, Darryl was confused, a woman, dressed as a man, came to participate in Wen Bi? Even if she wins the championship, can she still marry Raquel?

“How did you walk?” In the end, before Darryl could speak, the other party spoke first, looking very unhappy.


You hit me and said I can’t walk?

Darryl frowned, unable to laugh or cry.

This woman is called Sheri Ye, the eldest lady of the famous Sword Villa in the Yellow Sea Continent!

Famous Sword Villa is well-known for its casting weapons. It has been passed down for more than a thousand years. It has a very high reputation among the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea mainland.

Sheri is the daughter of the owner of the famous Sword Villa. She is talented and not only has extremely high talent in cultivation, she is also a famous talented woman. Sheri wanted to travel the rivers and lakes for a long time. This time he learned that the Apocalypse Royal Family held a martial arts contest and recruited their relatives. He immediately joined in. While he wanted to get acquainted with the heroes of the world, he also planned to take this opportunity to show off his talents and learning. She came to attend the recruitment meeting purely to prove that she is more talented than a man.

After handing in the papers just now, Sheri passed the Wen Bi sea election and was very happy. He was about to return to the inn, but he didn’t know that he had collided with Darryl.

Sheri was very angry. The person in front of him looked ordinary, but his eyes were so rude. It was rude to keep staring at him up and down.


Sheri was very displeased, and said angrily: “Don’t say a word when you hit someone? Isn’t there any rules?”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and then looked at her with a smile: “Interestingly, you hit me, why should I apologize to you?”

A woman disguised as a man to participate in the Wen Bi sea election, she was quite courageous, and she was so coquettish and unreasonable, she was the eldest lady of which family.

“You!” Sheri was not light, with a proud face: “Don’t apologize, okay, next time you be careful with me, it’s better not to touch me!”

It’s really hateful, the eldest lady of her own dignified Sword Villa, who is not polite to see herself.

If it weren’t for not wanting to reveal his identity, I really want to teach this rude person a good lesson.

In Sheri’s heart, the Darryl in front of him was ordinary in appearance and average strength, and there was no need to entangle him at all.


Threatening me?

Seeing Sheri’s angrily, Darryl laughed inwardly, playing with the taste: “Even if you meet again next time, what can you do to me? On the contrary, it is you, who is obviously a pretty girl, but you want to pretend to be a weak scholar? Why? Do you still want to marry a princess?”

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to quarrel with her, but the audition has passed, and it is fine for the time being, so he wants to tease her.

Darryl was very curious about who the woman in front of him was, who was so bold that she would pretend to be a man and participate in the martial arts contest of the Apocalypse Royal Family. Are you not afraid of being decapitated when your identity is exposed?


Sheri’s delicate body trembled and looked at Darryl tightly, unbelievable. How does he know that he is a woman?

From the time I signed up till now, no one can tell…

In the next second, seeing Darryl looking at himself with a smile, Sheri realized something in an instant, and his face turned red all of a sudden.


I ran into him just now, he…he should have felt…

Thinking about it, Sheri was even more shy, blushing like a ripe apple, she couldn’t help feeling a little panicked.


Seeing her face change, Darryl said with a smile, “Do you still want to be true to me? This time, the main purpose of the martial arts contest is to choose a horse for Princess Yueying. You said, if the Apocalypse royal family knew that someone was disguised as a man, what would it be? What about the reaction?”


Sheri’s face flushed, and he was very embarrassed and speechless.

In the next second, Sheri stretched out his hand to hold Darryl, walked to a corner of no one, bit his lip and said softly: “Forget it, I was wrong just now, this matter is over, you must not say it. , Can you keep it secret for me?”

When she said this, Sheri’s eyes were filled with expectation.

Seriously, begging to Darryl, Sheri felt 10,000 reluctance in her heart. She is a delicate and noble Miss Sword Villa. When did she ever subdue to others?

But no way.

It’s really a violation of the rules to pretend to be a woman in a man’s way.

That would be great.

Darryl showed a slight smile and said slowly: “We are not familiar with each other, why should I help you keep it secret?”

Let you be mad at me, regret it now.

Sheri was in a hurry and pulled Darryl’s sleeves: “Even if I beg you? Don’t tell me.”

I just passed the audition, it would be a pity if I gave up.

After all, with his own talents, he is fully capable of entering the finals.

Darryl smiled without saying a word.

Sheri was completely panicked, biting his lip and said: “In this way, there will be a dinner party at the Governor General’s Mansion in the evening. I have an invitation letter. I will take you there with me.”

With that said, Sheri looked at Darryl and continued: “This Governor General is the celebrity in front of Emperor Apocalypse. Therefore, all those who attend this dinner are all the characters with faces and faces among the contestants.

Sheri bit her lip tightly, this is already his last bottom line, if this person bites again, he can only tear his face. The person in front of him looked like an ordinary person with no background, and being able to participate in the dinner party at the Governor General’s Mansion with him was regarded as a high incense for his ancestors.

Dinner at the Governor’s Mansion?

Hearing this, Darryl thought for a while, nodded and said: “Seeing you are so sincere, then I will reluctantly, and I will come with you in the evening.”

It was just a bump, there was no need to feel sorry for her.

More importantly, this governor was a celebrity in front of Emperor Apocalypse, and he might be able to detect some information about Raquel from his mouth.

At this moment Darryl didn’t know that this Governor General was Clint!

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