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Chapter 826

“Elisa, what is your intention? Our martial sects have no grievances with your Emei faction. Why do you want to poison?”

Angrily, the real person Lingbao was about to rush over, but just after taking two steps, his face suddenly changed, and he clearly felt that his internal strength could not be used. At the same time, the whole body is sour and soft!

At the same time, the other people around also changed their faces and their bodies trembled faintly!

“Oh, my internal strength seems to be suppressed…”

“me too…”

“What a domineering poison…”

Before he finished speaking, the masters of the various sects slumped on the ground one after another, unable to move.

Seeing this scene, Elisa said to Master Kongwu: “The master guessed well. What I gave you is not an elixir to restore internal strength, but a poison! Master Kongwu, didn’t you expect it?”


It’s really poison…

Master Wuwu was frightened and angry, his own sects. She had no grievances with Elisa, why did she do this?

Master Kongwu was sweating profusely. What kind of poison is Elisa doing this time? It’s so powerful, I didn’t even notice it at all!

At this time, Elisa’s face grew with a smile, and he looked at Master Kongwu with a jealous look: “Master Kongwu, don’t guess, the one I’m using for you is “Heitian Pill”. Look at this poison. It is fragrant, but extremely poisonous.”

Hei Tian Dan?

Upon hearing this word, Master Kongwu, the real person Lingbao, and many sect masters all looked confused.

What kind of poison is this, why haven’t you heard of it before?

Seeing their expressions, Elisa chuckled quietly.

Yes, this kind of black sky pill is the poison recorded in Elisa’s “Indestructible Scripture”. Thousands of years ago, Lawrence, the leader of the Yellow Turban Army, invented it in order to control his men.

Later, the Yellow Turban Army was wiped out, Lawrence disappeared, and the poison also disappeared.

Now Elisa has cultivated the Indestructible Scriptures, and once again reappears this kind of black sky pill.

at this time. Elisa looked at Master Kongwu and others, and said triumphantly: “Master Kongwu, real person Lingbao, the effect of this kind of black sky pill is similar to that of Tongtian Sect, but the effect is ten times more overbearing.”

As he said, Elisa’s eyes fell on Master Kongwu: “Moreover, this poison has another characteristic. The stronger the poisoned person, the faster the effect will be. Master Kongwu is the first to respond. It is indeed Shaolin. The first monk.”

Master Kongwu has practiced Yi Jin Jing since he was a child. This kind of exercise is not powerful in the early stage, but the more you practice, the stronger! Master Kongwu’s current strength is really strong!

At this time, the strong men of the various martial arts were anxious.

Elisa just said that this Heitian Pill is ten times more domineering than the Tongtian Pill?

Hearing this, everyone’s complexion changed drastically, and they couldn’t help but secretly breathe in air-conditioning!

Although the Tongtian Sect no longer exists, everyone is no stranger to the Tongtian Pill. Back then, the Tongtian Guru used this Tongtian Pill to control his subordinates. It is said that people who take Tongtian Pill will rot all over and die miserably if they don’t take the antidote one year later.

And the medicinal effect of this Heitian Pill is ten times more overbearing than the Tongtian Pill. Isn’t it even more terrifying when the poison strikes?

“Zhou Sect…” Master Kongwu was the first to react, first reciting a Buddha’s name, then watching Elisa slowly and saying: “Why are you like this? We have no grievances and no grudges.”


At the same time, the real Lingbao people stared at Elisa fiercely, furious.

This week, it’s so insidious. If you take advantage of people’s dangers and poison the big sects, aren’t you afraid of becoming a public enemy of the Earth Yuan Continent?

Elisa smiled and looked at Master Kongwu and the others, and said slowly: “Masters. Don’t panic. I did this, not wanting your life.”

“My condition is very simple. From today, you will respect me as the leader of the martial arts. There must not be the slightest violation of my orders. As long as you agree, I will help you to relieve the toxicity immediately. You must know that after taking the black sky pill, The poison has infiltrated your meridians throughout your body. In all of Kyushu, there is no one who has the antidote except me.”

When talking about this. Elisa’s gaze swept across everyone.

Yes, Elisa’s ultimate goal in saving the martial arts was to become the leader of the martial arts on the continent. You know, with the strength of the Emei faction, it is difficult to defeat Wudang and Shaolin sects in one fell swoop.

But this time, the sects of Wudang and Shaolin were trying to save Darryl’s friends and family. Being imprisoned by the Apocalypse Royal Family is a rare opportunity.


Upon hearing this, all the leaders present suddenly exploded.

“Do you want to be the leader of the martial arts?”

“Although you are the head of Emei, you are still young and young. How can He De be the leader of the martial arts?”

“Yes, and using such despicable means, do you really think that we are all afraid of death?”

Everyone, every one of you, every one of my words, is all accusing Elisa.

Hearing this, Elisa smiled slightly, and looked around: “Is there any ability, not to mention it, anyway, now your lives are in my hands.”

As he said, Elisa slowly walked to Master Kongwu: “Master Kongwu, you Shaolin is the Taishan Beidou of our round continent, please make a statement first.”

As long as Shaolin clothes are soft. The other sects are nothing to worry about.

“Amitabha!” Master Kongwu looked helpless, watching Elisa’s words deeply: “Zhou Sect, I, Shaolin and Emei, have been in the same spirit, and talked about it. When you joined Emei as a teacher, Lao Na At that time, I was still witnessing that your temperament is not bad, but now you have escaped into the evil way. It is really regrettable…”

Talking. Master Kongwu sighed and continued: “Head of Zhou, listen to Lao Na’s persuasion, the boundless sea of ​​suffering is the shore.”

Elisa frowned, and said coldly: “Long long, long long. Do you respect me as the leader of the martial arts?”

Master Kongwu shook his head: “Zhou Shoumen, although your talents are good, it is far from enough to be the leader of the martial arts…”

“Oh.” Hearing this, Elisa nodded, with a cold face: “So, do you disagree?”

When the voice fell, Elisa shot a few points on Master Kongwu’s body like electricity.

After taking Heitian Pill, Master Kongwu was already extremely weak, and Elisa pointed a few pain points.


Under the severe pain, Master Kongwu’s face instantly turned pale, and his forehead was dripping with cold sweat! The whole body shook like chaff, and kept sucking in air-conditioning.

At this time, Master Wu Wu felt that his whole body was bitten by thousands of ants. Without personal experience, it would be impossible to know the pain.

Elisa’s mouth curled up, revealing a smile, seemingly charming and charming, but everyone around was shuddering with fear.

This woman is so beautiful, but her heart is so vicious.

“Lingbao is a real person.”

At this time, Elisa’s gaze fell on Lingbao’s real person: “Master Kongwu is getting old, and I can’t understand this thing. Lingbao’s real person is not so pedantic. Just you kneel down and respect me as a martial artist Leader. It will save you the pain of skin and flesh.”

Chapter 827

“Haha…” The real Lingbao sneered, with a fearless look on his face: “Elisa, you underestimate my Wudang, if I serve you as the leader today, what kind of authentic Wudang will I talk about?”

“Okay, okay!” Elisa nodded repeatedly: “Have a backbone!”

When the voice fell, Elisa made another move, touching several pain points of the real person Lingbao.

In a moment, the real Lingbao yelled and fell directly to the ground and rolled.

have to say. This Heitian Pill is indeed extremely overbearing. Once a cultivator takes it, in addition to his internal strength being suppressed, his body is weak, his pain sensation has increased a lot.

In this case, even if there is no master, Lingbao real person is such an expert in the world. Can’t resist it!


Seeing this scene, the other sect masters around were pale, and their hearts trembled!

“What about you?” At this moment, Elisa looked around. The icy voice is like a cold spring in hell: “Those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me die, you have to think clearly.”

As soon as the voice fell, the leader of the Kongtong faction came out first, knelt down to Elisa in public, and said loudly: See the leader! “

Just kidding, Elisa’s methods are too ruthless this time, even Master Kongwu and the real person Lingbao can’t hold it, these people, can’t live better than die?

The so-called people who know the current affairs are handsome, and the situation in front of you has to be softened.

“See the leader!”

In an instant, the other people around also knelt for a long time.

The situation in front of him is obvious. If you don’t obey Elisa, you will end up with death.

No one is a fool, no one wants to die.

Seeing this scene, Elisa’s mouth curled up, revealing a faint smile.

The previous efforts were not in vain.

Thinking about it, Elisa looked at Lingbao Master and Master Kongwu: “How about? Master Kongwu, Master Lingbao, have you figured it out now?”


Master Kongwu took a deep breath, sweating all over. He was already weak, and said intermittently: “Since…the Zhou chief is well received, Lao Na has no objections…”

When I said this, Master Kong Wu’s painful expression revealed a bit of helplessness.

The current situation is gone, and all the big sects have already supported Elisa, and if Shaolin sticks to it, it will be difficult to support it alone. After all, his current life is in Elisa’s hands.

The real Lingbao next to him did not speak, but his expression was indifferent, which was obviously acquiesced.


Elisa breathed a sigh of relief, feeling extremely proud, and looked at Master Kongwu with a smile and said: “It’s so good earlier, and Master doesn’t have to suffer this bit.”

When the voice fell, Elisa walked over slowly, and solved the pain points on Master Kongwu and the real person Lingbao.

The pain eased, and the expressions of Master Kongwu and Master suddenly eased a lot.


At this moment, except for the night wind in the surrounding mountains and forests, the audience was silent, and the masters of the various martial arts were silent as they watched Elisa.

This woman is terrible, gentle and charming on the surface, yet so cruel!


At this time. Elisa looked around and smiled slightly: “Since everyone loves so much, the leader of this league is disrespectful. Let’s take a break. When you return to the Earth-Round Continent, this league will mainly do one thing for you.”

“Leader, please make it clear!” In a short time, the surrounding masters of the sects responded in unison, each with respectful expressions.

“I want you to get rid of all the forces related to Darryl after you go back, without leaving one.” A cold voice came from Elisa’s mouth. Although it was smiling, his eyes were full of sullen eyes.

Over the years, Tianmen has promoted good and eliminated evil, and has subdued many evil forces in the world. These evil forces have all changed the evil and followed the good, and some have merged into the Tianmen. Some but not.

Elisa hated Darryl because of love, and these forces that were friendly to Darryl regarded them as thorns in their eyes.


Hearing this, the audience was in an uproar, and the faces of many sect experts changed.


This week Qin…. just sat on the leader of the martial arts. Are you going to be an enemy of Darryl? !

Darryl is the crowning pillar of the Earth Round Continent, otherwise, the big sects would not venture into the Apocalypse Great Prison!

For a moment, everyone looked at each other and was very embarrassed.

“Follow the command of the leader!” A few seconds later, everyone said in unison.

To be honest, with Darryl being an enemy, everyone present was very reluctant.

But no way, the lifeblood of the major sects. They were all held by Elisa, and she didn’t dare not follow her orders.


Elisa nodded in satisfaction, showing a slight smile. Darryl! At the beginning I begged hard, but you refused to me in every possible way!

Rejecting me will be your last regret decision in your life.


the other side! Apocalyptic Palace.

In the bedroom, Kendra was sitting in front of the window sill, his beautiful face was full of sorrow and sorrow. It looks out of tune with a gorgeous wind cannon.

Three days ago, King Castro’s aD*mnl heart burst out and tore Kendra’s clothes, but at a critical moment, Kendra slapped King Castro. After being slapped by Kendra, Castro suddenly became sober.

To be honest, in King Castro’s heart, there was only Kendra as a woman. At that time, when she tore his wife’s clothes, King Castro was also very excited. !

Then King Castro apologized to Kendra.

A few days have passed since this matter, Kendra didn’t care at all, because in her heart, she missed Darryl all the time, and she was almost out of her mind.

At this time, Kendra was extremely miserable. It didn’t take long for me to reunite with Darryl, and now they have to be separated.

I don’t know what happened after Darryl fled the palace.

“Mother Queen!”

At this moment, a shout came from outside the palace door. Immediately afterwards, Gary walked in slowly with a look of concern.

Since living in the palace, Gary has often seen his mother’s face full of sadness.


At this moment, Gary walked to Kendra. Said: “Mother, why are you unhappy every day.”

Kendra turned his head to the side and said lightly: “Ya’er, don’t call my mother queen, I am not your mother queen!”

Kendra never thought of becoming a queen. Hearing this name makes me feel uncomfortable.

More importantly, Kendra clearly felt that when he was a child, the cute and cute “Ya’er” had changed and became very strange to him.


Heard this. Gary smiled helplessly, and immediately changed his name, and then walked over to comfort him: “Mother, I don’t understand, what is good about Darryl? He can’t even protect his own woman, you still think every day. Hold him.”

With that said, Gary looked around the magnificent palace in front of him, and continued: “How nice to be a queen, my father loves you so much, and there are so many people around you who are there to serve you, and you will enjoy a lifetime of glory and wealth… .”

“Shut up for me!” Before finishing speaking, Kendra’s face changed and he interrupted directly: “If there is anything wrong with him, he is your biological father.”

Immediately, Kendra waved his jade hand: “You go out and let your mother be quiet.”

Chapter 828

To be honest, Kendra wanted to punish Gary fiercely, but she knew in her heart that Gary had grown up at this time and was no longer that little boy.

“Then…Okay! Mother, take a rest soon!” Gary sighed secretly, turned and left the bedroom.

“His Royal Highness!”

Just outside the palace, a little eunuch hurriedly walked over: “There is a little girl outside the palace gate, saying that he wants to see your Royal Highness!”

Is it a little girl again?

It must be another Emei disciple sent by Elisa.

Gary frowned. Waved: “Just say I’m missing.”

She has cooperated with Elisa and let go of Wudang and Shaolin sects. What else is she looking for? She is already a prince now, is she what she can see if she wants to?

The little eunuch looked tangled and said bitterly: “His Royal Highness, I have said the same, but the little girl is very determined and said that I will not leave if I see you!”

Heard this. Gary sighed and followed the little eunuch out of the palace gate.


As a result, as soon as he arrived outside the palace gate, Gary was shocked! I saw a petite and gentle figure not far away. The girl is extremely beautiful. The face like a carved jade, a short pink skirt, like a flower fairy.

It is the cold ice that has not been seen for a long time!

“Brother Gary…”

Seeing Gary, Tracy was surprised and delighted, and shouted happily, then rushed over like a bird, and immediately hugged Gary tightly.

“Sister Tracy!” Wen Ruan embraced, Gary reacted, surprised and delighted: “It turned out to be you…”

When he said this, Gary was all smiles, not to mention that he was so happy! At the same time, Gary’s gaze couldn’t help but look closely at Tracy.

I haven’t seen you in a few years, the little girl has grown up, slim, she is simply a little fairy!

“Brother Gary, didn’t you expect it?” Tracy blinked and said with a smile.

Although I haven’t seen each other for a few years, in Tracy’s heart, he and Gary have no relationship at all. in contrast. The relationship seems to be closer!

Gary nodded heavily: “It’s more than unexpected, it’s totally a surprise. Go, let’s go inside and say.”

When the voice fell, he took Tracy’s hand and entered the palace.

When he arrived at the Prince’s Hall, Gary greeted Tracy to sit down, and at the same time instructed the little eunuch outside the door to quickly make tea and prepare snacks.

“Sister Tracy, where have you been these years?” Gary couldn’t help asking after the tea and snacks were served.

To be honest, while Gary worked hard to cultivate these years, he did not forget to look for the cold ice. It’s just that… the nine continents are too big, and Gary has been to many places, but there is no news of cold ice.


Hearing this, a trace of sadness flashed in Tracy’s eyes, and then he smiled: “My mother has been taking me around all these years! We have almost traveled all over the Kyushu mainland.”

“You know, we have experienced a lot of interesting things…”

“Also, my strength is much stronger than before. It’s getting better…”

Tracy is right. Since he was forced to leave Emei, Monica has traveled around the Kyushu Continent with Tracy. Although it is an uncertain place, under his travels, Tracy has also gained a lot of knowledge. .

That’s it.

Hearing this, Gary nodded suddenly, no wonder he couldn’t find news of her all these years. It’s really hard for her to wander around at such a young age!

At this moment, Gary couldn’t help but think of his bumpy childhood. Under the same fate, he felt a little closer to Tracy in his heart.

With emotion, Gary couldn’t help asking: “That’s right. Sister Tracy, how do you know I’m in the palace?”

“Hee hee…”

Tracy smiled: “Brother Gary was named the prince, and the entire Apocalypse Continent has spread throughout the entire Apocalypse Continent. Of course I know!”

Talking. Tracy suddenly thought of something, and patted his forehead: “That’s right, Brother Gary, I came to you today because I have something to ask for!”


Seeing her cute look, Gary couldn’t help but laugh, and stretched out his hand to scrape Tracy’s nose: “If you can ask me for anything, no matter what. I will definitely help you.”

I am a prince now. As long as Tracy likes it, he wants the moon and stars in the sky, and he will find a way to help her pick it off.

“Brother Gary…”

Tracy tilted his head, looking embarrassed, and whispered: “I heard…the various martial arts of the Earth Round Continent came to robbery during the day. I think…let you let them go. !”

Although embarrassed, Tracy’s eyes were filled with expectation.

In recent days, Monica traveled to the Apocalypse Continent with Tracy, and learned that a fierce battle broke out between Darryl and the Apocalypse Royal Family. After that, Darryl fled, but his family and friends were imprisoned in the prison.

Monica felt resentment towards Darryl, and naturally wouldn’t care about it, but after that, it was heard that Wudang and Shaolin sects came to rob prison and were finally arrested.

Although Monica has been away from Emei for so long, she has been paying attention to the situation of the rivers and lakes of the Earth-Round Continent. She knew in her heart that if Wudang and Shaolin were all slain by the Imperial Family of Heaven. That land round continent is over.

Therefore, Monica immediately brought Tracy to Apocalypse Imperial City to inquire about the situation.

It’s just that Monica is arrogant and saves the major factions in his heart. But because of face, he refused to speak out in front of Tracy.

Tracy is smart, and he can naturally see the proud mind of his mother Han.

Just now, Han proudly meditated and rested in the inn room. Tracy sneaked out.

Because Tracy heard that his good friend Gary is now the prince of the Apocalypse Royal Family, as long as he finds him. With the relationship between the two, Gary would definitely let go of the major factions.


Hearing this, Gary was stunned, staring at Tracy blankly: “Are you going to save the schools of Wudang and Shaolin?”


Tracy nodded, Xiuli’s face was full of seriousness: “Although I was expelled from the Emei school, I am still a person from the mainland…”

As he said, Tracy took Gary’s arm and shook it like a baby: “Brother Gary, I beg you! Okay…”

At this time, Tracy didn’t know that Wudang and Shaolin sects had been rescued by Elisa.


Gary smiled and looked at Tracy and said, “You don’t need to beg me, Wudang and Shaolin have been let go by me!”

To be honest, Gary wanted to say that he had cooperated with Elisa to let go of the big sects.

But on another thought, the two Tracy mother and daughter were expelled from Emei because of Elisa, and they concealed this.


Hearing this, Tracy’s body was shocked, clutching Gary’s hand tightly, his face was full of surprise.

“Will I lie to you about this kind of thing? My silly Tracy.” Gary said with a smile, looking at Tracy’s eyes full of love and tenderness.

At this time, Gary, although he hadn’t fully grown up yet, had some ignorant feelings about love.


Tracy cheered, feeling uncomfortable for a while, leaned forward and kissed on Gary’s forehead.


In an instant, Gary froze there, feeling the remaining warmth on his face, his brain buzzed, and his whole body was dumbfounded.

Tracy… Sister Tracy kissed herself.

This feeling is so wonderful.


Seeing Gary staring at him in a daze, Tracy also realized that he was a little too excited, and his delicate face instantly blushed, unspeakably cute and charming.

Chapter 829

Gary and Tracy looked at each other, and for a while, the atmosphere in the hall became more subtle.

“Brother Gary!”

A few seconds later, Tracy reacted and asked softly: “You…why did you release the various martial sects?”

This one….

Gary scratched his head, a little tangled.

In front of sister Tracy, Elisa must not be played. How should we explain this?

“Your Majesty is here!”

However, when Gary was secretly entangled, suddenly. A cry of the eunuch came from outside the hall. Immediately afterwards, there was a sound of footsteps outside the hall.

The father is here!

At this moment, Gary’s heart jumped, and he was a little flustered.

Inside the palace, the rules are strict, especially at night, no one can break in without the emperor’s summons, even the prince can not bring in outsiders at will!

Sister Tracy is not a royal person, if she is seen by her father. Blame it, then trouble!

The emperor is here?

At the same time, Tracy also trembled, and quickly stood up, and said to Gary: “Brother Gary. What should I do?”

“Don’t panic, you first find a place to hide.” Gary forced his composure and responded.

Tracy replied and was about to find a hiding place.

“Haha… Has Ya’er rested yet?”

At this moment, a loud laugh came from the entrance of the main hall, and then King Castro walked in slowly, wearing a golden dragon robe, showing a powerful aura and an indescribable majestic atmosphere.


As soon as he came in, seeing the flustered face of ice, the smile of King Castro stopped abruptly. Pointing to Tracy, he asked Gary: “Ya’er, who is this?”

At the same time, King Castro couldn’t help but look at Tracy, secretly admiring him.

This female doll is only a teenager, but she looks like a fairy in Yaochi, the best beauty embryo, if she grows up, she must be a stunner of the generation.


I was still bumped into by my father.

Seeing this scene, Gary endured the anxiety in his heart, and whispered: “Return to my father, her name is Tracy, and I’ve been a friend of Erchen. We haven’t seen each other in a few years. She came to see Erchen specially tonight. Nostalgic.”

Since I was bumped into by my father, let’s tell the truth.

While talking, Gary winked secretly at Tracy.

Tracy is very smart and knows how to do it, so he hurriedly bowed to Castro: “Tracy has seen your Majesty…”

When he said this, Tracy’s face was calm, but his heart was extremely uneasy.

After all, the aura pervading Guangping Wang’s body is really too strong.

“No gifts, no gifts!”

Castro smiled and raised his hand to Tracy: “Since you are Ya’er’s friend, don’t be so nervous.”

Immediately afterwards, King Castro pointed at Gary: “It turns out to be Ya’er’s friend,”

He treats Gary as if he is himself, and has always been a loving father. More importantly, this ice is so beautiful, and standing with Gary is like a pair of golden boys and girls, how can they be angry?


Hearing this, Gary and Tracy looked at each other, and both secretly let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, King Castro came slowly, sat on a chair, and asked Gary: “Ya’er, I heard that in the daytime, Wudang and Shaolin schools. They came to the prison and were all caught by you. What’s the situation now?”


Gary scratched his head with a tangled look, and said cautiously: “Return to the father, those sects were caught by the sons, but…the sons let them go again.”

King Castro’s expression changed, he stood up immediately, frowned and said, “Why?”

Schools like Wudang and Shaolin throw themselves into the net, which is a great opportunity to weaken the power of the Earth Round Continent.

But… Ya’er actually let them go.


Gary took a deep breath and slowly explained: “Emperor father, my son knows that your future ambition is to pacify the mainland of Kyushu, but it hasn’t been long since father emperor ascended the throne. The most important thing now is to stabilize the hearts of the people. If these sects of the Earth Yuan Continent are eliminated, I am afraid that others will say, Father, you are cruel.”

Talking. Gary looked at King Castro’s face and continued: “The son-chen let go of these sects in order to win the reputation of a virtuous emperor for his father. Besides, these sects are just a gang of mobs. It is easy to destroy them in the future. .”

Although he and the Castro are in love with his father and son, the facts that he secretly planned with Elisa cannot be said.

“Hmm…” Upon hearing these words, Castro’s face changed a few times, and then he nodded: “So you think so, not bad, Ya’er, I didn’t expect you to be so meticulous at a young age. His mind. The father really didn’t hurt you in vain.”

As he said, King Castro appeared proudly on his face: “Ya’er is right, these mobs, what they want to kill is just a matter of thought.”

In the heart of King Castro, the chief confidant was Darryl.

As for these Wudang and Shaolin schools, they are all secondary.

“Father Emperor Mingjian!” Gary beamed with joy, and at the same time clasped his fists.

“Well, let’s not talk about it!” Castro waved his hand. Looking at Gary, he smiled and said, “I’m a bit hungry just now when my father was dealing with government affairs, Ya’er, let’s spend some supper with my father!”

As he said, King Castro turned his head to look at Tracy: “This little girl, let’s be together too!”

Since this little girl is Ya’er’s friend, she is also her own.


The emperor invited himself to have supper?

At this moment, Tracy was stunned!

I’m too lucky.

Immediately, Tracy reacted and saluted in fear: “Thank you, Your Majesty…”

At this moment, Gary couldn’t express the excitement and excitement, and the father really loved him. Not only did he not blame himself for taking the ice into the palace privately, he also regarded her as his own.

Thinking about it, Gary hurriedly greeted the little eunuch next to him to prepare supper.

Tracy was originally a delicate and cheerful girl, feeling the loving gaze of Castro, his heart gradually lost the restraint he had before.

I have to say, royal pomp. It is not comparable to that of ordinary nobles. After a while, a variety of exquisite and delicious dishes were brought up, with a dazzling array of fragrances.

“Come on. Ya’er, little girl, sit together, don’t be restrained…” At this time, the king of Guangping greeted him warmly. The powerful aura around his body also converged.

Gary and Tracy looked at each other before sitting down.

“Bang! Bang! Ah…”

At this moment, there was a sound of fighting outside, accompanied by shouts. It seems very intense.

Immediately, a royal guard walked in quickly and respectfully said to Castro: “Your Majesty, there is a woman who rushes to the palace at night! Very strong…”


Upon hearing this, Castro’s face changed and his heart was furious!

Who is so daring to enter the palace at night?

He simply doesn’t put the royal family in his eyes.

At the same time, Gary and Tracy also changed their expressions.

Immediately, Gary got up quickly and hugged his fist at King Castro and said: “Father, let your anger be calmed down, my son and minister go out and have a look!” The voice fell, and he walked out quickly.

Tracy couldn’t think much, and quickly followed.

Soon, when I arrived at the front hall square, I saw a charming figure, holding a long sword, flying up and down in mid-air, beautiful and charming, but filled with a breath of horror.

The woman in her thirties, wearing a dark blue dress, has beautiful features, just like a fairy in the moon palace!

Around this fairy, four dragons and golden guards, as well as hundreds of royal guards, were surrounded by three layers inside and outside, but they were forced to retreat constantly by her fierce offensive, and they couldn’t get close at all!

What an amazing woman!

Even Long Xiang Jinwei is not an opponent…

Seeing this scene, Gary was secretly startled, and immediately felt the strength of the woman, and couldn’t help but breathe in the air.

It turned out to be crossing the tribulation realm…


But at this moment, Tracy who rushed to see the scene in front of him, his body trembled and couldn’t help shouting.

When the voice fell, Tracy rushed forward desperately.

Yes, this beautiful fairy is Monica!

Chapter 830

Before Monica meditated and rested in the inn, he found that Tracy was gone as soon as he opened his eyes. In a hurry, Monica hurried out to look for it.

After searching for a long time, Monica was too anxious to find that the woman had entered the palace.

Inside the imperial palace, it was heavily guarded, and it was night again. Daughter Tracy rushed in, didn’t she look for death?

At that time, Monica didn’t know that Tracy had come to look for Gary, and the nurse girl eagerly broke in.

At this time, Gary trembled all over, subconsciously looking at Han proudly, his face was shocked!

This fairy aunt. Is Tracy’s mother?

Gary hurried forward two steps, shouting at the surrounding royal guards: “Stop, stop…”


Seeing the prince speaking, the four Longxiang Jinwei and the surrounding royal guards. They all stopped and quickly dispersed.


At this moment, Han proudly put away the long sword, walked up quickly, and hugged Tracy in his arms, and said anxiously, “You girl, what are you doing here in the palace? You know how worried I am. ?”

The tone was stern, but there was some concern. At the same time, Han’s proud gaze couldn’t help but look at Gary.

Who is this kid? How could the daughter be with him?

Monica had heard Tracy mention Gary, but had never seen it.

“Mother!” Tracy put out his tongue playfully, and said with a smile: “I know you want to save the various schools in the continent, so I came to Brother Gary to help.”

When saying this, Tracy tilted his head to look at Gary with a sweet expression on his face.

This child, is Gary? Han nodded proudly and looked at Gary: “Are you the prince of the Apocalypse Continent?”

While asking, Monica had mixed feelings in his heart.

After Monica came to the Imperial City of Apocalypse, he heard many things. The relationship between Gary and King Castro. Is one of them.

This Gary was not the child of King Castro at all, and his biological father was Darryl, the master of Tianmen Sect. Recently, this incident has been spread madly in the imperial city.

When I think of Darryl in my heart, Monica feels heartache.

“Mother! What’s the matter with you?” Tracy couldn’t help asking, noticing that Monica’s expression was wrong.

Monica breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “Nothing.”

Monica hated Darryl in his heart. If it weren’t for him, he would not have been forced to leave Emei. Therefore, anything related to Darryl would be a resistance from the bottom of his heart. Monica wouldn’t let her daughter recognize him with brother and sister Gary.

At this moment, Gary came over and bowed to Han proudly: “Hello, auntie.”

Although he grew up on the Apocalypse Continent since he was a child, Gary often went to the Diyuan Continent in recent years. Learned a lot of modern colloquial and appellations in the land of the mainland.

While saying hello, Gary was deeply shocked by Han’s proud appearance, his eyes couldn’t move away.

Unexpectedly, Tracy’s mother was so beautiful and charming.


Monica nodded, his face haughty and indifferent.

As the former head of the Emei school, Monica is cold and arrogant. No matter who he faces, he is a tall and icy goddess image, unwilling to speak more.

More importantly, this Gary was still Darryl’s son.

Feeling Han Auran’s indifference, Gary didn’t care, and smiled and invited, “Auntie, it’s better to meet by chance. Since you come to the palace to find Tracy, you should rest in the palace tonight.”

When talking about this. Gary looked expectant and sincere.

It’s been a long time since I saw Tracy, so of course I need to relive the past.

“No need!” The cold voice came from Monica’s mouth, without any emotion.

The voice fell. Han proudly took Tracy’s hand, no doubt: “Tracy, let’s go.”

Uh …

Hearing this, Gary scratched his head and couldn’t laugh or cry.

Tracy’s mother is really cold.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding royal guards changed their expressions slightly. Whispering.

This… this woman is such a big air. His Royal Highness is so courteous, even inviting her to stay in the palace to rest. If this is for someone else, it would be a supreme honor.

But this woman refused without even thinking about it, her attitude was still so indifferent.

I really don’t know how to praise! However, seeing Gary did not say anything. These royal guards did not dare to scold them.


Tracy was a little anxious, holding Han proudly arm, shook gently: “Or let’s stay a little longer, Brother Gary and I have just met, and I haven’t recounted the past.”

“Children’s house, what can I tell you about the past?” Monica frowned, and there was no room for discussion.

Hearing this, Tracy looked disappointed.

She understands her mother’s temper and can’t refute her words.

However, Tracy was clever, thinking about something, and hurriedly said: “Mother, do you know, Gary and Shaolin schools, Brother Gary has released them all.”


People have been released?

Monica looked at Gary again. The child is not very old, and he is quite righteous.

For a moment, Monica didn’t have any fluctuations on the surface, and he thought about Gary in his heart. There is a slight improvement.

“Mother, Brother Gary is nice, let’s stay a little longer.” At this time, Tracy begged again. His big watery eyes, gleaming with expectation, aroused pity.

“Okay.” Han nodded proudly.

This Gary let go of Wudang and Shaolin martial sects, it can be regarded as helping himself but has a wish. It’s really wrong to go straight away.


Seeing his mother’s promise, Tracy immediately smiled: “I know, my mother is the best to me!”

At the same time, Gary smiled slightly and put on a please gesture: “Auntie, please!”

With that, Gary led the way.

Tracy hugged Han’s arrogant arm, full of joy, and followed behind.


The moment he entered the hall, Gary smiled and reported: “Father, it was a misunderstanding, Tracy’s mother came to the palace to look for her.”

King Castro nodded, looking at Han proudly, and for a moment, the whole person was stunned.


So beautiful!

Although this woman was dressed in ordinary clothes, she couldn’t conceal her graceful appearance, especially her high-cold temperament that was thousands of miles away, which was almost fascinating.

The gaze of King Castro made Monica very uncomfortable, but there was not the slightest wave on his face, and he just nodded to King Castro, which was regarded as a greeting.


At this moment, the surrounding eunuchs and court ladies were in an uproar.

What an arrogant woman, when she saw your Majesty, she refused to kneel down and salute?

The complexion of Castro also changed all of a sudden. As the Ninth Five-Year Lord, with supreme authority, this woman was so bold.

For a while, the atmosphere in the hall became extremely solemn. The eunuchs and maids around, all dare not show up.

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