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Chapter 76

But she saw that Darryl had already begun to undress, lying directly on the sofa.

“You…” Elisa glared at him, forget it, he was sleeping on the sofa anyway.

And Darryl on the sofa also took out his mobile phone at this time. There is a reason to sleep here.

It’s so late, if she goes home by herself, Lily can’t sleep well again, and she bothers Alexandra and wants to listen to her nagging.

After a while, Elisa walked out again, and then pointed to the sofa: “You will sleep here tonight. Honestly, don’t run around.”

After finishing these words calmly, Elisa walked quickly to the bedroom.

After a while, she came out with her clothes and walked into the bathroom.

When he was about to close the door, Elisa was almost worried and glanced at Darryl.

Before she could speak, Darryl laughed: “Don’t worry, I won’t peek.”

Elisa flushed and closed the door, her heartbeat speeding up inexplicably.

Soon, there was a splash of water in the bathroom.

The decoration of her home is European style, and the bathroom door is frosted glass. Although I can’t see what’s inside, from Darryl’s perspective, I can see Elisa’s fuzzy outline inside.

Darryl could clearly see every movement of Elisa under the water in the bathroom.


Thinking about it, I couldn’t help but swallowed secretly.

Unexpectedly, sleeping here would have such benefits. Sighing in my heart, suddenly the phone vibrated.

It was another message from Bessie.

After turning on the phone, Darryl was stunned.

There are seventy or eighty news! It was all sent by Bessie!

From the afternoon to the present, it is posted almost every half an hour. The content inside is basically “Are you there?” ”Darryl, what are you doing? ‘some type of.

Is there something urgent to find me in such a hurry?

Darryl whispered and called her.

At this moment.


Bessie, who was wearing pajamas, saw the phone ring, a flash of joy flashed on his face, and his heartbeat speeded up inexplicably.

After looking for him for so long, I finally got back news.

In fact, there is nothing important to find him.

Since being misunderstood by his father, he would have thought of Darryl when he was fine. The thought of being misunderstood made Bessie shy.

And today I suddenly wanted to chat with him. I don’t know, he didn’t reply until so late.

However, Bessie was not angry at all, but rather a little excited.

After answering the phone, I heard Darryl say: “What’s the matter, is there something urgent?”

Is he worried about himself? Bessie bit her lip and couldn’t hide her joy: “It’s okay, I just want to know what you are doing.”

All right?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned.

Seventy to eighty messages have been sent from the afternoon to now. Does this seem to be all right?

Darryl said with a smile, “Hey, don’t you miss me?”


On the other side of the phone, Bessie’s face suddenly turned red, and her tone was obviously a little unnatural: “I…what do I want you to do?”

Feeling the shyness in Bessie’s tone, Darryl was inexplicably refreshed, but suddenly remembered an important thing, and then changed his mind: “By the way, your Xiao family is a family of antiques. Have you collected any ancient books? Weapon?”

The Blood Drinking Sword was upgraded today for no reason, which made Darryl wonder whether the Blood Drinking Sword was a junk weapon or a good weapon.

“It should be in my father’s study.” Bessie thought for a while and replied, “I’ll find it for you.”

While talking, I heard the voice of Bessie coming downstairs on the phone.

Within two minutes, Bessie said shyly: “I found a copy, do you want to get it now?”

The tone was filled with anxiety and tension.

After speaking, her face flushed faintly again.

How did it feel that I asked Darryl so as if I was out on a date with him in the middle of the night.

Darryl waved his hand and said, “No, I will go to you tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Bessie felt a little disappointed, and said softly, “Well then. I will wait for your call tomorrow.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone. At this moment, Elisa also came out of the bathroom.

Although she wore a conservative pajamas, she still couldn’t conceal the s3xy curve.

She wore long hair, draped wet on her shoulders. Because of her fresh shower, her delicate face was flushed with a hint of flushing, which was indescribably charming.

Darryl’s eyes straightened, and he finally understood why the ancients would say’beautiful and delicious’.

His face was hot by Darryl’s stare, Elisa glared at him, and forcibly calmed down: “Why haven’t you slept yet.”

Darryl smiled: “I’m waiting for you to help me identify the sword.”

While talking, Darryl took out the Blood Drinking Sword from his body.

Under the dim light of the living room, the bloody sword circulated a strange blood halo, and the long dragon carved on the sword was extremely domineering!

Seeing this sword, Elisa’s eyes lit up, and he subconsciously walked over.

As the captain of the police station, Senior Sister Emei, Elisa can be sure that this sword is definitely not a red-rank weapon. The sword is three feet two inches long, and the red dragon carved on it is lifelike!

Definitely a good sword!

Elisa took a step forward, but at this moment, he happened to see Darryl’s eyes.

Is looking at himself up and down.

Elisa blushed suddenly: “I am tired today, let’s go another day.”

This dead Darryl, knowing that I was wearing pajamas, deliberately led me over.

It’s really not serious!

Thinking of this, Elisa felt even more shy, no longer said more, turned around and hurriedly walked into the bedroom, and then easily locked the door.

Hearing Elisa locked the bedroom door, Darryl was disappointed and funny again.

As expected to be the captain of the criminal investigation team, he was still very vigilant at critical times.

With a whisper, when sleepiness struck, Darryl yawned and lay on the sofa, closing his eyes.

Recently, Donghae City is very unstable and many major events have happened.

The most sensational is Dafeng Real Estate Company, which was formally established.

No one knows who the boss of Dafeng Real Estate is. Everyone knows that the boss of this company is not simple, and has a close relationship with Ziyu Company. Not only that, but also has a very close relationship with Black Tiger Group and Yashi Cosmetics.

All fools know that this gale real estate has great absolute potential.

Today is the opening ceremony of Dafeng Real Estate. The square in front is filled with balloons and parked full of luxury cars. Today, the company opened almost all celebrities from all walks of life in Donghai City, and some people with good looks, all came.

After all, when this new company is established, everyone wants to get to know each other. As the saying goes, there are many ways to have one more friend. In the upper class, this sentence is absolutely true. From a distance, the people who came here were all in suits and leather shoes, either from famous families, from social partners, or from businessmen.

Even the media were alarmed a lot.

At the ceremony, the most eye-catching was of course the general manager Carol.

Carol is wearing a burgundy long dress today, which is charming and s3xy without losing the dignified atmosphere.

I have to say that where beautiful women are the focus. Many people are looking at Carol’s figure consciously or unconsciously, and Carol is not only beautiful, but today is among the many celebrities in the business world. With her witty eloquence, and clever mind, she is even more comfortable with both sides.

Less than an hour after the ceremony began, Dafeng Real Estate Company announced that it had successively won several good plots around Donghai City for commercial development, and invested billions of dollars!

For a time, the media rushed to report, and the entire Donghai City was a sensation.

Since its establishment, it has obtained such good resources with the momentum of thunder, which is unique in the real estate industry in Donghai City.

Therefore, Dafeng Real Estate Co., Ltd. has become a leading enterprise in the local industry in Donghai City in less than half a day.

And Carol, the general manager, instantly became a man of the world.

A reporter from Donghai TV came to interview Carol and gave her an exclusive interview.

It’s not easy for this woman to win so many resources.

Almost everyone who has seen Carol thought so in their hearts.

But who knows that those pieces of land were all arranged by Darryl.

But no one knew that Darryl was the boss of this company. Everyone wanted to curry favor with Carol, and for a while, the name Carol was completely famous in Donghai City.

Not only was regarded as a goddess, but also regarded as the first strong woman in Donghae City. Many family princes threatened to pursue her.

Chapter 77

The weather in Donghai City is strange, perhaps due to the influence of the coast, it is hot during the day and cold at night.

But there is one place, even if it is very hot, there are many people.

Ancient rhyme pavilion.

That’s right, there is a street stall at the door of Gu Yun Pavilion. They are all selling antiques, and many antique lovers gather here, hoping to pick up the leaks. If you find a leak, you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life.

In front of a few stalls, the customers and the stall owners were arguing with each other.

There was a sound of engine noise, and Darryl stopped the car. He glanced at the stall, made sure there was nothing good, and went straight upstairs. Bessie had been waiting there for a long time when he arrived at the Gu Yun attic.

Seeing him coming, Bessie stepped up on high heels and asked with a smile, “Why do you suddenly want to read books on weapons like this?”

Bessie was very strange. In the antiques industry, antiques of weapons were relatively unpopular. Darryl studied what they were doing.

Darryl smiled: “It’s nothing, it’s just that I’m suddenly interested in ancient weapons recently.”

Bessie let out a cry, bit her lower lip, and whispered: “What my dad said that day was a bit too much, don’t care.”

Before he finished speaking, Bessie’s face was flushed.

Shy to mention that. The three women were tied up, and Darryl stood in front of him. It was true that anyone who saw this picture would have a misunderstanding.

Darryl looked indifferent: “It’s okay, I didn’t care about it.”

After that, Darryl asked smoothly: “Uncle Xiao doesn’t misunderstand now, right?”

Bessie opened her red lips slightly, and suddenly felt uncomfortable thinking of what his father said.

Father said, you can be with Darryl, but he must divorce Lily, and cannot be involved with other women…

At the moment these words echoed in his ears, Bessie only felt that his face was so hot. The heartbeat is getting stronger.

You… won’t you really like Shang Darryl, right?

Enduring the mess in his mind, Bessie whispered: “My dad doesn’t misunderstand, I have explained it clearly.”

Darryl smiled and asked: “How did you explain it?”

“I… I just tell the truth.”

At this time, Bessie was nervous, she was just a shy little girl, unspeakably charming.

Haha, I didn’t expect Bessie’s shy appearance to be so beautiful.

Darryl laughed, and wanted to continue teasing a few words, Yu Guang, seeing the person next to him, gave up his thoughts.

what’s the situation?

What happened between the young lady and this Darryl? Why does the young lady seem to be a different person today?

At this time, Wang Ping, the person in charge of Gu Yunge, stared blankly from the side, with a confused face.

You know, Bessie has always been very cold in front of these employees, and has never been happy in appearance.

But today, in front of this Darryl, he was coy and shy.

The eldest lady won’t like this door-to-door son-in-law, right?

“If there is nothing wrong in the store, I will leave first.” At this moment, Darryl also noticed that the atmosphere in the store was not right, and said to Bessie.

Bessie nodded: “Okay.”

Darryl nodded and walked out of the Ancient Yun Pavilion.

When I got outside, I was about to drive away when the phone rang in my pocket.

Seeing that it was a strange number, Darryl frowned and answered.

“Brother Darryl, it’s me, He Tianyou.” As soon as it was connected, He Tianyou’s excited voice came over: “Brother Darryl, brothers and I have collected a lot of two-color flowers, where can I give it to you?” He God said politely, but there was a hint of anxiety in his tone.

Oh oh oh, it turned out to be a refining antidote.

Darryl nodded, and invited him to Ziyu Company. Two-color flowers are a good thing, as long as you have this thing, you can refine a lot of medicines! For example, Jixing Pill and Sleep Pill need two-color flowers.

At the desk in the president’s office, Darryl smiled.

Good guy, dozens of two-color flowers.

It seems that He Tianyou didn’t speak big words before, and indeed there is a place rich in bicolor flowers.

Thinking in his heart, Darryl started busy.

After a few hours…

Darryl collected dozens of refined antidote and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Brother Darryl, you are our reproductive parent.” He Tianyou was so excited when he got the antidote that Darryl handed over, and his eyes were moist.

Afterwards, he drew out a small jade card from his body: “Brother Darryl, at this time, the jade card of the master of Tongtian Church is a symbol of the status of the hall master. Last time I was in a hurry, I forgot to give it to Brother Darryl. Put it away. In the future, if you encounter someone from the Tongtian Sect and you have a misunderstanding, they will know that you are your own if you show the jade card.”

Darryl nodded, took it and put it on his body, then patted He Tianyou on the shoulder, and said with a smile: “Hurry up and save the brothers.”

He Tianyou nodded his head and hurried away.

As soon as the front foot left, Darryl couldn’t help but open the [Promise Pill Art]. Now that the raw materials are available, let’s see what pill can be practiced by two-color flowers!

In the evening, the Liu family.

Lily and Carol sat on the sofa.

the weather is too hot. At this time they were wearing short skirts and holding ice cream in their hands.

Lily whispered: “Xiao Lu, I didn’t expect that you suddenly became the boss of a real estate company. What big person do you know? Who helped you invest?”

Lily knew Carol’s situation too well.

Although his family was in a good family and he had some contacts in Donghai City, Lily couldn’t believe how such a big real estate company was suddenly established.

A trace of complexity flashed in Carol’s eyes, and smiled: “A friend I just met.”

She didn’t dare to say that this big man was Darryl.

“If you have a chance, please tell me about it.” Lily didn’t notice Carol’s expression and said with interest.

Carol was embarrassed, and then squeezed a smile on her face: “Okay.. okay.”

At this time, Alexandra also came over. At this time she was wearing jeans, she was really mature and s3xy. Compared with Carol and Lily, the face value is not allowed at all: “Xiao Lu, come and eat fruit. You have a great future, and you will become the boss of Dafeng Company all at once.”

“Auntie joked, I am just working for someone else. The boss is someone else.” Carol smiled modestly.

Alexandra smiled disapprovingly and said: “It’s all the same, isn’t Lily in our family? It is said that it is the manager of the Liu family enterprise, but isn’t it actually helping the family make money?”

He said so, but Alexandra looked proud.

Carol smiled and was about to respond, just at this moment, the living room door was pushed open, and Darryl walked in.

After reading the book for a whole afternoon, my eyes dazzled. But the good news is that this two-color flower is really a good thing! At least the raw materials for dozens of pill!

Lily was full of joy: “Darryl, you are back.”

Darryl nodded, and said: “Carol is here, you guys have a chat.” Then he went straight upstairs.

Carol secretly breathed a sigh of relief and sat down.

Alexandra was a little displeased. He watched Darryl go upstairs and curled his lips: “What’s the matter with Darryl, talking to Carol is so unruly. I don’t know that it’s a habit to serve tea and water.

Since receiving a necklace worth tens of millions from Darryl last time, Alexandra’s attitude towards Darryl has changed a bit, but he has not completely changed his mind.

Carol is developing well now, Darryl is so dumbfounded, he doesn’t know that he is serving tea and pouring water!

“Auntie, it’s okay, it’s okay, I don’t drink water…” Carol said quickly.

Let Darryl serve him? What a joke!

When he arrived in the bedroom, Darryl couldn’t wait to take out the ancient book, which Bessie gave to himself, recording the weapons.

This ancient book seems to be a few years old, the cover is yellow, and it clearly reads a few large characters: ancient weapons.

Open the book and start looking for the blood-drinking sword. Before I found it, I heard the door being opened.

The s3xy and charming Alexandra walked in and glared at Darryl: “Darryl, go buy two clothes tomorrow. Don’t always wear rags. Now Lily is the chairman of the Liu family, don’t shame her!”

“Oh.” Darryl nodded.

Seeing his expression, Alexandra showed displeasure: “The Hao family organized an outing. Dozens of families are participating. You dress cleanly, don’t shame Lily. I remind you one last time.”

The Hao family?

Can’t help but think of Elisa’s fiancé, Hao Jian.

An outing organized by their family?

“Did you hear what I said!” Alexandra was a little anxious: “You look at what you are wearing! You know how to shame Xuaner!”

Chapter 78

It’s just an outing, but you want to buy clothes specially?

“Can I not go on this outing?” Darryl said.

Since it was an outing organized by the Hao family, Hao Jian that kid would definitely go. Darryl didn’t want to see him either.

Alexandra glared at him: “Originally, this kind of high society gathering could not take you. But now Lily has a different status in the family, but at the helm of the company, you are her husband in name, of course you have to follow. Went together.”

“Oh.” Darryl muttered: “I know, I’ll go shopping for clothes in a while.”

“It’s pretty much the same.” Alexandra said coldly: “It’s best to buy some decent clothes. If you don’t have money, just take care of Lily. Don’t always be so poor and embarrass Lily.”

Darryl nodded and agreed.

Alexandra said a few more words before turning to leave.

As soon as his front foot left, Darryl couldn’t wait to take out the “Ancient Weapon”.

The cover of this book is worn out, and you can barely see the writing on it.

Not only that, there are some brown remnants on it, which should be blood. At first glance, you know that this book has gone through many thrilling years.

No wonder the Xiao family is called a family of antiques. There are such books.

Muttered in his heart, Darryl began to read it carefully.

The weapon recorded on the first page is named Thor’s Hammer. Known to be capable of attracting thunder, a blue-tier four-stage weapon!

Darryl watched without blinking. It has been a long time since he has read a book so seriously.

‘Universal Circle: Inhale the spirit of Kunlun Mountain, and be born. Unstoppable! Weapon level: Blue Tier 5! Bring your own skills: immeasurable universe! Weapon owner: Third Prince Nezha. ‘

Thinking in mind, continue to look down.

‘Qinglong Yanyue Knife: The knife is nine feet long and extremely sharp. It can drive mountains and break rocks! Weapon Level: Blue Tier Three! Bring your own skills: slash the mountain! Weapon owner: Wu Sheng, Guan Yu. ‘

Looking at the weapons one after another, Darryl became more and more interested. After turning for a long time, he finally turned to the Blood Drinking Sword!

Looking at the contents of the book, Darryl was shocked!

‘Blood-drinking sword: like jade but not jade, like iron but not iron, extremely tough and extremely sharp! Born to absorb the aura of heaven and earth! Weapon level: the first stage of the red rank. Bring your own skills: drink blood! (When human blood is stained, the weapon level will increase accordingly! Living human blood must be absorbed. AD*mnl blood is invalid!). Owner of the weapon: unknown. ‘

At the end, Darryl was extremely excited!

Haha, it turns out that I found a treasure.

Hahahaha, can this weapon be upgraded? As long as it is stained with human blood, you can continue to upgrade! No wonder it’s called the Blood Drinking Sword!

Moreover, the book also introduces that after the blood-drinking sword is successfully recognized, it can be melted into the blood when it is not in use. When you want to use it, you only need to move your mind to summon it.

Darryl took a deep breath, holding the blood-drinking sword, and when he moved his mind, he saw the blood-drinking sword disappear out of thin air!

Darryl knew that this sword had been integrated into his blood.

“The sword is coming!” Darryl snorted. I saw a red light flashing, and the blood-drinking sword was summoned directly!

Hahaha! Baby, this is definitely a sword, hahaha!

I was excited. At this moment, I heard Alexandra’s dissatisfied voice from downstairs.

“Darryl, hurry down.”

Darryl took a deep breath, put away the ancient book, then hid the sword, and walked out of the room.

“what’s happenin?”

“Come and sit down.” Alexandra said grimly: “This spring outing is very important. There are a total of more than a dozen families participating: the Hao family, the Xiao family, the Bai family, the Qin family, and our Liu family, etc. There are several hundred in total. Personal! These people have a face and a face. Don’t talk nonsense and shame Lily. The current Lily is the head of the Liu family.”

This event, in name, is a spring outing for everyone to eat, drink and have fun. In fact, it is the relationship between the various families.

High society, one more friend, multiple paths. This spring outing, the families played together for several days, maybe they could talk about any project, and make a lot of friends.

“Oh I see. I won’t talk nonsense.” Darryl nodded.

Go to the Xiao family? Bessie, as the Xiao family eldest, will definitely participate.

When he thought of Bessie, a shy and charming face appeared in Darryl’s mind.

Then he thought of the Bai family again, and Darryl couldn’t help asking: “When our Liu family’s money was all defrauded before, Bai Yiyun, the leader of the Bai family, didn’t he cut off business with our Liu family? Why? They also participated. ?”

Lily smiled softly: “In the shopping mall, there are only eternal interests, no eternal enemies. Because of my dad, our family’s money was gone before. Their Bai family really didn’t cooperate with us, but after the Liu family’s crisis passed, They took the initiative to find the door again.”

Upon hearing this, Darryl smiled contemptuously.

“This spring outing, we must make a lot of friends.” Lily said: “When the time comes, you must not talk nonsense, just follow me.”

“Okay.” Darryl smiled: “I am your little attendant.”

“Don’t be ashamed, I haven’t heard enough people say that you eat soft rice.” Lily blushed for no reason, and said subconsciously. As soon as she finished speaking, she reacted: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Darryl looked indifferent: “It’s okay, others say that I don’t care, you are my wife, I only care about your opinion.”

Lily smiled lightly, pulling Darryl to buy clothes.

Originally wanted to buy a suit, but to be honest, after three years of marriage, Darryl has become accustomed to wearing clothes, and he is really uncomfortable in wearing suits. He wanted to go to the street stall to buy it, but Lily disagreed. Finally, under a strong request, Darryl bought two high-end sportswear.

The try-on felt good, but Darryl was about to pay but was stopped by Lily.

“I haven’t bought anything for you in the past few years of marriage, so let me pay. Didn’t you still buy clothes for me before?” Lily said with a smile.

Darryl’s heart warmed, and he stopped insisting, so Lily paid the money.

Early the next morning, the Hao family sent a car to pick it up.

The Hao’s family is in Donghai City, and the cars sent are all Mercedes-Benz commercials, dozens of them, and they are very eye-catching on the street.

Today’s Lily is extraordinarily beautiful. A pair of blue skinny jeans, with Crystal Love under his feet. A white shirt on the upper body. The slender legs and charming figure show everything. When I got in the car, the driver didn’t drive seriously anymore, so he turned around and peeked at her when he was fine.

After a few hours, I finally arrived at the destination: Thang Long Lake.

Thang Long Lake is a scenic area built by private investment. It is known as the Twenty Mile Gallery. It has beautiful scenery. Because it is a private place, ordinary people are not welcome here.

In fact, this is not a lake at all, but a bay. Those who can come here on holiday are all righteous. Sitting on the beach, holding up an umbrella, and sunbathing, is simply too comfortable.

When we arrived at the reception area, people from several other families were almost there. Almost every family sent to the party was the younger generation. After all, the family industry will need young people to take care of. It couldn’t be better to let young people make friends.

As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a group of people sitting in the elegant pavilion not far away, talking and laughing.

Among these people, there are several familiar figures.

Liu Zhiyuan and Liu Qianshuang of the Liu family. The white exhibition of the Bai family.

Seeing Darryl and Lily’s arrival, everyone stood up and greeted.

When several men saw Lily, their eyes couldn’t move away.

It’s so beautiful, this is simply a fairy!

That’s right, today’s Lily is indeed immortal, with a temperament that resists people thousands of miles away.

Although this Liu family is a second-rate family, there are so many beautiful women, Liu Qianshuang and Lily, pick one at random, they are all beautiful and indispensable!

Only Liu Zhiyuan sneered. Now Lily’s status has improved, but Darryl’s status hasn’t changed in his eyes, he is still the door-to-door son-in-law.

Sure enough, Liu Zhiyuan’s first sentence was full of sarcasm: “Darryl wore a nice dress today. Where are your clothes from the local stalls?”

Hahaha! Many people laughed at this sentence.

Although Liu Zhiyuan knew that Darryl could fight, but in this place, so many family gatherings, Liu Zhiyuan was sure, and Darryl did not dare to mess around, so he mocked him and was unscrupulous.

“Zhiyuan, this is the door-to-door son-in-law you are talking about.”

“No, the son-in-law at the door should have no status, why did he follow?”

While making noises, someone curiously asked Liu Zhiyuan.

Liu Zhiyuan laughed: “Isn’t it relying on his wife Lily’s relationship? Otherwise, he doesn’t even count as a fart.”

As soon as this was said, the members of several families couldn’t help laughing.

Darryl smiled coldly and ignored it.

Since I promised my wife not to talk nonsense, I just bear it myself. Just listen to the fart.

However, Lily on one side couldn’t help it, and said with a cold face: “Liu Zhiyuan, everyone is out to play, is it interesting for you to speak yin and yang?”

Standing on the side, Liu Qianshuang couldn’t stand it anymore. Xiu Mei frowned and said, “Liu Zhiyuan, just say a few words, it’s all from the same family.”

Yes, this gathering of more than a dozen families, the Liu family should be united. Can’t fight inwardly.

Liu Zhiyuan curled his lips nonchalantly and walked aside.

At this time, a young man in a plaid suit walked out with a smile on his face and stretched out his hand to Lily: “Miss Lily, hello, my name is Qin Shousheng, the second son of the Qin family, who has always admired Miss Lily. It is my honor to have the honor to meet today.”

This kid still has a big tongue.

After listening to his self-introduction, Darryl, who was drinking water, burst out!


AD*mnl birth?

Hahahaha, this kid’s name is too funny. Who gave him a name? Hahahaha!

Chapter 79

“Are you laughing at you?”

As a result, Qin Shousheng became angry all of a sudden, pointing to Darryl and yelling.

He knew that the man in front of him was the son-in-law. Lily, such a beautiful goddess, marries this trash! Although it’s nameless, it’s also cheap this kid!

Therefore, the beasts are not pleasing to the eyes of Darryl. At this time, seeing him laugh at himself, he is even more angry: “Just another special smile, I will tear your mouth off. Come on, you special tell me, what are you laughing at? ?”

“It’s all right. Your name is good.” Darryl said.

Hearing Darryl’s words, many people recited his name silently. Qin Shousheng, beasts are born? AD*mnl birth? !

Hahahaha! It’s so funny, so funny hahaha!

Seeing the people around him holding back a smile, Qin Shousheng couldn’t bear it anymore and was about to rush forward. As a result, Lily stopped him and said softly: “Second Young Master Qin, don’t get angry when you come out to play.”

“Good, good, the goddess is right.” Qin Shousheng immediately changed his face, he smiled, and shook hands with Lily: “Goddess, I am glad to meet you and admire you for a long time.”

Darryl sneered. Just now a group of people mocked himself, and this Qin Shousheng also laughed the happiest. In a blink of an eye, you want to talk to your wife again?

At this moment, Lily smiled lightly and shook hands with him, and immediately retreated to Darryl’s side, acting with restraint and generosity.

Simply shook hands with him, which already gave him a lot of face. Qin Shousheng spoke very politely, but his eyes kept looking back and forth on his body, which made people uncomfortable.

While Qin Shousheng saw the goddess withdraw his hand, his face was embarrassed. However, at this moment, he looked to one side and suddenly showed an expression of excitement!

Not only him, but almost everyone’s eyes looked over! Shouts of exclamation!

Not far away, two beautiful figures walked out of the car one after another.

Elisa, Bessie!

The two of them should happen to arrive at the same time, and they came together at this time, and they became the focus of the audience in an instant!

These two goddesses, one is a famous police flower in Donghai City, and the other is a beautiful lady from the Xiao family.

Today Elisa wore a skirt with a full hip, showing her perfect and s3xy figure to the fullest. The almost S-shaped curve made the eyes of many men in the room look straight.

Look at Bessie again, wearing a purple dress, very gentle and charming, extremely dignified.

The appearance of the two of them made the atmosphere suddenly alive. Bessie still has no boyfriend, so there are many suitors in many families.

Before coming, these suitors secretly made up their minds to perform well in front of her during this outing.

However, at this moment, Bessie came straight to Darryl.

“You two have already arrived, so early.” Bessie said with a smile.

But when I saw Darryl and Lily standing together very intimately, I felt a little disappointed in my heart.

At this moment, Elisa also stepped on high heels and smiled towards Darryl: “Good brother, are you here too?”

In fact, in the upper class, such gatherings are held every year. But in previous years, I didn’t see Darryl come to participate. Unexpectedly, he would also come this year.

Good brother? ! When did I become a brother?

Darryl couldn’t laugh bitterly.

And everyone around was even more surprised.

D*mn it, what’s the situation?

Miss Xiao Jia and Zhou Jinghua, when have they been so familiar with this waste?

Those suitors of Bessie were full of jealousy.

Even Hao Jian looked ugly. His fiancee is so close to Darryl, where does this put his face?

Thinking of the previous festivals between himself and Darryl, Hao Jian smiled coldly: “Qin’er, Darryl can participate in this spring outing. It’s so strange that people can participate in such high-class activities as ours, but relying on his wife’s Status, you think he is on his own.”

In the words, there is no secret of contempt.


All the people present suddenly laughed, and at this moment, Darryl once again became the focus of everyone.

“Hao Jian, all came out to play, don’t do this…” Elisa couldn’t help but whispered.

Just because Darryl rescued that little girl from the robbers yesterday, he should be respected!

He must be respected just by blocking the gun for a girl he never knew!

And this group of people actually laughed at him.

“Qin’er, why are you still helping him speak?” Hao Jian was a little unhappy.

Elisa glared at him: “I just don’t want to be affected. If you continue to do this, you can play on your own after an outing, don’t come to me.”

“Well, isn’t it okay if I listen to you?” Hao Jian’s tone softened suddenly, and he smiled flatteringly.

However, when he said so, he looked at Darryl with a sinister face.

This poor door-to-door son-in-law, just like you, dare to join this outing? I’ll make you fool out for a while!

“Hahaha, everyone has been waiting for a long time!” At this moment, Hao Youde came up with a microphone in his hand.

Hao Youde is the father of Hao Jian, the patriarch of the Hao family! Also the organizer of this outing.

When he reached the crowd, Hao Youde cleared his throat, looked around and smiled: “All of you present are the elites of the younger generation in various families. You all know the rules of our outing, so I won’t say more. , I only emphasize one point. While having fun, you must pay attention to safety, and you must pay attention to safety!”

After saying this, Hao Youde waved his hand: “In addition, this spring outing, our location is Thanglong Lake. In fact, this is a bay, where there are many fish. We have prepared fishing rods, and everyone’s meal will be depended on. Everyone’s ability to go fishing!”

Haha! Upon hearing this, hundreds of people present smiled.

Those present are from the upper class, and fishing is a basic skill. After catching the fish, they grilled it on the spot for a while, and it was delicious even after thinking about it.

Everyone cheered and went to get fishing rods and walked to the beach.

Some beauties can’t wait to lie down, ready to sunbathe.

Of course, the main purpose of this outing is to make friends. No, many people are already holding red wine, pushing glasses to change, and handing business cards to each other.

Of course, there are still a few special ones, and I haven’t forgotten to mock Darryl.

For example, Liu Zhiyuan and Hao Jian.

Whenever he went to a place, he used the topic to make a mockery of Darryl.

Darryl’s surface was calm and calm, and he was too lazy to pay attention to them, but he was a little angry in his heart.

D*mn, these guys are mentally ill.

Especially this Hao Jian, as the name suggests, is really cheap.

Knowing this a long time ago, at the Tongtian Sect’s stronghold, I shouldn’t have promised Elisa to save him.

When we arrived at the beach, everyone was tired from fishing. There are hundreds of people present, so many fish must be caught to eat. These wealthy children would not want to fish after fishing for a while, and they would still be hungry for a while. Everyone entered the pavilion next to them to rest.

Looking around, the scenery is charming, and there is a small island not far away, the scenery is pleasant.

At this moment, the scorching sun was clear, and when it was hot, I saw that the lake was crystal clear. Many men in the room wanted to dive into the lake for a swim.

Soon someone suggested: “It’s so hot, shall we all swim?”

As soon as this remark came out, many people were intrigued. At the same time, the eyes of several men were all looking at the women like Elisa, shining with excitement and excitement.

They can play with the goddess in the water soon, can they be upset.

The women Lily and Elisa were also hot and sweaty at this time. Hearing the suggestion, they were a little moved, but they all hesitated.

After all, I am a woman, and it is inevitable to be embarrassed by so many people around me. More importantly, everyone did not bring swimsuits on this outing.

At this moment, Hao Jian smiled and said, “It’s just that swimming is boring, which one is not convinced? Let’s have a competition!”

Liu Zhiyuan next to him curiously asked: “What game?”

“Of course it’s a family competition. Each family selects two people, one man and one woman.” Hao Jian said, pointing to the island in the center of the lake: “Which family can get on the island in the first time, even if it wins. “


They were all children from rich families, and when they heard this proposal, they were immediately intrigued.

The Bai family’s white exhibition also took a step forward at this time: “Since it is a competition, there must be a bet.”

Hao Jian nodded: “Of course there are bets, but let’s make it clear that only the first place wins, and every family that loses will give out a billion, and the first place will win.”


One billion.

What is the concept of ten billion? Although this is a gathering of the upper class, how many families take advantage of one billion? Can’t you go bankrupt and gamble?

Some of the small families present couldn’t help taking a deep breath! I was eager to try, but the economy didn’t allow it.

Hao Jian laughed, right? He forced the Liu family to participate in a while! If the Liu family didn’t dare, they would humiliate them in public.

I swim from elementary school by myself, this game is set to win! In this game, as long as the Liu family participates, it will directly cause their family to die! Lose one billion, don’t believe they can take it out!

At that time, the Liu family can be allowed to pay IOUs, but Lily and Darryl must kneel down and beg for themselves!

Chapter 80

How do you ask Liu Zhiyuan for a bet of one billion yuan?

The head of the Liu family is clearly Lily. Although swimming competitions are entertainment, how can a one-billion-dollar bet be child’s play? If the Liu family loses a billion, the family will be destroyed in an instant.

Liu Zhiyuan laughed and said nothing.

“Why? Your Liu family won’t be able to afford it, right?” Hao Jian smiled: “It’s just an entertainment game, and the Liu family doesn’t want to play? Originally thought that the only son-in-law of the Liu family, Darryl, was timid. I didn’t expect the entire Liu family. No one dares to play! Even Liu Zhiyuan dare not play, hahaha!”

Hearing this, Liu Zhiyuan was really anxious: “Why don’t our Liu family participate in such an interesting game?”

Hao Jian looked down on himself so much, how could he be the eldest son and eldest grandson of the Liu family! But now, Lily’s business is in the business of the Liu family. Thinking of this, Liu Zhiyuan felt a little aggrieved. However, as soon as his eyes rolled, he pretended to be polite and said, “Lily, since Hao Jiandu has spoken, our Liu family has to show some face, what do you think?”

In fact, all members of the Liu family were dissatisfied with Lily during this period of time. After all, she was a woman who suddenly became the helm, and everyone looked jealous.

If this swimming competition loses, the Liu family loses one billion yuan, and Lily will not escape responsibility! When the game was for a while, let her and Darryl participate. When the game was lost, she went to her grandma to file a complaint and let her force her to hand over the shares!

Haha, how can I be so smart!

Seeing the gazes around, Lily bit her lip and said: “Okay, our Liu family will participate.”

In this situation, I have to agree, after all, the Liu family’s face cannot be lost.

Seeing her promise, Hao Jian showed a sneer.

The families in the final competition are: the Hao family, the Liu family, the Bai family, the Qin family, and the Xiao family.

Each family sent a man and a woman, a total of ten contestants.

In fact, Bessie is not interested in this kind of competition. But her brother had to participate in the competition, there was really no choice but to agree. The contestants of the Xiao family are naturally Bessie and her brother.

The contestants of the Hao family are naturally Hao Jian and Elisa. Elisa is Hao Jian’s fiancée and half of the Hao family. So everyone has no objections.

The contestants of the Liu family are Darryl and Lily.

As for the Bai family, the contestants are Bai Zhan, and a woman from the Bai family.

The Qin family participated in Qin Shousheng and his cousin Qin Wan.

When the list of matches was announced, everyone present was going to boil! It can be said that there are too many beauties participating in this swimming competition! Lily, Elisa, Bessie, all of them are s3xy and charming, each with its own merits!

Seeing so many beautiful women swimming is simply a top-notch visual enjoyment.

No one noticed, at this moment, Hao Jian quietly walked aside and sent a text message with his mobile phone.

After the text message was sent, a young man from the Hao family slipped into the water quietly on the shore not far away.

“Then I’ll be a referee for you!” Hao Youde laughed and stepped forward: “Please put the contestants in place.”

While talking, Hao Youde gave Hao Jian a thumbs up to beckon him to cheer. If the son wins this game, he can win four billion! Haha! My son swims from elementary school, and his speed is absolutely fast!

And daughter-in-law Elisa is a police captain, and her water quality is also first-rate! The game is set to win!

On the other side, Lily stood beside Darryl, seemingly nervous, and whispered: “I…I can’t swim well.”

Darryl smiled slightly and said with relief: “It’s okay, there’s me.”

Seeing his self-confidence, Lily’s brows were relieved and she nodded with a smile.

At this time, Hao Youde picked up the horn: “The game begins!”

Puff! Puff!

When the voice fell, ten people entered the water one after another, swimming vigorously towards the island.

“Come on!”

“Quick, come on!”

The people watching the game on the shore were all excited. They consciously formed a cheerleading team, and they all cheered. This game is so exciting, with a billion bet!

“Bessie, come on! It’s so beautiful…”

“It’s so beautiful, I didn’t expect the goddess to enter the water, so charming and colorful.”

Almost all the men on the shore focused on Bessie, Lily, and Elisa.

Without a swimsuit, a few women chose to go directly into the water. At this moment, they saw the rippling water. After the clothes of the women Bessie were thoroughly soaked in the water, their graceful and s3xy postures were thoroughly revealed.

This figure is perfect!

“Wow, look at it!”

I didn’t know who it was, pointed at the male players, and there was an uproar immediately!

I only saw Hao Jian and Bai Zhan. In order to show off his swimming skills, he took a backstroke and a butterfly stroke in the water, causing everyone on the shore to applaud.

Only Darryl used the countryside style to swim, his posture was a bit inelegant, but he didn’t swim slowly.

Speaking of it, Darryl was once the second young master of the Yue family, and swimming should be the same as those from the rich family, under the guidance of professionals. It’s just that Darryl is really not interested in swimming. He spends his spare time studying Wing Chun and antiques.

After being kicked out by his family, Darryl spent some time in the countryside and taught himself to swim, so his posture was really inelegant.

“Haha, look at that son-in-law of the Liu family, is it dog-planning at this time?”

“Hahahaha, it’s really a dog shovel, who laughs so hard at me, haha!”

Some girls couldn’t hold back and chuckled.

Hearing the laughter on the shore, Lily bit her lip, feeling very unhappy in her heart. But in the next second, seeing Darryl’s swimming posture with her own eyes, Lily was both angry and funny.

This Darryl clearly hadn’t received professional training, but he looked confident just now. Although the speed is not slow, it certainly cannot win. You know, except for the first, the rest have to lose money.

Why did I believe him?

One billion.

If you really want to lose, you have to put out a billion. What will the Liu family do?

I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep my position in the Liu family.

Thinking of this in her heart, Lily became anxious. Speed ​​up the action in the water, but she is a woman, it is impossible to win.

However, at this moment, I heard an exclamation!

“what is that?”

“Gosh! Shark, is it a shark? Why are there gray fins in the water?!”

“Shark, there is a shark. Come back, swim back, hurry up!”

The ten people who were still fighting desperately for swimming, heard the shouts from the shore, and they all stopped. Looking around blankly.

I saw a black fish fin emerging from the water tens of meters away from them, quickly approaching them.


There are really sharks!

Seeing this, Lily and Bessie suddenly screamed.

Even the boys face pale! The scariest thing in the water is the shark!

“Hurry back!”

Elisa was anxious, although she had eaten the Immortal Pill and became a general. But in the water, you can’t beat sharks!

At this moment, everyone panicked and ignored the game, and quickly swam to the shore!

You can’t bet for a billion, don’t die!

But the shark got closer and closer, and he was about to catch up with a few girls!

Many people on the shore closed their eyes, afraid to watch this bloody scene!

Only two people in the audience were still calm!

Darryl, Hao Jian.

From Darryl’s perspective, I just saw that’shark’, haha, the shark still has arms and legs? This is obviously a person pretending to be!

But Darryl didn’t understand, Hao Jianye was so calm?

When this kid was caught by Tongtianjiao, he almost didn’t scare his diaper pocket. The timidest was him. Today is a bit abnormal.

Think about it carefully and you will understand. Hao Jian asked someone to pretend to be this’shark’, right?

In a blink of an eye, the’shark’ has rushed to the group of girls. The three goddesses Bessie, Lily, and Elisa were too scared of their gestures at this time, and their faces were pale.

“Darryl, save us…” Lily did not know what to think of her desperate situation, and she called out.

Darryl laughed, since Hao Jian carefully arranged this’shark’, he must have wanted to show the limelight. Just let him go.

Thinking of this, Darryl didn’t save him either.

Sure enough, at this moment, Hao Jian suddenly jumped out: “Don’t be afraid, look at me! Bold shark, come and come, come for me!”

While talking, Hao Jian rushed over!


“He looks a real man, so handsome.”

“Is he really not afraid…”

Many girls on the shore showed nymphomaniac gazes, staring at Hao Jian blankly, and couldn’t help applauding him. There is no fear in the face of sharks, such a man is really admirable!

But Lily on one side was disappointed.

Why, at this time of life and death, Darryl didn’t come to save himself. But other people’s finances can come here regardless of danger.

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