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Chapter 81

At this moment, the’Shark’ swam directly towards Elisa!

Elisa almost paled, and her delicate body trembled: “Hao Jian, come soon…”

Even though she has experienced a lot, it is a living shark!

Hao Jian showed a slight smile, haha, it’s time for the hero to save the United States soon! Hahaha!

Today, I want to show off my masculine side in front of Elisa. Therefore, Hao Jiancai carefully arranged the’shark’ raid.

At this time, this’shark’ was extremely ferocious! Rush into the group of girls, keep bumping!

But… this shark doesn’t seem to bite people…

When Bai Zhan and Qin Shousheng discovered this problem, they became more courageous and began to protect their female companions.

On the other side, Darryl floated quietly to watch the show. At this moment, Lily’s heart suddenly chilled. At this most critical time, he didn’t even think about protecting himself.

It seems that my expectations of him have been a bit higher recently..

“Hao Jian, hurry up, hurry up…” Elisa was too scared. How could this’shark’ only chase after herself?

“Qin’er, don’t be afraid, your husband, I’m here!” Hao Jian laughed and swam over, while pulling out the dagger. He had prepared this dagger a long time ago!

At this time, Hao Jian showed extraordinary bravery, as if he had been beaten up with chicken blood, he immediately sneaked in front of Elisa, holding Elisa’s waist with one hand, and holding it tightly with the other. The dagger pointed at the’shark’ and yelled: “Oh, you beast, don’t look at where it is, want to hurt my woman? You are looking for death!”

While speaking, Hao Jian hugged Elisa tightly, feeling the wonderful touch, and his heart blossomed with joy.

Elisa didn’t know the truth, so he put his arms around Hao Jian’s neck tightly, and he was so touched.

Although he is his fiancé, he is as guarded as a jade. He has never been touched or kissed! Even the number of holding hands is very rare. But now that it is extremely urgent, Elisa’s heart is full of touch.

It turned out that Hao Jian was so brave at the critical moment.

I had misunderstood him before, should I treat him better in the future?


On one side, Darryl looked at Hao Jian as if he was insane. It’s a pity that this kid isn’t an actor. Haha.

The people on the shore didn’t understand what had happened, and they were all stupid when they saw Hao Jian bravely walked past. They all sweated for him, and I couldn’t admire him! Among the hundreds of people present, is there a second person who has such courage?

“Hao Jian, be careful.” Many people shouted, “That’s a shark.”

Hao Jian’s face was full of confidence, he saw the’shark’, and stabbed him with a knife!

This knife actually only cut through the skin of the’shark’. That’shark’ was also a actor-level mission, crushing a bag of pig blood under the water, and then struggling violently. After a while, the’shark’ sank until it was no longer visible.


The plan was a complete success. Hao Jian took a deep breath and made a look of lingering fears. He put Elisa in his arms and gently patted her fragrant shoulders: “Okay, it’s okay, Qin’er, there is a husband here. ..”

“Thank you, Hao Jian.” Elisa bit her lip and said softly.

At this moment, she realized that her fiance was really brave.


Seeing Hao Jian defeated the Shark, everyone exclaimed and couldn’t help applauding!

“Fcuk, Hao Jian actually killed the shark?”

“Hao Shao is so fierce? Amazing.”

In the hearts of everyone, Hao Jian has always been the image of the son of the son, even if he encounters danger, he will have his bodyguards to solve it.

But the scene just now completely refreshed everyone’s view of him.

So handsome.

This is the real man.

Only such a man can be worthy of a goddess!

Hao Jian enjoyed this feeling very much and held Elisa tighter in the water.

“k!ss! k!ss!” At this time, I didn’t know who shouted, and many people followed suit.



Hao Jian was waiting for this moment! Hahaha! After waiting for this moment for so long, it is finally coming true!

Elisa was shy and shy. At the last moment, he pushed him away and whispered: “What are you doing, so many people are watching.”

Although she had begun to accept Hao Jian in her heart, she still remained sober. Now so many people are watching, how can they k!ss, how embarrassing it is!

Hao Jian smiled and nodded: “Qin’er, don’t be angry, I just couldn’t help it.”

He could feel that at that moment, Elisa’s heart had been captured by himself, so he didn’t rush for a while. Anyway, at night, I have a chance!

It’s a good show.

Darryl laughed, he didn’t know, he thought he was watching a TV series. With emotion, Darryl turned around and swam towards Lily.

“Lily, what’s the matter?” Darryl couldn’t help but ask when she was almost in front of her, seeing her stern face.

Wasn’t it scared by the fake shark just now?

Lily was disappointed and said indifferently: “It’s nothing, I’m in a bad mood now, don’t talk to me.”

Having said this, she never looked at Darryl again, turned and swam towards the shore.

Other people’s fiance, bravely fighting against sharks, made her envy and aggrieved. Look at my husband again, it’s simply incomparable.

What’s more ridiculous is that Darryl went to look for a job before, thinking he had reformed. It now appears that it is really difficult to change its nature.

I shouldn’t take him on this outing!

Seeing Lily’s disappointed look, Darryl was taken aback.

What’s wrong, why are you suddenly upset?

I was about to catch up and ask, just at this moment, I heard another exclamation from the crowd on the shore!

“There is another shark?”

“Fcuk, why is there another one?”

Under the exclamation of everyone, a black shark fin appeared on the water not far away!

However, after exclaiming, everyone present was obviously not as panicked as they were just now. After all, the shark just now had been easily killed by Hao Jian.

Now here comes another one, Hao Jianzai, what are you afraid of?

Although they are far away from the shore, as long as they hide behind Hao Jian, they will definitely be particularly safe.

“Brother Jian, do a double kill and kill it again!”

Hearing the shouts of the people on the shore, Darryl was taken aback.

This kid hasn’t played enough yet? How many actors did you hire?

Hao Jian is also a little confused! Looking at the shark that appeared, he muttered to himself: What’s the matter? I only asked that kid to pretend to be a shark once, why did he come again?

D*mn it! its not right!

This shark is much faster and more flexible than before! Moreover, the size of this shark…

Dmn! Real shark, real shark! Dmn it!

It must be the pig blood just now that attracted the real shark!

“Run, swim to the shore!” Hao Jian shouted like crazy!

Elisa just found some sense of security from him. At this time, seeing him panicked, she was a little puzzled: “Hao Jian, why are you so panicked? Don’t you have a dagger in your hand?”

At this time, Hao Jian was already scared and silly. How could he care about Elisa, as if he had lost his soul, he quickly swam to the shore!

“Hao Jian, you…what are you going to do, wait for me.” Elisa bit his lips tightly, feeling cold, why does he care about himself?

“Run, run, it’s a real shark! This is not a fake! If you don’t run, you will be dead!” Hao Jian yelled, and in his desperation, he choked on several salivas.

He just wants to hurry back to the shore now! It’s safe to return to the shore, he doesn’t want to die here!

But Hao Jian’s body smelled of blood, after all, he just used a dagger. The shark seemed to feel it too, only chasing him!

No matter how fast you swim, there is no shark as fast.

“Don’t eat me, don’t eat me…” Hao Jian’s tears flowed down, and he wanted to cry without tears!

“Daddy Shark, can you be my dad, don’t eat me, I beg you…” Hao Jian shouted. At that time, he also felt that it was the blood of the dagger that attracted the shark. At that time, he directly threw the dagger aside!

The dagger is unbiased and is falling among the girls!

The shark rushed over, and went straight to Bessie, Lily, Zhao Qin!

“Hao Jian, you!”

Elisa bit her lip tightly. She never expected that Hao Jian would lead the shark to herself!

Until this time, the fool understood that Hao Jian was just pretending to be a match! That shark was fake just now, this one is real!


Lily’s beautiful face was pale with fright. Seeing the shark rushing over, the speed could not dodge at all, Lily was completely desperate!

It’s over…

Is this life coming to an end…

Chapter 82

At that moment, everyone covered their mouths, some were timid, and even screamed!

The shark’s blood basin opened wide, biting Lily suddenly!

“No…” Lily closed her eyes tightly, and a trace of despair spread. She stood there, already waiting for death.

But she didn’t even dream of that, the blood gulp still didn’t fall.

She slowly opened her eyes, and the scene before her completely shocked her!

Not only her, the audience took a deep breath at this time, silent!

I saw Darryl riding on the shark, grabbing his fin, and smashing it with one punch after another!

What? !

Confused, silent!

When a needle falls on the ground, you can hear it clearly!

The shark shook violently, and the sharp teeth cut open wounds on Darryl’s arm, blood pouring out!

“Go, go!” Darryl roared out, his eyes red!

“But you… what do you do…”

Lily’s body trembled, for some reason, her eyes were sour, and tears burst out!

I blamed you, Darryl, I blamed you! When life and death are at stake, only you protect me..

“Go, go!” Darryl roared heartbreakingly, his strength was about to run out!

Hearing his roar, Lily bit her lip tightly. She knew that she was here, she could only add confusion, and she could only pray in her heart, and then returned to the shore. Then everyone reacted and swam to the shore one after another!


Darryl snorted, the shark’s strength was too strong, suddenly broke free, and quickly chased everyone!

Everyone is going to the shore at this time. But only Bessie was physically exhausted. Only swim one-third of the distance.

Seeing the shark coming straight towards her, Bessie was completely shrouded in panic. Under the huge panic, she only felt that her legs were weak.

“Quick, swim slowly to my side!” Darryl shouted.

Hearing his shout, Bessie recovered a bit sober, and quickly responded, and then swam hard, but her speed was too slow.

At this moment, everyone on the shore was anxious seeing this situation, especially those suitors of Bessie, who wanted to go into the water to save the beauty immediately.

But thinking about the cruelty of sharks, these people dismissed the idea again and had to stand on the shore and command loudly at her.

“Yuruo, the shark is behind you, swim quickly.”

“It’s less than five meters away from you, work harder.”

At this moment, Darryl finally approached her and hugged Bessie’s thin waist!

At the same time, the internal strength of the pubic area was crazily instilled into her body!

Bessie only felt that he was about to faint, but when Darryl put his arms around him, he seemed to have inexhaustible strength. A sense of security came out spontaneously.

“I’ll stop it for you, you swim back to the shore.” Darryl put his mouth close to her ear and said softly.

At this moment, Bessie’s body trembled violently! Since childhood, there hasn’t been a man who leaned close to his ears. Suddenly the roots of the ears were red, and I felt so crisp and nodded.

He…he feels safe..

Bessie was swimming, thinking wildly in his mind. I don’t care if he is the son-in-law of the Liu family, don’t care! With him, I am really not afraid of the sky falling.

Thinking wildly in my mind, I suddenly saw Lily on the shore. Bessie suddenly woke up, and his delicate face instantly became hot and shy.

How can I have such an idea?


At this moment, water splashed in the distance!

It can be clearly seen that a shark that is more than ten meters long, set off a wave of waves, opened the mouth of the blood basin, and bit down at Darryl!

D*mn, such a big one!

Special code, fortunately running fast!

Hao Jian was delighted in his heart. Although leaving Elisa just now made her very unhappy, it is better than losing her life!

This Darryl must be over, he must be dead here!

Just thinking about it, the shark leaped forward and bit towards Darryl with one bite!

Although he was a cultivator, he was very fast, but he still didn’t hide, his sharp teeth cut through the entire arm.


The people on the shore exclaimed, seeing the blood instantly stain a piece of sea water!

Before he could react, he saw Darryl’s head gradually sinking. The shark also dived into the water. The water surface temporarily calmed down.

“It’s over, it seems that this kid won’t survive.”

“Hehe, who told him to be capable.”

At the moment on the shore, seeing that piece of blood and water, coupled with the shark’s constant rolling, many people shook their heads, but there was no sympathy in their eyes, more just indifference.

A door-to-door son-in-law who everyone despised, died and died.

When everyone was indifferent and discussing, Lily’s legs were so weak that she almost slumped on the ground.

Is he… really dead?

No, no, I don’t allow him to die, I don’t allow it!

“You guys don’t watch the drama anymore, go down and save people, save people!” In sadness, Lily shouted at the people around her.

Everyone looked complicated, their eyes dodged, not to look at Lily.

Are you crazy, who can go and save? A shark more than ten meters long, who would dare to go and die?

He was a son-in-law who died and died. It is a blessing that there were no casualties! Who made this kid pretend to be a hero and save others?

Lily did not give up, put on her high heels, and walked forward two steps: “Liu Zhiyuan, all from the Liu family, can you die?!”

People from other families, Lily is not easy to force, so she can only pin her hopes on Liu Zhiyuan.

Liu Zhiyuan smiled bitterly and made a very sad look: “Hey, Darryl’s situation, I am also very uncomfortable, but my water level is not good, besides, it is a shark, even if I go down, it will be dead for nothing. .”

He said so, but he was indescribably excited and proud.

Hearing these hypocritical words, Lily shook her body, completely desperate.

But before Liu Zhiyuan finished speaking, he sneered: “Lily, you killed Darryl! You have to participate in that competition! If this competition loses, one billion yuan will be gone! Fortunately for this shark, we The Liu family didn’t lose a billion! Darryl had done a good thing, one life was exchanged for a billion! Remember, he died because of you!”

Hearing this, Lily’s eyes burst into tears. I wanted to refute, but I couldn’t say a word.

The water was extremely calm, only blood came up. Darryl and the shark hadn’t emerged for two minutes.

No one knows, at this moment, Darryl is almost exhausted under the water!

Relying on the willpower of the appraisal, he wrestled with the shark underwater. Although Darryl was embarrassed, that shark was also very miserable.

There are dozens of wounds on the body. But for things like sharks, the more blood there is, the more excited!

Its eyes were red, its blood basin opened again, and it rushed over again!

It’s not over? !

Darryl clenched his fists tightly, dodged his body, avoiding the attack. At the same time, he became angry with Dantian!


Accompanied by a muffled sound, the water flow by Darryl’s side suddenly rushed!

“Nine Dragons Ascend to Heaven!”

The yellow light completely surrounded Darryl in an instant! At the same time, nine long golden dragons surrounded him instantly!

These nine long dragons were obviously shaped by internal force, but each one is lifelike!

This skill was stolen from He Tianyou. And He Tianyou stole it from the Lord Tongtian!

Tongtian teaches to high martial arts, and Kowloon ascends to heaven!


A loud dragon chant came out from the bottom of the water. Nine golden dragons are frantically surrounding Darryl!


Darryl snorted, and in the next instant, nine long dragons slammed past!


The huge body of that shark was knocked over in an instant, and it was scarred!

Before he could react, the blood-drinking sword appeared in Darryl’s hand, a sword stabbed into the shark’s body, and blood swarmed out!

“What’s the situation? Why is there so much blood?!”

Everyone on the shore was stunned. They couldn’t see the water, only the blood floating on the water, more and more.

“This door-to-door son-in-law was bitten to death…”

In the crowd, no one said anything. The next moment, Lily burst into tears!

No, he is not dead, he is not dead!

Darryl’s appearance clearly appeared in front of her eyes. Three years, three years of marriage, bit by bit, like a movie, showing in my mind!

You can’t die, you can’t die! I still don’t love you so much, don’t scare me… can’t you scare me…

“Darryl!” Lily’s tears flowed freely. She ran to the beach, her throat was already crying!

“I don’t allow you to die, Darryl, did you hear that, you come up for me, I don’t allow you to die! You come up for me, you come up for me!” Lily cried pear flower with rain, slowly squatting on the beach , Scenes from the past came up, and tears seemed to be unstoppable!

“I forbid you to die, did you hear it, did you hear it…” Her voice became smaller and smaller, and she lost a bit of strength.

“Who said I was dead?”

At this moment, a cynical laugh suddenly came.

Looking around, Darryl slowly showed his head in the sea. He was stained red with blood, but his right hand was holding the shark corpse. A shark more than ten meters long was dragged to the shore by him!

“Is this grilled fish enough to eat?” Darryl smiled.

In the sun, the teenager is particularly dazzling.

The sound is not loud, but it spreads clearly throughout the audience!

Chapter 83


As Darryl slowly came ashore, the shark more than ten meters long was also dragged out from the bottom of the water by him!

“Gudong!” I didn’t know who it was, and swallowed all of a sudden!

This, how is this possible! Is this special code still human? Really, really killed the shark?

The gazes of hundreds of people gathered firmly on Darryl, their gazes were full of surprise, shock, and incredible!


“Why does my good wife cry like this?” Darryl said with a smile, “Is you worried about her husband?”

“You…” Lily was about to die of sadness. At that moment, I really thought I would never see him again.

At this moment, Lily’s beautiful face was filled with tears. Seeing Darryl walking ashore, she really wanted to hug this man!

But who knows that Darryl is not out of shape at all. In front of so many people, I don’t know how ashamed to call my wife and husband!

“Don’t talk nonsense, who is worried about you.” Lily whispered. Wiping away the tears, she didn’t dare to look at Darryl.

“Darryl!” At this time, Elisa and Bessie also hurriedly greeted them: “Are you okay?”

If it weren’t for him, everyone would feed the sharks.

The three women went over and asked warmly, making all the men present envious.

“I’m okay.” Faced with the caring inquiries of Lily’s three girls, Darryl said with a smile, his tone very relaxed.

But while speaking, Darryl’s eyes kept spinning. I looked at Lily for a while, and Elisa and Bessie for a while. After the three women went ashore, they didn’t have time to change their clothes. They all clung to their bodies tightly. The scenery was simply beautiful.

But to be honest, in comparison, Elisa’s upper body is the most arrogant. It is almost ready to come out, fascinating to death.

But Lily is not bad, her overall proportions are good, and the curve of her waist is fascinating.

Not to mention Bessie, that kind of dignified beauty.

Surrounded by three women, it feels so good, hahaha.

At this moment, an inch-headed young man walked over with a smile, and looked at Darryl with admiration: “Haha, brothers are so skillful. Dealing with such a big shark by one person can be said to be brave. What is ridiculous is that Before, some people said that you eat soft food, I think all of them are farting.”

He finished this without any scruples, and didn’t care about the feelings of others present. He was upright and full of aura.

Of course, what he satirized was the group of Hao Jian and Liu Zhiyuan. They were all disciples of the wealthy family, who were so openly mocked and insinuated. It stands to reason that Hao Jian and the others should refute a few words.

However, what is surprising is that Hao Jian and Liu Zhiyuan, despite their ugly faces, dare not let go. Others present also had complex faces and were afraid to speak.

This person is a bit interesting, no one dared to be angry with him.

The young man in front of him was named Peter Sun, a member of the Sun family.

The Sun family, that’s a big family! Moreover, the Sun family’s old business is not business. It’s for playing social.

Decades ago, Peter’s grandfather stepped into the Donghai City pier, and with a pair of fists, he forcibly hit the world. After decades of precipitation, I don’t know how many KTVs and bars are in the Sun’s house today. Almost no one dared to mess with it!

In the past few years, Grandpa Sun has grown older and he is still presiding over the affairs of the Sun family, but in fact, he has already given power to Peter a long time ago.

So Peter looked young, but in Donghai City, he was absolutely aloof. Even Yang Long, Yang Jing, sisters and brothers, must call him brothers and sisters when they meet.

Because the Sun family has been mixed society from the beginning. So Peter likes to make friends. He makes friends, regardless of whether the other party has money or not, but only to talk about loyalty! Almost all those who go to the society are dedicated to Guan Gong, and they practice righteousness, loyalty and filial piety!

Everyone looked down on this Darryl in front of him. But at the critical moment, he stood up to fight the sharks alone. This awe-inspiring righteousness made Peter immediately interested in him.

It can be said that Peter has the highest status among so many families on this outing. As soon as he appeared on the stage, the rich kids around him were too late to cheat. Who would dare to talk nonsense?

Darryl didn’t know him, just smiled: “Kill this shark, it’s just that I’m lucky.”

Peter looked at him appreciatively, and took a step forward: “It can be seen that Brother Darryl is also a man of temperament. My name is Peter. I want to make friends. Brother, won’t you refuse?”

To be honest, this is the first time in the three years of marriage that someone does not dislike himself.

Darryl showed a slight smile and shook hands with Peter.

As a result, at this time, he could clearly see that there were dozens of scars on both arms of Peter!

The people who saw it were frightened!

Peter is so young, what has he experienced? So many scars?

On one side, Hao Jian showed a sneer when he saw them shaking hands.

This Darryl is really sh!t luck, and he can shake hands with Peter. However, the two of them are not of the same level at all, and will not become friends after all. Yeah, the shark attacking incident that he carefully arranged was robbed of the limelight by Darryl! It’s good now, Elisa ignored himself!

“Well, everyone is quiet.” At this time, Hao Youde stepped forward.

“Everyone, we are all famous families. Everyone is used to it. This outing will test everyone’s survival skills in the wild. After the shark is grilled, let’s find a place to sleep.” When everyone was in front of them, Hao Youde said loudly.

“Good!” everyone agreed.

Soon after eating some grilled fish on the shore, everyone looked for a place to rest.

“Come on, I have a cave here, enough for us to go in and rest together.” After a while, someone excitedly shouted from a distance.

A group of people gathered around and walked mightily towards the cave.

Ziyu Company.

At this time the company has been surrounded. Countless fans gathered and squeezed there, holding signs and light sticks in their hands, and their faces were extremely excited!

More than a dozen media reporters in Donghai City also rushed to the scene!

They are all waiting for someone to show up.

That’s right, Ramona.

Although Ramona’s microphone had a problem before, but after so long, Ramona is still on fire.

She looks pretty, sings well, and has a good figure. It is sweet to laugh, there is no reason not to be hot.

Even the judges of “Superstar” love her very much. There is no doubt that the final champion is Ramona.

Now she has become the most promising actress in the entertainment industry.

There are many reds.

After the last episode of “Superstar” was aired, major film investors and many entertainment companies all threw olive branches to Ramona. Some would like to invite her to a concert, some would like to invite her to make a TV series…

Among them, Datong Entertainment Co., Ltd. is willing to pay 5 million yuan to ask Ramona to make a movie, female number one.

This price is already high for Ramona. After all, just debuted!

Datong is an established entertainment company with strong strength, abundant resources and good contacts. The popular’Girl 102′ combination is owned by Datong Company. ‘

Yesterday Ramona went to Datong Company for an interview.

The president of Datong Company is named Zhu Datong. Receive Ramona personally. As a result, his eyes straightened as soon as he saw Ramona.

This woman is so beautiful, she is a stunner!

Ramona felt a little displeased. The other party kept staring at his body. It was too rude. As a president, how could he be so wretched?

After the interview was successful, Zhu Datong walked over with a smile and sat beside Ramona. He didn’t get honest with his hands and feet, grabbed Ramona’s jade hands, and said he wanted to show her palmistry.

This is clearly trying to take advantage! Ramona was so angry that he stood up and left.

As a result, Zhu Datong became more and more excessive, and put his arms around her waist. Looking up and down at Ramona’s figure, he exclaimed: “You deserve to be the champion of the superstar. This body is first-rate. I fell in love with you at first sight.”

Zhu Datong has seen many female stars, but this one is the most punctual.

Ramona’s body trembled, her anger was not light, and Zhu Datong broke free: “Mr. Zhu, please respect me. I’m not the kind of woman you think.”

Although stepping into the entertainment circle, Ramona is still clean and jealous. She had already thought about it, and her private life should not be messy.

What’s more, this Zhu Datong is really ugly, really like a pig.

When Zhu Datong saw her resisting, he was obviously a little displeased: “Miss Ramona, why are you angry? You are also a smart woman. As long as you are willing to accompany me tonight, I promise that I will give you unexpected resources in the future. How about you being red and purple?”

Women are the most concealed, as long as they show their beloved conditions, no one will obediently.

This is Zhu Datong’s experience.

So after saying this, he took the courage and put his hand on Ramona’s lap.

As a result, Ramona couldn’t help it, stood up and slapped his face with a slap, and walked out quickly.

Zhu Datong became angry in an instant, pointing at her back and cursing: “Or, do you dare to beat Laozi? How noble do you think you are? In half a month, I will let you kneel down and beg me! Can’t do me It’s your son!”

In the entertainment circle, there are even actresses who don’t give themselves face? ! She doesn’t want to be in the entertainment industry anymore, right?

Ramona must kneel down for herself and call herself father to spare her!

Ramona only pretended not to hear, and left in high heels.

Chapter 84

Moonlit night on the spring river.

Ramona got out of the car and walked in. Just now, Arnold, the monitor of the high school class, called and said he wanted a class reunion.

Yesterday, I was particularly upset because of Zhu Datong. It happened to be at the party today to relax.

As soon as Ramona appeared, it instantly became the focus. The classmates who had already been there, crowded around to please.

After all, besides being the goddess of the class, Ramona is now a big star.

Among the women present, apart from Ramona, the class teacher Tang Lan was the most eye-catching. She didn’t come to the last party, but this time she took the time to come.

Tang Lan was 30 years old, and she was a famous beautiful teacher in school.

When she was in class, many boys didn’t want to listen to the lecture. They all looked at her figure.

I haven’t seen each other for several years, Tang Lan seems to have not changed at all, on the contrary, she seems more mature and charming. Wearing a hip skirt, show off that graceful posture to the fullest, how s3xy and s3xy it is.

Tang Lan and Ramona stood together, no matter their looks and figure, they didn’t lose at all.

For a while, the boys in the box looked straight.

Squad leader Arnold couldn’t help but admire: “Teacher Tang, these years have passed, you haven’t changed, you are still so beautiful.”

Arnold was able to be a monitor at the beginning. In addition to his good studies, the main thing he relied on was his sweetness.

Of course, Tang Lan, the class teacher, is notoriously harsh. No one dared to say that to her when she was in school. But now that she has graduated, it is okay to say that she is beautiful.

Tang Lan smiled and said: “You haven’t changed. Arnold is still so sweet, and Ramona is still so beautiful. But the teacher who impressed the most is Darryl and Joel. They are both at the same table and always provoke me. trouble.”

Thinking that at the beginning, Darryl was still the second young master of the Yue family, relied on being a disciple of the rich family.

As soon as the voice fell, Joel, who was sitting on the side, scratched his head and smiled: “Teacher Tang, you still remember, I am now back to righteousness.”

D*mn, every time it caused trouble, it was a ghost idea from Darryl, but the teacher never thought it would still be remembered.

Thinking about it, Joel couldn’t help sighing: Darryl, Darryl, it’s a pity that you didn’t come today, all the beauties in the class were gathered!

As Darryl’s closest classmate, Joel felt sorry for him at this time.

At this moment, Tang Lan smiled lightly and looked around: “By the way, don’t you see Darryl?”

Arnold suddenly jumped out: “Teacher Tang, Darryl is promising now. He is the son-in-law of others, and he does not need to work on his own to eat soft meals. Unlike us, all of whom are still running for a livelihood.”


Hearing this, everyone in the box laughed, and a few girls even laughed out accidentally.

“Yeah, teacher, Darryl may be doing housework now, how can I come out?”

“Teacher, you don’t even know, Darryl is now a celebrity in Donghai City, he is notoriously useless, hahaha!”

Joel was very happy at first, but at this time he couldn’t listen anymore, stood up and frowned and said, “It’s all classmates, you guys are boring like this. Moreover, Darryl is not there. You say that they are not good?”

This group of people is really interesting. Darryl, who is the son-in-law, didn’t eat your family’s food.

It’s really idle.

Hearing them burying their brothers, my heart felt uncomfortable.

Arnold sneered: “Joel, what are you excited about? We talked to Teacher Tang, but didn’t talk to you.”

Joel was too lazy to pay attention to him, and sat back.

Teacher Tang Lan on one side frowned slightly.

This Darryl became a son-in-law and a useless, as expected. When he was in school, he didn’t study well, so he often trained him. Sure enough, it was reasonable to learn that he had just gone out by the family, and now he has fallen to this point.

At this time, Tang Lan had no sympathy for Darryl, and said coldly: “Don’t mention him. When he was in school, he caused me trouble every day. Now you say that he has become a son-in-law, I also think he deserves it and deserves it. “

Three rounds of wine.

Tang Lan also drank a lot of wine.

After all, seeing this group of students, most of them are ahead, and she is also happy. When I went to the bathroom, I happened to meet Ramona.

“Ramona, the teacher wants you to do me a favor.” Tang Lan said softly after closing the bathroom door.

Ramona smiled: “Teacher, I can definitely help what is going on.”

When he was in school, Tang Lan treated herself well, and she was always grateful.

Tang Lan whispered: “You have a good relationship with the boss of Ziyu Company, I…I also want to enter the entertainment industry, can you recommend me?”

Although she is a teacher, Tang Lan sings very well, and she has a good body and appearance. Although he is thirty years old, his charm still exists.

Now Ramona is very popular, if he can introduce himself, that would be great.

Ramona was stunned, and then subconsciously said: “Actually, the president of Ziyu Company…”

Halfway through the conversation, Ramona stopped in time.

Almost forgot, Darryl has always been very low-key, not wanting too many people to know his identity.

How to do?

It’s hard to refuse the teacher’s request.

Thinking about it, Ramona smiled lightly: “Okay, I’ll help the teacher ask questions tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Tang Lan couldn’t hide his happiness, and walked over in high heels: “The teacher will send you a few photos first. You send the photos of the teacher to the president of Ziyu Company.

While talking, Tang Lan used WeChat to post the photos. She has always been very confident about her looks and figure. I think it’s no worse than a star. As long as the boss of Ziyu Company sees his own photos, he must be interested in himself.

When sending photos, Tang Lan also deliberately chose many angles and sent photos of different clothes.

Ramona had to forward all the photos to Darryl.


Thang Long Lake. A group of rich kids have already gotten into the cave.

The sky was completely dark now, and everyone was very satisfied with finding this cave. This cave is the size of three or four basketball courts, enough for so many families to rest.

But it was still early, and everyone gathered in groups to chat.

Darryl and Peter had been in contact for less than half a day, but they met each other late. Speaking of which, both of them are straight-forward personalities, and don’t like twists and turns, it can be said that they are like-minded.

The two chatted for a while in the cave. Peter’s wife felt bored in the cave, so she asked Peter to accompany her out for a walk.

Speaking of his wife, it is really beautiful.

His wife’s name is Li Nan, and she is a beautiful woman. But the beauty is very unique.

Today Li Nan is wearing denim shorts with a cropped upper body. You can faintly see that a blood-red phoenix tattooed on her beautiful back is particularly domineering!

Li Nan is very elder sister demeanor, full of aura.

However, the men present were not guilty and dared to peek at Li Nan. After all, I can’t provoke others.

“I will accompany my wife out for a stroll, and when we come back, we will continue to talk.” Peter said with a smile, hugging Li Nan’s waist.

It can be seen that the relationship between their husband and wife is very good.

As soon as the front foot walked, Lily and Bessie gathered around.

“Darryl, how did you kill the shark?” Lily asked curiously.

She wanted to ask this question a long time ago, but she hadn’t had a chance before.

No matter how powerful a man is, he can’t beat a shark!

Darryl smiled slightly, and said lightly: “It’s nothing, just a few punches, it will be honest.”

At this time, other people not far away were eavesdropping with their ears erected.

Seeing Darryl’s words, the people around couldn’t help laughing. This kid is really awesome. Isn’t he here to look for self-esteem because he has no dignity as a door-to-door son-in-law? Really consider yourself a hero?

How many punches will the shark be honest?

Hao Jian took a sip on the ground, deliberately making a loud noise, indicating that he didn’t want to listen to him bragging.

Darryl didn’t care, and continued: “Later, I found a dagger underwater, and I don’t know who threw it. I stabbed the shark’s life gate with the dagger, so it died.”

This was deliberately told to Hao Jian.

When the shark appeared, this guy threw the dagger next to the girl in order to escape by himself and led the shark over.

This shameful pen!

Hao Jian’s expression became embarrassed in an instant, staring at Darryl fiercely, this kid was really disgusting! Which pot does not open and which pot!

I was about to come forward and argue with him, but at this moment, a shout suddenly came!

“It’s not good, something happened!”

Chapter 85

I saw Peter holding Li Nan and hurriedly walked in with a panic expression: “Is there a doctor? Is there a doctor?”

Li Nan in his arms closed his eyes tightly, unconscious!

The people who were chatting hurriedly gathered around each other, their expressions were in a state of confusion.

What’s wrong, how come you fainted?

All the families present wanted to curry favor with the Sun family, but no one would really see a doctor! At this time, a woman came out. Her name is Haitang, the granddaughter of the Hai family. Learning from an early age is particularly good, sophomore year this year, majoring in medicine.

Seeing her coming, Peter felt relieved.

Seeing that Haitang took her pulse, within three seconds, she shook her head: “This symptom is very strange. She has very weak breathing and won’t last long. I’m afraid I won’t live for two hours.”

“Miss Haitang, don’t scare me, can she still be saved?” Peter was shaking all over. He had never seen him in the world, and when he was chased by hundreds of people, he was not so panicked!

Haitang sighed, “At my level, there is nothing I can do.”

“What?!” Peter was instantly stunned.

Haitang is a high-achieving student, and her medical skills are not lost to the attending physicians in major hospitals! Hearing this, he was anxious and angry, and looked directly at Hao Jian: “Hao Jian, did your Hao family organize an outing this time, didn’t you arrange an ambulance?!”

At this time, Peter’s eyes were breathing fire, and his appearance was very scary.

If something goes wrong with your wife, don’t think about getting better with your entire Hao family.

The anger was like the sound of thunder, directly frightening Hao Jian, his body trembled, and he squatted and said: “Holy holy…Holy brother…I…I will call and let the hospital send a car. “

The strength of the Sun family is simply not something he can afford!

Elisa on one side was also a little anxious, although she was dissatisfied with Hao Jian even though sharks attacked people during the day. But now that he was so scared to see him, he was also anxious.

Looking at the vast night outside the cave, Hao Jian couldn’t tell the bitterness in his heart.

The theme of this outing is self-reliance. Everyone eats grilled fish and lives in a cave. Didn’t even leave the car, where’s the doctor! Besides, in this wilderness, the ambulance came here, and then to the hospital, it is estimated that it will be dawn!

“Don’t fight. When the hospital sends a car over, I’m afraid the poison in her body has spread all over her body.”

At this moment, Darryl said lightly.

“Darryl, do you have a way to save my wife?” Peter, who was too anxious, asked with joy on his face when he heard Darryl’s words.

“No, no, he can’t save people…” However, Lily, who was next to him, suddenly became anxious, stomped her feet, and took Darryl’s arm: “Darryl, don’t talk too much.”

After three years of marriage, I have never seen him read a book about medicine. How could he save people?

This is a matter of life!

Darryl patted Lily’s hand secretly, so that she didn’t have to worry.

Then smiled and nodded to Peter: “Peter, don’t panic, did your wife eat a kind of wild fruit?”

Li Nan was lying there at this time, her body motionless. Many people are watching her figure.

However, Darryl noticed that there was a little white juice on her red lips.

Peter nodded repeatedly: “Yes, she ate the crabapple fruit, I picked it for her! It’s on the fruit tree not far away!”

Begonia fruit?

Darryl laughed, what she ate was Arhat’s blood fruit, very poisonous! But it is also an important material for alchemy.

Unexpectedly, this outing would have unexpected gains.

But the most important thing right now is to treat Li Nan first. As for the Arhat blood, I will pick it up later.

Thinking like this in his heart, Darryl looked at and said: “First put your wife down and let her sit on my lap.”

According to the records of “Promise Pill”, the poison of Luohan blood fruit is very easy to cure.

Only one’Sanyang Pill’ is needed to detoxify.

Sanyang Pill is an introductory medicine. Very well refined. The materials only need water, tree roots, earthworms, etc.

However, it takes half an hour to refine this pill. During this time, Darryl wanted to seal Li Nan’s dantian to prevent the venom from spreading. So Li Nan must sit on his lap.

But the people around were suddenly angry!

What is Darryl doing this shameful pen?

Think you killed a shark before and started floating?

He dared to intervene in the affairs of the Sun family, it would be too long for him. Let Li Nan sit on his lap to see if he doesn’t want to live anymore!

“Darryl, you are a special son-in-law, do you think women want to be crazy?” Qin Shousheng yelled out all of a sudden, “Your wife won’t let you touch it.

“Yeah, are you going to die?” Hao Jian also yelled out. He was in a bad mood at first, and this horrible thing was messing up!

Darryl didn’t speak, and spread his hands: “Well, since you say that, then you should be able to treat the illness, and you two will treat it.”


With this sentence, the two people suddenly lost their voices. How can they see a doctor!

“Okay, shut up.” Peter waved his hand and slowly put his wife down, letting her sit on Darryl’s lap.

“Great Sage, you go outside, dig some roots, earthworms.” Darryl said as he stretched out his finger, he clicked on Li Nan’s waist!

Shengyang Point!

When I was learning Wing Chun in the past, the master specially ordered that this acupuncture point should not be randomized. Because this is the hub of blood circulation. After tapping this acupuncture point, the blood and qi cannot circulate.

After Peter went out, Lily quickly took a few steps: “Darryl, you don’t have to worry about it. Mr. Sun’s wife has been poisoned so badly. Do you have the skills to deal with it? Don’t be here!

Lily was a little angry, Li Nan and Darryl were next to each other, and she was particularly uncomfortable.

“It’s okay, I’m sure.”

confident? You are not a doctor, so how sure are you? !

Lily was annoyed: “Darryl, are you trying to harm the Liu family miserably! We can’t afford to offend Peter!”

Darryl didn’t speak either. Concentrate on sealing Li Nan’s acupuncture points, and then instill some internal force into her.

After a while, Peter walked back with a plastic bag and dug up tree roots and earthworms.

Liu Zhiyuan was sweating profusely: “President Sun, life is a matter of life, how can it be so trifling? What does he know about Darryl? You shouldn’t let him rule it out.”

If a person is put to death, Darryl will pay for one life. But the Liu family is innocent, what if it hurts the entire Liu family? !

“Yeah, that kid doesn’t understand anything. Don’t believe him, Mr. Sun.”

“I know Darryl best, just want to show the limelight.”

Everyone, you said, I said, making Peter very irritable.

“Shut up all special codes!” roared, and Peter looked around with a cold face: “I know what you think in your heart. I’m afraid that something will happen and it will involve you, but you can rest assured, even if you wait for Darryl It cannot be saved, and I will not hold you accountable.”

After a pause, Peter added another sentence: “Now there is no other way. It will be tomorrow morning when the ambulance arrives! I believe in Darryl.”

Hearing this, everyone present immediately closed their mouths and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Since Peter said so, showing that this matter has nothing to do with them, then they can’t say anything.

Lily was stunned there with a complicated expression.

Peter and Darryl didn’t know each other for a day, so they trusted him.

And I, married him and lived for three years, why would I question him every time it is critical? Is it…I don’t know enough about him?

“Are you really sure to cure Peter’s wife?” Lily walked up to meet him and asked softly.

Darryl smiled: “When did I say empty words?”

Lily’s body trembled.

Yes, during this period of time, whether it was the Liu family’s business or other things, as long as he did what he said, every step was fulfilled.

It’s like… my husband is omnipotent.

At this time, Peter asked anxiously: “Darryl, are these earthworms eaten directly?”

Earthworms are a good thing. Many old Chinese doctors call them “earth dragons”. Can cure many diseases.

Darryl shook his head: “If you take it directly without effect, you need to practice pill.”



Upon hearing this, several girls covered their mouths and laughed.

This time it is confirmed, this door-to-door son-in-law is making trouble here!

Liu Zhiyuan sneered: “Darryl, when did you become an alchemist? What? In the past few years in our Liu family, I have been doing nothing every day, and have learned to cultivate immortals? Have you ever made an eternal life pill? Open your eyes.”


As soon as the words came out, everyone around couldn’t hold back anymore and burst into laughter instantly.

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