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Chapter 816

“You clean up the door for me?” Mu Qingyue chuckled and asked: “Xie Liuyun, you really beat my disciple first. Why do you clean up the door for me?”

Mu Qingyue saw the scene just now!

This Xie Liuyun, who considers himself to be the master of the altar of the Ryukyu gold altar, is taking advantage of his power to suppress others, and no one is paying attention. At this time, he has to kill his own disciples.

Xie Liuyun sneered. Staring at Mu Qingyue closely: “So, do you have to favor this dog?”

Mu Qingyue’s eyes flashed with determination, and she said with a cold face: “My own disciple made a mistake, and I will punish myself. It is not my turn to intervene. I am here today. Don’t want to hurt his finger.

With that said, Mu Qingyue walked forward slowly, protecting Darryl behind him.


Hiding behind Mu Qingyue, Darryl secretly rejoiced. At the same time, I was very moved. Although he was helpless, I recognized this master, but then again, this master is not only beautiful, but also loves his apprentice. I am so lucky to be able to worship her as a teacher.

Xie Liuyun was almost furious, glaring at Mu Qingyue: “Just for a disciple, do you want to do it with me?”

“Xie Liuyun, what happened today is that you were wrong first.” Mu Qingyue said indifferently, saying: “According to what I mean, that’s it. If you insist on doing it, then I have to accompany you. After a few tricks.”

“Okay, very good!”

Xie Liuyun sneered and nodded repeatedly: “In the past few years, you have often practiced in retreat. You must have gained a new understanding in the realm of cultivation. Today, I will ask for advice and advice!


When the voice fell, Xie Liuyun walked out slowly, and the surrounding air was distorted under the surging internal force!

Mu Qingyue’s expression was still calm, and she didn’t panic at all.

For a while, the atmosphere became more and more serious, and the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder, which made people breathless.


It won’t really fight.

Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned. Secretly worried for Mu Qingyue.

He knew that if he really wanted to do something, Mu Qingyue might not lose, but his chances of winning were not great. After all, she and Xie Liuyun were both capable of crossing the tribulation realm.

Darryl didn’t want to see that this new master was injured because of himself.

“Oh! Alright, alright…”

Just as the two parties were about to ignite, a figure flew quickly and smiled and persuaded: “Mu altar master, thank altar master, everyone is their own, why do you have to do something if you say two things are wrong? Alright, alright, Everyone take a step back, forget it…haha…”

The man who came in about thirty, in a blue robe, smiled, and was the lord of the altar of Haotu altar, Yuan Shilin.

Yuan Shilin is a well-known good old man. Seeing that Mu Qingyue and Xie Liuyun were about to fight, he hurried over to make a round.

As soon as Yuan Shilin appeared, the atmosphere suddenly eased a lot.

“Mu Qingyue!”

At this time, Xie Liuyun looked at Mu Qingyue coldly, saying every word: “I don’t care about today’s affairs for now. Let’s take care of it later.”

As he said, Xie Liuyun’s gaze fell on Darryl: “Dog stuff, you are lucky this time. Be careful when you go out in the future.”

Seriously, Xie Liuyun didn’t have much chance of winning against Mu Qingyue. So when he saw Yuan Shilin coming to round the game, he took advantage of the trend and stepped down.

But this is a bad breath, I can’t just swallow it like that.

Darryl chuckled lightly, his expression indifferent.

Mu Qingyue also had a calm face, and said softly at Darryl: “Darryl Tao, let’s go back!”

The voice fell, and the figure flew away gently, lightly like an immortal, and landed on the ship of Xingmutan.

Darryl followed closely!


Seeing a decisive battle, the disciples of the saint sect around them all sighed in secret and dispersed.

Hula la….

At this moment, a huge wave suddenly appeared on the sea, followed by a huge figure. Jump out of the water.


Everyone on the scene hurriedly looked over, and in a moment, sucked in air-conditioning one by one.

What rushed out of the sea was an extremely huge Guru Arowana!

This guru dragon fish. His body is tens of meters long, and his body is covered with black scales, filled with palpitation.

Not only that, on its head, there are two dragon horns, and the blood basin is densely covered with fangs. If it weren’t for two fish fins, at first glance, he thought it was a dragon!

“This… is this the Guru Arowana King?”

“Such a big one, it looks like a dragon…”

“What a horrible aura. This Gulu Dragon Fish King, I’m afraid it’s about to cross the Tribulation Realm…”

All of a sudden, the disciples around the Five Elements Altar shook their bodies and couldn’t help but exclaim.

I go!

The king of fish has been drawn out…

At this moment, Darryl was also stunned, staring blankly at that Guru Dragon Fish King, his eyes were full of shock.

This Guru Arowana King, I’m afraid it will turn into a Jiao…

There has always been a legend of “fish leaping over the dragon gate” in the Diyuan Continent. According to rumors, fish creatures in the ocean can evolve into flood dragons if they cultivate to a certain level.

Darryl had always thought it was just a legend before, and now he saw this Guru Dragon Fish King and knew that the rumors were true.


At this moment, I saw the Guru Dragon Fish King, one stood up and jumped out of the sea, lunging directly in the direction of the Ryujin Altar, and his long tail fiercely flung out.


With a loud noise, three or four sailing ships were instantly crushed, and hundreds of Ryukyu Jintan disciples were seen, and amidst a scream, they fell into the sea one after another.

This Guru Arowana king, originally living on the bottom of the sea to rest, sensed his own tribe, was hunted and killed by the Five Elements Altar, and rushed up directly when he was provoked.

It can be said that this Gulu Dragon Fish King. Is here to avenge the race!

“What a beast, dare to be presumptuous in front of this work!”

Seeing the disciples of the Ryukyu altar, dead and wounded, Xie Liuyun was angry.


At this moment. Xie Liuyun threw a long whip and drew it towards the Guru Dragon Fish King.

This long whip, more than five meters long, gleams with purple-golden light in the sun, and is made of purple fireflies and gold mixed with ten thousand years of cold iron. Extremely tough, impressively a purple rank weapon!


Purple rank weapon.

At this moment, seeing the long whip in Xie Liuyun’s hand, Darryl couldn’t help but his eyelids twitched, which was very shocking.

Speaking of. Having been called a cultivator for so many years, Darryl had seen many weapons, but the whip in front of him was really good.

At the same time, Darryl also secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, when confronted with Xie Liuyun just now, Master appeared in time to stop him, otherwise, he would really be miserable.


At this time, the long whip hit the Gulu Dragon Fish King fiercely, and heard the Guru Dragon Fish King hiss, and a hole appeared on the dissatisfied scaly body instantly, dripping with blood.

Speaking of which, this Guru Dragon Fish King is close to the tribulation realm, and the defense is very strong. The average cultivator can’t hurt it at all!

But Xie Liuyun is a cultivator who crosses the tribulation realm, and his whip is still a purple-rank weapon!


Under the severe pain, the Guru Dragon Fish King was completely mad, he screamed, and rushed directly to Xie Liuyun! The momentum is like thunder, as fast as lightning, and the speed is called a fast!

“Beast, good come!” Xie Liuyun yelled, holding the long whip tightly without fear, and threw his hand over again!

Hundreds of thousands of disciples of the Saint Sect all watched Xie Liuyun!

Xie Liuyun became more and more courageous as he fought and clashed with Darryl just now. At this time, seeing a fish king daring to be presumptuous in front of him, his inner anger completely broke out.

Chapter 817

Pop, pop, pop!

The long whip was thrown on the body of the Gulu Dragon Fish King again, and for a while, the blood flowed non-stop, almost staining the surrounding sea within 100 meters.

Under the stimulation of the severe pain, the Guru Dragon Fish King was mad, holding on to Xie Liuyun’s long whip, and desperately opening his blood basin.


In the next second, a faintly blue stinger spurted from the mouth of the Guru Dragon Fish King. Shooting towards Xie Liuyun.

Xie Liuyun never expected that this fish king was so cruel by nature that he would be killed if he stabbed himself several times.

Seeing the stinger flying, Xie Liuyun felt dangerous and wanted to dodge, but he was still a step late!


The poisonous thorn pierced Xie Liuyun’s body fiercely, submerged in the meridians, and at the same time, the poison quickly spread throughout his body!


Xie Liuyun howled in pain, and his intense numbness made his whole body tremble. At the same time, the long whip in his hand slammed it again and hit the Guru Dragon Fish King.

That poisonous thorn is the essence of the cultivation of the Guru Dragon Fish King, and after spraying it out, the breath is also weakened. After another whip, he stopped fighting, and quickly sank to the bottom of the sea.


At this moment, Xie Liuyun couldn’t hold it anymore, and fell to the ground all of a sudden, arching like a shrimp, shaking constantly.


“Master, how are you?”

Seeing this scene, Lidya and many of the disciples of the Ryukyu altar screamed in exclamation and rushed over.

They only rushed halfway, and stopped one by one, looking at Xie Liuyun, full of panic and anxiety.

I saw Xie Liuyun’s face, which turned into a faint blue under the spread of the toxin, and his lips were black, which was very scary.


Lidya was so panicked, her eyes were red, her delicate face was full of anxiety, she wanted to get closer, but she didn’t dare.

This poison is also terrible.


For a while, everyone in the Ryukyu Temple was completely panicked!

At the same time, everyone in Xingmutan and other divisions couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

The poison of this fish king is too strong! Even Xie Liuyun couldn’t resist it?

You know, Xie Liuyun is crossing the Tribulation Realm, almost invaded by a hundred poisons, but now he is dying, and he can kill him at any time.

Everyone stared at this scene blankly, with horror in their hearts.

“Thanks to the altar master..” Just then. A figure rushed over quickly, with an anxious tone.

It is Yuan Shilin!

With that said, Yuan Shilin was about to walk over to help Xie Liuyun!

“Lord Yuan Tan, don’t…”

At this moment, Mu Qingyue hurriedly stopped, her beautiful face, her eyebrows furrowed: “He is very poisonous now, you will be infected if you touch him.”

“Really?” Yuan Shilin was taken aback, and quickly avoided a few steps.


At the same time, the disciples around Xie Liuyun all stepped back, avoiding like snakes and scorpions.

This is so poisonous, who is not afraid.


At this time, Yuan Shilin was full of entanglement, and asked Mu Qingyue: “Master Mu, according to you, isn’t the Lord Xie altar out of help?”

Having said that, Yuan Shilin glanced at Xie Liuyun and continued: “Now let’s speed up, return to the gate quickly, and let the Holy Lord take action. The Holy Lord has vast magical powers. Perhaps Xie Altar Lord still has a glimmer of life.”

Unlike other sects, the head of the holy sect is called the holy master.

However, Mu Qingyue on one side shook her head: “It’s too late to return to the mountain gate. At this time, the water poison has spread across his meridians, within an hour. If there is no antidote, he will bleed to death from seven holes.”


In an instant, the eyes of everyone around him focused on Mu Qingyue.

Since she knows the characteristics of this kind of water poison, perhaps she also knows the way to save it.

Sure enough, Mu Qingyue opened her red lips slightly and continued, “Now there is only one way to save him, which is to grab the fish king, take out the blood on its horns, and give it to Lord Xie Altar… just, This fish king has already dived into the bottom of the sea and wants to catch it, I’m afraid it will be extremely difficult…”

When she said this, Mu Qingyue glanced at Xie Liuyun in a complicated way, her eyes shining with helplessness.

Although the two sides have been at odds, after all, they are both members of the Holy Sect, and Mu Qingyue couldn’t bear to see Xie Liuyun die so miserably.


Only one hour time?

Upon hearing this, Yuan Shilin and everyone around him changed their expressions and was completely stunned.

There are thousands of miles away from the gate of the mountain. How can it be possible within an hour?

As for that fish king. Now I don’t know where I’m hiding under the sea, how can I find it in this vast sea?

For a while, the audience was silent, and even a needle dropped could be heard clearly.

At this time, Yuan Shilin took a deep breath. Unwilling to look at Mu Qingyue: “Mu altar master, there is really no other way?”

Everyone is the same, can’t you just watch Xie Liuyun poisonously die?

“No more.” Mu Qingyue shook her head, with a hint of helplessness on her beautiful face: “The best way now is to hurry him up on the boat with a paddle, and when he is exhausted, he quickly cremates him. , Otherwise, after the poison spreads, none of us will survive.”

Mu Qingyue was in ancient books. I have read the records about water poison, and I know the terrible nature of this water poison.


The voice fell, and the audience was in an uproar.

Not only had to get Xie Liuyun on the boat alone, but also cremated him.

This… is so cruel!

“Mu Qingyue, you…”

At this moment, Xie Liuyun raised his finger to Mu Qingyue, and Youlan’s face was full of resentment: “You…you are revenge!”

There must be a solution to the poison in myself.

And this Mu Qingyue, because of the contradiction between the two sub-forums, deliberately said so terrible, what is it that is not public revenge?

At the same time, Lidya walked out quickly. She shouted at Mu Qingyue very indignantly: “Mu Qingyue, you should be less alarmist. If you don’t get medical treatment in one hour, you will die. Isn’t it just to scare everyone on purpose to harm my master…”

After that, Lidya glared at Darryl and continued bitterly: “It’s fine to show favor to my apprentice. To be so vicious to harm my master is really the most poisonous woman’s heart…”

When the voice fell, many disciples of the Ryukyu altar stared at Mu Qingyue one by one, and they all responded.

“Yes… this heart is too vicious!”

“With such public revenge, what qualifications do you have to be the host?”

“Too disgusting…. In my opinion, our master is all right…”

For a while, everyone in the Ryukyu Altar, one sentence from you, one sentence from me, almost described Mu Qingyue as a heinous woman.

Speaking of which, as the master of the Xingmu Altar, Mu Qingyue is very cold and arrogant, and has a very high majesty among the holy sect. Under normal circumstances, the disciples of the Lujin Altar would not dare to say that.

But see Mu Qingyue’s proposal. If you want to put your master on a small boat for cremation, these disciples from the Ryukyu altar can’t take care of that much.

At the same time, all the disciples of Xingmutan stopped doing it, yelling and quarreling with Liujintan.

“Fart. Your master is poisoned, what does it matter to my master?”

“My master proposed this for the sake of everyone…”

“Ma De, I really don’t know good or bad…”

At this moment, Yuan Shilin strode out and waved his hand. The clear voice clearly spread to everyone’s ears: “The Lord Mu Tan said so, also for the sake of everyone’s safety…”

Having said that, Yuan Shilin looked at Xie Liuyun and sighed: “Xie Tanzhu suffered this bad luck, everyone does not want it, but this water poison is really terrible. So let’s do it according to Mu Tanzhu’s statement.”

After speaking the last sentence, Yuan Shilin greeted the disciples around him, preparing to get Xie Liuyun into the boat.

“Don’t touch my master!”

“My master is not dead yet…”

“I don’t believe it, this poison is so terrible!”

At this moment, Lidya and many of the disciples of the Ryukyu altar began to stop them.

However, when they said so, they were still afraid in their hearts, and they did not dare to approach Xie Liuyun at all.

“Master, woo woo woo…”

At this moment, Lidya walked to a few meters away from Xie Liuyun and couldn’t help crying: “The disciple is incompetent, I don’t know how to save you…”

At this moment, the eyes of the other disciples in the Ryukyu altar also became red, and they were very sad.

Xie Liuyun was also desperate.

Own dignified Ryukyu altar master, capable of crossing the tribulation realm.

Did you die on this sea like this today?

Not reconciled….

“Tsk tut…”

At this moment, a voice came from the crowd: “People are not dead yet, you just started crying, do you want this thank you altar master to die soon…”

Upon hearing this, Lidya and the surrounding Lujintan disciples frowned.

Who is talking coldly here?

Are you looking for death?

Thinking about it, Lidya looked back angrily, her body trembling suddenly.

It is Darryl!


At the same time, the gazes of the audience gathered on Darryl one after another, their gazes filled with doubts and dissatisfaction.

This kid again!

“It’s you again?” At this moment, Lidya stared at Darryl fiercely, and said coldly: “My master spared you just now, and now you are talking coldly, I can’t spare you today!”

When the voice fell, Lidya walked quickly, slapped up and hit Darryl’s face directly!


Darryl didn’t avoid it, this slap hit his face, crisp and loud!


Darryl took a step back, anyone who was really special could bully himself! Another special slap!

“I can save your master, but you slapped me?” Darryl said coldly, turning around and leaving!

Chapter 818


Darryl’s voice fell, and the audience was in an uproar.


What did this kid say? !

Can he save the Lord Altar? !


At this moment, Lidya’s body trembled, and she looked at Darryl uncertainly: “You stop me! What did you just say? Can you save my master?”

“Of course. But you just slapped me, even if I can save it, I won’t save it.” Darryl nodded without thinking.


When the voice fell, I don’t know who couldn’t help but laugh, for a moment. There was a heated discussion in the audience!

“This kid has a problem with his brain…”

“This water poison, several altar masters are helpless, and a disciple who has just arrived, he is not ashamed.”

Amid the rumblings of the crowd, Mu Qingyue also frowned, looking at Darryl very displeased: “Darryl Tao, step back quickly, don’t talk nonsense.”

This water poison. Even Tieguai Li, the head of the Eight Immortals, can’t hold it. How can he cure it?

“Brother Darryl!” Liu Qingqing couldn’t help holding Darryl, too anxious: “Okay, stop making trouble.”

she knows. This new junior was dissatisfied with Xie Liuyun’s previous behavior, so he ridiculed him.

But… the joke is too big. Thanks to the altar master is going to die, and he is also joking, a bit impolite.

“Mu Qingyue, Mu Altar Lord!” At this moment, Lidya stared at Mu Qingyue closely and sneered: “That’s how you teach your disciples? So arrogant and rude, what a shame to our Holy Sect!”


When the voice fell, many disciples from the Ryukjin Altar couldn’t help but rushed over and shouted.

“Senior Sister, what nonsense with them?”

“So lightly insulting Master, let’s kill him…”

“Yes, Lord Mu altar doesn’t do anything, let’s help him clear the door!”

Looking at the Ryukyu altar disciple rushing up, Darryl didn’t panic at all, cleared his throat, and said loudly: “My master said just now. If you want to get rid of the water poison, you can only catch the Guru Fish King and get it on the double horns of the Fish King. Blood. Now, the fish king has dived into the bottom of the sea, no one can catch it. But I have a way to catch the fish king.”


Hearing this, many disciples of the Ryukyu altar stopped one after another and froze there.

Lidya also trembled, and she was stunned.

“Wind Tide”

At this time, Mu Qingyue frowned and looked at Darryl: “Do you have a way to catch the fish king?”

My own apprentice, he really doesn’t stop talking about his words!

Darryl nodded and whispered: “Yes, Master believes me.”

Seeing him say this, Mu Qingyue stopped speaking.

I don’t know why, Mu Qingyue always feels that this apprentice is very different. If other disciples say this, she would definitely not believe it. But this new disciple. But gave myself an inexplicable sense of trust.


Did you hear that right? This kid said he could catch the fish king?

Lidya reacted and said to Darryl: “You mean it?”

“Of course it’s true!” Darryl smiled faintly.

“it is good!”

Lidya bit her lip tightly, with a bit of contempt and contempt on her face: “If you can really get the blood of the fish king’s double horns, I will take back the previous words and apologize to you! If you lie to me, we will go up and down the golden altar. Disciple Wan, I must kill you!”

When she said this, Lidya couldn’t help but glance at Xie Liuyun, only to see that he was dying under the poisonous paralysis, and had no strength to speak.

Seriously, if it were normal, Lidya would disdain Darryl.

But there is no way, Master’s life is hanging by a thread, as long as there is hope. You have to give it a try.

“Apologize?” Upon hearing this, Darryl chuckled and shook his head: “I don’t need you to apologize to me, I just want to make a bet with you.”


Lidyaxiu frowned slightly. I looked at each other with the surrounding brothers, and then said: “How do you want to bet?”

Darryl looked at her with a smile, and said every word: “If I succeed in getting the blood and saving your master, in the future, all the disciples in the Lujin Altar will have to respectfully shout daddy when they see me. If I can’t save it. , Take care of your Ryukyu altar.”

Seriously, if it was the personality before Darryl. It is impossible to save Xie Liuyun. But since becoming the Sect Master of Tianmen, his temperament has changed a lot. Although Xie Liuyun is hateful, he is also the same.

But it wasn’t for nothing. Xie Liuyun and Liujin Tan were so arrogant one by one, Darryl just wanted to poke their pride.

“you wanna die!”

As soon as the voice fell, Lidya’s face changed and she couldn’t help but scream. The other disciples of the Lucky Altar behind him are also very angry!

This kid… is too arrogant.

But a newcomer should be the father of the entire Ryujintan disciple?

At the same time, lying on the ground, Xie Liuyun, who was poisoned in his body, almost exploded in anger, staring at Darryl and yelling: “Presumptuous… a55hole… a55hole…”

Darryl ignored him and looked at Lidya with a smile but a smile: “If you don’t want to, then I won’t force you.”

As he said, Darryl stretched his waist deliberately and shook his head and said: “Oh, I just caught so many grunting arowanas. I was really tired. Since I’m kind and others don’t appreciate it, then I’ll go back to the cabin and rest… ..”

The last sentence fell. Darryl turned around and left.

“and many more!”

At this moment, Lidya hurriedly called to Darryl, her delicate face was full of entanglement. Biting his lip, he said: “Okay, I… bet with you!”

As soon as the words fell, the surrounding Lujin altar disciples began to speak in a hurry.

“Senior Sister. This kid is fooling you…”

“What are you betting on with this kind of person?”

“Sister, don’t be impulsive…”

Lidya’s face was cold, she looked around, and scolded: “What can I do if I don’t bet? Do you have a way to save Master? Do you watch Master die by poison?”

Seriously, bet with Darryl. Lidya felt very reluctant. But there is no way, because he has the current position in the Ryukyu altar, and even the entire Saint Sect, thanks to the backing of the master Xie Liuyun.

If the master is no longer there, he will be nothing.

When the voice fell, those disciples from the Altar Altar became silent.

Yes, Master is in critical condition now, and he can be poisoned to death at any time. Is it necessary to watch Master die?

“Okay! Then you wait.” Darryl said lightly, and then jumped into the sea.


With a splash of water, Darryl’s figure quickly dived into the depths of the seabed.

After diving for several tens of meters, Darryl took out a black ring from his body. The ring looked like jade but not jade, and there were faint spiritual fluctuations in it, which was very magical.

Yes, it was the Royal Beast Ring that Darryl had obtained before.

This beast ring was obtained by Darryl who had participated in the martial arts contest before, and in the Wubi semi-finals, he had killed a Fengling Wolf King.

At that time, Pang Tong told Darryl that the Royal Beast Ring could control the spirit beast and let him keep it, which might be useful in the future.

Chapter 819

Just now Darryl learned that the only way to thank Liuyun was to grab the Guru Dragon Fish King and remove the blood from the double horns on his head. Darryl suddenly remembered the beast ring on his body.

In order not to be suspected of his identity, Darryl dived into the water and took out the Royal Beast Ring.

After diving for more than a hundred meters, Darryl urged his internal force and injected it into the royal beast ring.


In an instant, a strange wave of energy spread from the ring of beasts. It spreads towards the surrounding water…

Darryl clearly saw that, sensing this energy wave, the fish around him became extremely docile.


This beast ring is indeed a good thing.

Darryl was too excited, and while urging the beast ring, he swam forward to perceive the position of the Guru Dragon Fish King. This imperial beast ring is very magical, can sense the strength of various spirit beasts, and can also sense within a hundred miles. The most powerful spirit beast.

found it!

Finally, through the beast ring, Darryl clearly felt that this huge body was quietly dormant at a place of three hundred meters underwater.

It is the Gulu Dragon Fish King.

I just fought with Xie Liuyun. The Guru Dragon Fish King had been drawn more than a dozen times, and his body was dripping with blood. At this time, he was healing on his own.


At this moment, sensing Darryl’s approach, Gulu Dragon Fish King’s huge body was suddenly shaken, and then staring at Darryl firmly, putting on a posture of fighting at any time.

However, in addition to being wary of anger, its gaze also reveals a bit of doubt.

How does this human know where he is hiding?

Also, how is the breath on his body so strange that when I see him, I can’t feel angry…

This Guru Dragon Fish King has been cultivating for nearly a thousand years. Although he can’t speak, his intelligence is about the same as that of an adult.

At this time, the Guru Dragon Fish King clearly felt that Darryl in front of him had an aura that made him kind, and this kind of aura came from the Royal Beast Ring.

The Royal Beast Ring can communicate with the world’s spirit beasts, and the Guru Dragon Fish King is no exception.

“Fish King Ah Fish King…”

At this time. Darryl stopped a dozen meters away and sent a message to Gululongyu King through the beast ring: “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you…”

“The humans above, the group that killed you, are indeed wrong with them. However, you also injured a lot of them just now.”

“We humans have a saying, “It’s better to solve the enemy and not to knot, I hope you can donate the blood of your double horns, and let me save people.”

“As long as you agree, I can guarantee that they will never harm your race again in the future, and I can also call the shots and let go of those caught Gurudragon fish secretly soon.”

These words, Darryl said very sincerely, looking at the eyes of the Guru Dragon Fish King, there was also expectation.

To be honest, Darryl at this time was calm on the surface, but he was actually very nervous in his heart.

You know, the Guru Dragon Fish King in front of you, but approaching the Tribulation Realm, immediately transformed into the existence of the Flood Dragon.

His own strength hasn’t fully recovered yet, if it goes mad, it won’t be able to keep this small life.


Gulu Dragon Fish King naturally understood Darryl’s words. However, there was no action, but a grunt, as if thinking about it!

at this time!

On the sea.

“It’s over, it seems that this kid can’t get up!”

“Haha…. With that little ability, want to go into the water to catch the king of fish? It’s really overkill!”

“Yes, who told him to pretend to be.”

At this time, Darryl had been in the water for nearly ten minutes. Seeing that the sea was calm, no one came up all the time. The disciples of the Five Elements Altar shook their heads one after another, without a trace of sympathy in their eyes, more just apathy.

But Liu Qingqing on one side was biting his lip, indescribably sad!

Master Darryl… is it really dead?

How could this be?

Although he had only met Darryl for a day, Liu Qingqing could feel that this new junior apprentice seemed ordinary, but in fact he was very capable.

Besides, he promised to teach himself ventriloquism, how could he just die like this?

“Master!” Liu Qingqing tilted his head to look at Mu Qingyue. The delicate face was full of anxiety: “Go and save the younger brother…”

That Guru Dragon Fish King is so powerful, how could Master Darryl be the opponent?

Now, only the master can save him.


Mu Qingyue quietly looked at the sea and sighed softly. He shook his head: “Darryl Tao made a bet with the Lucky Altar, and other people around the altar are watching. If I intervene, I can’t justify it. Moreover, the fish king is strong, and I can’t play at the bottom of the sea. Come out, I am not the opponent of the fish king. Even if I go down to save him, it will not help.”

When she said this, Mu Qingyue appeared calm. My heart is also extremely sorry.

This wind wave is true of talent, but it is too bold and reckless. If I knew that, I shouldn’t have let him bet with the Ryujin Altar just now.

Liu Qingqing stomped his feet in a hurry, took two steps forward, and said to Shen Lang: “Brother, please go into the water and see what’s going on with Master Darryl…”

Liu Qingqing’s water quality is not good, otherwise he would have jumped down a long time ago.

Shen Lang smiled bitterly. He made a very sad look: “Oh, I am also very uncomfortable with the situation of Master Darryl, but he has to do what he can and bet against the Lucky Altar, who is the blame? Besides, the Guru Dragon Fish King is so fierce, I dare not go down, if the fish king accidentally hurt me.”

He said so, but he was indescribably excited and proud. A kid who just arrived, sensationalized in front of the entire Five Elements Altar, he deserved it when he died.

Hearing this, Liu Raquel finally couldn’t help it, tears fell: “Master Darryl, you…don’t die!”


At this time, Yuan Shilin also sighed: “It seems that this disciple of Xingmutan can’t get up!”

“Who said I can’t make it?”

at this time. A cynical laugh, suddenly came from the sea not far away.


Hearing the sound, the gaze of the audience suddenly cast their attention one after another, in an instant. Many people exclaimed.

This…this kid is not dead?

Seeing in the sea, Darryl’s figure slowly floated up, a smile was raised at the corner of his mouth, very calm and comfortable, and under him. A huge figure gradually emerged.

At this time, Darryl was standing on the back of Gulu Dragon Fish King! The figure proudly!

And the Guru Dragon Fish King below him, without the ferocity and rage he had before, became extremely docile. Under the control of Darryl, he slowly swam over.

After communicating with Darryl through the Royal Beast Ring just now underwater, the Guru Dragon Fish King agreed to Darryl’s request.

“Senior Sister, I haven’t taught you ventriloquism, how could it be easy to die?” Darryl said with a smile on Liu Qingqing.

The sea water was shining with sunlight, making Darryl’s figure especially dazzling.

And his voice is not loud, but it spreads clearly throughout the audience!

“Brother Darryl!” Liu Qingqing exclaimed with joy, tears staying again.

However, this time it was tears of excitement.


At this moment, everyone around suddenly exploded the pot, staring at Darryl in shock, speechless.

“This…. This fish king was tamed by him?”

“How can it be….”

“Is it dazzling for me? He is not at the realm of Martial Saint, how can he do it?”

Stepping up on the Guru Dragon Fish King, this scene is really domineering and shocking! !

At the same time, Mu Qingyue, who was standing at the bow of the ship, was also faintly trembling! This new apprentice of my own…Okay.. So amazing!

Chapter 820

Shen Lang next to him was gloomy.

Mad… who the hell is this kid? Can you tame the Guru Arowana King?

Opposite Lidya and the disciples of the Ryukyu Altar were also dumbfounded, and at the same time they were extremely excited and excited.

This kid actually tamed the Gulu Dragon Fish King.

Then…isn’t the master saved?


At this time, Darryl drove the Gulu Dragon Fish King and arrived in front of the sailing boat in the Ryujin Altar.


Seeing the Guru Dragon Fish King approaching, many of the Ryukyu altar disciples were full of fear and backed away.


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t be afraid. This fish king won’t hurt everyone, but from now on, people of the Saint Sect, don’t kill the Guru Arowana!”

Although the Guru Dragon Fish King is just a spirit beast, he must do what he has said to it.

In this regard, Darryl kept his promise and was very principled.


Heard this. All the disciples of Shengzong looked at each other, and then nodded one after another.

This whole thing is indeed the fault of the Holy Sect, if it hadn’t been for hunting so many Guru Arowanas. This fish king will not anger into madness.


At this moment, Lidya looked at Darryl closely, and urged very anxiously: “Quickly take out the blood from its double horns.”

At this time, the master’s condition is getting worse and worse, and there can be no delay.

Darryl smiled slightly, and stretched out his hand to pat the Guru Dragon Fish King: “Oh, you are wronged.” Then, Darryl took out a dagger and gently cut a hole in the double horns of the fish king’s head. , And then took a few drops of blood.

Afterwards, Darryl leaped to the deck and gave Xie Liuyun the blood. At this time, Xie Liuyun had passed out in a coma.

Because this blood is the nemesis of water poison, Darryl doesn’t have to worry at all, he will get water poison.


At this moment, all the eyes of the audience gathered on Xie Liuyun, quietly waiting for the result!

Darryl was not idle either, and released all the Guru Arowanas he caught.


At this moment, the Guru Dragon Fish King uttered a cry at Darryl, which was a signal of farewell, and immediately a huge figure. It sank to the bottom of the sea. Behind the fish king, countless Guru Arowanas also made grunt sounds one after another.

For a time, the sound of grunting resounded through the sea, how spectacular!

Darryl waved his hand, showing a trace of smile, looking at the figures of the Guru Dragon Fish, disappearing into the sea.

Immediately, Darryl stood by and waited quietly.

Ten minutes later, I saw Xie Liuyun’s complexion slowly returning to normal, turning from a bluish blue back to rosy, and breathing evenly.

It’s a success!

Seeing this scene, everyone in the audience secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time secretly made Xie Liuyun sober!

Although Xie Liuyun hasn’t awakened yet, he should be fine.

Especially all the disciples of the Ryukyu altar, all cheered and cheered loudly.

“Haha…Master is all right!”

“I knew that Master was very lucky…”


Lidya also breathed a sigh of relief, with a worried face on her face, and her smile resumed at this time. The master is okay, and he has reliance on himself again.


At this moment, Darryl looked at Lidya with a smile: “This thank you altar master is okay. You Lujin Altar should have your own words, and you don’t need to remind me what to do next.”

When he said this, Darryl looked at the other disciples of the Ryukyu altar around him, with a leisurely expression on his face.

“I…” Lidya bit her lip tightly, her face flushed and she was very tangled.

The other disciples in the Lucky Altar around him also looked embarrassed.

How to do?

I just bet with him that if he succeeded in saving Master, he would recognize him as his father, and he really did.

However, he is just a new disciple in Xingmutan. If he shouts “Father”, then what kind of face will the disciple of Lujintan have to behave?


At this moment, the other disciples from the division all came together, watching the excitement one by one with great interest.

Especially the people of Xingmu Altar, they were very emotional. This Master Darryl is really amazing, and now I am going to give Xingmu Tan a long face!

Mu Qingyue stood there quietly. The beautiful expression did not fluctuate at all, but there was also unspeakable approval in his heart.


At this moment, Lidya slowly walked to Darryl, biting her lips: “Father…”

When yelling out this word. Lidya lowered her head, her voice was so small that she couldn’t hear her if she didn’t listen carefully!

To be honest, Lidya felt 10,000 reluctant to call Father Darryl.

But there is no way. Just bet that the disciples of the whole division of the Saint Sect were all watching. If he turned back, he would have no face to stay with the Saint Sect in the future.

Darryl scratched his head and said with a smile: “What are you calling? The voice is too small. I can’t hear it.”

“Father!” Lidya bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding, and shouted again.


Darryl nodded, but he didn’t finish, he said seriously: “The first time I saw Dad, I just shouted, isn’t it unruly? When you worshipped Xie Liuyun as a teacher, did you stand up and shout?”

The meaning is obvious, let Lidya kneel down.


Lidyayu clasped her hands tightly, shy and angry. But there is nothing to refute.

The rules of the Saint Zongmen are strict. Regardless of any disciple, the first time you see an elder, you must kneel down respectfully. This is the rule.


In the next second, Lidya bends her knees and knelt in front of Darryl. All her dignity and pride were all left behind at this moment.

“Father…” Lidya lowered her head and slowly said.


Darryl nodded in satisfaction, but instead of asking Lidya to get up immediately, he looked around at the surrounding Lujintan disciples: “Your senior sisters have set an example, what are you still hesitating about?”


Hearing this, the disciples of the Ryukyu altar had a complicated expression. After looking at each other, they all knelt down and shouted!


There were tens of thousands of people in the entire Ryukyu altar, all kneeling in front of Darryl. The scene was shocking beyond words.

Jianghu people pay attention to the word integrity! They called Darryl his father, which was uncomfortable. But believe it!


Seeing this scene, the other disciples around the altar secretly sucked in cold air and looked at Darryl’s eyes. It is also different from before.

Especially the disciples of Xingmutan, one after another gave Darryl a thumbs up, admiring them incomparably.

“Brother Darryl, Niu!”

“Haha, that’s amazing!”

“Master Darryl has become their father. Those disciples from the Golden Altar, when I see us in the future, do I have to call him “Uncle Master”? Haha, it’s cool to think about it…”

Xingmu altar and Ryukyu altar have always been at odds, fighting in secret for many years. Disciple of Xingmutan at this time. Seeing the entire Ryukyu altar, suffering a loss in front of Master Darryl, one by one was very addicted in my heart.

Even Raquel on one side couldn’t help laughing. My husband is really cynical.

On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent, the imperial city prison.

In a large prison, Elsa was wearing a prison uniform and was tied to a cross stake.

In front of her, sat two jailers. In front of the two jailers, there were big fish and meat, and a few jars of good wine, eating and drinking. While drinking, the eyes of the two jailers couldn’t help but probe Elsa’s body up and down.

The two jailers were Zhong Lei and Zhao Chang. As jailers, these two people usually look after the prisoners in a large jail, day after day, their lives are extremely boring. The greatest pleasure of the two is to drink a few glasses every afternoon.

Since the Ouyang family members were captured alive by Castro, they have been imprisoned here. The lives of these two jailers have become interesting.

Darryl’s women are as beautiful as gods. In the past few days, when Zhong Lei and Zhao Chang were drinking, a woman would always be tied up to watch while drinking.

In the words of Zhong Lei, drinking is more fun while admiring beautiful women.

At this time, Zhong Lei had already had five glasses of wine. He smiled, pointed at Elsa, and said to Zhao Chang: “Brother, this woman is called Elsa. I feel that among the women in Darryl , She has the most charm. Qin, chess, calligraphy, and calligraphy are all exquisite, it’s really superb.”

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