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Chapter 821

“Yeah!” Zhao Chang nodded in agreement, and at the same time kept his eyes swept over Elsa: “It is said that she is the Sect Master of Wenzong, a well-known talented woman in Dongao Continent.”

When saying this, Zhao Chang couldn’t help swallowing.

I have to say that this Elsa is a rare stunner in the world. Even if he is wearing a loose prison uniform at this time, he can’t conceal his tight and charming figure.

Immediately, Zhao Chang’s eyes lit up. Suggested: “Such a good wine, if this Elsa can dance and cheer, wouldn’t it be better!”

“Haha…wonderful!” The voice fell, Zhong Lei clapped his hands in agreement, and laughed: “Brother, this proposal is not bad, not bad…”

When the voice fell, Zhong Lei drank a glass of wine and looked at Elsa with a smile: “Beauty Su. How is it? Today, our brothers are in a good mood. You dance to cheer, maybe we can be in prison in the future. Take care of you.”

“Bah…” Elsa bit her lip. Jumei’s face was full of frost, she couldn’t help but sipped, and scolded: “You two scum, kill me if you can.”

Although he is not Jinzhiyuye, he is also the supreme master of the dignified Wenzong.

More importantly, how could Darryl’s woman dance to the two jailers?

Hearing this, Zhong Lei and Zhao Chang looked at each other, and each other’s faces were full of abusive smiles.

“Oh?” Zhong Lei stood up holding the wine glass, walked slowly to Elsa, and smiled: “I have a pretty temperament, but I like this kind of temperamental woman. Enough, haha!”

Zhao Chang laughed, a ra5cal gesture.

At this time, Zhong Lei laughed a few times, and looked up and down Elsa: “The beautiful woman Su, although she is the Sect Master of Wen Zong, has a respected position. But it is all in the past. Isn’t she a prisoner now? , If you do a dance today…”

“Fcuk!” Elsa screamed before she finished speaking, and interrupted directly: “If you want to kill, you need to slash, just listen and respect.”

The tone is firm and unquestionable!

Zhong Lei suddenly became angry and sneered: “I don’t know how to promote, since you are so uncooperative, don’t blame me.”

When the voice fell, Zhong Lei stretched out his hand and grabbed Elsa’s prison uniform!


Seeing this scene, Zhao Chang drank wine while jokingly said: “Brother, the woman who dares to move Darryl, be careful that that kid will trouble you in the future…”

He said so, but Zhao Chang’s eyes were full of excitement.

This Elsa is so s3xy in prison uniforms. If the prison uniforms are torn off, the scene will definitely be more charming. look forward to.

Zhong Lei looked smug: “That Darryl is hard to protect himself, I am afraid that I will be troubled by my life in the future…”

“Get out, get out of here!” Elsa bit her lip tightly, struggling desperately, while constantly shouting: “Let go of your hand and don’t touch me.”

Hearing this, Zhong Lei not only didn’t let go of his hand, but with the alcohol, he became more and more unscrupulous.


At this moment, a loud shout came from the cell next to him, and then a man rushed to the iron fence, his majestic face was full of anger: “Stop it!”

It is Oliver!

After being imprisoned for a few days, Oliver was in complete despair. The spirits he had before were completely gone, but seeing Elsa’s humiliation, he couldn’t help but rushed up.

After all, Elsa is his daughter-in-law. How can I watch her being humiliated?


Zhong Lei stopped his hand, his eyes fell on Oliver, sneered: “Old thing, are you looking for death?”

Although Oliver is the head of the family, Zhong Lei is not afraid of him! After all, this is the imperial prison!

“Dog stuff!” Oliver stared at Zhong Lei without fear, “If you dare to touch her, I will call you dead without a dead body!”

When talking about this. Oliver waved the iron chain on his hand, awe-inspiring!

Elsa is her own daughter-in-law, and today we can’t let him be bullied anyway!


Zhong Lei looked playful and sneered: “A prisoner who is still playing majesty in front of me?”

When the voice fell, Zhong Lei opened the prison door and directly dragged Oliver out. After Oliver and others were arrested. All of them have been tapped on the acupuncture points, just like ordinary people. At this time, his hands and feet were all tied with chains, and there was no strength to resist.


In the next second, Zhong Lei drew a leather whip and slammed it on Oliver!


The leather whip was soaked in oil and there were barbs. With only a crisp sound, Oliver’s skin suddenly opened and fleshy, causing a bloody wound.

However, Oliver had a tough personality, and his face was pale. He gritted his teeth and did not call out.


Seeing this scene, Elsa was heartbroken and couldn’t help shouting!

At the same time, Elsa wanted to rush over, but his body was tightly tied to the cross stake. Can’t move at all.

“Patriarch Ouyang, you are also a person with status and status. How can you be so stubborn? I now give you a chance. Advise you, daughter-in-law, to dance for our brothers, as long as our brothers are happy. Now, you don’t have to suffer so much, right?” Zhong Lei took the whip, slapped Oliver’s face, and said with a sneer.

These people in prison, whether it is Elsa. Oliver was also a prisoner appointed by His Majesty. As a jailer, he certainly had no right to control their lives and deaths.

But… Master Clint had previously ordered that these people could not be killed for a while, but they had to torture them.


As soon as the voice fell, Oliver’s eyes were wide-eyed, and he opened his mouth to spit out blood at Zhong Lei, and yelled: “The little man is a dog, the old man is dead today, and he won’t let you succeed!”


Zhong Lei was so angry that he cursed and waved his whip.


The loud whipping sounds kept on, and Oliver’s body twitched suddenly, but he still gritted his teeth and did not shout out, but there was no internal defense, and his face was covered with cold sweat after a few blows!

“Don’t fight, don’t fight.” Elsa on the side cried loudly, tears falling down.

During these years living in the Ouyang family, Elsa had already regarded Oliver as a relative. At this time, seeing him suffer for himself, his heart ached.

Seeing Elsa’s crying pear flower with rain, Zhong Lei became more proud, and sneered at Oliver: “Patriarch Ouyang, what are you saying about you now? That Darryl is just your adopted son, not your son, he Woman, what’s the point of protecting you so hard?”

While talking, the whip in his hand did not stop!

“Slap! Slap!”

The whip hit Oliver in one fell swoop, and the blood had flowed all over the place!

Chapter 822


After being hit with dozens of whips, Oliver still did not yell, gritted his teeth and stood firm.

At this time, Elsa’s crying voice became hoarse: “Don’t fight, don’t fight, it will really kill you if you fight again…”

“Oh, beautiful Su is distressed?” Zhong Lei stopped and looked back at Elsa with a smile: “In this case, is beautiful Su thinking about it? Can you dance this dance?”

“Jump…” Elsa bit her lip with tears in her eyes. Slowly nodded: “I…I jump…”

When she said this, Elsa looked miserable, no longer the pride she had before, and completely let go of her dignity.

Darryl regarded Oliver as his biological father. As his woman, how could he bear to watch his foster father suffer?

“Light smoke…”

As soon as the voice fell, Oliver yelled out: “You can’t jump, you can’t jump…”

“Ma De, shut up the old thing!”

Zhong Lei yelled angrily and flicked the whip again.


But at this moment. In the direction of the entrance of the prison outside, there was a loud noise suddenly! It seems that the prison door was kicked open!

In an instant, everyone in the cell was taken aback!

Zhong Lei put away his whip and looked at Zhao Chang. Get out quickly!


After walking a few steps, seeing the scene in front of him, both Zhong Lei trembled and couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

Seeing the entrance of the prison, a dense group of people rushed over, every hand holding a weapon, the inside was filled, and the momentum was amazing!

It is the various big sects of the Earth Round Continent, Wudang, Shaolin, Tianshan…

The leader is the head of the various martial arts, among them there are many familiar figures, Lingbao real person, Kongwu master, Gongsun’e and so on.


At this moment, the real person Lingbao rushed over first, shouted loudly, and knocked down several jailers in a blink of an eye.

Master Kongwu and others are close behind.

The news of Darryl’s death broke out in the martial arts contest half a month ago, and the nine continents were in an uproar.

Especially the various sects in the Earth Yuan Continent, the souls of people like Lingbao Zhenren, were sad and extremely complicated.

Then there was news. Darryl didn’t die, but he fought with the Tianqi imperial family, and Fuyao Palace and the Ouyang family came to support them, and they were both captured by King Castro.

Knowing these news, Wudang Shaolin and other schools, after careful consideration, decided to come to rescue.

To be honest, once the Apocalypse Continent invaded, without the three brothers Darryl, the battle of Picking the Stars would definitely be defeated, and the Earth Round Continent would also be destroyed.

Later, Darryl had some misunderstandings with the various sects. Even if Darryl did something wrong, think about it carefully, Darryl had done so much for the Diyuan Continent, and he was the hero of the entire Diyuan Continent.

Now Darryl and his friends and family are in trouble. These famous sects of himself are authentic, if they stand idly by, how can they gain a foothold in the rivers and lakes in the future?

“Ma De! What a disappointment!”

Seeing this scene, Zhong Lei cursed secretly, and at the same time shouted at Zhao Chang: “Quickly, go and report to Master Clintyue…”

While talking, Zhong Lei rushed to the side and sounded the alarm bell for help.

Zhao Chang did not hesitate, from the other direction. Quickly rushed out of the cell.


At this time, the real person Lingbao, Master Kongwu and others had rushed into the depths of the cell, and there was a fierce battle with the jailer guarding here. For a while, screams, one after another, the entire imperial prison was in chaos.


On the other side, not far from the imperial city prison, there is a majestic building.

At the gate of the building, a few large characters were written: Warlord and Supervision Department.

After the death of Emperor Tianqi, Clint joined the queue of King Castro in time, his official title remained unchanged, and he continued to enjoy the glory and wealth.

At this time, in the lobby of the Supervision Department.

On the main seat, sat a handsome young man, with a slightly immature face, revealing a calmness that is not commensurate with his age.

It is Gary!

On the side seat next to it. Clint sat there honestly, with a flattering and polite expression on his face.

“Master Yue!”

At this moment, Gary spoke slowly, his expression showing no mood swings: “The Xing Yao you caught, how is the interrogation these two days?”

After being named the prince. Gary was trying his best to share the worries for King Castro on matters of the royal family, especially the matter of Darryl’s confederacy, he has never taken it lightly.

Clint quickly stood up and arched his hands: “Return to the prince, that Xing Yao’s tone is too strict, and the subordinates haven’t asked anything, but your Highness can rest assured that the subordinates must have a way to make her speak.”

When he said this, Clint gave a compliment. But I couldn’t tell the depression in my heart.

In the evening two days ago, after catching Xing Yao, Clint was ready to k!ss Fangze and enjoy the gentleness. However, at a critical time, Gary came and wanted to intervene.

Although Gary was still a child, he was a prince after all, so when he intervened, Clint naturally did not dare to do anything to Xing Yao.


Heard this. Gary nodded, then looked at Clint: “Master Yue, I heard that you and Darryl were cousins?”


Clint suddenly felt a sudden in his heart, and couldn’t help muttering secretly: It’s broken, did your majesty send this kid to investigate himself?

Thinking about it, Clint smiled and said: “Yes, but that was once, and now I have nothing to do with him.”

“Don’t be nervous!” Gary chuckled, with a condescending attitude: “I have no other meaning, just ask, although he is my biological father, he has no feelings in my heart.”

As he said, Gary continued: “I just want to tell you, since you take refuge in my father, you will work for him wholeheartedly in the future, don’t have two hearts, understand?”

“Understood, I understand…” Clint nodded repeatedly, and couldn’t help wiping out his cold sweat at the same time.

This kid is not very old. But know how to play power.

I’ll be a difficult master from now on.

“Master Yue, it’s not good.”

As he was talking, there was a panic call from outside, and then a jailer was sweating profusely. Rushed in in a panic.

It is Zhao Chang!

“What is it like to panic?” Clint frowned and reprimanded, then asked: “What happened?”

At this time, Gary also stood up.

Zhao Changhan was like rain, squatting and saying: “His Royal Highness, Master Yue. There is…someone has come to rob prison!”

what? !

Hearing this, Gary and Clint were both stunned, and then they looked very excited and excited, and asked in unison: “Darryl has appeared?”

Darryl’s friends and family were almost caught. If there is still a robbery, it can only be Darryl himself.

“No…” Zhao Chang shook his head and replied: “It’s Wudang from the land of the earth, those schools of Shaolin…”

Wudang and Shaolin…

Clint frowned, and said quickly: “Quickly, summon the Yulin Army and go to support right away.”

When talking about this, Clint was very anxious. Ma De, these sects on the earth round the mainland are really bold and dare to robbery!

Gary, who was next to him, chuckled and slowly said, “Master Yue, don’t worry, none of these sects should worry about it, just wait and catch it!”

With that, Gary took out a token from his body and handed it to Zhao Chang: “Go to the post outside the city, show the token, and let the Mingjiao disciples who gathered there come and support it.”

After becoming the prince, Gary’s position in Mingjiao was also upright, and he had the right to mobilize the entire Mingjiao disciples!

Chapter 823

“Subordinates obey!” Zhao Chang took the Mingjiao token from Gary’s hand and turned and walked away quickly.

“His Royal Highness, all the big sects of the Earth Yuan Continent, come to the prison. I will also go and see, I will call them, there will be no return!” Clint said respectfully to Gary, and walked out.

Gary nodded, and the corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a slight smile, leisurely sipping tea.

The father said. A great cause can be achieved only when things are not in chaos.

At this time, Gary’s temperament and attitude were obviously different from before, and there was a royal demeanor all over his body.

Time passed by every minute.

Two hours later, Clint walked in quickly, tired and excited, and said to Gary: “His Royal Highness, the subordinates are fortunate enough to not humiliate their lives, Wudang and Shaolin have all been caught. “

Talking. Clint didn’t forget to flatter him: “Thanks to the help of the Mingjiao disciples of your Highness, otherwise, these sects are not easy to deal with.”

“good very good!”

Gary nodded, his face was full of approval, and his heart was extremely excited.


Some hidden dangers have been solved. The emperor father knew that, he would be very happy for sure.

With a compliment, Gary got up and returned to the palace.

“Your Highness!”

When approaching the gate of the palace, a little eunuch hurried up to greet him and said respectfully: “Outside the gate, someone begged to see your Royal Highness.”

“Who is the other party?” Gary frowned and asked.

The little eunuch shook his head: “I don’t know, it’s just a little girl.”

Little girl?

Is it cold ice?

Hearing this, Gary’s eyes flashed.

Speaking of it, since Monica was forced to resign from the head of Emei and left with Tracy Han, Gary Yue has never seen Tracy in these years.

In Gary’s heart, there were few women close to him, and Tracy was one of them.

Thinking about it, Gary waved his hand to make the little eunuch retreat and walked quickly towards the gate of the palace.

Not ice?

When he was about to arrive, Gary was immediately lost when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw a delicate figure standing outside the palace gate, with a pretty appearance, a very pure and lovely girl, but not Tracy.

Before approaching, the little girl greeted her and said with a smile: “His Royal Highness Gary?”

Gary nodded, looking at the other party’s dress, what he realized: “Are you a disciple of Emei?”

“Yes it is!”

The little girl nodded, and then said: “My head, there is something I want to discuss with you. I don’t know if it is inconvenient under the palace.”

Elisa, the head of Emei?

What is she looking for me?

Muttering in his heart, Gary nodded and said: “Convenient. Lead the way ahead.”

To be honest, if it was someone else, Gary would not be interested in seeing each other, but Elisa was different. When she went to Diyuan Continent by herself, this woman had helped herself a lot.

More importantly, just like herself, she hated Darryl very much. Elisa hates Darryl because of love. Darryl didn’t know how many times he rejected her!

The little girl did not talk nonsense, and led the way. Gary followed.

Ten minutes later, in a forest outside the imperial city, Gary saw Elisa.

At this time, Elisa was wearing a deep purple dress, and she was airy as if she were immortal, with only light makeup, which was charming and not profane.

Gary clearly felt that after many days of absence, Elisa was obviously different from before.

It used to be normal, but now it seems a bit more evil.

At this time, Gary didn’t know that Elisa had completely changed since Elisa practiced the “Indestructible Scripture”.


Seeing Gary, Elisa’s charming face showed a faint smile: “Is this still the little handsome guy I used to know? In a blink of an eye, he has become the prince that everyone envy.”

Elisa’s tone made Gary very uncomfortable, and he said straight to the point: “You suddenly asked me to make an appointment in such a place, what’s the matter?”

“Sure enough, I became a prince. It’s different. I speak more style than before.” Elisa laughed and couldn’t help but joked.

Immediately, Elisa got serious and asked, “Did the previous schools of Wudang and Shaolin come to robbery?”

Gary nodded.

“I’m looking for you because of this.” Elisa said with a smile, with a slight smile in his eyes.

“Do you want me to release Wudang and Shaolin schools?” Gary’s eyes flashed, realizing something, and he said.

“Smart.” Elisa nodded approvingly, then shook his head and said: “However, I don’t want you to let the martial arts directly. I want you, give me a chance, let me Emei faction to save Wudang and Shaolin schools . In this case, the big sects will be grateful to me Emei.”

In fact, before Wudang and Shaolin and other schools planned to rob prison, they also invited Emei to rob prison together.

Elisa hated Darryl so much, how could he really save Darryl’s family and friends? Pretending to agree, but deliberately dragged it to the end before bringing his disciples to the Imperial City of Apocalypse. Did not catch up with the robbery.

Elisa smiled slightly, and said seriously to Gary: “You still owe me three conditions. I am the prince now, so I can’t say anything. You can’t go wrong.”

After speaking, Elisa continued: “Don’t worry, I only save Wudang and Shaolin schools, Darryl’s friends and family, I will not take away any of them!”

When Gary fell in Elisa’s hands, Elisa negotiated terms with him. As long as he helped him get the Qiqiao Linglong Pill, Gary had to promise Elisa’s three conditions!

Elisa has not forgotten this matter!

“Okay, I’ll help you!” Gary took a deep breath and nodded in agreement!

Seriously, Elisa was forced by some strong people to do this. Gary was very unhappy, he was now the prince, who would dare to talk to him like this?

But the promises you make must be fulfilled. This is a principle that cannot be violated.

Thinking about it, Gary said seriously: “This matter is finished. I still owe you two conditions.”

Elisa pursed his lips and couldn’t help teasing: “What? The little handsome guy has grown up slowly, afraid that I will often pester you in the future?”

Gary was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said lightly: “I’m very busy, nothing else, I’m back to the palace!”

When the voice fell, Gary turned and walked towards the imperial city.


Seeing Gary’s leaving back, the smile at the corner of Elisa’s mouth gradually solidified, revealing a bit of coldness.

The next two things, I’m afraid you can’t do it so easily!


At midnight, the imperial city prison.

Fierce fighting during the day. Although it has subsided for several hours, there is still a bloody breath in the air.

In the prison, the heads of Lingbao, Master Kongwu and Gongsun’e, sat down in despair, looking depressed.

I thought that by uniting various schools this time, Darryl’s family and friends could be rescued successfully.

However, he never expected that not only the imperial forest army provided rapid support, but the Mingjiao also came to help, causing the robbery to fail.


At this time, Janis, who was not far away, sighed and couldn’t help but said: “Mr. Lingbao, Master Kongwu, you are too impulsive. Before coming to the robbery prison, you should have a careful plan.”

When she said this, Janis looked at Oliver, who was dripping with blood, her eyes were full of distress.

So many sects have been arrested, and the Earth Round Continent is completely finished.

When the voice fell, Lingbao Zhenren, Gongsun’e and others were all annoyed.

“Who knew that Castro was so cunning that he formed an alliance with Mingjiao…”

“Yes. If it weren’t for Mingjiao’s help, those imperial forest troops wouldn’t be a worry…”

“Okay, okay, it’s too late to say anything now!”

Everyone talked in a frantic manner, each of them looked helpless and frustrated.

Puff puff puff…

At this moment, I saw two jailers at the gate of the prison. It fell down without warning.

Whoosh whoosh…

Immediately afterwards, dozens of figures rushed in quickly, all of them female disciples, all in white dresses, one by one beautiful and gorgeous. It is a disciple of the Emei school.

The headed one, a deep purple dress, is stunning, and it is Elisa.

Emei sent it?

It is Zhou’s head.

Seeing the scene before him, everyone in the cell was surprised and delighted. Unspeakable excitement.

It was agreed before that all the big sects joined together to rescue Darryl’s family and friends, but Emei was not seen for a long time.

I thought Emei would not come, but I didn’t expect it to appear at a critical time.

Although the Emei faction is late, it is the hope of the whole continent.

“Zhou Master!”

“Head of Zhou, you are too timely…”

At this time, Lingbao’s real person and Kongwu master, one by one were excited.

In their eyes, Elisa at this time is simply the savior.

After all, if these sects are dealt with, the rivers and lakes of the Earth Round Continent will be completely finished.

Elisa walked slowly, showing a slight smile: “There was a delay before the Emei faction, so it was late. Don’t blame everyone, the heads.”

As he said, Elisa waved his jade hand.

The surrounding Emei disciples immediately walked into the cell and untied everyone from the various sects. From start to finish, everything went smoothly. None of the Apocalypse soldiers found Emei sent to rescue people. Of course, this was because Elisa had discussed with Gary, and Gary had already transferred away the Apocalypse Imperial Forest Army. At this time, there was no imperial forest army around the prison. That’s why Elisa went so smoothly and saved all the big sects.

However, after loosening the ties to the major sects, the disciples of the Emei Sect did not loosen the ties to the Ouyang family and Darryl’s friends.

This…what’s the situation?

All of a sudden, Lingbao and Master Kongwu were all at a loss.

In the next second, real Lingbao looked at Elisa and couldn’t help asking: “Zhou Sect, why don’t you save the Ouyang family?”

Elisa smiled lightly and said without delay, “Why should I save them?”

Uh …

Hearing this, Lingbao’s real face froze, and he didn’t know how to speak!

At this time, Elisa’s beautiful face showed a bit of disdain, and continued: “I came to the robbery this time to save the heads of you, for the sake of the inheritance of various sects. As for the Ouyang family and the Tianmen… .What does their life and death have to do with me?”

Chapter 824

When he said this, Elisa’s expression was cold, without the slightest emotion.


Seeing this scene, Lingbao Zhenren, Master Kongwu and others also shook their heads secretly, very helpless.

The relationship between Elisa and Darryl has made the whole continent known to all people on the mainland, and the right and wrong between Darryl and Elisa. It’s really hard for others to say. At this time Elisa was unwilling to save the Ouyang family, and others were not good at commenting.

“Elisa!” At this moment, there was an angry shout from the corner of the prison, and then a figure stood up, it was Peter!

Peter stared at Elisa closely, and cursed: “You have a special code to come here with less hypocrisy. It is not rare for me to save you!”

When the voice fell, many disciples of Tianmen also agreed!

“Yes. We live and die, we don’t need someone else to save…”

“Yes, it’s not rare…”


Hearing this, Elisa’s expression suddenly changed. Leng Ruhanshuang, staring at Peter tightly: “I’m already a prisoner, not far from death, and I’m still stiff.”

To be honest, Elisa wanted to kill Peter and Lorenzo immediately. You know, when Elisa killed the head of the Huashan School and then blamed Darryl, only Peter and Lorenzo knew the truth of this matter.

Kill them and you will be able to do it once and for all.

It’s just that, watching so many sects around, it is very wrong to do it.


At this moment, Elsa couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but speak: “You and Darryl’s grievances are right or wrong. You know it best in your heart, so you don’t have to put on a fake and upright appearance. .”

As a woman of Darryl. Elsa naturally understands the grievances between Elisa and Darryl. It can be said that Elisa made many things on her own.

Seeing her fall into trouble at this time, not only did not save the Ouyang family and Tianmen, but also said cool words, even if Elsa had a good temper, she couldn’t help it.

“False high?”

Hearing this, Elisa’s face was cold, anger came from his heart, stepped forward, raised his jade hand, and threw it directly at Elsa!

Elisa tried his best with this slap, and it also carried the endless resentment in her heart. In terms of appearance and aptitude, she was inferior to this Elsa, but Darryl accepted her and refused to accept her. Accept yourself.


Elsa was sealed with internal force and couldn’t dodge at all. Elsa snorted when she heard a clear sound, she was slapped to the ground, and all her lips were beaten to bleed!


Seeing this scene, everyone in the surrounding sects all sucked in air-conditioning!

This week Qin was too ruthless, and he would do anything if he didn’t agree with him. Is this going to completely break with Darryl? You know, this Elsa is Darryl’s woman, she actually fights as long as she wants to fight? !

Especially the heads of Master Lingbao and Master Kongwu, both looked at each other with embarrassment.

At this moment they all wanted to come to persuade, but seeing Elisa’s face full of frost, they held back.

“Come here, tie this Elsa up to me.” Elisa hadn’t vented yet. Speak coldly.

When the voice fell, several Emei disciples responded, and they were about to surround themselves.

“Stop, stop…”

at this time. A delicate figure yelled, and rushed over quickly, blocking Elsa, her delicate face was full of anxiety and determination.

It is Krista!

Krista and Darryl went with each other in life and death, so when the Ouyang family came to Apocalypse Continent, they also followed.

At this time Elisa wanted to do something with Elsa, but Krista couldn’t think much about it. Desperately blocked.

Having lived with Elsa in the Ouyang family for so many years, Krista had regarded her as a relative early!

“Get out of here!” Zhou Qinxiu frowned and shouted angrily!

A maid dared to challenge herself, she was looking for death!

Krista shook her head, her face resolute: “With me here, you guys don’t want to hurt Sister Elsa.”

Immediately, Krista stared at Elisa: “You bad woman, you have done so many things to apologize to the son before. You also slandered the son, saying that he killed the head of Huashan, a woman like you, who is like a snake Don’t die…”


Before he finished speaking, Elisa walked over quickly and slapped him severely, throwing him on Krista’s face.

“Battle girl, you dare to talk to me like that. No tutor!” Elisa said coldly, only feeling slapped, and slapped Krista seven or eight times, a slap more fierce than a slap!

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

The crisp sound keeps ringing!

Krista is so weak, where can he stand it? ! At this time, blood oozes from the corners of her mouth, and her legs are extremely soft. But he still shouted: “Bad woman, you must not die well, you must not die well…”

Forget it if you die. Even to bully sister Elsa, there is no woman in the world who is more vicious than Elisa.

Hearing this, Elisa became even more angry, clutching Krista’s hair. The slap gets harder and harder!


“Elisa, you hit a little girl, are you still a human?”

“D*mn’s, have the ability to come to me…”

See this scene. Peter, Lorenzo, Elsa and others were all frightened. One after another shouted at Elisa.

Especially Peter’s eyes were blood red and blood red, almost exploding with anger.

Krista is so cute and cute, yet being beaten so much by Elisa, it is really annoying.

“Ha ha…”

Hearing Peter’s scolding, Elisa sneered: “You won’t let me fight. I want to fight. I can’t help but kill this dead girl who has no education at all.”

When the voice fell, Elisa urged his inner strength and slapped Krista’s heart with a fierce palm!

Suddenly, Peter, Elsa and the others all changed their complexions, and their throats were raised in their hearts.


See you again in the next life.

Seeing Elisa’s palm, Krista couldn’t stop her tears and she closed her eyes in despair.

Although Krista is also a cultivator, how is Elisa’s opponent?

“Zhou Sect, no!”

At this critical moment, a figure walked over quickly with a serious expression!

It is the master of nothingness!

Zhou Qinxiu frowned and withdrew her palm abruptly!


Master Kongwu took a deep breath, folded his hands together and slowly said, “Amitabha Buddha, the head of Zhou, everyone is from the same continent, and we have the same spirit. During the critical period, please don’t fight inwardly, let alone hurt the innocent and kill the innocent. …”

Originally, Elisa and Darryl’s grievances were something that the master could not interfere with, but seeing her dealing with a little girl at this time, she was compassionate and couldn’t stand it anymore.

When the voice fell, Lingbao Real Person also persuaded: “Yes, just a little girl, why should the head of Zhou be familiar with him? Before the Yulin Army has come, let’s go quickly.”

To be honest, Lingbao Zhenren wanted to persuade Elisa to save the Ouyang family and the people of Tianmen together. But seeing the situation develop into this situation, it can only completely dispel the idea.

“You are lucky this time.”

Elisa slapped Krista again: “This time I see the face of Wudang and Shaolin, so I will spare you a bitter life, and next time it falls into my hands, you will surely let you survive and die. Bash, This time just slap you a few times, so you are lucky.”

Chapter 825

To be honest, Elisa has been murderous towards Krista!

But… Shaolin and Wudang are famous and authentic in the land of the earth, and they have a very high status in the arena. When they came out to plead with Krista, Elisa would definitely give them this face.

Krista’s face was flushed and swollen, but her eyes still flashed stubbornly.

“Elisa, give me your special code to wait!” At this time, Peter stared at Elisa closely: “Wait for Lao Tzu to go out alive, and settle this account with you!”

at the same time. Lorenzo also had blood red eyes, glaring at Elisa.

He can’t forget the tragic death of his wife.

And just now, Elisa wanted to kill Krista…this kind of woman, staying in the rivers and lakes, is a disaster!


Feeling the anger of Peter’s people, Elisa chuckled disdainfully: “It’s not always certain who will find trouble in the future.”

Talking. Elisa waved his jade hand towards the surrounding disciples of Emei: “Quickly, take you heads and leave.”

I have stayed in the prison for so long, if I continue to stay. It is easy to be doubted.

After all, this is the imperial city prison, and the defense can’t be so loose all the time.

“Yes, head.” Dozens of Emei disciples responded one after another, and immediately led the way and escorted each sect away.

Elisa followed slowly.

When the last person was taken out, Elisa turned around and looked at Peter and others in the cell with a smile, and said coldly: “Peter, Lorenzo, even if you can escape alive, at that time, The rivers and lakes of the Circle Continent have been firmly in my hands…At that time, even if you three brothers join forces, I will not be afraid of Elisa at all.”

When the voice fell, Elisa smiled charmingly and turned to leave.


Are the rivers and lakes of the earth round continent in her hands?

Suddenly. Both Peter and Lorenzo changed their faces.

She is so sure, is there any conspiracy?


Lorenzo has a steady personality and a foresight. He suddenly thought of something and said anxiously: “This Elisa, it is a fake to save the martial arts, she must use some insidious way to deal with the real Lingbao and the others.”

When he said this, Lorenzo was sweating in a hurry.

Mad, I’m still careless. The head of Huashan was killed by Elisa before. How could she be so kind to save Wudang and Shaolin…

Thinking about it, Lorenzo hurried to the iron fence and yelled outside: “Lingbao is a real person, there is no master, Elisa is unpredictable, you have to be careful…”

However, the only response to him was the night wind from outside the prison. The schools of Wudang and Shaolin have been taken far away by Elisa.

“The Lord Wen is right, this week Qin is too insidious…”

“Yeah, how could this woman be so kind?”

“It’s over, this time is over…”

Suddenly, Peter, Janis, Elsa and others all reacted, and they were all anxious.


On the other side, under the protection of Emei disciples, Wudang and Shaolin all sects successfully escaped from the imperial city.

Of course, this was because Elisa and Gary had discussed it, and Gary issued the order in advance. Let the guards at the gate of the city relax their vigilance, otherwise, with the strength of the Emei faction, it would be impossible to successfully take so many sects out.

after all. This is the Imperial City of Apocalypse.

However, the heads of Master Lingbao and Master Kongwu didn’t realize this. They only knew that leaving here is the most important thing. They didn’t even think about why they escaped so smoothly.

Finally, we arrived in the woods a few miles away from the imperial city. Everyone stopped to rest.


This is, Elisa showed a slight smile and slowly said: “You used to be in a fierce battle with the royal family, and your internal strength was too much. If you continue to go like this, I am afraid that the Imperial Forest Army and Mingjiao will soon catch up.”

Immediately, Elisa took out a jade bottle and said with a smile: “It’s just right. I have some spiritual pills for restoring internal strength. Everyone quickly take it. When the internal strength is restored, we can also deal with emergencies.”

When he finished speaking the last sentence, Elisa handed the jade bottle to the disciple next to him, indicating that it would be divided among the real person Lingbao.

At this time, Elisa had a smile on his face, but there was a hint of coldness in his single eyes.


At this moment, Wudang and Shaolin masters of all sects were extremely excited and excited.

The heads of Master Lingbao and Master Kongwu are even more grateful to stand up.

“Thank you Zhou Master.”

“The head of Zhou is so thoughtful.”

“Yes, and with so many elixir, it really cost the head of Zhou.”

Everyone said, I said, Elisa’s smile was even more intense, and he waved his hand: “Everyone is from the same continent. If you are in the same spirit, you don’t need to be so polite.”

At this time, the disciples of Emei began to divide the pill, and Lingbao was a group of real people. Without the slightest suspicion, I took it one after another.

Seeing this scene, Elisa’s mouth convulsed, as long as these people took the pill. I’m half done by myself.


After everyone took the pill, they sat cross-legged on the ground and began to recover their internal strength.

However, just a few seconds passed. Master Kongwu suddenly frowned and his body trembled…

Something is wrong…

At this moment, Master Kongwu’s face was pale, and his heart was uncertain. It was strange that after taking the pill, his recovery speed should increase, but… now not only does the Dantian have no response, but the inner strength seems to be imprisoned. I can’t move it at all!

Not only that, but he was also weak, as if… Dantian seemed to be suppressed!

This…. This is clearly a sign of poisoning!

I thought, Master Kongwu was about to stand up, but his legs were so sore that he couldn’t get it out with any strength.


The medicinal effect is working!

Seeing this scene, Elisa was very proud and looked at Master Kongwu with a smile: “Master Kongwu, what’s the matter?”

The tone seemed very concerned, but it was a bit of abusiveness.

“Head of Zhou, Lao Na…” Master Kongwu opened his mouth and was interrupted by Elisa as soon as he uttered a few words.

Elisa smiled and said: “Master, do you feel that your body is sore and weak, that your dantian is suppressed by an invisible force and can’t be moved by any internal force?”


Hearing this, Master Kongwu’s face suddenly changed, and he looked at her in amazement: “Zhou Shoumen, there is a problem with the medicine you gave us, right?”


When the voice fell, the faces of the surrounding real people Lingbao changed drastically. At the same time, they looked at Elisa with fright and angrily, and they scolded one after another.

“Zhou Zhangmen, what do you mean?”

“How can you be such a beautiful woman with such a cruel heart? You actually poisoned us?”

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