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Chapter 831

Finally, at this moment, King Castro smiled slightly and looked at Han proudly and said: “Isn’t this the former head of Emei Han? I often heard that Han head is famous as the Jedi round continent. When I saw it today, it was indeed well-deserved. .”

As he said, Castro raised his hand: “Come on, give a seat!”

When he was still the prince, Castro was responsible for the government affairs between the Apocalypse Royal Family and the various continents. The king of Castro knew all the schools of different continents, so he knew Han proudly.

To be honest, Castro wanted to get angry and show off the royal power, but when he thought that Monica’s daughter was friends with Gary, he held back.

More importantly, the king of Castro had just ascended the throne soon. It was the occasion of using people, and Monica was the strength to cross the Tribulation Realm. If he could win over, he would be able to better consolidate his throne.

When the voice fell, there was an eunuch immediately. A chair was brought in.

Han proudly nodded and sat down slowly.

“The cold head!”

At this time, King Castro asked with a smile: “I heard that the head of Han has left Emei and has been missing in recent years. Dare to ask where he lives in seclusion?”

Monica thought for a while, and replied: “Travel around and broaden your knowledge.”

“Master Han, many years ago, you were famous for being famous. You have traveled around these years, and your cultivation level must have risen. It is an honor for my Apocalypse Continent to come to my palace today.” King Castro smiled, and then followed Waved his hand to the eunuch next to him, and said, “Quickly, let the royal cook prepare the dinner. Tonight, I will treat the head of Han and her daughter well. In addition, all the civil and military officials will be recruited to the palace. .”

This Monica is strong, and his daughter and Ya’er are good matches, so naturally he wants to treat him well.

Monica’s face was calm and smiled slightly. I was secretly shocked.

A banquet was set up, and hundreds of civil and military officials were called to accompany it. The highest standards for foreign guests.

At the same time, the ice beside him was extremely excited.

Unexpectedly, the emperor’s majesty attaches so much importance to his mother and daughter. It seems that coming to see Brother Gary tonight is the most correct decision he has made over the years.

A few minutes later!

In the Qianyuan Hall, hundreds of civil and military officials arrived, and the dinner began. The delicacies and delicacies were served one after another. A group of court dancers slowly danced in the hall, and the scene was indescribably luxurious and joyous.

Han proudly sat in the top position of the guests, enjoying the dance while drinking light wine.

On the dragon seat, the king of Castro was smiling and in a good mood.

The hundreds of civil and military officials around, even more proudly toasted to Han.

“I have heard of the good name of the head of Han for a long time, and toast you a cup!”

“Yeah, I heard that the head of the cold is the Earth Round Continent, the famous iceberg goddess, I saw it today and it was amazing.”

“I also respect the head of Han’s cup!”

These civil and military officials. All of them are human spirits, knowing the purpose of your Majesty’s banquet this time, as long as it is to win over Han Auran, naturally one by one desperately fawns.

Facing the enthusiasm of everyone, Monica looked calm, but didn’t drink too much. Every time he toasted, he took a small sip. The temperament is cold and elegant.

“Head of Cold!” At this moment, King Castro smiled proudly at Han: “I have a suggestion. Head of Cold is beautiful and powerful, and I am going to make you a national teacher.”

As he said, King Castro looked at Gary and Tracy next to him, and continued with a smile: “Also, I see that Ya’er and Tracy are in love with each other, and they have experienced so many things before. It is a match made in heaven and a decision. , Canonize Tracy as the prince princess, wait for the two of them to reach adulthood. Then the wedding will be held. I don’t know what Han Han wants to do?

After saying this, Castro looked closely at Monica, showing some expectation.

The two decisions are my greatest sincerity.

This Han proudly should not refuse.


At this moment. The whole hall was in an uproar, and the eyes of the civil and military officials gathered on Monica, unspeakable envy and shock.

Your Majesty is generous.

Not only did Monica become a national teacher, she also made her daughter a princess. Everyone knew that although Gary was not the birth of King Castro, he regarded him as his own, and the throne would definitely be passed on to him in the future.

If so, Monica’s daughter will be the queen from now on.

It is also a national teacher. She is the mother of the future queen again, and Monica’s future status must be indescribable.


At the same time, Tracy’s face turned red all of a sudden, unspeakably shy, but his heart was extremely sweet.

The Tracy at this time was the age when the love was first opened, and he actually liked Gary a long time ago, but he didn’t know how to express it. At this time, seeing the emperor explain the words at once, and also to seal his own prince princess, with joy, I didn’t know what to do for a while.

Gary next to him was even more stunned, his mind blank.

Is the father going to make a marriage between himself and Tracy?

This happiness came so suddenly!

Soon, Gary reacted with excitement. In his heart, he had already liked Tracy, but after all, he was not an adult, and he didn’t know how to confess.

While excited, Gary also looked at Monica closely, waiting for her response.

After all, Monica is Tracy’s mother, and marriage matters must be approved by her.

“No.” Two cold words came from Monica’s mouth, his delicate face was extremely determined. There is no room for negotiation: “I don’t agree to the post of the national teacher and the marriage of the two of them.”


Hearing this, the entire Qianyuan Hall was silent, and everyone looked at it. They all looked at Han proudly, all stunned.

She…she said no? As soon as your Majesty Chinchilla opened, she just refused?

Not only the civil and military officials, but Gary and Tracy were also stunned, looking at Han proudly in puzzlement.

How could this be?

This is a good thing about double happiness. Why refuse?

At this moment, Tracy only felt wronged, tears in his eyes kept rolling, pitiful and pitiful.


At this time. Gary couldn’t help it anymore, looked at Han and asked proudly, “Why not? Tracy and I like each other very much, I promise you, I will treat her well in the future.”

“No way, no way!” Monica did not hesitate, and his attitude was very firm.

Tracy and Gary’s biological fathers are both Darryl, how can they get married? This is a big taboo against ethics.

For a while, the atmosphere in the hall was extremely solemn.

Castro’s face was gloomy, and he was about to attack at any time.

This Han proudly showed such sincerity, but she refused so simply.

It’s so disgusting that he didn’t put the royal family in his eyes!

“Han proudly!”

At this moment, among the hundreds of civil and military officials, one person walked out with a serious and angry expression, and it was Clint.

Clint took a few steps forward, staring at Monica angrily: “You are so bold, your majesty is so admiring, but you are so ignorant of admiration, can you be convicted?”

Having said that, Clint was still puzzled, and continued: “Although you are born in a famous Emei family, but you are nothing but stubbornness, is it in your heart that the dignified son is not worthy of your daughter?”

Chapter 832

Clint looked at Han proudly and continued to scold: “Also, you used to be the head of Emei, and now your Majesty wants to designate you as a national teacher. If you still don’t agree, you really don’t know how to praise.”

If it were placed ten years ago, when Clint was still living in the Diyuan Continent, he would not dare to talk to Monica to death! But now, he is a heavy minister of the Apocalypse Continent. He speaks with confidence.

While talking, Clint also secretly paid attention to King Castro’s face.

Clint is a sleek person, the most adept at observing words and colors, knowing that King Castro holds his own identity, these words are not convenient for him to say, so he said it for him.


At this moment, everyone in the hall looked at Monica closely, waiting for her answer.

Castro also sank his face.

The situation at this time is very obvious. If Monica can’t give a proper reason, this matter will not get through!

However, Monica didn’t panic at all!

Facing the gaze of everyone, Han arrogantly greeted Castro and said, “Your Majesty’s goodwill. I have learned it from my heart. I am used to traveling around the rivers and lakes. I am not interested in being a national teacher. As for Gary and Tracy. Son, I just think they are too young to talk about marriage and get married too early.”

Monica has a arrogant personality, and has always been reluctant to admit that Tracy is Darryl’s daughter.


Hearing this, King Castro’s expression lightened slightly and he laughed: “It turns out that the head of the cold is considering the age of the two children, but it doesn’t matter, what I mean, I just let them decide the marriage first…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Monica.

“I think I’ll talk about this later.” Monica said lightly, calmly and not panicking at all.


Suddenly, Castro’s face was blue and he was completely angry.

What a Han arrogant, your own prince, married your daughter, you refused in every way? ! Are you so ignorant of good and bad, do you really treat me as an emperor?

The more the Castro thought, the more angry he became, and the anger in his heart rose steadily. You know, in front of the civil and military officials. Monica refused again and again, where did he put his face?


Seeing that the atmosphere was not good, Gary hurriedly stepped forward and said: “The sons and ministers also feel that it is too early to talk about marriage and the sons and ministers are still young. It is the age when the father and the emperor can solve problems. How can he sink into the love of children? long?”

When saying this, Gary looked serious, but felt helpless in his heart.

He couldn’t understand why Monica rejected this marriage, but she was Tracy’s mother after all. If she didn’t help to speak, once the father Emperor Thunder was furious, everything would be difficult to clean up.


Hearing this, King Castro nodded slowly, with a look of relief: “Ya’er said well, you are young and promising, it is when you are working for the royal family, you can understand this truth, it is very rare!”

After that, King Castro looked at Monica and smiled: “Well, I won’t talk about this for now, head of Han. Let’s continue tasting and enjoying dancing.”

To be honest, if it weren’t for Gary to come out in time to complete the game, Castro would have been irritated.


At the same time, the surrounding civil and military officials all secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, your Majesty didn’t have Long Yan furious. Otherwise, it would be hard for those of you to be subordinates.

At the same time, many people’s eyes gathered on Gary’s body, shining with a strange light. In the entire Apocalypse Continent, only this prince can persuade your majesty.

Han proudly nodded slightly and took a sip from the wine glass.

Three rounds of wine, five flavors of food.

Soon after the dinner, Monica and Tracy also left the palace.

Gary sent all the way to the outside of the palace, only then stopped. He waved his hand and said goodbye to Tracy: “Tracy, if you have time in the future, come directly to the palace to find me!”

“Okay, Brother Gary!” Tracy responded with a smile, although he didn’t make a marriage appointment. But it didn’t affect the mood.

It was already midnight.

However, Huangcheng Street is still very lively and crowded with pedestrians. There are various small stalls on the street, noodles, snacks, and candied haws. It is dazzling.

Seeing this scene, Monica sighed secretly.

It is indeed the Imperial City of Apocalypse. It’s so late and so lively.

Tracy was even more excited. At each stall, he had to stop for a while to look at this and flip through that. It was very cute.


At this moment, Tracy thought of something and couldn’t help asking: “Why don’t you let me and Brother Gary be married?”

As a daughter, she knows Monica’s personality too well. Although she was cold, she was very principled. She said that there must be a reason for not agreeing to this marriage.

“You two can’t get married.” Monica responded without thinking.

“Why?” Tracy was puzzled.

“Because…” Monica’s red lips lightly opened as he was about to explain. Suddenly, he heard a sound of beating and scolding in the small alley ahead, accompanied by the cry of the child.

The cry of the child was very sad and heart-wrenching.

“Mother!” Tracy was kind-hearted, and when he heard the cry, he was immediately touched, and took Han proudly: “Let’s go take a look.”

Han proudly nodded, and walked into the alley with Tracy.


As soon as I entered the alley, seeing the scene in front of me, both Monica and her daughter were very angry.

In the alley, a young man dressed in silk and satin was directing a few family members. Punched and kicked a family of three. This family of three was beaten in ragged clothes. It was obvious that this family of three was begging for a living and was a beggar.

This son’s brother is called Liu Dong. His father was the deputy commander of the imperial city guard. Relying on his family background, Liu Dong acted as a blessing in the imperial city and used the famous dude.

Today, Liu Dong was walking in the imperial city and met this family of three. Begging. The begging basin accidentally ran into Liu Dong. Liu Dong was furious at once, so he asked several families to violently beat the family of three.

At this time, Liu Dong seemed to be uncomfortable, and he kept cursing, “Ma De. Your petty dog, your beggar made my clothes dirty. You must pay for it! Beat me, beat me to death!” “

When the voice fell, the few Jia Ding began to fight more vigorously.

A family of three was beaten and rolled all over the floor, and kept crying in pain: “This little man, we were wrong. Our family really hasn’t eaten for a few days… I’m sorry to soil your clothes. ,I am sorry…”

“Mother!” Upon seeing this scene, Tracy’s face flushed red with anger: “A bad guy has done evil!”

Han proudly smiled, and asked, “Then what do you think should be done?”

“Of course it’s doing the way for the sky!” Tracy clenched his powder fist tightly, and said awe-inspiringly: “My mother had taught me to walk the rivers and lakes, I must be a chivalrous man! In such a situation, these bad guys must be severely punished. . Mother, I’m going to beat the bad guys now!”

“Yeah.” Han nodded proudly. That’s right, she has been telling her daughter, a martial artist, to be a chivalrous man and to draw a sword to help when encountering injustice. But just now, Tracy said that he wanted to “walk the way for the sky.” When Monica heard her daughter say these four words, her heart trembled.

These four words are the slogan of Tianmen. The Sect Master of Tianmen is Darryl. Over the years, the person Monica didn’t want to remember most was Darryl. However, he can always think of him.

“Tracy, don’t say the words “walking for the sky” in the future.” Han said indifferently, and then waved to his daughter: “Tracy, go and beat the bad guys.”

Chapter 833

“Mother, Tracy knows! Tracy is going to beat the bad guys!” Tracy smiled, nodded, and then quickly stepped forward, yelling at Liu Dong and the others: “Stop!”


All of a sudden, Liu Dong and his group looked over. Stop beating the family of three.

“Yeah?” Liu Dong reacted and looked at Tracy with a smile: “Where is the little girl, she is so beautiful and beautiful, are you interested in playing with my son? My son invites you to drink!”

With that, Liu Dong waved his hand. The few family members behind him suddenly understood, each showing a playful smile, and they walked towards the cold ice.

“Big! Ice! Dragon! Palm!”

Looking at the few people around, Tracy didn’t panic at all, screamed, and slowly raised Yu’s hand. Although these sects are all cultivators, their realm is too low. No need to look at it at all.


Suddenly, a powerful breath erupted from the body of the ice, and only a long ice dragon was seen, twirling in mid-air. Flew straight to those few homes!


The few Jiading hadn’t reacted yet, they were swept away by this ice dragon!

Although the ice dragon palm of Frost is still immature, its power should not be underestimated! After all, this is the supreme martial arts!


With a roar, I heard the screams of several family members one after another, each of them was shaken out, blood spurted in their mouths, and instantly lost their combat effectiveness!


Seeing several Jiading being beaten into the air, Liu Dong’s expression changed and he was almost stunned. His legs became soft and he almost wetted his pants.

He never expected that the seemingly delicate little girl in front of him would have such a terrifying cultivation strength.

“You… dare to provoke my son, wait, you wait for me.” Liu Dong was panicked, put up a cruel word, and greeted a few family members and fled.

“A bunch of bad guys! Let you bully people!”

Looking at the back of Liu Dong’s escape, he gave a cold snort.

At this time, Han proudly walked over and said with a smile: “Tracy is not bad, you have improved a lot with this big ice dragon palm.”


As he was talking, the family of three who had been beaten up just now. Suddenly knelt down.

The father of a family of three, a middle-aged man, was grateful at this time: “Two fairy benefactors, thank you, thank you… If it were not for you, our family of three would be beaten to death, thank you, Thank you two fairy benefactors…”

With a smile on Tracy’s face, he pulled up the family of three, and at the same time said proudly to Han: “Mother, let’s give them the dry food.”

This family of three is so hungry that they have no energy to speak. It is really pitiful.

Han proudly nodded, took out the dry food with him, and handed it to the family of three.

A family of three took the dry food, quickly divided it, and then ate it hungrily. At the same time, the man also briefly talked about his experience.

It turned out that there were three people in this family. Their hometown was in Diyuan, and the man was called Lu Jiu.

It turned out to be from a continent. No wonder the accent is so familiar.

Knowing this situation, Tracy couldn’t help feeling a little cordial, and at the same time extremely sad.


This world. There are so many poor people.

“Tracy, let’s go.” Han proudly greeted, turned and walked outside the imperial city.

Tracy replied, and quickly followed.

“Two fairy benefactors! Please stay…”

As soon as he walked two steps, he heard Lu Jiu shout.

Monica and Tracy stopped immediately and looked back.

At the same time, Monica frowned slightly and asked, “Is there anything else?”

Puffed, Lu Jiu knelt down as soon as he finished speaking.

The expression is extremely miserable: “Two fairy benefactors, please, save my little daughter. Actually, we are a family of four. I also have a little daughter. My daughter is dying, two fairy benefactors, I beg you. Good people will do it to the end, save my little daughter…”

At the same time, Lu Jiu’s wife and son also knelt down.

Little girl?

Hearing this, Monica and Tracy. They were all surprised.

Isn’t Lu Jiu a family of three? Why does he have a daughter? Moreover, he didn’t bring it with him.

At this time, Lu Jiu choked and said: “Two benefactors, my little daughter is in the ruined temple outside the imperial city. Two days ago, we met a group of wild dogs in the forest. My little daughter was bitten and the wound was infected. No way, we can’t walk at all. So we went out to beg for dinner, so we didn’t take her with her.”

As he said, tears welled up in Lu Jiu: “The two fairy benefactors are both superb cultivators. There must be a way to heal my daughter’s injury. I beg you to show mercy. I will kowtow to you… “

After speaking the last sentence, Lu Jiu kept kowtow and made a banging sound.


Knowing these circumstances, Tracy took a deep breath. The eyes are also moisturized.

This family is too miserable. I thought, Tracy blocked Han’s proud arm: “Mother, help others to the end, let’s go over and take a look.”

“Good.” Han proudly nodded without hesitation.

Although she is the goddess of iceberg, Monica is very kind and has a righteous heart. The last thing she wants to see is the suffering of the people.

I think that when Monica first became the head of Emei, the people under Emei Mountain had their roads blocked because of the collapse of the mountain. Monica used the big ice dragon palm to smash half of the mountain! This matter is still circulating in the arena of the Diyuan Mainland.

Therefore, seeing the miserable Lu Jiu family, Monica felt very sympathetic.

“Thank you, thank you two fairy benefactors.” Lu Jiu was overjoyed, wiping away the tears from the corner of his eyes. Get up quickly, thank you!

The wives and children next to him kept humming.

Han waved his hand proudly, indicating that he didn’t need to be polite, and said lightly: “Lead the way ahead.”

“Good. Good!” Lu Jiu nodded repeatedly, greeted his wife and children, and walked outside the imperial city.

The moment he turned around, a sneer flashed in Lu Jiu’s eyes.

Monica and Tracy. Slowly follow.

After a while, I arrived on a barren mountain outside the imperial city. From a distance, I saw a ruined temple halfway up the mountain with an oil lamp lit inside. There was a faint light.

Monica and Tracy couldn’t think too much, speeding up their pace.

Soon, when I entered the ruined temple, I saw that the courtyard was full of wild grass, and there was a sense of desolation everywhere.

“Where’s your daughter?” Tracy asked Lu Jiu, with a look of eagerness.

Lu Jiu quickly said, “It’s inside.”

After that, Lu Jiu pointed to the room inside, his face seemed very anxious, but he didn’t get in immediately.

“Mother, let’s go in and take a look.” Tracy didn’t think much, and walked in quickly.

Han nodded proudly and followed behind.


At this moment, Lu Jiu behind his back suddenly raised his hand and saw two Han Auran lights, quietly shooting towards the backs of Monica’s mother and daughter!

Lu Jiu shot quickly and was very close to him. Monica couldn’t react at all. He just felt his back numb, and he couldn’t move anymore!

“You…you are looking for death!” Han proudly looked back at Lu Jiu, frightened and angry! She didn’t expect that Lu Jiu would avenge revenge, and she didn’t expect that Lu Jiu turned out to be a cultivator, who had hidden his strength before. But at that time, I relaxed my vigilance, and I didn’t notice it at all!

Monica clearly perceives that Lu Jiu in front of him is a cultivator in the realm of Martial Saint!

To reach the realm of Martial Saint, it is impossible to take a family and beg to live!

Chapter 834

Tracy trembled even more, and shouted at Lu Jiujiao: “My mother and I are kind to help you, why are you even plotting against us?”

When he said this, Tracy looked into the ruined temple, and there was no little girl in it.

At this time, Tracy fully realized that he and his mother had been deceived.

Lu Jiu sneered, with a sinister face: “The so-called soldiers are not tired of deceit, since they fall into my hands, please be honest.”

“Bixuehanzhen!” Han arrogantly trembled. At this time, she could feel that her whole body was beginning to become paralyzed, and there was a trace of cold. Han proudly bit her lip and asked Lu Jiu: “Are you from Tangjiabao?”

Tangjiabao is a cultivating family in the Diyuan Continent. It has been passed down for hundreds of years and is good at using hidden weapons. One of the best hidden weapons is called Bixuehan Needle. After a cultivator is hit, he will be paralyzed and unable to get it out of any strength.

Monica has been the head of Emei for so many years, and knows all the sects of Earthyuan Continent well, even if he can’t see the cold needles on his body. Can guess it too.


Lu Jiu was stunned, and couldn’t help but breathe in secretly, and at the same time nodded his approval: “Yes, I am from Tangjiapu, my real name is Tang Jiu!”

Immediately, Lu Jiu showed a slight smile: “Head Han, don’t stare at me like this, I lie to you, and I’m also following orders!”

After saying this, Lu Jiu raised his head and blew a whistle!


In an instant, I heard a sound of footsteps coming from outside the ruined temple, and then dozens of figures walked in quickly, seeing the two Monica, and they were immediately excited.

“Haha, really caught it!”

“Tang Jiu is amazing…”

“This time the beggar, there is no white dress.”

During the discussion, a middle-aged man in a cyan gown slowly walked over and joked at Han proudly: “Han, you have not seen you for so many years, you are still so charming.”

When he said this, the middle-aged man looked up and down Monica without blinking his eyes.

It is Tang Qingyun, the master of Tangjiabao.

“Tang Qingyun!”

Tang Qingyun’s gaze made Monica very uncomfortable. However, there was not the slightest fluctuation on his face, and he said coldly: “I and you Tangjiabao have no grievances and no grudges. Why do you plan to harm me?”

The situation is obvious. This Tang Jiu, on the order of Tang Qingyun, pretended to be a beggar and deliberately led himself to be fooled.

However, he and Tang Jiabao had no grievances, why did they spend so much time dealing with themselves?

For a time, Han proudly was puzzled.


Tang Qingyun chuckled, with a bit of contempt in his eyes: “Monica, do you still have the face to say why? When you were still the head of Emei, you clearly conceived Darryl’s flesh and blood, but in order to preserve your fame, you married Mr. Hongye.”

“Later, at the Emei Millennium Ceremony, your scandal was revealed, and you took your child directly to abandon Mr. Hong Ye, so selfish and unsympathetic. Not only I am sorry, Mr. Hong Ye, but also violates the ethics of the rivers and lakes! I arrested you for justice, shouldn’t it? ?”

Just a few words. It’s so loud that it can’t be refuted!

The morality of the arena?

Hearing these words, Monica couldn’t help but chuckled, and said coldly: “You don’t need so much nonsense. In other words, it’s just my business, it’s not your turn to tell.”

As he said, Monica’s eyes were full of icy coldness: “Tang Qingyun, your Tang family is just a second-rate cultivating family. If you provoke me, what consequences will happen? You know better than me. Let us go immediately. You care about it, otherwise, I will make you regret it. I will make your whole family unable to eat.”


Feeling the cold in Monica’s eyes, Tang Qingyun’s heartbeat speeded up immediately and couldn’t help swallowing secretly. I was also a little flustered.

Monica was right. Tang Jiabao was not in the ranks at all in the arena of the Continent. It was undoubtedly asking for trouble to provoke a character like Monica.

but. Thinking of the backer behind him, Tang Qingyun suddenly felt confident.

At this time, Monica was already impatient, and coldly urged: “Don’t you hurry to get the antidote?”

“Tsk tut…”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a chuckle from outside the ruined temple, and then, a few slim figures walked in slowly, all white long skirts, fresh and refined. It is the disciple of the Emei school!

The head, a dark black long dress, is extremely cold, and between the fascinating smiles, there is a bit of evil.

It is Elisa!

And behind Elisa, a handsome figure followed closely, it was Hao Jian. At this time, Hao Jian, in a suit and leather shoes, was full of energy, but he was in front of Elisa. It is a gesture of flattery.

Since Elisa became the head of Emei, her status has soared. Hao Jian became even more fascinated by her. He always followed Elisa to please her in every possible way.

“Elisa, it’s you.”

Seeing Elisa, Monica was shocked, and immediately understood what: “You arranged these?”

I knew that Tangjiabao didn’t have the courage at all. It turned out that the Emei faction was behind them.

Tracy beside him was also surprised and angry, and looked at Elisa closely: “Elisa, why are you doing this?”

Elisa sneered.

After sitting as the leader, Elisa sent Wudang and Shaolin sects to return to the Diyuan Continent to eradicate the forces related to Darryl, leaving only Tangjiabao with them.

Elisa did this because he wanted to stay and continue to inquire about the imperial prison. after all. Darryl’s family and friends are still in custody, and Darryl’s love and righteousness will definitely come back to save people. Elisa wanted to catch Darryl, even dreaming!

result. Elisa didn’t wait for Darryl, but accidentally learned that Monica and her daughter had come to the imperial city. For Elisa, this is simply a prey to the door, how can he let it go? Elisa till now. Hate Han proudly! This Han proudly, a few years ago, was Elisa’s most respected master master. However, his respected master master has given birth to a child with Darryl!

Elisa was proud of the cold. Only hate! Even if she forced Han proudly to resign as the head of Emei, Elisa would not dispel her hatred! Therefore, when he heard that Monica came to the Apocalypse Imperial City, Elisa confessed to Tang Qingyun and asked him to design ambush Monica.

Seeing Monica was successfully caught at this time, Elisa couldn’t express his joy.

For a time, the atmosphere of the ruined temple was extremely solemn and depressing.

“Elisa, I’m asking you, why do you design to ambush me?” Monica frowned and asked coldly again.


As soon as the voice fell, I saw Tang Qingyun strode out, and arrogantly scolded at Han: “You can call the name of League Master Zhou?”

When talking about this, Tang Qingyun carefully observed Elisa’s face, the posture of a dog slave.

Before that, Elisa used Heitian Pill to conquer the various martial arts in the Diyuan Mainland. After the various sects surrendered, some small sects also came to Elisa. After all, everyone knows that Elisa is the leader of the martial arts, and there are many benefits to following her.

Among those who went to Elisa was Tangjiabao. In the past 100 years, the talents of Tangjiapu have withered and been in a state of decline. As the patriarch, he has long been toward revitalizing the family and returning the family to its peak!

However, Tangjiabao’s strength is too weak, no sect can afford it.

And now, Tangjiabao has defected to Elisa, and Tang Qingyun believes that Tangjiabao will be revitalized soon! So Tang Qingyun tried his best to please Elisa.

Chapter 835


At this moment, Han proudly trembled, and was full of shock.

Leader Zhou?

This…. Elisa became the leader?

The ice beside him was also stunned.

“Han proudly!”

At this time, Elisa took a few steps forward slowly, staring at Monica, jokingly: “Isn’t it? Didn’t you expect? The disciple who was looked down upon by you before now has this status, yes, I’m right now. He is the martial arts leader of the Earth Round Continent.”

Talking. Elisa became more proud: “When you were in charge, Emei was just on the same level as Wudang Shaolin, but now, Emei is in my hands, regardless of fame and status. It is correct to force away from Emei. What do you think?”


Hearing these words, Han proudly breathed a sigh of relief. There was no slight fluctuation on his face, and he said lightly: “I am no longer from Emei. Whether Emei is down or prosperous, it has nothing to do with me. You quickly let me go, let’s go our own way, and have nothing to do with each other!”

Although Elisa became the leader of the martial arts, Dang Han proudly was shocked, but it was temporary.

After traveling around for several years, Monica looked down on everything, even if the sky fell, he would not frown.

“Let you go?”

Elisa sneered: “Do you think it is possible?”

As he said, Elisa tilted his head and glanced at Tracy, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “This evil species was born to you and Darryl. Do you think I will let you go easily? I will use the ice to draw out Darryl. I will catch Darryl and make you men and women unable to survive.”

When he said this, Elisa had a smile on his face, but he couldn’t suppress the monstrous resentment in his heart!

Originally, he and Darryl were a pair of immortal couples.

But Darryl didn’t even look at himself, but had a baby with this woman Monica!

What’s more hateful, I once respected Han proudly, but she robbed her of her man!

I can’t swallow this breath for the rest of my life!

Monica said word by word: “Elisa, I can tell you clearly now that Tracy’s beast is totally an accident. I have no relationship with Darryl at all. If you want to use us to deal with Darryl, then you will be great. It’s wrong.”

Monica was right. She hated Darryl in her heart for what happened back then. Naturally, she didn’t care about Darryl’s life and death, and didn’t want to be involved with this man at all.


Elisa didn’t believe it at all, and sneered and mocked: “The children have all been born, and they have no relationship at all. Who are you lying to?”


When the words fell, the surrounding Tangjiapu disciples and the Emei faction disciples couldn’t help but laugh.

“Without feeling, can we have children together? Interesting!”

“I didn’t expect that the famous “Frost Goddess” could say such a thing. After giving birth to a child with Darryl, he would not admit it in a blink of an eye, tusk…”

“That is, what Frost Goddess, we are all deceived by her appearance, in fact, it is just a slutty b!tch…”

Tang Qingyun and the others were arrogantly commenting on Han. The more I speak, the more excited.

They all could see that Elisa hated Han Auran very much, and in order to please him, he deliberately humiliated Han Auran, and the more he scolded, the more ugly.

Anyway, with Elisa’s backing, they are not worried about being retaliated by Han proudly.

There was only one person who was silent, and looked at Han proudly with his eyes. It is Hao Jian!

The moment he saw Monica just now, Hao Jian was immediately attracted and couldn’t move his feet.

Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen him in a few years, and Monica is still so s3xy. Especially her unhurried temperament, being arrested, she can still be so calm, she is really a fairy who can’t eat fireworks. It’s so fascinating.


Everyone’s ridicule kept coming, and Han’s arrogant body trembled, staring at Elisa closely and yelling: “Zhou

Qin, let us go immediately, otherwise you will regret it! “

Monica’s tone was awe-inspiring, with killing intent in his eyes!

This week Qin. I loved her so much at the beginning, and even thought about letting her take over as the head, but she brought a group of people to humiliate herself.

It is simply to deceive the teacher and destroy the ancestor!

“To shut up!”

The voice just fell. Elisa snorted with a cold face, then walked over, slapped Han Auran’s face without warning!

“Slap!” Elisa almost tried his best with this slap! He took a step back proudly, and a slap print appeared on the beautiful face.

Elisa sneered. He is now the leader of the martial arts, with a superb position, but Monica speaks to himself like this. It’s all asking for trouble.


Seeing this scene, everyone in Tang Qingyun couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning, and at the same time they admired Elisa even more.

Even the former “Goddess of Frost” dared to fight, worthy of being the leader of the martial arts, so bold!

Monica stared at Elisa tightly, speechless.


What a rebel!

She used to be her master how she said, so she just designed an ambush, and she actually did it.

This is simply deceiving the teacher and destroying the ancestor.

“Dare to stare at me?” Elisa chuckled, delicate face. It was a bit cruel: “You used to be the head of Emei, but you were unclean and loved yourself. You had a affair with Darryl, and you had a child. Shouldn’t you fight? I’ll be the ancestor of the Emei school now. , Teach you a lesson!”

When the voice fell, Elisa raised his hand again!

“Qin’er!” At this moment, Hao Jian walked up quickly and smiled and persuaded: “Okay, okay, how can she be your master, how can you do it? You calm down, calm down! “

When he said this, Hao Jian Yuguang glanced at Han proudly, feeling pity in his heart.

Such a beautiful Frost Goddess, it would be bad if her face was beaten.

“You give me back!” The cold tone came from Elisa’s mouth. There is no doubt: “I told you before, I will call me the leader of Zhou in the future, and you are not allowed to call me Qin’er.”

before. Although Elisa and Hao Jian’s relationship did not reach the state of life and death, they were still a little emotional.

But since Elisa became the head of Emei and practiced the Indestructible Scriptures, his mentality has completely changed. Become very unfeeling

Falling in love in this situation, Elisa never looked at Hao Jian.

Had it not been for the issue of reputation, Elisa and Hao Jian would have revoked their marriage.

“Yes, Master Zhou!” Hao Jian nodded quickly, accompanied by a smiling face. At the same time, standing aside dingy.

Elisa used to be very strong, but now he is even more unique. In front of her, Hao Jian did not dare to be presumptuous.

“You b!tch!”

At this time, Elisa stared at Monica. Coldly said: “You said that you have nothing to do with Darryl. Hearing that his friend was locked up in jail, didn’t he rush over immediately? It’s a shame that Emei has a shameless woman like you!”

“You are a mean woman!”

When the voice fell, the ice beside him couldn’t help it, and shouted at Elisa: “You are jealous. Seeing that my mother and Darryl are better, you feel uncomfortable and deliberately make excuses. You are the bad woman. , Bad lady…”

When he said this, Tracy’s face flushed and he was very angry.

This Elisa was too D*mnable. Even if there was something wrong with the mother, she was once her master, but Elisa was so vicious that she not only caught herself and her mother, but also did something.

It’s horrible.


Elisa’s expression changed, and he took a step forward, raising his jade hand and throwing it directly on Tracy’s face.

“A wicked species, what qualifications do you have to say? Are you looking for death?” Elisa said coldly, with a gloomy expression, without the slightest feeling.

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